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Education at Valencia College Term Paper

… A. And no experience in the field.

6. What preparation or courses did you find necessary or helpful upon entering the job? What was your major in college?

I received an A.A. In respiratory care, and I found all of my biology and anatomy classes to be helpful.

7. Can you suggest some ways a student could obtain this necessary experience?

A specific respiratory-care program will provide you with the background education that you need.

8. What is the biggest challenge you encounter?

Patients who do not want to do the therapy; I can teach them what to do and encourage them, but, ultimately, their success or failure depends upon their willingness to do the work.

9. If you were entering this career today, would…. [read more]

Student Aid Programs. Student Finance Essay

… Unable student have gotten the opportunity to learn and get there degrees.Eventhough this has been a brighter life on the other hand it has cause aburden to many of them.The job opportunity after completing their colleges or universities has been scarce whereby many find it difficult to pay back the loan making them to remain in debts.The jobs have been in favor of graduates of sciences who are not the majority in number.This has led to a lot of question to raised about the impotance of loans leaving many to live not to the desired standards in the name of paying back loans.

Work cited

Berkeley (December 2009)"students debt "Schackner Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Fetterman Mindy (2006)"Young people struggle to deal witht kiss of debts "USA…. [read more]

College Worth It?' Weighs on Local Students Research Paper

… ¶ … college worth it?' weighs on local students.

The Press Democrat. Jeremy Hay, May 18, 2013.

Ever since the post-Second World War era, a college education has been the traditional path of those focused on professional success in the United States, and elsewhere in the industrial world. As a result, there is a general expectation that pursuing a college degree is, necessarily, more consistent with long-term success in professional life and life in general. Typically, high school graduates are encouraged to continue on to college, whether or not they have any specific idea of what course of study or professional field to pursue. However, the increasing cost of a college education combined with reduction in demand for labor in a less optimistic national economy…. [read more]

Team Plan Strategy for Program Essay

… , 2004)is one that has report and feedback mechanisms and this is greatly assured through consistent meetings.

The meetings will be used as a report measure which will assist in understanding the position of the program and the extent that is required for the program to kick off the task force team member will also be required to give written reports on their specific assignments all the way through to implementation. These reports will also work as a measure for what else is required for the task to be completed. It will give the deficiencies of the task force team and gives guideline for corrective action.

Implementation of the Launch Plan

Implementation of the launch plan will need to be done by the task force…. [read more]

Whether Public College Education Should Be Free in the USA Term Paper

… ¶ … Public College Education Should Be Provided Free in the United States

There are groups and organizations throughout the United States that believe that college education should be provided free-of-charge to all individuals wishing to attend college. One such supportive group is related by the Free Higher Ed Website of the South Carolina Labor Party and their campaign for free tuition at all public colleges and universities and states as the reason for needing free high education the fact that: "The average student graduates with $17,000 in debt from student loans; 39% graduates with debt loads that require more than 8% of their monthly income in repayments. In 1999/2000, 71% of students from families earning less than $20,000 per year graduated with debt, compared…. [read more]

Founded in 1866 Research Paper

… com). Your starting salary may also be affected by your place of employment. The top paying cities for Information Technology are Washington D.C., New York City, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Boston which Washington D.C.'s median salary being the highest and reaching over $83,000 all the way to Atlanta, the lowest paying city, at just over $70,000. Nevertheless, jobs in both technology and business are not limited to those seven specific cities. These job and career opportunities are available all over the country and abroad alike. That $23,000 tuition bill isn't looking so bad now, is it?

For all of the reasons we mentioned above and so many more. Davenport University offers opportunities to succeed in the future careers of technology and business through integrating…. [read more]

Program Development and Improvement Term Paper

… Program Development and Improvement

The objective of this study is to develop a job description for a nursing faculty and to include position requirements and responsibilities. A candidate selection process will be developed including specific questions about education, degrees, nursing specialization, certifications, past clinical nursing experience, and scholastic endeavors and achievements. Three open-ended questions will be developed to address the candidate's philosophy and beliefs about nursing education, the role of nursing faculty, competency-based education or other education styles. Finally, a retention plan will be developed and issues addressed that the current literature reports relating to nursing faculty turnover.

Job Description for Clinical Research Nurse

Candidate for this position will have responsibility for coordinating and administration of clinical research protocols. Responsibilities are inclusive of protocol development…. [read more]

Increasing Access and Equity of Higher Education by the Population Essay

… Policy alternatives available

President Barrack Obama in a national conversation presented specific suggestions to cut the cost of college tuition in the country. These suggestions, laudable as they are, include strategies such as creating a federal college ratings system to enable students choose courses easier, offering more loans to students through federal college aid, and increasing state allocations to higher education.

Other options presented by other scholars and education experts include adopting three-year bachelor's programs similar to other European countries, using online learning methodologies, offering residential degrees at lower costs by reducing capital and labor costs significantly, creating a national college equivalence test similar to the high school GED, and reducing federal involvement in student loans.

These experts argue that a three-year degree is a…. [read more]

George Washington University's Sonography Bachelor's Program Term Paper

… ¶ … George Washington University's Sonography Bachelor's Program has much to do with how much the field of sonography has expanded in the last several years. Personally, due to my abilities, qualifications and experiences, I feel that this field of study as a diagnostic medical sonographer will greatly assist in my future development and career as a highly-trained medical specialist. In addition, since this program places a heavy emphasis on both practical and didactic education, I am convinced that the training I will receive in this program will enrich my future prospects, not to mention that classes are small in size which allows for personal interaction between the student and the instructor. Also, this degree program is accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of…. [read more]

Bachelor's of Business Administration Essay

… Yet as a first step towards a future career in law, the Bachelor's degree in Business Administration: Legal Studies could not be a better choice. The degree provides a number of short-term career options that might develop into long-range ones depending on the local job market and the preferences of the student. A Bachelor's in Business Administration: Legal Studies could lead to a more in-depth Masters or Doctoral program, which can then be applied to the private sector or to academia. With the foundation of knowledge and skills needed to run businesses, the graduate can effectively manage a law firm or any other business.

The degree still does allow for the pursuit of a law degree, with the long-term vision of becoming a lawyer. Lawyers…. [read more]

Community Colleges in America Term Paper

… In addition, community colleges have traditionally striven to increase access to higher education through an open admissions policy -- often not even requiring a high school diploma -- and low, or no, tuition." (Kane and Rouse 65)

Joseph F. Kett's "The Pursuit of Knowledge under Difficulties: From Improvement to Adult Education in America, 1750-1990" deals with the evolution of adult education over the years. It starts out with self-education as it is portrayed in American history before it was formalized: the first universities didn't appear in the United States until the late 1800's. The author also deals with various class and social differences that were caused by the lack of availability of adult education although the advent of industry ultimately necessitated this development. As the…. [read more]

Value of a Ba Degree Essay

… Increasingly, citizens can learn online -- in formal or informal programs. And what they can't learn from the Internet, they can learn from informal cadres, some of which have strong support from private companies. These guild-like cadres take many forms, even today. For instance, CVS pharmacy chain has instituted an apprenticeship program in which pharmaceutical assistants can work alongside pharmacists, and elect at some future time to study to become licensed pharmacists (Steinberg 2010). This combination of work-study / apprentice-student is both practical and more fiscally attainable since pharmacist assistants can earn more than the other clerks in the store and, ostensibly, pay for further education as they go (Steinberg 2010). Or at least they can save money while they are actively employed by CVS…. [read more]

Program Rationale the Degree Essay

… I can be blended into various places and cultures and thus I have chosen a degree program that I believe is appropriate for a Bachelors of Science in the area of Food Service Management Business.

6. My Request and Conclusion

I am an academic who can be at home in the college too, because I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Empire State College. The residencies have been both challenging and enjoyable. I always looked forward to attending them and walked away from each with new ideas, motivation, and a sense of camaraderie with my fellow students and the mentors. Though most of the work and time I have put into classes was spent alone in front of a book and/or a computer. I've never…. [read more]

College a Right Term Paper

… A governed society through a public service ethos where individuals having marketable talents usually presume that, as they are given opportunity to track their personal interests to some degree, they are having substantial tasks to the least advantaged facilitated by their personal good fortune, can be predicted that they are very likely to change their productive talents to the utilization of individuals who are less advantaged.


Colleges are caught up in offering entry to every kind of socially constructed benefits. They tend to be ill placed to influence the economy structure. Nevertheless they are also well placed to influence the motivations structure of the learners they lecture? To encourage a sense of privilege, an ethos of public service, and of whatever the roles that…. [read more]

Masters Program in Leadership Studies Essay

… All forms of graduation are gratifying and are evidence of persistence, commitment, and perseverance. Therefore, to say that I am pleased to be in a position to graduate from a masters program in leadership studies is an understatement as well as a great personal achievement.

Years ago, I dropped out of high school and pursued a career in the military. I made a promise to my mother that one day, I would continue and complete my education. The leadership program suits me personally and complements my military background quite well. I have a keen appreciation for studying leadership theory while continuing as a professional soldier. It is a chance for me to test and apply what I learn in the field almost immediately. Furthermore, I…. [read more]

Criminal Justice Associates Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Criminal Justice Associates Program

When I entered into the criminal justice associates program, I have to admit that my thoughts were not focused on what I would learn. Instead, in many ways I viewed the program as a means to an end, a necessary step that I had to take in order to get my desired job in law enforcement. I felt that it would provide me with the stepping stone that I needed to get a job in an administrative sector of law enforcement, and possibly help me get into a police academy and reduce my course requirements while there; if that is the route I chose to explore. However, once I began my coursework, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that…. [read more]

Role of a College Education Term Paper

… (Robbins, 1991)

These insights are showing how a college education does not matter in determining if someone is successful. Instead, it is their ambition and motivation to want something more that is pushing them to overcome whatever challenges they are facing. This ambition is what drove them to innovate and create strategies for becoming smarter. Once this happened, is when these individuals possessed common sense. When they are interacting with the real world, this helps them to understand the situation and analyze it more effectively. (Robbins, 1991)

In this aspect, one could argue that a college education has a limited role in the labor market. This is because employers want someone who is independent. The strongest individuals are those who have overcome tremendous challenges and…. [read more]

Colleges of Business and Technology Term Paper

… Acceptance in the student's major area of interest within the College of Business is competitive on a space available basis. The business administration core subjects are reportedly designed to provide breadth of knowledge at the undergraduate level while offering a foundation for specialization. Core courses include Business

Administration (3 courses), Finance (2 courses), Management and Human Resources (1 course), Marketing and Logistics (1 course), and Economics (1 course), for a total of 34 credit hours. At the time students are admitted into the business administration major program, they are required to select an area of specialization from one of the following:

An area designed to provide each student with an opportunity to concentrate study in a particular field of business or a related discipline is…. [read more]

College Grades Accurately Term Paper

… Not only I have been involved with the management of several large real estate deals, but also I have been a key members in several important decisions and discussions with real estate executives, county and state management, and attorneys in planning out the sales of several large lands and estates in Brooklyn and other nearby areas.

My experience in Queens real estate agency and Brooklyn has been unique.

This experience has shown me the power of analytical thinking and descriptive language. In addition, this experience has been critical in understanding the effect of market growth, attractiveness of the locations, and interest rate on mortgage, which bears directly on the real estate transactions. This knowledge has been important for my securing large real estate deals and…. [read more]

University Curriculum in Flux Research Paper

… University Curriculum in Flux

Over the last 800-900 years, the idea of an advanced education has undergone a great deal of dramatic evolution. From the 11th century, when universities began in the larger cities of Italy, France and England; to the modern "electronic" and distance programs of the contemporary world. The differences, in fact, are so vast; it would be unlikely that a Medieval scholar would even recognize the modern curriculum or campus. From focus, course offerings, prerequisites, mode and style of learning, to campus activities, expectations and grades -- all remain fluid and ever responsive to modern socio-cultural trends.

Universities in the Medieval and Renaissance eras were based on religious organizations and curriculum. They arose out of a burgeoning need for a more professionalized…. [read more]

Cost and Benefits of a University Education Term Paper

… ¶ … University Education

Education is one of the inalienable rights of every human being. In order to ensure that education is imparted to citizens in the best possible manner an education policy is devised by every country. Bracey (2005) writes, "...more and more people are coming to believe that a college degree is necessary for achieving the good life in America." There is no denying of the fact that today's world is a knowledge-driven place where only those nations can excel that remain abreast of latest knowledge and consequent technology hence it is imperative to have an education system that is versatile and dynamic enough to cater to the needs of modern times and education policy is needed to conduct such system. Education policy…. [read more]

Strategic Plan for University of Phoenix Term Paper

… ¶ … founding in the early 1970s, the University of Phoenix has become not only the most successful for profit educational institution, but numbers millions of graduates to date. Its success has much to do with its commitment to a strong enrollment strategy that treats students ubiquitously and allows them to quickly and efficiently attain degree certifications to progress their academic careers. However, the success of UOP has spurred many competitors to enter the markets since the mid 1980s.

Competitors have sprouted up all around UOP since the 80s to compete with its target market of adult students. Specific niche players such as ITT technical institute has begun to rival it for a specific segment of the population, however, direct competitors are the greatest concern…. [read more]

Black Colleges/Tuskegee University the Psychological Term Paper

… (Tuskegee University one of the Top 25 Producers of Black Baccalaureates) Though it concentrates on mainly assisting the African-American community to form human resources within, it is exposed to all. Tuskegee's purpose has always been giving assistance to people and not education for its own sake. (Welcome to Tuskegee University) These are the features which give significance to this university.


History of Tuskegee University. Retrieved from nav=CcX4DGwrTuskegee Accessed on 16 February, 2005

Recognizing National Historically Black Colleges and Universities and the importance and accomplishments of historically Black colleges and universities. (Introduced in House). Retrieved from Accessed on 16 February, 2005

Students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Their Aspirations & Accomplishments. Retrieved from Accessed on 16 February, 2005

The Importance of…. [read more]

Pharmacy Program Essay

… If I am given the opportunity to become a part of your program, I will work hard and do my best as a pharm.D student at your University. Each year there are many people who want to do something important with their life, but they often back down and decide that they either do not have what it takes or that no one will give them a chance at what they want to do. I am not the kind of person who backs down, because I see how much of a difference the pharm.D program could make in my life and in the lives of others who will need my help in the future.

In everything I do, I am dedicated to doing my best.…. [read more]

Executive Business Program Term Paper

… In that position I developed skills that I would like to utilize after they are fine tuned, by completing this Executive Business Program. Once I gradate, I plan to combine my work related skills with the foundation provided by the program, and develop a career in the corporate world. I have the basic understanding of managing businesses from my work experience, however, to move beyond retail franchise stores and move into the corporate business world, I need to attain a higher degree of education and knowledge. I believe the Executive Business Program is the right vehicle to accomplish these goals.

In addition to my work related qualifications for the program, I hold an associate degree in Optic nary Program and a Bachelor's degree in Business…. [read more]

College Prepares for a Career in Criminal Term Paper

… ¶ … College Prepares for a Career in Criminal Justice

Today, majority occupations require an educated college individual who can not only write well but also speak, resolve problems, knowledgeable and quick in learning new information and work as a team with others. Thus, Criminal Justice graduates use their education in a wide variety of fields, while future in this career of individuals is associated more with personal interest, work values, and transferable skills than any particular academic major.

Thus, having experience in the field of criminal justice is very essential in preparing students for life after college. These experiences are mostly in the form of part-time jobs, volunteer positions, or internships (Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences). This help students to improve and attain detailed…. [read more]

Nursing Phil Throughout My Life Admission Essay

… I did not need to talk about Christ to the residents. It was just in my attitude and approach that I developed a sense of maturity that was beyond my years. Perhaps it was being around people who were genuinely mature, that caused me to feel emotionally strong and connected. Whatever it was, it was during my work at the senior center that I became clear and determined to become a nurse.

The volunteer work I did at the senior center has continued ever since my first day at the institution. Since then, I have lost one of my beloved grandparents. It was the first time I was faced with the death of a loved one. Dealing with this tragedy involved the invocation of any…. [read more]

Arizona State University (Asu) Term Paper

… O.), dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, podiatry, chiropractic medicine, pharmacy, public health, physician assistant, or nursing. The Health Professions Advisory Committee was established to assist students with academic advice and guidance through the admissions process. However, students in Arizona are at a disadvantage because the number of state-supported professional programs is very limited. There is one M.D. program at the University of Arizona, which only admits Arizona residents, along with a D. Pharmacy. And a Master's of Public Health program. There are no state-supported programs in dentistry or veterinary medicine.

The estimated cost of attendance includes room and board that a typical full-time student may incur over the combined Fall and Spring semesters. This figure is used in determining financial aid eligibility and consists of both…. [read more]

Why I Want to Enter the Counseling Program Term Paper

… ¶ … Counseling Program

Thank you very sincerely for your interest in my application to enter graduate school. I currently hold a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting. I can say with absolute assurance and confidence that I am a disciplined, dedicated person; I take great pride in the effort I put forth to complete any and all assignments, and to meet obligations.

Indeed, I have had substantial experience working as an accountant, and I carried out my duties competently and accurately. But for the most part, my experiences in that field were not professionally fulfilling.

What has been fulfilling, challenging, gratifying and motivating for me, however, is the work I have been doing with children who have special needs. Currently I am employed as a hands-on…. [read more]

SWOT of University of Arizona SWOT

… Opportunities and Threats: The University of Arizona


The University of Arizona has a number of opportunities as a business model. It offers a strong academic environment, a robust graduate program, links to future employment, and recreational opportunities for students. Because of the wide variety of its educational and recreational programs, it belong in the ranks of well-respected state universities.

One of the University's greatest opportunities for its students is its interntional and off-campus study/exchange programs. The University offers study abroad program in over 60 countries in over 40 languages and in over a dozen courses of study.

These various programs allow University students to literally receive a global education. Furthermore, the exchange programs bring students from diverse countries to the home campus, so that…. [read more]

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