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Conceptualizing a Business First Research Proposal

… They are broad and all-inclusive and focus on forward thinking as it is the image that a business possesses about its goals. Our organizations vision statement goes like this: "Few years down the line we would be the finest event planning company by committing ourselves to flexibility, efficiency and high quality service. We wish to be the leader in setting original and superior standards and maintain our commitment to excellence by assuring guest satisfaction."

Our business is solely dependent upon its significant values and guiding principles and they are considered to be the groundwork and foundation of our business. These values guide the business by providing a better direction and right track to achieve its objectives successfully (Wheelen & Hunger, 2004). We do not act…. [read more]

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Singapore Research Paper

… At that time, many among the governing elite were wary that, while 'Westernization' had served Singapore well in its quest of industrialization and economic development, the city-state was also in danger of losing its 'Asian' roots and identity." (p.948 in Yuen, 2006, p.836)

Singapore Policy Matters

Singapore was reported in the Foreign Policy magazine to be "the world's most global country." (Yuen, p.836) Bachtiar (2002) is noted as having stated:

"These days, more than 200,000 Singaporeans work overseas. And many more travel frequently, laying their heads down to sleep in distant lands, gazing at novel views from their windows . . . its people have come to assimilate more global influences. Today's populace likes having a Starbucks around the corner and glittering megamalls. They want…. [read more]

Starbucks in India Identifying Global Business Plan

… This is why Starbucks has partnered with Tata, in order to make these problems disappear. There are some incentives for foreign direct investment, but these pale compared the incentive provided by the size of the market. Each state and each city has its own government that must be dealt with.

Intellectual Property

There are issues with intellectual property protections that might be of concern to Starbucks. Protections are generally poor in India, and enforcement is lax. Without the cooperation of local government, IP rights can be hard to enforce. This cooperation may not be forthcoming.

Formal Trade Barriers and Promoting Global Business

Despite India's status as a major emerging market, the government there is doing little to create the conditions for substantial foreign investment. Countries…. [read more]

Global Business International Reserves, in This Table Essay

… Global Business

"International reserves, in this table, refer to total reserves minus gold. According to the IMF definition, "total reserves minus gold" consist of the sum of the country's foreign exchange, its reserve position in the IMF and the U.S. dollar value of SDR holdings by its monetary authorities. (SDR - special drawing rights)"The UNCTAD handbook states that the following list of nations had the corresponding international reserves in the year 2004, in U.S. dollars by millions:

Costa Rica 1,921.8

Indonesia 34,952.5

Lebanon 11,734.6

Nigeria 16,955.6

South Africa 19,972.8

According to the reported statistics Indonesia had the highest estimated level of international reserves while Costa Rica had the lowest. (UNCTAD Handbook online, (

It is clear that these statistics represent a significant indicator of the…. [read more]

International Business 5 Pertinent Topics Term Paper

… Description

This article clarifies the differences between China and the West, using Hofstede's four cultural dimensions and Bond's fifth dimension. Hofstede explained that culturally-based values systems were made up of four dimensions: power distance, individualism/collectivism, masculinity/femininity, and uncertainty avoidance. Bond added a fifth "Eastern" dimension called long-term/short-term orientation. By these measurements, Western countries seem to be generally lower than China in power distance.

In terms of individualism, Western countries are generally much higher than China. Western countries also have a much shorter-term orientation vs. China's longer-term orientation. China and the U.S. appear to differ greatly in nearly all the aspects examined here. It is clear to see that these cultural differences have already had, and will continue to have, a great impact on Sino-American business…. [read more]

Vrd Industry, Located in Singapore Case Study

… In the case of VDR industry, the boundary of the managers such as Lee overstretched to the breaking point due to the emergence of new issues relating the operation of the industry. This requires managers that have vast knowledge in experimenting and risk takers in creating a sustainable future for their industry. VDR industry experiences organizational change, whereby new role assigned to specific individuals tends to overpower them thus leading to competition from related fields. The industry fails to maintain competent managers who happen to improve the total production of the industry. The structural change of the industry for the past 40 years heavily affected the operations of the industry where managers appointed for selfish gains instead of participating in development projects.

Why is the…. [read more]

Firm Australia Business Philippine Essay

… S. And Spain, it will be quite easy for the company to manage to breakthrough in the Philippines which is somewhat a mash-up of Spanish and American cultures. Therefore, this is a low risk item Rodell, 2002()

Economic issues

The economy of the Philippines is the 45th largest economy in the whole wide world. The country has an estimated GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of 216 billion U.S. dollars. The major exports of the country are electronic products such as semiconductors, microchips, etc. Mercer, 1996.

Other exports include garments, transport equipment, copper products, coconut oil, petroleum products and fruits. The major trading partners of the country are the U.S., China, Japan, Singaporre, Hong Kong, Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and Thailand. The currency unit that is…. [read more]

Business Strategies Found in Asia Term Paper

… When functioning on the international scale, it is easy to forget that multiple stimuli can obscure perception and other overall message. This creates miscommunication and problems.

An effective leader will take a chance at being uncomfortable to promote dialogue amongst people of different cultures. Leaders have the ability to influence, inspire and relate stories to their employees. This in turn creates an environment of trust and pride. Upon studying cultural relations, only then does one see the universal themes. The connection begins at a fundamental level of human sociology where the use of story is central. Howard Gardner reflects, "the ultimate impact of the leader depends most significantly on the particular story that he or she relates or embodies, and the receptions to that story…. [read more]

Singapore Economy Singapore: Looking Back Essay

… S. dollars into the nation. Currently, the U.S. Companies are attracted to the skilled workforce and Singapore, particularly in technological fields (Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, 2012). Since 2003 the U.S. has provided close to two million dollars in technical exchanges and existence to encourage favorable export conditions from the U.S. To Singapore. Currently, the U.S. is one of Singapore's largest foreign investors, with over 1,500 U.S. firms in operation in Singapore. Singapore has a waiver program that allows Singapore nationals to travel to the United States for 90 days or less to conduct business without needing a Visa (Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, 2012). These programs will significantly improve trade opportunities for small and medium companies in Singapore.

Looking Forward…. [read more]

Global Ebusiness Marketing Term Paper

… Global eBusiness Marketing

Discussion of International Marketing Issues and Difficulties for an Australian Firm undertaking Market Research in Vietnam

In an increasingly globalized marketplace, it is vitally important for enterprises of all types to have reliable and timely information concerning the markets in which they compete. Moreover, for those companies seeking to expand their operations into foreign countries, obtaining this type of market research data is absolutely essential. Things have changed from years past, though, and many companies may be tempted to use the vast array of market data readily available on the internet or through domestic sources such as university and public libraries or trade journals. Furthermore, many countries seeking additional foreign investment have established trade offices that provide prospective investors with market-related data…. [read more]

Global Business Essay

… g. turnover), much more likely to intend to remain with the company (e.g. potential turnover) and their associated behavior while still employed with the firm will be reflective of how they perceive their supervisors' and managers' intentions. To be concise, if a given person or team feels that the layoff axe is about to come, their productivity and morale will be exceedingly poor, which is to be expected by any reasonable person. To combat this, management needs to be fair and honest with the employees so that they know what is going on whenever reasonably possible. While this perhaps goes for all business ventures, international or not, this particular study suggests that the outsourcing/international nature of these ventures ups the proverbial ante quite a bit…. [read more]

Management Problem Identification Expanding the Business Overseas Research Proposal

… Expanding Business Overseas

Global expansion of high-growth businesses is often done by default through intuitive or even anecdotal research, rather than by evaluating the alignment of a given firms' core strengths and cultural values to other nations' cultures. Yet this is precisely what the consultancy must do; it must look to cultural frameworks to provide insights into which nation is the best potential candidate to launch their business and software application into. Hong Kong, Singapore, the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom and France have all been mentioned as potential foreign markets of interest. Within each of these regions there are cultural nuances and differences that defy anecdotal analysis. What the consultancy needs to do is evaluate these nations from a cultural fit standpoint to ascertain…. [read more]

Wal-Mart Analysis Industry Information in Completing Thesis

… Wal-Mart Analysis

Industry Information

In completing an analysis of the Big Box Retailing industry of which Wal-Mart is the most dominant participate, the key factors of the industry's growth potential, industry profitability, degrees of risk in the industry's future, and how this industry is confronting the current economic challenges in the retailing environment. As an industry, Big Box Retailing is considered to be in the mature phase of its product lifecycle (Sampson, 2008). Many research firms and the Department of Commerce consider the Big Box Retailing industry one of three industries that comprise the U.S. General Merchandise Stores Sector. According to industry analysts real sector revenue increased 14.1% over the last five years. Of the three industries that comprise this sector, the Big Box Retailing…. [read more]

General Electric Company (GE) SWOT

… The buyers have ability to switch from one company to the other. The company is facing competition within the industry. Thus, buyers have the power to switch to alternative company.

Threat of New Entrant: There are barriers to enter the industry. These barriers are economic of scale and huge financial resources to set up a new firm. GE is enjoying high market advantages with the threat of new entrants making the company to record huge profits over the years.

Threat of Substitutes: There are close substitute within the industry giving the buyers power to switch to other products within the industry. There are several substitutes in the U.S. And the Europe.

Competitive Rivalry: GE is facing stiff competition within the industry leading the company to…. [read more]

Business Communications C.E.O Opening a New Hotel Business Plan

… Business Communications


Opening a New Hotel Chain in Kualalumpur, Malaysia

As per your request I have researched the business environment in Malaysia in order to evaluate the scope of our new hotel chain opening up in Malaysia. Malaysia has a highly lucrative tourist industry and can prove to be a very fruitful market for Hotel Ritz.

The Malaysian Tourism Industry

Malaysia is currently one of the world's most rapidly emerging tourist market. Not only tourism but it is a growing economy in general. Sharing its borders with Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Indonesia, the tropical Malaysia remains host to foreign tourists throughout the year. For this reason tourism remains one of the third largest sector that contributes to the Malaysian economy.

Apart from the tourism…. [read more]

Business Environment in Taiwan Research Paper

… S. territory. This will allow the U.S. raw material suppliers (for Taiwan's ICT sector) to freely interact with their existing and potential clients and follow-up through their own visits at a later stage to Taiwan. The Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan also reviewed a 'negative list' containing items legally allowed for foreign investment. Items in this list were reduced from 52 to 30. Except shareholding ratios and industries involving national security, Taiwan now allows all industry sectors open to FDI. Services sectors, specifically financial services are now accessible for foreign investors to invest money. MOEA also recommended waiving off the requirement of 'pre-investment' approval by foreign nationals (Council for Economic Planning and Development, 2013). This will significantly reduce the time required for making FDI in…. [read more]

Realities of Competing in Global Essay

… It is common for all businesses in the world to be involved in a change at one stage of growth or the other when expanding globally. Nonetheless, change management seems to be a varying entity in many businesses. For instance, the instances that are taken as part of the remedial measures are directed at influencing growth and development in every risk management detail (Lloyd & Vautier, 1999). For instance, there are many avenues of dealing with risks. As far as there are different risks in a place, there are similar steps and procedures in the natural and rudimentary management of changes. Changes play two common roles in the management of every endeavor in a business when expanding globally.


Doole, I., & Lowe, R. (2008).…. [read more]

Starbucks Corporation Competing in a Global Market Term Paper

… Starbuck's Case Study

Briefly describe the history and evolution of Starbucks.

Seattle entrepreneurs Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker founded Starbucks in 1971, locating their coffee importing business in Seattle's Pike Place market. The founders were content to grow the coffee importer to five stores in the metro Seattle area, and were gradually becoming known in the coffee industry, and as a result of these associations met Howard Schultz, who would eventually buy the chain and transform its business model. Mr. Schultz was passionate about introducing retailing concepts he had originally discovered during a trip to Milan, Italy and immediately after coming back from Italy, launched what would become the prototypical Starbucks stores, combining meetings places with good ambience for friends catching up with each…. [read more]

Forecasting Effects of Cultural Changes Term Paper

… Diversity of skill and ability is more likely to enhance group performance than is cultural diversity (Knight, Pearce, Smith, Olian, Sims, Smith & Flood, 1999; Jackson, 2003; Hamilton, Nickerson, Jackson, & Owan, May 2004). Winning performance, though, is determined not so much by cultural and/or demographic diversity as by complementary skills; synergy; shared values and goals, and commitment. For optimal transnational workplace performance, demographic and/or cultural diversity must clearly be accompanied, in order to be effective, by personal and heartfelt cohesion among group or team members. In forecasting cultural changes, at World Telecommunications, Inc. And at other, similar entities, then, that particular conclusion, arrived at by researchers; managers, and others, alike, might well be kept closely in mind.


Alden, J. (1998). What in the…. [read more]

Jextra Neighborhood Stores in Malaysia Case Study

… The four major steps that could be beneficial in this process include initiating an ethics and compliance program and conducting global business conduct communications and training to all employees. The other steps are managing investigations of fraud and other non-compliances and assessing effectiveness metrics and non-compliance risk evaluations ("Ethics and Compliance Program," n.d.). The ethics and compliance program will help in lessening or eliminating these problems through ensuring all employees adhere to the applicable laws and organizational policies and procedures. The training and communications will help employees to understand the relevant legal, social, and ethical policies that govern daily operations. The investigations would be critical in identifying any alleged corruption practices while evaluations would help to ensure that the company is constantly dealing with any…. [read more]

Suitable Airline Performance Data Essay

… The customers for instance are no longer the people buying whatever the company manufacturers, but they have gradually become the forces telling the companies what to produce and sell. Then, the employees, once the force operating the machines, are now the most valuable organizational asset. In the modern day society, in which more and more emphasis is placed on services in the detriment of agriculture and manufacturing, the organizations become more reliant and dependent on knowledge workers to create intellectual capital within the firm and to support the company in attaining its overall objectives.

Then, there are numerous external forces which generate pressures for the companies. For instance, the internationalized economic crisis forces the economic agents to rethink their strategy in order to cope with…. [read more]

International Business Foreign Direct Investment Project Thesis

… International Business (Foreign Direct Investment Project)

McDonald's is a worldwide fast food restaurant chain with presence in over 100 countries. The company's success was mainly generated by franchising its business solution to many users and carefully making sure that every rule is strictly followed.

Establishing presence in new markets around the world would only benefit this American corporation because it would help its expansion furthermore and its recognition in the world.

Among the countries in which the restaurant chain doesn't currently have an established location, some emerging Asian markets such as Vietnam, Mongolia, Laos and Mongolia are included.

This paper will investigate the feasibility of entering the Vietnamese market as a democratic and emerging economy in South Asia. The feasibility study will cover several types…. [read more]

Satisfaction, Trust and Commitment in Customer Relationships Term Paper

… ¶ … satisfaction, trust and commitment in customer relationships in mobile phone industry in Bangkok, Thailand

MARK1012 Research Methods

Critical Review of the Literature

Research paradigm

Secondary Data

Primary Data

As a result of the intense competitive in mobile phone industry, a plenty of mobile choices are launched to the market. For that reason, many marketing strategies have been introduced in order to compete with competitors in high competitive era. In addition, consumers are likely to concern about the best and suitable mobile phones to their lifestyle. In fact, there are some studies which have been examined in Thailand; however, they are still a small number. This research will present discussions what effects of satisfaction, trust and commitment have an effect on customer relationships of…. [read more]

Concise Analysis of Strategic Plan Part 3 Strategic Evaluation and Recommendation Essay

… Operational restructuring involves withdrawing from underperforming markets, ceasing unprofitable offerings, scaling down the product range, and eliminating, creating new, or combining business units. Restructuring organizational design may involve changing organizational structure and downsizing the workforce (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, 2010).

Corporate-level strategies are important for the long-term performance and growth of the organization. Nonetheless, they involve more resources, time, effort, and risk (Johnson, Scholes & Whittington, 2010). For instance, acquiring a rival involves millions or billions of dollars, and presents challenges such as inherited risk, lack of organizational culture fit, and loss of proprietary information. Similarly, venturing into new markets presents more market and operational risks. Therefore, the benefits and risks involved must be carefully weighed to avoid wastage of time and resources in an…. [read more]

International Curriculum and Employability in Multinationals Annotated Bibliography

… International Business Graduate Education -- an Annotated Bibliography

Burrell, D.N. (2006). Emerging options in doctoral study in management for international executives.

Vikalpa, 31(6), 13-17.

Darrell Norman Burrell makes the argument that universities are now under enormous pressure to provide graduate business program curricula that will prepare their students for employment in multinational firms. This has lead to the Doctor of Management (DM) and to the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). These approaches focus less on research and more on advanced leadership knowledge that is practical and focused. MBA programs or traditional business Ph.D. programs have been focused on finance, accounting, marketing, operations strategy and quantitative research. DM goes further by considering the importance of developing organizational culture as well as the employees and teams to…. [read more]

International Marketing in a Global Environment: Examples Dissertation

… ¶ … International Marketing in a Global Environment: Examples from the Proportion of Immigrants in the Society

The paper will be organized so as to present firstly an overview of the international marketing generally. The study will then explore and summarize how international marketing strategies can be explored in an international context with a focus on the cultural challenges that exist in Dublin, Ireland. This will be thoroughly augmented with a methodological approach that uses statistical (albeit limited due to the sample size) techniques to analyse responses on a survey, qualitative analyses will also be employed. The discussion and findings will concentrate on the assumptions and actions defined within previous sections of the paper that will be integrated with the survey results so as to…. [read more]

flows of freight have of late Essay

… ¶ … flows of freight have of late been a critical element of the modern changes in the financial and economic systems at the local, regional and global scales. Looking at these changes one must only do so at quantitative, structural, and operational levels. Structural changes largely entail manufacturing systems with their production geography, while operational changes largely involve freight transportation and its distribution geography. Thus, the key question not only involves the nature, and movements of freights, but also the manner in which this freight is moving (Hesse & Rodrigue, 2004).

The multifaceted perspectives of friction in view of modern supply chain management involve a number of factors. Hesse and Rodrigue (2004) noted that transport expenses, the intricacies of the supply chain, the physical…. [read more]

Global Business Cultural Analysis of China Thesis

… Global Business Culture Analysis: (China)

Consumer buying behavior plays the most important element in the marketing of a product, and if the marketing is in a specific country only, or if the business is coming in from another country, the behaviors, dimensions, and cultures of that country have to be considered. This is largely due to the fact that the buying behavior of consumers, in general, is not as deeply concerned with price, distribution, or any other factor. Instead, there are many various and separate influences when it comes to the buying behavior of the consumer, and because so many issues can affect whether a consumer buys a product or not, this behavior is considered to be the most important issue for businesses to look…. [read more]

English Creative Writing in Singapore Dissertation

… Creative Writing in English: Singapore


Singapore is a country in which the learning of the English language has become vitally important. For many students, the learning of the English Language is dependent upon the development of creative writing skills. Creative writing is used as a learning tool because it permits students to write in a manner that allows them to feel comfortable as they become more proficient in using the English language. Creative writing is utilized as a mechanism that allows students to expand their vocabulary and improve comprehension skills. In recent years creative writing in the English language for junior college students and into adult working life in Singapore has been encouraged. The goal of the study…. [read more]

South Korea Market Analysis Subscribers Essay

… This situation is noted by industry experts to be as a result of a shortage in the level of supply of tropical fish as well as seafood products-preferred to other temperature water products.

Consumption data

The official consumption data shows that Singapore consumers actually consume close to 96,000 metric tones of seafood yearly. About 76% of this seafood supply is traded at auctions in Singapore with 88% of the supply being imported. This leaves a balance of 12% which is supplied by the nation's aquaculture industry. The aquaculture industry comprises of 6 land-based suppliers and 97 suppliers who are sea-based, These are involved in the production of prawns, fish, crustaceans as well as mollusks.

Production output

Singapore's seafood industry is valued at between £45 -£50…. [read more]

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