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Grant Proposal for it Veteran Students Grant Proposal

… Scholarship for Service Proposal



The National Science Foundation in combination with the National Science and Technology Council bring forth the Cyber Corps (R): Scholarship for Service (SFS) program, which is pursuant of proposals that take into consideration cyber security education and workforce development. The main objective of this Request for Proposal is to track down and pinpoint the source that will provide the best general value to the National Science Foundation with regard to enhancing the education system in cyber security as well as the growth and progression of the workforce. Our goal as the National Science Foundation encompasses the recruitment and training of the forthcoming generation of professionals in the information technology field, specialists in industry control system…. [read more]

Computer Security: Corporate Security Documentation Essay

… Moreover, management of encryption keys are performed by the system. As management of encryption keys is by far the hardest aspect of key management this is a bonus.

The key encryption hierarchy is shown in the following figure labeled Figure 1 in this document. The database administrator will manage the service master key at the server level and the database master key at the database level. Otherwise, lower keys in the hierarchy are protected by each key's immediate parent and this remains true as the keys move upward in the hierarchy. There is however, one exception and that being when a password is utilized for protection of a symmetric key or certificate. That is the methods used by SQL Server for allowing users to manage…. [read more]

IRB Proposal Research Proposal

… ¶ … Institutional Review Board


Do not change the text in the shaded areas of the form. Your responses to each question/section should be written where it says <>; please keep your response in the same blue 10 pt Arial font.

Explain the research project in lay language that can be easily understood by someone who is not an expert in your field. The abstract must include: 1) a brief summary of the research question; and 2) a brief description of the procedure.

Social informatics examines the organizational and social aspects of the computerization of a discipline. Applied to social work, informatics may enable the management and analysis of data, and the conversion of that data to information and knowledge that can…. [read more]

Preparing Budget Documents for Grant Applications Grant Proposal


Basic office supplies are required for project operations conducted in the home offices of the Project Coordinator, the Project Trainer, and the Project Administrator, and include the following: ink cartridges, printer and copier paper, hanging folders, file folders, folio report covers, pens, portable file boxes, binder clips, 3-ring notebooks, Post-it® sticky notes and Post-it® self=stick wall pads, water-based colored markers.





Miscellaneous office supplies for each home office







The Skills Resource Center in Sacramento, California, will conduct courses in Relationship Skills Courses, Chicago Parent Program, Positive Action Program, and will provide Brief Behavioral Therapy sessions.

Using the Chicago Parent Program (CPP) model, two Skills Resource Center staff members will provide…. [read more]

Grant Proposal for Computers and Software Term Paper

… ¶ … Reading Comprehension Among Middle School Students (Grades K6-K8) in Title I Programs - Grant Proposal

Project Summary/Introduction

The purpose of this project is to increase reading comprehension among middle school students (grades K6-K8) in Title I programs at XYZ SCHOOL by providing high quality, engaging content through a mini classroom lab using interactive software from Plato Learning. These Title I students face challenges in developing vocabulary, locating and recalling information and reading for meaning and critical analysis.

Many research reviews have found evidence of a positive association between use of discrete educational software (DES) products and student achievement in reading (Murphy, Penuel, Means, Korbak & Whaley, 2001; Kulik & Kulik, 1991; Kulik, 1994; Fletcher-Flinn & Gravatt, 1995; Ryan, 1991). These findings reveal that…. [read more]

Legal Issues With the Use of Open Source Software in Government and EU Public Service Term Paper

… EU Open Source Software

Legal Implications for European Union Governments

The Use of Open Source Software in Government and EU Public Service

Current EU Software Policy: Any Directives, Regulations, Whitepapers and Official Documents Detailing the Current Official Position of the European Union on Software.

Free and Open Source Software vs. Proprietary Software

Legal Case Study - Brazil (i.e. what the Brazilians have done and are doing about open source legal issues during and after implementation of software)

How ill E.U. Governments be affected if following the Brazilian example and its effect on E.U. Intellectual property policy?

How will E.U. intellectual property law and new proposed software patent directive affect Open source legality in the EU?

Legal cases that set precedents for intellectual property concern in…. [read more]

Computer IT Security Implementation Term Paper

… The project entails relying on the Open Systems Interconnect (OSI) Model defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The goals and objectives are to first create a Baseline Security Level and also to manage to Real-Time Security Metrics. This goal entails the objectives of defining an executive and corporate wide audit of the existing data security process and evaluating organizational performance for all major components and key security metrics to verify that they do or will meet industry standards. Next come the objectives for systematically developing sourcing and supplier criteria for potential or future purchasing agreements of all new products and services.

The second priority goal would entail defining and executing assessments of application-based security systems and process on a periodic schedule. This is…. [read more]

Will Tablet Devices Replace the Laptop Computer Dissertation

… ¶ … Tablet Devices Replace the Latop Computer

Tablet Computers: Will They Forever Change the Way We Interact with Information?

In a dynamic world, technology is the key to evolution. Despite the creation of numerous gadgets, the computer remains the most popular device due to its role and functionality in both professional as well as leisure activities. Computers have suffered a tremendous process of evolution from the massive ENIAC to the small tablet. The aim of this research endeavor is that of identifying the ability of tablet computers to radically change the means in which information is managed. Specifically, the main research question is that of the ability of tablet computers to fully replace traditional computers. Several research questions have as such been developed, namely:…. [read more]

Hardware and Software a New Essay

… Whereas a third Ubuntu Linux computer will be in command of the Unix Internet Gateway server intended for the Pods, they are going to be in need of a T2 Internet connection line with coaxial leads plus hubs to give opportunity for maximum throughput and bandwidth. (Apache 2009; Alienware 2009; Meyers & Thomas 2009; Red Hat Linux 2009; Microsoft 2009; Ubuntu 2009)

Their Networks are going to run a Mesh Topology having every pod switched between the Internet access controller and Internet access controller L.A.N. gaming controller. Their stations for customer service is going to be linked with particular privileges of administrative security to every network connected servers to give opportunity for genuine time security along with network diagnostics.


Performing a research about the…. [read more]

Human Resources Proposal the Total Reward Model Research Proposal

… Human Resources Proposal

The Total Reward Model: A New Paradigm in Employee Motivation in Technical Fields

Research in employee motivation has focused on which methods result in the most effective means to stimulate employee motivation. Until this point, the body of research has focused on the study of single methods and their effectiveness on employee motivation. For instance, research has focused on pay, benefits, job satisfaction, and employee review as a means to motivate employees. This research approach led to the conclusion that different types and methods of employee motivation led to different results, depending on the personality and individual traits of the employee's personality. Now, a new paradigm has entered into the field of employee motivation. This approach is the total rewards approach. This…. [read more]

Integrate Technology in Teaching Math and Science at Rostmont Middle School Grant Proposal

… ¶ … inclusion of technology in the Rosemont Middle School math and science curriculum is necessary

Although Rosemont Middle School is a high-performing middle school overall, and eight of every ten students (80.4%) are deemed proficient in math according to the California Standardized Test, the school must set a higher bar of success regarding the performance of students in math and science. America still lags behind the rest of the industrialized world in student math and science scores. The American Institutes for Research (AIR), with U.S. Department of Education funding, conducted a study of middle-school age students in Australia, Belgium, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, and the Russian Federation. U.S. students consistently performed below average, ranking 8th or 9th out…. [read more]

Proposal Addressing a Work Related Issue Term Paper

… ¶ … Instate an Email Storage Limitation

Addressed to the Chief Information Officer of the company

The issue of email storage limitation should be approached in the next meeting

Description of current situation

The issue of email storage has not been raised up until now as the management desired to grant their employees full access to Internet browsing and emailing, moreover since the nature of the work performed by them required constant computerized communications amongst themselves, with the management and with the company's customers. This view was generally shared by most departments in the company so far. However, given the growth of the company, the Finance and Accounting Department believes a quota limitation should be imposed on the company email.

More explicitly, the company's growth…. [read more]

Cross Platform Mobile and Web Widgets Installation Thesis

… Cross Platform Mobile and Web Widgets Installation

Computer-mediated communication and decision-making applications for teams are extremely varied and ubiquitous, ranging from e-mail to shared bulletin boards for classrooms to remote conferencing. As the potential to put these applications onto the Web becomes better exploited, computer-mediated communication and coordination of teams of individuals will become even more widespread. Although the Web is normally thought of as an individual-to-mass form of communication, it actually has a great deal of potential to serve team collaboration. This is largely due to the cross-platform nature of Web design. It is also partly due to the fact that Web-based applets do not require the team members to have specialized software installed on their machines in advance (Proctor & Vu, 2005). Likewise,…. [read more]

Security Issues Creating a Site Using Trend Research Proposal

… security issues creating a site using trend technologies such as PHP and MySQL

My research proposal is about the security issues creating a site using trend technologies such as PHP and mySQL. My research will expand in what are the security threats using such technologies and what are the solutions that these technologies provide as well as what are their future goals to overcome the security issues.

This paper investigates the various security issues that are involved with the creation of various forms of websites. It the subject matter through a review a variety of literature that is dedicated to the security of data and content that is available or exchanged on websites. Our focus is however concentrated on the use of various forms of…. [read more]

Apple and K-12 Education Research Paper

… Apple and K-12 Education

The tools we use to teach the students of tomorrow are constantly evolving, and information technology is becoming increasingly mandatory for any educational institute to provide. The Twenty-first century will be defined by the technological advances that mankind will surely make, just as fast or faster than the advances made in the 20th century, which were by themselves extremely significant. (Look Back from the 1980s, 1) Two primary problems have created difficulty in schools' abilities to provide this resource to their students, the first is lack of funding, and the second is lack of knowledgeable teaching staff. Apple Computers has been a pioneer on the subject of education, as they have held a higher education discount for a decade, as well…. [read more]

Presence of Multiple Views and Voices Term Paper

… ¶ … presence of multiple views and voices that includes mainly lay voices and to examine its interactions. (Eysenbach; Till, 2001) From a variety of resources, Marie Hoepfl tries to explain the important characteristic of qualitative research as that: Qualitative research uses the natural setting as the source of data. The researcher tries to study, explain and infer settings as they are, upholding an caring impartiality; the researcher behaves as the human instrument of data collection; Qualitative researchers mainly use inductive data analysis; Qualitative research reports are narrative, containing dramatic language and the existence of voice in the text; Qualitative research has an deducing character, intended at finding out the significance events have for the individuals who undergo them, and the inferences of those meanings…. [read more]

Carla Murray Timothy Broyles Research Paper

… Another crucial provision of the Act is its mandatory dictate for network providers to cooperate with the law enforcement in identifying the original of a given communication of malicious programs. Based on this reason, the process of detecting malicious computer programs has significantly improved with the enforcement of the Patriotic Act. Another measure of detecting cyber crime activities is the modern streamlining of the reporting and responsiveness practices in the law enforcement. This encourages institutions and individual victims of malicious computer programs to report such incidences, thus enhancing the process of mitigating such criminal activities by the law enforcement agencies. It is also true that "Congress is considering requiring business and government to take stronger actions to protect personal data" (Clemmett)

According to UK research…. [read more]

Social Media Thesis

… In these contexts, direct communication between disputants that explicitly addresses the issues at stake in the conflict can be perceived as very rude, making the conflict worse and delaying resolution. Rather, it can make sense to involve religious, tribal or community leaders, communicate difficult truths indirectly through a third party, and make suggestions through stories (Augsberger, 1992).

Intercultural conflicts are often the most difficult to resolve because the expectations of the disputants can be very different, and there is much occasion for misunderstanding. This is where the global and multicultural nature of social media is seen as a common ground for arbitration and conflict resolution. The use of social media or social networks for resolving conflicts has yet to be empirically researched and evaluated from…. [read more]

Internet Access to Students Term Paper

… 99 each - $2,400.51

Patch Cables: 80 @ $6.99 $559.20 port Hubs - 6 @ $39.95 $239.70

24 port switched Hubs -- $1,999.80

Router - 1 - $2,750 $2,750.00

Cable $400.00

Miscellaneous Parts $550.00

Hardware Total: $8,899.21

Internet Connectivity year service $6,600.00

Technician Service days @ $600 a day $3,000.00

Training days @ $1,000 a day $2,000.00


The budget is based upon probable bids from area vendors. It is possible the bids could come in slightly lower than projected. Because of the competitive bid process, and a general economic slowdown in the area, it is believed the local vendors may be willing to offer a lower price in the hopes of landing this contract.


The following appendices are…. [read more]

Information Technology Skills I Acquired Term Paper

… The list of technologies that emerged from American military research is endless, many of which are now common products, such as computer mouse, flat-screen displays, night-vision goggles, and satellite global positioning.

Since research funds started drying up after the Cold War, some defense experts predict that a major increase in U.S. government-sponsored research would reverse the decline in commercial spin-offs." (Freedburg, 1378) Without information systems, the U.S. military would still be blasting away at the landscape in a large-scale barrage of ammunition.

Navy Secretary Gordon England griped to his staff about the piles of paperwork on his desk and asked whether it could all be computerized. Everything needs to be computerized, properly organized and properly stated so that there is no guarantee of a mistake."…. [read more]

Justifying Research Methods and Design Research Paper

… The approaches in this mixed methods research are as follows: (a) The qualitative component of the proposed research will use a Delphi survey to obtain deep and broad information about the potential for cyberattacks occurrence; and (b) the quantitative component of the proposed research will employ systems dynamics computer modeling to create an interactive learning environment (ILE) to provide opportunities for decision making about cost-risk ratios and eventually for cost-benefit analysis, as the field approaches greater maturity. The model is based on the CERT MERIT (2011) program work and, as such, provides opportunity to develop a foundation for the identification, development, fine-tuning of technical controls inherent to the modeling and simulation research.

The proposed research is intended to provide information about insider threats in cloud…. [read more]

Online Recruitment Term Paper

… ¶ … Online Recruitment Study

Recruitment is a continual concern for companies in both periods of strong economic growth and weak economic cycles. Periods of rapid expansion require a large pool if qualified candidates (Lee, (Smyth while strategically important roles including research and development, design and software engineering, and financial accounting and auditing are critical during a downturn to keep an organization competitive (Lee, (Smyth Existing research in the area of online recruitment has centered on the usability, aesthetics and navigational aspects of recruitment websites and the marketing of both the company's culture and the open positions to potential applicants (Jensen, Both empirical and theoretical research also center on the perception of navigational tools and applications, and the use of…. [read more]

Critical Thinking Paper "Current Issue in Global Research Proposal

… Critical Thinking Paper "Current Issue in Global Business"

Critical Thinking Paper -- E-Readers

With its Kindle, Amazon is currently the leader of the electronic readers market. In the near future, competition is expected to increase, mainly from players such as Barnes and Noble, Sony or LG. The impact will be that of a growing industry of e-readers. In terms of the society, this will manifest in changing reading habits, changing book purchasing habits or an increased access to books (for blind people as well). The trend will not however lead to the demise of the traditional books sector.

Major technological advancements characterize the contemporaneous society. One particular innovation occurs within the field of lecture, namely referring to electronic readers, shortly, e-readers. The debate on the…. [read more]

Security and Online Privacy Regulations: An Analytical Research Proposal

… ¶ … security and online privacy regulations: an analytical assessment of how young adults can effectively adopt self-protections when using the internet

The work of Munteanu (2004) entitled: "Information Security Risk Assessment: The Qualitative vs. Quantitative Dilemma" relates the primary security risk assessment methodologies used in information technology. Munteanu relates that information security technology does not reduce information risk very effectively because information security is primarily a human problem. Whatever forms an information asset takes, a risk assessment must be undertaken to understand which are best security measures suited for protecting information security framework: (1) confidentiality; (2) integrity; and (3) availability. (Munteanu, 2004) Munteanu states that that are various standards including documents and books entitled: "Information Security Best Practices" which are targeted at managers of…. [read more]

Letter of Inquiry Nonprofit Research Proposal

… Letter of Inquiry

Nonprofit Letter of Inquiry

Jenny Shilling Stein

Executive Director

Draper Richards Foundation

California Street, Suite 2925

Dear Ms. Stein,

Thank you for considering the Community of Hope DC as a possible recipient of a Draper Richards Foundation Fellowship. The Draper Richards Foundation is well-known to us for its careful selection of high quality and high impact projects, and we are honored to be among those considered for sponsorship.

Community of Hope DC was founded by Dr. Tom Nees in 1975 with the aim of improving the health and quality of life for low-income or homeless families and individuals. We are a faith-based organization with ties to the Church of the Nazarene, but we consider it our imperative to offer our services to…. [read more]

Detecting Deception From Nonverbal Cues Research Proposal

… Detecting Deception

The Detection of Deliberate Concealment of Intentions and Deception

Psychology professor Paul Ekman pioneered the use of facial expression recognition for the purpose of detecting deliberate deception. According to a large volume of work by Ekman dating back to 1974 (Ekman, 2001; 2003) as well as collaborative work in conjunction with O'Sullivan and Frank (1999; 1991), human facial expressions are reliable indicators of deliberate deceptive behavior. The potential value of practical security applications of Ekman's principles and techniques in the contemporary climate of global terrorism and counterterrorism efforts is difficult to overestimate, particularly in light of contemporaneous evidence by Ekman, O'Sullivan, & Frank (1991), DePaulo, Lindsay, & Malone, et al. (2003), and numerous others reported in scientific literature (Stanovich, 2007) conclusively establishing the…. [read more]

Cyberfeminist Project Proposal Term Paper

… Cyberfeminist Project Proposal

The cyborg is a condensed image of both imagination and material reality, the two joined centres structuring any possibility of historical transformation. In the traditions of 'Western' science and politics -- the tradition of racist, male-dominant capitalism; the tradition of progress; the tradition of the appropriation of nature as resource for the productions of culture; the tradition of reproduction of the self from the reflections of the other - the relation between organism and machine has been a border war. The stakes in the border war have been the territories of production, reproduction, and imagination.

Donna Haraway, (1991, pg 151)

Cyberfeminism is not founded in the idea that as a group cyberfeminists or feminist must band together to fight the inequalities, disembodiment…. [read more]

Data Capture via SSL & https Decryption Dissertation

… SL/https De-Encryption

SSL/https is widely used as is generally considered to be a secure method of encryption for the transmission of sensitive information across the Internet. But just how secure is it?

The concern for security is crucial in the present era of communication. In keeping with the rising feature in networking and the Internet specifically, the urgency for validation and encryption is going up at a fast pace. A lot of businesses and government establishments are no more ready to transmit their classified information and messages in non-coded form through an unsafe network. (IPV6 vs. SSL: Comparing Apples with Oranges) Encryption is being resorted to often by the present day online and offline operating systems. At any moment…. [read more]

Com Industry Crash Term Paper

… On October 1st 1969 a researcher at UCLA attempted to send a message across the network to a researcher at Stanford. The network abruptly crashed. Needless to say, they got it up in running over the following months and gave birth to the Internet.

Through a combination of improvements in hardware, networking and software the use of the fledgling Internet grew until it was used by scientists and researchers worldwide. It was a bit cumbersome to navigate and instructions for navigating it could be cryptic at times.

On Saturday, January 23, 1993 a message appeared on several Internet bulletin boards:

"By the power vested in me by nobody in particular, alpha/beta version of 0.5 of NCSA's Motif-based information systems and World Wide Web browser, X…. [read more]

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