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Globalization and Middle Eastern Culture Term Paper

… Science and technology are accepted, but they are to be subordinated to Islamic belief and values in order to guard against the Westernization and secularization of Muslim society."

By its very nature globalization impacts on people's way of life and often causes adjustments to the pattern of the dominant global culture. This has meant that the affect of globalization on Middle-Eastern counties has become a very controversial issue.

To a large extent, globalization promotes integration of the world and calls for the removal of all cultural barriers. Although globalization is a vital process toward transferring knowledge and education to the world, it still has its negative effects on most cultures and civilizations. Its impact on cultures, in this case the Arabic culture, is relatively controversial.…. [read more]

Cultural Globalization Term Paper

… ¶ … Cultural Globalization

Despite the prevailing popular press that globalization and the "flattening" of entire countries and cultures is now in full force, there is still a high degree of variation, in fact heterogeneity, between and within cultures. This dynamic of greater differences within cultures between groups and between cultures and nations is in turn driving a much more niche-based series of strategies. Porter (74- 76) specifically defined the competitive strength of heterogeneity on a global level as a result of escalating incomes and the need for greater efficiencies in serving the unique needs of these markets. Contrary to the comparative advantage theories of globalization that Porter ( and other strategy theorists support, there are the also the theories of how unilateralism requires greater…. [read more]

Globalisation and Its Effects Essay

… For a manager to succeed in a foreign nation they must also immerse themselves within it to fully understand how to be effective in getting work done there.

An Example of McDonald's Globalisation Strategy

The process by which McDonald's opens restaurants in China is an example of how effective this global company is at executing expansion strategies. Having had decades of experience in planning, executing and evaluating their globalisation strategies, McDonald's is a global leader in tailoring their product and services mix to specific nations' unique needs (Vignali, 2001). Successes in China (Watson, 2000) are a case in point. McDonald's relies on a well-defined series of processes and systems to ensure each local store in a given region in China or nation aligns to cultural…. [read more]

Globalization the Impact of the Internet Term Paper

… Globalization

The Impact of the Internet on Globalization

The impact of the Internet on globalization is visible from the pervasiveness and visibility of brands globally to changes in the everyday lives of members of different cultures around the world. Globalization, while discussed as a business strategy, actually affects individuals far more often and with greater consequences than corporations. It could also be said that the collective experiences of individuals are what a corporation experiences from the context of globalization at a more macro socioeconomic level. It is the intent of this paper to analyze the implications of the Internet on the individual lives of people globally and the resulting impact on corporations. The Internet is serving as the catalyst for these many changes that both…. [read more]

Cultural Pluralism Term Paper

… Cultural Pluralism

The American territory is well-known for its cultural pluralism. The outstanding cultural diversity and ethnic pluralism in the United States call for cultural awareness and special social education of the community members, in order to avoid important problems, such as racism and discrimination. The basis of the modern democratic society requires more than tolerance towards the different racial, ethnic or social categories. The contemporary cultural and ethnic studies aim at a globalization based on the cultural awareness of each individual in society. The main premises of cultural awareness are that the individuals should have knowledge of the different traditions, customs and ideologies specific to each culture. It is essential for the proper functioning of any social environment that the other culture, which are…. [read more]

How Does Globalization Foster Economic Growth? Term Paper

… ¶ … globalization foster economic growth?


Defining globalization

The term of globalization has been defined by numerous specialists under various forms. The most commonly used definition, which encompasses the most elements is considered to have been given by the Gale New Dictionary of the History of Ideas, which ascertains globalization as "information-society and knowledge economies, fueled by the forces of global market integration and the emergence and convergence of new information technologies."

Wikipedia Encyclopedia defines globalization as "an umbrella term for a complex series of economic, social, technological, cultural and political changes seen as increasing independence, integration and interaction between people and companies in disparate locations."

Effects of globalization

In other words, globalization is the process of world wide cooperation between economies in order…. [read more]

Gordon's Assimilation Theory Social Work Research Paper

… Methodological issues and empirical support for the theory

Given the theory's displacement in contemporary life and given the fact that education, occupation and income are some of the many factors that play a constitutive role in determining assimilation, scholars such as Xie and Greenman (2011) conclude that there is little empirical evidence supporting the theory. The methodology is flawed since it is irrelevant to contemporary living and since, for reasons, mentioned throughout this essay, the theory possesses internal flaws in various areas. The process of assimilation depends on the contextual area of the immigrant; no generalizations can be made. Furthermore, future research should focus on differential processes of assimilation rather than generally determining acculturation followed by assimilation to be a pattern conclusive to all.

Sources…. [read more]

Cross Cultural Age of Globalization Essay

… It however does not provide sufficient feedback or closed loop reporting for any organization to chart their course through the nuances of a culture. The continual learning processes that are by nature repetitive must be completed if an organization is going to learn to adapt to a given culture. Abiding by a series of practices alone, even if they are foundational to a political culture, may provide a basis for a given organization or entity to establish relationships in a given country or region. Yet it is in the internalization of the nuances of a given culture that any organization truly assimilates itself, and in so doing understands the correct measures or metrics of progress. The foundational elements of national political culture is just one…. [read more]

End Game of Globalization "Nothing Book Report

… The systemic eradication and assimilation of world cultures is an objective of American imperialism as demonstrated over the course of, according to Smith, approximately half of the country's history/existence. Therefore, those who consume American cultures without consideration, sustain the continuation of affects that globalization has upon the world in ways of which many people are peripherally aware.

The impacts of globalization via the imperialism of the United States upon forms of indigenous cultures around the world can range from a spectacularly positive, to political and/or social upheaval. The great shift and changes experience by global cultures is a direct result of the advent and distribution of a variety of new technologies including mobile devices, the Internet, and smartphones. The world is able to communicate with…. [read more]

Crossvergence and Cultural Tendencies Essay

… S. And China show, through statistical examples, to more closely aligned that Taiwan and Hong King (Kelley, MacNab, Worthley, 2006). This further illustrates the dynamics of crossvergence not being locationally constrained (Gupta, Wang, 2004) and more attuned to shared workflows and knowledge sharing (Sarala, Vaara, 2010).

The work perspective also has an associated aspect with regard to how the perception of time varies by a given culture's expectations, experiences and values. A foundational element of the methodology is the comparison of cultural attributes over time, which shows the most paradoxical aspects of the study, namely the shift in collectivism and contrarian views of national culture. Time itself is valued very differently across cultures, illustrating how understanding and acting on values, both quantifiable and unquantifiable, are…. [read more]

Globalization and Cultural Assimilation Term Paper

… Shopping -- Sale of Popular Culture

The Reading Terminal Market ("RTM)" in Philadelphia is an example of a low culture shopping experience is an example of a cool version of low culture. Gans (1999, p.29) argues that the critique of popular culture has four relevant themes: its inherent negative character, the negative effects on high culture, the negative effects on the popular culture audience and the negative effects on society. His argument falls apart when faced with the reality that cool, as Gladwell (n.d., p.78) describes, arises from the ground up. Arguably, cool popular culture fits none of Gans' criteria, yet Gans' criteria can readily be applied to the version of popular culture that, ironically, is created by the wealthy for mass consumption.

The market…. [read more]

Cultural and National Identity Term Paper

… The first example comes from an article titled, Labour of Love (Beatie, 2008). It tells the story of a transgender who is legally male and legally married to his wife, Nancy. During his sex reassignment surgeries he decided to maintain his reproductive abilities. He states, "wanting to have a biological child is nether a male nor female desire, but a human desire" (Beatie, 2008, par 3). He and his wife always wanted to have a child; however, Nancy had to have a hysterectomy which resulted in the loss of her reproductive abilities. Thus, they decided that he would carry their child. He stopped taking his testosterone medication and after about four months his body regulated itself. In order to get pregnant he did not take…. [read more]

Assimilation Threat With the Rise of Globalization Term Paper

… Assimilation Threat

With the rise of globalization and the increase of technology, there is hardly a first-world or even less developed country on the globe that can claim either cultural or religious purity. Assimilation has become a part of life for people from all ethnic and religious backgrounds. Jews are a particularly poignant example of this. This nation seems to have been displaced ever since the beginnings of their history, if biblical evidence is taken into account. As such, their resistance to assimilation has always proved to be their sustenance and salvation in times of adversity and threat.

The Jewish concern with assimilation has been a constant worry since biblical times. Indeed, according to Stephen S. Pearce, the first Jew to face assimilation was Joseph.…. [read more]

Impact of Globalization Term Paper

… ¶ … Globalization

The intent of this analysis is to evaluate how economic globalization is affecting and influencing local cultures while also exploring why urban geographers are increasingly analyzing the world's cities for influences of globalization as well. The city of Los Angeles, California is included as an example of a city that is analyzed according to its urban layout, socio-culture influence, economic specialization, and role in globalization throughout the Southern California region in addition to the Pacific Rim. This paper concludes with an critical analysis of globalization based on the results reported.

Effects of Globalization on Local Cultures

Much has been written about the effects of globalization becoming increasingly synonymous with the westernization of cultures. In fact the globalization of cultures is reciprocal on…. [read more]

Cultural Diversity Multicultural Education Was Developed Term Paper

… Cultural Diversity

Multicultural Education was developed in the 1960's as a movement whose main purpose was to oppose the past orientation of education towards an assimilation of the ethnic or racial minorities in the mainstream, dominating American culture, and emphasize cultural awareness. It was felt that the tendency towards cultural uniformity does not comply with the essential requirements of democracy, whose main end is to achieve balance in diversity. Therefore, the principal goals of multicultural education are obviously to offer equal opportunities for all the students integrated in the educational process, and also, in its larger scope, to mediate the better functioning of the culturally diverse society, by eradicating stereotypes and promoting a positive attitude towards difference in terms of race or ethnic background. Cortes…. [read more]

Applied Management and Decision Sciences Thesis

… ¶ … management and decision sciences from various theorists; and, analyzes the evolution of managerial decision making from scientific management to the complicated forecasting models used today. The objectives of the Breadth component were four-fold: (a) to examine the theories of applied management and decision sciences as interpreted by the research of Ducker (1974), Harrison (1975), and others as listed in the reference section; (b) to analyze the historic evolution of decision making from scientific management to modern applications of operations research; (c) to examine the decision making process, with a particular emphasis on the importance of values and management judgment; and (d) to describe, assess, and evaluate various decision evaluation tools including matrix analysis, influence diagrams, payoff matrices, sensitivity analysis, decision tree, probabilistic forecasting,…. [read more]

Globalizatoin the Face of Globalization: Forecasts, Trends Term Paper

… Globalizatoin

The Face of Globalization: Forecasts, Trends, and Possibilities

Critics of globalization have charged that one of the most significant dangers of the global phenomenon is the threat of cultural homogeneity. This is the process by which local and regional cultures are absorbed or destroyed by multinational corporations that replace local culture with a standardized monoculture. In general, this monoculture is characterized as either American or Western; usually when critics relate homogenization with Westernization, however, they exclude many European cultures, which are seen as allies in the fight against globalization. The reality of globalization is not so simple. Corporate powers are not colluding with power-players in American culture to re-make the world in the American image. Cultural homogeneity, to the degree to which it occurs,…. [read more]

Culture of Interest: Japan Theoretical Research Paper

… Japan scored somewhere in middle on individualism collectivism index and the society is more paternalistic in nature. It does not display strongest of collectivist traditions but neither does it resonate with individualistic characteristics as a cultural unit. The American people on the other hand have displayed tremendously high score in this dimension. Having scored 91, the nation is among highest scorer in this aspect. People primarily work for them and do not like affording extended families. Satisfaction of personal aims, aspirations and motives is primary to American people. Glorification of personal efforts to achieve success is common place in the society Americans live in. While Japanese people are more considerate towards other group members, Americans too have displayed desire to form groups, only to satisfy…. [read more]

Bilingual Education an Cultural Research Paper

… Bilingual Education

An Overview of the Cultural Experience of Chinese Immigrants

The Chinese experience in America is one marked by a combination of opportunity and oppression. Perhaps more than many other immigrant groups less distinguishable by physical features, Chinese were subjected to a wide-ranging and sustained discrimination upon their arrival here en masse in the mid 19th century and onward. However, the Chinese would also play a critical role in the industrial and geographical evolution of the United States, first as laborers and eventually as an inextricable part of America's ethnic and cultural makeup. The discussion hereafter considers the various cultural conditions and predilections that have defined the Chinese experience in the United States.

Historic Background:

The Chinese first began to arrive in substantial numbers…. [read more]

Operations Strategy Essay

… Operations Strategy

Cross-Cultural Considerations for an Operations Strategy

Just as organizations must have concerted, sychronised operations strategies globally to capitalize on new market opportunities, production efficiencies emanating from localized expertise (Ferdows, 2006) or the potential for greater market share based on mergers and acquisitions, they must also create strategies to enable cultural congruence and compatibility. Too often however these strategies for attaining cultural assimilation are blinded by ethnocentrically-based perspectives and processes (Hammond, Axelrod, 2006). Arguably the latter is even more critical, as for any operational strategy to succeed it must take into account the many cultural dimensions that its influences, and that influence it as well. With increased globalization it has often been argued that there is a flattening of the world's cultures, a homogenizing…. [read more]

Globalization of 18th Street Gangs Term Paper

… ¶ … transnational-nature of the 18th Street gang. Strictly speaking, for a gang to be classified as transnational, the gang has to have its presence in more than one country. This essay will explore the reasons due to which this gang finds sympathizers and members in different countries. And though this gang originated in the barrios, traditional Latino strongholds of Los Angeles, it has also expanded within the United States. There is evidence that the 18th Street Latino gangs have their presence in about 37 states in the United States, and more than 42 countries, most of them in Central America. (Alonso, 2002) it will be argued here that the motivation to spread out and seek to establish roots in other places is because of…. [read more]

Colonialism and Its Consequences Forcing Research Paper

… Colonialism and Its Consequences

Forcing Assimilation through the Guise of Education

Looking back at some of the justification used for the brutal treatment of native cultures during the period of colonialism really makes no sense from a modern perspective. In the diverse world we live in today, the arrogant and oppressive nature of the white majority culture in its dealings with indigenous tribes is utterly disturbing. Colonizers viewed themselves as superior, and thus took a place of authority over native groups. They believed it was thus their duty to civilize native peoples who were unfamiliar with the colonizer's customs, and thus did so through coercive method. This generated the intense cultural domination through forced assimilation of indigenous populations into the mainstream culture. The film The…. [read more]

Race and Ethnicity Assimilation Essay

… Race and Ethnicity


Race and Ethnicity: Changes through the Century

Media Poll: Race Relations Improving

Results of the 2009 CBS/New York Times survey showed that the majority of Blacks and a high percentage of whites described race relations as good and efforts at eradicating racial discrimination as progressing (CBS, 2009). Both percentages were higher than those in the previous year. Blacks who saw race relations as bad decreased from 59% to 30% during this survey. Of the total Black population surveyed, 61% saw real progress in eliminating racial discrimination and 87% among whites since the 60s (CBS).

While both sides admitted to improved relations, most Blacks at 51% still felt that racial discrimination remained in that whites stood a better chance of getting…. [read more]

Globalizing Trends Essay

… ¶ … Globalizing Trends on the National Culture of the United States

Globalization has a number of different meanings, with economists regarding globalization as a process that is more completely integrating the world marketplace, while political scientists may consider globalizing trends as a gradual move from conventional definitions of the state that are characterized by territorial sovereignty and the development of nongovernmental actors in the world order (Farazmand, 2002). Likewise, many academicians view globalizing trends as being so many steps towards a so-called "borderless world" while other analysts consider the trends as being fueled primarily by the private rather than the public sector (Farazmand, 2002). Irrespective of the precise definition that is used, a common feature of globalizing trends is the issue of national borders…. [read more]

Global Business Cultural Analysis: Singapore Research Paper

… At that time, many among the governing elite were wary that, while 'Westernization' had served Singapore well in its quest of industrialization and economic development, the city-state was also in danger of losing its 'Asian' roots and identity." (p.948 in Yuen, 2006, p.836)

Singapore Policy Matters

Singapore was reported in the Foreign Policy magazine to be "the world's most global country." (Yuen, p.836) Bachtiar (2002) is noted as having stated:

"These days, more than 200,000 Singaporeans work overseas. And many more travel frequently, laying their heads down to sleep in distant lands, gazing at novel views from their windows . . . its people have come to assimilate more global influences. Today's populace likes having a Starbucks around the corner and glittering megamalls. They want…. [read more]

World Is Flat: An Assessment of Globalization Research Paper

… World Is Flat: An Assessment of Globalization

Thomas L. Friedman's best-selling book, the World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century completely redefines the concept of globalization and its implications on companies, organizations and societies globally. Thomas Friedman's approach to observing, analyzing and consolidating his views of globalization illustrate how quickly assimilation from western cultures is influencing and affecting other nations' norms, values and customs. The examples of how call center professionals in India attend courses in the evening to change their native dialect to sound more westernized, even taking on different first and last names is one of the more striking examples Mr. Friedman uses to make his point. The books' fifteen chapters are anchored by ten critical points that Mr. Friedman…. [read more]

Global Leadership Roadmap Research Paper

… Readiness Assessment and Talent Selection:

That said, there is no better assessment for capability in a cross-cultural context than performance in real-world scenarios. Therefore, following the courtship of diversity, the recruitment of high potential talent and the facilitation of general cross-cultural sensitivity throughout the organization, selected candidates for global leadership will be placed on international assignment.

Readiness assessment will be conducted through qualitative and ongoing evaluation of experience, performance and improvement on international assignment as per research cited in the article by George. Here, the article provides a template, pointing out that "major U.S. companies like Cargill, ExxonMobil, 3M, and IBM insist their line executives have numerous assignments running overseas operations to ensure they understand their global businesses. They also conduct intensive development programs for…. [read more]

Learning in the Context of Globalization Term Paper

… Motivation in a Highly Multicultural Firm

Communications are Vital

Identifying Challenges and Confirming What Counts

Focusing on Can not Can't

Reminders to Help

Soliciting What's Valuable

Presenting Opportunities

Motivation in a Highly Multicultural Firm

Communications Are Vital

If you look for the worst in people and expect to find it, you surely will. (Lincoln, 2006)

What we have here... is the failure to communicate." When the warden spouted these words in reference to "Luke," the prisoner Paul Newman played in the 1967 movie, "Cool Hand Luke," he was, as Abraham Lincoln proposed in this paper's introductory quote, looking for the worst in Luke. Today, in our multicultural world, one can choose to either see the worst or best in others; to communicate in ways that…. [read more]

Multi Cultural Issues in Deaf Education Term Paper

… Multi-Cultural Issues in Deaf Education

Review of Multicultural Issues in Deaf Education

The United States has long ceased being a "melting pot" and has emerged in the 21st century as more of a "salad bowl" that is characterized by increasing multiculturalism in society and the nation's classrooms. In this changing environment, understanding how deaf students from different cultural backgrounds might experience the educational process has assumed new relevance and importance. Indeed, as Marschark and Spencer emphasize, "A history of the education of deaf persons is by its very nature a study of societal and cultural change" (p. 9). To this end, this paper provides a critical review of the peer-reviewed and scholarly literature to identify relevant multicultural issues involved in the education of deaf children…. [read more]

History of Multicultural Counseling Psychology Term Paper

… History Of Multicultural Psychology

History of Multicultural Counseling Psychology

The issue of culture has been in existence for centuries now. The term 'multiculturalism' is used to refer to a state of bother ethnic and cultural diversity (Adams & Welsch, 2009). Such culturalism is studied within the wider subject of human demographics and space. In some different societies, it becomes quite clear that there are various policies and ideas that have been instituted to define cultural identities. This concept has been used to advocate a society whereby there are distinct cultures re energized without having any cultural domination for a long time. In the modern world, multiculturalism is a psychological field focusing on the cultural ideas and ideas existing in a society (Ossorio, 2010). It will…. [read more]

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