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Global Warming and Its Effects Essay

… It is estimated that producing new paper, glass, and metal products from recycled products will save 70%-90% energy -- thus reducing pollution and carbon dioxide emissions -- as opposed to materials that are produced from "virgin" raw materials. For instance, recycling a stack of newspapers four feet high can help to save a tree that would produce the same amount of newspaper from "virgin" material. Also, if every household in the United States were to switch out three standard light bulbs for three energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), equivalent of 3.5 million cars worth of emissions would be reduced. Additionally, when you do choose to by a new car, it is recommended that you buy a car that has a fuel efficiency of…. [read more]

Global Warming Subject Environmental Ethics Essay

… He argues that this process is "a message from the planet and clear evidence that our global economic system is on collision course with Earth's biophysical limits" (Smith, 2009). Not only is the author adamant about inhabitants' perception of this planet as a sacred, glorious wonder created by God, but he proposes three practical directives for counteracting the harm inflicted on it by human beings. These are structured around human dwelling, mobility and eating, which, regulated through a return to creational mindfulness, have the capacity to change all negative impact that human activity has on the environment. In this sense, Northcott advocates a limiting of artificial light and excessive technology as part of living conditions and a general cultural deceleration which would have the potential…. [read more]

Climate Change and Disease Term Paper

… Climate Change and Disease

Global warming and its effect on climate change has been an environmental issue of much debate as of lately. Due to the severe nature of this problem, research has been conducted in order to establish a connection between the act of climate change and that of the spread of diseases. Because of the dramatic shifting climates in parts of the world that are used to maintaining stable temperatures, the spread of potentially hazardous diseases can essentially increase. In order to establish a solid connection between these two factors, the implications involved with the facilitation of disease spread as a direct result of the change in climate is to be analyzed.

For decades, warnings about the potential risks that ignoring environmental issues…. [read more]

Global Warming Research Paper

… (Kejriwal, 2010)

Furthermore, as the glaciers and other ice caps continue to melt, the world will get short on its fresh water reserves. The fresh water reserves are currently reducing as well. (Kejriwal, 2010)

Global Warming and International Economy

The global economy is also getting disturbed as a result of global warming. Firstly, global warming causes the cost of production in many countries to increase and thus the competitive advantage is lost by the whole world. The people get the goods at a higher price due to the increased cost of production. (Kejriwal, 2010)

In addition to that, the poorer countries are affected to a greater extent by the global warming. This is because of the fact that the poorer countries contribute less to the…. [read more]

Global Warming Has Been Portrayed Essay

… These are not figures that one can state without serious research being done and hence make the article valid in terms of facts that the writer has put down.

The writer also portrays a logical approach to the facts displayed throughout the article. The ideas that the writer tries to put forward are logically developed from one seemingly minor argument towards the major ones, from the seemingly simple ideas to grasp, towards complex ideas that engage interaction with figures. The writer begins with a mild introduction of global warming as a serious problem and goes ahead to state what causes global warming. He then goes further to elaborate the measures taken to deal with the issue by developed countries and tries to explain why it…. [read more]

Climate Change Too Hot Essay

… They see the effect of issue at hand; hence, the reason they take the stand to fight against climate change and factors contributing to the climate change in the country.

The issue in terms of the common good and the principles that promote human flourishing

In view of the economic and social problems that the world is facing, the people have a dilemma in choosing what they accept as modest sacrifice for the common good of the society. While the second choice is to continue with the contentious society, in which people selfishly protect their own interest. In addressing the common good of the society and promoting establishments and practices that foster human flourishing, there is more to do than just having a week of…. [read more]

Global Warming Climate and Weather Essay

… Natural and Anthropogenic Climate Change

Richard Hilderman (2011) asserts that though some believe the current global warming trend is part of the natural cycle and there is nothing to worry about scientific data does not support this hypothesis. It is true that over geological time the Earth has experienced higher temperatures than currently see however there are two important differences between natural past cycles and the current global warming trend. Previous global warming trends evolved over thousands of years, a significant amount of time. The current trend is evolving much faster. Secondly, humans were not a contributing factor in earlier natural cycles.

The natural cycle is a result of orbital variations of the sun. This initial warming triggers the release of the greenhouse gasses carbon…. [read more]

Global Warming Speech Ladies Essay

… Rice and maize production are expected to decrease in the topics due to high temperatures. This implies that malnutrition will set in (Lobell, Tebaldi, Mastrandrea and Naylor 608).

Those living in small islands and mega deltas have all the reasons to worry about global warming. The rise in sea level will destroy human settlements in such regions. Vital infrastructure like the transport system is also likely to be destroyed. This is something that was witnessed in Maldives and Tuvalu where a good number of the population was technically rendered stateless. People living in low lying areas in Bangladesh were also rendered homeless as a result of habitat inundation.

We have so far illuminated what global warming is all about and its effects on the general…. [read more]

Global Warming Fact or Fiction A-Level Outline Answer

… Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

Developing and industrialized countries have had to contend with crowded landfills, polluted waters, and poor air quality. However, the general increase in temperatures and the accompanying climate change have painted some bleak future for humans and other living creatures on the earth's surface. Scientists are unanimous that the rapid rise in earth's temperature is occasioned by human activity (Painter, 2013). The atmosphere contains gases that trap heat from the sun and prevent the heat from escaping into space. This is known as greenhouse effect and the gases that trap the sun rays are called greenhouse gases. Examples of greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. These gases make the earth's surface warm and life on earth bearable.

The…. [read more]

Global Warming Essay

… And in Asia, the additional flooding expected due to the melting glaciers in the Himalayas could cause severe "diarrheal disease" and could also contribute to the "toxicity of cholera" in South Asia (Mastaler, 66).

In Africa and in South Asia, the ecosystems and weather patterns will be "uniquely impacted ecologically by climate change," Mastaler continues on page 71. Due to rising temperatures and scarce water sources "drought and desertification is expected to become increasingly common and more severe" in Africa and South Asia; and the inhabitants of those regions of the world are already struggling to make ends meet may be hit the hardest by global warming (Mastaler, 71).

The Literature -- Why are there Disbelievers?

Using the phrase "global warming" can bring quite different…. [read more]

Global Warming Occurs Essay

… In addition to this, the south and the north poles are also causing global warming. It effects in such regions where permafrost contains great quantity of carbon that have iced up over time.

Disorder in these areas results in melting the permafrost and due to this, the pollutants are emitted in the environment (Archer, 2011).

Changes in the output of sun, earth's orbit and many other elements like emission of sulphur dioxide by volcanoes are also the causes of global warming.

Man made activities are not the only reason of spreading global warming. However, it should be realized that the effects of global warming can be minimized if human beings take some steps and spread awareness.

It is the responsibility of humankind to take action…. [read more]

Climate Change Regulation Research Paper

… These transportation units are responsible for producing 20% of the world total carbon dioxide and other emission that harms the Earth hemisphere.

Farming and Deforestation:

As the population is increasing, it needs more and more area to do farming and to settle down. More wood and wood products are required which has resulted in significant amount of deforestation. Trees and plantations play a vital role in recycling carbon dioxide oxygen, which is not harmful for atmosphere, but with the trees missing this recycling process has stopped and thus adversely affected the atmosphere. On the other hand, animal wastes used for farming also produce carbon dioxide, which is again harmful for the atmosphere (Archer, 2011).

Natural Activities:

Natural activities like change in Earths orbit and volcanic…. [read more]

Global Warming's Effect on the Weather and Climate Thesis

… Warming Research

CO2: Global Carbon Dioxide Levels Linked to Human Activity ( Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere can be linked directly to the release of the gas by human beings since the rise of industrialization (zfacts 2007). This conclusion is based on indirect measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide until the 1940s, when direct measurements were taken, and takes into account such factors as deforestation, cement production, the burning of fossil fuels, and nature's ability to reabsorb released carbon dioxide (zfacts 2007). Though deforestation dropped off significantly in the late 1990s and continues to decline, fossil fuel consumption is rising far more dramatically, and predict exponential increases in carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere in coming decades (zfacts 2007). Though not evidence of global warming,…. [read more]

Weather Evidence Supporting and Opposing Research Paper

… The human perspective is likely too limited to see our weather patterns clearly enough to firmly argue that now we have global climate change.

The scientific and political communities agree that a change is happening. There is evidence that substantiates and has been interpreted by authorities showing that the Earth is experiencing a climate change and that has been happening for at least a century. There is additional evidence that some human activities confound this global climate change. There is a lack of evidence in favor of or directly purporting that humans are the only reason for the change.

The Earth's lifespan far exceeds the lifespan of any and every species that has lived upon it. The strength and resiliency of the Earth is a…. [read more]

Global Warming Carbon Emissions Term Paper

… Global Warming-Carbon Emissions

Environmental Science

Global Warming - Carbon Emissions

For over two decades, the scientific community has been sounding the alarm of a man-made, global warming of our Earth's lower troposphere. This warming has been accelerating at an unprecedented rate and its effects have been accumulating at a level that can be seen in the recent weather changes and natural catastrophes over the last decade. For examples: the most powerful El Nino ever on record; the hottest European summer in 2004 that killed over 26,000 people; some of the worst hurricanes and flooding, including Hurricane Katrina in 2005 that devastated New Orleans; not to mention the one out of every five species facing extinction because of the effects of greenhouse gases increasing over the…. [read more]

Global Warming and the Greenhouse Essay

… Polar icecaps have been melting and this has caused rise in water level and flooding in several coastal areas around the world. Aside from dependence on coal- and fossil-based fuels contributing to the greenhouse effect and global warming, other human activities figure a great deal in exacerbating the situation. Human beings have contributed to global warming and climate change by polluting and cutting down rainforests (Ozone Hole 2010).

Some of the consequences of global warming have been discussed but there are several more. For instance, "heat waves, storms, floods, fires and massive glacial melts have been crashing on humans (Kluger 2006)." There have been warnings by scientists about all these for several years now and the incidences caused by global warming are increasing every year.…. [read more]

Global Warming Theory: An Exploration Essay

… Global Warming Theory: An Exploration

As a scientific concept, global warming has both proponents and disbelievers. The evidence, which can often be construed one way or another, points to the fact that pollutants have a negative impact on the environment, and that these pollutants have begun to cause a massive global weather shift. As far as a theory goes, global warming has many implications for humans in every society. If proven true, it would represent one of the largest climatic changes in the history of mankind. Depending on their viewpoints, many scientists argue either for or against this theory, with evidence existing to back both perspectives. There is evidence that points to humans causing the warming trend which cannot be denied or explained away as…. [read more]

Weather and Climate Research Proposal

… Weather and Climate

Comparison of Two Publications on Climate change

In his unique New York Times article, "On the Climate Change Beat, Doubt Gives Way to Certainty," retired Times reporter William K. Stevens recalls his work in climate change reporting, documenting how scientific knowledge on the topic has changed from his first days in the newsroom until today. Published on February 6, 2007, this article draws primarily on the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change's 2007 report for its information regarding the science behind climate change today in contrast to the science behind climate change years ago.

Stevens begins his article with an anecdote of life in the Times newsroom. He recalls that whenever a cold front would hit, other reporters would spend some humor on…. [read more]

Global Warming Is Inherently a Natural Process Term Paper

… Global Warming is inherently a natural process caused by the trapping of gases in the Earth's atmosphere: a process known as the greenhouse effect. However, global warming has been hastened by factory and automobile emissions and other factors related to human activity since the Industrial Revolution. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, "there is no scientific debate on this point. Pre-industrial levels of carbon dioxide (prior to the start of the Industrial Revolution) were about 280 parts per million by volume (ppmv), and current levels are greater than 380 ppmv and increasing at a rate of 1.9 ppm yr-1 since 2000." Global surface temperatures have risen considerably as a result, but temperatures do not rise uniformly across the globe. In fact, global warming…. [read more]

Global Warming Essay

… Another human activity is deforestation by which the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is increased. When animal waste is left unprocessed, it releases methane gas. Human beings also contribute in increasing cattle production by livestock breeding and this as a result not only causes deforestation but also produces methane gas. Last but not the least, the use of fossil fuels also contributes to global warming ("Global Warming," 2009).

Statement 2: Global Warming is Not Caused by Human Actions.

The scientific facts mentioned underneath indicate that the human activities are responsible for the recent issue of global warming.

1. CO2 (a greenhouse gas) is responsible for warming the atmosphere.

2. The atmospheric CO2 concentrations have rose from about 280 parts per million (ppm) to over…. [read more]

Global Warming Is the Trend Thesis

… Some of these short-term benefits include the reduction of the number of deaths associated with this problem, health benefits and cleaner air (Sheldon par, 2). As the emission of these gases into the atmosphere is reduced, it results in cleaner air which has immediate health benefits on individuals. For example, cleaner air helps in reducing the spread of bronchitis among children below the age of fourteen years. The long-term benefits of this measure include the reduction of the side effects of climate change on ecosystems, wildlife and coastal communities. The other long-term benefit of this solution is the reduction of the occurrence of natural disasters like hurricanes and drought. Furthermore, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases will significantly impact the agricultural and tourism industries of…. [read more]

Climate Change -- Cause Research Paper

… NASA research shows "certain facts" that are not in dispute because with available science data, the current warming trends show the "big picture": a) "…scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal"; and b) the "heat-trapping nature of carbon dioxide…" and increased levels of "…greenhouse gases must cause the Earth to warm in response"; c) sea levels are rising (and have risen 6.7 inches in the last century); d) the ten warmest years on record have occurred "…in the past 12 years"; e) the ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctic are losing mass (Greenland lost up to 60 cubic miles of ice between 2002 and 2005); f) glaciers "…are retreating almost everywhere around the world," in Africa, the Himalayas, Alaska, the Andes, the…. [read more]

Global Warming: Cause and Mitigation Essay

… In order for mitigation efforts to be effective, some policy changes that would be needed to help stabilize the global climate include the increased use of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar by all citizens and businesses to the maximum extent possible. For instance, policies requiring the use of solar-powered water heaters similar to those in place in Israel would significantly reduce demand for fossil fuels across the board. In addition, new policies concerning other greenhouse gas sources such as methane would be needed to delay the need for localized and regional mitigation responses as long as possible. The business sectors that would inevitably be most affected by these stricter policies would be the transportation and aviation industries, as well as manufacturing, especially…. [read more]

Climate Change Global Climate Change: Separating Science Essay

… Climate Change

Global Climate Change: Separating Science from Conjecture

The issue of climate change -- of human caused global warming, to be exact -- has been the subject of much debate among politicians and scientists alike. There is a growing consensus in the scientific community that the world is experiencing a warming trend that has lasted slightly longer than a century. The fact that this nearly coincides with the Industrial Revolution and the use of fossil fuels, which greatly increased the carbon content of the atmosphere, does not necessarily mean there is a causal link between industrialization and the current global warming trend. It is this fact that remains a great matter of debate amongst scientists, policy makers, and the public at large.

Knowing that…. [read more]

Global Warming: An Inconvenient Debate a Deadly Essay

… Global warming: An inconvenient debate; a deadly delay in taking action

Despite the overwhelming evidence in support of the idea that global warming is a very real phenomenon, the political inconvenience of the hard steps needed to circumvent it, such as limiting fossil fuel and meat consumption, makes the issue politically unpopular. An industry devoted to global warming denial has arisen, while the long-term risks of doing nothing escalate every day. "Climate policy is gridlocked, and there's virtually no chance of a breakthrough. Many factors have conspired to produce this situation. Human beings are notoriously poor at responding to problems that develop incrementally. And most of us aren't eager to change our lifestyles by sharply reducing our energy consumption" (Homer-Dixon 2010, p.1).

Environmentalism is embraced…. [read more]

Global Warming, United States Research Paper

… This is due to the prediction of 4.2% decline in the business capital stock resulting from 3% decrease in the economy's potential. (Kyoto Protocol and Beyond: The High Economic Cost to the United States, 2002).

Bush Administration put forward the 'Clear Skies and Global Climate Change Initiatives' in 2002, which aimed at achieving three fundamental goals. These included firstly reducing the worst of the three recognized air pollutants by an amount of 70%. Secondly, it aimed at cutting down the intensity of GHG by 18% in the upcoming ten years. Thirdly, it aimed at accomplishing goals comparable to the Kyoto Protocol by using approaches from the market (Policies in Focus: Environment, 2008). The U.S. aimed at reducing emissions by shifting towards the use of clean…. [read more]

Climate Change in Australia's Alpine Essay

… This could also arise based on adjustments in the services of ecosystems in the area including great priority being placed on water harvesting in the area (Visconti, 2009).

MacCarthy (2010) argues that if snow cover is reduced and temperatures increased, the richness of species is likely to change in the Alpine regions of Australia. The richness of animal and plant species is associated with altitudes in the regions of the mountains across the world. In the mountainous areas, a great decline trend is exotic and native diversity of plants and increased endemic biota proportions due to increased altitudes. For instance, in the Alps of Australia, the distribution of varied plant and animal species is strongly influenced by the cover of snow. It is evident that…. [read more]

Global Warming Daniel Botkin Delivers a Wholly Term Paper

… Global Warming

Daniel Botkin delivers a wholly ineffective argument in favor of ignoring the impact of global warming, and he uses a number of slick rhetorical devices to distract the reader from the heart of the message. Yet, it is exactly in the heart of that message that we find the compelling reason to set aside short-term self-interest long enough to act in the best interests of the planet. In the grand scheme of things, Botkin is right in that the planet and most life on it will carry on just fine. The problem with climate change is that we -- human beings -- are among the species most at risk from climate change. The best way to frame the argument that we should take…. [read more]

Global Warming Research Paper

… Global Warming

Over the past few decades, scientific research has documented a gradual increase in the global temperatures attributable to increased release of heat trapping natural gases. From the ensuing debates, global warming is an increase in temperatures of the globe Gifford R., 2007.

This has occurred in the past years owing to increased human and natural activities. A consensus has however, not been arrived at as to the side that bears the most claim for realizing the heat trapping gases. This paper address both sides of the arguments presented in debates and discuss any measures human beings can take to stop global warming.

Signs of global warming are everywhere and, we cannot be afforded to ignore or overlook them. The choices humans make in…. [read more]

Global Warming Public Policy Thesis

… Global Warming: Public Policy

The liberalists sustain the idea according to which the market finds its own resources to regulate itself, thanks to the market forces. However, in some cases, this assumption is not valid, it affects some of the common interests at a global level for mankind and these are areas where the governments intervene with restrictions and regulations that will limit the effects of the companies' activities. One such example is the global warming process: a real threat to the environment and to the natural world, an area where government coercion was necessary to lay down the rules by which companies could restrict their activities that affect nature (Clark, Lee 2004).

While it initially seems like an effect that impacts the natural world…. [read more]

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