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General Electric Company (GE) SWOT

… The buyers have ability to switch from one company to the other. The company is facing competition within the industry. Thus, buyers have the power to switch to alternative company.

Threat of New Entrant: There are barriers to enter the industry. These barriers are economic of scale and huge financial resources to set up a new firm. GE is enjoying high market advantages with the threat of new entrants making the company to record huge profits over the years.

Threat of Substitutes: There are close substitute within the industry giving the buyers power to switch to other products within the industry. There are several substitutes in the U.S. And the Europe.

Competitive Rivalry: GE is facing stiff competition within the industry leading the company to…. [read more]

General Electric: Analysis of Strategy Essay

… As the company tries to regain stronger footing, it is finding a much different market than what was the case before the recession. Here, the research suggests that "since the financial collapse, investors are far more risk averse and naturally so […] looking at GE with all of its subsidiaries and a balance sheet that includes a very large financial component ($322 billion in receivables for GE capitol alone), its easy to see why investors have said 'why bother' over the past decade" (Barron, 2011). The current financial state of the company is too much of a mess for many investors to risk their worrisome investments. Many of the company's subsidiaries are in their own financial trouble as well, which causes risk to the entire…. [read more]

General Motors Company Case Study

… The departments in the headquarters and regional offices of General Motors have an effective reporting and communication system through which all types of information flows through a defined chain of command. It makes the whole organizational structure of the company fully functional and centralized.

5. Leadership and Motivation

The managers at General Motors use both transformational and transactional leadership styles to lead, motivate, and encourage their subordinates effectively. Using transactional leadership styles, the managers ensure that every employee at General Motors works with full commitment and dedication towards the achievement of his assigned targets or fulfillment of normal job responsibilities. They use both intrinsic and extrinsic motivational techniques to keep the morale and satisfaction of these employees at the highest level (Rowley & Jackson, 2010).…. [read more]

General Electric and Philips Health Essay

… This has been through the adoption of excellent corporate strategies that have are cost effective while ensuring that quality, innovation, and safety variables are optimized.GE health for instance is a market leader in quality control. This is evident with their Quilibria Quality management Solution offering (GE,2012b).They also engage in quality control workshops on various aspects of healthcare such as mammography (GE,2012c).Phillips Healthcare on the other hand has a firm grip over its quality control issues. This is despite being warned by the FDA over its imaging center at Cleveland (MedCity News,2011).The company ahs continued to invest in bleeding edge healthcare quality control technology and innovations aimed at raising the standards of quality of care. High-tech infrastructure spending, Low manufacturing capital

Investment, Low protectionism and globally…. [read more]

Strategy and Policies of the Oil Industry in Responding to Global Warming Essay

… Strategy and Policies of the Oil Industry

Over the last several decades the issue of global warming has been increasingly brought to the forefront. Part of the reason for this is the changes in the environment that are being seen around the globe worldwide. A good example of this would be the in the North Pole, where during the summer the polar ice caps are melting at a faster rate every single year. Where, a study conducted by the Danish Meteorological Institute found that within ten years the Arctic will be ice free during the summer months. (Terril 2010) This is problematic because the ice is warming based on a phenomenon known as global warming. Simply put, the overall amounts of emissions that are released…. [read more]

General Electric Jack Watson Term Paper

… GE not only engages in broadcasting but has shown significant innovation in technology and delivery methods for broadcast transmissions. The jet propulsion work being done by GE is helping to redefine how travel takes place and what resources are required to make various journeys possible. But perhaps the most significant technology the company is responsible for relates to the generation of power. The world is facing a fossil fuel famine and GE's efforts may be the lynch-pin in bridging the way to the new method of power generation.

GE SWOT Analysis


General Electric is replete with strengths. From market share domination to innovation to global relationships, GE has a significant repository of strengths which promise to help keep the company viable. Company leadership is…. [read more]

General Electric Short-Term and Long Term Paper

… GE's service centers focus on end users to become experts at organizing the front end by learning how to appeal to customers and understand their requirements, to price retail merchandize and services, and to sell products (using point-of-purchase displays, for case in point) -- all customary practice for retail companies. Additionally, for the reason that consumers already utilize the products of the corporations behind these service centers, they have been well positioned to sell accessories and attachments. Therefore, the qualified retail managers at GE are a benefit (Walter, Blacconiere and Patrick, 2002).

Locality converging on distributors, in comparison, excels at organizing the back end: forecasting and sustaining suitable catalog levels, giving speedy and low-cost shipping, as well as providing some services (for case in point,…. [read more]

General Electric Constant Transformation Term Paper

… In the same way, well-known leadership specialist Warren Bennis argues, "nothing serves an organization better - especially during these times of agonizing doubts and paralyzing ambiguities - than leadership that knows what it wants, communicates those intentions accurately, empowers others and knows how to stay the course and when to change" (Bennis, 1997).

Welch had diminutive use for those managers who adhered strongly to the company's old conduct and opposed essential transformations. In line with Welch, "The only people who get into trouble in our company are those who carry around the anchor of the past" (Crosby, 1997). At the "regenerated" GE, steady transformation would be the standard and performance would be the novel principle for developing market share with novel innovative products.

Innovation and…. [read more]

General Electric Company Case Essay

… " Instead of working only with whole systems involved in industries, GE could return to focusing on certain aspects of systems for development. This would help to simplify operations, reducing organizational complexity, and possibly increasing potential profits and internal growth.

Euro Disney Case - There are three key issues present in the Euro Disney case study. The first key issue is that in the year 1994, The Euro Disney theme park demonstrated a substantial loss totaling 1.8 billion French Francs. This sparked efforts to increase profits and decrease expenses in order to avoid closure. Marketers aimed to raise attendance numbers to the park by launching an advertisement campaign, introducing a new ride and by presenting the park with a new name -- Disneyland Paris.

The…. [read more]

General Motors (GM) Thesis

… General Motors (GM) is one of the largest automobile companies in the world. Over the years GM has been able to carve out a corporate identity, to become one of the most recognizable brands in America. Over time the company was able to develop several popular brands that have come to be symbolic with the image of the American landscape including Chevrolet and Cadillac (Sloan et al., 1990). GM is currently confronting some of the most difficult obstacles that it has ever had to overcome. Government intervention is no guarantee that the company will be able to overcome these obstacles. From an internal standpoint, the company must be willing to abandon some of its old ideals. If this means that some of the top executive…. [read more]

Merger, Acquisition and International Strategies Essay

… This will help the firm create a corporate and business reputation, which is important for them.

As far as their international corporate strategy, the firm has come up with measures to enhance this. These will be done through the centralization of key processes, creation of autonomous business units for each region, the creation of brands for each place, and multidivisional structures. The International Corporate strategy is meant to reduce cost and the conflicts involved. It will also help in brand management for the various product offerings. The strategy is also meant to ensure regional business have total control of the business they are engaged in. The strategy is also meant to ensure that the firm is more flexible in its internal organs. In addition, ensure…. [read more]

Impact of Big Data on Business Strategy Term Paper

… ¶ … Big Data on Business Strategy

Business Strategies

The competitive nature of today's business environment is driving companies to use technology driven business strategies (Berman & Hagan, 2006, p.28). Big Data and technology are undoubtedly impacting on business strategy progression. The research indicates that Big Data offers real-time application, which allows businesses to move information to analytics tools from various systems and sources. The ability for a business to analyze the behavior of a consumer based on experiences depends on the ability of their Database system to load, transform, analyze, and present data. Technology is finding wide application in organizations, creating opportunities for strategy formulation, implementation, assessment, and evaluation. This research finds it necessary to identify key technological advances that are affecting business strategies…. [read more]

Strategy? Corporate and Competitive Management Strategy Business Thesis

… ¶ … Strategy?

Corporate and Competitive Management Strategy

Business success is less a function of grandiose predictions than it is a result of being able to respond rapidly to real changes as they occur. That's why strategy has to be dynamic and anticipatory. (Welch, 2001)

In the first chapter of their book, Strategy Safari: A Guided Tour Through the Wilds of Strategic Management, the authors say this:

eventually situations change -- environments destabilize, niches disappear, opportunities open up...while formulas for strategic change may come easily, the management of that change, especially when it involves shifting perspective, comes hard." (Mintzberg, Lampel, & Ahlstrand, 2005)

Whether defined by one of the smartest and most successful corporate CEOs, Jack Welch of General Electric, or by experts in the…. [read more]

Quality Improvement Strategies Essay

… When a term is brought into daily use, usually its real meaning is lost. In Australia, specifically in the higher education sector, benchmarking at times refer to the functions which are more linked to the quality.

From this paper the 8th target of the Joint Commission National Patient Safety is taken. It states clearly and accurately the reconciliation of medication across the scale of care. By looking at the success of a four tier policy in a nursing hospital, the implementation of the same policy takes place to accomplish this goal. The four tier policy is outlined by Lind and Zeipen (2008). They have written:

Change the current judgement-based culture into a learning one concerning the manner under which ADE (adverse drug events) or the…. [read more]

General Motor Root Cause Analysis Essay

… There is need also to train the design team in the organization to be able to come up with new designs that are well engineered in order to beat the versatility that is found in other competitors. This can also be achieved more effectively by collaborations with other smaller players in the market so that GM can fuse the design fro other companies with the engineering prowess that they have in order to achieve an outstanding design of a car.

The issue of the environment and the shift in weather trends has also been a challenge to the organization. It has been a company venture to do the best they can to stem the environmental degradation as well as cut down o the emission of…. [read more]

Management at General Electric Research Paper

… GE, Crotonville.

General Eletcric

General Electric Crotonville

At the beginning of 1981, Jack Welch was not recognized as one of the adored CEOs globally. Jack Welch joined General Electric (GE) fresh from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign around 1960 and was a simple chemical engineer who was earning an annual salary of about $10,500. A number of years after he took over the mantle and he was just grounding himself as the Chairman as well as the CEO of General Electric. This is when Jack began to restructure the organization with his style that was seen as confrontational.

He started by lying off a big number of employees as part of the restructuring and with this the transformation of General Electric was evident. Not only…. [read more]

Growth of GE General Electric Case Study

… GE does not have much control over the current global economic crisis and must have patience at is pertains to waiting for the economy to recover.

Corporate Level Strategy

The company's corporate level strategy is known as the multi-factoral model or the GE matrix. The picture below is a depiction of the matrix used by GE. This particular model or matrix is unique because it "cross-references market attractiveness and business position using three criteria for each -- high, medium and low. The market attractiveness considers variables relating to the market itself, including the rate of market growth, market size, potential barriers to entering the market, the number and size of competitors, the actual profit margins currently enjoyed, and the technological implications of involvement in the…. [read more]

General Dynamics Corporation Thesis

… ¶ … extended overview of General Dynamics Corporation. A throughout view of its history, activities, technologic development, its mergers and divestitures, as well as short summary of its financials will be summarized within this paper.

Company overview

General Dynamics represents today a market leader within the aerospace and defense industry, designer of products and services aiming at meeting the needs of most demanding customers all over the world, thus creating great value for its shareholders.

With a global base of more than 83,500 employees, General Dynamics operates today in four main segments: Aerospace, Combat Systems, Marine Systems and Information Systems and Technology. Its customers are represented by the national security entities of the U.S. And its allies, their defense and intelligence communities and select commercial…. [read more]

General Motors Organizational Changes Term Paper

… General Motors

Organizational change

Changes at General Motors: The New GM

Changes at General Motors: The New GM

'as GM goes, so goes the nation.' This famous statement by the president of General Motors in 1953 has become an iconic cliche of American history. However, its meaning has changed over the years, with the changing fortunes of America. During the 1950s, the prosperity of GM and the ubiquity of American cars across the globe were seen to epitomize American manufacturing success. Today, GM has been forced to adopt a far leaner business model, and has had to weather considerable negative publicity generated by its need to be 'bailed out' by the federal government in the wake of the 2008 credit crisis. "For most of the…. [read more]

Zap and the Electric Vehicle Term Paper

… Increase in the industry's sales are also due to several other less than expected customers. The police and law enforcements agencies, for example, have recently turned to EV vehicles, because these are easier to maneuver in the busy cities. EV vehicles are also means for elderly citizens to get around and have a certain independence despite their physical weaknesses.

In my opinion, from what the case study has mentioned, the EV vehicle market seems to be rather segmented, both in terms of competitors and products. In terms of products, as I have previously mentioned, there is a quite large and differentiated category of EV vehicles, ranging from heavy industrial equipment to military equipment, such as tanks, from leisure vehicles (like electric bicycles and golf carts)…. [read more]

Foreign Market Entry Strategies Thesis

… Foreign market entry strategies: GM

Foreign Market Entry Strategies

General Motor's foreign market entry strategies: China and Germany

General Motors (GM) is perhaps one of the most criticized companies in America today. Yet, for much of the company's history, it was said 'as GM goes, so goes the nation,' because GM was the biggest automotive company in the world and an American economic powerhouse. However, in the 1980s, GM began to lose its once-deft touch. It began to expand its brands too quickly and did not support its existing fleet of brands with effective marketing. It was also burdened with heavy administrative costs: "GM gave in to union demands in 1990 and created a program that paid workers even when plants were not running, forcing…. [read more]

Globalization at General Electric: Discussion Questions Case Study

… Globalization at General Electric: Discussion Questions and Corporate Profile

Case Discussion Questions

GE has invested very aggressively in the foreign expansion of its company. There are several reasons why the company would do that. Among those reasons is the attempt to exploit opportunities in various countries that were or are having financial difficulties (Carlson, 1991). When the Asian Crisis hit, GE invested in Asia. When Europe was struggling, GE invested there, because it was a good financial move.

This appears to be a pattern with GE, which is actually a very smart way for a company to get more international influence and attention. Foreign expansion was considered by GE originally, because it saw an opportunity to get into the market in other countries, and it…. [read more]

General Motors Was Founded Term Paper

… Smith says that they will be safe and fun to drive. GM will capitalize on their size, expertise and global resources in response to the lessons of the past. It is particularly proud of EV1, which is lightweight in structure and has the world's most advanced electric drive system and regenerative braking system, laying the foundation for electric, hybrid and fuel-cell products. Marketing plans for the vehicles, he says, depend on global transportation infrastructure, affordability and customer acceptance of new technology. He maintains the need to blend and balance sound science and sound economics. Referring to the recent Kyoto global climate agreement, Smith clarifies that GM will pursue options that provide the greatest promise of increasing fuel economy and lowering emissions, emphasizing that innovation and…. [read more]

IT Strategy at GE Energy Term Paper

… IT Strategy at GE Energy

(new Text Is In Red)

General Electric (NYSE: GE) is a global leader in a wide variety of technology- and service-based businesses in addition to having one of the most profitable financial services business globally. GE's many product lines include business-related systems and technologies, household appliances, medical imaging systems, power generation, water processing systems and plants, in addition to deep expertise in aviation including jet engine development, production and service in addition to water processing systems (Cosco, 1994). The company's core business unit, Technology Infrastructure, is organized into three segments including aviation, healthcare and transportation. Of the many initiatives that GE is pursuing, the most critical is green energy or sustainability. GE Energy relies heavily on advanced new product and…. [read more]

GE and Strategy "Indeed Essay

… He sold underperforming businesses and invested in more productive ones. Competition between GE businesses was eliminated and divisions were required to work together to share and learn from each other to create a family atmosphere throughout the organization. Performance goals were set to unachievable standards with no repercussions for not achieving them to create higher standards and drive higher vision throughout the organization.

Welch introduced corporate mandates (Walker). Bureaucratic behavior was reduced. Markets were defined globally. Managers were developed as leaders. Sharing was promoted across business units. Goals were set aggressively. Service businesses were built. Six Sigma quality programs were implemented. Identified and removed underperforming managers. Force of all business units to implement e-commerce strategies.

Strategic planning has been a crucial part of General Electric's…. [read more]

International Visit General Electric's Corporate Website: Essay

… International

Visit General Electric's corporate website: In the company's citizenship section, research a GE produced report on one of its global initiatives. Summarize in detail the project's initiative. Discuss the potential positive and negative effects of the GE project on both GE and on the country in which it is located.

One of GE's global initiatives is that of Developing Health Globally. This program began in 2004 with a twenty million dollar investment in rural African communities. Since then it has grown to a five-year, thirty million dollar commitment that reaches eleven countries in Africa and Latin America. The program reaches out to hundreds of thousands of people who are in need (Citizenship, 2011).

This program is an example of the company's sustainable approach…. [read more]

on Lindsay Electric Company Essay

… The company may use this information to identify problem areas that contribute to wrong destination designation, considerable delays, and multiple errors. According to O'Farrell (2014), the company may use the information to diagnose problems related to production satisfaction in service processes.

While the control chart for error data provides significant insights for improvement of processes in production, the company may benefit from a separate control chart for every error category. Given that this chart provides a general outlook of the problems, the use of a separate control chart for every category of problems would help show other issues that could be helpful in streamlining operations and production satisfaction. A separate control chart for each category will help Lindsay Electric Company to identify the most problematic…. [read more]

Gillette Company's Global Strategy Term Paper


Today, the Gillette Co. (the "company" or "Gillette") is an $8 billion manufacturer of male and female grooming products, alkaline batteries and manual and power toothbrushes, and markets these products globally. The company has five business segments: Blades and Razors, Duracell, Oral Care, Braun and Personal Care. The Blades and Razors segment is the primary business in terms of share of sales and profit, representing 42% of total company net sales and 68% of total operating segment profit from operations in 2003. As of December 31, 2003, Gillette had manufacturing operations at 32 facilities in 14 countries, and the company's products are sold in over 200 countries and territories. The company's largest customer is Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. together with its affiliates;…. [read more]

Successful Leadership Approaches and Corporate Strategies Essay

… General Electric Five Planning Strategies

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric (GE) is known as one of the most intriguing, yet intelligent, corporate leaders of our time. During his reign at GE, his primary goal was to make the company "the world's most competitive enterprise." He believed that he needed a revolution to transform this dream into reality. For Welch, this revolution implied waging war on the GE's old ways of doing business and reinventing the firm from top to bottom. Based on Jack Welch's advice and others within the videos, this essay will discuss five planning strategies I would implement as the project manager of a diverse team selected to deliver a new technology initiative for the current organization. The paper will…. [read more]

General Electric Staffing Initiatives Description Research Paper

… This will help GE hire the best minds from a wide range of disciplines. These people will bring in fresh ideas and will not be restricted to textbook knowledge of business and engineering. This can significantly enhance GE workforce and will take company to new heights of success.

GE is in a business that's rapidly changing and hence it must make effective use of recruitment tools to analyze job descriptions carefully in order to hire the most efficient and suitable people. This would help in saving costs because from our review of company's practices, it appears that GE is not particularly cost savvy and hence it needs to understand that wrong selection can lead to various cost-related problems.

For one if a wrong candidate is…. [read more]

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