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Homosexuals in the Military Research Paper

… Military

Homosexuals in the Military

The matter of gays in the military has been a hot political dispute ever since the commencement of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Essentially, liberals want to permit gays to candidly serve in the military, while conservatives want to keep the present Don't Ask, Don't Tell, policy, or desire to ban gays from serving in the armed forces altogether (Powers, 2010). Don't Ask, Don't Tell allows for the release of an American soldier for coming out as gay, lesbian, or bisexual. But for one of the exceptions to the law, the rule bans anyone who shows a tendency or intention to partake in homosexual acts from serving in the military of the United States. The notion is that it would generate…. [read more]

Labor Relations the Military Policy of Don Term Paper

… Labor Relations

The military policy of "Don't ask, don't tell" was developed to be a compromise between those who felt homosexuals should be allowed to serve in the military, and those who wished them banned. However, due to multiple international conflicts, such as the war in Iraq, the Pentagon has issued a stop loss order for military personnel, and the discharge of openly gay military members has, in many cases, been suspended, by simply ignoring claims of homosexuality or using the loophole that was devised to be able to retain members if needed. It is this hypocritical waffling that is one of the military's biggest labor relations issues that needs to be addressed immediately.

Labor Relations


With the arduous war in Iraq, the precarious…. [read more]

Conscription in Turkey Essay

… Military Conscription Reforms in Turkey: A Financial or Professional Approach

Military conscription in Turkey has its roots in the late Ottoman Empire. The system was adopted as a means of giving the nation military workforce, and was a tool of military modernization, especially in the Turkish Republic. According to Dogra Ozgur (2008), military conscription modernized the Turkish army in terms of improvements to registrations, surveillance, censuses techniques, and the increase of military men from the increase in the number of conscripts (14). The system met the financial and social need of the Turkish Republic that was seeking for more productive rural and urban labor force, which it acquired from the military barracks schooling system. Turkey's conscription is still highly institutionalized and is still a culturally…. [read more]

Military Leadership Essay

… However, there is also a recognition among military scholars that for substantive change to be enacted, the military must promote officers with certain qualities that will ensure that they are both open to change when ideas come from other sources and capable of diagnosing current practices and structures for areas where change might be most beneficial. Pierce (2010) notes that "strategic leaders of the Army believe that they operate on a day-to-day basis in an organization whose culture is characterized by: an overarching desire for stability and control [and] formal rules and policies." Such a philosophy is one that is fundamentally incompatible both with the needs of the armed services to encourage change when it is beneficial.

It is also, Pierce (2010) writes, fundamentally incompatible…. [read more]

Military Employee Stress Thesis

… Military Employee Stress

The objective of this work is to compare, contrast and synthesize and evaluate the principles of societal development including an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress. In order to understand the effects of how societal development in the workplace has affected the family unit, an evaluation of the workplace and resulting family stress will be conducted. Additionally, this work will compare, contrast and evaluate the work of Weber, Durkheim, Spencer and Marx, the four social theorists upon whose work this study will be based and upon which the integration of current information meaning included in scholarly journals written by experts on family dynamics will be applied to the findings from actual application.


The objectives of the 'Breadth' portion…. [read more]

Military Transformation Essay

… Military Efforts to Transform

The first paragraph introduces the condition of the U.S. military following September 11, 2011 and how overextended the military has been since. Then the two policies will be introduced and in the presentation itself, the differences between the two will be apparent

The second paragraph will deal in details about how the Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Act of 2010 will affect the military organization. There will be a positive conclusion thereto because of the resilience of the American military.

The third and fourth paragraphs will deal with the policy on pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan and the subsequent problems this may bring on the American soldiers especially those that may be released from the service


The paper deals…. [read more]

U.S. Military Bias Challenges Present in Overcoming Essay

… U.S. Military Bias

Challenges Present in Overcoming Biases in the United States Military: Past, Present, and Future

"The few. The Proud." "Be all that you can be." "See the world." These hiring slogans for various branches of the United States military (Marines, Army, and Navy, respectively; the Air Force has never officially adopted a slogan) suggest a great amount of pride, and offer opportunities of service and of personal fulfillment and achievement. These are some of the traditional sources for honor through military service, and it makes perfect sense to invoke them in trying to encourage enlistment -- the military is putting its best foot forward, and offering a kind of training and experience that no one else can. But though these slogans are wholly…. [read more]

Comparative Politics of Latin America Essay

… Military Rule: Shaping Politics and Economics in Latin American Democracies

In their theoretical overview Juan J. Linz and Alfred Stepan go to some lengths to point to the differences between mere liberalization and actual democratization. Clearly liberalization is a good first step towards democracy albeit liberalization is just the beginning of the transition towards a full democratic state. Liberalization can mean a tweaking of policies by the ruling government; it could mean releasing political prisoners just to show good faith, or it could mean being more tolerant of protests against the government. Full democratic governance though must go well past the "electoralist fallacy" (Linz, et al., 1996, p. 4), where perhaps some democratic policies are instituted -- for example, voting is permitted -- but the…. [read more]

Finding Oneself in the United States Armed Forces Essay

… Military

Finding oneself in the United States Armed Forces

'Proud to serve:' Why the military has made me who I am today

It has been a long journey for me. At one point in my life, I swore I would have nothing to do with the military, despite having grown up a military 'brat.' But I have come to see that serving in the military and being around those who have served this great country has made me what I am today -- and fostered within me the qualities I like best about myself. It is too easy to ignore the great blessings we live with in America -- freedom, prosperity, and safety. People must force themselves to seek challenges; challenges do not always present…. [read more]

Gay Rights Essay

… Gays in the Military: The History and Issues of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

It is the author's contention that homosexuality in the military is not a problem per se. So often in any political sexual scandal (the Monica Lewinsky scandal comes to mind), secrecy is the issue. In intelligence circles, "loose lips sink ships," but if the ship's departure is public knowledge, what is the issue? Admittedly, Clinton came out of the closet during the 1992 Presidential Election and then went back in with regard to Monica Lewinsky. However, this behavior is not the norm. Most people act normally once the secret is out of the closet unless they have addictive behaviors that they want to hide due to some moral hang ups. In this…. [read more]

Gay and Lesbian Abuse and Military Don't Ask, Don't Tell Policy Research Paper


'Don't ask, don't tell': The debate rages on 'Don't ask, don't tell' (DADT) is the policy that permits gay and lesbian men and women to serve in the military only if they conceal their sexuality. Despite objections to the law articulated by citizens, politicians, and servicemen alike, it continues to remains in force. "Senate Republicans blocked the attempt to move ahead with the bill that would have repealed the ban on gay troops serving openly in the military. The vote was 57-40, almost entirely along party lines, and three short of the 60 needed….The vote was a setback to President Obama and the Democratic leadership, who have made repealing the Clinton-era policy a key priority. And it short-circuited the efforts of a handful of…. [read more]

Gay Rights and Obama's Approach Research Proposal

… Gay Rights and Obama's Approach To It

President Barak Obama: Gay rights

President Barak Obama's position on gay rights has often been difficult to decipher. On one hand, as the nation's first African-American president, Obama might be assumed to support one of the major modern civil rights movements' goals and objectives, such as gay marriage and an end to the military's 'don't ask, don't tell' policy regarding sexual orientation. The current president's overall moderate-to-liberal political views on all social issues would also seem to support such analysis. Yet Obama is also a member of a religious tradition, the African-American Protestant tradition, which has not always shown overwhelming support for gays, even though many gay men and women are African-American. His feelings as well as his…. [read more]

Gay and Lesbian Serial Killers Research Proposal

… But this notion becomes particularly fascinating when we consider the various permutations that can be taken by a specifically homosexual serial killer. The homosexual can prey upon other homosexuals: this is the case with Dahmer and Dennis Nilsen. The homosexual can prey upon heterosexuals of the same gender: this is arguably the case with Gacy, Berdella, and Dean Corll. Although many of the young men that were victims of these three were solicited for sex, generally the situation was such that the victims were heterosexually-identified and motivated by promise of payment -- what psychologists and public health advocates would describe in 2014 as MSM (men who have sex with men) rather than specifically gay. Finally Wuornos provides the most interesting case, as a homosexual woman…. [read more]

Gay Marriage Gaiety Research Paper

… Conclusion

In support of the thesis statement, lack of sexual realization influences significantly on an individuals choice or/and his development as a gay person or not. Lack of sexual identity early in life results into more people becoming gay as time goes by. Despite this fact, gay couples face varied challenges just as they also pose great vices and virtues on personal and societal morality. Gaeity is not a crime, and the arguments made against gay marriage clearly have no firm basis as compared to the benefits, virtues and vices that face normal/straight marriages. However, in as much as gaiety also comes with certain benefits as explained in this paper, they are not long lived as more upvacals encroach society due to this practice and…. [read more]

Military Practices Term Paper

… The worst part is that these followers of the religion (which is a right in itself), are sentenced as per Constitutional Law, under Article seventy of the Military Penal Code that considers this refusal as the "insubordination during a period of general mobilization (Greece has been in such a situation since the invasion of Northern Cyprus by Turkish troops in 1974)" (Greece: Alternative service: Second time round). These conscientious objectors are punished for following the teachings of their religion "of five years' deprivation of civil rights" (Greece: Alternative service: Second time round) thereby disallowing them to work as employees as civil servants and depriving them their birthright to vote or to become a part of the parliament (Greece: Alternative service: Second time round).

Furthermore, these…. [read more]

Sexual Assault Policies Involving Military Members Term Paper

… Sexual Assault Policies

Sexually Assault Policies involving military members

Sexual Assault Policies Involving Military Members

A Study of the Anatomy of Rape in Military and Legal Recourses Available To Victims

Rape within U.S. Military -- A Perspective

Any study of rape in U.S. Military should perhaps be put in proper perspective by analyzing the underlying reasons that prompt a soldier to rape. Once such reasons are clarified, it becomes easier to evaluate the systems that are in place to prevent occurrence of such a heinous and demeaning crime and recourses that are available to the victim to obtain justice within the existing bureaucratic structure of U.S. Military.

Rape has already been, rather uncomfortably, accepted as an unavoidable social malaise in civil society. In a study…. [read more]

Military Diversity in the Armed Research Paper

… S. Armed Forces. Created by 2009 as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (Trevor & Ernes, 1998), the Military Leadership Diversity Commission issued its findings and recommendations on how the departments of defense can promote the representation of females, the youth, and diverse races within the military, during the times when the entire nation faces high expectations of becoming diverse.

The U.S. Armed Forces Reputation with regards to Diversity

Currently, the U.S. military is working hard to create an inclusive force that reflects ethnic and racial diversity of every population within the United States. Consequently, a congress chartered commission reported the achievement of the diversity goals within the lower ranks of military leadership hence the commission expects further improvements within the uppermost ranks of…. [read more]

Gay Marriage Term Paper

… Brooks, Devon and Goldberg, Sheryl. "Gay and Lesbian Adoptive and Foster Care

Placements: Can They Meet the Needs of Waiting Children?" Social Work, Vol.

46, No. 2 (April 2001). Retrieved July 11, 2012 from:

This source was an empirical analysis published in a peer-reviewed social work journal. It examined the issues associated with the advisability of increasing the access of same-sex couple applicants to children in need of foster homes in the U.S. The main contribution of this source to my thinking was to reinforce my impression that same-sex couples are as capable as their traditionally married counterparts of providing safe, loving homes for children in need.

Gates, Gary J. (2011). "How many people are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender?"

The Williams Institute --…. [read more]

Curtis Lemay: Using Hersey-Blanchard Leadership Research Paper

… Got any comments?"[footnoteRef:12] He was also a tireless advocate for providing better conditions for his men. However, "one story that circulated about him was that when a group of colonels invited him to dinner he replied with a scowl, 'a man should have dinner with his friends, and the commanding general has no friends.'"[footnoteRef:13] Yet he did demand to see all of his officers once a week, telling them they did not need an appointment, just to walk in the door. When he trusted men, allowed them to make decisions on their own, but only if he was sure that their views were consistent with his own. [12: Narvaez, 1990.] [13: Narvaez, 1990.]

Despite his hard exterior, LeMay's daughter recalled him often asking people to…. [read more]

Female Leadership in Combat Units Research Proposal

… Analyses

Descriptives would prove useful with the preliminary research. Descriptives may also lend themselves to inferential statistics. I would like to maintain the variation in the study across literature, analyses, participant sampling and other aspects. ANOVA would prove a useful analysis technique. There are many levels that the data could be analyzed. ANOVA would provide a sort of analysis within the greater analysis.


I am researching whether women should lead during combat situations. I am researching this topic because of a recent lawsuit women officers waged to see combat time and because this is a symptom of a greater cultural change that is happening in the country and in the world. Quite recently the "don't ask, don't tell" rule was overruled in the military,…. [read more]

Gay and Lesbian Torture in Iraq and the International Human Rights Violations Term Paper

… Torture and Abuse of Gays and Lesbians in U.S. Occupied Iraq

The United States has always presented itself as a model of fairness and equality. A champion of human rights around the world, the American government is a signatory to wide range of treaties that guarantee equal protection and treatment for persons of diverse races, religions, creeds, and ethnic groups. The American government condemns gender bias, age discrimination, and prejudice against the physically and mentally disabled. So, when George W. Bush's original justification for the invasion of Iraq i.e. "anticipatory self-defense" collapsed, the President quickly substituted the idea of human rights. Yet, the new Iraq that is emerging after five years of often bloody U.S. occupation can hardly be described as a humanitarian paradise. Numerous…. [read more]

Gays in the Military Essay

… Based on these challenges, those of a different sexual orientation may choose to remain closeted.

Gays From a Societal Perceptive

According to Nardi and Schneider (1998), "discrimination against lesbians and gay men finds its 'justification' in the persistent negative views many in the society hold about homosexuality." The authors in this case note that heterosexuality is considered inferior to homosexuality especially given the fact that it is impossible for gay as well as lesbian couples to procreate. In the opinion of Wolf (2004), "gay oppression hasn't always existed." This is particularly the case given that evidence (anthropological) has shown the existence of homosexual behavior in a vast majority of cultures in the past (Edlin and Golanty, 2011). This is a fact further reinforced by Wolf…. [read more]

Homosexuality in Ancient Greek Literature Term Paper

… Homosexuality in Ancient Greek Literature

Ancient Greek art and literature clearly demonstrates that homosexual relationships were acceptable under certain conditions. In fact, some homosexual relationships were considered to be not only acceptable, but encouraged. In the period between around 600 B.C. And the beginning of the Christian era, male homosexuality was seen as inline with Greek social values like military prowess, athletic ability, and the ideal of youth and beauty. Because Greek society viewed women as morally and intellectually inferior, these homosexual relationships often gave men a closeness and bond not usually found in their marriages. On the other hand, female homosexuality, while an acceptable practice in some areas, was not as universally socially acceptable as male homosexuality. However, it has been suggested by some…. [read more]

Gay Lesbian Rights Term Paper

… Gay Rights

Despite the gains of the Civil Rights Movement, discrimination still exists in many forms. One of the most enduring prejudices is related to sexual orientation. Indeed, many analysts believe that gay people continue to be the targets of much social stigma and even attacks.

This paper argues that gay and lesbian people are entitled to the same rights and protections as all Americans. This includes the right to marry and protection from discrimination in employment.

In demanding the right to marry and protection from discrimination in employment, this paper maintains that gay people are not demanding "special rights." Rather, gays and lesbians are arguing that they should be entitled to the same protection as are anyone else.

Discrimination in employment

In the United…. [read more]

Homosexuality in Shakespeare's Tragedies Elements Term Paper

… He may hate her most of all because she has stolen his fancied lovers, Cassio, and particularly Othello.

Later on, in Act III, comes the famous (or infamous) homosexual scene in which Iago purports to have engaged in sexual behavior with Cassio. His ostensible purpose is to convince Othello that Cassio was talking about Desdemona in his sleep and convince Othello that Desdemona is cuckolding him.

I will go on. I lay with Cassio lately;

And, being troubled with a raging tooth, could not sleep. There are a kind of men

So loose of soul that in their sleeps will mutter

Their Affairs. One of this kind is Cassio.

In sleep I heard him say, "Sweet Desdemona,

Let us be wary, let us hide our…. [read more]

Homosexuality in Korea ROK Research Paper

… homosexuality in Korea (ROK)

There are two, seemingly identical, questions to be asked regarding homosexuality in any given society experiencing a flooding of gays: Why didn't they come out before, and why are they coming out now?

Much has been discussed regarding the gay flooding in the United States in the 70s, and in light of the recent decision of overturning Prop 8 in California, gays are making progress in claiming their rights.

But Korea presents quite a different scene. Different, but also misleading. American tourists might at first glance see a full embrace of homosexuality in Korea. Teenage girls walk through streets holding hands, and boys openly slap each others' buttocks and give hugs. Men wear skinny jeans and get their hair permed

Yet…. [read more]

Homosexuality Demedicalization of the Gender Identity Disorder Essay

… Homosexuality

Demedicalization of the Gender Identity Disorder

Gender identity is a highly controversial subject. The notion that one's gender is a significant determination of personality traits, behavioral characteristics, social tendencies, romantic engagements and self-perception is a critical one. However, it is also subject to debate because of the imperatives created by the social construct of gender. This often clashes with what are, in reality, more nuanced and individualized connections to gender. The divergence between social norms on gender orientation and the actual spectrum of gender orientations that individuals experience in reality may cause some dissonance as a consequence of social or cultural pressures. The result is that, historically, the medial and psychiatric communities have conflated homosexuality and Gender Identity Disorder (GID) with medical conditions to…. [read more]

Gay Adoption Term Paper

… Gay Adoption

Numerous studies have shown that it is not the gender of the parent that is essential to a positive upbringing, but the quality of the relationship between the child and the caregiver. Home environments with gay parents are as likely to successfully (or unsuccessfully) support a child's development as those with heterosexual parents. Yet, individuals across the world continue to object to these adoptions on religious and moral beliefs, which is a conflict of church and state, especially in those states where gay marriages are legal. There is no reason, therefore, to deny gay couples the right to adopt children and raise a family.

The topic of gay adoption is of worldwide concern. This week in Great Britain, the Roman Catholic Church announced…. [read more]

Military Orders Term Paper

… These can come from his or her own mind and ideas, or they can come from the thoughts and beliefs of other people. Whether they come from those in positions of power and in the form of orders will depend on what the person is willing to accept.

Since there are not considered to be any absolute truths in relativism, everything is "relative" to other things. The decision of the soldier to follow the order or not would then relate to whether doing so would fit with that particular soldier's ethics. That would be a very different military than the one that is actually seen, where people are given orders and expected to follow them without question. When they do not question orders things operate…. [read more]

Adverse Responses to Homosexuality Essay

… " Thus, when a film or television show features heterosexual relationships nothing is made of it, but when homosexual relationships are included, the focus almost inexorably goes towards those relationships and their sexual elements, such that even texts which purport to normalize homosexual behavior actually end up further ostracizing it. (Piontel, 2012, p. 123-124). Obviously, homosexual people can control their sexual interests as well as heterosexuals, which is actually evidenced by the fact that homosexuals have already been serving in the military, albeit not openly.

From here, however, those forces that continue to react adversely to the idea of having homosexuals serving in the military make a curios movement, suggesting that allowing homosexuals to serve openly would create problems with unit cohesion, as heterosexual service…. [read more]

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