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Global Warming and Decreased Crop Production Term Paper


This work in writing will make a review of the literature related to global warming and expected decreases in crop production. This subject is of particular interest due to the impact that decreases in crop production will have upon the entire world.

As global warming causes the Earth's average temperatures to rise, crop production will experience a decrease.


Various methods have been used in measuring the effect of climate change on agricultural crop production yield rates. Three approaches most commonly used in research are the: (1) crop yield analysis; (2) Spatial analysis; and (3) Agricultural systems analysis. (Smit, Ludlow, and Brklacich, 1988) the crop yield analysis makes estimation of the effects of alteration to environments upon the productivity…. [read more]

Global Warming and Crop Production Term Paper

… Global Warming and Crop Production

As global warming makes temperatures rise witnessed will be a decrease in crop production.

It is reported in a Science Daily report entitled: "Will Global Warming Improve Crop Production?" that scientists from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada have predicted, "crops will be at a greater risk of winter damage in the future even though the climate will be warmer." (2002) in a December 2006 news report it is stated that the decrease in monsoons in the country of India "raises the concern of more potential floods and other natural disasters. Monsoons are needed to nourish crops and supply water for farming communities." (Science Daily, 4 Dec. 2006) the problem stated is that the delicate balance that exists with the occurrence of…. [read more]

Global Warming and Its Effects Essay

… It is estimated that producing new paper, glass, and metal products from recycled products will save 70%-90% energy -- thus reducing pollution and carbon dioxide emissions -- as opposed to materials that are produced from "virgin" raw materials. For instance, recycling a stack of newspapers four feet high can help to save a tree that would produce the same amount of newspaper from "virgin" material. Also, if every household in the United States were to switch out three standard light bulbs for three energy efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), equivalent of 3.5 million cars worth of emissions would be reduced. Additionally, when you do choose to by a new car, it is recommended that you buy a car that has a fuel efficiency of…. [read more]

Global Warming Speech Ladies Essay

… Rice and maize production are expected to decrease in the topics due to high temperatures. This implies that malnutrition will set in (Lobell, Tebaldi, Mastrandrea and Naylor 608).

Those living in small islands and mega deltas have all the reasons to worry about global warming. The rise in sea level will destroy human settlements in such regions. Vital infrastructure like the transport system is also likely to be destroyed. This is something that was witnessed in Maldives and Tuvalu where a good number of the population was technically rendered stateless. People living in low lying areas in Bangladesh were also rendered homeless as a result of habitat inundation.

We have so far illuminated what global warming is all about and its effects on the general…. [read more]

Global Warming Can the First Wedge Issue Term Paper

… Global Warming can the first wedge issue of the 21st century.

Jim Manzi, National Review

This is a real wake-up call for people who mistakenly think global warming is only going to be a problem way off in the future or... has no impact on their lives in any meaningful way. The problem is here today..."

Christine Rogers

Exposure, Epidemiology and Risk Program

Global warming occurs when the earth's average atmospheric temperature increases and leads to corresponding changes in climate (Random House Unabridged Dictionary 2006). It may also be the consequence of strong greenhouse effect. Certain gases in the atmosphere trap energy from the sun, raising the earth's temperature. This is the normal green house effect. Examples of these gases are water vapor, carbon dioxide,…. [read more]

Global Warming Since Its First Essay

… However, scientific evidence although a bit obscured has still pointed at certain actions which would at least help in addressing the issues. These actions are grouped into two; adaptive strategies and limitation strategies.

Adaptive strategies are aimed at prompting behavioral change - this means a change in the way we use our environment to lessen the effects of a warming globe. Limitation strategies are activities aimed at reducing the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hence limiting climate change. These two sets of strategies are not mutually exclusive but complementary. This means that they should be implemented concurrently for desirable outcomes. The reason for this is that past and current emissions have made complete halting of the warming process impossible, thus raising the need…. [read more]

Wabash Watershed and Global Essay

… 5%. Increased disparity in different regions with respect to the amount of rainfall that is received is also a main issue in the problem caused by global warming and unsustainable use of water. The increase in precipitation is more in tropical regions that already have adequate water reserves in form of rivers, lakes, and sea. On the other hand, the regions with less water supply are having increased number of droughts. Ths, as a result a vicious circle of flash floods and droughts have already been observed in many regions of the world. The evaporation-precipitation cycle has got intensified over the period of last few decades and is likely to remain same in the years to come. The fresh water from watersheds and other water…. [read more]

Global Warming Effects Essay

… When the environment becomes unbreakable, the species try to move out and look for places elsewhere. However, there are some unique kinds of animals and species of plants and marine life that are not suitable for adaptation elsewhere rather than their source of origination. When they are deprived of all kinds of places to settle in at, they start dying out and their reproduction is severely affected to the point where they become absolutely rare and eventually extinct. The level and threat of this extinction is multiplying by many times as the implications of global warming keeps going up. Some cold water fish, seals and bears are examples of the species that require cold regions for their survival and their habitats have been severely affected…. [read more]

Global Warming Many Environmental Experts Term Paper

… Global Warming

Many environmental experts as well as scientists and medical experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the effects of global warming over the past few decades. This sense of alarm is fueled by the fact that many hypothetical theories and predictions previously made about the probable effects of extreme weather and climatic changes and believed to be an indication of global warming, are in reality occurring worldwide. These events have caused scientists to forecast even more extreme effects of global warming for the future.

The litany of global warming hazards is now familiar. Changing temperatures and rainfall may harm agriculture and stress natural ecosystems. Rising sea levels and severe storms may erode and inundate coastal zones. Especially worrisome is mounting evidence that nasty surprises,…. [read more]

Ecological Environmental Impact Term Paper

… Global Warming and Its Effects on the Ecosystem

Studies have shown that human activities like burning of fossil fuels and deforestation have a great impact on our planet, causing emissions of greenhouse gases and determining changes in the climate system: heat waves, increases in rainfall, increase in intensity of many extreme climate events, ice melting at Earth's poles. These phenomenons are part of the global warming process, an important environmental problem that our planet has to face.

In the last years our planet is facing an increase in the average temperature and specialists and researchers consider that the global warming phenomenon will continue as long as people will not change their way of life.

The impact that global warming has on human communities and ecosystems…. [read more]

Atmospheric Issues Global Warming Term Paper

… Global warming is a phenomenon that has many opinions, from the scientific, to the political, to the ridiculous. A major rift between the more rational arguments has been the question of whether global warming is actually occurring or if the earth is simply in a geologic time of natural warming. However, scientists have noted that the warming of our earth's atmosphere is occurring at a rate that is unprecedented in the geologic record. Past warming trends have been identified through studying bores of deep ice from the earth's poles (Berger, 2000). The data indicate that while global warming is indeed a part of the earth's natural warm and freeze cycles, the present warming trend is happening much faster than has been previously experienced. The question…. [read more]

Production of Food Products Research Paper

… These animals are forced to eat food that would ordinarily not be part of their natural diet in the interest of producing a less expensive meat product for the consumer.

The ill effects of factory farming are felt not only the animals involved in the process. The effects are more far reaching than that. Among the other effects are the human illness caused by the drug-resistant bacteria associated with the wide-spread use of antibiotics and water and air pollution caused by the inordinately large accumulation of animal waste. Ordinarily neither of these conditions presents itself on a traditional family farm. On such farms the animals are provided living conditions more conducive to their historical environment. As a result, they are subject to less exposure to…. [read more]

Global Warming Term Paper

… GLOBAL WARMING is probably one of the most heatedly discussed and debated subject in political and social circles today. The globe is warming up and that should be a serious concern for the inhabitants. The question arises: what is global warming and how is it dangerous to the world.

Global warming and ozone layer depletion are often discussed together because they are both causing warming however we must make it clear that these two are different problems. Global warming is caused by the "greenhouse effect," which is otherwise essential to human life. Electromagnetic energy coming from the sun is absorbed by the Earth, but as this energy is absorbed, some of it is radiated back in the form of infrared energy (heat). Interestingly, the system…. [read more]

GM Crops Term Paper

… ¶ … genetically modified (GM) crops. Specifically it will discuss positive and negative responses from scientists and the general public to genetically modified foods, and assess the potential of GM crops as a source of food. Genetically modified crops are already on the shelves in many supermarkets, but they are controversial at best. Should we use GM crops as a source of food both now and in the future? The future of genetically modified foods remains to be seen, but whatever the outcome, it will be controversial to many people.

GM crops and foods are not brand new technology; they have existed for many years. In fact, studies into genetically modifying plant crops began in the 1980s (Goldstein, and Goldstein, 2002, p. 235). Most GM…. [read more]

Spain Global Warming Being Essay

… " This notion can be concurred by Spain and its people due to the environmental, economical, agricultural, and ecological changes brought about by global warming. Environmentally, the country has experienced an increase in annual temperatures, rise in sea levels hence the disappearing of beaches and increase in coastline, heat waves, and reduction in rainfall. Economically, tourism has been and will be reduced if temperatures keep climbing and reaching extreme heat because people visit countries and take into consideration of climate and recreational activities, like the beach. Agriculturally, due to the heat and lack of rain, farmers and winemakers alike are struggling but finding creative ways to strive and thrive in the midst of climate changes. Ecologically, anchovies and amphibians have been victims of global warming…. [read more]

Global Warming Research Paper

… If you wait another 10 years you would have to reduce emissions by 15% a year. That would be almost impossible" (Gray 2012).

There have been some positive developments on the political level as well as in terms of personal consumption to fight global warming. "Since the U.S. government imposed its first minimum mileage standards in 1974, they have been progressively strengthened. Last year, the Obama Administration and automakers agreed to gradually increase the average mileage of U.S. cars to 54 miles per gallon, starting with an average 35 miles per gallon by 2016" ("Global warming: It's real," Patriot-News Editorial Board, 2012). Some recent consumer trends have shown a shift in favor of the public's commitment to environmentally-friendly policies. Switching to electric or hybrid driving…. [read more]

Transgenic Foods Genetically Modified Crop Thesis

… Transgenic Foods (genetically Modified Crop)

The objective of this work is to write the ethical issue, history, whole process, application, advantage or risk in regards to transgenic food or GM crops in a historical, factual or argumentative paper.

Transgenic crops or plants are those containing genes which have been inserted artificially rather than through pollination. The inserted gene sequence is known as the transgene often comes from another plan that is completely unrelated or even from a difference species. One example of this is Tb corn, "which produces its own insecticide, contains a gene from a bacterium." (Department of Soil and Crop Sciences, Colorado State University 1999-2004) Plants that contain transgenes are referred to as "genetically modified or GM crops." (Department of Soil and Crop…. [read more]

Vertical Farming in Singapore Research Proposal

… With vertical farming, we can also rule out the occurrence of poor harvests due to weather problems such as floods and drought (Venter 2010, P. 105). The production of the crop can also be done all year round as it is taking place in a controlled environment (Hopkins & Goodwin 2011, P. 228). This to a significant extent increases the quantity of the food produced since the seasons are eliminated. These are all steps towards the ultimate goal of producing enough food for the expanding population.

In the process of increasing production, vertical farming also serves to restore the balance in the natural ecosystem. It utilizes a system where water is constantly recycled (Venter 2010,P 106). This way, loss of water through runoff is avoided.…. [read more]

Political Issue and Tourism Essay

… Deterioration in coastal conditions which are the camping places for tourist. For example through erosion of beaches and coral bleaching which affects local resources such as fisheries and also reduces the value of those tourist destinations hence leading to reduction of tourists.

The Caribbean coral reefs especially the Meso-American reef which are the second biggest stretching from the coast of southern Mexico down past Belize into Honduras are threatened by the environmental disaster. The warm water disrupts coral growth and also acidic water affects coral abilities to secrete new skeletons and increasingly intense hurricane breaks it up (Anita Pleumaron, 2007).


In conclusion the impact of climate change due to global warming on tourism appears extensive. Tourism being one of the major activities of the…. [read more]

Cafo's the Impact of Concentrated Essay

… When people are educated to the effects of CAFO's and the location of such places, they can then mobilize local communities to force changes in their practices. Such local activism can also force the government to increase their regulations and inspections, and insist upon greater transparency from these farms. And while new technology has a place in the future, it is the incorporation of alternative farming practices which holds the key to the future existence of agriculture. Since it is the concentration of livestock production in small areas that seems to be the cause of the problems, what is needed is a change to a medium-sized organic-style farms. Not only will this decrease the environmental impact of CAFO's in the local community, but it will…. [read more]

Sustainability Capstone Project

… However, this is not an excuse on a community or individual level to forego attempts to foster sustainability. Traveling by bike or by foot, spending more for sustainably-raised items, and supporting leaders who advocate placing environmentalism at the forefront of the national agenda are all actions we can and must take to ensure the needed collective actions are undertaken to improve the world's environment before it is too late.

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International Trade Has High Importance Essay

… The increase in shift from manufacturing to services has also reduced the average prices of manufactured goods. Since, manufacturing is now shifted to the low wage countries. This all became possible due to easy laws for international trades in UK.

Due to change in employment laws in 2009, domestic demands of UK citizens have also been changed. Since, income level has risen and the leisure time is increased. So, this has given boom to the travelling and communication. People spend more on recreation and trips so the demand of restaurants and personal services demand is increased.

The population of UK has also been increased much since past years. Therefore, the demand of certain goods and services in UK has gone up. Like housing, health and…. [read more]

Globalization Trends Research Paper

… Globalization Trends

Globalization means a manner in which there is a connection and spread of products, technologies and communication to all parts of the world. Sometimes, economically it may refer to the global distribution of goods and services especially when there is a reduction of hindrances such as export fee, tariffs and import quotas on the international market. Hence, it helps to bring up a country's economy through the principle of comparative advantage and increase in specialization. In other broader view, globalization may refer transnational circulation of language, ideas and culture Council & Intelligence, 2008()

Global trends over the years

Globalization Trend Analysis 2010-2015

As pertaining to demographic change across the world, the world's population will rise from 6.1 billion people as per the statistics…. [read more]

Climate Change Impact on Nigerian Food Security Research Paper

… The chapter further highlighted examples from other countries.CONCEPTUAL CLARIFICATION OF CLIMATE CHANGE20. Climate change is basically the range of changes in weather and climatic conditions that shift average conditions and result in more frequent and severe extreme weather conditions or happenings. Researcher Ozor (2012) came up with a simpler definition by referring to climate change as an overtime shift in regional or the global climate. Ozor also referred to climate change as the shift in the average weather conditions that takes place within a decade or within millions of years. Though true, Ozor’s definitions tend not to mention that adverse results of climate change that should also surely be part and parcel of its definition. 21. Patrick’s (2015) definition of climate change is more aptly…. [read more]

Brazil Biofuel Term Paper

… Brazil Biofuel

This work will discuss the biofuel developments in Brazil and the many issues surround it. It will serve as an introduction to biofuel efficacy and create a sense of the current epicenter of biofuel use and production. The work will discuss the history of biofuel use in Brazil, the effects it has had on culture and economy, the pros and cons of biofuel, the import and export market effects, cost differentiation, sugar vs. corn ethanol, auto technology in Brazil, and some limited discussion of U.S. And other international responses to Brazil's programs.

History of Biofuel in Brazil

Brazil's history in the biofuel business is a long standing one, as the nation implemented some of the first legislative mandates that demanded the use of…. [read more]

Fate of Carbon in a Seagrass Dominated Ecosystem Literature Review

… Fate of Carbon in a Sea Grass Dominated Ecosystem

Perhaps the most pressing concern for the world is the rising rate of global warming in the 21st century. Many discussions have taken place on the global front to discuss the possible steps to decrease this rate. On aspect that has been discussed diligently in relation to global warming is the rise of Co2. In a relevant research study, Longuhurst asserts that in order "to reduce the rate of global warming due to rising CO2, the potential for sequestering carbon by oceanic phytoplankton has received considerable international attention, which has culminated with a research agenda" (Longhurst 1991). Other researchers have also confirmed that the restriction of carbon under sea level as well as using the terrestrial…. [read more]

Poisoning Our Planet Term Paper

… Poisoning Our Planet

If it is the air we breathe, the land we use, or the water we drink, we do not pay any heed to the indiscriminate use of the resources of our planet. Nevertheless we are dependent on these resources for innumerable part of our present and future welfare. Similar to as we human beings are dependent on the planet Earth, every part of the ecosystem depends on the other. This feature of co-relatedness is obviously palpable when the situation becomes out of control. (Preserve Planet Earth Program) Lack of awareness of threats to the environment is the reason which lies behind many destructive activities combined with man's greed for wealth and short-term gains. For the bygone 4 billion years, our planet has…. [read more]

Sustainable Agriculture and Labor Conditions Research Paper

… Sustainable Agriculture

There are many aspects of sustainable farming. Not only does this include healthy foods grown, healthy farming practices and systems, but, furthermore, healthy working conditions on the farm. There are a number of solutions proposed on the international scale that have been discussed or even implemented, but in order to achieve true sustainability in agriculture, not only do healthier foods have to reach more people, but so to do farm workers need to be treated fairly.

First, the state of our food industry is in tatters. The quality of our food has reached dangerous levels. The Organic Center, a research institute designed to evaluate the science of organic food and farming, recently published its concerns for the state of the food industry and…. [read more]

Ethanol Fuel Barely a Couple of Years Term Paper

… ¶ … Ethanol Fuel

Barely a couple of years ago bio ethanol fuel was the undisputed 'darling' of environmentalists and government policy makers alike. It was being touted as a clean and renewable alternative to fossil fuels that would tame the galloping oil prices, cure the United State's 'addiction' to imported oil, and control the on-going global warming threatening the world's environment. The overenthusiastic proponents of bio-fuels had obviously not catered for the unintended consequences of an untried policy. The large-scale diversion of food crops such as corn for producing ethanol has resulted in sky-rocketing food prices around the world, and precipitated the worst food crisis in decades. It has also prompted a revisit of the purported 'environment friendliness' of bio-fuels since indirect effects of…. [read more]

Climate Change Term Paper

… The most recent bill addressing climate change -- that was passed by the conservative-dominated House in September, 2012 -- omitted the "sense of Congress" clause (Geman, 2012). That clause asserted that "There is established scientific concern over warming of the climate system…" but the Republican-led House has not accepted that as fact. What Republicans are doing is packaging a bill to "block EPA rules" that seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and the GOP has worked to block or delay federal policies that affect the coal industry (burning fossil fuels contributes mightily to global warming). The House Republicans call attempts to regulate coal emissions "The White House 'war' on coal" (Geman, p. 1). In other words, there is no political will in the Congress at…. [read more]

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