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St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: Performance Measures Thesis

… St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: Performance Measures


Jude Children's Research Hospital currently operates on a budget of approximately one-and-a-half million dollars a day, which is nearly five-hundred-and-fifty million dollars every year (SJCRH 2010). The vast majority of the operating funds come from the American Lebanese Syrian Associated Charities, or ALSAC, which has been the funding organization of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital since the organization's founding.


Research conducted by the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has managed to drastically increase the survival rates in many childhood cancers, as well as other maladies, showing much faster progress than many other research hospitals (SJCRH 2010). Eighty-one cents out of every contributed dollar has gone directly to funding research and treatment efforts over the past…. [read more]

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Essay

… The Surgery Clinic at St. Jude's performs procedures (with parental approval, a signature on an approval consent form) on a number of kinds of cancerous tumors. The parent is told how long the surgery will last, what can be expected from the surgery ("size of cut, where it will be on your child's body, etc."), where the child will be cared for following the surgery, which is based on the kind of surgery that will be performed. Parents are also told what the day following the surgery will be like for the child.

The Surgery Clinic performs "…many types of surgeries" including "sub-clinic" surgeries ("Ortho, Limb, Sparing, and AVN -- Avascular Necrosis"); there is also the Eye Clinic which performs surgery as well.

SWOT Analysis…. [read more]

Culture of St. Peter's Basilica Research Paper

… Those indulgences were instrumental in building and maintaining St. Peter's Basilica. Religion and money were closely tied during that time, just as religion and political power were closely tied. In short, Catholicism meant cash for those who were in control of it. To say that money was misused would be accurate, at least in some cases (Scotti, 58).

The creation of St. Peter's Basilica cost an enormous amount of money, and once built, the building had to be cared for and maintained. It would not have stood the test of time if that were not the case. The Basilica was an excellent representation of the Catholic religion at the time. Large and overindulgent, expensive to maintain and not necessary for true worship of a loving…. [read more]

St. Cyril of Alexandria Term Paper

… Cyril did encounter the Nestorian stand with a number of armaments. Foremost, he persisted on hanging on to the designation specified to the Virgin Mary in the veneration of the church. After which, he held the position that the Nestorian Christology of two people was never a policy of personification at all, but simply the implementation by God of a God-filled or enthused humankind. Cyril also hold the position that God's Word, in turning out to be human, neither descended into the flesh of whichever mankind, nor did he come down upon a name as it did upon the prophets, but he in point of fact prepared his be the owner of the body that was borne by a woman.

In connection with Athanasius, Cyril…. [read more]

St. Croix Ground Lizard Term Paper

… "

Green Cay NWR is a small island located off the north coast of St. Croix, consisting of dry, forested areas and small cobble beaches (USFWS, 2003). The island is a volcanic region where outcrops of lava, tuffs and breccias are common geologic features.

The introduction of the small Indian mongoose resulted in a serious threat to the survival of the St. Croix ground lizard. Rats often feed on terminal shoots of trees and shrubs during dry season. Over time, the forest will be destroyed, as well as critical habitat for the lizards. Therefore, an eradication program was introduced and rats were trapped and removed off the island.

Green Cay is a U.S. National Wildlife Refuge, but Protestant Cay is home to an active resort.…. [read more]

St. Madeleine Church Roman Architecture Term Paper

… At the same time an element of realism, which parallels the first flowering of vernacular literature, came to the fore. It was expressed in terms of a direct and naive observation of certain details drawn from daily life and a heightened emphasis on emotion and fantasy. For many aspects of its rich imagery the church was dependent on the heritage of antiquity and of earlier medieval art, while the prestige of Byzantine art remained high in Western eyes. The pilgrims, clerics, natives and crusades contributed to an unprecedented expansion of the formal vocabulary through the development of closer contacts between regional cultures and distant peoples.


The first important monuments of St. Madeleine sculpture were created in the second decade of the 12th century and…. [read more]

St. Paul, the Apostle Research Paper

… There was a great difference between the teachings of Jesus Christ and those of Paul. Whereas Jesus' word was dedicated to spreading love and affection based on the ancient tenements of Judaism, Paul was interested and insistent on changing the behaviors of all Christians. Part of his version of the religion was a walking away from the traditions of the Jewish ancestors and an embracing of completely new ideas.

During his time as a missionary, Paul travelled to far away nations such as Greece, Turkey, and Syria. Before Paul, Christianity was taught only to Jewish people and they only tried to convert those who belonged to the Jewish faith. Paul was the first missionary to try to convert people of different faiths, such as the…. [read more]

St Term Paper

… St. Benedict

Roles and Qualities of the Abbot

The Abbot bears the responsibility of not only his own actions, but also those of the persons serving under him. According to the Rule of Benedict, he is to give an account of both on the final judgment day. He therefore has a great responsibility not only towards himself, as setting an example of the perfect life in Christ to his disciples. He will be judged according to his teaching, and according to the actions of his disciples. The Rule also however acknowledges that the students may be unruly and unwilling to learn. In such a case, judgement will be negative only for the flock and not for the teacher, if the latter has adhered to the…. [read more]

St. Augustine Aurelius Augustinus Term Paper

… Unable to give up Christianity altogether, he adopted Manichaeism, a Christian heresy claiming to provide a rational Christianity on the basis of a purified text of Scripture. Nine years later, his association with the Manichees ended in disillusionment; and in Italy he discovered Neo-Platonism, a form of philosophy that seemed compatible with Christian belief. He experienced a religious conversion that led Augustine to devote his life to the pursuit of truth, which he now identified with Christianity. He returned to North Africa and helped establish a religious community dedicated to the intellectual quest for God. After combining his love of philosophy with his spiritual beliefs, Augustine is representative of both classical philisophy and Christianity.


St. Augustine of Hippo." Retrieved October 4, 2004. Http://

St.…. [read more]

St. Thomas Aquinas Term Paper

… He shares the opinion of St. Augustine that the human body was produced, not actually but only due to some "causal virtues" not inherent to the soul, because neither was made of any pre-existing bodily or spiritual matter "nor could be produced from any created virtue." Aquinas, therefore, suggests that, in the first six days that God created the universe, the human soul was created with the angels and later, by His own will, joined it to the service of the body. The series of events in those first six days, Aquinas says, suggests that the human soul was already existing when the human body was created.

This succession, in Aquinas' opinion, underscores the complete separation of the species and nature of the body and…. [read more]

St. Faustina and the Divine Mercy Term Paper

… St. Faustina and the Devine Mercy

It was during the night in a cold Polish farmhouse that Helena, the third child of Marianna and Stanislaus Kowalski was born. Soon after this beautiful child, the future Sister Faustina was born, her mother reportedly smiled a beatific smile that lit up the entire room. (Odell, 15) Sister Faustina was born in the year 1905, Gogowiec in Poland. She was the third child in a poor Polish family that had ten children to feed, and she was initially baptized Helena in the parish Church of -- winice Warckie. Even when she was but a small child, she was an example to many others, because of her love of prayer, her obedience, her deference, her sense of duty, and…. [read more]

St. Augustine Confession Essay

… St. Augustine Confession

Two wills and inner conflicts in the life of Augustine

Augustine, who eventually became the Bishop of Hippo, is considered one of the early founding fathers of the modern Catholic Church. He is a revered patriarch, and his Confessions are read as inspirational tale of a man who was once a great sinner, who became a great saint. Given his reputation, it might be assumed that Augustine had an uncomplicated view of the innate freedom of the human will. The belief that human beings possess free will to sin or to choose salvation is one of the tenants of orthodox Christian belief, as opposed to Gnostic Manichaeism. Manichaeism was the heretical credo that Augustine embraced early in his theological career, and then…. [read more]

2010 BP Oil Spill Research Paper

… Tourism and commercial fishing are two of the most affected sectors in Florida's economy. Numerous visitors are likely to have changed their travel plans as a result of observing the effect that the oil spill has on Florida's coasts. Florida's image is based on beautiful beaches, unspoiled marches, and many species of species and wildlife. However, with crude oil invading a series of places in Florida, it is more and more difficult for the tourism industry to attract visitors as it did before the disaster. People living in Florida are also likely to suffer economic loss because the price of real estate located in the proximity of water experiences a constant drop. Many companies in Florida are experiencing financial loss because employees are no longer…. [read more]

2010 World Cup the Environmental Essay

… (Cottle) So, while the games may have had an impact on the environment, the games diverted the regular tourists from coming to South Africa, along with their normal carbon footprint.

Taking that into account, the city of Johannesburg's "Bus Rapid Transit" (BRT) system was extremely popular and was "one of the largest carriers of fans to and from matches in the city." ("New Transport Era") At the time of the games, it was estimated that the BRT was transporting approximately 30% of the fans in the city of Johannesburg. Despite the success of the transportation system, Carl Death in his study of the environmental effects of the 2010 World Cup came to the conclusion that the games could not be considered to be successfully "green."…. [read more]

Machiavelli's the Prince Plato's Republic St. Augustine's City of God Term Paper

… ¶ … Machiavelli's, 'The Prince' and St. Augustine's 'City of God'

The objective of this study is to examine the similarities and differences in Machiavelli's 'The Prince' and St. Augustine's 'City of God' in terms of their similarities and differences in their ideal way to rule and how their works were a product of the world around them. This study begins with a brief review of each of these books and then compares and contrasts the two works.

Machiavelli -- the Prince

Machiavelli's work 'The Prince' begins by stating the various types of principalities in the world and how they have acquired the means by which to be considered a principality stating that principalities are of two types: (1) being hereditary; or (2) being new.…. [read more]

Confessions of St Term Paper



In 397 a.D., St. Augustine, born as Aurelius Augustinus in 354 a.D., began to write what was to become his most famous theological work, namely, his Confessions, "a treatise which expressed his thanks to God for saving him from a life of hedonism and sin and written through the use of intimate autobiographical reminiscences." In this work, St. Augustine reveals his own inner demons related to his lifelong struggles with himself, his sexual appetite, his lack of self-will and his overbearing pride. In essence, St. Augustine's Confessions was composed in order to praise God "for his redemption from sin and to rejoice "in the grace of God Almighty who had allowed such a terrible sinner to be saved…. [read more]

St. Martin of Tours Sulpicius Term Paper

… Julius Caesar himself attempted to pay Martin the night before the army was to go into battle. Martin told the general that he wanted to leave the army and serve God and that Caesar should pay someone who would fight for him. Caesar accused him of cowardice, saying that he was hiding behind religious motives because he was afraid to go into battle. Martin then proposed to go into battle the next day without pay or any armor or weapons, stating that his God would protect him.The next day, the army they were to fight surrendered before the battle, giving up not only all their soldiers but all their possessions as well. Sulcipius presents this as God's way of protecting Martin. If no battle occurred,…. [read more]

St. Patrick's Cathedral: Field Trip Essay

… For a small donation, visitors were allowed to light a candle. Although I took some photographs of the cathedral and its interior, there were some parts of the church like the gift shop where photography was not allowed. One of the areas within the Cathedral that I found most aesthetically inspiring was the baptistery. I also took some photographs of the main entrance's bronze doors. In the bronze doors' facades are figures that represent prominent people in the church's history.

Apart from the spectacular architectural design of the building (both internal and external), quite a number of other aspects of the Cathedral deserve a mention. For instance, from what I gathered, the Cathedral's great organ has more than seven thousand pipes. Further, in addition to…. [read more]

2010 World Cup South Africa Essay

… In order to analyze the socio economic dynamics of South Africa let us compare it with China, an economy seeing fresh but rapid growth. The primary reason behind choosing China is the fact that the country hosted the international summer Olympic Games around the same time when FIFA was hosted in South Africa. At the On contrary to that, China is a transition economy which has a history of belonging to the communist bloc. Before the Chinese revolution, China had one of the least developed and slowest growing economy with a very low standard of living. This was due to a very high population in China, combined with economic inefficiency as the country was run on the lines of command economy system. However, after China…. [read more]

2010 Commentary on the 2008 Essay

… District Columbia does collect HIV data and report on it; however, it takes a somewhat different tack than do the other States/cities: using age categories of 0 -- 19, 20 -- 29 and so forth; accounting for risks but not according to gender.

(Government of the District of Columbia Department of Health, 2012, p. 16).

(Government of the District of Columbia Department of Health, 2012, p. 16).

San Francisco, CA:

The Commentary link to the State of California does work; however, it tends to be more general data than that sought. The City of San Francisco, which is legendary for its aggressive approach to the HIV epidemic, makes quarterly reports on its HIV / AIDS statistics and also accounts for HIV incidents according to risk…. [read more]

Earthquake Haiti 2010 Essay

… This is actually one of the reasons for which the Dominican Republic experienced little to no damage as a result of the episode: the capital, Santo Domingo, was far from the earthquake's epicenter, and most Dominican communities that were nearer to it contained very little people.

The event's aftershocks caused even more damage as Haitians went through a series of other smaller earthquakes. There were 59 aftershocks measuring 4.5 or more on the Richter scale, with two of the most important occurring seven minutes after the mainshock (6.0 Richter) and on January 20 (5.9 Richter). In addition to its primary damage and damage caused by aftershocks, the earthquake also triggered a series of tsunamis that provoked significant damage on the Haitian coastline.

By looking back…. [read more]

President's Report of 2010-2011 Effective Information Term Paper

… President's Report of 2010-2011

Effective information can be distributed in a number of ways, with the use of graphics being an incredibly effective one in this fast paced consumer world. There are so many ways to capture the attention of the reader; combining graphics with a streamlined textual lay out is a popular method. The President's Report for Santa Clara University for the year 2010-2011 definitely accomplishes its task of disseminating much needed information within a very carefully planned out and streamlined strategy.

In one of the very first few pages, the reader is introduced to a general summary of the strategic goals of Santa Clara University. This is typical in any sort of business related text, as many begin with some sort of executive…. [read more]

Affordable Care Act of 2010 Essay

… Although today Romney shies away from discussing that healthcare legislation -- he wants to appeal to the Tea Party and to conservatives by opposing Obama's plan, which is nearly identical to the one he got passed in Massachusetts -- the fact is the Massachusetts health plan -- passed by a Republican governor in cooperation with a Democratic state legislature -- is still in place in that state and it is very effective, according to objective news reports.

Gruber (National Tax Journal) reports that in fact there has been "…a dramatic expansion of health insurance coverage" in Massachusetts. One survey shows that there had been a "60% decline in the uninsured since 2006"; but in contrast, during that time the national population that was uninsured rose…. [read more]

2010 Quadrennial Defense Review Report vs. The Objectives of General George W. Casey Jr Term Paper

… ¶ … 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review Report vs. The objectives of General George W. Casey Jr. In the overview section of the study, study, we will list and define the six key mission areas described in the 2010 Quadrennial Defense Review Report and the objectives of General George W. Casey Jr. Then, these issues will be compared and contrasted soundly in the analytical section to analyze the differences and convergences of Defense Secretary Robert Gates and the Chief of Staff of the Army General Casey.

Quadrennial Defense Review

Key Mission Areas

Obviously, the secretary of defense is speaking for all of the Armed Forces and for the civilian government of the United States.

Defend the United States and support the civil authorities at home. Homeland…. [read more]

Graef, S.T. Tokar, D.M. Kaut, K.P. ) Article Review

… Graef, S.T.; Tokar, D.M.; Kaut, K.P. (2010). "Relations of masculinity ideology, conformity to masculine role norms, and masculine gender role conflict to men's attitudes toward and willingness to seek career counseling." Psychology of Men & Masculinity, Vol.11, No. 4. Pp. 319-333.

This article follows a study that attempts to link men's attitudes toward seeking career counseling and occupational aid. It does this by linking the willingness to seek help with three basic social constructs relative to masculinity. These constructs are 1) masculinity ideology, 2) conformity to masculine role norms, and 3) masculine gender role conflict (Graef, S.T.; et. al., 2010). The article and study also help to explore the links between masculine role contributions and the prediction of men's attitudes toward career counseling. These connections…. [read more]

St. Mark's Basilica - An International Treasure Term Paper

… St. Mark's Basilica - An International Treasure

It's a given fact that countless great cathedrals, monasteries, and other holy places have been built over the ages as a testament to man's devotion to God. In point of even more practical fact, that devotion was often tempered and blended with a generous portion of servitude to one's feudal lord as well, with the unspoken incentive that one got to keep one's property, position, or even one's life if one gave good service . . . and if one did not, well, things may not go as well as one would hope!
But St. Mark's Basilica in Venice, Italy, may well have an additional distinction of its own-not only as a sign of devotion to God, but…. [read more]

St. Leo's Core Values and the APA Research Proposal

… St. Leo's Core Values and the APA Code of Ethics
Psychology education today is premised on an intercession of
professional, intellectual, scientific and spiritual ideals, all of which
coalesce to denote a concentrated interest in caring for others and
improving the ability of individuals to cope with emotional, psychological
and clinical conditions impacting mental function. This coincides with the
goals of Christianity, which are to better man's lot by improving his own
ability to attend to the responsibilities, demands, pressures and
temptations of a challenging everyday life. Thus, St. Leo University
approaches its scholastic objectives with a mind toward the meeting point
of these interests, molding its students with a Christian conscience and an
orientation toward the practice that descends from American Psychology
Association standards.…. [read more]

Sulpitius Severus on St Essay

… The heathens said to Martin that if he trusts in God, then he will escape injury when they cut it down with the intent that it fall on him. The heathens cut down their own tree so that it would fall on Martin, but as it fell, he put his hand up in its way, caused it to spin round like a top, and fall to the other side so that it almost crushed the heathens. The heathens were amazed by such a miracle, and on that day salvation came to that region.

Martin cured many ailments. On one occasion, there was this girl who was paralyzed so she could barely move. When her father learned that Martin had come to the their city, he…. [read more]

St. Augustine and the Buddha Term Paper

… I call Thee into my soul which, by the longing Thyself inspirest into her, Thou preparest for Thee. Forsake me not now calling upon Thee, whom Thou preventedst before I called, and urgedst me with much variety of repeated calls, that I would hear Thee from afar, and be converted, and call upon Thee, that calledst after me; for Thou, Lord, blottedst out all my evil deservings

Such pleas are entirely out of keeping with the Buddhist view of the Cosmos.

The Buddha believed that one did not see help from without, but rather from within. Only by recognizing one's faults, and finally the greatest of all faults -- the desire for existence -- could one possibly free oneself from the endless cycles of rebirth…. [read more]

St. Anselm One of the More Influential Term Paper

… St. Anselm

One of the more influential Christian leaders and thinkers of the Medieval era was St. Anselm of Canterbury, a man who helped shape philosophical thought for his era and who also developed the intellectual life of England in the twelfth century.

Anselm was born in 1033 near Aosta, which in those days was a Burgundian town on the frontier with Lombardy. His early life is largely unknown, but he left home when he was 23 and spent some time wandering aimlessly through Burgundy and France, arriving in Normandy in 1059. There, his interest was captured by the Benedictine abbey at Bec, where a famous school under the direction of Lanfranc could be found. Lanfranc was the abbey's prior and was also a scholar…. [read more]

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