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Child Observation (Deviant Behavior) Labeling Term Paper

… Timmy began signing his drawings "Fagg" instead of writing his name. By the time I observed the facility, Timmy introduced himself as such, and was actively cross-dressing and wearing play make-up. I asked Timmy why he was wearing lipstick, and his response was, "I have to be the best Fag I can be!" Timmy now chants along with the other children when they taunt his behavior, and he seems to be striving for more and more extreme ways to express his identity as "Fagg." Later, I showed one of Timmy's drawings to him and asked him to point to his name on the piece of paper. He pointed to the letters FAGG he had written on the page, not to the name "Timmy" that the…. [read more]

Gender Dysphoria in Children Thesis

… Gender and Sexuality: Gender Dysphoria in Children

Gender Dysphoria in Children

Gender is not an absolute or guaranteed condition in the human experience, and even young children can experience some confusion concerning their perceptions of what gender they should be based on powerful family, cultural and social influences. This confused sense of whether "I am a boy" or "I am a girl" can result in subjective distress that is known as gender dysphoria regarding their gender identity. While most adolescents tend to "grow out of" their gender dysphoric state, some continue to experience this dichotomy between their anatomical and mental sense of their gender. This study provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed, scholarly and reliable online literature to provide an overview of transgendered children…. [read more]

Gender Identity Disorder Term Paper


Gender Identity disorder has received a great deal of attention in recent years. The purpose of this discussion is to emphasize current treatment strategies for clients affected by Gender Identity Disorder. The discussion will include a review of the literature and recommendations for practitioners. Let us begin our discussion by defining Gender Identity Disorder.

Definition of Gender Identity Disorder

According to the National Institutes of Health Gender Identity disorder is a condition in which there is a cionflict between an individuals physical or obvious gender and the individual's self-identification. For examply an individual that is a female may feel and display the characteristics of a male. The NIH points out that Gender Identity disorder is wholly different from homosexuality because homosexuals almost always identfy…. [read more]

Gender Identity Disorder Term Paper

… Gender Identity Disorder

The objective of this work is to research and report the diagnostic criteria and typical course of gender identity disorder including the theories of this disorder and the etiology and prevalence of this disorder. Evidence-based treatments found to be most effective will be reported as well as a consensus and controversies of the disorder in this field of study.

Gender identity disorder (GID) is defined as "strong, persistent feelings of identification with the opposite gender and discomfort with one's own assigned sex." (Psychology Today, 2007) the individual who has GID has a strong desire to be the opposite sex and holds a belief that they will change into the opposite sex as they grow up. These individuals are isolated from their peers…. [read more]

Childhood Development of Sexual Minorities Term Paper

… One can imagine that this discomfort within their bodies would also lead to a general rejection of some of the ideas of self and the body which ordinary development would be forming about this age. Less directly, members of this minority group may tend to have other aspects of development which are affected by their status. While this does not appear to have been tested to the degree that one would wish, nonetheless one can see evidence of it in anecdotal discussions. It appears that children of this minority are not infrequently either attached in an avoidant manner due to the frequency with which parental rejection is an issue, or they are clinging to the parent who makes them feel comfortable. Social development may also…. [read more]

Homosexuality Demedicalization of the Gender Identity Disorder Essay

… Homosexuality

Demedicalization of the Gender Identity Disorder

Gender identity is a highly controversial subject. The notion that one's gender is a significant determination of personality traits, behavioral characteristics, social tendencies, romantic engagements and self-perception is a critical one. However, it is also subject to debate because of the imperatives created by the social construct of gender. This often clashes with what are, in reality, more nuanced and individualized connections to gender. The divergence between social norms on gender orientation and the actual spectrum of gender orientations that individuals experience in reality may cause some dissonance as a consequence of social or cultural pressures. The result is that, historically, the medial and psychiatric communities have conflated homosexuality and Gender Identity Disorder (GID) with medical conditions to…. [read more]

Gender dysphoria and gender identity Article Review

… Obviously, Sara/Sawyer considered himself a girl even though her biological sex was male. Internally, she felt as if she were female and thus lived and reacted as such. As noted earlier in this article review and summary, there is a mental illness angle to the concept and definition of mental disorder. However, it has shifted from being a malady to something that causes pain and distress. Indeed, rather than the life and identity of the person being considered "wrong" or anomalous, there is instead the concept of how their gender confusion and problems cause them problems and not that they're acting in an improper way. For example, bipolar disorder is itself a mental disease and the disease itself AND the consequences it causes are both…. [read more]

Social Phobia in Children Research Paper

… Social phobia is quite different from shyness as the people who are shy do not completely avoid the situations that make them uncomfortable, whereas, those suffering from social phobia have a tendency to completely avoid social encounters and keep themselves aloof. The children suffering from social phobia have a disrupted normal life as this disorder deteriorates their school and social relationships. (the Child Anxiety Network, 2013)

The children and adolescents suffering from social anxiety disorder confront a number of feared situations. These situations include crowds and parties; initiating a conversation or getting indulged in one; talking to a large audience; expressing opinions and points-of-view; making someone new; shaking hands with people; using public washrooms; shopping for stuff; talking to the seniors or higher authorities; being…. [read more]

Gid the Changing Discourse Term Paper


The Changing Discourse on GID

The public discourse on homosexuality and gender-orientation differences is one that is in state of steady of evolution. Once treated strictly as anathema and still today even criminalized in many parts of the United States under sodomy laws, homosexuality is increasingly recognized as an alternative lifestyle. Part of this recognition has been the gradual improvement of the medical and therapeutic communities' shared understanding of this orientation. Indeed, the historical treatment of homosexuality and gender-orientation differences as psychiatric disorders has not only contributed to the negative cultural perception of homosexuality but has also prevented many in these demographics from receiving real and meaningful therapeutic support. The impetus to 'cure' homosexuality or gender orientation differences has simultaneously deprived many individuals an…. [read more]

Transvestites and Cross-Dressing Term Paper

… A few women are cross-dressers, but they are few in numbers.

How do you cross-dress, you may ask? Well, it isn't as easy as people may think. It is important that men who choose to cross-dress do a good job of it. Unfortunately, many guys who cross-dress fail to look convincing as a woman, leaving people to respond to them negatively. Learning the art of dressing as the opposite sex can make life much easier for a transvestite. Support groups are available for transvestites for advice on choosing the right clothes and make-up. For a transvestite that is starting out, it is important to keep things simple.

The cross-dresser's family may or may not accept him or her. For example, for a male, a wife's…. [read more]

Treatment of Women Diagnosed With Dysthymia Term Paper

… Treatment of Women Diagnosed With Dysthymia

This proposal for a clinical case study of the treatment of a woman diagnosed with dysthymia employs a cognitive behavioral approach to identifying effective treatment modalities for patients with depressive disorders. In cognitive behavioral sessions, psychotherapists seek to help a patient identify his or her harmful thinking patterns in order to develop better coping strategies and social skills. The focus of the research in this study is on how people in general think, behave, and communicate in the present rather than on their early childhood experiences.

Proposal for a Clinical Case Study Dissertation - Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Psychology

Chapter One. Introduction

Statement of the Problem



Chapter Two: Review of the Relevant Literature

Background and Overview…. [read more]

Sex Therapy the Efforts Term Paper

… (Mangan, 1992) These problems are rectified by sex therapy. Sex therapy involves administration of some of the structured sexual tasks to the couple at the therapist's office. The couples practice the methods so prescribed successfully at home after understanding it fully, thereby rectifying the inhibitions that affects sexual response. Techniques developed by the Americans William Masters and Virginia Johnson during 1960s are most frequently used by the therapists. (Leiblum; Raymond, 1989)

The sex therapist mainly brings remedies with the non-organic problems affecting the sexual lives including premature ejaculation, impotence and other forms of sexual dysfunction. Therapists resort on exercises emphasizing inflicting and attaining sensual pleasures in order to overcome the anxieties about sex. Sex therapy may also involve specialized treatments against the specific sex-related problems.…. [read more]

Conversion Disorders for Whom Research Paper

… Conversion disorders for whom are they most common? (i.e. gender, age): More common in females (2-10: 1 female: male ratio), less educated, lower SES, racial factors appear unimportant. 2. Malingering: Intentionally presenting with symptoms of an illness or disorder when in fact there is no normal so disorder present. This presentation is done for primary or secondary gain.

Munchausen syndrome by proxy. A form of abuse where a person induces physical symptoms or an illness of another person (usually a child) in order to receive attention.

Dysmorphobia. Also note his body dysmorphic disorder, a disorder where the person continually finds fault with their physical appearance and often has unnecessary surgeries to correct it.

Dissociative amnesia. Psychogenic amnesia, typically retrograde amnesia or global amnesia that occurs…. [read more]

How People Learn Term Paper

… Education

How Do People Learn?

The Individual, Social, and Biological Aspects of Human Learning and Development

Human beings learn in many different ways. Numerous factors - biological, environmental, and social - come together to shape each individual person. Learning begins in infancy and continues for a lifetime. Armed with perhaps a few biologically-programmed characteristics, the infant man or woman beings a journey of discovery; one that will shape that future adult's outlook and understanding. Theologians, philosophers, scientists, and thinks of all stripes, have long pondered the question of humankind's essential morality or immorality. Many of these arguments, in fact, hit at the heart of the dilemma (Cohen, 2003, p. 152) - codes of ethical conduct, such as those favored by many world religions, imply that…. [read more]

Identity Crisis Understanding Their Stance Chapter

… Transgender Identity Crisis

A person's gender identity (i.e. inner concept of one's gender) is a multilayered, intricate construct. A majority of individuals have their gender identity and their anatomy in conformity with each other; but there are some cases where there is disagreement between the two. The term, gender dysphoria is used to define this disagreement; an individual is said to suffer from gender dysphoria (also termed as transsexualism, gender identity disorder (GID), or gender incongruence) when he/she experiences distress / uneasiness as a result of a discrepancy between his/her gender identity and outward gender (Gender Dysphoria, 2014).

Genital anatomy defines a person's biological sex during birth, but it is gender identity that makes an individual identify with and feel part of a certain gender.…. [read more]

Borderline Personality Disorder Definitions and Historical Foundations Term Paper

… Borderline Personality Disorder

Definitions and historical foundations

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM




Environmental Conditions

Neurological issues

Diagnoses and related issues


Psychopharmacological approaches

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Empirical support

Theoretical aspects of DBT

The dialectical model



This study is intended to present a clear overview of the characteristics, history, etiology, diagnosis and treatment of Borderline personality Disorder. This disorder has been the subject of much contention and debate over the years and has not only been difficult to define but also to diagnose due to its theoretical and practical proximity to other disorders. The advent of Lineham's Dialectical Behavioral Therapy however has provided a more structured and theoretically integrated approach and means of dealing with and treating Borderline…. [read more]

Tina's Story Case Study

… In Tina's case we see that she thinks of suicide but she does not feel that she is at a point where she must decide for suicide. Yet, as she is hopeless because of her broken relationship with her husband Joe and she does think that she will not find a good relationship so there is a possibility of her deciding suicide if not provided with proper treatment.

The Importance of Accurate Diagnosis

Because depression causes such a tremendous degree of pain and suffering, a prompt and accurate diagnosis is essential for the patient to receive optimal clinical care. Researchers have indicated that under or over-diagnosis of depression is often a detriment to the type and timing of treatment received, as well as the utilization…. [read more]

What Is Huntington's Disease? Essay

… ¶ … Huntington's disease and laboratory investigation of this disease. Huntington's disease can attack just about anyone, but it is involved in the genetics of a family. Today, Huntington's disease is treatable, but it is still a devastating disease that has no cure, but researchers are working on long-term treatment for the disease.

Huntington's disease (HD) appears in families, and it can be devastating. One writer notes, "HD is a progressive degenerative genetic disorder, and 50% of the children of a parent with HD will develop the disease (Mendelian autosomal dominant inheritance) and inevitably will become demented" (Ogden 2005, 18). It is a progressive disease that leaves people uncontrolled and unable to care for themselves. A Web site states, "Huntington's disease (HD) results from genetically…. [read more]

Cosmetic Surgery Is Good Term Paper

… Whenever society or the government interferes in the medical decisions of an individual -- including those regarding elective or cosmetic surgery-- they are asserting that society has more of a right to a person's body than that person does. Cosmetic surgery proves the opposite.

Of course, some argue that cosmetic surgery isn't always about one's own physical choices. "The bulk of the women getting this surgery are pressured by men who want them to conform to the way women look in the pornography industry... The most common reason we hear is that they have had a negative comment made by a male sexual partner. Women are made to feel that they are not perfect the way they are and often it's the partner that sets…. [read more]

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