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Global Food Trade Term Paper

… Global Food Trade

In 2005 Florida accounted for a large portion of U.S. produce production, including (Overview of Florida agriculture):

percent of the total U.S. value of production for oranges ($843 million)

percent of the total U.S. value of production for grapefruit ($208 million)

percent of the total U.S. value of production for tangerines ($68.4 million)

percent of the total U.S. value of production for sugarcane for sugar and seed ($433 million as of 2004)

percent of the total U.S. value of sales for fresh market tomatoes ($805 million)

percent of the total U.S. value of sales for bell peppers ($213 million)

percent of the total U.S. value of sales for cucumbers for fresh market ($73.7 million)

percent of the total U.S. value of sales…. [read more]

Global Free Trade Term Paper

… David Ricardo developed modern thinking regarding free trade in the 19th century, who was prominent in the Anti-Corn-Law League, an organization of Whigs (liberals) who argued that free trade would end hunger. His idea, comparative advantage, taken to its logical extreme, would lead to the regional diversification of production. It was believed that such a system would lead to peace, as countries would become interdependent. However, the military interests of national governments are adverse to interdependence.

Conservative governments, which have become increasingly pro-trade, will often support industries vital to the military, such as steel.

There is also a fear of the encroachment of western or consumerist values. In Saudi Arabia, for instance, Internet access was not available until 1999 because it was felt to be…. [read more]

Global Silk Trade Essay

… In such a setting, the field came to be better regulated in the meaning that the United States and the European countries have imposed quotas on silk imports. The justification for this decision is represented by the need to support the domestic textile industry (Datta, 2007).

As history has shown however, the imports of silk generate little impact on domestic textile industries, such as cotton, polyester or viscose. The regulations on imports implemented by the states have as such generated little impact and contract within the international community, and have also had little impact on the consumption of silk.

This consumption of silk nevertheless is stimulated by other features which impact the societies. Some examples in this sense include changing customer demands and preferences, as…. [read more]

Trade Issues in Economic Development Term Paper

… Trade Issues in Economic Development

This report attempts to present insights into trade issues as they relate to economic development, globalization and developing countries. Today, globalization and world trade are being spurred on by new advances in technology, finance and social understanding. Consider the new advantages of our global banking system. Today banks have the capabilities to move billions of dollars to any locale in the world in mere milliseconds. Our oceans are traversed by multi-level cargo container ships and super oil tankers in weeks as opposed to months. If they are not fast enough, the option of flying a cargo plane to any point in the world is just a satellite or cell phone call away.

Our highly competitive and globally centered market place…. [read more]

Global Marketing According to Cleveland Essay

… The country is already starting to rely on acquiring overseas assets -- mining in Africa is a good example -- in order to sustain its economy. While there are serious concerns about whether China's growth trajectory can be sustained, these are more long-term concerns. At some point in the next few years, China will be the world's largest consumer market. It will not be the most sophisticated one, because its size relies on the country's population rather than the wealth of the population. Each Chinese consumer consumes less than Western consumers do. This means that for the more important goods -- transportation, communication and food, China will have a high level of consumption but for less important goods, China will not be able to consume…. [read more]

Global Business When Businesses Go Essay

… The largest impact which Italy has taken from Globalization is from economic environment of the world markets (Dconti, 2012). Due to Globalization, Italy has seen a large number of businesses going international during the last eight to ten years. Finding attractive investment opportunities in the developed and developing countries of the World, Italian companies expanded their operations into those countries, strengthened their foot prints, and became successful international corporations (CIA, 2012).

Recognition in the World Markets:

With the help of Globalization, Italian businesses received world-wide recognition and appreciation. Italian products were introduced to the new potential target countries which warmly welcomed these international brands into their markets. To compete with the low cost manufacturers in these international markets, Italian companies focused more on the quality…. [read more]

Global Human Resources Management Term Paper

… (ITAP International, nd, p.1) Palthe (2008) reports "HR could also play a leading role in helping to define the values and associated norms organizations should foster in order to generate a corporate culture that fundamentally respects, promotes, and protects the human rights of all its stakeholders. For example, HR departments could proactively build performance management systems that incorporate human rights values and principles in their behavioral expectations." (p.6) Haile (2002) writes that due to the growth of international business operations that there will be a requirement of "… effective international human resource management (IHRM)." (p.2) International HRM is stated to involve "moving people around the world." (Haile, 2002, p.2) Therefore, the job of the HR manager is "to formulate and implement policies and activities in…. [read more]

Trade Liberalization in Basic Terms Term Paper

… " It is important to note that in most cases, benefits to be realized from trade liberalization are largely overstated. My assertion is in this case founded on the existing literature on the impact of trade liberalization on developing nations.

In some instances, trade liberalization in developing countries does indeed come at a cost. For instance, from an economic perspective, trade liberalization could end up hurting some critical sectors of such countries' economies. Sectors which could end up being hurt in this case include but they are not limited to agriculture. This is more so the case when the said countries access subsidized products from developed nations. For this reason, one could argue that enhanced access to the markets of developed nations could indeed pose…. [read more]

Global Organization Analysis the World Term Paper

… S. developers and, therefore, not fostering trade (Daniel & Hughes, 2014). The issue is also the second time in 12 months that the U.S. has sought out the help of the WTO for the same concern with India's solar program (Daniel & Hughes, 2014). India has argued that the way it handles its solar program is legal based on the WTO's current guidelines, but that is something for the WTO to decide (Daniel & Hughes, 2014). The United States has stressed that it appreciates its relationship with India and that this dialogue it has opened through the WTO will not impact the overall relationship in any way (Daniel & Hughes, 2014). It will simply be up to the WTO to make a ruling as to…. [read more]

Global Markets the Two Meals Essay

… The growing of the potatoes must have been accompanied by use of inorganic fertilizers which highly compromises the quality of the soil that remains behind after the several harvests. Transportation of the potatoes to the areas of consumption also calls for use of fossil fuel which down the supply chain led to the degradation of the fuel sources and since it is nonrenewable source, this puts a lot of pressure on the energy source apart from releasing harmful hydrocarbons into the atmosphere.

Benefits of global market

According to Economy Watch (2010) the global market has a lot of benefits which include the eventual opening up of the industrial sector and the economy in general hence the availability of cheaper labor, availability of capital as well…. [read more]

Global Context Essay

… A first-world example might be whether Calgary joins Vancouver-Seattle-Portland as a cluster or remains on its own. Would a city like Tijuana find a complementary role to Southern California's cluster? These are the trends that need to be examined on a micro-level.

Other micro-level trends that would need to be understood are the strength of the linkages between different clusters. This will partially be the result of examination of different flows between clusters. Thus, when trade between clusters in China or Korea and West Coast clusters increases, this is likely to increase other linkages as well, creating global opportunities. The same would hold for links between clusters anywhere.

On a macro level, it is important to understand what the trends mean for business. Not only…. [read more]

Trade Unions Essay

… Usually, it is assumed that democracy within a trade union is necessary as elective leaders for the laborers convey right messages to the employer in terms of any demands and suggestion. The perception is somehow correct; as democracy is an essential part of every larger and smaller organization. But the main impression is that the trade unions are actually the agents and products of democracy and these can promote democracy within the society. These are helpful particularly when there are dictator governments and rigid tyrannies who do not bother about the rights of civilians. In such circumstances, the trade unions are there to earn economic advantages by suggesting certain policies to the government which can guarantee a better and prosperous economy. Hence on the whole,…. [read more]

Global Leader Innovation Term Paper

… (2009), even embracing hurdles. Such is to say that the innovator will understand the inevitability of facing constraints through the process of producing novel processes or product output. This is where effective global leadership and innovative orientation converge. The inherency of constraints such as those produced by an unfamiliar market, an uncooperative government or a distinctive business culture means that global leaders must weather a unique set of challenges when pushing for innovation. Dyer et al. explain that "most of us impose constrains on our thinking only when forced to deal with real-world limitations, such as resource allocations or technology restrictions. Ironically, great questions actively impose constraints on our thinking and serve as a catalyst for out-of-the-box insights." (Dyer et al., p. 64)

These insights…. [read more]

Global Financial Stabilty Essay

… Taking Japan and U.S., there is a substantial need for effective steps toward fiscal adjustment of medium-term. Despite the fact that the emerging market economies are navigating the global shocks successfully, there is a significant need to guard the global financial system against future shocks. This becomes even better when there is management of slow down growth in the growth of the global economy.

The IMF report is also considering examining whether the regulatory reforms are taking the financial system in the right direction. Although the report indicates that there is a limitation on the progress due to various reforms, the IMF policy makers are recommending the use of crisis intervention methods in several economies. All these recommendations aim at making sure that the global…. [read more]

Global Fighter Jets Marketing Plan Essay

… Part of the start-up fund will include the company total assets that include the non-cash asset, cash requirement. The total assets are equivalent to $700 million. Apart from the company total assets, the paper also provides the liabilities and capital that include long-term liabilities and current borrowing. The total capital and liabilities is $700 Million as being revealed in Table 1.

Table 1: Start-up Funding ($,000)

Start-up Funding

Start-up Expenses-to-Fund


Start-up Assets-to-Fund


Total Funding Required



Non-cash Assets from Start-up


Cash Requirements from Start-up


Cash Balance on Starting Date


Total Assets


Liabilities and Capital


Long-term Liabilities


Total Liabilities



Planned Investment





Additional Investment Requirement


Total Planned Investment


Loss at…. [read more]

Global Warming, United States Research Paper

… This is due to the prediction of 4.2% decline in the business capital stock resulting from 3% decrease in the economy's potential. (Kyoto Protocol and Beyond: The High Economic Cost to the United States, 2002).

Bush Administration put forward the 'Clear Skies and Global Climate Change Initiatives' in 2002, which aimed at achieving three fundamental goals. These included firstly reducing the worst of the three recognized air pollutants by an amount of 70%. Secondly, it aimed at cutting down the intensity of GHG by 18% in the upcoming ten years. Thirdly, it aimed at accomplishing goals comparable to the Kyoto Protocol by using approaches from the market (Policies in Focus: Environment, 2008). The U.S. aimed at reducing emissions by shifting towards the use of clean…. [read more]

Global Leadership the Role Term Paper

… Political awareness is becoming common place and corporate domination will soon meet its end. This further establishes the need for business leaders to shift their own awareness to seeking a more balanced and symbiotic position throughout the world.

Sustainability, often used as a catch word in a meaningless argument, is becoming a real threat to action and profit on this planet. Only when those who recognize that a sacrifice is needed and certain demands need to be curtailed for later consumption will real change and progress occur.

Global Factors To Consider

Today's world is ripe with sustainability issues that specifically effect different aspects of the environment. For our purposes, some of these factors are more relevant than others. Resource allocation is very important in this…. [read more]

Global Law and Politics: Political Essay

… Relationships between Governments and Multinational Corporations:

The relationships between governments of oil producing corporations and multinational companies play a critical role in helping to avoid these incidents and mitigating their impacts when they occur. In areas where poor relationships exist between the two, these incidents occur frequently with devastating impacts on the residents. As compared to other oil spills in the world, the Niger Delta gas flaring and oil spillage has lasted for a long period of time because of the poor relationship between the government and oil companies. The Nigerian government is normally unconcerned in taking effective measures and issuing statements to decry oil spills. On the contrary, when the BP oil spill occurred, the government took measures to respond to the incident, which…. [read more]

Global Gadget Imports Cooperative Marketing Essay

… When deciding who to partner with in a cooperative marketing effort, the firm has to look at two different factors. The first factor is the degree to which the resources of the two firms are complementary. This makes sense -- the two companies should be able to combine their resources to achieve an output that is superior than if one of the companies worked on its own. This requires the two companies to do something of value better than the other partner company, so that there is mutual benefit (Figueredo, 2006).

The second factor is that the two companies should not compete with one another. This again is common sense -- if you are saving money on the marketing effort by joining forces with another…. [read more]

International Trade in Services Research Paper

… Apart from all the BRIC countries, India has relatively high shares of other business services -- which comprise such types of services as merchandising, and other trade-related services, accounting, legal, advertising, architectural, engineering services and some others (Soo, 2012).

Apart from services exports, BRIC countries also possess a diverse structure of import services. China and Hong Kong possess relatively high share in transport import services, while travel services are more intensively imported by Russia and Hong Kong. Construction services hold a high share in services imports and exports of Russia. India has a share of 32% in imports which outperforms the others in terms of other business services imports (Soo, 2012).

Services Trade in China and India

China and India are ranked as the most…. [read more]

Global Leadership Roadmap Research Paper

… Readiness Assessment and Talent Selection:

That said, there is no better assessment for capability in a cross-cultural context than performance in real-world scenarios. Therefore, following the courtship of diversity, the recruitment of high potential talent and the facilitation of general cross-cultural sensitivity throughout the organization, selected candidates for global leadership will be placed on international assignment.

Readiness assessment will be conducted through qualitative and ongoing evaluation of experience, performance and improvement on international assignment as per research cited in the article by George. Here, the article provides a template, pointing out that "major U.S. companies like Cargill, ExxonMobil, 3M, and IBM insist their line executives have numerous assignments running overseas operations to ensure they understand their global businesses. They also conduct intensive development programs for…. [read more]

Global Business Cultural Analysis Nigeria Term Paper

… However, the President Obasanjo was removed on May 29, 2007 after that Nigeria came to know about its primary change of authority between national supervision. The new elected leader UmaruYar'Adua took the rule; he was a modest and a valued governor. He was selected from the Katsina state and was brought in the direction of building electoral improvement and bringing tranquility and sanctuary in the country elected party. T

Taking oath publicly was encouraged as his top priorities were continued electoral reform (George, & Lacey, 2006).

The evolution of Nigeria from British control to a civilian democratic government

Although the Yar'Adua administration showed control by permitting the governmental and legal twigs to maneuver comparatively free of charge. Still much improvement remains which remains to be…. [read more]

Illicit Arms Trade in South and Central Research Paper

… ¶ … illicit arms trade in South and Central America and how that affects U.S. Foreign Policy regionally and globally. In Central and South America, the drug trade and the arms trade are completely linked. The problems of drug trafficking and the illicit arms trade are phenomena that are essentially related. It is practically impossible to deal with each issue separately.

As illicit trades, they account for the largest sectors of the black market.

They generally use the same routes, although arms production and the demand for illicit drugs are found in the industrialized countries like the U.S., whereas illicit drugs production and the demand for weapons are found in the so-called developing world such as in Central and South America. The war in Columbia…. [read more]

Global Political Economy Why Yet an Additional Book Review

… ¶ … Global Political Economy

Why yet an additional book in International Political Economy (IPE), the reader might ask? Because this is an extremely practical concern, the writer discusses at the start why he thinks this book is distinct and beneficial reading for those pupils starting major researches in this industry. IPE became a scholastic discipline in the 1970s, making it among the more youthful industries in the social sciences. It is likewise an industry still marked by significant controversy and fundamental distinctions of technique in concept, technique as well as in the recognition of the industry's main concerns. The center of gravitation of the industry has actually altered substantially because we started our researches in exactly what was then a really brand-new topic. Much…. [read more]

Global Financing Term Paper

… Global Financing

Report on the Letter of Credit payment mechanism

The aim of this study is to define and describe the payment mechanism of the letter of credit, its usage and importance in international financing, as well as the contribution of this financial tool to the risk reduction in commercial and non-commercial transactions. This paper will be concluded by the ending thoughts of the author regarding the above mentioned topic.

Definition of the term letter of credit (400)

According to the Regulations and provisions of the International Commercial Chamber, the letter of credit defines any payment arrangement of the issuing bank, upon the request and the instructions received by the Client, to the beneficiary of the letter of credit or the bank where this individual…. [read more]

America and China Trade Relations Term Paper

… Again, to the dismay of other industrialized countries such as America and Europe, China has done little to actually implement these standards. I believe this is due in part to ease of access to counterfeiting technology combined with a lack of severe punishment. Nearly 1.3 Billion people now live in China, of which approximately 90% of them pirate software, motion pictures and other luxury goods. The likelihood of actually getting caught for this offense is unlikely due in part to the sheer volume of citizens within the country. Would it be practical or even worthwhile to catch every small business counterfeiter within China? If so, what is to prevent another person from committing the same offense? With the ease of access to technology, I believe…. [read more]

Global Warming: All Hyped Up With Nowhere Term Paper

… Global Warming: All Hyped Up With Nowhere to Go

Flow of Information

What is global warming?

Those who believe it

Those who don't believe it

Global warming discussions have been circulating for the past few decades with increasing frequency. Forty years ago it was a hypothesis that was thrown into the ring for discussion and examined as a "what if" by scientists around the world. Thirty years ago scientists began to offer up shreds of evidence that they believed indicated it was occurring. Twenty years ago scientists began to sound alarm bells in the hopes of gaining support for research. Ten years ago they told the world it was in trouble if society did not heed the signs. Today, it is referred to constantly as…. [read more]

Global Value Chain Management Essay

… The green revolution has been driven by the fact that sustainability programs and corporate social responsibility have become a necessity for businesses instead of privilege. As a result, lean manufacturing is fundamentally based on the concept of sustainable development through lessening waste. In this case, waste refers to activities and processes that do not provide extra value to customers. Through green revolution, companies are forced to redesign their systems to restructure the processes and operations of production and supply chain respectively.

The other emerging trend in lean manufacturing is information technology trends, which is associated with globalization. The recent technological advancements and the growth of business-centered innovations have significantly affected the operations and functions of organizations. These advancements have contributed to the development of lean…. [read more]

Global Credit Crisis on UK Essay

… This included net interest income of £29.8 million, compared with negative net interest income of £48.4 million in the first half of 2010;

3. Other income fell compared with 2010, primarily as a result of the reduction in fee income from NRAM following the separation of the two companies -- this is partially offset by a reduction in the cost base.

Lending and credit quality

1. Gross lending (including retention business) was £1.5 billion in the six months to 30 June 2011 (six months to 30 June 2010 -- £2.0 billion), while net lending was £0.3 billion in the same period (six months to 30 June 2010 -- £0.9 billion);

2. The lending profile has been managed for value, and this resulted in a reduction…. [read more]

Global Transportation How Containerization Essay

… Intermodal freight transportation provides flexibility with how a person wants to move cargo. In addition, it gives the chance to be creative in the pursuit of being quintessential effective alternatives in movement of cargo. Therefore, this process entails two major transportation options. Efficient planning is likely to result in surplus saving. On the other hand, intermodal freight transportation might be costly compared to the quantity of transportation methods. Major downfalls accruing from Intermodal freight transportation include high prices of shipping goods using alternative shipping. Idle time and insufficient communication lead to increased transportation prices. In addition, equipment moving from one venue to another unused leads to additional fees (Muller & Mahoney, 2009).

How government policies affected global transportation

Government regulations and policies affecting global transportation…. [read more]

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