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Gender Reflection: On Identifying Essay

… For example, when men go out drinking, being able to consume large quantities of alcohol is considered manly, and someone who does not is looked down upon. Because I try to stay physically fit and love to play sports, the drinking and partying lifestyle is not compatible with my personal goals. But many of my male Russian friends do not understand this.

As a straight man, it was interesting for me to see the video "Dude, you're a fag," in which the author Dalton Conley noted that the epithet 'fag' was not about same-sex desire but about not being appropriately masculine. While this may be true in the United States (and based upon my experience in the U.S., I am inclined to agree with the…. [read more]

Gender in Poetry / Literature Essay

… Assessment Techniques: Assessment will be based on how thoughtfully the questions were responded to and whether they meet the minimum of three sentences each.

Evaluation and reflection

This will help students engage in the texts they are already familiar with, and use their knowledge of gender stereotypes to make changes within the literature.

Lesson Title: Gender in Poetry / Literature Lesson 5

Lesson Duration

90 mins

Year: 9

Class: 9A

Room: 205A

Rational: This will help students realize their own power in terms of perpetuating gender stereotypes.

Syllabus Outcome:

This is an extension of outcome 2, which requires creative thinking and text synthesis in order to carefully avoid gender stereotypes in the creation of their strong female characters.

Syllabus Content: Students can either create a…. [read more]

Gender Roles in the Chinese Media Globalization Term Paper

… Gender Roles in the Chinese Media

Globalization and gender differences in images of Chinese women in the media

Recently, terms such as "freedom of the press" and "free press" have begun to creep into China's government controlled media network. The winds of social change might be blowing, but the government still maintains central control of what is published and what does not. The government of China has worked hard to keep Western media influences out the China's press. Penalties for violating established taboos for journalists are severe, including long prison sentences. In a world where China struggles to join the global community, it still maintains a desire for autonomy. The premise for this research is that regardless of the efforts of the Chinese media to…. [read more]

Sports and Gender Discrimination Term Paper

… The reasons for the gender testing are applicable but it is suggested to complete the procedure of the athletes before they enter the competition in order to minimize the burden and unfair publicity.

Cultural And Social Assessment

Feminist theory states that women will be given equal rights in sports and media however this equality doesn't exist and there exist a problem for women's full exposure in media. Masculine homogeny also fails to be maintained through media and sports.

According to Gramsci's (1971) concept of hegemony was examined with social classes. Hegemonic masculinity supports hierarchical male dominance which places women below men. Sports is considered as a primary force that cultivates hegemonic muscularity in the western societies along with negative ideals and differences of women who…. [read more]

Gender Differences Observed With Learning Term Paper

… They fall behind academically, and are more likely to engage in more dangerous/reckless behaviors in their teens, such as smoking, drinking, or becoming sexually active at a younger age. Practical implications of the current research might be reading to girls, and boys, with LD longer per day, different teaching methods, and different discipline methods.

Solutions to this may include, but are not limited to, developing new standards of testing or evaluating girls and creating new teaching methods for girls with LD. Creating a public awareness in the professional sense may help, in that teachers and school counselors would be able to recognize the different signs of LD, and would test the girls a lot sooner, so they would be able to get help.


Sokal,…. [read more]

Consent for and Ethics Case Study

… After review of the course literature and literature more specific to my study, media and politics, it is readily apparent that while my study is researching emotional and internal reactions and responses of participants, it must be done in a subtle way that will not raise feminist motives to the participants. To do this, the participants cannot be made aware of the actual reason for the study, but rather only the final expectation for their part in the study. Instead of revealing to participants that they are expected to chose the male candidates based on the media coverage, the subjects must only be made aware that they are expected to pick a candidate based on the knowledge obtained.

Works Cited

Bhattacharya, Kakali. 2007. "Consenting to…. [read more]

Same Sex Marriage Age Gender Research Paper

… Abraham and Julie also are of the opinion that the same sex marriages will also bring in a change in the social structure that will also benefit the female population.

The third hypothesis of the research is that non-religious people are more in favor of giving homosexuals their right to marry one another as compared to religious people. Hart A. For American Psychological Association (2004) conducted a research which showed a clear difference in the mindset of people of religious people and non-religious people on the issue of homosexuality. The religious people considered homosexuality as a sin and were not in favor of the concept of same sex marriages and giving rights to homosexuals as they were challenging God by changing the natural phenomena of…. [read more]

How Gender Specific Behavior Is Imposed on Children Term Paper

… ¶ … Gender-Specific Behaviour is Imposed on Children

Both male and female children in our society are socialized from a very young age to behave in specific, predefined ways that are considered to be appropriate for their genders. Beginning with the parents of children, and then including many other influential factors in society, many sources define what type of behavior is to be expected from children of each gender. Male and female children of all ages are given guidelines to follow regarding proper interaction with others and acceptable behavior in social situations. "Children learn at a very early age what it means to be a boy or a girl in our society. Through myriad activities, opportunities, encouragements, discouragements, overt behaviors, covert suggestions, and various forms…. [read more]

Women and Feminist Studies A-Level Coursework

… ¶ … women studies at a time when the interdisciplinary willpower and its concepts were getting institutional identification. Women's studies provided me with an exclusive place to take up the positions of the student, the instructor, the practitioner, and the subject researcher. Nowadays, questioning the mettle of women's studies is far from over (Darraj, 2010).

One of the things that I learnt and amazed me the most about women issues was the way the media portrayed them as objects. I did not understand that the press reveals everything from the men viewpoint or the "male gaze." In most cases, women have adjusted to living with such maltreatments. After taking this course, I usually evaluate women's positions in the advertisements and on television from a feminist…. [read more]

Sociology and Feminist Theories Term Paper

… Of particular interest to the casual observer are the differences in relational dynamics and social interaction and perception between African-Americans and white Americans. African-American societies are by far one of the most dominant societies in the U.S., and have also been subject to different stereotypes and stigmas that have been existing for many years.

In fact, racial and gender differences are the most common forms of stratification that society tends to look in an individual. In the case of the American experience, African-American males are perceived differently by society as compared to white American males and females, as well as African-American females. In Myra and David Sadker's article entitled, "The Miseducation of Boys: Changing the Script," the authors discuss the significance of race and gender…. [read more]

Feminists Critique of International Relations the Gendered Politics of International War and Peace Research Paper

… Gender and International Relations

International Relations in perspective

Gendered issues in the realm of International Relations have not been widely discussed, questioned or researched until recently, according to author Jill Steans. The reason for this lack of investigation into gender and International Relations, Steans explains, is not necessarily based on bias against females or chauvinism to any degree. To wit, historically, the study of International Relations has been focused on relationship between sovereign states, and since the "processes" and the "structures" of relations between states were not understood on the basis of gender, there seemed no link in that regard (Steans, 1998, p. 1)

. However, feminist scholars in the field of International Relations have in recent years pointed to the fact that while, "frequently…. [read more]

Gender and Ads Essay

… Gender hierarchy in advertisements both confirms and creates gender hierarchies in reality. "In contrived scenes in advertisements, men tend to be located higher than women, thus allowing elevation to be exploited as a delineative resource," (43).

Licensed Withdrawal

The Hermes advertisement substantiates Goffman's analysis of licensed withdrawal. Goffman notes, "women more than men, it seems, are pictured engaged in involvements which remove them psychologically from the social situation at large, leaving them unoriented in it, and…dependent on the protectiveness…of others," (57). Licensed withdrawal is a visual phenomenon that reflects gender norms and social roles. Patriarchal societies present females as being not only subordinate, but also helpless. They are not active participants in the creation of political, social, and economic realities; they are withdrawn and passive…. [read more]

Entertainment Industry Concept Aging, Gender Essay

… Some films are famous for their depiction of a psychopath, exemplifying them as cold, calculating monsters, but in reality, this is only a small confine of psychopathy (Hesse, 2009). Psychopaths account for an unappreciable amount of the world population, yet their existence in film suggests otherwise -- a nod to the power of stereotypes. Film and television also depict those experiencing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental illnesses (Niemiec, 2010). Some of which are infused into character personality, further enforcing stigmas and common understandings.


Film and television, two arms of the entertainment industry capable of reaching large audiences, project numerous human traits and behaviors through the characters inhabiting the screen. Concepts of age, gender, and personality are portrayed by every program, by…. [read more]

Interaction Hormones Behavior, Interactions Affect Essay

… Thus it is on the basis of the sex hormones that the sexual differentiation of the brain occurs thus ensuring the sexually dimorphic behavior and this is found to be true with all mammals. Though the influence of the hormone has been demonstrated, the relation between the hormones and the human behavior lacks empiric study. Thus the issue of nature vs. nurture is still in the debate and research stage. The current situation is that there are effects felt of both the biological and social environs and the subject and debate over the issue has not yet been resolved conclusively. (Zhu; Cai, 2006)

Can bio-psychology may help resolve the argument?

As of now distinctions between the biological gender of human beings and the gender identity…. [read more]

Interview Reflections Was Still Working Thesis

… ¶ … Interview Reflections

Was still working as she spoke calmly to me, slowly answering every question with calculated, yet strangely real and humble responses to my infiltrating questions. She sat there, sewing, like almost everyday of her existence, with no retirement in sight. I first personally came into contact with her when a younger cousin of mine had begun working with the small, yet vibrant, designer line about a year ago. My cousin, a dear friend of mine, who had been studying fashion design, had begun telling me about ____ the very first day she met this amazingly resilient woman. The sheer devotion she embodies always made me respect __ more than any other older adult I had ever met.

This 72 two-year immigrant…. [read more]

Evaluating Management Theory and Practice Term Paper

… Gendered Managerial Styles

The Role of Gender in Organizational Change Management

Management was considered a traditionally men's realm in the past. Clearly defined social roles and the "glass ceiling" dictated that women could not be CEOs or top managers. There were exceptions to this unwritten rule, but they were the rarity, rather than the norm (Ryan, Haslam, and Postmes, 2007). Since those days, social barriers that clearly defined gender roles have become archaic. Women and men now have an equal opportunity to hold positions of power. However, global corporate structure was developed with the male manager in mind.

No one will argue that men and women are wired differently. They have different styles of communication, social interaction, project management styles, and perspectives on conflict resolution.…. [read more]

Pay Discrimination at Workplace Between Men and Women Thesis

… Gender Pay Discrimination in the Workplace

This work will examine gender pay discrimination in the workplace specifically in relation to the concepts of treatment discrimination and comparable worth policy. This is in terms of the definition of each concept in the discussion regarding gender pay discrimination in the workplace.


"Gender Pay Gap Nothing to do with Discrimination" states that instead of making things better for women "equal pay and anti-discrimination legislation may in fact be counter-productive..." (Other Views, 2008) for women and men between the ages of 22 and 29 the average gap in full-time pay if "now less than one percent." (Other Views, 2008) Research findings show that men "tended to work longer hours and put in more overtime than women,…. [read more]

Gender and Art Term Paper

… (Campbell, 2013)


Clearly, understanding gender and modern art requires instilling a deeper connection with the individual. This is taking place by focusing on them and teaching them the importance of key concepts. These elements will offer a better understanding of key shifts and the influence they are having on stakeholders. Moreover, modern art helps everyone to forge opinions about themselves and who they are. These insights are important, as they are showing how modern art is a way of assisting the person to grow. This means that there are changes in the way gender is represented in a host of works.


Adams, E. (2007). After the Rain. Ann Arbor, MI: Proquest.

Barnes, R. (2002). Teaching Art to Young Children. New York, NY: Springer.…. [read more]

Poignant Reflection Alleged Diversity Term Paper

… S. is projected to be over 50% ethnically diverse by the year 2050 (Burkard and Ponterroto, 2000, p. 58). However, it just seems that psychologists should spend greater effort analyzing the effects of experience on multicultural interaction other than personality characteristics.

Diverse Populations

One of the most salient things covered in the tenth chapter of the book Suzuki edited (which was written by Mary Fabri) is that the entire field of psychology and the perception of mental health definitely vary according to culture. This fact is compounded by other sociological problems such as instances of war and natural disasters which create situations in which refugees are prevalent. A number of people coming from these situations have entered and will continue to enter the U.S., which…. [read more]

Sociology and Socialization: Gender Differences Term Paper

… ' From an early age girls are socialized to be 'ladylike' and feminine, as evidenced by the number of frilly dresses and soft clothing available for girl babies.

Most babies would do nothing more than spit up on the frilly dresses offered at the baby store. Girls clothing is much more impractical than infant boy clothes, given that most baby's do nothing more than eat, sleep and poop in the first few months of life. However despite this even at a young age female members of society seem inundated with the message that they need to dress up, look great, and maintain an image that is both feminine and cute. Boy clothing is much more practical and oriented to the types of activity children should…. [read more]

Gender Roles in the Workplace Term Paper

… Friedan and others convinced women that social fulfillment was to be found in returning to school and attempting to take on roles in the workplace traditionally dominated by men. During the Second World War, the National War Labor Board had recommended that male and female workers with the same job received equal pay. Although it was largely ignored at the time, this egalitarian idea gained weight in the early 60's.

In 1963, congress adopted the "Equal Pay Act," which forbid employers to pay men and women different wages for the same position. During the progressive era, women that had successfully lobbied for suffrage also had introduced minimum wage laws for women workers. The Supreme Court declared these laws unconstitutional, and John F. Kennedy created the…. [read more]

Documentary Released in 1990 Research Paper

… at the end of the movie the narrator says that 'Its really like going back to the closet'.

However there was a problem in the film since Jennie Livingston never interrogated whiteness within her film this is a clear indication that subcultures mainly depend on the dominant main stream culture. Her film depicts that people look to white culture for the ideals of so many ways this film paints a graphic picture of the way white colonized black people in this case the black gay brothers some of whom were drag queens worship and bow down at the throne of whiteness even if this worship demands that people must live in perpetual self-hate, go hungry, steal or even die when they are pursing it.…. [read more]

Confederates in the Attic Reaction Paper

… Confederates in the Attic is a book written and published by Tony Horwitz in the year 1998. The author writes about the history of America and the impact of the civil war in America. He explains how several fundamental factors such as social and religious factors influenced people's behavioral patterns in the old days and still in the modern days. This book exhausts every step of the civil war among different communities. In addition to this, it reveals the author's personal experiences during that time such that readers can identify with his true feelings of remorse, confusion and happiness.

The author expresses his concern about how people cling to their beliefs and religion. No matter the conflicts and struggles, they still cling to all beliefs…. [read more]

Ethnic Gender Socioeconomic Roots Term Paper

… Ethnic

When one hears the word "Minnesota" in reference to nationality, more than likely the country of Germany will be the first country of origin considered. This may be a misnomer, considering that "German" immigrants coming to this Midwestern state were from either Germany or one of the Germanic nations where they speak German. This includes today's Luxembourg, Austria, Bohemia, and parts of Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, and the former Yugoslavia. During the mid-1800s, the part of Europe now considered "Germany" consisted of smaller states controlled by princes. These were later headed by empires that allowed little or no political power to remain in the hands of the princely leaders. By the 1870s, a united German state was finally created by Otto von Bismarck. However, in…. [read more]

Growing Recognition of the Changing Term Paper

… Usually, needs to know on how to understand material without feeling compelled to agree with it.

Abstract Conceptualization (AC): Connects information with prior learning. Learns through linking new knowledge with previous knowledge and experiences. Sees the big picture. May have difficulty with organizing information, finding focus, or attending to details. In writing essays, may appear to be "all over the place."

Active Experimentation (AE): Has a need for immediate feedback. Learns best by asking questions. May jump ahead of the instructor and interrupt with questions. Is often an academic rebel, i.e. likes to "buck the system" or look for exceptions to the rules. Works well with group tutorials and group study.

As explained by Kolb and Smith (1986), in order for learning to be effective,…. [read more]

Advertising Applying Goffman to Modern Essay

… There is a two page ad by Tommy Hilfiger. Though it is a group photo, more than half of the models are male. There are a few males on the floor, in reclined positions, touching each other. There are also males who are standing upright and looking directly into the camera. There are two males that are touching themselves in the way Goffman would call the Feminine Touch. Therefore, this photo is dynamic in its display of gendered roles, as it falls in line with some of his ideas and also opposes them at the same time. None of the women in this ad fall into any of Goffman's categories of female representation, making this ad all the more interesting to analyze. This ad both…. [read more]

Social Implications of the Animated Sitcoms Term Paper

… Social Implications of the Animated Sitcoms

Cartoons have come a long way since Steamboat Willie, and animated sitcoms such as "The Jetsons" and "The Flintsones" rivaled some of the best offerings from traditional sitcoms during the 1960s and 1970s, and today the same trend is being seen with animated sitcoms such as South Park, Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill, American Dad and most especially, the long-running series (and everyone's favorite), The Simpsons. This paper explores the social implications of the animated sitcoms on modern society, including a discussion concerning the ideas of gender and race, and how these idea are communicated in animated productions. An analysis of the reasoning behind the writers choosing animation to communicate their ideas is followed by a discussion…. [read more]

Strategic Plan for Non-Profit: Human Essay

… IX. Organizational Future Vision

The future vision of the Human Rights Campaign is one that visualizes the American population as educated, informed and in support of equal human rights for all individuals not matter what they gender expression or sexual orientation.

X. Implementation Process

There are three steps required in the implementation process including:

(1) A research study to be ensued in Bible Belt and other states in need of education for the public about the LGBT population;

(2) Educational provision to the population of these states; and (3) Advocacy for the LBGT population in these states.

XI. Monitoring and Re-evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation would be conducted through assessment of the inroads that equal rights for the LGBT population makes in these specific states included…. [read more]

Queer Identity Term Paper

… His writing about his coming journey from a patriarchal homophobic mother culture to a man who gained the courage to come out and admit his non-conforming sexuality is enlightening. Apparently such a person had everything against him or her: ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical appearances that encourage people to classify him as overweight, lack of conformity to any stereotype, be it gay or hetero. As in Dean Spade's case, discrimination does not no boundaries and it may start among one's own fellows. Although his parental culture offered him every advantage to be conceived from the very beginning of his journey, he chose a different, more difficult path. It was not a matter of choice in fact, but as a matter of how expression and finding an…. [read more]

Morale Issue in Social Service Agency Essay

… The work of Bargal (1993) was both similar in subject and outcome to work of Hardina just mentioned above but was actually published more than two decades before Hardina published her report. One remark that Bargal made in his work is that change in human service organizations can be extremely hard to pull off if there is any lack of perceived legitimacy or need for change by the outside public as the funding/support of those outside people is often non-optional to pull off any changes effectively. However, the other side of that coin is that if the public is demanding of higher levels of service from social workers in Bellmint and it is not forthcoming, a huge amount of pressure will be brought to bear…. [read more]

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