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Gender Role Analysis Essay

… This is reflected in the term pink-collar jobs or blue-collar workers to reflect jobs more suitable for women and jobs requiring male-oriented technical skills. Similarly, certain industries are typically characterized as male-oriented whereas others are classified as gender neutral. There is no such classification for female-oriented industries. Cabrera, Sauer & Thomas-Hunt (2009) found that many the perceptions of team effectiveness and leader effectiveness may also be shaped by the gender of the leader. They performed a study in which they showed that the expectations of people external to the firm about the performance of the team in a male-typed industry were more positive when the team leader was a male. However, the gender of leader was found to have little effect on the expectations of…. [read more]

Gender Identity Explain Interaction Hormones Essay

… As the children mature and become young adults more of these expectations in the differences, in their roles, continue to open up as they learn and face challenges in the course of their lives. In any case, children who grow up in single parent backgrounds usually develop certain behavior patterns which arise out of the discrepancy they face. The family unit is therefore a major determinant of gender identity in human beings as can be frequently realized in many families Watson, 2005()

The influence of biology on gender identity is geared majorly on the functions of hormones and the cerebral lateralization of the brain. Biologically, the gender of an individual is determined before birth. However, this identity is normally with respect to sexual identity. The…. [read more]

Gender the Role of Stereotypes Essay

… There are many such success factors, including international exposure, mentoring programs, early starts, and role modeling (Marcus, 2010). King (2012) adds that females seeking positions of leadership also need to cultivate strong visions and remain astute about corporate politics. Political awareness, and self-awareness, are both keys to female success. The three most important success factors for female leaders include changing organizational culture, mentoring, and role modeling.

It is important that female leaders refuse to view their role as one that conforms to the dominant corporate culture, for do to so would maintain the status quo that perpetuates misogyny and bias. It is important for female leaders to "create a culture where success doesn't have to mean trying to become 'one of the guys.'" (Mooney, 2006).…. [read more]

Gender Back in History Thesis

… Women, and female gender norms are also changing. Equal rights mean that women can do any job. In fact, sperm banks mean that women do not need men to have children. Acceptance of lesbianism proves that a happy and fulfilling sexual and platonic relationship can be achieved without men. This leads to the question - are men themselves needed? Serious commentators declare that men are redundant, that women do not need them and children would be better off without them. It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that men are in serious trouble.

Throughout the world antisocial behavior has been an essentially male phenomenon. Violence, sexual abuse of children, illicit drug use, alcohol misuse, and gambling all are overwhelmingly male activities. Throughout North America, Europe…. [read more]

Gender Roles in Everybody Loves Term Paper

… There has been a shift in the social order and men have become less macho and less likely to put across behaviors traditionally associated with masculinity.

Some are probable to say that the show takes a feminist approach at addressing gender roles. By portraying Debra as a strong woman who is perfectly capable to take control over her life and the lives of people close to her, Everybody Loves Raymond practically shows that men have become lazy and immature individuals who absolutely need someone to take charge over their lives. Ray is shown as a person who is very successful in his business affairs, but who losses all the abilities that make him that successful in the moment when he enters his house.

The fact…. [read more]

Gender Influences on Women and or Men's Lives Essay

… Gender

African-American men understand the issue of white privilege, which frequently goes unnoticed by those who possess that privilege. In fact, it is almost part of the definition of white privilege that whites remain unaware of the social status, consideration, and opportunity automatically proffered. Being able to switch back and forth between white and black identities is not possible, and African-American men remain cognizant of the fact that the formation of a strong African-American community creates distinct and legitimate alternatives to the dominant culture. Applying the logic of white privilege to patriarchy, it may seem as if an African-American man could be more sensitive to the oppressive force of male hegemony due to the experience of oppression and discrimination. Unfortunately, this is not usually the…. [read more]

Gender, Sex, and Gender Socialization Term Paper

… gender, sex, and gender socialization in the western world in the twentieth century and how public intervention may produce effective policies and practices with a focus on childcare

This work intends to define the terms 'sex', 'gender' and 'gender socialization' and how these three concepts are related to each other. This work will answer the questions of how these three concepts are related to one another and provide three specific examples. This work will further answer the question of 'what ways do traditional gender expectations facilitate personal development, and in what ways do they inhibit personal development. This work will further select four photographs of men and women from a newspaper or magazine that shows: (1) a woman performing traditional female activities; (2) a woman…. [read more]

Gendered Society: Gender and Sociology Biological Arguments Term Paper

… Gendered Society: Gender and Sociology

Biological Arguments Gender

Biological arguments supporting gender suggest that gender is a biological or inborn quality that people are born with. Many groups including homosexuals support the idea that people are born into a particular gender. The primary argument supporting biological theories is that men and woman are different anatomically or physically and therefore exhibit different traits or tendencies that comprise gender (Kimmel, 2000). Further, biological theorists argue that biology provides man the basic components or "materials" needed to create their identity based on physiological components in the body (Kimmel, 45).

Kimmel points out that biological theorists suggest that biology provides mankind the "blocks" or foundation they need to build create and form their identity through experiences (Kimmel, 46). According…. [read more]

Gender Differences and Their Explanations Essay

… Gender Differences and Their Explanations

The question of gender difference is one that has been the focus of much debate, confusion and conjecture in our modern societies. The issue of sexual and gender preferences and differences is possibly one of the greatest mysteries of being human. There are many divergent views on the issue of sexual and gender differences. These range from the view that gender is religiously determined to genetic views of the natural place of gender and gender roles in nature. A third more modern view is that gender is constructed. As one article states, 'Gender' is the term now widely used to refer to those ways in which a culture reformulates what begins as a fact of nature. The biological sexes are…. [read more]

Gender Identity Thesis

… Gender Identity Defined

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze several essays from the book "Signs of Life in the U.S.A." edited by Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon. Specifically it will consider the debate over the origins of gender identity: Is it primarily biological or largely socially constructed? Gender identity is something just about everyone struggles with at one point or another. There are girls who want to excel at athletics and science, and boys who want to excel at fashion design and color coordination, and these desires directly oppose the gender roles society places on men and women. Gender identity then, is largely socially constructed, but for many people who struggle with their identities from a young age, gender identity…. [read more]

Gender and Sexuality Term Paper

… Gender and Sexuality

Prior to 1942, which five countries in Latin America had granted female suffrage?

Ecuador in 1929

Brazil in 1932

Uruguay in 1932

Cuba 1934

El Salvador in 1939

From one of your readings, what three aspects of democratic governance were analyzed with respect to their implications for gender equity?

First, democracy was viewed as only existing if those that are governing were there because those who were being governed agreed with their being there. Second, democracy was seen as a system where everyone was able to express their ideas as well as their concerns in order to dictate their own individual likings. Third, democracy entails giving different individuals the chance to govern over the people.

Name and describe the single-most important piece…. [read more]

Gender Stratification Research Paper

… Gender Stratification

Talk about gender roles in the United States; give examples of roles for men and women in our culture?

The ethos of the American society has been informed by two main influences: One the Puritan Christian values inherited from European immigrants primarily from England but also other places and two the harsh conditions the immigrants faced in the wilderness of a new land which necessitated a protected environment for what was deemed as the weaker sex. Christian society in its essence was a patriarchal society and the same traditional patriarchy was carried across the Atlantic by the early colonists. The primordial roles of the man as the hunter/gatherer (and by extrapolation merchant, soldier, ruler) and woman as the homemaker and mother of the…. [read more]

Gender Dysphoria in Children Thesis

… Gender and Sexuality: Gender Dysphoria in Children

Gender Dysphoria in Children

Gender is not an absolute or guaranteed condition in the human experience, and even young children can experience some confusion concerning their perceptions of what gender they should be based on powerful family, cultural and social influences. This confused sense of whether "I am a boy" or "I am a girl" can result in subjective distress that is known as gender dysphoria regarding their gender identity. While most adolescents tend to "grow out of" their gender dysphoric state, some continue to experience this dichotomy between their anatomical and mental sense of their gender. This study provides a review of the relevant peer-reviewed, scholarly and reliable online literature to provide an overview of transgendered children…. [read more]

Gender Roles Essay

… ¶ … gender roles is one of the most important areas of human development. The process begins at birth with the sex of the child and how the child develops from that point forward will be influenced by his or her physical sexuality regardless of what turns the future might hold. Gender role development is a highly controversial subject which is highly affected by a variety of factors and has attracted the attention of researchers and scholars for many years. The reasons for this are several but include the fact that one's sexual identity is a significant part of everyone's overall identity and affects how each of us interacts with each other and with the environment. Who we interact with; what toys we play with;…. [read more]

Gender and Smell Recognition Research Paper

… There are a number of reasons those numbers might not be significant, even before considering the flaw in the design. First, there was no attempt to match the subjects on demographics such as health, age, or race; all factors that are believed to impact olfactory ability independent of age. Second, the study groups were relatively small, and it can be difficult to attain statistically significant results when working with such a small sample.

However, the real discussion has to involve an examination of the flaw underlying the entire research project. Males were asked to smell perfume samples, with the assumption being that men might be more in-tuned to smelling perfumes, which are scents that are associated with females. In contrast, women were asked to smell…. [read more]

Gender Inequality Thesis

… Gender Inequality

One of the most accurate definitions of gender was given Ridgeway and colleague (1999) where he explained that gender was simply a structure where by a society was able to define the social differences within people and their relations or socioeconomic stature based on those differences. Even though the word gender is mostly used as a synonym for women but that's not really the case as gender divides men and women into two different categories with different aspects of the social system.

The stature of women within the United States has been, historically speaking, very limited but with the changing times the economic importance and contribution form the women has changed considerably as well. One of the things that these changing times have…. [read more]

Sex and Gender and Men at Work Essay

… GENDER RELATIONS ISSUES -- (500 to 750 words requested)

In "Let's Talk about Gender, Baby" Wendy Kaminer makes the argument that contemporary American vocabulary perpetuates sexism. The author provides several examples of common phrases such as "woman doctor" that are inherently sexist because there is no counterpart for male physicians. The only reason that the phrases "woman doctor" exists is because, in our society, doctors are presumed to be male. Likewise, in "Men at Work" Anna Quindlen details the ways that gender roles continue to define the respective family and responsibilities of married men and women. One of the most significant ideas in the two pieces is the notion referenced by Kaminer that our societal value system "vacillates between Puritanism and permissiveness" in so far…. [read more]

Gender Norms, Values, Identities, and Roles: Mohave vs. Western Society Research Paper

… Along with the construction of gender, society imposes certain expectations and norms;

i) There are only two gender categories

ii) Membership in either gender is general

iii) An individual's genitals determine their gender

iv) An individual's gender is invariant

v) The female/male dichotomy is natural

vi) Everyone must belong to one of the two genders; and any exceptions are not to be taken seriously

vii) Permanent inter-gender transfer is not possible

What these norms reinforce is a two sex/gender schema that recognizes two basic categories and a by-the-way 'queer category' catering for anyone who does not fit into the two basic groups (Nanda, 1999). To be considered normal, one simply has to fit into one of the two categories, and any individual born with features…. [read more]

Role of Women in Law Essay

… Moreover, the paper also indicates that women are more likely to be respected, or treated more gently, with less abuses hurled at them than men in the police.

Violence against women is a major issue, where the report states that (Lonsway, Moore, Harrington, Smeal, & Spillar, 2003):

"Research indicates that 2-3 million women are physically assaulted each year in the U.S. By their male partners. In addition, the most recent national estimates indicate that 1 out of 6 American women will be sexually assaulted and 1 out of 12 will be stalked during their lifetime." (Lonsway, Moore, Harrington, Smeal, & Spillar, 2003, p. 7)

Therefore, it is better for more women to be a part of the police force as women respond better to battered…. [read more]

Gender-Based Sexual Inequality Gender Equality Term Paper

… ¶ … Gender-Based Sexual Inequality

Gender equality in the United States has achieved tremendous strides, particularly since the middle of the last century. Prior to that, female suffrage and the exigent need for assembly line and factory workers to support the wartime production efforts during World War II were the only major steps toward gender equality in the U.S. By the latter part of the century, a combination of factors (i.e. Roe v Wade, a constitutionally recognized right to privacy in connection with the widespread availability of contraception, and the sexual revolution of the 1960s) had broken down many so-called traditional" American attitudes toward the role of women in the workplace, and in society, more generally (Macionis, 2002). However, the gender-based double moral standard for…. [read more]

Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Aristophanes Lysistrata Term Paper

… Gender and Sexuality

New Criticism: Gender and Sexuality in Aristophanes' Lysistrata

Aristophanes' Lysistrata is one of the eleven plays penned by the playwright that has survived over time. The original performance of this production occurred in classical Athens reportedly in 411 BC

Lysistrata is considered a comedy; an account of one woman's unique goal and desire to end the Peloponnesian War. During the course of the play, Lysistrata is able to persuade the women of Greece to withhold any form of sexual satisfaction from their lovers and husbands as a tool designed to force the men to negotiate peace

This suggested strategy, however, incites the battle between the men and women. Because of the use of sex, issues raised with regard to gender, and addressing…. [read more]

Gender and the Fashion Industry: Blaming Gay Term Paper

… Gender and the Fashion Industry: Blaming Gay Men for the Emaciation of Women

One of the most recent controversies particular to the fashion industry that has spilled over into the larger media conversation about female beauty is the shrinking BMI (Body Mass Index) of fashion models. Some major fashion shows, most notably the 2006 show in Spain, have attempted to instate a cut-off BMI of 18.5 for the fashion models exhibiting designer's clothing. However, the way that this issue has been phrased in the media has proved troubling. Many media sources, such as one blog called 'Feminine Beauty' have targeted, not commercial or cultural pressures that encourage women to tailor their bodies to fit the image of the moment -- whether that be fat or…. [read more]

Gender Roles Exemplified by Luann Platter Essay

… Gender Roles Exemplified by Luann Platter in "King of the Hill"

One of the most popular animated sitcoms on American television in recent years was "King of the Hill," featuring the Hill family, consisting of Hank, the father, Peggy, the big-footed (size 16) mother, Bobby, the young and chubby son who is fond of fruit pies and a love-stricken and pretty niece, Luann Platter (Thompson, 2009). Although many of the characters on "King of the Hill" depict stereotypical gender roles, nowhere is this more pronounced that with Luann Platter. The daughter of Peggy's brother and a substance-abusing, swinger mother who was imprisoned for stabbing Luann's father with a fork, compelling Luann to come live with the Hills "until she sorts things out" in the series'…. [read more]

Gender Women Occupy Conflicted Essay

… The Old English tales do not treat gender as being socially constructed. Gender is something that is immutable and inextricably tied up with one's biological sex.

Gender is a critical theme in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Canterbury Tales, and Twelfth Night. Women are depicted as having a type of power that is qualitatively different from that of men, which simultaneously preserves the integrity of gender binaries but also allows for equality of power. For example, women in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight are endowed with supernatural capabilities. These same supernatural capabilities are told in the Wife of Bath's tale, although the Wife of Bath herself is not a supernaturally powerful being. By the time Shakespeare wrote Twelfth Night, supernatural prowess was not…. [read more]

Gender Stratification in the Workplace Essay

… The female stereotyping, isolation, and sexual harassment would also be consistent with a goal of preventing women from succeeding in a male-dominated professions.

Based on Simpson's findings, men find that they are welcomed into the four female-dominated professions, are expected to be fast-tracked into management, tend to be given more authority than their female peers, and experience a more relaxed set of workplace rules (356-364). If anything, men working in female-dominated professions tend to benefit economically from their career choice, which contradicts the main premise of social conflict theory.

The primary source of conflict for these men comes from their family and friends who are less understanding about their career choice. From a social conflict theory perspective, maybe the personal conflicts that arise from career…. [read more]

Eliminating Gender Differences in Men and Women for Equality Essay

… Gender Differences -- Can they be Eliminated?

Halving it All / Equality Works

Francine M. Deutsch writes that "Equality Works" when it comes to women and men sharing in the duties that go along with parenting. Notwithstanding the cultural trend that has been in place for what seems eternity -- that a woman takes care of the household chores, the cooking, the raising of children and more, while the man brings home the money to support the household -- Deutsch insists that in "…in some families…some couples are equally sharing the care of their children" (Deutsch, 1999, p. 224).

In her research, Deutsch initially believed that if the mother and father did not share equally as far as child rearing and household responsibilities from the…. [read more]

Gender and Sexuality Define Term Paper

… 8. What does gender at the intersections mean? Give an example to explain.

Gender at the intersections mean that identity of a person cannot and is not solely the gender but gender forms a significant part of a greater whole composed of influences of race, religion, age, ethnicity, etc. Therefor gender in itself is an incomplete expression of one identity. In one or more instances, gender can be a source of identity such as when attending 'ladies night' at the club.

9. Describe Fennels use of gendered division of labor.

Labor means work and Fennels explains that the work is assigned and divided among society based on their gender. Based on genders, men are assigned the labor of breadwinning whereas women are assigned the labor…. [read more]

Feminism the Canon of Kate Essay

… "The first free breath since her marriage seemed to restore the pleasant liberty of her maiden days. Devoted as she was to her husband, their intimate conjugal life was something which she was more than willing to forego for a while." Thus, marriage does not define or confine Calixta and Clarissa in the way marriage does define and confine Mrs. Mallard. Chopin presents feminism as a genuine social and political phenomenon. The only way Louise Mallard can achieve liberation is through death. Chopin implies that if Louise remained alive, she would return to her old role in the marriage and would not give herself the opportunity to taste freedom. It was by then, too late. Patriarchy continues to define the Mallard relationship. The only way…. [read more]

Gender Roles Are Influenced Essay

… If one visits an elementary school playground, one is likely to see an all-male game of kickball, with perhaps one "tomboy" joining in; games such as hopscotch and jumping rope are usually the exclusive domain of the girls.

Academics are not as clearly divided by gender as they were when my parents were in school. In the 1960s and 1970s, girls took home economics while boys took wood shop. Today, in most schools, students of both genders take classes in family and consumerism, where they learn about running a household and practical matters of daily life such as food shopping and managing a budget. Where math and science were once dominated by boys, female students enroll and do well in these classes also and it…. [read more]

Gender Roles in the World Essay

… Like the perfect son he is, he is unconditionally devoted to the patriarchal will of his father, despite the fact that his exile is absolutely cruel and unfair. He nonetheless only shows calm acceptance of his fate. As "big brother," he is protective of his younger siblings and acts as their leader, at all times establishing himself as someone to be admired and looked up to. As husband, he is completely devoted to his wife and protects her, as far as he can, against harm. As monarch, however, he is forced to choose between his wife and the honor and respect he needs to keep his rulership stable.

Sita, on the other hand, plays her role perfectly as subordinate wife. Indeed, as many of her…. [read more]

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