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Global Financial Investment Thesis

… Global Financial Investment

Globalization has allowed economic agents to transcend boundaries and expand their operations to various global regions. But this ability has also materialized in the need to face risks of larger degrees and to develop the most adequate solutions that respond to the risks of conducting international operations. To better understand this concept, it is important to assess a real life situation, that of the American Wilson Company that is looking to invest $12 million in a joint venture in China to produce and sell videocassettes. In deciding the most favorable course of action, the managers at the United States company have to respond to questions such as the cost of capital, the net present value, the determinants of profitability, the capital structure…. [read more]

Global Financial Stabilty Essay

… Taking Japan and U.S., there is a substantial need for effective steps toward fiscal adjustment of medium-term. Despite the fact that the emerging market economies are navigating the global shocks successfully, there is a significant need to guard the global financial system against future shocks. This becomes even better when there is management of slow down growth in the growth of the global economy.

The IMF report is also considering examining whether the regulatory reforms are taking the financial system in the right direction. Although the report indicates that there is a limitation on the progress due to various reforms, the IMF policy makers are recommending the use of crisis intervention methods in several economies. All these recommendations aim at making sure that the global…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Global Financial Crisis Essay

… Another group of researchers and economists believe that the global economic crisis will make it harder and more challenging for the governments to revitalize their financial sectors. It is because the world has not yet seen any significant steps by the governments of the affected economies to retrieve the past performance of their financial sectors. For instance, the Government of the United States has failed to bring its economy out of the serious foreign debts which are rapidly increasing day by day (United Nations Organization 2009).

Boom in the next decade:

In contrast to these opinions and arguments, another group of economist and financial experts believe that the global economic crisis is going to end in the following seven to ten years period. They argue…. [read more]

Global Capital Investment Term Paper

… Developing nations often get their money more from dealing with international investors that may destabilize the developing country's financial markets if they are allowed to. That means that developing nations should establish a strong foundation that is based more on the volatility of international capital flows, macroeconomic policies and a sound governmental base as opposed to allowing international investors to provide all of the capital.

Is there some critical distinction between "less developed" and "emerging"? (Please provide a definitive response in 1-2 paragraphs.)

Calling a country as 'developing' or less developed is more or less comparing it to other nations that are considered to be 'developed.' The definition of a less developed country then would be based on if that nation's level of development is…. [read more]

Global Financial Strategy Critical Assessment Case Study

… These structural assessments should also focus on the determination of the legal and management programs to understand the various components in the achievement of goals and objectives of globalization. It is essential for the organization to understand the structures: economic, social, communications, transportation, and political in order to develop and implement appropriate mechanisms in the management of the issues. This indicates that the organization will have the opportunity to meet its targets by aligning its mechanisms with the relevant structures in the country.

Debt indicators

Another important risk factor is analysis of the debt indicators thus enabling the organization to focus on improvement of liquidity of its shares. This will enable the organization to accumulate capital globally through development and establishment of secondary shares' market.…. [read more]

Global Financial Crisis (GFC) Research Paper

… The effect of the global financial crisis has biggest negative impact on the U.S. GDP with permanent loss of wealth of household, and there is gradual decrease of household consumption. The value of the stock markets decline due to the crisis and the equity risks make investors to divert into other domestic assets such as government bonds and assets purchase overseas. Typically, the effect of U.S. financial crisis translates into the global financial crisis because U.S. has business relations with many countries in the world. Typically, many countries depend on the U.S. economy. For example, United States is the largest importer of Chinese goods, and the collapse of U.S. stocks reflect on the Chinese stock markets.

Douglas, (2009) argues the global crisis is attributed to…. [read more]

Global Financial Crisis Essay

… After the demise of huge financial corporations such as Enron, WorldCom, etc., the Sarbanes-Oxley Act was issued in the U.S. This act refrained audit firms from providing both type of services to their clients. The blame upon the audit profession was that if they had not been involved in providing such services then they would have been more independent in reviewing the financial statements of the financial institutions and therefore could have detected the wrong accounting practices (Mohamed Ariff, 2012).

Responses of the Accounting and Auditing Professions in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis

In response to the finger pointing and to address the criticism leveled on the accounting and audit professions after the global financial crisis, international bodies and national regulatory agencies brought…. [read more]

Global Financial Markets Essay

… Global Financial Markets

Several economists have blamed the emergence of the global economic crisis on the difficulties encountered on the financial market. Primary causes of the crisis, as believed by Joe Miller and Brooks Jackson at the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania, include the fact that the government has significantly reduced the interest rates in the dot-com bubble burst era, increasing as such the access to credits and allowing the unnecessary inflation in real estate properties. Also, a major cause is that the government allowed the implementation of the flexible interest rate, which attracted buyers, but then came to their disadvantage. Thirdly, the crisis was due to the failure of the Wall Street organizations in properly dealing with and supervising the…. [read more]

Financial Derivatives This Study Emphasized Thesis

… Economists are aware of the external and agency costs that occurs when one party acts "rationally" -- that is, in his or her own best interests -- and that action has an adverse effect on another party or parties, the cost to others will be far greater than the benefit to the decision-maker hence agency conflicts that arise between corporate managers, stockholders and bondholders. Both the theory for and empirical examples of "looting," defined as the taking of other people's money while the guarantor (usually the government and by extension, its taxpayers) is left to pay the cost (Akerlof and Romer 1993). Such instances of looting are especially common in climates of "poor accounting, lax regulation, or low penalties for abuse." (Jensen and Meckling, 1976).…. [read more]

New Regulatory Framework of Financial Institutions in the Aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis Research Paper

… New Regulatory Framework of Financial Institutions in the Aftermath of the Global

Financial Crisis

Over the last several years, the total amounts of regulation in the financial sector have been increasingly brought to the forefront. This is because of the elimination of key guidelines (i.e. The Glass Steagall Act) allowed firms to engage in tremendous amounts of speculation. What was happening is a number of banks had combined their operations with different brokerage firms. The basic idea was to offer consumers with greater amounts of products and services. (Rottman, 2008)

The newest and most popular was the adjustable rate loan (a.k.a. subprime mortgage). This is a home loan that was underwritten by U.S. government backed agencies (such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). They would…. [read more]

US Financial System Term Paper

… USA Financial System

financial system is one of the most complex systems in the world. There are several environmental factors which have an impact on the U.S. financial system such as the economy and federal regulation. The paper will look at the impact of financial market on the economy, businesses and individuals. It will also explain the role of Federal Reserve clearly indicating its effectiveness in today's economic environment. It will further look at the influence of interest rates on the U.S. And global financial environment. Finally, it will look at the impact of exchange rates on a business decision to operate in foreign markets.

U.S financial market

financial market comprises of financial transactions of any type that help in growth of businesses, and through…. [read more]

Banking Crisis the Global Financial Crisis Began Essay

… Banking Crisis

The global financial crisis began as a banking crisis in the United States and spread quickly throughout the world. A crisis of this proportion does not gestate quickly or easily -- a large number of factors and substantial time are required to create this type of economic mess. Among the lead factors were deregulation of banking sectors around the world, interest rate policy at the Federal Reserve, and the rampant securitization of mortgage debt.

The banking crisis is, at its heart, a credit crisis. Banks no longer have the capability to lend as freely as they once did. As a result, firms and individuals have a more difficult time getting the credit they need for capital investments, operating lines of credit or mortgages.…. [read more]

Financial Analysis of Lehman Research Paper

… It further closed its offices in three states which were related to its mortgage business. By now, it was becoming evident the claims of the CFO of the form remain to be untrue as firm was being drastically affected by the slump in the housing market. The firm still continued to remain one of the major contributors in the mortgage market. In the year 2007, Lehman seemed to be unaware of its current environmental threats that were posed to it due to financial crisis in the housing market as it underwrote the highest amount of mortgage backed securities with a portfolio of $85 billion which was around four times the firm's shareholder equity. (Murphy, 2010)

In late 2007, it seemed as if Lehman Brothers would…. [read more]

Financial Statement Analysis Westpac (Wbc) Essay

… The financial data over the three years between 2009 and 2011 are used to access the financial health of the company.

ROE between 2009 and 2011

ROE in 2009: 218 / 3,013*100= 7.2%

ROE in 2010: 202 / 4,068*100= 4.69%

ROE in 2011: 380 / 3,688*100= 10.30

ROA between 2009 and 2011

ROA in 2009: 218/8,446*100 =2.5%

ROA in 2010: 202/11,117*100=1.8%

ROA in 2011: 380/10,924*100=3.5%

Profitability Ratio

Profitability ratio in 2010: 202 / 2,809*100= 7.19%

Profitability ratio in 2011: 380 / 6,310*100= 6.022%

Table 3: Profitability of AMCOR between 2009 and 2011

Profitability Ratios in %




Profitability Ratio



Return on Assets (ROA)




Return on Equity (ROE)




Based on the financial data from 2009 and…. [read more]

Financial Institutions and Markets Article Review

… Financial Institutions and Markets

Key findings or highlights of the article

The Canadian financial system is strong and will withstand the depression.

The capital and liquidity of banks and non-financial corporate sector is stable.

Major risks emanate from overseas positions and not from domestic economy.

Impact on the Canadian or global financial system

There are high monetary risks in the whole international financial system.

There are future risks in Europe that may create debt and reversal in currency indices.

The banks operating on a global scale from Canada face very great risks.

Money markets in the global scenario require infusion of capital and its quantum is yet to be assessed.

Corporate debt markets also are low in investment and low demands in aggregate.

Regulatory or…. [read more]

Financial Analysis of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc Research Paper

… Financial Analysis of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

Financial analysis of Brocade

Brocade Overview

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. (Brocade) is a multinational corporation in the United States of America (Hamblen, 2003). It is a technology company which specializes in data as well as storage networking products. The company supplies networking equipments, not only in the United States but all over the world. Such equipments include end to end internet protocol (IP) (BCS, 2009). The company also provides Ethernet networking solutions as well as a storage area networking solutions to organizations and businesses of all sizes and types (Hamblen, 2003). These include global enterprises, cable operators, mobile carriers and service providers including telecommunication firms. The company offers a variety of software and hardware products and services for…. [read more]

Financial Risk the Financial Ratio Essay

… With this in mind, the appropriate risk would need to have the ability to reach the goal at a target date. There would need to be enough risk to meet the goal with enough low risk investments to diversify any losses for the overall portfolio. The overall portfolio would require assets from all three asset categories and contain diversification within each of the asset categories.


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Kieso, D.E., Weygant, J.J., & Warfield, T.D. (2008). Full disclosure in Financial Reporting. In D.E.…. [read more]

Global Financing and Exchange Rate Term Paper

… The subject status was instituted to reduce IFIs' risk (together with the shareholders) because of the special function within the society of the international financial institutions. Therefore, it would be essential to note the existing status that the creditors prefer not by law but custom, but may have been given the honor in cases where states have encountered debt problems.

Many other guarantee instruments have been developed by IFIs. Instruments used for political risks have encouraged the lenders of the private sector to be involved in projects of developing countries in the recent years. IFIs have critical attention than lenders of the private sector in evaluating whether the subject project to be financed is correct in the context of the wider economy of the host…. [read more]

Global Economic Crisis Thesis

… Global Financial Crisis

The current financial crisis may have unfolded over a period of months, but the causes of the crisis encapsulate years of government decision-making. Many of the ill-fated decisions were made in response to other crises, which makes the response of the Bush and Obama administrations to this crisis all the more interesting. One of the roles of government, even in the most free-wheeling capitalist countries is to guide the state of the economy (indeed, to be free-wheeling is a specific choice). What this paper will show is that the crisis was caused by governments that made short-term decisions without considering for or evaluation of the long-term consequences of those decisions.

The first major antecedent in terms of government policy came in response…. [read more]

Financial Investment Analysis Term Paper

… Financial Investment Analysis: Securities

The foreign investment strategies of national pension systems vary widely. In the United States, the Social Security fund keeps its reserves in government bonds, while other countries such as Singapore have tens of billions of dollars of their worker's invested abroad. ("China's Pension Fund to Invest Abroad, 2006, International Business Times) A manager of a private pension has the discretion to choose to invest either entirely domestically, or to combine a mixed investment approach between home and abroad, and thus the next, obvious question is -- what approach is the wisest?

The reasons for investing in international securities include the added value that diversity can bring to any portfolio, particularly when the country of origin's economy is not doing particularly well,…. [read more]

Financial Case Study

… However, at the end of the 2010 fiscal year, the company recorded sale growth by recording more than $24 billion dollars in sales. By the end of the 2012, fiscal year, the company has recorded sales of more than $27.5 billion. Similarly, the company recorded increase in the net income between 2008 and 2012. At the end of the 2008 fiscal year, the company recorded the net income of 4.3 Billion dollars; however, at the end of 2012 fiscal year, the company recorded the growth of the net income of approximately $5.5 billion. Between 2008 and 2012, the company gross margin increased from 36.7% in 2008 to 38.8% at the end of the 2012 fiscal year. The company-operating margin also increased from 27.4% in 2008…. [read more]

Financial System Financial Markets Essay

… This does not mean that the rules have changed, just that Fed policy is not enough to be effective given the depth of the recession that we have been in.

3 Interest rates are a key component of recent Fed policy. In general, low rates constitute expansionary monetary policy while high rates constitute contractionary policy (Moffatt, 2013). Low interest rates lower the cost of money. With cheaper money, businesses and consumers are able to purchase more. In particular, businesses are more likely to invest because more projects become profitable when the cost of money is low. The result is that the U.S. economy should expand. In addition, the global financial environment should be positive with low interest rates in the U.S., because cheap dollars benefit…. [read more]

Investment Management in the Financial Essay

… These investment instruments are always fluctuating in value and require necessary accounting adjustments to the market value in accordance to the generally accepted accounting principles of the country.

The other inevitable investment vehicle is long-term debt instruments. The investment in excessive liquidity into long-term bonds maturing after more than three years and consist of government mutual funds is the best investment vehicle but with limitations. Corporate government bonds are risky to investors during phases of volatile interest rates. Such situations lead to liquidation of government bond portfolios often bringing significant trading losses to investors. To reduce such investment risks require the investor to put only a minimal portion of excess liquidity into long-term debt and puts strict parameters to guard against inappropriate investments decisions. These…. [read more]

Global Business When Businesses Go Essay

… The largest impact which Italy has taken from Globalization is from economic environment of the world markets (Dconti, 2012). Due to Globalization, Italy has seen a large number of businesses going international during the last eight to ten years. Finding attractive investment opportunities in the developed and developing countries of the World, Italian companies expanded their operations into those countries, strengthened their foot prints, and became successful international corporations (CIA, 2012).

Recognition in the World Markets:

With the help of Globalization, Italian businesses received world-wide recognition and appreciation. Italian products were introduced to the new potential target countries which warmly welcomed these international brands into their markets. To compete with the low cost manufacturers in these international markets, Italian companies focused more on the quality…. [read more]

Business Analysis Part Two Essay

… Financial Analysis

McDonald's like many other companies was affected by the recent global financial crisis, and its revenue and profitability was affected. However, presently, the company has recovered in the last two years. This is very clear when you examine McDonald's from 2007 to 2011. The net income of McDonald's has steadily risen from 2007 to 2011. As shown in its financial report, (see 2011 annual report), in 2007, its net income was $2,395 millions. The following year, its net income increased to $4,313 million, this was followed by a net income of $4,551 in 2009, and then $4,946 million in 2010. In 2011, McDonald's was again on a positive trend posting a net income of $5,503 million. This steady increase in net income shows…. [read more]

Caterpillar Inc. Global Financial Prospectus Capstone Project

… On January 26, 2009, the Caterpillar made public announcement that it would temporarily suspend its stock repurchase program.

Much of what Caterpillar is doing to reconstitute its force in global segments weakened by stock performance, is closer attention to internal factors contributing to fiscal waste and price increases in manufacturing. Interpretation of the internal environment is critical to advancing interests in the external environment. Caterpillar Production System (CPS) with Six Sigma planning and implementation was put into action to achieve outperformance in the Company's 2010 strategic goals. Significant improvement in product availability, coupled with increased inventory returns means that serious attention to financial control and goals of 'zero' inventory levels within the operations channel will benefit from the industry specific software application (SAP), CODA plc,…. [read more]

Global Financial Crisis: An Examination Essay

… 83 and an acid test ratio of .70) during the year, long-term liabilities were again dramatically cut, signaling a paying-off of debt that made the company leaner, more soluble in the long-term, and more creditworthy (The Hour Glass Ltd., 2008; Gilman, 2011). Equity in the company also rose dramatically, and dividends increased more than four-fold in the year, suggesting that the company engaged in an active raising of capital via equity in order to pay off debt during this period of belt-tightening, which might have helped to ensure the company's long-term survival even if it did hurt short-term profits (The Hour Glass Ltd., 2008).


Though the years 2009 and 2010 ostensibly came after the worst of the financial crisis was over, for many companies…. [read more]

Global Financial Crisis: A Comparison Thesis


The impact of the global financial crisis upon the countries of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, while slower in being realized than throughout the rest of the world have nevertheless impacted both Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Since Saudi Arabia is now part of the global economy there is no way that being affected from the global financial crisis is possible however, due to the large holdings of investors and banks in Saudi Arabia and the UAE coupled with the falling prices of raw commodities, the governments and investors of both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are uniquely positioned at the present.


The purpose…. [read more]

Financial System Reforms and Emerging Property Markets Performance in the Middle East Literature Review

… Financial System Reforms

Over the last several years the property markets of: Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and United Arab Emirates followed the performance of what was occurring worldwide. Where, prices are in a steady free fall following many years of appreciation. However, due to the overall amounts of speculation that was taking place meant that many of these once promising markets turned cold rather quickly. A good example of this can be seen in Egypt, where prices have fallen 37% in 2009. As many homebuyers canceled their down payments, which had a ripple effect on the commercial real estate market. This is despite the fact that on the lower end of the housing market there is a short of 40,000 units per…. [read more]

Financial Managers and CEO's Play Term Paper

… This means that they are involved in mergers, acquisitions and the like. (Financial Managers)

Financial managers have to understand the minute details of business transactions and the impact that these transactions will have on the overall financial well being of the organization. (Financial Managers)

The role of the financial manager is also changing in that many financial managers are expected to have leadership abilities that were once reserved for CEO's and business managers. Because financial managers are often required to work with different types of people, the ability to display leadership qualities is paramount.

Financial Management as the best preparation for becoming a CEO

Certainly, it seems that being a financial manager would be good preparation for becoming a CEO. However, it is not clear…. [read more]

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