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Getting the Best Diet by Tracking Essay

… 5 cups; vegetables = 2 cups; grains = 5 ounce equivalents; meat and beans = 5 ounce equivalents; milk = 3 cups; oils = 5 teaspoons; and the allotted discretionary calorie allowance = 132 calories. Further breaking down the vegetable food group into vegetable subgroup amounts per week gives me the following targets: Dark green vegetables = 2 cups; orang vegetables = 1.5 cups; legumes = 2.5 cups; starchy vegetables = 2.5 cups; and other vegetables = 5.5 cups. Since I consume most of my vegetables raw, except for peas, beans, and artichokes, I need to consider that 2 cups of raw vegetables is equivalent to one cup of cooked vegetables.

I am currently trying the Fast 2 diet that permits me to eat typical…. [read more]

Cholesterol & Hypercholesterolemia Treatment Thesis

… Those with abnormal levels (total cholesterol more than 200 mg/dL or HDL less than 40 mg/dL), will go on to have a test called fasting lipid profile (in which the person being tested refrains from eating for 8 to 12 hours, usually overnight, prior to the test) (Anderson et al., 2001). The fasting test will indicate whether or not total cholesterol levels fall within the normal range (between 140 and 200 mg/dL), are moderately high (between 200 and 240 mg/dL), or if they are in the very high range (240 mg/dL or greater) (Anderson et al., 2001). This blood test also reveals the levels of LDL, HDL, and triglycerides; according to guidelines released by the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP), the optimal level for LDL…. [read more]

How Poor Diet & Lifestyle Cause Diabetes Term Paper

… 4 % of the residents own a house

- 1 car in a household (average)

Schools: American Public University System, University of Maryland College Park, University of Maryland University College

Neighborhood: Leisure World (LW) plaza conveniently located adjacent to LW

Walkability Score: 56; it is somewhat walkable, and some errands can be accomplished on foot

Air and water quality: Air quality score is 43 which is okay. Water quality is 50 on a scale of 100

Nutrition: There is a nutrition and cooking kickstart class, and a food for life diabetes cooking class offered at leisure world

Crime: 1,739 total number of crimes, crime rate is 23.06 per…. [read more]

Fortune Summary and Rebuttal Stipp Term Paper

… Rebuttal

Stipp ends his article, noting that although countering the effects of aging may be profoundly unnatural, so are seatbelts and antibiotics. However, does 'developed by humans' mean the same thing as unnatural? True, human beings have had varied life spans for the duration of the recorded life of the species. Moreover, improved nutrition, less warlike lifestyles, the curtailment of disease, and the introduction of central heating have all conspired, however unintentionally to extend the available lifespan of the species.

However, all of these modifications are quite different than simply popping a pill to prolong human existence. The idea that some individuals would have access to a life-prolonging pill because of greater wealth and available pharmaceutical health care would not simply exacerbate the differences between…. [read more]

Selling Medical Supplies in Mozambique Term Paper

… Mozambique faces the significant problem of a major HIV epidemic due to its high prevalence level coupled with other structural factors or causes like high poverty, gender inequality which greatly affects women, cultural elements and enhanced patterns of labor mobility. Mozambique is plagued by acute incidence of AIDS with about 1.3 million affected by the HIV virus, with women being the most affected. Already there has been 1, 10,000 deaths leaving 4,70,000 AIDS orphans. The business plan for the medical supplies in Mozambique can tackle this dreaded disease by means of anti-retroviral therapy. We need to have an understanding of the market environment in Mozambique before engulfing in such a task. Because of the state of health and immunization position of Mozambique, location and the…. [read more]

Cookware Is a Durable and Responsive Market Research Proposal

… Cookware is a durable and responsive market that enjoys a lot of innovation, especially in the more mature markets such as the UK. Competition between cookware providers is tighter and tighter every day, while the consumer's budget is slowly decreasing. The social trends suggest that despite a strong media attention on healthy eating habits, the increasing involvement of women in the labor market diminishes their willingness to spend time cooking at home. In fact, they would rather buy ready made food and enjoy the time outside the kitchen.

These trends also show an opportunity for sales leads in the ready made food industry, which should register increased sales and therefore an increased demand for cookware products.

Kerry Co.'s sales decreased lately and the company needs…. [read more]

satisfactory site? Modern warehouses, similar to manufacturing Essay

… ¶ … satisfactory site?

Modern warehouses, similar to manufacturing plants, are often located in suburban or rural areas where the cost of land is significantly less and there is access to main highways. Usually the warehouse is a long, flat, and often one story building, instead of older multi-story buildings that are regularly seen in downtown areas of numerous cities. With this type of building, there is no need to build and maintain passenger and freight elevators, nor to build stairwells and staircases. This type of construction also means there is no added costs to reinforce/fortify floors to increase their load handling capacity. Excellent floor layouts also mean that within these single level buildings - plus the wide aisles - forklifts and other tools and…. [read more]

Business Plan for Sleep Lab Business Plan

… Business Plan for a Sleep Lab

National Institutes of Health - National Center on Sleep

Disorders Research

Necessity of Sleep Reviewed

Sleep Industry

Types of Sleep Lab Business Structures

Mission Statement

Keys to Success

Market Analysis




Business Plan for a Sleep Lab

National Institutes of Health - National Center on Sleep Disorders Research

According to the National Institutes of Health 2007 Fact Book the National Center on Sleep Disorders Research (NCSDR) "...plans, directs, and supports basic, clinical, and applied research, health education, and training in sleep and sleep disorders. It oversees developments in its program areas; assesses the national needs for research on causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of sleep disorders and sleepiness; and coordinates sleep research activities across several Federal Government…. [read more]

Marketing Concept and Market Segmentation in Practice Term Paper

… Marketing Concept and Market Segmentation in Practice

Marketing Concept and Marketing Segmentation in Practice

Criteria for Evaluating Marketing Concept and Segmentation

In completing this analysis of Domino's Pizza Global Operations, a SWOT Analysis, assessment of the company's external and industry factors, Porter's Five Forces Model of Competition, and a thorough analysis of the existing and potential Domino's customers have all been used as the basis of completing this analysis and recommendations. The result is a series of marketing goals and objectives, marketing strategies, market mix recommendations by objective, and a series of evaluation control and contingency plans.

Situation Analysis

Today Domino's is the leader in the delivery segment of pizza sales in the U.S., second only to Pizza Hut in total pizza sales, as this…. [read more]

Qsr: Quick Service Restaurants Healthy Eaters Marketing Plan

… ¶ … QSR: Quick Service Restaurants

Healthy Eaters was founded to help people achieve their goals of a healthier, more energetic life through nutritious, balanced meals at an affordable price. Healthy Eaters is dedicated to making sure the foods you put into your body are not only healthy, but are also balanced and portioned precisely to help you reach your goals. We cook using only the best ingredients, to ensure the highest quality meals possible for you. Our custom meals start with the basic foundations of health: lean protein, whole-grain carbohydrates, and nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits. Each meal is precisely measured for your daily caloric intake needs. Healthy Eaters was started on a simple principle: fuel the body and watch the soul flourish. The staff…. [read more]

Pedagogic Model: Teaching Technology in Special Education Dissertation

… " (Dougiamas, 1998) Such trivial constructivism, though, is the bedrock from which Glaserfelds more radical constructivism springs. He continues to state that because knowledge is constructed by the learner, and because no two learners are the same, knowledge itself is not absolute. There is a degree to which knowledge is an illusion, and every individual constructs their own conception of reality which (while susceptible to the demands of "real" or normal reality) does not necessarily align with the normal paradigm. Constructivism does embrace this relativistic and existential approach to reality, but it also holds as a primary value the idea of constraint which enables the thinkers to participate in social interaction and mainstream reality. (Glasersfeld)

One interesting area of constructionist theory is…. [read more]

Business Culture and Expansion Trends Research Paper

… From the North comes Kathak, which is understood for its utilization of even more than hundered ankle bells. Odissi is among the earliest dances which likewise come from holy places with the 'devadaisis.' Odissi as well has 2 various designs within it, Abhinaya (stylized) and the Nritta (non-representational). Manipuri dance is called after the North-Eastern area of Manipur from where it stemmed. Like numerous other Indian types, this type of dance is distinguished by slow-moving motions and essential hand motions. Each sort of dance represents its area, history and culture. It is remarkable the number of old designs of dance have actually been kept active throughout India (Doh, J., and Luthans, 2009).


There are various types of typical dresses in India which vary based…. [read more]

Strategic Management Facebook Case Presentation Research Paper

… ¶ … Environmental Analysis

Technical trends

At the current time there are many different trends in the field of social networking technology. One of the most popular trends is associated with technologies that allow users access to various social networking websites instantaneously through portable devices. This means that when someone is looking at a Face book page, send twitter messages, get music and watch YouTube. This technology is currently available via cell phones, the iPad and other portable devices. Now more than ever people have greater access to one another through social networking sites and the technology that has been created to support their use.

One of the major trends is the use of different apps or applications to carry out specific task. These apps…. [read more]

Mathematics Z-Model Framework in Middle School Thesis

… This unique framework has 4 domains, and while this study investigates the Z-model's use in the mathematics curriculum, this framework is focused on improving and enhancing students' achievement in any course of study.

The four domains involved in the Z-model create a comprehensive educational understanding and framework for use in improving educational progress. They are:

  1. Brain development, and efforts in the classroom which can enhance/promote brain development.

  2. How project-based learning can be utilized in order to fully engage the student in the learning community.

  3. Data-Driven instruction (the second half of the breadth - vs. - depth debate). The students must be held accountable to learn a specific knowledge base of facts, figures, and formulae. Without objective measurement of the educational progress,…. [read more]

Computers Are an Underutilized Resource Term Paper

… This study will be of use to the physical education departments and administration of many school districts. It will serve as a springboard for them to develop their own plans and ideas.

The focus of the study will be on the high school level, but the concepts derived from it will be applicable on the Junior High and lower levels as well. They computer technology involvement may not be as extensive as on the High School level, but it will have some use. The focus of the study is on the high school level as these students are beginning to gain exposure to computers in other areas.

The study will encompass only high schools in my state of residence. The reasoning for this is that…. [read more]

Michael Pollan in 2006, Published a Work Research Paper

… Michael Pollan in 2006, published a work that has to some degree changed the way that people eat, or at the very least attempted to change the way that we think about the food we eat. (Shea 54) Pollan demonstrates through fundamentally modern rhetoric the relationship that people, and more specifically American's have with food and how very distant we are from it. ("History, Old Favorites in" B08) To some degree Pollan, others like him and internationally challenging food shortages and even worse food born illnesses and scares are changing the way that food is understood with regard to an international and national food traceability and accountability movement. (Popper 365) Pollan challenges the "industrial food chain" looking at ingredients, finished food products and other issues…. [read more]

Tainted Meat Recalls Term Paper

… C., said, "Federal and state (officials) should be more concerned with protecting consumers from unnecessary ... food-borne illness, and less concerned with protecting grocers and meat producers from bad publicity." (Lee, 2004)

Even the most avowed exponent of capitalism could hardly deny consumers the right simply not to buy something, after receiving full disclosure as to its contents. Because meat is not a packaged good like, for instance, Wonder Bread, consumers of agricultural products must rely on government agencies to know that indeed the food they consume is organic, if advertised as such, and is wholesome. The argument against such large-scale advertisement, of course, is that a public health scare along the lines of those directed at apples, because of harmless sprayed pesticides, might cause…. [read more]

Influence of Self-Perception and Self-Image on Consumers Choice of Luxury Fashion Brands Dissertation

… ¶ … price remains one of the most important factors that many consumers take into account in formulating their purchase decision, it is important for marketers to segment their target market accordingly. For luxury brands, this means that higher prices must be justified by the consumers' perception of higher quality or more nebulous factors such as brand association. The primary of the proposed study is to examine the influence that self-perception and self-image have on the consumer in their choice of luxury fashion brands. To achieve this research purpose, the study proposed herein will be guided by five main aims: (a) to test and examine the hypothesis stated above for its validity; (b) if the hypothesis holds true, to measure how strong of an influence…. [read more]

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