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Music Voice Borders John Coltrane Essay

… In "In A Sentimental Mood," among many other of his later works, one can witness the chords changing at the same pace as the notes of the melody. This essentially forced the improviser to have to think on their feet, creating much more interesting solos. John Coltrane was essentially highlighting "multi-leveled solo constructions," (Baker 1990 p 11). These more complex solos where rich in depth and melody, allowing for a wider breadth of notes to encapsulate a more complex musical experience.

Yet, these developments in constant change were often pitted against a more solid backdrop, which is another unique feature of Coltrane's later work. The enormous changes in the solo is combined with a tell-tale plethora of repeating and sustaining notes from the rhythm section,…. [read more]

Music Appreciation Essay

… Music Appreciation

Describe the characteristics of the twentieth-century concept of melody. Refer to at least one listening example in your response. (Textbook p.301-302, 309-310)

Melody only seems to have taken a back seat in contemporary music when compared to old times. Melodies of innovative new composers are often hard to read as they turn to scales which are not the minor and major, seeking to find inspiration from the medieval, whole-tone, pentatonic and other diverse fold scales. In addition the angular contour of the contemporary melodies renders it difficult for both the listener and performer. Melodies with distant notes have been referred to as, "Instrumentals" because they are easier to play than to sing. Octave displacement is a new technique used by the composers when…. [read more]

General Music and Genres Essay

… ¶ … Music and Genres

List 3 music Genres that most socially and politically influential over time.

Music plays a critical role in the social and political spheres of the United States. Various music genres were most socially and politically influential in relation to the history of the United States. Three critical music genres that were socially and politically influential in the history of the United States include Cowboy songs, Jazz songs, and Ragtime. These music genres transformed political and social perspectives of the citizens of the United States with reference to the historical development of the nation.

Do you agree with Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's description of music as a universal language of humanity?

I agree with the statement that music is actually a universal…. [read more]

Music or Musical Theatre Term Paper

… In fact, these two forms of music are the closet types of music that I can compare Forest Flower to -- which is interesting because jazz predates both of them.

The second song actually delivers on all of the magic and the mysticism to which the first song alludes to. It is quite revealing that the first of two songs on the second side is called sorcery. The piano work on this song, as well as on the other on this side, certainly has connotations that are suggestive of a frenzied spiritual encounter. The tempo is decidedly faster than the song on the first side, and continues at a breakneck pace for the duration of side two. Whereas there are a number of pianissimo passages…. [read more]

Music on Teens Actions Essay

… , 779). Many teenagers listening to rap music can rebel against the pressure of society to enforce them, and gain confidence in the outcome. They may also have more energy and a stronger voice. For an impressionable young mind, the strong lyrics of rap music could create hostility and violent behavior towards society, parents and the law. Rap music lyrics encourage aggression and violence in some teenagers because rap music often describes the social injustice that exists in society and how the "respect" is important for survival. The money and fame or disrepute is often the desired objectives for the acquisition of this. A teenager listening to rap can become materialistic and superficial, unable to differentiate between good and evil, and that rap can absolve…. [read more]

African-American Influence in American Popular Music Essay

… Music

The influence of American Americans on American popular music has been evident for decades. The purpose of this discussion is to trace African-American influence within all styles of American popular music from swing to the present. The research will explore stylistic features: call and response, metric schemes (two-step and four-beat), instrumentation, features of rhythm, and delivery.

No discussion of African-American influence on popular music can began without discussing gospel music. Gospel music including encompassing Negro spirituals are the foundation of every type of music that has evolved in popular music. One of the most evident influences of gospel, have to do with the tradition of call and response. Remnants of call and response can actually be seen today in the sphere of hip hop.…. [read more]

Music on Fine Motor Skills Effects Research Paper

… ¶ … Music on Fine Motor Skills


The Effects of Music on the Fine Motor Skills of Pre-School Students

This study investigated the effects of music on the fine motor skills of pre-school students. Participants included 12 students 6 boys and 6 girls from ages 3 to 5 years old. These students were exposed to 3 different conditions, party music, classical music and no music, while completing fine motor activities such as, tracing, coloring, drawing and cutting. The results were (opposed) to what was hypothesized, there was (a/not) difference in performance between the groups that listened to either genres of music or worked with no music.


Twelve students from the Cubbies Den Integrated pre-school program took part…. [read more]

Popular Music Essay

… Popular Music

One of the things that makes us uniquely human is our ability to communicate. We communicate in a number of ways: language, art, non-verbal cues, and music. Over millennia, music as an art form is a combination of sound, rhythm and silence. The creation, performance, quality and significance vary between culture and social context. It can be recreational, structured, improvisational and then divided again into more genres. Music may be performed in many different ways -- by the individual in any number of settings, groups from two to thousands. However, music's most salient definition as a form of communication is its ability to be cross-cultural, multi-dimensional, and universal. "The border between music and noise is always culturally defined -- which implies that, even…. [read more]

Music Producers Biographical Introduction: Teo Essay

… His work with the foremost pop music group of the 1960s, the Beatles, enabled Martin to fuse classical with pop elements. He composed the musical scores for several Beatles movies including Yellow Submarine. By this time, Martin had ceased working as the head of Parlophone.

In 1973, after the dissolution of the Beatles, Martin composed the musical score for the James Bond film Live and Let Die. Paul and Linda McCartney recorded the title track for the film. Therefore, after the Beatles broke up, Martin continued to work with the individual group members as producer and composer. The ultimate fusion of Martin's work as a classical composer, musical producer, and "fifth Beatle" was the 2006 remix of Beatles songs for Cirque du Soleil: the Love…. [read more]

World Music of the United Kingdom Term Paper

… ¶ … Music

Interview Report: "Martin"

Martin was born in the United Kingdom. Most of his family comes from the Midlands, around the industrial city of Birmingham. Much of Birmingham was destroyed by the German air bombs during the Blitz, and this recent history was still a potent memory for members of the previous generation, as the city was rebuilt. Martin remembers hearing many stories about the Blitz as a young child. Martin described the look of the city as quite bleak, when he was growing up, emotionally and psychologically. Most of Martin's childhood was based in Birmingham, although his family did make occasional excursion to the South of England, for seaside holidays, and more memorably and musically to London.

In London, Martin often saw…. [read more]

Music Since the Band Exploded Essay

… White has expressed his " love of blues music," (McGreevy, 2012). In this way, Jack White has produced music and written songs similar to those of the Stooges and the MC5, his predecessors in the Detroit garage rock sound. The distorted and edgy sound of these Detroit garage rockers hearkens back to the early days of when blues music first became electrified.

The White Stripes have earned accolades not because they fit neatly into a genre, but because they perfect the sounds of a genre. One of the goals of garage rock is to remove the polish and compression that ruined much of the rock music of the 1980s. As a rebellion against the highly produced sounds of pop rock, pop metal, and hair metal,…. [read more]

Music of Ludwig Van Beethoven Research Paper

… Beethoven

The Music of Ludwig Van Beethoven

Ludwig Van Beethoven was a German composer born on December 17th, 1770. However, there is a debate about whether he was born on the 16th or the 17th, as babies were traditionally baptized within 24 hours of being born and his official baptism took place on the 17th (, 2012). He died on March 26th, 1827, after his health had completely deteriorated and his hearing was completely gone. The fact that he was deaf is very well-known; he somehow managed to write his best work without being able to hear a sound. Beethoven started demonstrating interest in music early on in life; while his father was known to be a less than stellar court singer with a strong…. [read more]

Music and the Counterculture Thesis

… Music and the Counterculture

Music has long been an expression of the society within which the particular kind or genre of music originated in. There is a distinct musical expression that can be identified with most cultures at any given time within the evolution of the cultural tradition and setting. There is a relationship between music and the identities of the people within the society. Western musical idiom easily is associated with the periods of the pre and post World War II era with an evolutionary pattern that leads to and distinctly defines the counterculture experience that began in the 1950s in Paris in the Left Bank student community, and was influenced by "French bohemian intelligentsia (Shuker 57)." It spread to America in the early…. [read more]

Music Therapy the Development of Biology Term Paper

… Music Therapy

The development of biology and the sciences in general have lead to the slow realization that all humans are fundamentally similar; however, the concurrent progression of psychology and genetics have, in the last century or so, begun to plumb the depths of the differences between human beings.

Practice always trails science, and so it is not surprising that current conventions of therapy are largely procedure-driven, with little or no attention given to the individual. As science repeatedly emphasizes the great variety of minds and bodies, a similarly great variety of new techniques, such as equine-assisted therapy and music-assisted therapy, are in the beginning stages of development.

Because music is so universally appreciated and loved, it is among the fastest-growing tailored therapy technique. Music…. [read more]

Compare and Contrast American Music and Asian Term Paper

… American and Asian Music

As an Asian student taking a "History of American music" class, I have been learning many new things about American music. This is not a type of music that I usually listen to. I usually listen to Pop music from my own country, China. Specifically, I enjoy listening to the Chinese pop ballad, or K-pop. While I enjoy listening to Pop or soft music, I hate strong types of music such as rock, rock and roll, or rap. By contrast, Asian Pop always makes me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Starting this class, I had my doubts about actually enjoying the music that we would study. However, after a month in this class, I had the opportunity to expand my horizons…. [read more]

Ethnic Music Humanities A) Origin Essay

… This stringed instrument gained my recognition as one of the ancient string instruments in history that still survives to be useful in the modern music instrumentation.

Muting or string-mute is a musical device that moderates the tones produced by the instrument. Evidently, brass instruments such as the trombone and trumpet used this technique of muting during the developments that took place during late 20th century, and later became popular all music styles. During this period, percussion instruments also developed into favorite sources of "colorful music" both during concerts and during popular fields. Currently, musical instruments across the globe are commonly existing and divided into two principle categories: of indefinite and of definite pitch. The former instruments encompass the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, timpani, chimes, electric guitars,…. [read more]

Cool Jazz a Brief History Research Paper

… Brubeck was furious. Brubeck recruited another sax player and his new group was soon playing to critical success. Desmond returned to San Francisco, seeking reconciliation with his former band mate and friend. Encouraged by his family, Brubeck eventually made peace with Desmond and the two went on to collaborate with the Dave Brubeck Quartet, an immensely popular jazz group that enjoyed international acclaim for the next sixteen years (NPR). In a 1952 article for Downbeat, jazz critic Nat Hentoff credited Desmond for much of the Quartet's success, calling Desmond's alto playing both rhythmic and lyrical.

Desmond was a difficult man to get to know. Friend and biographer Doug Ramsey wrote that even Desmond's ex-wife, Duane Desmond Kaye, was virtually unknown to all but his inner…. [read more]

Music Has the Power to Influence Essay

… ¶ … music has the power to influence as well as to entertain people?

Music -- the truly universal language

Although it is generally appreciated for its ability to entertain people, music is far more complex than it seems. Music has played an essential role in people's lives ever since the beginning of history, considering that all cultures have a rich background in music. Music has been proved to affect all individuals by inducing feelings that are either negative or positive and by eventually influencing the way that they act. Music accesses parts of the brain that are very important and makes it more difficult for the individual to concentrate on matters that are more significant. The contemporary society is dominated by music, as there…. [read more]

Music of Linkin Park Research Paper

… Music of Linkin Park

Over the course of the last decade, the band Linkin Park has transformed and popularized the genres of rap metal and nu metal, fusing them into a unique sound that borrows elements from both without ever allowing itself to be fully described by any single generic label. Although the band had its roots in the California music scene as early as 1996, it was not until the release of its first album, Hybrid Theory (the name of a previous incarnation of the band), in 2000 that Linkin Park began defining the sound that it would steadily develop and augment over the next ten years, with the fourth and latest album, A Thousand Suns, debuting in 2010. By examining some of the…. [read more]

Music Videos Promotional Devices Term Paper

… Even though studies into these types of issues do not look at whether a music video is promotional and persuasive they do look at the perceptions of the viewers of the videos and how they comprehend what the artist in the video is trying to get across. Individuals who have participated in these types of studies and been asked open-ended questions about a particular video and the message that it portrayed have been noted by researchers to have differences related to gender, race, and whether someone was a fan of the particular artist whose video he or she watched. Some of this information has also related sexual activity and violence to the viewing of various music videos. This shows that there is definitely a correlation…. [read more]

Avant-Garde Jazz Music Term Paper

… Leroi Jones also notes that the individuality expressed during this jazz era is important to the movement because of the unusual harmonies that resulted. Wayne Shorter and Earl Griffith provide examples of this type of diversity. He also asserts that while blues was the original African-American music, bebop re-emphasized a non-Western movement in jazz.

Max Roach offers interesting insight into the definition of jazz and the impact that this music has had on African-Americans. He traces the etymology of the word, which was a word created by white people to describe African-American music, linking it with "free-swinging bawdy-house connotations" (Roach 306). In his mind, the word jazz conjured up images of "dingy places, the worst salaries and conditions that one can imagine" (307). He asserts…. [read more]

Role of Music in Shaping the Ages Research Paper

… It was used to demonstrate the social and psychological conflicts at a time when the United States was struggling with racism. Fight the Power was used to encourage the African-American community to stand up for their rights amidst racial segregation. The encouragement is evident in its lyrics such as "Most of my heroes don't appear on no stamps." The song was primarily an attack on the personifications of the white American ideal and its discriminative culture.

Lil Wayne's Georgia Bush is a song the reflected the mood of the 2000s and rivals any anti-Vietnam song in the 1960s. Lil Wayne produced the song as a sarcastic critique and attack of President George W. Bush and his administration's handling of Hurricane Katrina. It was a representation…. [read more]

Censorship in Music Term Paper

… The Spanish-born Pablo Casals (1876-1973), who enjoyed a spectacular international career as a violin and cello virtuoso and conductor, was considered to be one of the finest musicians of his day. However, he had a rather harsh assessment of rock and roll in the early 1960s, one that should be viewed through the filter of a person whose life was devoted to European fine-art music.

You want to know what I think of that abomination, rock 'n' roll? I think it is a disgrace. Poison put to sound! When I hear it I feel very sad not only for music but for the people who are addicted to it. I am also very sorry for America-- that such a great country should have nothing better…. [read more]

Popular Music Essay

… Pop

Subdivisions of Popular Music: Country, R&B and Hard Rock

Popular music is a catch-all idiom for the general gamut of music which is neither folk nor classical, but which is instead composed, recorded and produced with the intention of being consumed by an audience. Naturally, audiences are widely segmented in term of taste, which will vary heavily across race, age, gender, ethnicity and region, to name just a few features that help to define genre.

It is thus that popular music is splintered into infinite subdivisions. Though these do not necessarily constitute hard and fast rules into which every example of popular music fits neatly and without deviation. However, some general subdivisions do help us to understand the way that the pop music market…. [read more]

Rap Music - A Soundtrack Essay

… As a result, rap has been like a cultural virus, spreading its sounds, attitude, and images throughout all cultures (social and political bodies).

DJ Kool paved a leeway for hip hop culture across the entire world, for the new rap artists such as "Grandmaster Flash." DJ Grandmaster Flash together with his group of the "Furious Five" were great innovators of hip hop, surpassing the rap genres of the party music origins in order to explore a wide scope of rap lyrics and sonic horizons. DJ Grandmaster Flash began to spinning musical records in his youth age in a team within the Bronx. While attending his technical school courses in electronics, Grandmaster was a deejay within some local disco trails

. With time, he developed a…. [read more]

Sony Corporation the Recorded Music Term Paper

… Computer technology combined with the Internet now takes 'music sharing' to a whole new level. Where once a person may have shared an album with a couple of friends or family members, now, thanks to the connectivity of the Internet, one person can literally share their album with millions of people worldwide. These illegal music downloads are the most significant substitute threat to Sony BMG and others in the industry.

The bargaining power of the end users is also quite significant, in the industry, thanks primarily to the technological advancements noted above. Despite the shutting down of many of the illegal peer-to-peer file sharing services, and even the prosecution some of the users, consumers have found ways to continue to share music via the Internet.…. [read more]

Sociological Impact of Movies Music Videos on Youth Term Paper

… Social Impact of Music

Social Impact of Movies and Music Video on Youth

Over the last several decades, there has been a continuous debate about the effect that movies and music videos are having on young adults. What has been happening is a variety of studies have been released that are highlighting how this has been leading to an increase in the use of: illegal drugs, alcohol consumption, sexual activity and violence.

Evidence of this can be seen by looking no further than a study that was conducted by the University of Pittsburg Medical School. They found, that all of the different genres of music contained some kind of reference to these activities. As, the majority of young people, who are exposed to these sounds…. [read more]

Can Popular Music Be Classical Term Paper

… ¶ … Popular Music Be Classical

In most North American cities, at least one radio station will be formatted to play a genre of music called "classic rock," a hodge-podge of blues-rock, psychedelic, and folk music mainly from the United States and Britain. A wide range of music recorded after the mid-1960s can be considered to be "classic" rock, but the term has come to represent a specific genre of music. Similarly, "classical" music refers to a disparate variety of musical styles, from Baroque to modern; classical music comes from an even wider variety of eras and regions than classic rock does. However, "classical music" is a genre. The terms "classic" and "classical" have been largely divested of their dictionary definitions, and the term "classical"…. [read more]

Rock and Roll Clearly Music Term Paper

… Rock and Roll

Clearly music is as an integral part of a society's history as a widespread phenomenon of everyday interactions and occurrences. It has existed as early as humans themselves. As Bennett Reimer (2000, p.25), music educator and philosopher, noted: "Whenever and wherever humans have existed, music has existed also." Thus music that becomes popular acts as a gauge of what is happening in society at that time. It reveals an illustrated picture of the attitudes, views and disposition of the present day, as much as does art or literature. Music offers insights and multiple perspectives in addition to its emotional influence as much or more than even written historical materials. As such, it is impossible to understand the reason why rock and roll…. [read more]

Race and Music: Richie Valens Term Paper

… Although Keane encouraged the name change from Valenzuela Reyes to Valens, he wisely did not try to get his new acquisition to ignore his Latin heritage and agreed to release records which contained both English and Spanish language lyrics, a first for a semi-major record label.

Richie Valens' first singles were performed in English, but were infused with the sounds of his heritage by the use of traditionally Hispanic and Latin instruments in the background. However, his greatest hit was the result of a complete utilization of the culture and subsequent introduction of that culture to the Caucasian majority. Valens' most famous single, the hit song "La Bamba" was released entirely in Spanish and became the first Spanish-language song to reach the Billboard pop charts.…. [read more]

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