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Germinal Kim Rudyard Kipling Term Paper

… This idea is illustrated by Kim's ability to resist Lurgan's hypnosis in chapter nine. Although many of his native skills and street smarts have aided him in his life to this point, he is able to resist Lurgan's manipulations by reciting his mathematical tables repeatedly in his mind. Significantly, this is a skill that Kim learned from his British teacher; the result is that Kim becomes a stronger individual by borrowing the strengths of both cultures that he has been exposed to. Kipling is suggesting that British strengths include the higher mental abilities, while Indian strengths are more spiritual and grounded in nature.

Etienne's identity, on the other hand -- though it too grows through the events of the novel -- is strongly linked to…. [read more]

Kim and Dan Term Paper

… Kim and Dan

The price of the home is $280,000. The initial down payment to be made is 20% of the purchase price, or $56,000. Their monthly expenses on utilities, maintenance and property tax, home insurance are approximately $750 and they also have car credit servicing costs monthly of $350, thus, overall $1,100 monthly expenses besides future mortgage servicing costs. Kim's gross income of $55,000 a year and Dan's income of $38,000 make the total annual income of $93,000, and their tax rate on this income is 25% according to tax rates in 2006. Their savings in money market fund of $60,000 has earned them the last year interest of $5,840, thus overall savings of $65,840. They are planning to use the most of this…. [read more]

Kim Fathering Essay

… Again, the first meeting that occurs between Km and this father figure sets much of the tone of their relationship, and also serves as a prime example of the ongoing cultural and racial tension that exists for Kim throughout the book, and that he must overcome in order to come to a full and acceptable view of himself. As Kim is trying to identify himself in response to Father Victor's piqued curiosity, he explains, "They call me Kim Rishti ke. That is Kim of the Rishti…Eye-rishti - that was the Regiment - my father's" (ch. 5). His immersion in Indian culture and language has given him a slanted perspective of his Western identity, something that Father Victor views as a result of the "Powers of…. [read more]

Rudyard Kipling Born in Bombay, India Term Paper

… ¶ … Rudyard Kipling

Born in Bombay, India, on December 30, 1865, Joseph Rudyard Kipling, one of the most influential British poets/novelists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was the only son of John Lockwood Kipling, a rather well-known pottery designer and collector of native Indian art. His mother, Alice Macdonald Kipling, was the daughter of a Wesleyan minister, and her sisters, being Lady Burne-Jones, Lady Poynter and Mrs. Alfred Baldwin, had many social connections with English royalty. In fact, Mrs. Baldwin's son Stanley became the prime minister of England and then was named Lord Baldwin.

Kipling's childhood, due to being born in India, was very much influenced by traditional Indian culture, for he had been raised in the care of native ayahs…. [read more]

Rudyard Kipling's Novels Term Paper

… Again, one sees here Kipling's tendency to weave a story of Colonial England's intermingling with native India with a thread of imperialism nevertheless present.

This was the first mention Lispeth had ever made of her matrimonial views, and the Chaplain's wife shrieked with horror. However, the man on the sofa needed attention first. He was a young Englishman..." (Lispeth, 1.1: Plain Tales.)

In Miss Youghal's Sais from Plain Tales, where the central character - Strickland - believed that a policeman should know as much about the natives as the natives themselves, Kipling once again explores the interaction between the English in India and the natives.

There has been a lot of debate over Kipling's Imperialistic stance in his books but equally the contrasts and contradictions…. [read more]

Short Story of Riki Tiki Tavi by Rudyard Kipling Term Paper

… Kipling's "Rikki-tikki-tavi"

Rudyard Kipling is a spokesman for British imperialism, and though he is a rather talented writer, I found him immensely irritating in his self-assured white supremacy. This mood is not only evident in blatantly jingoistic works such as "The White Man's Burden," but even colors his most non-political writings for children. One supposes that he is not entirely at fault for this stance, as he seems to have been bred into it. Kipling was born in Bombay to colonialist parents, and spent a great deal of his life in the colonies. He spent some time as a child at a boarding school in England before returning to India and working there for a year as a newspaper editor. Subsequently he toured Burma, China,…. [read more]

Kim Basinger it Is Difficult Essay

… What Ms. Basinger's other movies earned is irrelevant because "Boxing Helena," like every other movie, is unique. Taking averages over unique movies is meaningless. Further, complexity means that average revenue from the past is a poor predictor of tomorrow's outcome (De Vany, 1997, p. 20; (FAO: Agriculture and Consumer Protection).

3. Is plaintiff's expert correct in not attempting to estimate revenues for "Boxing Helena" beyond pre-sale amounts? Why?

Plaintiff's expert is correct in not attempting to estimate revenues for "Boxing Helena" beyond pre-sale amounts because there are so many variables in estimating movie revenues that the result would be meaningless. In addition to stating that Basinger's absence is only one of "immeasurably many elements" of the movie system, De Vany states, " Even if the…. [read more]

History of Kim Jong Il Term Paper

… The National Defense Commission is a group of 10 men that includes leaders of the air force, army and navy, who are "now considered the most powerful in the country," says Clark. (CNN)

Kim Jong Il introduced his "Red Banner" policy in 1996. Changes in policy began in 1997 when Hwang Jang Yop defected. Hwang Jang Yop was the "architect" of the juche philosophy not to mention the first high-level official to seek asylum in South Korea. Clark reports that Hwang described Kim Jong Il as a "strong willed dictator who is short-tempered and ruthless when it comes to punishing anyone who questions his policies" (CNN).

Cumings quotes Roberto Unger as describing the political structure of North Korea by distinguishing between an inner and outer…. [read more]

Kim Jong Il: North Korea's Dear Leader Book Review

… Kim Jong Il: North Korea's Dear Leader By Michael Breen

Kim Jong-II, North Korea's Dear Leader

Breen, Michael. Kim Jong-II, North Korea's Dear Leader. New York: John Wiley, 2003. Updated 2004.

The purpose and thesis of Michael Breen's biography of North Korea's leader Kim Jong II is neatly encapsulated in its deliberately ironic title: Kim Jong-II, North Korea's Dear Leader. North Korea is considered a rogue state by most of the world. It is a dictatorship with a nuclear program that seeks to threaten the West. President Bush has identified Jong's nation as one of the members of an "Axis of Evil" that threatens freedom and democracy all over the world. It is the only non-Islamic nation that is a part of this so-called Axis.…. [read more]

Kim Case Writes About Ways Essay

… Sometimes when we have increased awareness about a situation and especially about other people, situations that seem like conflicts resolve themselves, or dissipate because there is enough mutual understanding and respect that an effective resolution is reached.

There are situations where each person is at an advantage over others. In western societies, men are at an advantage over women in many, many areas of everyday life. Patriarchal cultures privilege the male perspective, the male view, male desires, and contributions of males to history over those of women or over those men who are not perceived or considered normative by cultural and societal standards. Particularly in countries such as the United States of American, the United Kingdom, and many others, the experience and perspective of white…. [read more]

Rudyard Kipling Term Paper

… ¶ … Rudyard Kipling. The writer takes the reader on an exploration of Kipling's life, his works, and his writing style. In addition the writer presents an interview with a person who is familiar with Kipling's work as well as four literary criticisms. There were 12 sources used to complete this paper.

Since the beginning of time authors of literature have used their works to convey thoughts, emotions, ideas and facts. Most authors choose whether they want to write fiction, non-fiction poetry or something else and they spend their writing career contributing to that area of literature, however, every once in awhile a writer comes along who is so talented that he or she can cross over into all areas of literature and succeed. Such…. [read more]

Chan Kim W Term Paper

… Chan Kim

W. Chan Kim makes it a point to totally upend the system and the belief propagated by that system that states, in essence, that in order for a company to be successful, it must create and fill its own market, not emulate other companies that are seemingly quite successful according to industry merits.

This is a revolutionary line of thinking since most of the books written, speeches given and guru's questioned center on the fact that the way to success is to watch someone, or something, that is successful and then do what they do.

Comparing Chan's method of success to the successful methods as touted in various textbooks, the reader can find the exact opposite method(s) being touted. Many marketing strategies are…. [read more]

Vision Newspaper Extract Kim Gavin, the Artistic Term Paper

… Vision

Newspaper Extract

Kim Gavin, the artistic director for the London 2012 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony criticized past Closing Ceremonies in particular Beijing 2008 Closing Ceremony, Athens, 2004 Closing Ceremony and Atlanta 1996 Closing Ceremony are his claims justified?

The Closing Ceremony is the magnificent ending of the Olympic and Paralympics Games. They are celebrated to conclude the whole event and to handover the Olympic flag to the next Host City. The next closing ceremony that will take place on 12 August 2012 in London is being designed by Kim Gravin.

Kim Gravin criticized the past closing ceremonies because he was viewing these ceremonies from his point-of-view. Kim is famous for managing concerts and tours for popular bands and he seems to concentrate on engaging…. [read more]

Works by Jasper Johns and Byron Kim in the Whitney Museum Term Paper

… I understood why they were there, but I felt that something was missing -- some personal connection to these items that I myself did not have but that Johns had. Thus, the portrait felt personal -- but not for me. Clearly the picture of his dealer is there because this person is important and the lithograph of Mona by Newman is important because it had an impact on Johns. The pot is one made by a friend, so this has value -- but the placement of the objects seems random -- like the thoughts that "ran through" Johns' mind when he saw these images. They "hang" on the walls (the pot rests on a chest of drawers).

Each qualifies as a portrait because each speaks…. [read more]

Kim Chernin and Susan Faludi Term Paper

… She notes that in every schoolyard, girls play only with girls and boys play only with boys. Looking at children in two elementary schools -- a range of children, from Caucasian to Latino, Chicano an African-American -- Thorne suggests that gender identity is a social process involving groups of children. Children divide themselves, and are divided by adults, into gender lines. Thorne analyzes the seemingly innocent, perennial game of "cooties," where children contaminate each other by touching another child after a chase, and also immunize themselves with cootie "vaccinations" and "sprays." This seemingly innocent play hides a deeper gender war that is taking place: more girls than boys get cooties, and some children end up as "cootie queens" or "cootie girls" -- untouchables marked for…. [read more]

Agree With Edward Said That in Kim Essay

… ¶ … agree with Edward Said that in Kim, "all women are debased or unsuitable for male attention"? If so, should this book still be an honored member of the English canon?

The purpose of the present paper is to discuss one aspect from Rudyard Kipling's book "Kim," namely the statement made by critic Edward Said according to which "all women are debased or unsuitable for male attention." Establishing the value of truth of this statement will help us understand if the book deserves to be an honoured member of the English canon.

The English canon refers to those books which have been defined as important pieces of literature. These pieces are being taught by teachers and professors for years and they are generally recognized…. [read more]

North Korea in the Film Book Review

… Kim sees Stalin as becoming more aggressive and overconfident by 1949-50, though, encouraged to go on the offensive in the Cold War by the successful test of the Soviet atomic bomb in 1949 and by the success of the Chinese Revolution that same year. Kim Il Sung "did not have the means to achieve his goal without Stalin's assistance," which he finally got in January 1950 (Kim 137). Stalin even sent one of his top generals, Vasiliev, "to prepare the invasion plan just after he decided to approve the invasion plan," along with the tanks, planes and heavy artillery that Kim Il Sung needed (Kim 134).

Looking at the internal politics of North Korea, Dae-Sook Suh sees Kim Il Sung as a tough, cunning and…. [read more]

Personal Biases and Prejudices Case Study

… I would also suggest drug counseling, especially for the mother because if the particular choice of recreational drug involved. Finally, I would suggest increased evaluation of the children to identify any possible issues as soon as they develop.

6. Based on what you've learned, why do you think the children were placed in foster care? What information from your readings supports or contradicts this decision?

It seems clear that the children were placed in foster care because parental drug use is typically associated with dangerous and harmful conditions for children in the home. The mother's drug use was discovered through the blood tests performed on Kim and the evaluating professional determined that the mother's drug use posed a danger to the children. The less common…. [read more]

Baby Kim Case Essay

… Baby Kim Case Study:

If What ethical standards (Statements #1-9, the Human Service Professional's Responsibility to Clients) relate directly to the Baby Kim Case? Explain your answer.

In consideration of the conditions relating to Baby Kim's case, the primary statement offered as and ethical standard for human services which seems most to apply is Statement 4. This considers the necessity promoted in this case to intervene on behalf of Baby Kim. It is clear that parental drug problems have created a situation of potential endangerment for the child. According to the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS) (1996), "If it is suspected that danger or harm may occur to the client or to others as a result of a client's behavior, the human service professional…. [read more]

Semiotic Analysis of a Celebrity Essay

… This ad operates upon the signs of western beauty and the traditional ideology of women. By traditional standards, this is a highly effective ad. Feminists would not agree. A semiotic discussion of the ad reveals the modus operandi used by the advertisers to entice consumers to purchase as well as to emulate Kardashian in other ways.


Abrams, N., Bell, I., & Udris, I. (2001) Studying Film & Studying the Media. Oxford University Press: UK.

Austin, T. & Barker, M. (eds) (2003) Contemporary Hollywood Stardom. Oxford University Press: NY.

Berger, J. (1972) Ways of seeing. Chapter 1, 7 -- 10; 45-47. Penguin Books: London.

Burgin, V. (1977) Looking at Photographs. Available from: 2012 June 23.

Chandler, D. (1995) Semiotics for Beginners. Available from:…. [read more]

Formulating Crisis Management Policy Term Paper

… ¶ … Crisis Management

Yes, Kim and Lee's model is consistent with governmental policy and response. E. coli has been a situation that is being dealt with a lot more in recent years than decades before. That is why I have chosen the topic for this assignment. In the reading it is reported that the scope must be middle ranged or wide scope, such as those that take place in a community, in order to warrant significance on a policy level.(Kim & Lee, 2001, pp.505-506)

coli has not only effected a community, it has effected countries, states etc. therefore it has the scope that Kim & Lee report is necessary to warrant higher policy objectives. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said in a statement Saturday…. [read more]

American Dream "Hey, Kim Essay

… ¶ … American Dream

"Hey, Kim, do you want to throw around the pigskin?" I stared blankly at the American boy in front of me, who was easily throwing the oblong ball up and down and catching it in his hands. I looked for kindness in his eyes. I hoped that he wanted to make this strange, new classmate feel at home in the land of America, but I also saw mockery. In truth, I would not know what to do with an American football: the game was as foreign as my surroundings. Uncomfortable in my new language of English, I looked away, and although I tried to resist the feeling, I had a stab of bitter regret in my heart. Why did I follow…. [read more]

Beam, Randal A. Eunseong, Kim Term Paper

… Although their offices may be lined with hundreds of books, much legal information has been put into data banks and is accessible via computer. This means that the extensive and rigorous work that went into the law degree is no longer enough. Now they must also have a high degree of computer competence, and be good at learning new systems and programs. An old joke about computer says "If it's running, it's obsolete already." While an entertaining comment, it's true of all jobs. Lines grow long at supermarkets when cash register systems are upgraded.

There's no doubt the ever-changing computer technology brings benefits. We can check our bank statement at any time of the day or night and pay our bills online. Lose your receipt…. [read more]

K-12 Curriculum and Instruction: Changing Research Proposal

… From what? Boring stuff." (2011)

Robinson states that the instance of ADHD "has risen in parallel with the growth of standardized testing. And these kids are being given Ritalin and Adderall and all manner of things. Often quite dangerous drugs to get them focused and calm them down. But according to this attention deficit disorder increases as you travel east across the country. People start losing interest in Oklahoma. They can hardly think straight in Arkansas. And by the time they get to Washington they've lost it completely." (Robinson, 2011) The model of education is a system of education "…which is modeled on the interest of industrialism. And in the image of it. I'll give you a couple examples. Schools are still pretty much organized…. [read more]

Handed in by Precisely 12:00 Noon Term Paper

… ¶ … handed in by precisely 12:00 noon, or a "F" will be marked for the course grade. Kim's husband Arnold becomes jealous and suspicious of Kim's college life due to his friend's teasing, creating emotional stress at home. Despite this, Kim manages to complete the paper a day ahead of time, and heads to the bus stop to go to Professor Freud and hand it in. Her friends from school drive by and take her partying with them instead, and Kim doesn't arrive home until late. In the morning, she is unable to get the car keys from her angry husband, and has little time to make it to school to hand in the paper. A phone call to Professor's Freud's secretary makes Kim…. [read more]

Genealogy America -- a Land Term Paper

… Genealogy

America -- a Land of many Kims!

According to journalist Chloe Yong-Shik of the periodical Korea Now in an article entitled "What's in a Name?" The Korean journalist notes that the pride native Koreans take in their family heritage is so intense that they often say: "If I am lying, I would change my last name." Kim is one of the most common Korean surnames in both Korea and in America today. Wherever there is a Korean community, one might say, it is easy to find someone named Kim

For one example of Korean diversity, one need look no further than Jonathan Kim, a lawyer, who currently works as a financial planner and investment advisor at AXA Advisors, LLC in New York. Jonathan Kim…. [read more]

Healthcare Service Delivery Essay

… 6. Set an action plan: the action pan here is the center of the entire intervention plan and would be followed to ensure the social challenge one goes through is changed. Joe set out an action plan with the first option being the voluntary signing of the agreement to keep of alcohol and be caring to the baby. Adam on the other hand had the duty of taking good care of the wife. The second plan if this initial plan failed would be to initiate the take over by the social services.

7. Action. Implement the plan including your evaluation: this is the action stage that things get rolling and in or case, Joe made the couple to sign an agreement, talked to Kim about…. [read more]

Endocrinology it Is Generally Assumed Research Paper

… This suggests another pathway through which menopausal women may develop insulin resistance beyond inappropriate lifestyle changes and the increasing ratio of androgen: estrogen during menopause. Earlier cross-sectional studies revealed that women of reproductive age have lower iron indicators than middle-aged or elderly women. One population-based study reported the prevalence of iron deficiency at 11% in those aged 20-49 years and 5% in those 50-69 years old. Those increases in iron stores could have been due to the termination of menstrual bleeding among the pre-menopausal Danish women. The primary basis of iron levels were merely self-reported duration of absorption and could be different from those reported in pre-menopausal women. Lastly, ferritin and other iron indicators were connected with elevated liver function tests, especially alanine animotransferase. This…. [read more]

International Business Management Accuform Corporate Essay

… Kim can be blamed for his role in the money-laundering scheme and other corruption within the company. It was his responsibility to understand the environment and culture in which his company would operate. Had Kim instituted greater institutional controls and monitoring procedures, it would have been more difficult for Ching to conduct his activities undetected.


Although every manager wants to feel that they can trust their employees, it is reality that this is not always the case. Chinese business culture makes a likelihood of corporate espionage and money-laundering more likely that if the business were located in Europe or the United States where these practices are socially unacceptable (Hooker, 2009). Kim put his own personal feelings and managerial style ahead of the safety of…. [read more]

Subtext Analysis of the Kardashians Show and Current Armenians Research Paper

… Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Since its debut in 2007, E! Entertainment's reality series Keeping Up With the Kardashians has become one of the most successful ongoing reality series, resulting in seven seasons and at least three successful spin-off series. As a result, it represents one of the most prominent representations of Armenians in America, and can offer some insight into the representation of Armenians in general. Examining the first episode of the entire series and evaluating the implications of the show on the representations of Armenians in Los Angeles can help reveal how the show interprets the interpersonal relationships of the family it covers, as well as the way in which the publicity and public relations related to the show can actually serve to…. [read more]

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