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Big Government Essay

… ¶ … Right to Downsize Big Government

They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. -- Benjamin Franklin

Proponents argue that some people are not able to take care of their problems themselves and need the type of assistance that only Big Government can provide. Proponents of Big Government also argue that some companies are "too big to fail" and tens of billions of American taxpayer dollars have been used to bail out corporations while millions of Americans lost their homes to the Great Recession of 2008. Critics of Big Government counter that the United States is mortgaging the fortunes of future generations by profligate spending habits today. In order to determine the facts in…. [read more]

Outsourcing of Government Functions a US Study Term Paper

… Government Outsourcing

The Outsourcing of Government Functions: a U.S. Study

Outsourcing of government functions is one of the most highly controversial practices of the 21st century. There are several prevailing positions regarding the outsourcing of government contracts to private companies. Valid arguments exist for increasing government outsourcing and for limiting future outsourcing as well. Regardless of which side one happens to be one, once thing is certain, outsourcing is a trend that is likely to continue in the future, particularly in the face of the global economy and advances in communication that make it easier than it was in the past.

By March of 2007, the number of government contractors rose to 7.5 million, which is currently four times the size of the federal workforce…. [read more]

Government Spending Habits Research Paper

… Major IRM functions that could prove useful in the development of effective organizational structures include: "1. policy, 2. planning, 3. information management, and 4. data administration. The IRM staff at all levels plays a crucial role in determining how well and in what manner agencies will meet their information needs and missions" (Demarco, 1992, p. 6). If government spending focuses solely on procurement and not management of IT services as seen within the FBI and other related agencies/organizations, it could prove detrimental in the long run.

The prevalent theme amongst all the articles discussed in this review is the wasteful spending by the U.S. federal government in relation to IT procurement and management. A 2016 article by Williamson emphasizes such wasteful spending even further by…. [read more]

Government Policies Thesis

… Government Policies

Four policies the government has created: Economic growth and productivity

Student loans

The purpose of student loans is to make education more affordable for the average American. The premise behind student loans is that students will borrow to pay their education, get a better job, and then pay off the costs of that education later in life, after they have attained financial solvency. However, this happy scenario does not always transpire. A shaky economy makes repayment of student loans far from certain. Furthermore, student loans do not level the playing field as much as one might assume. Students from wealthier backgrounds do not need to balance work and school. They can take internships over the summer to build their social networks, rather than…. [read more]

Leisure May Be the Death Term Paper

… The most obvious, as pointed out by Muller, is a common commitment to a free market economy and to political democracy, both of which are dominated by middle class values. However, there are vital differences within these broad areas of agreement, and it is these deviations that place Europe at a disadvantage when dealing with the demise of employment and the growth of leisure. America is better placed to deal with these social changes, and the subsequent economic and political fallout, because of its emphasis upon individualism, commercialism, and its perception of state assistance only as a last resort. Therefore America, as with Japan, is better able to adapt to changes in labor requirements by capitalizing on the social and economic values of competition, individual…. [read more]

Non-Western Comparative Politics Essay

… Tanaka Kakuei Corruption

Chalmers Johnson, one of the U.S.'s foremost Japan experts, tells us the story of Tanaka Kakuei and the shocking extent of his corruption. But Johnson tells us this story so we can better understand the nature of Japanese politics and the role of the bureaucracy. What is Johnson trying to illuminate for us?

Chalmers Johnson has conducted a very thorough research into the political system of Japan and the role played by Tanaka Kakuei in revolutionizing the elitist political scene. Johnson doesn't try to downplay the corruption scandal associated with Tanaka but he looks at it in a more objective manner. Instead of accusing him of corruption per se, he goes deeper into the very heart of Japanese politics to understand why…. [read more]

U.S. Congressman Tom Perriello Research Proposal

… ¶ … corruption when we think of politicians but this might be habit we should consider breaking, especially when new representatives are voted into office. Tom Perriello is a passionate man guided by what can only be described as intend to do good wherever he may go. Whether or not one agrees with Perriello's political beliefs, it is difficult to disagree with the man's commitment to making the world a better place in as places as he can. His past is peppered with volunteer and community service work that represents the true nature of his heart. While many in Washington might not have been to the poorest parts of the globe, Perriello has and can say that he is committed to making a difference. His…. [read more]

Shakespeare's Richard II Careful Analysis Essay

… Only by doing so can true lawfulness and justice be restored to the people of England.

Furthermore, in the final chapter of the second treatise of Two Treatises of Government, in which the author discusses the validation of insurrection to dissolve one political state and institute another, Locke also grants his implied approval of Henry Bolingbroke's overthrow of Richard II. The author spends the majority of the chapter justifying revolt under a number of disparate circumstances, not the least of which occurs when a Prince or legislative power abuses his authority by not acting in the best interest of the people. The preceding passages of this paper have demonstrated that this description certainly applies to Richard II's situation with his subjects. However, Locke closes out…. [read more]

Government Accounting Office in America Term Paper

… In its 1980 report, the Subcommittee recognized that higher fourth quarter obligations may not indicate a problem with wasteful spending. The Subcommittee noted that spending at year- end may be the result of legitimate, planned, and worthwhile spending intended by Congress. However, the Subcommittee found numerous examples in which agencies took short cuts in the last few weeks of the fiscal year that led to questionable contracts. Hurry-up procurement practices resulted in the purchase of millions of dollars worth of goods and services for which there was no demonstrated current need. The Subcommittee found that to spend quickly, the government frequently paid inflated prices, incurred higher administrative costs for overtime, and awarded contracts that were not in the government's best financial interest. At the time…. [read more]

China the Political System Research Proposal

… China

The Political System of China

The fundamental law in China is the Constitutional System (China Guide 2009). Its present Constitution was adopted by the Fifth National People's Congress on December 4, 1982. The National People's Congress or NPC is the highest state authority, China's fundamental political system. On the other hand, local authorities head local people's congresses. The people elect both state and local authorities. China's central administrative system consists of central administrative organs under the National People's Congress and central administrative organs controlling local administrative organs. The State Council of the People's Republic of China is the central administrative organ and the highest administrative organ of state. Meanwhile, the local administrative system sets up and controls administrative regional divisions and local administrative organs.…. [read more]

Using Surveys to Gain Personal Perspective Research Paper

… ¶ … Mail Survey

Introduction & Description of the Study

This survey is designed to examine the perceptions of students who live on the campus of a private college in the state of Vermont regarding voting behavior in the last general election. Survey participants will be selected from an alphabetized and numbered roster of all students currently enrolled in the college supplied by the Registrar's Office. Using an online randomizer tool, 350 students will be selected from the roster. A copy of te survey will be mailed to each student selected at their campus mail stop. To increase the response rate, a specially marked corrugated paper coffee cup sleeve from the on-campus cafe will be included in the mailing. The coffee cup sleeves can be…. [read more]

Demand Macroeconomics 'It's an Ill Wind Research Proposal


macroeconomics 'It's an ill wind that blows no one good' -- sustained or increased demand during an economic downturn. Who is unaffected by or benefits from an economic recession?

'It's an ill wind that blows no one good' -- sustained or increased demand during an economic downturn. Who is unaffected by or benefits from an economic recession?

According to the standard, textbook economic definition of a recession, overall macroeconomic demand will decrease as individuals lose jobs. Inventories will grow as a result and production will decline in response. Eventually, prices go down as firms engage in bidding wars, and consumers begin to buy again (Haltiwanger et al. 1991, p.89). However, as the current recession demonstrates, the effects of a contraction upon specific niche demographics…. [read more]

Military Spending in Today's Society Term Paper

… Many opponents of increased military spending argue that instead of providing increased security for American citizens, an inflated military structure amplifies their fears since the manpower and technology is available to engage in combat at any given time (Felice 33). Furthermore, this theory considers the idea that the United States military is an almighty power that may invade any disturbed area at any time, regardless of necessity or the approval of the general public. However, a well-designed military structure allows the United States to intervene and exercise their muscle in areas around the globe that experience unrest and tension that affects the safety and well-being of their citizens. It is most reassuring to many Americans that the power and intelligence within the military sector possesses…. [read more]

Knowledge and Proficiency in Economics Essay

… Knowledge and Proficiency in Economics

The opportunity to study economics at SCHOOL has been one of the most magnificent events in my academic life since it has revolutionized my view of the contemporary world and applying the acquired knowledge into daily life. Economics, being "a social science concerned chiefly with description and analysis of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services" as Merriam Webster (2011) notes is a practical, daily engagement since we have the need to constantly produce various goods or services, distribute them as we consume another kind of goods/services. Economics is a daily life application subject that can help make our lives easier if well applied.

One of the significant aspects I came to appreciate is the nature of business…. [read more]

United States Current Account Situation Term Paper

… ¶ … Account Situation

Current Accounts Deficit: Causes, Risk, and Solutions

The Current Account tracks the trade balance (exports and imports for goods and services), income payments (such as interest, dividends and salaries) and unilateral transfers (aid, taxes, and one-way gifts) (Current account balance - United States). A current account surplus indicates that the flow of capital from these components into the U.S. exceeds the capital leaving the country while a deficit means that there is a net capital outflow from these sources. In 1990, the U.S. current account was in surplus, but by 2006, it had reached more than $850 billion (Bergsten, 2007). The current account deficit now accounts for about seven percent of GDP, more than double the previous modern record of 3.4%…. [read more]

Strategic Use and Impact Essay

… Martin (2012) indicates that the campaigns were successful for President Obama won 2.5% points in 2008, in Florida by making out of the 8.7% unemployment rates (1). The polls indicate that this was possible because the state had 50,000 more African-Americans and 190,000 more Hispanics as compared to 2008 (1). The Republican Party did not carry out a thorough analysis of voter habits and demographic data. A white party failed to capture the growing minority and immigrant population in states like Florida (Martin 1). President Obama's ground operations not only included making personal contact, but also making demographic analysis, which assisted in identifying the correct population for a particular political message. This led President Obama to make a 20-point to 25 points margin lead in…. [read more]

Economy, Monetary Policy, and Monopolies Essay

… Eventually, the U.S. government, which had allowed AT&T to operate as a monopoly, brought an antitrust suit against the company in 1974. The resulting settlement achieved in 1982 required AT&T "to divest itself of the wholly owned Bell operating companies that provided local exchange service. This would, the government believed, separate those parts of AT&T (the local exchanges) where the natural monopoly argument was still seen as valid from those parts (long distance, manufacturing, research and development), where competition was appropriate" (A brief history: The Bell system, 2012, AT&T). Despite the breakup of AT&T, rates for telephone consumers did not plummet, and today, more regulation of the rates of phone calls (including cellphone calls) and a controlled monopoly might be welcomed by many users.

Q4.…. [read more]

United States Has Become Preoccupied Essay

… But, America is making its best effort to educate common people as they should understand the laws and regulations to follow and to elect the right person as their representatives (Kurth, 2009).

Military development:

The innovation in military is changing the way of war of America. As American economy is re-creating itself, the America's military has also started taking advantage of the technology. In 20th century, there was no other power to match America's military power.

United States consider the military power as an essential element of its national strategy and it is viewing military as a key to achieve the objectives in globe. United States military instruments serve several crucial purposes such as to facilitate the Beijing's integration into cooperative security oriented processes and…. [read more]

Papua New Guinea a Failed State? Assessment

… ¶ … Papua New Guinea a Failed State?

With Somalia pirates threatening the shipping lanes and genocide continuing in the Sudan, the issue of whether a country can be deemed a so-called "failed state" has been in the news a great deal in recent months. These countries and others such as Afghanistan are being routinely offered by pundits and analysts alike as examples of modern failed states. The characterization of a country as being a failed state carries some significant implications for it as well as the international community, since it involves potential military interventions by the latter on behalf of the citizens of the former. To determine whether Papua New Guinea has degenerated into a failed state or if the country is struggling or…. [read more]

American Politics Term Paper

… "

The Democrats responded effectively with a truthful approach (Brodsky, 2000).

It was admitted that he had the affair, and, although he thought he was not the father, had financially supported both mother and child. When Maria Halpin's alcoholism seemed to threaten the boy's well being (Harper, 2001), Cleveland saw to it that she was placed in a sort of half-way house, not an insane asylum, and that the boy was placed in an orphanage, where he was soon adopted by a wealthy couple. The other stories were shown to be false (Harper, 2001). The diligently hardworking governor had no time, much less inclination, to spend his evenings on the seedy side of town (Harper, 2001)."

Much to the dismay of the Republican Party the…. [read more]

Academic Research in Saudi Arabia Term Paper

… The obstacle that arises in order to carry on some research is that the funding process to carry out some research is so complicated that discourages much of the young researchers. Moreover proper infrastructure is not available, since scientific research (as opposed to other academic researches) need s proper and well-developed infrastructure. Secondly, the heavy burden on teachers (which includes additional teaching hours and administrative duties) does not motivate the faculty members to carry on some research activities.

Another similar study has been done to analyze the research activities among faculty members of medical and health colleges in 2011. Over 38.6% faculty members have published their work in last two years. Lack of time, no research assistance, non-availability of funds for research and heavy load…. [read more]

Food Prices Research Proposal

… ¶ … food prices over the past few years has been the result of several factors. Supply tightness increases volatility, so the high prices of the past few years indicate significant supply tightness in key variables. One of those variables is the supply of food itself. The supply of food has been adversely affected by demand for other agricultural cash crops. In the United States, for example, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for corn and soybeans. The spike in demand derives from increased biofuel demand. Corn and soybeans are converted into ethanol, which has been extensively promoted as a "green" solution to fossil fuel consumption. This demand reduces the supply of corn and soybeans available not only for food consumption, but for…. [read more]

Shopping Behavior the Shopping Experience Essay

… This indicates the government's role in the overall shopping behaviors of society. While the government is well intentioned with its dramatic spending increases, this action is only increasing the short-term pessimism present within the market as a whole.

How shopper's behaviors have changed over time

Shopper's behavior changes almost exclusively due to the prevailing economic uncertainties of the time. This is indicated by the cyclical nature of the retail and auto industry. During periods of mass euphoria, individuals purchase more goods and services and the economy therefore continues its upward trend. Many shoppers during these periods are not worried about short-term economic uncertainties as their jobs are believed to be secure and the economy is going smoothly. As such, many individuals purchase products they might…. [read more]

Family Home Ownership This Report Uses Term Paper

… ¶ … Family Home Ownership

This report uses both primary and secondary source material to investigate and present various aspects of single family home ownership in the United States. Single family home ownership can be considered one element of many that comprise the United States Gross Domestic Product. The Gross Domestic Product is a tool used to track statistics and affects on domestic economic trends, governmental policy and fiscal changes.

The effects of single family home ownership on America in an economic sense has dramatically changed in recent economic boom periods which occurred during the years of 1996 through 2000 and then economic downturn periods between the years of 2000 and 2004. These thirty-six quarters in our nation's history have provided us with a combination…. [read more]

Managing Your Money Olly Lloyd and Leona Case Study

… Managing Your Money

Olly Lloyd and Leona Lloyd-Cardle are a young couple, with enough means to provide a more than decent living for themselves and their children. Still, the couple encounters some financial challenges, and these are due to two distinctive issues. On the one hand, Olly is rather unfamiliar with issues of financial management, and is quite a stranger to taxes and other financial matters. On the other hand, the second problem is constituted by the spending patterns of his wife -- Leona -- who is running credit on top of credit.

In this setting of the financial issues encountered by the young family, the role of the financial consultant is that of providing advice on four distinctive issues, perceived as most important for…. [read more]

Asian Country Economy Vietnam Essay

… Asian Country Economy

Vietnam's Economy during the Global Financial Crisis

Vietnam's economy has been one of the fasting growing economies in Asia during the past decade. (EIU, 2010, p. 2).Although it has a relatively low national GDP, it is widely regarded as the next Asian Tiger economy because it has a hardworking labor force, a Confucian culture which values education, and a high rate of domestic savings. (Economic Intelligence Unit, 2010, p. 2).

Vietnam's newfound prosperity is not taken for granted by the Vietnamese, as Vietnam was one of the poorest countries in the world 25 years ago, due to its insulated socialist economy and a trade embargo imposed by the U.S.A. after the Vietnam war. (Economic Intelligence Unit, 2010, p. 2).However, Vietnam implemented a…. [read more]

Dollar Depreciation Economic Effects of U.S Term Paper

… Dollar Depreciation

Economic Effects of U.S. Dollar Depreciation

News on the effects of the deprecation of the U.S. dollar depends on the source. Opinions on the effects of U.S. dollar depreciation range from gloom and doom to hardly any effect at all. The depreciation of the U.S. dollar has an effect on the willingness of people to incur major debt or to engage in travel. Whether the reports are minimizing a real problem or inflating a minor occurrence, the news and speculation alone have the ability to change consumer habits, both in the U.S. And abroad. This research will investigate the hypothesis that the depreciating dollar will help to rebalance the trade deficit, resulting in a stronger overall global economy.

Understanding Dollar Depreciation

Americans are…. [read more]

Al Capone or Al Qaeda?: Organized Crime and Counterterrorism as Law Enforcement Priorities Essay

… The impossibility of the fight in Mexico, combined with the high potential for profit in the trade, made this defection happen. It is important to note, however, that Los Zetas have technically only been their own cartel since 2010: from 1999 to 2010, they were essentially the paramilitary enforcement wing of the Gulf Cartel. But by 2010, Los Zetas split off from the Gulf Cartel, and became a rival: they are currently better-organized and quite possibly more profitable than either of the two older rivals, the Gulf and Sinaloa Cartels. However, their origins as military commandos are the most noteworthy fact about them -- it would be as if the Navy Seals took over the crystal meth trade in the American Midwest, or if an…. [read more]

Milestone 2 Business Recommendations Based on Economic Projections Research Paper

… ¶ … economic futures facing Larson Inc. are a U-shaped economy characterized by uncertainty; a V-shaped economy characterized by a sharp recovery and a W-shaped economy characterized by a double dip recession -- from the first of which we are just now emerging. The U-shaped economy is characterized by uncertainty -- the economy's future is relatively unknown. Economic recovery is delayed, leading to adverse consequences such as stagflation that gripped Japan in the early 1990s and lasted for several years. This possibility has the lowest probability of the three given that the GDP has increased strongly in each of the last two quarters, indicating that the economy has pulled out of the bottom of the U. already.

The GDP increases hint at a V-shaped recovery…. [read more]

Free Markets Perspective, Examine Essay

… Political compe-tition and political contribution within nations encourage eco-nomic expansion and a stable international social and economic order. Only a framework of this kind can make sure the supply of necessary information by independent media and associations. Consensus and commitment by the politi-cal, economic and social actors to the reconciliation of interests in both the national and international context are the prerequisites for affluence for all (Guidelines for Prosperity, Social Justice and Sustainable Economic Activity, 2009).

Question 2


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the accountability of an organization for the impacts of its choices and activities on society, the environment and its own affluence, known as the triple bottom line consisting of people, planet, and profit. Not only do accountable, sustainable and translucent approaches…. [read more]

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