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Globalization of Software Development Essay

… Globalization of Software Development

Global software development continues to be a disruptive innovation that is re-ordering every facet of the software industry and its value chain. From high-end enterprise software development of applications used within Fortune 1,000 corporations to the reliance start-up firms throughout the Silicon Valley and elsewhere have on Indian outsourcing firms for rapid prototyping, the globalization of software development is accelerating. Best practices in these areas is often defined by the adoption of quality management and compliance frameworks by both the outsourcer and client organization. Total Quality Management (TQM) and Six Sigma frameworks and methodologies are often used for ensuring application requirements are equally understood and implemented (DCosta, 2002). Software outsourcing is also growing exponentially due to its use for streamlining out-of-date…. [read more]

Globalization and Human Rights Case Study

… Subsidiary organizations can potentially operate with more efficient processes than the parent company. If management identifies this occurrence and works to transfer this knowledge back to the parent company then this can create a competitive advantage and be implemented in global operations. In this sense the globalization of international markets evolved on its own rather than being dictated by any one country or organization. One research study examines this practice among various American and European MNCs that had subsidiary operations in Japan (Simonin & Ozsomer, 2009).

Japan represents a developed economy with many industrial advantages that represents advancements in processes that can be incorporated into the operations of companies found in other countries. The study highlighted instances in which the Japanese subsidiary operated in ways…. [read more]

Globalization and Leadership Essay

… Globalization and Leadership

The Phenomenon of Globalization

Globalization can be defined as the unfolding resolution of the contradiction between ever expanding capital and its national political and social formations. Up to the 1970s, the expansion of capital was always as national capital, capital with particular territorial and historical roots and character. Afterwards, capital began to expand more than ever as simply the corporation; ownership began to correspond less and less with national geographies. Just as capital once had to create a national state and a defined territory, in the form of the transnational corporation (TNC) it has had to remove or transform this 'shell' to create institutions to ensure and facilitate accumulation at the global level (House, et al., 2004-page 18). Globalization is the close…. [read more]

Affects of Globalization Term Paper

… ¶ … Globalization

In the past few years, globalization has sparked a revolution in information and communication technology, dramatically and irreversibly changing society and civilization. As a result of globalization, new levels of interconnectedness between countries previously thought unimaginable have emerged. Globalization has been defined as the development of extensive worldwide patterns of economic relationships between nations, and the generalized expansion of international economic activity which includes increased international trade, growth of foreign investment, international migration, and increased creation of technology among countries. In other words, globalization is the increasing world-wide integration of markets for goods, services, labor, and capital. This paper will discuss what globalization is and why it is important to domestic firms and the individual consumer. It will also analyze the ways…. [read more]

Software Proposal Research Proposal

… Software Proposal

The contemporaneous business climate presents the modern day manager with a multitude of challenges. Despite the difficulties however, the social, economic and technological backgrounds, also offer solutions. It is nevertheless important that each organizational leader adapts the general solution to the unique needs of his company. The technological field provides a myriad of solutions for the small, medium and large size entity, through which organizations can better achieve their pre-established goals. A reputable organization offering software solutions to all size entities is SAP. This report strives to present the opportunities SAP's software solutions offer in enhancing our organization's relationship with the customer base.

Executive Summary

In an age in which the economic agent faces incremental pressures from both micro and macro environments, the…. [read more]

Business Ethics and Globalization Thesis

… Business Ethics and Globalization

The stresses of knowledge transfer and knowledge management are especially prevalent in the software industry. The time and cost pressures of global software development amplify and make more challenging the issues of globalization affecting every high technology business today. The need for real-time process, system and knowledge management integration across globally-based development teams is critically important if software applications are to be launched on schedule and seen as relevant to rapidly changing computer user's needs (Gibbs, 2009). Compounding the data, knowledge and process management aspects of a globalized development strategy that many companies including Microsoft has long relied on (Cusumano, Selby, 1997) are the cultural constraints as well as defined by Hofstede as cultural dimensions (Hofstede, 1998). Simply put, the formation…. [read more]

New Technologies and Globalisation Essay

… In terms of pure reach, these three dominant business models and their many variations have generated over $50M in sales for Apple in the last half of 2011 alumni with the latest estimate being 68 total nations joining the $40M revenue level within Apple for songs alone (Apple Investor Relations, 2012). Apple reports that of these 58 nations with over $50M in downloads in their latest fiscal year, the majority are on iPods and low-end iPod Nano devices. The fastest growing segment of all devices for consuming music digitally today are electronic tablets, with the Apple iPad dominating this segment of the global music industry as well. The following historical analysis and forecast of music devices, from basic communications devices to connected media devices, shows…. [read more]

Globalization Outsourcing Effects Term Paper

… Even if we accept the projections of Forrester Research about the outsourcing of 3.3 million U.S. white collar jobs by 2015, the figure translates into about 220,000 lay-offs a year. Given the fact that the total employment in the United States is approximately 130 million, and about 22 million new jobs are expected to be added between now and 2010, the expected job losses to off-shoring is insignificant. (Brainard and Litan 2004)

Moreover, most jobs in the U.S. (about 90% of them) still require close geographic proximity and outsourcing them is not an option. Also, despite the fact that some white-collar jobs can now be shifted overseas due to standardization of business tasks as data entry, accounting, and IT support, the majority of high-skill jobs…. [read more]

Globalization on the U.S. Economy Essay

… (Fig-7 & 8).

Between 1947 and1979 (pre-globalization), the top 5% of the population experienced an 86% income increase and the bottom 20%, a 116% increase. The next four quintiles had income increase of 100%, 111%, 114%, and 99%, respectively. On the other hand, between 1979 and 2000 (post globalization) the top 5% had an income increase of 81% and the bottom 20% only 3% followed by increase of 11%, 17%, 26% and 53% respectively. The data speaks for itself and it is obvious that after globalization the average American is much less well off than in the pre-globalization period.

Perceptions notwithstanding, globalization is a movement that cannot be halted or reversed (Bhagwati, 2004). Human evolution has reached a stage that national boundaries are no longer…. [read more]

Interface Design and Software Acceptance Essay

… 1.18 References

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Baggozzi, R.P. & W.P.R., 1990. Trying…. [read more]

Globalization the Impact of Foreign Economies Essay

… Globalization

The Impact of Foreign Economies upon the American Economy

The past recent decades have represented a time of change on all levels. A significant part in these forces and their consequences was played by the economic background. The increased emphasis on the customers' needs or the increased focus on employees' incentives and performances represent only the outcome of other changes. The most important change that has occurred in the recent decades is the occurrence and growth of globalizing forces. Globalization is a concept presenting a transfer of values across countries. These values can refer to culture, language, customs, politics, economic or technology. The forces have had tremendous implications, generally as the opening of borderlines allowed countries to interact and influence each other more and…. [read more]

Globalization and Environment the Driving Essay

… National borders were considered significant and ethical issues were determined on how something affected matters nationally. Globalization has changed this pattern,

Now issues such as the type of vehicles that we drive, the methods by which we raise our farm products or the production processes used to manufacture steel are being viewed as having impact internationally. It is no longer sufficient to view issues from the standpoint of what is in the national best interest. International concerns must be respected as well (Pogge, 2001).

If air quality is a global concern the question must be asked: "Who should decide how it should be protected?" If the oceans are everyone's resource: "who should be responsible for determining how they should be used and who is responsible…. [read more]

Globalization of Hybrid Cultures Argentine Term Paper

… The more commercialized and heightened the internet grows in Latin America, the worse the marginality and dependence of this population grow.

The height of enthusiasm for the internet also raised computer sales and internet connectivity in Latin America. While more and more networks are established and provide connections in Mexico, Central America, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and in the rest, many of the people hail the internet as the "key to the future" and the mark of modernity itself (Everett). Its capabilities have been lauded. The Red Cientifica Peruana swore that the current information explosion, globalization and constant change are the keys to professional success. And the internet's magnificent feature for creating "virtual communities," among others, fires enthusiasm of many.

Latin America is enticed by…. [read more]

Apple: Finance and Globalization Term Paper

… Hence, the market capitalization of Apple was possible due to Steve Job's prized contribution (Apple Inc.: The Steve Jobs Effect, 2012)

Moreover, culture globalization has seen a phenomenon where people form a fetish for Apple products. A growing number of consumers consider it classy and trendy to have Apple products. They have given more significance than is necessary for Apple products to an extent that some people are willing to sell their organs so as to be able to afford these products. Brand effect has resulted in consumers pursuing products even with unjustified prices. Occasionally, Apple took to restricting purchases during a launch and this will result in people being willing to spend even double or thrice the recommended price. This fetishism shows Apple's significance…. [read more]

Nationalism vs. Globalization in Taiwan Term Paper

… ¶ … press on globalization and its economic impact has focused on the incredible growth of China, Japan and Korea, Taiwan's emergence as a world player almost more dramatic. Once an ostracized island confederation, Taiwan has embraced the power of globalization and allowed itself to become of the growing number of success stories of the East Asian economic region. The question of how globalization emerged within our modern world and specifically within East Asia is a complicated one. It was the result of economic, political, social and cultural circumstances that were all perfectly in tune over the last quarter of a century. The Western conquest of the Asian region through Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other East Asian countries resulted in an influx of foreign capital…. [read more]

Hiring a Software Developer Essay

… Once a potential candidate has been identified that fits with primarily screening criterion, an initial interview is scheduled. Often these interviews are designed to move beyond the standard "what will you do in five years" to determine how well the candidate can engage in problem-solving, determine decision making skills and also how well they can reason through complex programming problems (Razi, 2006).

The structured interview has also been augmented by leadership and group dynamics measurements as well. Companies' are increasingly concerned about hwo well a given individual fits into their culture and approach to decision making and direction of strategy, and assessments of their role in teams can immediately determine their overall success on the job (Razi, 2006). Interviews are used not just to seek…. [read more]

Comparing Assessing the Impact of Political or Economic Globalization Between Two Countries Thesis

… ¶ … Political or Economic Globalization Between Two Countries: China and India

The following work is of the nature that focuses on comparison and assessment of the impact of political or economic globalization and specifically as related to two particular countries which are those of India and China.

Despite its many critical views, globalization not only spreads democracy, but it also increases efficiency and therefore increases prosperity as well. Globalization is a realistic route out of poverty for the world's poorer populations.

The methodology employed in the present study is one that is qualitative in nature and that involves a review of literature and specifically peer-reviewed professional or academic literature.

Literature Review

In a 2003 speech entitled: "Globalization and Its Challenges" Stanley Fischer states that…. [read more]

Conflict With Getting Minerals Research Paper

… In short, there are so many groups fighting with one another that control of the mines continues to switch and remain in dispute frequently. Some of this will become less of an issue in the future, but for now it is still a serious concern that must not be taken lightly by the people who live near the DRC mines.

Once the materials are removed from the DRC, they go through a number of intermediaries before multinational electronics companies buy them for their own usage. Most of the materials arrive at processing plants in East Asia (Magistad, 2011). U.S. Conflict Mineral Law, which requires electronics companies to verify and disclose their sources of these minerals as being conflict free, applies to any of the minerals…. [read more]

Country Report of India Research Paper

… Globalization and National Differences in Political Economy

India is in the process of transforming from a developing country to a developed one. In spite of dire problems such as overpopulation, environmental degradation, poverty and corruption, quick economic development is fueling India's rise on the world stage. In this paper, the author will compare it to China in its neighborhood. China is mostly dominated by the patina of a communist ideology with an open economy. India is under democratic principles with a competitive market. Both China and India tend to be facing some of the same problems under their economic structures because of political, institutional and societal factors. Throughout the paper, India will be the base, both China and India will be compared and contrasted political…. [read more]

China and the Economy Chinese Research Paper

… A pro-consumer policy can go a long way to alleviate this dependency. It will allow growth internally in regards to wealth and GDP. Instead of being reliant on foreign consumers, China can instead rely on its internal citizenry. In order to effectively accomplish this task, private enterprise must be allowed to flourish. In addition, through being a more consumer-based country, China is not subject to political and economic unrest within a particular country it exports to.

There are however, complications to this approach. For one, Chinese consumers are more apt to work for SOEs. Through friendship Chinese employees can rise to better positions faster as oppose to their smaller private enterprise counterparts. In addition, consumers believe that SOEs provide a better work environment as they…. [read more]

Digital Relationship Marketing Theory Development Essay

… Relationship marketing focuses on improving customer satisfaction. Companies focus on developing products and services based on the needs of their customers.

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Phd Proposal Economic Development ICT and Poverty Reduction Term Paper

… ¶ … Economic Development, ICT and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia

The objective of this work is to propose a research study on the link between economic development, information and communication technology (ICT) and poverty reduction, and specifically in the country of Ethiopia.

Every nation has embarked on economic development and usages of information and communication technology in socio-economic, health, education, and many other areas as well. This work seeks to research the existing indications that countries such as Ethiopia might not have an effective ICT policy thereby barring or hindering the development hoped for through ICT. India has effectively set out policy framework that supports the development of ICT. Specifically the country of Ethiopia is stated to have ranked "...158 out of 12 in the…. [read more]

Organizational Development the Greatest Competitive Strength Research Proposal

… Organizational Development

The greatest competitive strength an organization can seek today is exceptional agility, intelligence to sense and respond to market opportunities and threats, and an organizational culture and structure than can flex to extraordinary stresses and strains. Organizational Development (OD) must correspondingly create the foundations for greater levels of collaboration at the process and system layers of organizations (Karakas, 2009). The roles of managers in organizations also need to become more transformational, less authoritarian, as cultures seek to create more initiative and insightful analysis and recommendations from employees (Raz, 2009).

Organizational Development in the 21st Century

With global economies are at their most turbulent in decades and organizations seeking to rapidly redefine their relevancy to customers as a result, the need for continually investing…. [read more]

Development of Health Management System in Saudi Arabia Research Proposal

… Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

Project Title: Development of Health Management Systems in Saudi Arabia

Geopolitical Overview

Within the global healthcare model there are various expressions of appropriateness of care. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance, healthcare has always been the purview of the government, funded at the behest of the ruling family, designed for a predominately young or middle aged population, and certainly not designed for the increasing urbanization and economic improvements that oil and natural gas have brought to the region. In addition, changing demographics in the Kingdom make it necessary to rethink the model of healthcare.

A geopolitical and cultural background of the country and comparison with the region is first provided to engage the reader in the synergism between these…. [read more]

Communication Chapter 3 Maximum Performance Essay

… In this setting, it has externalized all operations which are not directly linked to the application.

Specifically, accounting, marketing and cleaning services are all offered by tertiary companies, based on collaboration contracts which are honored by hourly payments. Andalina's manager has decided that the firm does not need to pay a full time accountant, a full time marketing specialist nor a full time cleaning employee, so it contracted the services of tertiary parties to complete these operations.

Cost savings are also made at the level of the employees, whose wages are slightly higher than those in the industry, but which are not coupled with additional benefits, such as medical coverage or deduction of several expenses. The employees are as such motivated by the higher salary,…. [read more]

Internet and Global Finance Research Paper

… From the statistics presented by the Internet World Stats, 2.4 billion people around the world were using internet in 2012, which represented 34.3% of the world population. Between 2000 and 2012, there was a tremendous growth of 566.4% of internet users. Despite the growth in the internet users globally, the internet penetration rates varies across the globe. The North American region recorded the 78.6% in the internet penetration rates followed by Australia 67.6% and Europe 63.2%. The overall world internet usage is presented in Table 2 and Fig 1.

Table 2: World Internet Usage Statistics


June 30, 2012

World Regions


( 2012 Estimation )

Internet Users

Dec. 31, 2000

Internet Users

Latest Data

Internet Penetration Rate



Users %

of…. [read more]

International Management in This Course, We Base Essay

… International Management

In this course, we base our study of international management on a contingency framework. This framework allows a systematic review of all the aspects and factors related to understanding management in a global economy.

The framework consists of several components. Describe each component and explain how the components relate to each other.

The contingency framework relies on the PESTEL model to define the external environment while the internal environment is comprised of the people who make up the organization. A core element of the contingency framework is the culture which is critically important for managing the overall stability and resiliency of the business. Within the cultural component is the definition of macro-structural and micro-structural components and considerations. Within each of these elements is…. [read more]

Airlines Globalization and Technology Improving Term Paper

… The relationship of the customers may also be seen as beneficial, with many loyal customers returning to the company time after time. The organization has a loyalty scheme, which is not unusual for airlines, but for passengers to travel frequently it provides additional benefits which are likely to attract customers back to the same airline in order to gain the benefits associated with royalty (Kotler & Keller, 2011).

The acquisition of AirTran has created more resources, including knowledge resources, particularly with reference to international flights, as the company already had some international experience. The knowledge resources and experience that are gained has helped the organization expands away from just domestic flights, with the company now flying to the Caribbean and Mexico (Southwest Airlines, 2014).

The…. [read more]

Xero Is an Online Accounting Book Report

… Xero is an online accounting software company based online, which offers accounting software for both personal finance, and companies. Some of the elements of the Xero include invoicing, payable accounts, expense claims, fixed asst depreciation, business management reporting, and automatic bank, and credit feeds (Lam, 2007). In addition, the company conducts its business online and sells its products through subscription based on the number of company units (Lam, 2007) managed by the parties. In addition, the software, Xero's product can automatically import bank and credit card data, for instance, bank statements. Rod Bury is the founder of Xero Ltd., which he formed in 2006.

The advancement in global economy has seen to the change in traditional balance between the consumers and suppliers. This is because…. [read more]

Internet Globalization Good or Bad Research Paper

… Internet

The globalization of the Internet has spawned a rash of cyberattacks on the U.S. Department of Defense and a number of its contractors. One such example was the Poison Ivy attack on Booz Allen Hamilton, which was designed to pull sensitive data out of the company's computer network via an email attachment (Grow, Epstein & Tschang, 2008). Poison Ivy, along with other trojans and viruses, represents a new class of e-espionage, one that threatens the security of the United States. The Internet cat cannot be put back into the bag -- it has gone global and we are past the point of debating the merits of that. The real issue is how the United States can deal with these threats.

The Department of Defense…. [read more]

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