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Concussion Management and the NCAA Essay

… Moreover, the risks are borne solely by the athletes to the degree that the sports teams do not experience repercussions, nor do the schools get punished when a trainer or coach behaves in an irresponsible or reckless manner with regard to the safety of the student athletes. There are just basically no established procedures for addressing negligence in concussion management. Not all concussions are alike and symptomology is not always neatly linear with severity of a head injury. Problems arise when a head injury does not show up in a customary or expected manner on a CT brain scan or an MRI. The NCAA or the conferences may put pressure on schools, coaches, trainers, or students -- that heightens the risk to the student athletes…. [read more]

Gender on Concussion Reporting Annotated Bibliography

… Each of the participants had competed in either a high school sport or a college team. The participants were required to indicate their perceived stress intensity and their typical coping response after experiencing two stressors that they perceived as most intense. The results were analyzed via multivariate analysis.


There were differences by race and gender. Caucasians experienced higher stress intensity more often than did African-Americans, while Hispanics did not significantly differ from either group. Caucasians were more likely to use an approach-behavior coping style. Women's self-report indicated a higher stress intensity for coach related sources of acute stress. Women used approach-behavioral and avoidance-cognitive groups more than men.


Both race and gender impact how athletes experience stress, as well as impacting coping styles.

Relevance…. [read more]

Communication Competence: An Assessment Case Study

… The selection of the male and female athletes that were chosen for the studies was not biased by the ethnic background.

Dependent Variable: Underreporting of injuries to the coaches and how it affects their performance.

Conceptualization: This part of the paper will look at the aspects that affect the communication competence of the male and female athletes with respect to underreporting of their injuries to their coaches and how this underreporting has the potential to affect the performance of the team.

It has been explained in the first part of the paper that the atmosphere of the female athletes' team is different from that of the male athletes' team in the sense that the female athletes tend to motivate their fellow players as compared to…. [read more]

Athlete-Coach Communication and Injury Reporting Research Paper

… Women and men have been broadly characterized as "linguistically distinct groups" (Freed, 1996, p. 54). However, there is a paucity of studies on female athletes, who might feel subjected to cultural pressures to seem 'stronger' than a man before their coaches. Additionally, the different types of sports women compete in may manifest a different athlete-coach communication dynamic.

This topic is important to study given the growing concern about injuries amongst male and female athletes alike. If specific communication styles and techniques are found to be uniquely effective, the health of athletes could be better preserved over the long-term. Both athletes and coaches alike could receive instruction designed to improve their interpersonal relationships both on the field and off. Decreasing injury rates could also be very…. [read more]

Migraine Headaches Patient Nancy Smith Case Study

… MRI -- Can scan for tumors, strokes, aneurysms, blood vessels, neurological issues or brain abnormalities. Of special not might be a study of neck vessels to chart blood flow to brain and/or possible small obstructions.

To rule out any infections, we could run a sedimentation rate to assess inflammation.

Differential Diagnosis:



Pertinent Positives

Pertinent Negatives

Headache intensity

6+ in pain

Headache longevity

Over 72 hours






None reported

Vision Issues

Slight sensitivity to light

No blurring


Quick but consistent


No OTC relief


About 1/2 of patients report family members with migraines; patient indicates siblings have occasional onset


Patient is not presenting symptoms that are consistent with infection, concussion, sinusitis, cardiac or cerebral bleeding, or stroke.…. [read more]

Human Resources Policies and Guidelines Term Paper

… Human Resources Policies and Guidelines

Policies and Procedures

Recruitment and Selection Procedure

Policy Statement on Recruitment and Selection

The purpose of this recruitment and selection policy is to ensure compliance with UK laws on diversity and equal employment. It will assure that recruitment and selection polices are in alignment with organizational goals and vision. Equality and diversity are underlying components of this policy. This policy will assure that selection procedures are consistent and that they maintain a positive company image.

The Selection and Recruitment Process

The selection and recruitment process will follow a stepwise approach to the creation and fulfillment of any position that is needed within the company. The selection and recruitment manager will obtain permission from the president of the company before creating…. [read more]

PTSD History Study Effects and Treatments for War Veterans Research Paper

… PTSD for War Veterans and Families


PTSD History, Study, Effects and Treatments for War Veterans

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD symptoms develop in response to life-threatening trauma, typically among multiply deployed soldiers in war zones, such as Iraq and Afghanistan. Most of them are younger than 25, of lower rank, genetically predisposed and female. Broad categories of symptoms are re-experiencing distress, avoidance and hyperarousal, leading to overall personal malfunctioning and a host of interaction problems with the family and the community. Current treatments include rehab, counseling, medication and a virtual environment world approach. Until enough is known and done about PTSD, the returning war veteran and his family must suffer the condition and all its consequences.

Introduction and History

PTSD…. [read more]

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