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Government and Its Role and Power Essay

… Government and its role and power to rule people within a specific territory are core aspect of all political philosophy. This is largely because people generally accept legitimacy claims made by the government and states that govern the territories where they live. However, in analyzing the role of the government in relation to its rule over people, it's important to explore the concept of human nature, social contract, and several aspects that impact democracy. These aspects are critical elements with which the role of government can be determined and understood given that almost every society has a system of governance in the form of government or state's rule.

Concept of Human Nature:

One of the most remarkable features about human nature is that human beings…. [read more]

Government and Policy the Joyan Islands Creative Writing

… Government & Policy

The Joyan Islands

As provisional Prime Minister of the newly independent Joyan Islands, it is my duty to set the example for the future course of the Joyan people. This means forming the island's priorities based on its goals, and following the examples of other island nations before it. A lot of what happens in a country depends on the cultural values embedded in history, but every new country feels it must shape its path in a fresh way from its colonial past. It is important for the Joyan Islands to maintain their unique cultural identity, yet at the same time to modernize and develop strong economy ties around the world as well as any industrial nation can do so.

The Joyan…. [read more]

American Government and Politics Today Essay

… Government

Why did the Framers of the Constitution create a bicameral legislature? Was part of the reason for a two-house legislature the idea that it would be more difficult to pass legislation, therefore serving as a check on a runaway legislature? What impact does this have today? Is it easy for Congress to agree on legislation?

There are three main reasons.

The primary reason was an issue of chronological precedent. At the same time as the American colonists had revolted against British regulation in the Revolutionary War, they silently drew a lot of their ideas about government from their colonial understanding as British citizens. In addition, the British Parliament had two houses -- an upper chamber, the House of Lords, packed with representatives of the…. [read more]

Government and Elections Should Foreign Essay

… Campaigning also requires attendance at charity functions and other public events so that candidates can mix, mingle, meet, and greet the public. The monetary expenses of political campaigning are such that require great amounts of funding. In fact, the idea that a candidate can run for political office effectively without great amounts of funding would not even be considered as feasible in today's society. Funding for political campaign is a big business. There was a ban on corporate spending on campaigns however, this ban was blocked by the Supreme Court in 2010 when it ruled that the "government may not ban political spending by corporations in candidate elections." (Liptak, 2010) The report states that the move by the Supreme Court served to overrule "two important…. [read more]

Government Contracting Term Paper

… ¶ … Government Contracts

Federal contractors are faced with a number of alternatives concerning the type of contract they use for a given project. Different types of contracts, of course, have their respective benefits and weaknesses for any given project, though. To determine optimal contractual approaches, this paper explores the pros and cons of different types of contracts from both the contractor's perspective as well as that of the federal government. A summary of the research and important findings are presented in the conclusion.

Benefits and drawbacks of fixed-price contracts from the perspective of a contractor

There are as many as 20 different types of defense contracts currently in use, and identifying the respective risks that are associated with cost overruns allows them to be…. [read more]

Politics of the Common Good Essay

… Since the Republican version of capitalist economics has been dominant since the 1970s and 1980s, inequality has certainly increased greatly in the United States, far more so than in any other Western nation. In this, the U.S. is exceptional compared to Canada, France, Germany or other nations in that its social and economic structure has more in common with Mexico, Brazil, Pakistan and other developing countries. Given the weakness of organized labor and the Republican's skill at exploiting race and religion to attract voters, the situation has become absolutely disastrous for the working class and even the shrinking middle class. These less favored groups have only a very weak and timid Democratic Party to defend their interests, and it often takes money from the very…. [read more]

Politics on War Research Proposal

… Politics of War - Kennedy and Nixon Administrations

The Kennedy administration decided in 1961 not to assist the Laotian government through military intervention, though President Eisenhower had advised him that Laos, and not Vietnam, was the hotspot in Southeast Asia. Kennedy backed a diplomatic settlement that brought to power a neutral regime. For a candidate who had cast a hard line during the campaign against the communists, this seemed like a pretty soft touch.

Then, in April 1961, Kennedy approved and was humiliated by one of the most disastrous military defeats in American history -- the failed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro in the Bay of Pigs invasion. Several months after that, he was bullied by the Soviet premier, Nikita Khrushchev at their Vienna, Austria…. [read more]

Politics of Violence in Harold Pinter's Later Work Dissertation

… 2- Investigate Pinter's repressive regimes that tie social exclusion to political violence, utilizing a dynamic, not known in our current political climate, of delegitimizing oppositional ideas.

3- Demonstrate Pinter's concern with the historical consequences of fascism, and his principled opposition to Americanism and U.S. military actions in the Middle East.

4- Illuminate the dramatic, theatrical and linguistic artistry of Pinter in manipulating such themes as political violence and oppression.

Scope of the Study:

The study discusses the dramatic representation of political violence in Pinter's recent plays in relation to the modern politics and the playwright's political stances and attitudes towards the leading governments. By examining the "Pinteresque discourse," the study meticulously scrutinizes the violence manifestations justified by political claims and institutions. Thus, it draws theoretically…. [read more]

Politics Has Never Reached Essay

… [3: (Adamson)]

For example, much of the activity in the Middle East that is ongoing is Western ideas intervening in various forms. The human race faces two challenges that have the potential to wipe the human species from the face of the planet. One deals with the planets finite amount of natural resources and ecological balance and the other deals with international relations and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. It was said a few years ago that if the human race is wiped out in the next 50 years it will not be because of disease or an asteroid hitting the earth, but because of foreign policy and international relations[footnoteRef:4]. [4: (Sheehan and Brocklehurst)]

If history is a lesson, then we can expect…. [read more]

Politics in Postmodern America Term Paper

… Politics in Post-Modern America

The only real change that has ever happened in American politics is the advent of political parties that came about between the presidencies of George Washington and John Adams. Besides that, there has been a history of continuity rather than change in the United States' political life. Granted, the political landscape has changed greatly but, regardless of the landscape, the prevailing constant has always been party politics.

At his farewell address to the nation, a somber George Washington warned:

Let me now take a more comprehensive view, and warn you in the most solemn manner against the baneful effects of the spirit of party, generally...It exists, under different shapes, in all governments, more of less stifled, controlled, or repressed; but, in…. [read more]

Politics of Information Management Essay

… The CIO in our case also failed to realize that he should have worked from the business client's perspective as Finney, R. (2006) recommends. Before one moves to another level of politics of information, he should identify the existing political state and play by the rules, written or otherwise before changing the game. This way he could have known that making such confessions and publicly so would be detrimental to the organization's integrity.

Schuman, E., (2005) postulates that the clients, partners or general public who don't have the technical orientation would not like to hear unvarnished truth, especially when it comes to technology projects. All they want to know is that their problems are being sorted out and someone responsible is handling their problems. The…. [read more]

Politics of Estonia Foreign and Domestic Term Paper

… Politics of Estonia: Foreign and Domestic

Brief Introduction/Overview.

Estonia is a small Baltic state with an area of roughly 45,228 sq km and a population of 1.3 million people. It is bordered on the south by Latvia, and to the East by the Russian Federation. It is a coastal country, with a Western shore to the Baltic Sea and a Northern shore to the Gulf of Finland. The country gained its independence in 1918, and became a representative democratic republic, with an official constitution adopted in 1920. In 1940 however, the country was occupied by the Soviet Union, and despite a subsequent Nazi occupation during the war, and a brief period of renewed sovereignty, the country was forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union until 1991…. [read more]

Politics Heywood Describes a Number of Views Term Paper

… Politics

Heywood describes a number of views of the state. Which do you prefer and why?

Heywood's descriptions of the state vary widely, but they all make sense in some form or another, and in some governments. However, personally I much prefer the idea of the Pluralist State, first because it matches my own relatively liberal viewpoint, but because it focuses on individuals and individual's rights and freedoms, and I think this should be the core functionality of the state. I also believe that the state should be neutral, and should protect the rights and beliefs of its citizens, remaining neutral in this regard.

However, I believe that most governments and states are more like the Capitalist state, where one class is dominant in the…. [read more]

Politics of Administrative Law Term Paper

… Early on, the party had genuine electoral strength as an alternative to the two-party system. Women, African-Americans, and a variety of ethnic groups were devoted readers of its press, and Jewish and African-American voters often gave the party great electoral strength in the industrialized, urban North.

In contrast, James Q. Wilson argues that the shift to the current conception of the state did not come in a seismic, revolutionary shift from autonomy to a more socialist point-of-view, but through various interactions of disparate political organizations. Weinstein's argument is founded upon the idea that America was subject to a paradigmatic and revolutionary shift in philosophy, as a result of a failed social organization and political party. Wilson argues, however, that one cannot separate the success of…. [read more]

Politics There Were a Few Essay

… Will they find a way to respond, perhaps by giving in on social issues? If that happens, will another third party candidate like George Wallace arise?

Response #1. Good analysis. I agree that younger voters were a key factor for Obama, and that he had been able to maintain many of his constituencies in 2012 despite the state of the economy. I liked the analogy with Kennedy and television, that is good insight. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the importance of women and minorities and young people in the voting in 2008 and 2012. Certainly, these voters were responding to things that the politicians were saying and doing, and to the changes in American society since 2004. We know from class that…. [read more]

Government Emergency Management Term Paper

… Government

Emergency Management and the Government

Both Nice and Grosse (2001) and Farazmand (2001) agree that the structural nature of the U.S. federal government results in very specific policy-making patterns when it comes to crisis. Nice and Grosse (2001) argue that crises are focusing events for legislators and that government policy is always a function of crisis. In other words, the emergence of a crisis is what will most likely spur on action at the federal level because it draws attention to an existing problem. Similarly, Farazmand (2001) points out that policy-making in the United States is fundamentally reactive instead of proactive, primarily because rapid changes in political power make consistent policy decisions all but impossible.

From an emergency response perspective, this reality of federal…. [read more]

Government by the People Federalism Essay

… government by the People


This is the sharing of power by and between the national, state and local governments (Longley, 2011). It is the opposite of centralized governments in such countries as England and France where the national government exercises total power. The 50 States of the Union have their own constitutions but they all comply with the U.S. Constitution.

The national government exercises exclusive powers as well as shares other powers with the state and the local governments. Its exclusive powers are to print money, declare war, create an army and a navy, enter into foreign treaties, regulate local and international trade, set up post offices and issue postage, and create laws to enforce the Constitution. On the other hand, state governments exercise…. [read more]

Government Effects Term Paper

… Government Effects

The Government in the United States, and indeed in any country, affects every aspect of life to a large extent. The Government is the main law making body in the country, and as such can determine the way of life of a large amount of people. This is particularly true of a despotic or any other non-democratic form of government. The laws that such governments impose can for example impact negatively upon persons or groups of people advocating a particular way of life in terms of religion or political ideology. Governments can and indeed have suppressed lifestyles relating not only to politics and religion, but also to personal choices such as sexual partners and choices of career.

Assuming a democratic government, this rulership…. [read more]

American Government and Its Influence and Control on Society Term Paper

… ¶ … government has a perfect right to influence behavior to the best of its ability if it is for the welfare of the individual and the community as a whole.

This quote, by former Surgeon General of the United States C. Everett Koop, epitomizes the view that government is in place to act as a type of benevolent watchdog for society. The essence of the quote was made in a public health viewpoint, but is both paternalistic and arrogant in that it says that the government has the authority and expertise to judge what is good and bad for the populace. In the context of his speech, Koop was referring to the government's efforts to discourage smoking, mandate childhood vaccinations, and limit risky behavior.…. [read more]

Government Contracting Process Thesis

… Government Contracting Process

The Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act (FASA) of 1994 was formulated with the intention of simplifying of the buying procedures of the government in that many competition restrictions on government purchases were removed involving purchases less than $100,000. Now, full and open competition is used in procedures that are much simpler in solicitation and evaluation of bids up to $100,000. All planned purchases of over $25,000 are under a requirement for advertisement by the government. The simpler procedures make a requirement of les sin the way of administrative details as well as lower approval levels and less in the way of documentation. All federal purchases, according to new procurement reform legislation above $2,00 but less than $100,000 are reserved for small businesses unless…. [read more]

Government Shutdown a Shutdown Furlough Article Review

… For this situation to be avoided and its repeat, it is important that at the time of high-stakes negotiations regarding appropriation measures, the Congress and the President are left with different options:

Applying a single or several interim continuing resolutions (CRs) in extending temporary funding beyond the start of a fiscal year, in anticipation of negotiators making final decisions over funding levels of full year.

Reaching to an agreement pertaining regular appropriations acts prior to October 1, which is in the beginning of a new fiscal year.

Failing to agree on full year or interim appropriations acts, leading to a funding gap as well as a corresponding shutdown of federal activities.

In case the President and the Congress pursue the first or third option, an…. [read more]

Government Bureaucracy Term Paper

… Government Bureaucracy

Personal Experience with Bureaucracy

When the average person hears the term bureaucracy, the typical image that is conjured up in the mind is probably that of smoke filled backrooms full of politically connected people whose only interest is the advancement of their own goals and objectives, or perhaps the endless backlog of paperwork which keeps progress from occurring. Whatever the case, by looking at a personal situation that resulted in a brush with bureaucracy, and comparing that experience with classic views of bureaucracy is quite interesting.

The personal experience with bureaucracy involves the payment of a personal income tax for the municipality in which I live. Where the complication came in was that surprisingly enough, I one day received a delinquent tax notice…. [read more]

Politics Essay

… References

Marsh, David and Stoker, Gerry (eds), Theory and Methods in Political

Science (London, Macmillan, 2002). Introduction and Chapter 1.

Schwarzmantel, J., The State in Contemporary Society (Harvester, 1994). Chapter 1.


This paper examines the political philosophies of elitism and Marxism. The concepts associated with both philosophies are explored in-depth. The applications of both theories are also explored in-depth. Finally, the differences in the idea of political dominion that exist within these two philosophies are explored in-depth.

Elitism and Marxism: The Differences in their Explanations of Political Dominion

Elitism and Marxism are two political philosophies that are diametrically opposed to one another. While Marxism promotes the rule and control of the people at large, elitism focuses on how real political authority is only held…. [read more]

American Government and Politics Essay

… It should have been extremely clear to him that the Republicans were not negotiating in good faith and that there was no point to bending over backwards for the sake of bipartisanship when the Senate Minority Leader stated his intentions so as clearly and publicly to refuse to allow the President to accomplish anything. The approach that the President has announced now about refusing to sign any legislation that extends the Bush tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires is exactly what he should have done last year when the Republicans held the debt ceiling hostage to those same tax cuts. It is also what he should have done when he negotiated healthcare reform and never even tried to push the idea of a public option…. [read more]

Culture and Politics Germany Research Paper

… Conclusion

As can be seen, Germany can use its rich history and good quality of life to make things better for everyone. Those who immigrate and those who have little money are at a distinct disadvantage, but it does not have to remain that way. There can be freedom and opportunity for everyone in Germany, but only if those in political power are willing to create and adjust policies in order to make those opportunities easier to attain and more realistic to achieve. People who are part of the underclass are often not against working harder and doing more, but they must have government policies to help them get started, and they need societal and cultural guidance to find ways to improve their lives.

References…. [read more]

American Politics in the U.S Essay

… Other characteristic of institution that shapes the politic power groups of U.S. society is the way the institution is changing. The institutional change is sticky as well as, episodic rather than being continuous. Once the institution is established, it becomes so difficult to change it again even if the social forces continuous to evolve. This is because, it rely upon arguments to account for persistence of the institutional characteristics. One is simply that, the institution shapes the group by creating privileges positions mainly for individuals who work hard to perpetuate the institution even if the interests changed (Prothero, 2006).

The demographic and institution also shape the political power of groups in U.S. society through the economic growth. The economic growths in U.S. shape the incentives…. [read more]

Politics Term Paper

… ¶ … Politics can be defined both as "the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government" and as "the process by which groups of people make decisions."

If we look at the first definition of politics, it is not a positive one for its applicability within an organization. Indeed, that type of definition emphasizes the conflicting characteristics of politics as a science or art: the necessity to fight over power, the strategies and tactics that need to be applied so as to remain in power and the relationships that need to be formed in this sense. It virtually presents the scenario where the organization is a battlefield between different factions who are fighting for power within the company.

On the…. [read more]

Politics, 'Spin Doctors' and Media Specialists Term Paper

… ¶ … politics, 'spin doctors' and media specialists attempt to carefully craft the image of a candidate, much like they were selling soap, there is inevitably a certain amount of calculated rhetoric rather than real feeling in the persona projected by politicians.

However, it is the duty of every citizen to try to penetrate the rhetoric and the crafted campaign message, and to make the most informed decision he or she can make, about who is the best candidate with the most character and integrity. Merely because this is difficult does not mean that we can shrug and refuse to participate in politics at all. Not exercising the right to vote that people in other countries fight and die for, and people in our own…. [read more]

Thaksin Shinawatra's Government Did Represent the Best Hope for Democratic Progress in Thailand Term Paper

… Politics

Thaksin Shinawatra's Thailand and the Promise of Democracy

In mid-September 2006, Thailand experienced its first military coup since 1991 (Kampf, 2007). With the approval of Thailand's kind, key figures in the Thailand military overthrew the democratically elected government of then Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Though Shinawatra's government was far from ideal, it was nonetheless voted into power by the collective will of the people of Thailand. For the opponents of Shinawatra to oust the man's government outside the appropriate legal methods stands as an affront to the democratic process in the nation and a challenge to the possibility of a legitimate democratic government. Shinawatra's government represented Thailand's best hope for a stable democratic process, a hope that was dashed with the military coup that…. [read more]

Mass Politics in Europe Essay

… He concluded that the ghetto had degraded the Jewish people physically and psychologically, and that its only hope of redemption was a national Jewish state (Schorske, pg. 151). As a journalist in France, he had once imagined the country as "the font of liberty and civilization," but he soon discovered this was no longer the case by the 1890s. Instead, he witnessed and reported on "aristocratic decadence, parliamentary corruption, socialist class warfare, anarchist terror, and anti-Semitic barbarism" (Schorske, pg. 153). He was present in 1895 when Dreyfus was formally degraded out of the French Army, and witnessed the mob screaming "Judas! Traitor!" And "Kill the Jews!"(Burns, pg. 54). Eduard Drumont's newspaper Free Speech proclaimed "France for the French" under its title, and routinely attacked Jews,…. [read more]

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