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Bible Influence Political Thought Research Paper

… The Bible plays a crucial role in this process because of its link to the emergence of political democracy.

The second way with which the Bible influences political thought and action in our culture is through human equality. Actually, the issue of human equality in terms of what it is and how it should be acknowledged has continued to be a major issue in contemporary politics. This issue has become controversial to an extent that people are likely to miss how counter-cultural and counter-intuitive is the devotion to essential human equality. Many politicians have constantly argued that human beings are equal regardless of their race, religion ethnicity, nationality, gender, and sexual orientation. This argument is based on the biblical text that God created all human…. [read more]

Bible Esoteric and Dated Book Report

… True it is that Scripture has a dual nature of being both Word of God as well as Word of man. In a similar way, Jesus Christ signified both God and man. The problem is that whilst the Bible has "eternal significance ... And historical particularity" (p. 17), it can also be misread by every man considering himself an accurate exegete. And in these its ramifications -- potentially hugely destructive on both individual and global scale - lie. Whilst Fee and Stuart provide readers with tools of how to accurately interpret, these do not prevent readers from unintentionally making mistakes, or correctly using the tools and arriving at harmful conclusions. And the errors can be huge.


Fee, GD & Stuart, D How to Read…. [read more]

Gospels Compared to the Epistles Term Paper

… Gospels Compared to the Epistles

In Christianity the word gospel means good news. This word has come from the Old English word which means "good news." This comes from a translation of a Greek word "evangelion." The word gospel is used in different ways, but the main usage is in the announcement or proclamation of the saving activity of God through Jesus of Nazareth. This is the meaning of the usage of the word in New Testament. It is used is in referring to the four canonical gospels that are used as the basis of Christianity. These are the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. There are some other works also of the narratives of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus that is…. [read more]

Gospel of John Verses Thesis

… Gospel of John, Verses 1-5

The Gospel of John

The Prologue, Verses 1 -5

Throughout time the Gospel According to John has provoked both thought and controversy, especially concerning its enigmatic and problematic prologue. Many scholars have felt that it is out of place and does note flow with the rest of the epistle while others find it to be moving and ripe with imagery and ontology, not only concerning the nature of God, but the nature of man as well. There is also some speculation that the prologue was derived from a hymn and is not solely the work of John, but adapted by him for this introduction. There is also what many Biblical Scholars believe to be the obvious similarity with the opening…. [read more]

Gospel of Luke and Wealth Term Paper

… Gospel of Luke and Wealth

No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other.

You cannot serve God and mammon"

Jesus (Luke 16:10, NKJV).

The Testament of Judah (perceived to be second century BC) asserts that the love of money makes the one who possesses that "desire" to go out of his mind. Arland J. Hultgren, Professor of New Testament at Luther Northwestern Theological Seminary, St. Paul, stresses in the book, the Parables of Jesus: A Commentary, that the actions of the rich man Jesus identified as a fool because he choose to be rich rather than to be rich toward God, recorded in…. [read more]

Bible Inconsistencies and Contradictions Term Paper

… For Jesus said, "I will not leave you comfortless, but I will come to you" (qtd. In Ord & Coote 1994) How? "I will send you another Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, and he will guide you into all truth" (qtd. In Ord & Coote 1994).

We should believe the Bible is the Word of God because it is the Word of God; otherwise we believe in the word of Man. But we have another problem, a spiritual one. The light of the Word is shining, but we are blind from birth (Barthel 1982). Paul tells us, "No one knows the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God," and therefore "the man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the…. [read more]

Bible as Literature 6 Movie Review Movie Review

… Bible as Literature 6 Movie Review: The Passion of the Christ (2004)

There have been controversial movies made in the past and even in the present. These movies have often divided people with regards to their beliefs and opinions. One such movie is Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, released during Ash Wednesday of 2004. Aside from directing the film, Mel Gibson was also one of the producers along with Bruce Davey, Stephen McEveety, and Enzo Sisti; the lead role of Jesus Christ was played by Jim Caviezal. Unlike other movies depicting the life of Jesus Christ, The Passion concentrated on the last twelve hours of his life with the opening scene showing Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane in agony. From then followed…. [read more]

Bible According to the Hebrew Essay

… Bible

According to the Hebrew Bible, idolatry is in Hebrew (translated) is call avodah zarah, which is translated as meaning foreign worship," "idolatry" or "strange worship." The best translation is "foreign service," that is, literally the service of a god of a foreign nation outside of the experience and knowledge of Israel ("Avodah zarah," 2011). Again, learning the elements of a religion is many times dependent upon learning the language. The Shema or "Hear O. Israel" is the primary directive of the Jewish religion from which the total rejection of idolatry is stated in detail. "Hear, O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is One" is this stated central principal in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Very literally, idolatry translates into a complete nullification of central…. [read more]

Bible in Acts 13, Paul Delivers Essay

… Bible

In Acts 13, Paul delivers one of his most powerful sermons. Speaking to a Jewish audience in a synagogue, Paul reminds his listeners first of their own faith. Paul refers explicitly to the Old Testament: "The God of the people of Israel chose our fathers; he made the people prosper during their stay in Egypt, with mighty power he led them out of that country, he endured their conduct for about forty years in the desert, he overthrew seven nations in Canaan and gave their land to his people as their inheritance," (Acts 13:17-19). Here, Paul establishes trust with his audience, endearing them so that they may be ready to receive the reality of Christ as a continuation of their beliefs. This is important:…. [read more]

Jesus and the Synoptic Gospels Term Paper

… Gospels

The Bible is probably the most read and most controversial book in the history of humanity. Much of this controversy can be attributed to the first four books of the New Testament, which are referred to as the four gospels. The four gospels chronicle the life of Jesus Christ including his birth, ministry, death and resurrection. The purpose of this discussion is to examine these books of the bible. The discussion will aim to solidify the idea that the gospels are eyewitness testimonies whose differences and similarities are valuable in exploring and proving the historical life of Jesus Christ the Lord God on earth.

Brief overview of history related to the intertestamental period

There is a significant period of time, which separates the last…. [read more]

Bible's Influence on Christian Mission When Researchers Term Paper

… ¶ … Bible's Influence on Christian Mission

When researchers focus on the spread of Christianity throughout the world, the influence of the Bible is always at or near the top of the list of important elements in Christian missions. Of course the quality of the message from the missionaries and others who go out to spread the word is pivotal to the success of any Christian mission; but the Bible has within it so many wonderful stories, histories, passages and truths, that without it missions would appear empty of substance. This paper will review some of the successes of the Christian mission, in terms of how the Bible played an important role. It will also allude to the changing role of the Bible and the…. [read more]

Gospel of Christ to Hinduism Term Paper

… ¶ … Gospel of Christ to Hinduism. The writer explores the differences between the two faiths and relays the basic tenets of the Christian faith to the reader to convert someone to Christ from the Hindu faith. There were three sources used to complete this paper.

Bringing Hindus to Christ

America has always prided itself on its diverse nature. It promotes the idea of religious freedom; in fact the nation was founded because of the desire by its residents to get away from a doctrine they didn't believe and to begin their own path to spiritual freedom. In America there are many different faiths represented. The constitution allows individuals to choose the faith they wish to follow (Lambert, 2003). One of the more significant benefits…. [read more]

Gospel of Mark Centers Term Paper

… " (Mark 5:8-13) This early rejection is only furthered with conflict in Mark's interpretation of religious events when they opt for the salvation of the thief Barabbas, choosing the mortal fate of Jesus by force.

Because Mark's interpretation of conflict centers around the fundamental controversy separating the Jewish religion from the Christian church, it holds a certain understandability to the audience. Nevertheless, Mark makes it clear that belief in any God demands a blind belief in the God Jesus -- faith being the blind exhibition of belief. Mark ignores the contentions of the Jewish people in the conflict, paying little attention to the very hesitance to reject Christ that captivates their faith still today. Yet, Mark demands of them acceptance, and not receiving it, he…. [read more]

Bible and When Possible an Outside Source Essay

… ¶ … Bible and when possible an outside source.

Baptism in the Old Testament, John's Baptism and Baptism after the Crucifixion of Jesus

The word, baptism, is not found on the Old Testament books of the Bible. The closest thing to baptism is the ceremonial washing that a Leviticus priest had done.

Baptism is found in the New Testament being in the book of Matthew. In being baptized by John the Baptist, the Bible says in Matthew 3:4-6,

"4 John himself had a camel-hair garment with a leather belt around his waist, and his food was locusts and wild honey. 5 Then [people from] Jerusalem, all Judea, and all the vicinity of the Jordan were flocking to him, 6 and they were baptized by him…. [read more]

Interpretation of the Bible in Roman Catholic Theology Research Paper

… ¶ … Bible in Roman Catholic Theology

Interpretations of the Bible in Roman Catholic Theology

There is much controversy regarding the Roman Catholic Church and its relationship with the Bible. Roman Catholic scholars expressed their support toward liberal interpretations of the text, but most of them influenced the masses in accepting interpretations that did not go against Roman Catholic principles. The Roman Catholic community has always been inclined to interpret the Bible from a biased point-of-view, with some of the more recent interpretations being less subjective. Roman Catholic theology provided the world with important information regarding one of the most logical interpretations of the Bible, even with the fact that some of the first versions produced by Roman Catholicism put across obvious prejudice.

In trying…. [read more]

Survey of Matthew's Gospel Thesis

… ¶ … Gospel of Matthew: Chapter outline

Heading: Biography

Subheading: Back story

Jesus' origins -- Davidic line

Infancy gospel

John the Baptist's insight

Jesus' temptation

Heading: Teaching and preaching

Subheading: Sermon

Sermon on the Mount: Loving thy enemies

Sermon continued: Forgiving trespasses

Sermon continued: Beware false prophets

Subheading: Establishing Jesus' mission

Healing leper

Authority to forgive sins

Twelve apostles

Subheading: Establishing Jesus' message

Wisdom of babes

Contradicting Sabbath laws


John's beheading

Subheading: Jesus' divinity established to believers

Loaves and fishes

Chapter 16: Jesus identified as Son of the living God

Chapter 17: Prophesy of the meaning of the coming death and resurrection of Jesus

Chapter 18: Theme of forgiveness in teachings

Chapter 19: Valorization of the poor

Last first, first last

Subheading: Foreshadowing of…. [read more]

Bible God's Creation Essay

… " People are without excuse to be humble before God's creation: to view God's creation as something that is sacred but not possibly imbued with the Holy Spirit. Indeed, Zaleha (1997) and others promote Christian pantheism for political reasons: to foster environmental ideology. If God is everywhere, in all things, then God is in every leaf, flower and bird. This notion prohibits human beings from destroying nature. It is wrong to misinterpret the Bible to promote political goals, no matter how worthy those goals may be. It is enough to want to protect nature because nature is God's creation; not because nature is God. Christians come treacherously close to being pagans when they start believing in pantheism or worse, animism.

Unity with God, which is…. [read more]

Bible Is a Norm Research Paper

… After Jesus' disciples encounter a storm in the Sea of Galilee, Jesus makes an appearance and walks (on water) towards them. One of the major lessons Christians can learn from this particular story that is of great relevance to their faith is that Jesus is truly God. Secondly, this particular story also teaches Christians the relevance of faith. As Peter starts to walk towards Jesus, we are told that his faith falters and as a result, he begins to sink. It is only after he looks up to Jesus that he is saved. Christians who read this story are therefore reminded that whenever their faith is tested, they should call up on Jesus to see them through whatever it is that they are going through.…. [read more]

Bible Receiving Eternal Life Requires No Works Essay

… Bible

Receiving eternal life requires no works, but only faith. Understanding this message of scripture is the key to salvation. To receive eternal life, we must first die to our sins and transgressions: "As for you, you were dead in your transgressions and sins, in which you used to live when you followed the ways of this world," (Ephesians 2:1-2). Leaving sin behind, we also abandon the life that is full of temptation in favor of the life that is full of mercy and love.

The next step in receiving eternal life is by burrowing our hearts in the gospel. As Paul states, "I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God's grace given me through the working of his power," (Ephesians…. [read more]

Christian Gospel Is Typically Met With Distrust Essay

… ¶ … Christian gospel is typically met with distrust by non-believers, as by employing rational thinking they are inclined to ignore God's law. Depending on each individual's personal beliefs, people are more or less likely to appreciate the gospel for the message that it wants to send and for the feelings that it induces into readers. Christians normally treasure the gospel and consider that it is virtually a manual teaching people in regard to how they can become believers and regarding how they can be saved. The general public is impartial in regard to religion, as people prefer to maintain an indifferent position concerning most religions partly because they do not want to discriminate and partly because they fail to understand the importance of being…. [read more]

John and the Synoptic Gospels Essay

… Without these integral events, John is forced to focus on other instances where Jesus' message can still transcend the differences found within the writing styles of the two different selections. Even more telling is the overall absence of parables found within John. Many of the common parables and even the general parable style of writing are often missing in John when it is overtly present in the other three. This different delivery method that is used in John presents Jesus in a much different light, essentially increasing the range and scope of the famous religious leader when taken with the content of the Synoptic Gospels. There are some sections which many have believed to be close to the parables, such as John 15:1-8, where Jesus…. [read more]

Bible From a Historical and a Literary Term Paper

… Bible from a historical and a literary perspective adds a rich scholarly discourse to theological interpretations. Before taking this class, like many people I had preconceived notions about the Bible. The book has transformed lands, cultures, and individuals since the compilation of the early books of the Pentateuch. In many cases, the Bible has been a divisive piece of literature, and a contentious spiritual text. In other cases, the Bible has served as a unifying force for individuals and entire cultures. One of the most enriching aspects of studying the Bible from a historical perspective was being able to better place the Bible's books in a broad perspective. Because what remains of the canonized Bible are essentially disparate texts and fragments of writings, what has…. [read more]

Bible Book of Romans, Paul Outlines Essay

… ¶ … Bible book of Romans, Paul outlines a comprehensive Christian vision. Paul clarifies the doctrine of rebirth in Christ, noting the possibility of dying to sin in order to be newly alive in Christ. Moreover, Paul describes the process and purpose of the Christian way of life. We become slaves to righteousness and God instead of to sin. In Chapter 7 of Romans, Paul uses the analogy of marriage to describe the bond between human beings and their Savior. Therefore, Christians are bound by the new covenant that requires a recognition of sin and the sinful nature of humanity. Finally, in Chapter 8 Paul describes the new life of the Spirit promised to all who have faith. The new life of the spirit shall…. [read more]

Scholars Have Repeatedly Term Paper

… As a translator for the apostle Peter, Mark was in Rome somewhere around the year 63 or 64. It is there that, in writing, he immortalized Peter's preaching. There are various ancient testimonies which indeed confirm Mark as the author who wrote the gospel according to Peter's words. The Christian historian Eusebius of Caesarea cites a testimony from around the year 60 to 125 which again cites a certain John who testifies that Mark precisely, however not in order, wrote what he remembered being said to him about the words and deeds of Jesus: Mark, the interpreter of Peter, wrote down carefully all that he recollected, though he did not [record] in order that which was either said or done by Christ. For he neither…. [read more]

What Are the Affects of Black Gospel Music on Worshipping in Today's Church? Thesis

… ¶ … Black Gospel Music on worshipping in todays Church?

In this paper we present the various effects of Black Gospel Music on worshipping in the contemporary church scene. We analyze the role played by music in the church as well as the general society. The main reasons why songs are a good way of conveying messages are also explored. Our thesis aims at proving that that some Gospel artists have taken advantage of the Gospel by their use of catchy rhythms that is familiar to the public.

For quite a long time, music has dominated the society as a way of expressing certain ideas as well as specific messages. Music has therefore been noted to be an integral part of the contemporary church as…. [read more]

Marks Gospel Mark Essay

… At this point Jesus chooses 12 disciples to follow him up the mountains. They were Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James, Thaddeus, and Simon, and Judas. The teachings of Jesus continued while he spread the good word around the world. (Bright, 2006)

The gospel of Mark changes when the people of Nazareth refuse to accept Jesus. They saw him as the common carpenter that had worked among them years before, and as the son of Mary. Jesus continues his journey, however, and performs miracles like feeding thousands of people, and walking on water. Finally, Jesus enters Jerusalem as the Messiah, and Jesus warns that the temple at Jerusalem will come to an end. He predicts that the disciples will suffer and that Jerusalem will fall…. [read more]

Social Darwinism and the Gospel of Wealth Essay

… Social Darwinism and the Gospel of Wealth

How did the industrial and religious leaders as well as the government justify accumulation of wealth and resources according to Social Darwinism and the Gospel of Wealth during the late nineteenth century?

The age of industrialization and economic growth in America during the nineteenth century is known as the 'gilded age'. This was a time when industrial growth and the accumulation of wealth were combined with the ideals of American individualism and the development of democratic deals. In brief, the dominant social philosophy and worldview of the time was one that favored independence and entrepreneurship. The ethos of the accumulation of wealth must therefore be seen against the background of the emerging ideologies that were to form the…. [read more]

Similarities Between the Koran and the Gospel of Luke Term Paper

… Quran and Gospel of Luke: Similarities

The writing found within the Qur'an and the Gospel of Luke shows similar stylistic choices made by the writer of each book. The writing style used by both authors incorporates narrative and dialogue both for historical purposes but also to inspire the reader. Both authors use many of the same stories to relay the divinity of God. Finally, both texts were written to teach and assist those who are already believers. These stylistic similarities offer an interesting dichotomy wherein two texts from two seemingly distant religions actually call upon the same tools to inspire, teach, and explain divinity to those who seek spiritual guidance.

The narrative examples in both the Gospel of Luke and the Qur'an are not difficult…. [read more]

Biblical Inerrancy Term Paper

… Bible Inerrancy

The Bible for Christians every where is the Word of God. Those who attend daily or weekly services are necessarily treated to one or two readings from the Bible. Sunday Mass for Roman Catholics includes a reading from the Old Testament, One from the New Testament, either from the Acts of the Apostles or one of Paul's epistolatory reprimands (mostly), followed by a reading from either one of the four evengelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, all of which precedes the sermon, which is optional -- though the biblical readings are a must.

This essay is about the notion of Biblical Inerrancy. In it will be discussed evidence for why Christians are called to believe in its inerrancy. This essay will also discuss…. [read more]

Religion the Gospel Essay

… The author states that Jesus preaches sermons on a mountain similar to Moses, and delivers five such sermons to parallel the five books of the Torah, to reinforce his true Jewish heritage. This final point of Koester's is the predominant viewpoint expressed in Marilyn Moses' article about the book of Matthew as well. Although the article begins her article by identifying when this particular book was written and gives some information regarding the author, she primarily focuses on the fact that Jesus' continuance of the Israeli tradition is at the heart of this manuscript, and that one of the ways which this idea is brought across is through his similarities with Moses.

Those similarities, of course, include the five sermons that Jesus delivered upon the…. [read more]

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