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German Transportation Technology Term Paper

… German Transportation Technology

Germany's History Behind the Railroad

On December 7,1835, the first English manufactured train ran from Nurnberg to Furth, Germany. The locomotive was built by Robert Stephenson and Co in Newcastle England, and was first driven by an English engineer, Mr. Willam Wilson. Like the U.S. And English countries the railway system connects all corners of Germany from the east towards the west. With the onwards policies of the German Government to continue building their own railways system, on October 4, 1840, Germany launched its first train on the Munchen Augsburg Eisenbahn Gesellschaft. In 1875, history signaled the unification of the whole of Germany. This time served as the starting point wherein all of the state connected in the country were all interconnected…. [read more]

Technology, Transportation, and Society Term Paper

… All of the transportation methods consume fossil fuels, each linked directly to oil. The price of oil fluctuates, with oil prices capable of affecting all other areas of the economy. A rise in oil prices means businesses raise their prices to absorb the increased price of transporting their goods. This in turn means a higher price for the consumer. Transportation then, becomes a basic factor in determining the state of the economy.

The economy relies so greatly on oil prices and oil companies have so much power, there are even theories that alternative fuel and power systems could be developed but are being repressed.

Eisen (1991, p. 408) describes this suppression arguing that alternative energy systems could be developed but are not because of the…. [read more]

Swept Wing Technology Is 75 Years Old Research Paper

… Swept wing technology is 75 years old. But in that short amount of time it has been incorporated into nearly every aircraft design and played a major role in World War Two as well as in every other major air conflict in history. Its characteristics as a technological innovation are still being understood and future aircraft are being designed with both forward and rearward sweep. Many design considerations are taken into account when sweeping a wing and aircraft performance is directly influenced by shaping the wing and fuselage in this manner.

Swept Wing Design

The wing and wing structure play important roles in the limitations and characteristics of an aircraft. Wings that are swept have different performance characteristics than those that are not. Swept wing…. [read more]

Magnetic Levitation Propulsion Systems Term Paper

… Incompatibility

Probably the biggest disadvantage of the Maglev technology is its complete incompatibility with the existing system -- train tracks for conventional trains etc. This results in the need for massive investment. (The cost factor will be discussed later in this paper).

Environmental Concerns

Some environmentalists have also expressed concern about the adverse health-effects of the magnetic fields, while supporters of the technology deny this.

Complex Operation and Instability at High Speeds

The technology is not yet fully proven. In the testing stage there have been reports of unstable operation at high speeds. Mitigation of the problem involves complex operation and maintenance solutions that are also expensive.

Cost Factor

In order to get an idea of the current costs for developing a Maglev system, it…. [read more]

Maglev Train Magnetic Levitation Term Paper

… Magnetic-Levitation Trains

Today, innovations in transportation technologies have significantly improved the energy efficiency, CO2 emission rates and safety of aircraft, the railroad and trucking industries as well as automobiles. Although these innovations have provided some improvements compared to the past, there remains a desperate need to identify ways to improve these technologies even further to reduce carbon emissions, improve performance and increase safety. In 1984, the first commercial magnetic levitation train was introduced to the public. Maglev is a system of transportation that levitates and propels the train using electricity as the source of power. Comparing to other transportation such as automobile, conventional train, and airplane, this technology, by itself, produce nearly zero CO2 emission and can move at an incredible speed. All of this,…. [read more]

NY Railroads Improve Transportation? The Varied Communities Term Paper

… ¶ … NY railroads improve transportation?

The varied communities that existed in the state of New York demonstrated a frontier existence, excluding the states largest city, New York itself. The economic growth the entire state experienced as a result of railroad infrastructure can be seen in the exponential growth of the relatively rural cities in its borders that went from populations of sustained and slow growth to urban centers teaming with industry. One example of just such a growth pattern, as a direct result of railroad proliferation is the city of Oneonta, established in 1796, with a population of 1,416 (1820) that achieved steady growth until 1865 when the population began to increase exponentially to the end year calculations of 8,910 people in 1900. In…. [read more]

Technology Issue in Information Assurance Term Paper

… Technology Issue in Information Assurance

Cyberwars: The Virtual Battlefield of the 21st Century

In the very near future, many conflicts will not take place on the open field of battle, but rather in spaces on the Internet, fought with the aid of information soldiers.... This means that a small force of hackers is stronger than the multi-thousand force of the current armed forces. --Former Duma member Nikolai Kuryanovich

The recent denial of service attacks on Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard, and Visa by supporters of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange made it abundantly clear that even major corporations with the most sophisticated information security measures in place remain highly vulnerable to cyber attacks that can disrupt operations in major ways. While these so-called cyber attacks merely represented a…. [read more]

Daimler Divestiture of Chrysler Term Paper

… Daimler-Chrysler Financial Debacle

In The Merger And Dissolution Of Daimler-Benz And Chrysler

History of the Participants: Differences and Similarities


Chrysler History

Prior to the Merger Discussions

Daimler-Benz becoming a global conglomerate

Chrysler's growth and success in the 1990s

First error: from-the-top decisions

The early merger announcements: opportunities missed

Chrysler: What Eaton could have done better

Shortcomings on Daimler-Benz's side



If you travel to Stuttgart, you'll find the three-pointed star everywhere, from the main train station to the engine works in Unterturkheim on the Neckar River. Long the largest employer in the Stuttgart region, Daimler-Benz was started by two brothers in 1886 to produce independent, gasoline-engined vehicles in small numbers. From the very beginning, the Daimler brothers…. [read more]

Germany's Car Industry Term Paper

… Germany's Car Industry

The first thing that comes into our mind when thinking about luxury automobiles is Mercedes, which leads us to Germany's car industry. Germany is the most important automobile producer, its strength being based on the long tradition and quality of products. However, the German car industry's future does not seem to be as bright as its present surely is, according to the Economist's article: "Germany's car industry: The big-car problem. Germany produces some of the fastest and most luxurious cars in the world, but is that yesterday's game?." The article focuses on the changes that will influence the car industry worldwide in general and Germany's car industry in particular. These changes refer to the new CO2 proposed standards, production costs and also…. [read more]

20Th Century Capstone Project

… The Investigator, as mentioned above has the overall coordination responsibility on the site. It is in the way in which it conducts the investigation that the results can be rapidly identified. This is also due to the fact that "the designated investigator-in- charge organizes, conducts, controls, and manages the field phase of the investigation, regardless of whether a Board Member is also on-scene at the accident or incident site. (The role of the Board member at the scene of an accident investigation is as the official spokes-person for the Safety Board.) The IIC has the responsibility and authority to supervise and coordinate all resources and activities of all personnel, both Board and non-Board, involved in the on-site investigation." (Federal Aviation Administration, 2010)

Another important role…. [read more]

Automative Industry and Computers Management Term Paper

… The Role of Computers in Sale and Marketing

New products are coming to market at an increasing rate to stay globally competitive, also in response to advances in technologies and the higher demand and expectations of the customer. These products are consistently becoming more and more advanced (complex), and due to the higher initial costs, customers need a greater assurance that the product will perform as expected over the life of the product. Some automotive companies, most notably Hyundai and KIA, are providing these assurances to the customers by way of extended warranties (e.g. 100,000-mile or ten-year protection); when providing longer warranties, product reliability becomes ever increasingly more important.

Also, geologists are now analyzing seismic data in 3-D on computer screens creating a sonogram of…. [read more]

BMW Strategic Management the Car Research Paper

… Three expensive and different top quality brands of BMW cars, which are discussed below, are it's another significant advantage along with the incredible performance that has been demonstrated by each of these brands.

The importance provided to the Research and Development activities by BMW has also contributed a lot in its success; it has readily provided all the necessary variations that were needed to stay competitive in the industry. The amount which has been invested by BMW in R&D is the highest as compared to other firms. By not making enough improvement in its pattern of operations, it is not really an astonishing factor that BMW has to counter a strong and growing competition in the industry which demands changes internally as well. The impact…. [read more]

Airbus Is Currently Implementing New Case Study

… There is a chance that rival firms may bring Boeing to an international trade court for unfair business practices, but this is doubtful. Boeing has begun work on a new aircraft engine that will allow it to alter its 767 aircraft, a competitor of the 200-320 models. This new engine will allow the aircraft to travel at near the speed of sound. Airbus expects to be able to develop a modified version of this engine so as to retain the market share that it has gained at Boeing's expense.

Business Week printed in an article last year:

Airbus Industrie has shed contract workers and shelved plans to jack up production by 50%. Sounds bad -- until you consider the situation at archrival Boeing Co. It…. [read more]

2007 Economic Crisis on American Thesis

… S.

One of the main factors which incremented this crisis even more was the expensive cost of automobile fuel, this was linked to the global oil crisis which occurred before the automobile crisis. The rise in fuel prices caused the general consumer to shift in their demand and they now opted to buy except for the large vehicles such as pickup trucks or SUV's as compared to the other vehicles available in the market since the larger vehicles tend to use more fuel.

Another major factor which aggravated the crisis was the considerably high cost of labor which was greater as compared to the labor's counterparts in non-unions, this included salaries, healthcare benefits, pensions and other related job benefits. The management while demanding labor peace…. [read more]

Internet Technology (It): Next Five Years Term Paper

… Wal MartIT

The company chosen on which to conduct a mini case study for this paper is WalMart, and in particular the paper will attempt to concentrate on a number of issues that WalMart recently faced in regards to Information Technology and Systems, and how, if technology had been correctly implemented and used, could have likely saved Wal-Mart a lot of money, profits and a loss of reputation.

The case study will focus on a deciphering exactly what went wrong with Wal-Mart's attempt at expansion into Germany, and what role information systems should have, or did have, in the venture. The paper will also attempt to discern whether the prevailing perception that Wal-Mart owns a competitive advantage, in part due to the information system currently…. [read more]

History of Air Cargo Term Paper

… History Of Air Cargo

It's hard to image today's life without those goods which are provided by the industry of air cargo. Electronic equipment and mail, fresh fruits and other products are shipped by air, forming a list of the essential goods that make life more comfortable, convenient and advanced, if compared to time when people couldn't even dream about air transportation.

Air cargo industry had started with very modest funds for a transportation industry, but nwt air cargo has a turnover of more than 46 billion dollars. 40% of air cargo is done by civil aviation" (according to Dora Kay, President of the International Air cargo association) "Speed and accessibility of air cargo provides a freedom of choice to their customers, promoting business success,…. [read more]

Foreign Market Analysis Thesis

… Hybrid Cars

Foreign market analysis

Foreign market analysis: Hybrid cars in European Union (EU) nations

European cars are famously smaller than American cars, as well as often more fuel- efficient. Because of traditionally higher gas prices and higher taxes on gas consumption, Europeans have tended to eschew the American 'bigger is better' obsession with their personal modes of transport. Car ownership is far lower than it is in America, and fewer European families are two-vehicle homes. However, European consumer enthusiasm for environmentally-friendly hybrid vehicles had lagged behind American sales for such cars. One reason for this may be that because Americans prefer to drive bigger cars. Thus, Americans are also more desperate to drive hybrids -- although the small size of many, albeit not all…. [read more]

Helicopter When Most People Think Research Paper

… This was in response to the U.S. wanting more helicopters to play a role in warfare. As a result, a number of different models were developed to provide the military with the tools to meet their needs. A few of the most notable include: Sirkorsky Sea King, the UH-1 Huey, the Chapter 46 / 47 and the AH-1 Super Cobra. These different designs are showing how the technology evolved, as military planners could begin using the helicopter during various operations. (McGowan, 2003, pp. 51-121) ("A History of Helicopter Flight," 2010)

The advancements that were made in military technology meant that the civilian sector began to use helicopters for practical applications. Some good examples of this usage includes: observation and transportation. In general, there are different…. [read more]

Foreign Market Entry Strategies Thesis

… Foreign market entry strategies: GM

Foreign Market Entry Strategies

General Motor's foreign market entry strategies: China and Germany

General Motors (GM) is perhaps one of the most criticized companies in America today. Yet, for much of the company's history, it was said 'as GM goes, so goes the nation,' because GM was the biggest automotive company in the world and an American economic powerhouse. However, in the 1980s, GM began to lose its once-deft touch. It began to expand its brands too quickly and did not support its existing fleet of brands with effective marketing. It was also burdened with heavy administrative costs: "GM gave in to union demands in 1990 and created a program that paid workers even when plants were not running, forcing…. [read more]

Royal Navy and German Navy in 1904 and the Dreadnought Term Paper

… ¶ … Royal Navy and the German Navy in 1904 and the Dreadnought

By 1904, Great Britain was so concerned about German naval capabilities that it began to devote more and more of its national budget to military preparedness in general and expansion of its naval fleet in particular. What is the significance of the word 'Dreadnought' in this context? Who were some of the people involved in this issue?

In 1904 the British Royal Navy could look back over a century of effective supremacy across the oceans of the world. The Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 had marked the end of the last serious attempt to challenge British sea power; since then the authority of the Royal Navy had acted as the rock upon…. [read more]

Railroad Policy Analysis the National Term Paper

… At that time, many in the trucking industry invested heavily in piggyback's promise, including less-than-truckload haulers, truckload carriers like J.B. Hunt Transport and Schneider National, and package express giant United Parcel Service. Rail inter-modal transport was more cost effective for long-haul traffic. It also seemed to be a viable answer to the dwindling supply of truck drivers willing to spend weeks at a time away from home making cross-country trips.

The enthusiasm drained away, however, during the widespread rail service failures in the wake of the mergers of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific, and the split up of Conrail between CSX and Norfolk Southern.

Rail inter-modal loads began to edge back up in 1999 and 2000, according to the most…. [read more]

International Procurement Dissertation

… School of Engineering and Design

Science in [your course title goes here]

This study investigates the circumstances in which buying materials and components from foreign suppliers can offer benefits to a manufacturer and those in which buying locally offers more advantages, taking into consideration factors such as the nature of the item to be purchased, the level of production technology, the item costs, the volatility of demand, rate of change of specification, among other variables. Firms must make important changes if they wish to reap the potentially huge scale economies of international procurement. For example, procurement decisions for low-volume, low-cost commodities (especially those with high transportation costs) can be left to regional headquarters or even to individual affiliates. Within the firm, procurement decisions need to…. [read more]

World Wars: WWI -1918) and WWII -1945) Research Paper

… ¶ … World Wars: WWI (1914-1918) and WWII (1939-1945) occur. The Allied Forces win both wars, positioning the United States as a world superpower. The first use of the atomic bomb was used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan during WWII.

Middle Eastern Affairs: The state of Israel is created in 1948.

The first of the Arab-Israeli Wars takes place the same year, a conflict that resumes today, yet has turned into more of an Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

American Presidency: President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in 1963 while on motorcade through the streets of Dallas, Texas. 11 years later in 1974, President Richard Nixon resigns after the Watergate Scandal.

Space technology: With the launch of Russia's spacecraft Sputnik in 1957, the space race with the United…. [read more]

Baron Manfred Von Richthofen Thesis

… Manfred Von Richthofen

Baron Manfred von Richthofen

Baron Manfred von Richthofen and aviation

Manfred Albrecht von Richthofen was the legendary First World War pilot who was renowned as the leading air ace of the war and was credited with eighty kills (the Red Baron) However, it is not only the combat abilities and victories that have made von Richthofen so famous. He is also acknowledged for extending the possibilities of aviation and aviation combat and many pilots and aviation experts still study his methods and techniques today.

Manfred von Richthofen was born in 1892 to an Aristocratic German family. He was only twenty-five years of age when he died after being shot down in 1918 over Vaux sur Somme, France. Although he died very young…. [read more]

Air Cargo Security Research Paper

… There is no data that provides a clue to how often this is done. It is time-consuming and therefore costly, and it is subject to human error. Shippers worry, not unreasonably, about problems that can multiply with additional handling, including damaged goods. They are not just worried about breakage. Temperature- and time-sensitive cargo such as seafood, flowers and pharmaceuticals must also be handled efficiently and with care (Dutton, 2010, p. 20). Items such as electronics, high-end textiles, films, art, medical devices, and some chemicals and powders that are shipped by air could be harmed by exposure to x-rays. Some items are just too large to fit inside x-ray machines. The problem of screening all air cargo is a complex one. For explosives-trace detection, trained personnel…. [read more]

Aviation Invention of the Swept Term Paper

… " In 2000, the company delivered the first 767-400ER to utilize the new tips.

Currently Lockheed Martin (LMT) and Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) are working on the T-50 Golden Eagle, and hope to have full-scale development by the "end of 2005. The T-50 has many of the features seen in modern high performance fighters, including low drag external lines with wing-body blending and a variable arched surface swept wing with continuous metal plating (unknown, 2004)."


The swept wing was developed by the Germans in the mid-1930s and since its inception, has revolutionized the aeronautics field. While the concept originally had design flaws, the problems were corrected over the years, and the swept wing is now used on almost all jets, including airliners.


Johnson,…. [read more]

Toyota's Prius With the Increased Term Paper

… The typical Prius consumer is thought to have more concern for the environment then transportation yet wants to maintain their lifestyle. These would be high levels of professionals who work at managerial level who can afford the price Prius offers. These includes executives, sponsors, corporations and institutions etc. [PR Newswire. July 20, 2000].

Positioning the product: In order to position their products, Prius was designed to positioned itself using its technology and design. The selling point is based on the range of 560 miles coverage from a 11-gallon tank. Furthermore it also has the efficiency of a German diesel engine of 65 mpg, 115 bhp. With two motors and electronic gadget the car is designed to secure the luxury market as well as efficiency market…. [read more]

Wireless Broadband Technology Term Paper

… All the communication is done using a series of radio signals or radio specifications, the frequency of the signals being that of a low 2.4 GHz and the data speeds are up to a range of 721 Kbps. There is no one direction in which this technology can be used; it is omni directional. The distance that it can cover ranges from 10 cm to 100 m; the greater the transmitting power, the greater the distance covered. The output power can be less than 10 mill watts. Basically, the Bluetooth technology functions like this: it can be embedded in an electronic device or be used as an adaptor. (How Bluetooth Technology

Any electronic device that is popularly used today can make use of these…. [read more]

Logistics Simulation Research Proposal

… ¶ … Distribution Planning Systems Based on the Traveling Salesman Problem]

The work of Applegate, Bixby, Chvatal and Cook (2007) entitled: "The Traveling Salesman Problem" states the following: "Given a set of cities along with the cost of travel between each pair of them, the traveling salesman problem, or TSP for short, is to find the cheapest way of visiting all the cities and returning to the starting point. The "way of visiting all the cities" is simply the order in which the cities are visited; the ordering is called a tour or circuit through the cities." (2007) This exercise which sounds modest according to Applegate, Bixby, Chvatal and Cook (2007) however it is

" fact one of the most intensely investigated problems in computational…. [read more]

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