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Right to Privacy Being Essay

… In short, privacy cannot be construed to cover evils, immoralities, and depravities that threaten goodness and truth.

However, we might also ask where limits on the ability to side-step privacy rights should exist (Doyle & Bagaric, 2005). For example, in an effort to protect citizens most local governments establish a police presence in communities to survey activity which might be deemed unlawful or suspicious. Yet, does that same governmental power mean that it should also be able to institute a 24-hour surveillance camera when and wherever it pleases? One could argue that human officers are limited in what they can observe and investigate at any particular time. Cameras, however, capture all and can even be subject to video editing to engineer scenes and incidents (Mills,…. [read more]

Civil War of Northern Aggression Term Paper

… Where the possibility existed that the Southern and Northern states would have continued their own set of ideas and the debacle would not have began in the first place, it was the theory of States' rights which stirred the heat between Northern and Southern states. The northern states were the advocates of civil rights and believed that everyone is equal before law with no existence of slavery. This was the reason why Free soil party came into existence. It was also generally accepted that every state has its own set of rights. But the question arose whether these rights could be practiced by the citizens who had left the states. The Southern states argued that the citizens of every states had a right to take…. [read more]

Right to Bear Arms Should Civil Society Term Paper

… Right to Bear Arms

Should civil society have the right to bear arms? A Critical Look on the Issue of Individualism and Collectivism in the Interpretation of the Second Amendment

In the United States Constitution, the Second Amendment contains the rights of citizens as individuals, of which the 'right to bear arms' is considered part of the conditions stated. The issue of a citizen's right to bear arms, or guns, is a debate that has remained unresolved, especially if a controversial or celebrated case concerning the right to bear arms is in focus.

This research provides an alternative way of looking at this issue, wherein the issue of the right to bear arms is argued based on the judicial system's interpretation of this right: whether…. [read more]

Civil War Represents a Decisive Term Paper

… C. After this battle both sides realized that this war will not be easy or short-lasting. After this embarrassing defeat, Lincoln placed George McClellan at the command of the Army of the Potomac. "In July McClellan lead an army of Indiana and Ohio volunteers in a campaign to drive Confederate forces from western Virginia." (Gary B. Nash, Carter Smith, page 149) His campaign was successful due to his victory in western Virginia.

The second war was fought between the Appalachians and the Mississippi River. In 1862, General Ulysses S. Grant led Union troops which conquered Forts Henry and Donelson from Tennessee. As a result of these victories the Confederacy was split in two. "But success proved costly; the heavy Union casualties under Grant at the…. [read more]

Civil Service Process in Iowa Term Paper

… Civil Service Process in Iowa

Police Agencies in Iowa

Civil service processes in relation to police agencies

Police Agencies in Iowa

Different authors define a civil service system differently, but the general definition is that; it is an institution, which mediates the mobilization of human resource in relation to service delivery on matters concerning the state's affairs in any given country. The system is governed by the legal implications of a state, and the social rules of the state (Kotchegura, 2008).

Police agencies are governmental bodies, which control and regulate the police forces. The police have an obligation to maintain law and order. The agencies, therefore, ensure the police are on duty, and help in regulating the departments in terms of hiring under employment terms,…. [read more]

Civil Disobedience the Trial Essay

… At the end of the month Socrates preformed his own execution by drinking hemlock.

Henry David Thoreau

On the Duty of Civil Disobedience by Henry David Thoreau examines an individual's relationship to the state and why men obey governmental law even though they believe them unjust. The essay is his response to being imprisoned for breaking the law. Thoreau hated slavery and because tax revenues contributed to its support he refused to pay the poll tax. He was incarcerated and was supposed to remain in jail until the tax was paid, however relatives settled the debt and he was released after one night. Thoreau argues that the government's power arises from the majority because they are the strongest group, not because their viewpoint is correct.…. [read more]

Civil War Scenes Scene One: An Affair Essay

… Civil War Scenes

Scene One: An Affair at Coulter's

This scene should take advantage of the stage and side balconies. The parts that should be played in the scene include Captain Coulter, the General, the Colonel, and the various messengers. The scene will open with the discussion taking place in the left balcony. Characters will enter and exit as necessary. Background effects should be those of gunfire and battle. As the Colonel moves down to the battle scene, the attention should shift to the center stage where the battle is commencing. The notch will be center stage. The final scene in the house should be performed in the farthest right corner of the stage and the right balcony.

The costumes for this scene must include…. [read more]

Right to Bear Arms - A Constitutionally Term Paper

… Right to Bear Arms - a Constitutionally Protected Right

Today, the interpretation of the Second Amendment has polarized the American people among two different views (Greenslade, 2004). Those opposed to private ownership of firearms argue that there is no individual right to keep and bear arms because the Second Amendment refers to the people's collective right as a members of a well-regulated State militia. In contrast, the individual rights view holds that individuals may bring claims or raise challenges based on a violation of their rights under the Second Amendment just as they do to vindicate individual rights secured by other provisions of the Bill of Rights. This view appears to be the most valid after placing the Second Amendment in appropriate historical and Constitutional…. [read more]

Right to Privacy on Facebook Thesis

… p).

Facebook has also been accused of tracking users even after they log out of active sessions (Mello, n.p.). For this, some users have gone ahead to file a complaint against the social networking service seeking billions of U.S. dollars from the site for what they call a violation of their privacy. Facebook has however vehemently denied the allegations.

Dissenting Views

There are however those who are of the opinion that users are equally to blame for Facebook privacy breeches. Those advancing this line of thought feel that users share too much information while disregarding privacy concerns. Indeed, in the opinion of Levmore and Nussbaum, some people "willingly expose their own personal information online…" (28). However, even if this is indeed true to some extent,…. [read more]

Right to Life Essay

… Autonomy is also dishonored when people are pushed to do things against their will. This clearly explains why using an individual for another's gain is wrong; and so same rule applies in Baby Theresa's case too. Transplanting Baby Theresa's organs would be "using her" in every moral sense and it is wrong to kill one person to save another person's life.

Capital Punishment

Most recent facts and evidences suggested that capital punishment has a considerable deterrent effect, putting a stop to as many as eighteen or more murders for every death sentence. However, these evidences have greatly disturbed moral objections to the death penalty, as it means that a refusal to compel that penalty actually convicts numerous people to execution since among them are also…. [read more]

Gay Rights: Today's Civil Rights Challenge Thesis

… Gay Rights: Today's Civil Rights Challenge

The conservatism of America's identity has often come to clash violently with the progressivism of its ideology, with the end result, optimistically speaking, bringing the two sides into closer congress with one another. Today, this struggle is ongoing for many groups. Highly publicized and continually underprivileged amongst them is America's homosexual demographic. Still subjected explicitly to a public discourse in which their characteristics inherently relegate them to deviant, minority status, the gay and lesbian communities are currently very deeply engaged in a struggle for acknowledgement under a more sociologically sound identity. The movement for improved political unity, legal status and social treatment revolves on the appropriate correlation between civil rights and homosexuality. Typically, those who have worked to obstruct…. [read more]

Adoption Gay Term Paper

… Gay Adoption

Adoption is an important social and legal process whereby children without parents are placed in homes and given full status as members of a family. Adoption goes beyond the sort of temporary placement that is common in foster homes and is seen to serve the needs of the children, to benefit the adoptive parents, and to strengthen society. Adoption for many people stands as the only viable option they have to become parents because they cannot conceive on their own, and yet there are usually far more children in need of adoptive parents than there are parents. Some children are harder to place than others, usually because they are older, and adoptive parents prefer small children as a rule. Children who have certain…. [read more]

Are the Issues of Gays and Lesbians Today Different From the Seniors of Yesterday? Term Paper

… Homosexuality Survey

This report on a proposed research project is meant to address the attitudes and perceptions in the gay community among older people in that community compared to younger people in that community, believing that there will be significant differences in what is deemed important by the two groups. An interview method will be used, and the responses then compared.

The Problem and Its Components

The gay and lesbian community has long faced a number of issues peculiar to that community. The status of that community has changed over the last generation or so, becoming more open, more militant, and more visible. Certain problems persist, however, and take up the attention of members of the community. The question raised is whether the issues of…. [read more]

Homosexual Marriage Does Not Pose Term Paper

… We live by a double standard, allowing media expression of heterosexual freedom of expression, but insist upon "public suppression of the lesbian or gay person's sexuality." For example in the television show Melrose Place several outrageous heterosexual characters freely indulge in wild abandoned sex, while the "discreet homosexual" Matt, never even comes close to an on camera kiss. "The purpose and effect of this double standard," says Eskridge, "is the public suppression of the lesbian or gay person's sexuality." Such suppression is both mentally and politically "unhealthy" (Eskridge 183-188). I would in fact go farther toward stating that this double standard is extremely debilitating to the American psyche and would suggest how illuminating and mind-stretching it might prove if American's were offered a new and…. [read more]

For Gay Marriage Term Paper

… ¶ … Gay Marriage

In many countries, marriage is a sacred entity. Opposite sex marriages and divorce is acceptable in the society with same sex marriages exceptionally condemned because they would reduce the sacred touch aspect of marriages. My interest in the issue of gay marriages is that, I find it intriguing that most countries gang up against same sex marriages but support opposite sex marriages, even in the instance of multiple divorces (Galli 30). It makes me to have questions regarding the authenticity of human rights, if they leave out certain groups of people. The other question that I would need answered if the right of bisexuals and gays with regard to voting for same sex marriages. Whenever people raise issues of gay marriages,…. [read more]

Gay Marriages Ame Sex Essay

… This topic is rightly judged by the conservatives. The conservatives believe that letting this problem solve itself in due time will cause the appropriate social change without any upheavals in the society. Like for every other minority, society will accommodate homosexuals with time. Society does not need any kind of renaissance to adapt to homosexuality. Sullivan should be able to tell the need for a revolution apart from the mere want for a revolution.

In the last paragraph of the excerpt Sullivan paints the picture of a perfect world where innocent law abiding homosexuals are readily accepted after the government and policy makers, namely the liberals and the conservatives, readily alter major laws and societal traditions to make place for them in the society.

Conclusion:…. [read more]

Homosexuality Biologically Based? Nature Essay

… Even among related tribes, not all the peoples practice it. Science says a homosexual gene can only account for a very small share in the human genome across races. Neither can it stand centuries of evolution in practice. It is unlikely to just appear or disappear through the appearances and disappearances of races through the centuries. Sexual desire in other cultures does not seem to be genetically directed but culturally motivated. Anthropologists found that homosexual behavior is not produced genetically but socially (Whitehead & Whitehead).

Among African-Americans

A 2008 survey conducted among them on the acceptability of homosexuality revealed that 72.3% considered it "always wrong (Glick & Golden, 2010)." This perception remained unchanged from the last tally in the 1970s. In comparison, 70.8% of white…. [read more]

Homosexual Marriage Research Paper

… com). For instance, "Compared to the daughters of heterosexual mothers, the daughters of lesbians more frequently dress, play and behave in ways that do not conform to sex-typed cultural norms. They show greater interest in activities with both masculine and feminine qualities. They have higher aspirations to occupations that are not traditionally female… In terms of aggression and play, sons of lesbians behave in less traditionally masculine ways. They are likely to be more nurturing and affectionate than their counterparts in heterosexual families" ( These facts alone are inspirational: they demonstrate that same-sex parents offer a type of hope for the world and for humanity that traditional marriages simply don't offer. This means that kids being raised by same-sex parents are more in touch with…. [read more]

Social Issues Civil Rights Movement Term Paper

… Civil Rights Movement

For sociologists, social movements are important agents of social change. It is through such coalitions that people are able to bring about change in society. Conversely, social movements also give people a means of organizing against change, ways of preserving their way of life.

This paper focuses on one such social movement - the American civil rights movement.

The first part of this paper gives an overview of the civil rights movement's history, based on the five stages of social movements discussed by James Henslin. The next part of this paper analyzes the growth and effects of the American civil liberties movement through the structural functionalist, symbolic interactionist and conflict perspectives.

In the last section, the paper assesses the state of the…. [read more]

Why Society Denies Adoptions by Gays When Its Beneficial Term Paper

… Bans on Gay Adoption:

Irrational prejudice that hurts children as well as gay and lesbian couples

Many gay men and women today are raising their children side-by-side straight families. They are going to PTA meetings, fighting about homework, and having family dinners together. Yet, despite the crying need for good families for children in need of parents, same-sex couples often remain stymied in the adoptive process. The most important deciding factor regarding the placement of children must be the welfare of the child, not the sexuality of the parents. In the United States there are far more children available for adoption then there are families ready, able and qualified to adopt them. To add to the crisis some of those families are looking elsewhere to…. [read more]

Civil Rights Act of 1964 Essay

… A similar situation existed for women, and continues to exist. Beyond the equal pay question, many women have given up on the dominant culture idea of success. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ensured a workplace free from sexual harassment, but it did not dismantle the revolving door or the glass ceiling that still exist in many workplaces. Organizational cultures have slowly changed to welcome different styles of leadership and communication. In the 21st century, a litany of companies do exist, which live up to the ideals set forth in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Yet more needs to be done to encourage the participation of women in spheres of government, finance, and science. Women continue to struggle…. [read more]

Civil Rights Does the Patriot Research Paper

… Civil Rights

Does the Patriot Act Violate our Civil Rights?

When viewed through the lens of Constitutional Civil Rights, The Patriot Act is a monster. Conceived and enacted in post-9/11 hysteria, the Act systematically decimates Civil Liberties. Furthermore, despite later legislation that supposedly tempered the Act's more egregious violations, the Patriot Act remains a monument to governmental oppression in a supposedly free society. The list of repugnant Act sections and Civil Rights violations is so extensive that they cannot be adequately addressed in this paper; however, even a confined discussion of Sections 213, 214 and 215 vs. The Fourth Amendment reveals legislation that is devastating to Civil Liberties.



The "Patriot Act" as we currently know it is actually an amalgam of Congressional measures…. [read more]

Civil Rights: The Ricci v Essay

… DeStefano case showed the challenges employers can encounter in attempts to achieve a diversified workforce while avoiding discrimination against the conventionally advantaged groups. The main issue surrounding the case is whether a municipality and its officials discriminate in infringement of the Equal Protection Clause when a civil service examination or race-neutral selection process produces accidentally racially unbalanced results.

In its decision, the Supreme Court said no to quotas on the reasoning that the employment law only rarely allows quotas to address racial imbalance. While it was not even a close call from the majority's perspective, the court stated that New Haven had violated Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act (Thernstrom, par, 5). This decision was based on argument that New Haven City had…. [read more]

Civil Disobedience Thoreau Term Paper

… This sense that revolution ought not be a full time job sits rather uncomfortably, it seems, with his equally firm conviction that one ought to fight the corrupt state even to the point of death.

Thoreau's struggle on this point obviously arises from a fine moral sentiment. Even if one does not agree with his anarchist ideals which claims "That government is best which governs not at all," (Thoreau) today it seems self evident to agree with his understanding that slavery is a grave sin. Thoreau's argument for not supporting the state, it must be understood, stems from the fact that the state both sponsors and condones slavery and is involved in violent and bloody wars on external soil. Even today, the most conservative people…. [read more]

Civil Liberties: Jones Case Essay

… The main issue to address in the case was whether the warrantless use of a GPS tracking device on Jones' car to track the suspect's movements on public streets infringed Jones rights according to the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court stated that the installation and use of the tracking device without a warrant was an illegal search based on the Fourth Amendment. The court also argued that the placement of the GPS device was likened to trespass since the police had physically intruded the defendant's private property to place the device. Therefore, the law enforcement officers were required to obtain a warrant in order to use the GPS device. The main reasoning for the ruling is that…. [read more]

Right to Bear Arms Essay

… ¶ … Right to Bear Arms

The issue of exercising the right to bear arms is, more often than not, associated with the debate on whether or not gun control should be imposed to civil society. The rationale behind gun control is that it is a detriment and threat to civil society, wherein gun ownership could lead to an individual's tendency to resort to using guns or arms as an immediate response to conflicts or misunderstandings. On the other side of the coin lies the issue of one's right to bear arms, an individual right that, ultimately, cannot be questioned because this is a privilege and right already given to the individual prior his/her entering the social contract that led to the creation of the…. [read more]

Right to Bear Arms Gun Control Term Paper

… ¶ … Right to Bear Arms

Gun control became an issue for Americans in the 1960s when President Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Senator Robert F. Kennedy were assassinated, all with guns. People began to demand that the government do something to stop the spread of guns and murder (Ruhl, Rizer, & Wier, 2003/2004). Since then, although a large segment of the population is in favor of more laws to regulate gun ownership, gun control is a hotly debated topic and more emotional than any other constitutional issue. After 9/11, for example, the sale of guns rose dramatically, as though people thought they could protect themselves against terrorism (an airplane flying into a building or disease germs planted in the water) by owning a…. [read more]

Challenging Aspect of it Which Is Utilized Essay

… ¶ … challenging aspect of it which is utilized internationally and specifically in your home country?

The greatest challenge of it both internationally and within my country is overcoming fear of new systems and resistance to change. Driven by the economic realities of today and the fact many employees are afraid of any change that might impact their salaries or jobs, it is commonplace to see strong resistance to change, even if the new system is going to mean greater global growth for the company (King, Flor, 2008). There is also a strong fear of jobs being outsourced and a lack of control over when and how jobs will be delegated to 3rd party it outsourcing companies (Mann, 2004). Resistance to change and the entire…. [read more]

Rights of the Employees Term Paper

… If by any chance an employee is caught without work permit, the employee will be presumed as guilty as the employer.

Considerable forms of defense for workers have been provided by the UAE Labor Law and ministerial decrees. Any worker has the complete right to file a complaint at the Labor Department in the Ministry of Labor about a disagreement with his owner. Employers can be given severe penalty in case of disobedience with the labor laws.

The worker has the right to protest about the organization albeit he is working on a visit visa. Any other form of proof is inadequate to confirm that he is working for the organization (HRW, 2006).

The Rules and Regulations for an employee to sponsor his family

There…. [read more]

Rights Accused 1.Fully Essay

… Additionally, the due process of law also prevents illegal interrogations and gives the accused the right to remain silent. The accused also has the right to a pretrial and to be informed of the charges that they are facing. It also gives them the right to a fast and speedy trial. All these rights in the due process of the law mean that the accused cannot be charged without a credible reason and neither can they be denied their freedom without due cause. Additionally, it specifies how the legal process should be conducted to prevent it from being tilted in a direction that favors the prosecution giving them excessive time to collect evidence Nicholaidis, 1989()

Due process also ensures that the accused person gets a…. [read more]

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