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Legislation Combating Human Trafficking Research Paper

… Legislating and Combating Human Trafficking

The United States is a principal destination for victims of the human trafficking industry (U.S. Department of State, 2006). The U.S. is responding to the problem with anti-trafficking laws for prosecution of offenders, various organizations that are charged with the responsibility of prosecution, the Obama Administration is focused on anti-trafficking goals, and states, such as Maryland, are also attempting to address the problem.

Anti-trafficking laws in the United States are not just geared at the domestic aspect of human trafficking, but also aim to combat it globally (U.S. Department of State). These laws include the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000 and the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Acts of 2003, 2005, and 2008 (U.S. Department of State).…. [read more]

Combatting Human Trafficking Woman and Children Term Paper

… Human Trafficking

The problem of human trafficking, in general, and regarding women and children is a global human rights issue that has received considerable worldwide support for a number of years. As inhumane as the concept may be, it affects every society throughout the world whether developed or developing. The present day movement toward open borders tends to perpetuate the problem and, as a result, it is essential that a multi-national approach toward combating human trafficking is essential in the effort to combat the problem.

As hard as may be to imagine, the problem of human trafficking is a serious international concern. The uninformed may believe that slavery no longer exists in the world but, in fact, it is flourishing. Within the past ten years,…. [read more]

Government the Trafficking Victims Protection Thesis

… 5

TVPRA (2008)

"The new and amended criminal provisions of the 2008 TVPRA took effect on December 23, 2008. The core human trafficking offenses which are forced labor and sex trafficking are codified, respectively, at 18 U.S.C. § 1589 and 1591, and provide, in relevant part:

§ 1589. Forced labor

(a) Whoever knowingly provides or obtains the labor or services of a person by any one of, or by any combination of, the following means

(1) by means of force, threats of force, physical restraint, or threats of physical restraint to that person or another person;

(2) by means of serious harm or threats of serious harm to that person or another person;

(3) by means of the abuse or threatened abuse of law or…. [read more]

Security and Co-Operation in Europe Research Paper

… Greece endorses the OSCE's position on human trafficking by implementing their approach. The three p's (prevention, protection, and prosecution) that form the essence of the OSCE's approach have been incorporated into Greece's comprehensive anti-trafficking program

II. Supporting post conflict stabilization and institution building in Kyrgyzstan

The Oslo Declaration of 2010 sets forward the standard for addressing the political situation in Kyrgyzstan. Greece supports the provisions outlined in the Oslo Declaration and, by doing so, stresses the continued need for support of the Provisional Government of Kyrgyzstan. This support will hopefully result in political stability, legal reform, free elections, economic development, and energy and border security. Greece will also cooperate with the United Nations, the European Union, and the Council of Europe to bring stability to…. [read more]

U.S. Policy Towards Thai Women Sex Trafficking Term Paper

… Sex Trafficking of Thai Women and the U.S. Response

The Incidence of Sex Trafficking of Thai Women in the United States and a Review of Relevant Governmental Policy

In many ways, Thailand continues to be a mysterious and idyllic region of Asia for many Western observers. The primarily Buddhist kingdom of Thailand remains a sociological jewel in many ways among many Southeast Asian nations by virtue of its progressive social policies and egalitarian approach to human rights. As the only Southeast Asian country to escape occupation by the Japanese during World War II or colonization by a European power (the country's name means "Free-land," after all), Thais appear to possess the natural ability to persevere psychologically and economically even during the worst of times, and…. [read more]

Problem of Child Sex Trafficking Research Paper

… Consequently, law enforcement personnel in such countries are at disadvantaged positions against child traffickers.

Law enforcement officers in some countries have stated that they are limited in prosecuting child trafficking violations because of the weak child protection systems in their countries. They have also stated that they do not have necessary expertise and technical equipment to deal with child traffickers (Hume, Cohen & Sorvino, 2013). Actually, these officers may witness a violation but cannot gather needed evidence to prosecute the offenders. Weak child protection systems and increased corruption in some countries, especially those in Latin America and Caribbean contribute to the increase in child sex traffickers.

Current Measures in Dealing with the Crime:

Even though some governments are to blame for increased child sex trafficking,…. [read more]

Human Trafficking National Security Implications Research Paper

… " (Siskin and Wyler, 2010, p.37)

There is also a question whether all types of trafficking should receive an equal focus. Stated is that while the TVPA defines trafficking "broadly to include problems such as forced labor, sex slavery, and domestic servitude…some argue that the U.S. government anti-trafficking efforts have a bias disproportionately focusing on sexual exploitation at the expense of other forms of trafficking." (Siskin and Wyler, 2010, p.37) Also stated is that too much of the funding to combat trafficking in the U.S. has been "directed to NGOs focused on the rescue of women and children from the commercial sex industry." (Siskin and Wyler, 2010, p.37)

Also reported is that the UNODC states that the most common form of human trafficking is sexual…. [read more]

Human Trafficking Term Paper

… Human Trafficking (a Global and a National Problem)

Smuggling and Trafficking

Trafficking and Sex Tourism

Trafficking and Forced Labor

Human Trafficking (Profile of Victims )

The Problem of Arizona

Police Response to Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is an epidemic problem affecting millions of people around the world. Poverty, globalization and the promise of higher standards of living drive countless young people to move outside their country, often through illegal channels, only to find themselves end up as hapless victims of human trafficking. Collaboration is the key to successful dismantling of the multinational human trafficking network. While active measures by police, proactive citizens and human rights organizations have saved many victims from the perpetrators of these horrific crimes, effectively destroying the human trafficking syndicate…. [read more]

Human Rights and Child Prostitution Essay

… Unfortunately, the rich and moneyed few have always had their way primarily by using the security agencies to frustrate and intimidate the less privileged from expressing their rights and grievances. The country is yet to witness a fair trial despite assurance from the government to comply and commit to implementing the human rights to the international accepted standards. This is due to complete failure on the side of the government to fully respect, comply and commit to the constitution and written laws. Security agencies tend to work towards protecting rights and privileges of the political class as well-to-do members in the society at the expense of ordinary people who continue to languish in poverty. Such trend has dominated the social and political dynamics of the…. [read more]

Global Refugee Regime Term Paper

… There are those who manage to get away from their native lands but do not attempt to cross their national borders and such people are termed "internal refugees." The UNHCR tries to cope with such refugees too, for instance, those who had to leave, due to the tension in 1992, from Transdniesteria. The UNHCR indulges in other activities too. Besides providing a secure place and help to such people it joins hands with the many aid agencies and non-governmental organizations to bring to the attention of the world the hindrances and problems faced by internal and international refugees.

The UNHCR supports and helps millions of refugees. The number of refugees keeps increasing by the day and the various crises have done nothing but to add…. [read more]

Ethics Criminal Justice Research Paper

… There are some organizational policy ethics impacting the criminal justice system, which are more generalized due to their being universal among all government agencies. For example, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and equitable pay are all issues that play a role in criminal justice administration. Corruption in law enforcement and in the judiciary, as well as in correctional institutions, is also a managerial issue. Regulations can be in place to prevent ethical infractions, but ultimately criminal justice leaders need to be committed to preventing ethical infractions from taking place and using disciplinary procedures when they do happen. Unfortunately, criminal justice officials often do have conflicting duties, roles, and ethical frameworks to work with and within (Banks, 2012).

Ethics is one of the most fundamental aspects of…. [read more]

Child Sex Tourism Consent Essay

… Here had been initiatives for law making as the parliament has passed laws for the child labor protection and women rights. The central bureau of investigation has also played its role in developing 107 new anti-trafficking units in various states (U.S. Dept. Of State, 2011).

It required the government officials including the police and other law enforcement agencies to take an active part in curbing the human trafficking issues. The sex, labor, women, child, house hold, and industrialized labor arte all under the cruel acts of child labor, prostitution, and forced bonded labor. The training and awareness among communities along with the strict legal action for the rackets of these activities are required to improve the situation withinthe country. The sex labor should also be…. [read more]

Human Trafficking the State Department Research Paper

… Within the text of the law itself, there is little description of these programs, and no provisions for funding. The law also includes provisions for the victims of trafficking. These include outlining the requirements to receive funding, definitions of trafficking victims, the production of the annual report, the investigation and prosecution of offenders and protections for victim, including clauses related to immigration status (TVPA, 1475-78). The law also sets the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking. These are the standards that are used in the annual report to grade other nations on their anti-trafficking legislative environment. The minimum standards are:

The prohibition of severe forms of trafficking

Mandatory severe punishment for those found guilty of sex trafficking

Severe punishment for other forms of severe…. [read more]

Human Trafficking Essay

… Under the TVPA, if these traumatized individuals are not able to meet complex eligibility requirements and cooperate with law enforcement officials, they are ineligible for most protections and may, in fact, be deported." (Sadruddin et al. 2000). Federal policies that are attempting to make it more difficult for illegal immigrants to work clandestinely in the United States can make it more difficult to police human trafficking, given a victim's fears of the legal consequences. In terms of its actual enforcement, the law has also been criticized for being overly concerned with prosecuting crimes related to prostitution and the sex industry, and giving insufficient attention to crimes related to other areas where trafficking occurs, such as migrant labor (Destefano 2007).

This paper will offer a historical…. [read more]

Human Services Research the Trafficking Essay

… I must fully disclose the emotional appeal that this course of research has provided me as I continually develop my professional role identity (Jazvac-Martek, 2009). I hope to be able to work closely with victim programs to assist in any way possible to help those who have been a victim of this crime. These acts represent one of the most dismal social phenomenon that society faces. Therefore it is not difficult to feel tremendous amounts of empathy for the types of conditions that victims of human trafficking crimes are forced to endure.

There are current two national organizations that are dedicated to providing assistance to these victims. The first is the Office for Victims of Crime (OVC) which is a governmental division tasks with the…. [read more]

Human Trafficking: Literature Review Literature Review Chapter

… Most authors on the subject see amnesty for victims as an essential component to encourage enslaved workers to come forward and report their abusers. Only by prosecuting the enslavers and ensuring that trafficking is no longer a profitable business can the practice be fought. However, from the point-of-view of the nation that is the source of persons who are trafficked, trafficking can result in an overall economic loss of human capital for the nation in the long run. As a 'macro' solution, increasing the opportunities for legal immigration to the U.S. is not a solution to the problems of human trafficking.

According to Wheaton (et al., 2010), who addresses the issue from a British and global perspective in the article "Economics of human trafficking," if…. [read more]

International Law and Human Trafficking Thesis

… International Law and Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking in the World

Human trafficking is the forcible transport of persons to other countries to render sexual or other services (Herro 2006). About half of those abducted are girls of minor age. Despite the reluctance of many governments to admit involvement in human trafficking, the U.S. State Department said 600,000-800,000 men, women and children are trafficked worldwide. A 2006 United Nations report said that almost all countries in the world are affected or involved. Director Carol Yost of the Asia Foundation's Women's Empowerment Program described human trafficking as ultimately a human rights issue. She also said, however, that the campaign against this violation had achieved some gains in Asia, initially through raised awareness through the media. Laws in…. [read more]

Human Trafficking, Rampant Research Proposal

… 3. Wilson and Dalton (2008) explored the extent and characteristics of human trafficking in Columbus and Toledo, Ohio through content analysis of newspaper accounts and through surveys and interviews with criminal justice officials and service providers in each city. Authors found 10 cases of juvenile sex trafficking and prostitution in Colombus and half that many in Toledo. The problem with this study, as noted, is that most victims are disinclined to reveal their situation to the police and that therefore cases are presumably far higher. The study's benefit lies in the fact that discovery that the problems exists in these cities can now lead investigators to ways as to how to curb this.

4. Logan, Walker and Hunt (2009) described and synthesized nine reports that…. [read more]

Sex Trafficking Many Americans May Be Shocked Term Paper

… Sex Trafficking

Many Americans may be shocked to find out that slavery -- in the form of human sex trade trafficking -- still exists. They may be further shocked to find out that the Untied States is the second most trafficked destination for women caught in the sex trade (Schauer and Wheaton 1). Agreed to be "an assault on human dignity," the problem of sex trafficking has called many non-governmental organizations (NGOs), governments, and researchers to discover the facts involved in the practice (Schauer and Wheaton 9; Soderlund 1). This paper intends to show the facts, including: the extent and complexity of the problem, who is involved, where it happens, and what is being done.

This paper will proceed by first discussing the extent and…. [read more]

Human Trafficking in Missions Term Paper

… Human Trafficking

In October of 2007, 30 nuns from 26 countries, whose congregations have members in various Asian countries, met in Rome to discuss the trafficking of women and children in India and other parts of Asia. They formed the International Network of Religious against Trafficking in Persons. Seventy-four million South Asian women have been reported missing and 20 million are said to be working in Indian brothels (Glatz, 2007). These nuns are only one of a growing number of religious organizations that are lending their resources to combat the horrors of human trafficking.

Throughout history, missionaries and other religious groups have worked continuously on this human atrocity.

When one hears the word "slavery," it brings to mind the blacks in the United States who…. [read more]

Human trafficking Essay

… However, Duong (2012) also concedes that a lack of data on forced labor migration may result in artificially low numbers for males subjected to trafficking. With this in mind, despite its name the Vietnamese National Action Program against Trafficking in Women and Children (the VNAP) uses gender-inclusive language in its specific regulations designed to fight trafficking within Vietnam.

Thus, within the literature there is some dispute as to whether it is more useful to study trafficking's country-specific features or as a general global phenomenon. Likewise, the need for national vs. international responses to effectively curtail trafficking remains unclear. Because the crime is so shadowy, data is ambiguous about the characteristics of and number of persons affected by trafficking. This dissertation will strive to present a…. [read more]

Child Sex Trafficking Human Research Paper

… Because they are so young and emotionally immature when they are recruited, they have only a 7th or 8th grade mentality over time even when much older.

For men or 'johns' arrested, the penalty is also light as they are directed to attend 'john' school and pay a fee of about $300. The mentality of most adult men is that there is no victim in prostitution, they assume the girls are all 18 years old and getting paid for their consensual services (Eisenmenger, 2011).


Something everyone can do is to be aware of signs to recognize if a youth may be a victim of Sex Trafficking. Signs that a young person may be a victim of abuse or Sex trafficking are (Hastings, 2012):

If…. [read more]

Designing a New Regulatory Framework for Telecommunications Interception and Access in Jordan Multiple Chapters

… Telecommunications - Jordan

The impact of telecommunications interception and access on privacy rights and costs as presenting an obstacle to the implementations of telecommunications interception and access law.

Technology today has furnished the world with the gift if instantaneous communication. Unfortunately, this also means a fertile field for those who would see the world plunged into chaos by means of terrorism and other destructive criminal activities. When viewed from this perspective, it is perhaps not surprising that many Western governments have taken extreme measures to prevent the use of telecommunications for covert terrorist planning. However, an increasing number of critics have begun to question the validity of this approach, especially as it concerns human rights (Breyer 2005).

The concern with privacy occurs not only on…. [read more]

Gun Trafficking Term Paper

… ¶ … Gun Control and Gun Trafficking

The objective of this work is the research the relationship between gun control and gun trafficking in an argumentative style of work with the goal of persuading a college-educated audience of the consequences of tighter gun control. Used will be a supply and demand argument such as in the case of alcohol and prohibition and the current issue of illegal drugs vs. legal drugs. This work will conclude with a call to action.

Gun control in the United States is a much-debated issue. According to a debate published by 'Reason Magazine': "Guns and the gun culture are so intertwined with American culture that many Americans perceive guns as utterly, unremarkably normal." (Kohn, Kaminer, Kates and Krauss, 2005) the…. [read more]

International Political Economics the Impact of UN Peacekeeper Corruption Term Paper

… International Political Economics: The Impacts of UN Peacekeeper Corruption

International political economy tries to understand global and international problems through a diverse interdisciplinary arrangement of theoretical perspectives and analytical tools. International political economy focuses on the constant breakdown of disciplinary boundaries amid politics and economics. it's not easy to image a world devoid of international political economy since the mutual interaction of international economics and international relations is prevalent. The political activities of nations apparently influence international business and the flow of money, which consequently affects the environment in which nations make political preferences, and entrepreneurs make economic preferences.

It appears impracticable to put into consideration significant questions regarding international economics or international politics in devoid of taking into consideration their mutual effects and influences.…. [read more]

1st Amendment Protections for Child Essay

… "

On April 1, 2002, the Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition agreed with the Ninth Circuit (1996) majority opinion. Majority opinions formed by Justices Kennedy, Stevens, Ginsburg, Breyer, and Souter, and dissented by Justice O'Connor, Salaim, and Rehnquist, concluded that the CPPA had indeed violated the First Amendment due to the fact that: "Censorship thought the enactment of criminal laws intended to control an evil idea cannot satisfy the constitutional requirements of the First Amendment." (First Amendment Library. Web.) The reasoning were that actual children were not involved and that therefore the language "appears to be [a minor]" and 'conveys the impression" as formulated by the CPPA were not only overbroad but also unconstitutional. It was overbroad as illustrated by the fact that in the…. [read more]

Immigration and Asylum Policy Term Paper

… This Resolution was the first attempt at standardizing admission policies regarding the immigration policies of the EU as a whole.

Solutions contained in the Resolution of 1994

Under the 1994 resolution, requests for admission to their territories would only be granted where vacancies in employment cannot be filled from the local job pool. This may be in response to a temporary manpower shortage. In this case, the immigrant will be offered an temporary work permit, after which they will be required to return to their country of origin. The work permit will only be offered if the employee has the necessary qualifications to perform the job. Admissions will be determined on a seasonal work need basis. This resolution would seem to offer the best solution…. [read more]

Police Reform in Post-Authoritarian Brazil Thesis

… 2) This particular research will also be of immense help for policy formulators in metropolitan police departments and in police departments of small vicinities, in making effectual judgment regarding relevant development.

3) The material along with the conclusion of this particular study will certainly enhance and modernize the methodologies of the investigations linked to job performance and challenges related to police development in Brazil.

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Section 1: Police and Crime in Brazil

Since the last ten years the focus of the Brazilian establishment concerning the protection of the civil society has been on the conglomeration out of three immense spectrums: (a) the police department, essential constituent of numerous problems and possibly the recurrent performer in every region of urban space; (b) violent…. [read more]

Grand Corruption Is a Serious Thesis

… 63, 2). One of its tasks will be to "review periodically the implementation of this Convention by its States Parties" (Argandona, 2007)."

The monitoring process is a long-term program that must be modified to meet the needs of changing situations and the learning processes of the parties (Argandona, 2007). This process must possess an elevated rate of State Party cooperation along with a competent, appropriately resourced Secretariat (Argandona, 2007). It is essential to encourage the compilation and publication of data concerning anti-corruption efforts in various nations (Argandona, 2007). This information is needed to promote transparency during different stages of the process (Argandona, 2007). Additionally sensible restrictions must be established concerning what can be achieved (Argandona, 2007). The States Parties must create political support for the…. [read more]

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