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Film Discussion Early View of Modern Cities Essay

… Film Discussion Early View of Modern Cities

View of Early Modern Cities Through the Man with the Movie Camera and Modern Times

"And time marches on into the late afternoon," time always seems to pass us by at an incredible speed (Chaplin 1936). The dawn of the twentieth century speed up the rate of advancement for industry and urban growth. This had a tremendous impact on the various societies at the time, as seen in the two films The Man with the Movie Camera and Modern Times. Each film plays on the idea that the growing industrialism is essentially isolating the individual from the social and agricultural roots we all once had ties to, and thus has a seemingly negative viewpoint of the early modern…. [read more]

Film Noir Among the Various Dissertation

… The words chosen aren't ordinary strings of words thrown together but are in fact extracts from the novel.

By exposing the fact that the dialogue in noir films were often taken from novels some of them were based upon it can give one a pretty good idea of what an impact visual entertainment with novel dialogue can have on the viewer. This can be easily understood because of the fact that these novels from where the dialogue was extracted were themselves successful ones. So, when these extracts were brought to life with real life characters they had momentous impact on the viewers.

Coupled by the fact that the words often used in the script of noir films were extracts from novels, the fact that camera…. [read more]

Thinking Through Queer Identities in the Film Being John Malkovich Term Paper

… Film Being John Malkovich

Sexuality must not be thought of as a kind of a natural given power which tries to hold in check, or as an obscure domain which knowledge tries gradually to uncover. It is the name that can be given to a historical construct." (Foucault 1979:105 in Weeks: 16). Foucault's historical approach to sexuality gave rise to a series of questions regarding this notion, such as the connection between sexuality and power, its role in Western society, as well as how it is socially constructed (Ibid). These are precisely the questions that lie at the core of the 1999 film Being John Malkovich which tries to investigate how sexuality and gender roles determine identity, as well as how the former are shaped…. [read more]

Gender and Identity Term Paper

… Postmodernist theory suggests that socialized roles are not static, nor are they transmitted faithfully to individuals, but rather the individual interacts dynamically with the role. "Children [have] agency in learning gender. They are not passively 'socialized into a sex role... they do this actively, and on their own terms..." (Connell 2002, 15) Gender becomes not a role, but a "project" -- something which is willingly undertaken and engaged. Essentially, postmodernists suggest that gender does not create identity, but rather that identity creates individual gender.

Major Theory Critiques

If one could require a single litmus test of all sociological or psychological theories, it would be that they ought not fly in the face of actual experience and basic common sense. As sound as a theory may…. [read more]

Movies Ratings Television Shows Essay

… As a result of promoting films like The Bourne Identity, the institution practically encourages society to believe that there is nothing abnormal with young teenagers to be provided with scenes involving a lot of violence. Bourne is the archetypal action hero, but the degree to which the films shows extreme violence is exaggerated and it would almost be impossible for someone to actually count all the scenes of violence occurring throughout the film.

The Bourne Identity certainly brings on an intriguing storyline and an overall well-made motion picture. The film is relatively similar to James Bond movies, but instead of focusing primarily on the intricate story it also involves a great deal of violence.

1. The 2010 TV show Spartacus: Blood and Sand has been…. [read more]

Gendered Society: Gender and Sociology Biological Arguments Term Paper

… Gendered Society: Gender and Sociology

Biological Arguments Gender

Biological arguments supporting gender suggest that gender is a biological or inborn quality that people are born with. Many groups including homosexuals support the idea that people are born into a particular gender. The primary argument supporting biological theories is that men and woman are different anatomically or physically and therefore exhibit different traits or tendencies that comprise gender (Kimmel, 2000). Further, biological theorists argue that biology provides man the basic components or "materials" needed to create their identity based on physiological components in the body (Kimmel, 45).

Kimmel points out that biological theorists suggest that biology provides mankind the "blocks" or foundation they need to build create and form their identity through experiences (Kimmel, 46). According…. [read more]

Film Audience and the Movie Capote Term Paper

… Capote

The recent film Capote (2005, Bennett Miller) achieved a modest success by Hollywood standards but was never expected to do more than that given the subject matter and the divisions within the audience. The film was released by Sony Pictures Classics, a subdivision in the Sony system that is dedicated to releasing more difficult independent films, films that are not expected to reach the mass audience needed for most films and that may require more careful handling in distribution than is the norm. The film had no major stars, was relatively low budget (about $7,000,000), had no special effects or other mass-audience appeals, and was on what was considered a more esoteric subject, that being the American writer Truman Capote and his obsession with…. [read more]

Gender Identity in Film Essay

… ¶ … Gender identity is an individual's isolated awareness, and personal understanding, of their own gender. Sexual identity. Sexual orientation is the favored term used when discussing a person's bodily and/or demonstrative desirability to the similar and/or contrary gender. "Heterosexual," "bisexual" and "homosexual" are what are recognized as sexual orientations. An individual's sexual orientation is separate from a person's gender identity and expression. Sexuality is connected to but separate from sex. It is a term used to refer to anything in the social or personal life of someone that any erotic meaning to it among other meanings making sexuality a broad term to define. Eroticism is a quality that generates sexual feelings in someone, including metaphysical examination regarding aesthetics of sexual longing, romantic love, and…. [read more]

West Side Story Essay

… In the book 'something's Coming, Something Good: West Side Story and the American Imagination' Misha Berson brings the attention of the audience to this feature. According to the author, the West Side Story is a demonstration of the expectation of the people in the society against the backdrop of cultural conflicts among other issues

This movie relates with a lot of happenings in the United States and the expectations of the different variety of groups that exists within the society. Desire for control and recognition characterized by the recognition of gangs in America is very much a reality. Various gangs exist in the region with the hope of making their presence recognized, though in a very negative manner. The desire for women to free themselves…. [read more]

Identity Themes in Praisesong Research Paper

… In this regard, Rhine reports that, "Yukio Mishima's Confessions of a Mask not only catapulted him into prominence as one of the top writers of postwar Japan when it was published in 1949, but also remains one of the most popular and most often taught and discussed of his novels today, more than twenty-five years after his spectacular death by ritual suicide in 1970" (222). This same search for true identity can be discerned in Shuttle Island wherein Leonardo DiCaprio discovers his true identity after a challenging and struggle-filled search involving a checkered past (Clarke 203). This self-discovery can also be discerned in Confessions of a Mask wherein Mishima suggests that process involved in developing and sustaining an alternative identity is difficult but it can…. [read more]

Brokeback Mountain Film Review Male Psychology Film Review

… 2005 film Brokeback Mountain explores themes related to bisexuality, homosexuality, and masculinity. Norms of masculinity are in fact explored separately from issues related to masculine sexuality, which is what makes Brokeback Mountain groundbreaking. The two protagonists in the film, Ennis (Heath Ledger) and Jack (Jake Gyllenhaal) are cowboys. Their profession is among the most stereotypically masculine. Being a cowboy is to embody the American ideal of rugged individuality and masculine. As Ennis and Jack develop feelings for one another, their masculinity is scarcely questioned. Both remain Rather, their ability to cope with homophobia is the core conflict of the film.

Being male is different from being masculine. The former implies simply biological sex, whereas the latter refers to a range of gender norms. These gender…. [read more]

Performativity the Intersections Between Gender Essay

… My parents and their left-wing mentality held sway over his heart, but Andrew is not above pandering to the crowd. I'm sure on more than one occasion he kept his mouth shut when the guys in the locker room made homophobic remarks. And I also know that the only reason my brother escaped the scourge of bullying was that (a) he was strong and looked it; and (b) he was a nice guy and people tended to like him. Darren did get beat up. A lot, come to think of it. My brother stood up for him once, when he was ten. He got a black eye for it, and I think it made him proud. The birthday smooch took him back to that moment.…. [read more]

Persuade Classmates Film Effective Social Essay

… Cameron was obviously provoked throughout the movie in expressing his disgust through rebelling against the system. The fact that he was discriminated by police officers and even by his employer was contributed to by the fact that he discovered how the "gang-banging" character Anthony wanted to put across was more than false.

One of the chief motives that prevent Crash from being an effective anti-racism movie is that the motion pictured was severely affected by Hollywoodian cliches (Smith). The exaggeration employed by the director in an attempt to focus on racism induces a state of shock in most viewers, given that most realize that it is very unlikely for events from this movie to have occurred in reality. The director was most certainly presented with…. [read more]

Space Odyssey Thesis

… ¶ … Space Odyssey

This film has been lauded as innovative and groundbreaking in terms of cinematic art. It is also referred as director Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece in terms of concept and cinematography. The film's stunningly conceived images are still as exciting and provocative as they were when it was released in 1968. One can refer to the opening sequence of the film where we encounter the strange and awe-inspiring black obelisk. This leads to the later sequences in the film that progress to the intriguing and mysterious finale.

The plot is a result of Kubrick's interpretation of a story by renowned science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke (Greydanus). The film deals with a number of themes. The most significant of these is human evolution,…. [read more]

Gender and the Fashion Industry: Blaming Gay Term Paper

… Gender and the Fashion Industry: Blaming Gay Men for the Emaciation of Women

One of the most recent controversies particular to the fashion industry that has spilled over into the larger media conversation about female beauty is the shrinking BMI (Body Mass Index) of fashion models. Some major fashion shows, most notably the 2006 show in Spain, have attempted to instate a cut-off BMI of 18.5 for the fashion models exhibiting designer's clothing. However, the way that this issue has been phrased in the media has proved troubling. Many media sources, such as one blog called 'Feminine Beauty' have targeted, not commercial or cultural pressures that encourage women to tailor their bodies to fit the image of the moment -- whether that be fat or…. [read more]

Women in Film Noir Term Paper

… Women's sexuality has been traditionally linked - in Western tradition at least - with this particular fragility. Women's fecundity has all too often linked them in the minds of men as agents of chaos. Artistic creation is the mirror image of birth, but it is controlled, refined, limited, civilized: Creation without the messiness of birth. The act of creating an artistic product is for many a male response to the act of birth; however, it is rarely undertaken with any attempt to honor the forces of female creativity but rather to demonize and so diminish them. We see this attempt throughout this movie.

Kiss Me Deadly

Robert Aldrich's 1955 movie takes us further away from the wake of World War II and deeper into the…. [read more]

Romantic Comedy Film Genre Essay

… Romantic comedy film genre has been around almost since the inception of film as we know it, and before that in countless theatrical productions and even prose and poetry that predates the romantic comedy theatrical genre. Essentially, life and love are two of the most essential areas of self-discovery that are universal to human existence and therefore call audiences from every human condition to look for models and standards. Additionally, comprising the two, human romance, with comedy is essential in the fact that many wish to see and seek out imagery and thoughts that simplify and therefore make approachable the convoluted and difficult reality of human love relationships. In other words, we all, rich-poor, majority-minority, complicated-simple seek love and are much more willing to approach…. [read more]

Gendered Violence the Intersection Research Paper

… Gendered Violence

The intersection of gender and violence in popular media like Sin City or the Tekken series presents an interesting problem for gender studies, because while both texts give their female characters agency and authority rivaling their male counterparts, the representation of those female characters still falls within a very limited range of clothing and career options. Furthermore, the more immediate level of involvement required for a videogame as opposed to a film forces the audience to take part in the violence that these female characters commit and experience. By adopting a critical perspective rooted in recent studies of media violence, the representation of women as victims, and the gendered space of videogames, one is able to see how the gendered violence in Sin…. [read more]

Gender Media and Culture Essay

… Gender Media Culture

What is hegemony and how are the effects visible in your everyday life?

Hegemony refers to social and political power, and entails the domination of political, economic, and social institutions. The domination can be covert, as in the ways male discourse dominates politics and the media. or, the domination can be overt, as when one group passes laws that directly infringe on the rights of others. Not all forms of hegemony are acknowledged or articulated, which is why hegemony can be particularly sinister and difficult to eliminate.

One of the ways hegemony is visible in everyday life is that subordinate groups define themselves in relation to the dominant group. For example, it is presumed that masculinity and heterosexuality are normative, which is…. [read more]

Gender Awareness Term Paper

… Gender Awareness

Gender governs almost every social and political sphere. Personal identity depends on largely gender. Interpersonal relationships and communication also rely on gender cues. Gender norms determine behaviors ranging from speech patterns to body language. However, awareness about how strongly gender impacts human behavior remains limited. Part of the reason for the limited awareness about gender is that masculinity is considered the norm. We still hear people saying "a lady doctor" or "actress" when in neither case does being female impact the meaning of the professional standing. Nagel notes that masculinity underlies nation-state formation in ways we have yet to fully acknowledge in the essay "Masculinity and Nationalism."

Moreover, the income inequity between male and female professionals is one of the most disturbing manifestations…. [read more]

Gender Homophobia Term Paper

… Gender

What issues involving straight women have been resolved since the 1920's in the United States, and which have not? What do you see happening in the future, and when?

At the beginning of the 20th century, it was an issue of public contention whether women should have the right to vote. It was argued that women would simply vote the way their husbands voted, and thus female emancipation was unnecessary and misguided. Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, a woman is likely to be a candidate for president for one of the major American political parties. The basic right of a married woman to take an active voice in politics is now a settled question. However, the role of the husband in…. [read more]

Cross Dressing Gender Rolls Thesis

… Gender

Billy Wilder's 1959 film Some Like it Hot playfully explores gender, sexuality, and gender bending. Marilyn Monroe plays Sugar Cane, a stereotypically dumb-witted blonde with no real aspirations beyond finding a man to take care of her. Sugar Cane is the archetype of socialized femininity, as she is passive, soft, sweet, and submissive. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon play Joe and Jerry, two musicians looking for work in tough times. As the only jobs available are in an all-female traveling band, Joe and Jerry become Josephine and Daphne, respectively. They both fall for the sexy Sugar Cane. Joe assumes yet a third identity as a millionaire named Junior. As Junior, Joe woos Candy while conforming to traditional gender roles. Switching between their multiple identities,…. [read more]

Difference Between Sex and Gender Term Paper

… Gender

Sex and Gender

The purpose of this paper is to introduce and analyze the topic of sex and gender. Specifically it will discuss the difference between sex and gender and whether they are a biological or social construct. Sex and gender are really two very different things, as the topic of transsexuals shows. Simply because a person is born one sex or another does not guarantee they are the "right" gender for their biological needs and wants, which is why so many people choose to change their sex through artificial and surgical means. Sex is purely biological, sex is decided when the baby is first conceived in the womb, but gender is a product of society and what society believes about "male" and "female."…. [read more]

Modernity and Migration Essay

… C. Fields movies and her grasping at Isaac, and grasping for what he seems unable and unwilling to give her. Comically, Isaac seems bent on keeping amazingly attractive and fascinating women at bay -- their puzzlement matches that of the audience, as everyone is left wondering what self-concept would propels Isaac toward such extreme ambivalence and uncertainty. "People can go to remarkable lengths to avert the catastrophe of their own success" (Phillips, 1994, n.p.).

This uncertainty is a hallmark of the late modern personality, right along with fragmentation and ambiguity. The social relations experienced by Isaac, Mary, Yale, Jill, Emily, and Tracy are disembedded and impinge on "the self-reflexive consciousness of the newly emergent multiple self" (Brown, 2002, p. 219).

Isaac isn't the only one…. [read more]

Gender and Sexuality Studies: "Dance Term Paper

… ¶ … GENDER & SEXUALITY STUDIES: "Dance, Gender & Sexuality"

Gender and expression in Tango and Hip Hop

Even with the fact that most people associate hip-hop and break-dance with stereotypes regarding thugs and outcasts in general, these two dance styles contain a great deal of sexuality and sensuality. These two dance styles actually have a lot in common with dances that are generally considered to be sexual in character, such as tango. Through understanding gender relationships and how they materialize on the dance floor during a hip-hop or during a break-dance performance, one is more likely to comprehend the complexity related to them. Cultural values are essential when considering how each individuals takes on his or her understanding of gender and it is thus…. [read more]

Nora Ephron and Romantic Comedies Research Paper

… Nora Ephron and Romantic Comedies

Ephron was among those pioneer film makers who revolutionized the industry by introducing the concept of romance in comedy in the era when feminism was prevalent. The best thing acknowledged in the great work of Ephron is the way she introduced this concept without stimulating any negatives vibes and assumptions about the desires of men and women. She tactfully handled the subject by carefully brining the facts to light about human nature. It undoubtedly both revealed and affected the Zeitgeist of turn-of-the-century America. Perhaps she was one of the best writers of her time whose well-directed scenes and dialogues were way better than the subsequent romantic comedy movies of that era. The rhythm and tempo in her work was perfect…. [read more]

Judith Butler Essay

… A physicist would argue that one can discover this pushing back and forth of forces all on one's own. This is, perhaps, true. But that is acting a great deal for a poor woman like Wendy to do on her own. Even when she is given human guidance and help along the way -- such as when she is helped out by an old security guard -- she is flummoxed and left without any sense of how to respond. She acts like a sentient ball might do when it first learns that it has the power to push the earth away.

The essay began with the contention that class is the most important aspect of Wendy's life. But gender matters a great deal too, which…. [read more]

Gender When Unraveling Research Paper

… However, it is also a freedom that derives from their lesser social standing and degree of power. Halberstam outlines how femininity and masculinity as social constructs are unparallel and uneven in how they can be negotiated.

Tomboyism appears to be quite common for girls and does not generally give rise to parental fears & #8230; because comparable cross-identification behaviors in boys do often give rise to hysterical reactions, we tend to believe that female gender deviance is more tolerated than male gender deviance. (p. 618)

An interlocking theoretical approach helps us be aware of and inclined to analyze how complicated and inter-connected social constructions are. Femininity and masculinity are constantly balanced against each other in terms of the social power that the different sexes hold,…. [read more]

How Environment Influences Gender/Sexuality Essay

… Media’s long arms extend outside the walls and sanctuaries of traditional environments and cultures. Media are shaped by their own culture industry leaders, as the Frankfurt School put it. And so, as Kellner states, “radio, television, film, and the other products of media culture provide materials out of which we forge our very identities; our sense of selfhood; our notion of what it means to be male or female; our sense of class, of ethnicity and race, of nationality, of sexuality; and of ‘us’ and ‘them’” (7). Media can be the strongest force in one’s life determining and shaping one’s experience of gender and sexuality.

But if one who is exposed to media senses that the values propagated by that media and the experiences…. [read more]

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