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Labor Relations A.) Labor Unions Term Paper

… S. gained momentum -- to do more with less.

By conducting most manufacturing in foreign countries and by routinely outsourcing work overseas (Perrucci and Wysong, 2008, p. 107), organizations are able to continue to maximize their profits while reducing expenses. There are many labors in foreign countries (such as certain parts of India and Asia or in South and Central America, for example) where restrictions governing the hours of laborers, wages, and health care are inconceivable. By outsourcing work and the obtaining of resources to these parts of the world, organizations are able to achieve their objectives with a degree of efficacy that the state of labor relations in the U.S. prevents them from doing. Therefore, this one fundamental change -- participating in a global…. [read more]

Labor Unions Are Organizations That Lawfully Represent Article Critique

… Labor unions are organizations that lawfully represent workers in many industries across the economy. They offer workers collective bargaining with their employers on issues such as wages, employment benefits as well as working conditions. Labor unions as well represent their members in the event that they are in disputes with their employers over violation of provisions provided for in contract agreements. In the United States, majority of the labor unions are allied to one of the two larger umbrella unions, the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations and the Change to Win Federation. This trend of labor unions in the United States merging to form larger unions' dates back to the late 1970s and in the recent past has been multi-jurisdictional (Moody,…. [read more]

Globalization and Public Administration Essay

… Environmental representatives can work with the employer to improve the impact of an organization or workplace on the local environment, helping nearby communities and raising the reputation of the employer. Equality reps can help raise awareness of issues related to equality and diversity. They can raise the profile of equal treatment of workers on the grounds of gender, age, religion, sexual orientation and disability. They can do so by engaging employers in focused discussions. This can lead to attention on matters relating to employees and encourage proactive management of a workforce (Brown, Bryson, & Forth, 2009)

Effects of the present state of the economy on labor unions

The economic state calls for careful interrogation by labor unions in as much as the worker needs are…. [read more]

Globalization Has Become a Ubiquitously Term Paper

… A recent wave of social movements seems to be occurring globally as workers are becoming more frustrated with the economic system. Furthermore, this isn't limited to just developing economies, it also includes events such as the Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement (Mak), and the unprecedented strikes in the U.K. (Peralta). The economic system has failed many workers in nations regardless of their size or their level of development. Therefore worker resentment has manifested in many countries in the form of riots, protests, or other demonstrations.

These protests have elevated the discussions about the roles of public institutions and private organizations in society. This trend may pave the way entirely new public debate. At the center of the populist movements there seems to…. [read more]

Globalization, if Explained in Economic Terms Term Paper

… Globalization, if explained in economic terms, is the ever-increasing inter-dependence of the national economies of countries all over the world on the cross-border movement of goods, services, technology, capital and labor (Warsh and Davis). The influx of foreign resources into local economies may have an adaptation effect on the native / local residents of the country. For example, the developing countries in Asia are exposed to American culture that includes not only the English language but also their culture in the form of music, cinema and lifestyle with the consequence of the developing countries becoming more inclined towards smaller families, transformation of gender roles and customization to big city life. There was an import of western advanced technologies along with. There are now, faster and…. [read more]

Labour Market Flexibility Causes Essay

… Both organisations and employees accepted this change as they found it convenient to engage in other useful activities. From the organisational perspective, it saved them from the cost of hiring a full time resource.

Statistics of 2011


Looking for Full Time Work

Looking for Part Time Work

Total, 16 years and over



16 to 19 years

16 to 17 years

18 to 19 years

20 years and over



20 to 24 years


25 years and over


25 to 54 years


55 years and over


Men, 16 years and over


16 to 19 years

20 years and over


20 to 24 years


25 years and over


25 to 54 years


55 years…. [read more]

Globalization of Labor China Sweatshops Term Paper

… ¶ … labor in China as it pertains to sweatshops and unions. The writer explores what sweatshops are, why they still exist in that nation and what the American labor movement is doing to try and stop them. There were six sources used to complete this paper.


As the world continues to globalize what was previously kept hidden away as secrets now becomes visible. This has been an eye opener in the area of labor as workers worldwide begin to compare notes and decide if their treatment matches the treatment of those in other nations. China has always been known for its "sweatshop" labor mentality and recent years have only served to uncover the true extent of that mentality. Workers…. [read more]

Globalization's Effect Term Paper

… The United States has been a leader in encouraging the cross-border deals for the advancement of domestic opportunities. While there are numerous opportunities to derive from the inter-relations of business opportunities with other countries, the United States often faces fundamental challenges in balancing the interest of the national security with the national economy. The September 11, 2001 attack has made the United States to implement stricter control in the foreign direct transaction. (Travalini, 2009).

The review of the literatures explores the impact of globalization on the security of the United States to enhanced greater understanding on steps that the country will take to enhance its national security.

Effect of Globalization on the National Security of the United States

The United States has experienced both positive…. [read more]

Labor Unions the Union Movement Ascended Research Proposal

… Labor Unions

The union movement ascended in the 19th century as a response to the poor working conditions on the Industrial Revolution. By coming together and mobilizing, workers were able to secure basic improvements to their work environment, as well as benefits such as funeral expenses, and basic protections against illness and old age.

The movement rapidly expanded into the early 20th century. The AFL reached a membership of 1.4 million workers by 1904.

The creation of the CIO in 1932 heralded an era of rapid union expansion as mass production industries were brought into the movement. The AFL and CIO joined forces in 1955, but shortly thereafter the union movement headed into decline.

In recent years, the movement has entered a phase of self-reflection.…. [read more]

Globalization and HRM Strategies Term Paper

… At a more business specific level, the strategy for international expansion has included an intense focus on emerging markets, as these revealed potential for increased demand for the company's products. Additionally, emphasis has been placed on the enlargement of the menus so that they respond to the new emergent needs of the society (e.g. The need for healthier food options), but also to the needs of the local customers.

"Traditionally, McDonald's international strategy was about adapting its U.S. model to local conditions. Increasingly, McDonald's is using local differentiation as a basis for worldwide adaptation and innovation through transferring new menu items and business concepts from one country to another" (Grant, 2010).

In other words, the company seeks to maintain its core business model, which has…. [read more]

Labor Unions Are Associations Term Paper

… Moreover, unions have placed greater emphasis on organizing drives for new members, and although they have been successful in organizing government employees, they have had less success in recruiting office workers in the rapidly expanding services sector (Union pp). A major problem is demographic, since the fastest growing parts of the labor force, such as women, service industries, and college-educated employees, are generally the most reluctant to organize (Union pp). Unlike the European union movements, organized labor in the United States has avoided the formation of a political party and has remained within the framework of the two-party system (Union pp). By the mid-1990's, the number of strikes in the United States had reached its lowest level in fifty years, however, by the end of…. [read more]

Globalization Changing the Role Essay

… A manager who is dealing with connections globally must play a profound role for his organization's success because the world is moving towards greater convolution, interconnections and business interrelationships with each passing day (Steers et al. 2010).

Globalization is increasingly prevailing nowadays due to the lack/absence of talent (particularly in developed countries), low-cost labor availability, increasing no. Of consumers, and advancement in technology. In such a situation, those organizations that are willing to adapt and alter their managerial practices according to the demands of globalization could be able to compete in the global market. The managers are the key figures who can have a direct impact on the work attitude of the employees. Globalization requires them to not only focus on issues of internal environment…. [read more]

Globalization's Affect on Public Health Research Paper

… (Fingerhut, 2012, p.185)

III. Globalized Public Health

Veronique LaPaige states in the work entitled "Globalized public health." A transdisciplinary comprehensive framework for analyzing contemporary globalization's influences on the field of public health" that the present stage of globalization is representative of a double-edge sword and is a challenge that public health practitioners and health policymakers face with the first edge throwing "light on two constructs in the field of public health" and those being global health and globalized public health.

Stated as the second edge of the sword is "global governance" and the question that accompanies this issue is that of how public health regulations can be constructed that effectively respond to global and local complexities linked to the two constructs stated. LaPaige (2009) reports…. [read more]

Globalization at General Electric: Discussion Questions Case Study

… Globalization at General Electric: Discussion Questions and Corporate Profile

Case Discussion Questions

GE has invested very aggressively in the foreign expansion of its company. There are several reasons why the company would do that. Among those reasons is the attempt to exploit opportunities in various countries that were or are having financial difficulties (Carlson, 1991). When the Asian Crisis hit, GE invested in Asia. When Europe was struggling, GE invested there, because it was a good financial move.

This appears to be a pattern with GE, which is actually a very smart way for a company to get more international influence and attention. Foreign expansion was considered by GE originally, because it saw an opportunity to get into the market in other countries, and it…. [read more]

Labor and Collective Bargaining Term Paper

… Labor and Collective Bargaining

Federal Government Resistance to Collective Bargaining - Supporters of the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act or HR 980 assumed that this legislation would enhance and increase cooperation between the government and its workers (Sherk 2007). Most of these employees belonged to unions and experience already demonstrated that collective bargaining would, in fact, not enhance cooperation. Rather, it would create greater and undue burden on the States. These public employees included policemen, firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Collective bargaining has viewed as intrinsically adversarial. Putting employees and the employer before the bargaining table may be aimed at cooperation. But it would create as much conflict as the cooperation it was aimed at effecting. If the outcome was not favorable to either side…. [read more]

Labor Relations and Globalization Argue Term Paper

… Clark, R.T. (1988). Privatization, Outsourcing and Subcontracting: United States Experience: A Management Viewpoint. Retrieved May 30, 2012 from

Helper, Sue (1990) "Subcontracting: Innovative Labor Strategies," Labor Research Review: (1)15:1, Retrieved May 30, 2012 from:

5. What serious misconduct offenses should always result in discharge? Defend your position.

"Misconduct" under the law of unemployment compensation is basically something that the claimant did or failed to do that 1) caused a problem for the company, 2) was in violation of a rule, a policy, or a law, and 3) was within the claimant's power to control or avoid (Riddle, 2008). This can include attendance problems, poor work performance, problematic conduct, or off job-site conduct. Behavioral issues may include unprofessional manners, repeated insubordination, inability to work…. [read more]

Globalization and Workers Term Paper

… Globalization -- Take-Home Test

Neoliberal globalization has specific consequences for women workers from the global South. What are these consequences, and why do you think this is the case? How have women workers responded?

"We are told to tighten our belts -- but in this belt-tightening, others are loosening" (Chang, 123).

In the peer-reviewed Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography the authors explain that there are competing arguments for the effects that globalization has had on female workers in Africa. In one of the arguments, it is said that "…globalization and liberalization offer entrepreneurial opportunities for women" (Johnston-Anumonwo, 2011, p. 8). But on the other hand Johnston-Anumonwo points out there is an argument to be made that "…the neoliberal political and economic reforms" that are linked…. [read more]

Globalization of the Fashion Industry Essay

… Fragmentation of the Fashion Industry Due to Globalization:

Amighinia and Rabelotti (2004) describe international fragmentation of production process as "the splitting of the production cycle over production sites located in different countries, as a cost-reducing strategy" (485). This is one of the most pervasive effects of globalization, as well as one of the most disruptive effects. Fragmentation, in general, allows fashion manufacturers to take advantage of lower prices in other countries. They then obtain reduced costs by this international production network. Increasing competition is serving as a further catalyst for massive fragmentation of these processes, as they outsource low value-added functions.

Amighinia and Rabellotti's (2004) study of Italian footwear suggested that as these organizations enter global fashion production networks, they lose control over critical business…. [read more]

Globalization Such a Discussion Revolving Term Paper

… Globalization

Such a discussion revolving around the globalization process in all its ensemble is difficult to approach, not necessarily only because of the complexity of the subject, but because it is the type of subject that has been tackled by theoreticians all over the world over the last decade and it is difficult to actually attain a perspective that has not already been achieved.

What is the globalization process in fact? From an economic perspective, given the fact that globalization was triggered by economic considerations, the globalization process can be defined as "the process of corporations moving their money, factories and products around the planet at ever more rapid rates of speed in search of cheaper labour and raw materials and governments willing to ignore…. [read more]

Globalization -A Effects Research Paper

… The rift between the west and the Islamic is due to lack of proper communication. The Muslims are not in support of the globalization since they find it to be more westernized, so they are finding their own way of globalizing themselves. For instance, they allow the use of internet among their followers to connect together to those people who share the same understanding of Islamic.

Many states of the Middle East are fiercely against the incorporation of globalization in their culture. They are adamant to some aspects of globalization so they cannot put up with some practices that come along with it. They strongly cling to their culture and they cannot change it to go with the trend of the modern world, so they…. [read more]

Labor Relations Manager Interview Research Paper

… During negotiations, the organization is at liberty to dispute on any issues they did not agree with.

The organization benefits from joining the union because there is an agreement that is signed between the union and the organization. Collective Bargaining Agreement allows the company to negotiate its terms, and unless the two parties agree, the company does not join the union. The sole benefit is with the employees because they cannot be terminated from office unjustly. They are also able to negotiate on their wages and also the working conditions among other things. This confirms that the labor office works to the success of the organization too.

We have labor laws that regulate or work with these labor relations offices. The Labor laws were put…. [read more]

Skills - Labor Unions Essay

… The idea that unions are intrusive is one that people have held for some time (Sherk & Kersey, 2007). Because of that, some unions have been defeated in companies and in communities. The argument is that unions do not promote good working environments between employers and employees, and that they are too busy promoting their own agendas to really do what they claim when it comes to helping others. Of course, there are many who would disagree with that opinion, and insist that unions have done much over time to make sure employees were treated fairly by the people for whom they worked. Many unions have disappeared from communities, but now they are attempting to get back into those communities and remind the people there…. [read more]

Globalization Has Determined a Wide Increase Research Paper

… Globalization has determined a wide increase in the numbers of international organizations that provide aid, assistance, and cooperation frameworks around the world. Among the many organizations of this type, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has become an important player on the international scene given its nature of advisory body. Mexico is among the countries that benefited from the policy advice provided by the OECD and continues to receive support in terms of improving economic and social well being.

Following the 2008-9 recession that affected states around the world Mexico was severely hit largely due to its dependency on exports and at the same time on the commercial ties with the United States. More precisely, it is considered that "80% of exports go…. [read more]

Positive Labor Unionization Research Paper

… Labor Unions Positive

Labor Unions

Labor unions once played a significant role in the U.S. economy with a peak of over a third of the workforce being associated with a union in the 1950s. However, since the unionization peak there has been a slow and steady decline in the proportion of union members. This decline also corresponds to a period of steady economic growth in which the U.S. economy has become the dominant economic force in the world. Although there are many factors that have contributed to the growth of the U.S. economy, the de-unionization of the workforce and trade liberalization are among some of the top factors that have benefited economic activity.

Despite these benefits to the overall economy, these benefits have not been…. [read more]

Globalization and the Impacts in the Politics of Authority Essay

… Globalization and the Impacts in the Politics of Authority

Does globalization impact in triggering recent economic recession?

The current financial crisis will be remembered as one of the most serious in the history of world capitalism. The increasing difficulty experienced by the financial authorities of the major economies and by international financial bodies in limiting the most devastating effects of events on the world economy makes it difficult, in turn, to handle banking and financial crises. The current institutional composition of the markets, the deregulated nature of those markets and the vast liquid assets in private hands have even placed limits on concerned action by national governments. This does not allow anticipating stabilization, but, on the contrary, it might be alleged that episodes of large…. [read more]

Globalization Is Directly Connected With the Availability Term Paper

… globalization is directly connected with the availability of homogenous goods and services worldwide. In larger context however globalization occurs when these products and services also bring with them the cultural, social and even moral values of the countries they represent. Globalization may be a negative force for some as it has been held responsible for everything from deep resentment against Americans to terrorism to slowing economy but it is also synonymous with availability of wider range of products and service, better quality commodities, more homogenous facilities and efficient and full use of world's resources.

I feel that it is extremely important for the world to unite as one nation with a global economy. Globalization emerged when everyone from Asia to Europe to Latin America sought…. [read more]

Globalization and Western Imperialism Term Paper

… (Barlow and Clake, 66)

It was in the early 1900's that a very huge distinct change was seen in the internal compromise of the global economic and political management of the various global institutions and also the most string players. This particular model was called 'neo-liberalism' or also the 'Washington Consensus', called so by the economist John Williamson in 1989 in order to explain a ten policy recommendation that was formed keeping in mind the structural changes that would have to be made all over the world. But at the 'end of history' it was the dominance of the neo-liberal modification of globalization that did not last for long. A lot of happenings in the 1990's saw to it that both the ideologies and the…. [read more]

Globalization Research Paper

… Among various environmental factors, challenges, and threats, economic forces have the leading impact on an organization's operations, culture, and overall performance in the industry.

Economic forces refer to the earning and spending patterns of the individuals, business entities, and governmental bodies in an economy according to the changing market conditions and environmental impacts. These forces mainly constitute inflationary pressures, industry growth, level of unemployment, exchange rate fluctuations, interest rates, purchasing power parity of general consumers, costs of labors, material, and technology, etc. These forces can either turn in favor or against the business operations of the organization -- thus, making its profit rise or shrink accordingly (Weinstein, 2005).

5. Cultural Diversity

Globalization allows firms to compete at the international level. Now organizations can not only…. [read more]

Globalization Refers to How Local Processes Essay

… Globalization refers to how local processes are increasingly becoming part of the greater world, and is usually used to describe economic aspects of these processes. Globalization has largely been a post World-War II phenomenon, enabled by the creation of the United Nations and its role as international policeman as much as by the technological advances that have made global business a real possibility. Because globalization has the potential to expose people to things from around the world, it has the potential to impact many aspects of local life, including financial markets, local economies, industry, politics, language, access to information, education, environment, culture, technology, social aspect, legal systems, and the development of ethics. As such, globalization has the power to be a tremendously positive practice, but…. [read more]

Globalization of the Philippines Term Paper

… Globalization and Its Impacts in the Philippines

Globalization is that ephemeral buzzword thrown around to describe a myriad of historical processes that are, in reality, incredibly hard to pin down. At its most basic, globalization refers to the process by which national economies are increasingly integrated with one another in a transnational network of producers and consumers. Phenomena such as manufacturing labor being shifted to the developing world to make products that will only be sold in developed nations is an example of the kind of event usually attributed to globalization. Like all complex global phenomena -- especially those that involve prodigious amounts of money -- there is significant disagreement over whether or not globalization is a positive or negative force in the world. The…. [read more]

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