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Geriatric Care and Nursing Theories of Past and Present Essay

… Nursing Theories Regarding Geriatric Care

Nursing theories: Geriatric care

The first, foundational theorist of nursing is Florence Nightingale, whose 19th century tract Notes on Nursing was the first attempt to standardize medical practice and an approach to nursing that was professional in a thorough and detailed manner. Nightingale's writings rehabilitated nursing from being regarded as a second-class profession to a respectable one. It also contains many foundational concepts useful to nurses, particularly in the field of geriatric medicine, even today. This paper will review the core concepts of Nightingale's theory, examine how they are still applicable to nursing today (with a specific emphasis on geriatric nursing) and also detail how a modern theorist, Dorothea Orem, advanced concepts that are in many ways resonant with Nightingale's.…. [read more]

Nursing One Mid-Range Nursing Philosophy Essay

… A patient might otherwise be in good physical and psychological condition, but be in a situation with minimal social support, something that will undermine their recovery. An assessment guide can help a nurse to understand this, and find the appropriate intervention that will help enhance social well-being and therefore overall well-being.

Another way that Roy's Adaptation Theory can be implemented in practice is through training. Weiss et al. (1994) found that there are varying degrees to which nurses utilize this model in practice. This indicates that perhaps there needs to be greater familiarity with the components of the Adaptation Model. Thus, more training programs that are specifically geared to understanding the fundamental principles can be developed. This will help draw the links between understanding the…. [read more]

Cross-Sectional Study to Determine Factors Term Paper

… South Africa is being chosen because the scarcity of physicians in some parts of the country means that nurses receive extensive medical training because there may be times when they are the only medically trained person within hundreds of miles. Hasina Subedar, head of the South African Nursing Council, states, "The pitch is 'pack your bag', we'll do the rest. As long as the nurse agrees to work in an American hospital for two years, everything else from green cards for the entire family to airline tickets to apartments are taken care of" (CBS News, January 17, 2003).

One option which has been overlooked by many during this period of "healthcare hysteria" is the cadre of skilled, intelligent and available licensed practical nurses. These nurses…. [read more]

New Healthcare Challenges for a Divers and Growing Elderly Population Term Paper

… There were an estimated 3.3 million African-Americans over 65 in 2010, according to the Administration on Aging (AoA). By 2050, it is expected that the elderly population of African-Americans will account for about 11% of the 65-and-older population in the United States (AoA).

And although African-Americans are living longer, the majority of those over 65 years of age have had "at least one chronic health condition and many have multiple conditions" (AoA). The AoA provides a breakdown into the most frequent chronic conditions that afflicted older black people between the years 2005 and 2007.

Topping the list is hypertension, with 84% of elderly African-Americans reporting this medical problem. The following medical ailments are listed with percentages of black elderly people in parentheses: a) diagnosed arthritis…. [read more]

Workplace Violence Essay

… ¶ … Workplace violence and nursing: An overlooked epidemic

Nurses often work under high-stress conditions. They deal with people who are sick and in pain. Physical and mental illnesses, the side effects of medications, and other factors can compromise a patient's judgment and ability to control his or her own actions. In many environments, such as the emergency room, nurses may even have to cope with the aftermath of crime, including taking care of possible criminals as well as crime victims. "Agitated clients in mental health facilities and the emergency department, demented elderly patients in medical and geriatric wards, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, and any patient with a history of assault in mental health, hospital care, and community health are common sources of verbal…. [read more]

Nursing homes and Evidence based fall prevention Research Proposal

… Likewise, the USA's Preventive Services Task Force discovered multifactorial clinical evaluation, management, and follow-up decreased falls. Falls and related injury commonly occur, arising from interactions between numerous risk factors, several of them potentially modifiable. Primary care providers contribute greatly to decreasing elderly fall risk determinants. Guidelines suggest yearly screenings for high-risk patient identification and detailed risk evaluation and management for changeable risk factors in case of this patient population. Routine exercise to improve balance and strength, besides vitamin D supplements, may decrease falls and prove to be suitable prevention approaches for both high- and low- risk populations. Comprehending aged individuals' perspective and facilitating their participation in fall avoidance activities proves crucial to clinician effort efficacy (Phelan, Mahoney, Voit, & Stevens, 2016).
Extant research heterogeneity and…. [read more]

Quality Improvement for Patient Falls Term Paper

… Nursing-sensitive indicators produced by NDQF are indicators that reflect the quality of nursing care provided to the patient that represents competence, devotion, and level of education / certification of nurse and organization. All indicators are based on empirical evidence. The indicator would be the number of patients falls (ANA)

State the problem and mission in measurable terms; clearly state the unit of analysis.

Explain why your selected nursing indicator is a priority for your organization and support your selection with data.

Identify which quality improvement model best fits your nursing indicator and justify your selection with evidence from the research literature.

Detail the primary measurement that you will be utilizing, and the goal, in comparison to an external source (i.e. scores received by other similar…. [read more]

Rural vs. Urban Health Care Disparities Dissertation

… Health Care Disparity in Maryland

Context of the Problem

Unsettling Disparities Occur

Approximately 1,600,000 individuals who live in Maryland either do not have access to healthcare as they cannot afford insurance and/or are underinsured.

In "Health care reform: a vital issue for Maryland's nurses," Anne S. Kasper and Leni Preston (2008) stress this unsettling fact, as they point out that Maryland ranks number 24 in the United States in the number of uninsured residents. Fifteen percent of Maryland's population, almost 800,000 people, in fact, is not insured. The significance of the fact relating to those who do not have access to healthcare, Kasper, and Preston (2008) assert, increases as this magnificent number of individuals without access to healthcare does…. [read more]

Health Maintenance Organization Impact on the Minorities Thesis


The focus of this research study is the health maintenance organization impact on the minorities' community and specifically the communities of Hispanics, African-American and Latinos in the locations of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Chicago. In recent years it has become increasingly clear that the U.S. .healthcare system is failing in making the same quality of care provision for ethnic minority populations as are made for the majority white population and the racial and ethnic disparities in accessing quality healthcare have been documented in research studies. It is reported that African-Americans experience the highest rates of mortality from heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease and HIV / AIDS than any other U.S.…. [read more]

Rockstein and Sussman ) Term Paper

… However, when elderly people have been accustomed to rapid or fine movements in certain tasks (such as playing a piano from an early age) or the task does not represent a novel experience for them, any decreased mental processing speed is less perceptible and does not affect functional abilities to the same extent.

The reduced speed of mental processing observed in older individuals is directly tied to some of the cognitive differences observed across generations, but there have been other areas of cognitive decline associated with normal aging. K. Warner Schaie is one of the most well-known researchers on the effects of normal aging on cognitive abilities. Using data from the Seattle Longitudinal Study Schaie and colleagues have described different patterns of cognitive aging and…. [read more]

Ethical Analysis Looking Into Palliative Care Strategy Research Paper

… Palliative Care: Ethical Analysis / Ethical Analysis in Healthcare Sector

Communication to move strategy forward

The term 'leadership' is defined as a person's behavior when he/she guides a group's activities in pursuit of a common aim. The main elements of a leader's role include managing change and guiding group activities. One challenge concerning leadership in the healthcare context is that a majority of theories were not formulated keeping healthcare in mind. Rather, they were created for mainstream businesses, and later utilized in healthcare settings (Al-Sawai, 2013). The keystones of ethical clinical practice include avoiding patient harm and delivering quality care. Healthcare professionals wish to do what is ethical, however, how they must proceed is not clear to them in some cases. All scenarios differ in…. [read more]

Factors That Affect Social Workers Perceptions About End Stage Dementia Patients Research Proposal

… Social Workers' Perceptions revised

Social Workers Perception About End-Stage Dementia

Social Workers and Gerontological Patients

Therapeutic Nihilism

Impacts of Dementia

Role of Hospice Social Workers

Interaction between the Social Worker & Dementia Patients

Limitations in Earlier Studies

Research Question No.1

Research Question No.

Research Question No.

Research Question No.

Research Question No.

The healthcare sector is facing scarcity of medical professionals and healthcare workers globally. Alongside other fields of health care, the field of social work is also facing asimilar problem. Researchers have proved that there is visible reduction in the number of social workers interested in treating elderly patients (gerontological field of social work). The ratio of healthcare workers dealing with elderly patients having cognitive impairment is even lower. A similar case is observed…. [read more]

Elder Care Case Study

… Elder Case Studies


Mrs. Elli Baker is a 73-year-old female who was transferred to the Emergency Room after collapsing in her backyard.

Just prior to the collapse, she was on the phone with a friend, who reported her to be confused and anxious.

Upon arrival to the ER, Mrs. Baker complained of dyspnea, and had an increase in both respiratory and pulse rates.

Previous medical history includes both diabetes and hypertension.

Medications -- Mrs. Baker uses metformin and hydrochlorothiazide, and recently added a new BP medication, lisinopril.

The ER nurse was able to ask Mrs. Baker a few questions, but after a brief time she became unresponsive and had more difficulty in breathing.

Part a -- Mrs. Baker is clearly in distress. The first…. [read more]

Personal Financial Management Term Paper

… Financial Planning

Charting the Course: Planning for Life after College

It has frequently been said that the end of college is not an end at all, but is rather the beginning of life's journey. Because life is a journey rather than a race, it is important to make some plans ahead of time so the path is known and the destination understood to the extent possible in advance. When most people set out on a journey to destinations unknown, they usually secure a map ahead of time to avoid getting lost. Likewise, a map of an individual's life journey can help a person stay on course and avoid the pitfalls that await the unwary along life's roads; however, in some cases, there is no real…. [read more]

Causes and Consequences of Elder Abue Research Paper

… In the remaining cases, Brandl and Raymond (2012) conclude that they are "are narcissistic, domineering, or bullying and sadistic" (p. 34).

Indeed, some researchers have found that elder abuse offenders are the individuals who are reliant on the victim in some fashion, such as emotionally or financially. In many instances, the elder abuse victim and offender cohabitate, with the victim being responsible for the provision of daily living expenses and household needs (Brandl & Raymond, 2012). In some instances, the caregivers become the victims of abuse by the older individual who provides this financial assistance (Brandl & Raymond, 2012). In yet other cases, elder abuse is a continuation of previously established patterns of domestic violence that can extend into later life (Bradl & Raymond, 2012).…. [read more]

Elder Abuse Phenomenon Correlating Relationship to Elder Mortality Term Paper

… Elder Abuse Phenomenon Correlating Relationship to Elder Mortality

Elder abuse has received increased scrutiny from the law enforcement and healthcare community in recent years. This increased attention is due in part to the increasing number of elderly in the United States and the passage of various laws designed to improve the reporting of such episodes of abuse as well as the prosecution of those who abuse the elderly. Unfortunately, elder abuse is particularly difficult to detect in some cases and studies have shown time and again that many elderly people are highly reluctant to admit to such abuse for fear of reprisals from the abuser or the possibility of being institutionalized if existing domestic living arrangements are disrupted. The purpose of this study was to…. [read more]

Ljl Human Development Term Paper

… Because so many of the elderly don't have their drivers license, and many don't need to have one, and also need care to the extent that they are unable to attend to the toiletry task on their own. This is something that is alienating and regressive and plays a part in the cognitive and emotional deterioration of the elderly

: they see themselves through the eyes of others, and fulfill the assumption (Golander, 1995, Whitborne, Culgin & Cassidy, 1995)

The Role of the Healthcare Worker:

It is fortunate that in view of the many losses "that accompany the retraction of the personal social network of the elderly tend to be minimized by our culture, by health and mental care worker and by the elderly themselves.…. [read more]

Therapeutic Massage on Elderly Term Paper

… Geriatric massage is a form of massage designed to meet the specific needs of the elderly population. It involves the use of hands to manipulate the soft tissues of the body to improve blood circulation, relieve pain, and increase range of motion. Active or passive movement of the joints may also be part of geriatric massage (Tran, 2003).


To summarize this review of the literature, there are many consequences of the death of a spouse for which the newly widowed should prepare themselves. The most threatening and the ones with the most potential for harm are depression and loneliness. The loneliness was defined as needing a companion for everyday activities as well as just being there (Parkes, 1998). Hence, the hunger a widow feels…. [read more]

Psychology Treatment Thesis

… 29).

A crisis in mental health care funding is approaching rapidly given that the Baby Boomer generation will retire over the next twenty years and expenditures for older Americans with major psychiatric disorders will double. There will also be a serious lack of mental health services, providers and funding. About 20% of all adults over age 55 have major mental illnesses such as depression and dementia, although these are often under-reported and under-diagnosed (Bartels et al., 2010, p. 261). Medicare and Medicaid expenditures for nursing homes, outpatient and inpatient services, pharmacy and emergency room visits always "increase with advancing age" especially for those age 85 and over requiring "acute and long-term care." These expenses increase further for patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, although elderly…. [read more]

Elderly Living Arrangements Thesis

… ¶ … elderly are among the fastest growing segments of the population in the United States today. Moreover, this growth is projected to continue well into the mid-21st century as the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age. Although estimates vary, it is also projected that about one in five of this elderly segment of the population will need some level of alternative living arrangement, including residence in a nursing home or long-term care facility. There is a consensus that most elderly people want to remain in their own homes as long as possible, but there comes a time in many people's lives where physical or mental problems force them to move into some type of alternative living arrangement where the daily care they need can…. [read more]

Bereavement Support Groups Term Paper

… Research suggests that there are four basic stages of grief that need be addressed by group therapy:

Numbness and shock, typically occurring in the beginning and lasting for a brief period of time (Sussex, 2003).

Feeling of separation (Sussex, 2003).

Disorganization, where the bereaved is distracted and often has difficulty concentrating (Sussex, 2003).

Reorganization (Sussex, 2003) which happens toward the end of the period when one begins to adjust to life.

Bereavement symptoms may lead older people subject to depression, and group participation often helps "ameliorate the symptoms and avert the consequences of bereavements" (Sussex, 2003). Treatment protocol should involve the following:

1) helping the bereaved accept the loss, (2) helping the grieving to identify and express feelings of loss and anger, (3) helping the…. [read more]

Benefits of the Creative Process for Dementia Thesis

… Art Interventions for Dementia Patients

[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]

Creative Aging

Art Intervention Processes for Dementia Patients

Art Interventions for Dementia Patients


There are few phrases that I dislike more than 'It is what it is'. I believe people that make use of this phrase are stating that whatever the concern, it is not worthy of thought; it is their under-mannered way of naturalizing the consequences of misguided choices. However, the fact that every choice, good or bad, has consequences is a truth that cannot be ignored. I know the frustration and anguish of rectifying the consequences of the horrific choices of others. I know because on October 24, 1998, I survived two violent crimes. In 2002, I was formally diagnosed with…. [read more]

History of Project Management in Twelve Periods Book Report

… ¶ … history of project management in twelve periods of Western history. This involved the exploration of six topic areas that would provide insight into the history and evolution of project management. These included the following areas: cultural environment; scientific environment; general management; construction technology and the Master Builder Tradition

The research into these areas led to the process of placing contemporary project management in its historical perspective and comparing this perspective to the modern state of this science. This process also led to a number of recommendations that were a central outcome of the study. Among these was the recommendation that further research should be undertaken into the architectural principles of each historical period, with particular emphasis on the impact of the economic environment…. [read more]

Late Adulthood Bereavement Term Paper

… ¶ … older Americans experience spousal bereavement annually. Bereavement is the state of having experienced a loss, and grief is the generally passive and involuntary reaction to the state of bereavement, and although grief is commonly considered an emotional state, it actually extends well beyond the realm of emotions. Bereavement often leads to depression, which in turn may cause sleeping disorders, substance abuse, panic attacks, decrease in appetite, and increased risk for suicide as well as other diseases and infections due to the effect of depression upon the immune system and the fact that older adults are particularly at risk for immune disorders.

Late Adulthood and Bereavement

In the June 2000 issue of American Scholar, Francine Gray writes in her article, "The Work of Mourning,"…. [read more]

Disorders in Older People Alzheimer Term Paper

… In the management of Alzheimer's disease, the approved treatment includes Donepezil, rivastigmine, galantamine and tacrine in mild-to-moderate cognitive impairment in patients with AD. Donepezil has also been FDA approved for use in moderate-to-sever AD.

Apart from management, ongoing assessment is required for patients with Alzheimer's. According to Uriri-Glover, McCarthy and Cessaroti (2013), this entails the use of the standardized rating scale such as the Functional Assessment Staging Test (FAST) and the Global Deterioration Scale, or the Clinician's Interview-Based Impression are tests used in making a determination of the functional decline of the individual with AD and other forms of dementia. This research indicates that treatment is also done with Gingko and ginseng, the most commonly used herbs used for memory enhancement and in preventing cognitive…. [read more]

Adolescent Suicide Integration of CBT and Self-Psychology Term Paper

… Adolescent suicide integration of CBT and self-Psychology

Adolescent Suicide: Integration of CBT and Self-Psychology

Determining why children and adolescents commit suicide is a concern that many individuals in the helping professions face. Obviously, they commit suicide because they are depressed in many instances, but it is also accurate to say that there are other reasons why many of these adolescents choose to take their own lives. Some of them are involved in substance abuse and other issues that cause them to think suicide is the right idea. Others are involved with crowds of other adolescents that drag them down into painful issues and problems that they have trouble facing. When this happens, some of these individuals begin to feel that they are trapped in these…. [read more]

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