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Gender Norms Blake Term Paper

… They all agreed with my statement and they also looked at me differently. The sense I got was that they were looking at me as if seeing that I really had something to offer for the first time. I sensed that they considered my voicing of opinion a sign of strength and something that deserved recognition. This was not actually stated, but after the meeting I continued to have the feeling that people believed I had more to offer than before.

The reactions to my norm-breaking behaviour actually gave me a greater sense of pride. I felt like I had done something good and like I deserved the respect I seemed to be getting from people. The main feeling was a sense that I was…. [read more]

Childhood Poets of the Eighteenth Essay

… Instead, Yeats hopes that she will be beautiful without being vain, intelligent but kind, and, somewhat problematically, unopinionated (Yeats 160-161). Here, Yeats is demonstrating that while his opinion of children has evolved somewhat such that he is not wishing to live vicariously through them, or use them to validate his own career, he does still have a notably regressive view of women, wishing for his daughter to "think opinions are accursed" (Yeats 161). In this sense Yeats is still somewhat patriarchal, but in an evolved, adapted manner, one that does not rely on reiterating the explicit power of the father but instead creates certain requirements for the daughter due to her gender and sex.

Nevertheless, Yeats' prayer for his daughter demonstrates the distinct evolution of…. [read more]

Corruption the Relationship Term Paper

… 7 percentage point decline in the ratio of taxes to GDP" (Lambsdorff).

In countries such as those in Central and Eastern Europe or in Latin America, corruption in health care or in education is, in fact, motivated primarily by the low level of wages in these sectors. On one hand, you have a highly qualified workforce (usually, studying to become a doctor takes, in the least, around 10 years, while also being a continuous process. The reasoning is similar for the educational sector), on the other, the level of the wages is either average or below that.

As the industry lacks other motivational factors, this translates into a process that encourages corruption. Following Mrsha's arguments, this does not mean necessarily a deviation from formal duties…. [read more]

Three Cups of Tea Analysis Term Paper

… ¶ … Cups of Tea Analysis

Three Cups of Tea:

study in low and high-context communication; the power of communication to alter the world

Climbing a mountain is a highly individualistic effort. Although many poor communities may live in the Himalayas, mountain-climbing is an expensive sport usually only possible for people living in highly Westernized countries. In 1993, Greg Mortenson failed in his personal attempt to climb K2, a mountain still known as 'the climber's mountain,' a peak that makes scaling Mount Everest look easy. Mortenson's efforts left him in a state of almost total physical ruin and his spirit was also crushed by a sense of having failed in his efforts. He was forced to throw himself upon the mercy of a small mountain…. [read more]

Leadership Styles Among Male Term Paper

… Synthesists do not generally look for compromises, consensus or agreement on the best solution to a problem or situation. They will however look for a solution that will connect and assimilate the random and contradictory views to arrive at a best-fit solution.

A b) The Idealist

The idealist style focuses on process, values and aspirations. Idealists are people who like to take a broad view of things. They also tend to be future-oriented and to think about goals and missions to be accomplished. Idealists are much attuned to the needs of others and for the betterment of society as a whole. They will evaluate the impact of any personal decision on the society. They respect and believe in the social values and morals dictated by…. [read more]

Leadership Skills Impact International Education Term Paper

… However, many people do not understand what leadership is and how it applies to the school environment. In their 1997 study of visionary companies, James Collins and Jerry Porras define leaders as people who "displayed high levels of persistence, overcame significant obstacles, attracted dedicated people, influenced groups of people toward the achievement of goals, and played key roles in guiding their companies through crucial episodes in their history."

This definition is very much in line with the definitions currently used for school leaders, although this definition has changed in recent years (Education Week, 2004). Until recent years, most research assumed that leadership did not have to come from the school principal (Riordan, 2003). The realization that improving instruction requires shifts in the behavior of school…. [read more]

Organizational Culture, Societal Culture, and Leadership Styles Research Proposal

… ¶ … Organizational Culture, Societal Culture, and Leadership Styles

List of Tables (if tables used) viii

List of Figures (if figures used) ix

Leadership and Cultural Differences

Summary of Chapter and Organization of Remainder of the Study


Organizational Culture

Societal Culture


Culture and Leadership

Leadership Theories

Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership Styles

Cultural and Leadership Attributes

Cultural Aspects of Organizational Leadership

Relationship between Organizational Leadership and Society

Current and Future Trends

Description of the Study Approach

Instruments/Measurements 105

Treatment / Intervention 116

Data Analysis

Field Tests Establishing Validity 119

Research Limitations

Validity and Reliability 122

Ethical Considerations 124

Chapter Summary




Synthesis and Evaluative Action Plan


Chapter Summary



Summary of Major Aims and…. [read more]

Intercultural Communication Essay

… Intercultural Communication

"Globalization is not trivial, it requires fundamental changes in companies; hence both managers and academicians in business related fields are increasingly realizing the need to explore the thinking and behavior of people in different parts of the world. In order to be competitive, companies need an international and multi-cultural vision to fully exploit the potential of new markets…" (Acosta, et al., 2004, Artificial Intelligence & Society, p. 242)

Intercultural Communication

The movement towards globalization over the past several decades has brought people from dramatically different cultures together in workplaces from Singapore to Seattle. It is no human relations secret that bringing several dissimilar cultures together in a workplace environment -- whether in a high technology lab or building a bridge across a swamp…. [read more]

Workplace Diversity and Human Resource Management Term Paper

… Human Resource Management -- Diversity in the Workplace

Bell, Myrtle P., Diversity in Organizations, 2nd Edition (2012), Cengage Learning

Assignments (3 pages per assignment = 9 pages)

Read Chapters 1 and 2.

Answer questions 1-5 on page 36.

What is diversity?

Diversity in the book is defined as either real or perceived differences in people in regard to race, ethnicity, sex, age, physical and mental ability, sexual orientation, religion, work and family status, weight and appearance, and other identity-based attributes that affect their interactions and relationships. One of the key words in this statement is "perceived" and it is important to note that diversity is based on perceptions of differences rather than actual differences.

How can relevant diversity issues be identified in different contexts?

The…. [read more]

Parenting Program for Women in Drug Treatment Thesis

… Parenting Program for Women and Children in Residential Treatment

Addiction is something that has been around for many years, and there have been increasingly new ways of treating it that have been created over the course of much research and study. There are many different forms that addiction takes, and there are many different drugs and substances that someone can become addicted to, even if they are not of the age that most people would think of when they picture people that would start down that particular road. Most individuals think of addicts as primarily young, minority men in their 20s and 30s that rob, steal, and cause other problems in order to get their drugs or alcohol. However, there are also…. [read more]

Hispanic Males Perception of Higher Education as it Relates to Their Dad Research Proposal

… Hispanic Male Perception

Key words included: Hispanic male perceptions, higher education; Education, fathers perception higher education; Number Hispanic males with post-secondary degrees; Parental involvement / investment in Hispanic male education; Gap higher education between Hispanic males / Hispanic females; Parental role / influence Hispanic males/relation higher education; Male role Hispanic family; Obstacles higher education Hispanic males.


The value of familismo can be an asset because of its correlation with strong social and family networks, which can ultimately be accessed to support their [Hispanic males] academic achievement"

Victor B. Saenz and Luis Ponjuan

Saenz & Ponjuan, as cited in DiMaria, 2008, ¶ 1").

Context of the Problem Victor B. Saenz, assistant professor, University of…. [read more]

Female Aboriginal Survivors of Residential Schools in Canada Term Paper

… Aboriginal Survivors

Female Aboriginal Survivors of Residential Schools in Canada

In 1993, many Native Indian women stood up before a Joint Commission to explain their hurt and despair resulted from their stays at Canadian Residential Schools. More recently the Canadian government asked the Law Commission of Canada (LLC) to investigate child abuse within the schools. The LLC report, "Restoring Dignity: Responding to Child Abuse in Canadian Institutions" was released in 2000. The report dealt with the history, the legacy and the demands for reparations for Native Aboriginal survivors of the residential boarding schools and reparation for the child abuse which took place there.

Paying increasing attention to disparities in health status between U.S. ethnoracial groups, one study by Gone examined cultural practices, including disparities in…. [read more]

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