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Green Roofs and Living Wall Article Review

… Green Roofs Living Walls

Green Roofs and Living Walls

Societal Attitudes

Taking a look at the definition of Environmentalism to open this discussion will support the title by explaining a but of what "Green Roofs and Living Walls "is not. The term is described as "persons or groups that have come together to advocate the sustainability of natural resources along with the essential stewardship environments by encouraging changes of public policies and individualistic behaviors" (Webecoist, 2008).

Furthermore, it is "recognizing that our humanity is not an enemy of ecosystems" but a partner. Environmentalism is a movement that has its roots in health, human rights, and ecology (Webecoist, 2008). This is an adequate opening to support the pattern of interest in Green living presented by the…. [read more]

Green Roofs and Living Wall Annotated Bibliography

… Green Roofs and Living Walls

The Future of Earth:

Living green has become a luxury for many people. Whereas in the past, living green was inherent to daily activities, as people relied upon non-technological means to advance, today, technology with all its improvements has made it easier for many to circumvent the system of safety in food, clothing, cosmetics, and other products. Thus, living green has become a sort of calling for those who can both afford it and who have time for it.

Yet this is a very important concept. As many toxins enter our bodies daily, green should be something that can help us combat those toxins. Yet in big cities, such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. this is impossible, as large…. [read more]

Green Architecture in Japan Term Paper

… Buddhism reached Japan

12. Paul Watt, Shinto & Buddhism:Wellsprings of Japanese Spirituality. Asia Society's

Focus on Asian Studies, Vol. II, No. 1, Asian Religions, pp. 21-23, Fall 1982. Copyright AskAsia, 1996. (October2002).

A in the eighth centuries AD and migrated into Japan through Korea and China. Other religions have existed in Japan in varying degrees at varying times, but it is Shinto and Buddhism, that have form the main basis for Japanese philosophy and culture.

Shinto was the first and oldest religion in Japan. It was the primary religion in Japan from approximately the 500 BC to 700 AD. At this time Japan began to fall under the influences of continental civilization that resembled a mix of shamanism, nature worship, fertility ceremonies, and divination…. [read more]

Vertical Farming in Singapore Research Proposal

… With vertical farming, we can also rule out the occurrence of poor harvests due to weather problems such as floods and drought (Venter 2010, P. 105). The production of the crop can also be done all year round as it is taking place in a controlled environment (Hopkins & Goodwin 2011, P. 228). This to a significant extent increases the quantity of the food produced since the seasons are eliminated. These are all steps towards the ultimate goal of producing enough food for the expanding population.

In the process of increasing production, vertical farming also serves to restore the balance in the natural ecosystem. It utilizes a system where water is constantly recycled (Venter 2010,P 106). This way, loss of water through runoff is avoided.…. [read more]

History of Sanitation Term Paper

… Western medical specialists claimed that bathing could balance the humors and digestive disorders. Hot water (thermal) baths were thought to promote respiration, relieve fatigue and cure headaches, while cold showers were used to relieve painful joints. A very warm bath was used to bring down a high fever by making the bather sweat. "Bathing is about the sensuality of warm and cold thermal sensations that heighten your sense of awareness, destabilize your mood, generally rearrange the contents of your mind. The experience of extreme opposite temperatures back to back (hot to cold or cold to hot) is particularly revelatory" (Koren 28).

In the west, the medical benefits of bathing were forgotten during the Middle Ages, but recovered once again during the Renaissance in France, Germany…. [read more]

Construction Thermal Insulation Materials Rockwool Research Paper

… Architecture

Construction Thermal Isolation Materials [Rockwool]

Isolation construction materials

Building insulation consist roughly to anything in a structure that is utilizes as insulation for any reason. Thermal insulation in structures is a significant feature to attaining thermal comfort for its tenants. Insulation decreases unnecessary warmth loss or gain and can reduce the power burdens of heating and cooling structures. It does not automatically having anything to do with problems of sufficient exposure to air and might or might not influence the amount of sound insulation. In a constricted way insulation can just mean the insulation substance used to reduce heat loss, such as: glass wool, cellulose, polystyrene, rock wool, urethane foam, vermiculite, and the earth, but it can also entail a variety of plans and…. [read more]

About Saudi Arabia Term Paper

… Saudi Arabia

The official name of Saudi Arabia is Al-Mamlaka al-Arabiya as-Saudiya or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (SAMIRAD 2008). It is located in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, north of Yemen. Its land area of more than 2 million square kilometers consists of deserts, plateaus and mountains, the highest point of which is Jabal Sawda. Most recent statistics say it has close to 25 million people, 72% of whom are Saudi citizens. The official language is Arabic and the official religion is Islam. Its flag is the Green Banner of Islam with the inscription: "there is no God but God and Muhammad is his Messenger." A sword was added to this flag in 1906, which symbolizes Islamic victories…. [read more]

Bamboo Industry Research Proposal

… Bamboo Industry

In India, bamboo is considered "the poor man's timber." Over the past 20 years, bamboo has become a significant, sometimes superior substitute for wood. Currently, in some way or another in, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan reports, approximately 1.5 billion people depend on bamboo products. In light of the significances of the bamboo industry, this thesis relates relevant research regarding the bamboo industry and asserts that a number of bamboo products, particularly those processed and manufactured for use in constructing houses and household items, primarily qualify as being eco-friendly.

From the literature reviewed for this study, the researcher completes a PEST Analysis, as well as a SWOT analysis to investigate factors contributing to the bamboo industry. Ultimately, the researcher finds that…. [read more]

Real Estate Law Case Study

… Real Estate Law: Expanding the Notion of the Implied Warranty of Habitability

When a landlord rents a dwelling to a tenant, regardless of the terms of the contract itself, there is an implied warranty of habitability. This means that the property is assumed to be, and must be a "safe dwelling for human beings" ("What is an Implied Warranty of Habitability," All Business, 2009). A tenant does not have to make special stipulations within his or her contract, for example, that he or she deserves decent water, functional appliances, and reasonably sanitary conditions within the structure he or she is renting. The hallways of the building should not be crawling with rats nor should the screens be full of holes.

In fact, when a landlord…. [read more]

Home Building Proposal Befficiency, Safety Essay

… The plan above also integrates green features from the beginning instead of adding these energy-efficient elements after the home has already been constructed.

Remember, high water-heating bill might not be just due to the price of gas or electricity, or even how much energy one uses. The problem may be traced back poor insulation, or improper ventilation and air condition. One's home is impacted by the environment around it, as well as its internal infrastructure.

By viewing one's home as a string of interconnected systems, from heating and cooling to insulating, we've pinpointed problem areas to find more efficient solutions.

4. Deliverables

The proposed deliverables for this project, as outlined above, are summarized here:

1. Inspections of and re-piping of the heating system to fix…. [read more]

Trudged Through the Mud Term Paper

… As so many real estate transactions become bogged down by building codes, economic barriers, deed and titular issues, and increasingly more environmental codes, I become fascinated with Real Estate Law, which is why I now seek a law degree. I intend to bridge the two worlds I am currently a part of: the business of real estate and the business of environmental protection, improvement, and sustainability.

With a law degree I can mediate between environmental and real estate laws to bolster and support the budding Green Building industry. In addition to assisting real estate firms to work within sound environmental guidelines, I also plan on affecting public policy regarding real estate and the environment. With my law degree I can therefore bridge the sometimes wide…. [read more]

Hollyhock House and Site Integration the Ability Term Paper

… Hollyhock House and Site Integration

The ability to blend architecture into the natural surroundings is a hallmark of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. Hollyhock House was designed for Aline Barnsdall, an oil heiress from Bradford, Pennsylvania. The design of the house reflected the preferences of an unconventional, independent woman. Barnsdall had a passion for the arts and could be considered an eccentric, even by today's standards. Frank Lloyd Wright had a flair for the unconventional in design as well. Together they created the most unusual home design of their era. Hollyhock House was the result of their collaboration.

History of Hollyhock House

Hollyhock House was built between 1919 and 1923 in Los Angeles. One of the key challenges that Wright faced was that he wanted to…. [read more]

Origin of Indigenous People in Taiwan Term Paper

… Taiwan & its Origins

The Republic of china more commonly known as Taiwan and formerly known as Formosa is an island off the South-East coast of China spread over an area of 36,000 square kilometers. Taiwan is one of the densely populated countries of the world. This land has its own culture and languages which can be traced back in history. Taiwan was governed by China from the 17th century and was ceded to Japan following the Sino-Japanese war in 1895. At the end of the World War II it reverted to China. When the communist under Mao Zedong established the People's Republic of China in 1949, the Kuomintang forces under Chiang Kai-shek fled from mainland China to Taiwan. Just like its rulers people in…. [read more]

Cultural and Construction History of the Romanesque Period Essay

… Cultural and Construction History Of Romanesque Period

Cultural Environment

The term Romanesque is an architectural category that refers to the art and architecture of the Mid -- Late Medieval Period in Europe (1000 to 1240 AD). It was coined in the nineteenth century to delineate features of the post-Roman Empire style. The Romanesque period saw the decline and downfall of the Roman Empire, a vacuum that was filled by the Roman Catholic Church. During this time, cathedrals and castles connected with the church and the Crusades sprang up in stone. Their Romanesque elements comprise round-headed arches, barrel vaults, apses, and decorations, and in southern Europe are often blended with Byzantine elements (Atrisgerinko). Additionally, the Romanesque style developed to reflect a rebirth of art, science, and…. [read more]

Classical Myths in Children's Writing's the Oral Essay


The oral tradition of storytelling has existed perhaps since the times when human beings began to gather in groups around fires long before the dawn of what we would now call civilization. Eventually these stories became the mythology of the culture and eventually were written down, in one form or another, for posterity. One of the earliest renditions of this literature can be found in the clay tablets from the Mesopotamian civilization retelling the tale of Gilgamesh.

The first known and recorded epic would appear to be the legend of Gilgamesh sung to the harp by Sumerians and recorded in clay some 3,000 years before Christ. It exalts the wondrous exploits of Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, and celebrates…. [read more]

Benefit of Strawbale Construction in UK Research Proposal

… ¶ … Strawbale Construction Methods in the United Kingdom

In an era that demands sustainable and ecologically sound construction methods, one approach that is gaining increasing attention and acceptance in recent years has been strawbale construction. Introduced more than a century ago when baling method began to produce bales that were sufficiently dense for load-bearing wall construction, strawbale structures have proven their durability, functionality and aesthetic appeal. The purpose of the study proposed herein is to delivery a comprehensive review of the relevant literature to identify the advantages and disadvantages of this construction method compared to traditional construction methods, and to develop a series of case studies concerning current strawbale structures in the United Kingdom in order to identify these respective attributes. The goal of…. [read more]

Environmental Design Essay

… A simple addition of a skylight can bring major natural light into a small space with white or bright paint to bring forth a sense of ease and comfort.

3RD PART Vernacular Architecture and Passive Design Strategies
Vernacular architecture is design built on necessity. Part of its charm is the adherence to basic green architectural principles of utilizing resources and materials close to the worksite and energy efficiency. For example, designers of adobe houses can use the very soil from the area to construct homes. Additionally, these kinds of homes stay cool in warm and humid climates. Earth is a wonderful means of insulation and provides homes with cooling or warming for reduced cost thanks to less energy used overall.
Therefore, the Pueblo-style architecture is…. [read more]

Architecture Farnsworth House Mies Van Term Paper

… (See Robert Silman's sidebar) This was the time when a surprise crack was noticed which formed the plastic hinge over a cantilever beam exactly on the face of pier (Feldman, 2002)

The evaluation of design was done by pre-structured models. It is necessary to keep on refining the models for which external post-tensioning is performed in order to determine the effects of forces applied on the current structure along with the newly revealed "hinge." The end product of this culmination process is the final design of structures (Feldman, 2002).

The design of the structure becomes more complicated due to the addition of hinge discovered. However, an external post-tensioning system is used but it is necessary that the post-tensioning force applied also fulfils the requirements of…. [read more]

Architecture H-Project Dome of Florence Cathedral Research Paper

… Architecture


Dome of Florence Cathedral (1420 -- 1436)

The Dome of Florence Cathedral (a.D. 1420-36) has been described as a "miracle" of design which is in essence a blend of Renaissance and Gothic architectural building aspects. The dome itself covers an octagonal apartment which is 138 ft. 6 ins, in diameter, and is raised on a drum, with circular windows to light the interior. (Italian Renaissance -- Florence)

It is pointed in form and consists of an inner and outer shell.

The original designer of the building was Arnolfi di Cambio. However, the architect who became renowned for the construction of the dome of the cathedral was Filippo Brunelleschi. His importance is also ascribed to the fact that he was the "... first to…. [read more]

Guantanamo Bay Term Paper

… An additional 16 voted for the Cuban independence measure and abstained from the Platt Amendment (Mellen, 2004). These votes from the hypocritical members of the Senate would have defeated the Platt Amendment had they not changed their position so drastically (Mellen, 2004).

The U.S. intent to use the Platt amendment as the means to legitimize control over Cuba was not a hidden agenda (Mellen, 2004). Congressman Corliss of Michigan stated: "I am construed to vote for the amendment with reference to the island of Cuba, because I believe that the adoption thereof will insure the continuance of our sovereignty. I am unalterably opposed to the surrender of the sovereignty of the United States over the island of Cuba" (Mellen, 2004). Congressman C.E. Littlefield of Maine…. [read more]

Future House, to Be Built Term Paper

… Internal moldings will be made of the same dark wood as the entrance door, and floorboards and windowsills will be of the same material.

Acoustics are also important in a house. The prevalence of stone and large spaces in the house may create an area with a lot of echo and noise. Carpets will help to reduce this noise, and a small Gothic-style fountain of a gargoyle in the foyer will create white noise.

While this house is built in the Gothic Revival style, its inhabitants will be technologically adept. Therefore, the house must incorporate many features necessary to business in today's world, including "smart house" technology. The house will be completely wired to allow for computer networking. This will include wiring to the kitchen,…. [read more]

Human Resources Is Organizational Behavior Term Paper

… Human Resources and Organizational behavior in Shopping Mall organizations (METRO Cash and Carry)

Organization is a social place working for the productivity and prosperity of mutual goals and aims. Shopping Malls are the big organizations having products and services. On daily basis thousands of people come and go for buying things or even visit the malls for the window shopping. Hence, the customer services must be excellent. People must be valued and catered in the way they need. Shopping Mall is a diversified workplace that includes people, their behaviors, their attitudes and the way they interact with each other. If we exclude people from the Shopping Malls then there would be products and empty buildings only.

Human beings have different priorities, different hobbies, living standards,…. [read more]

Realism of George Eliot Term Paper

… Realism of George Eliot

George Eliot's work is engaging on so many levels, she draws the reader in to the web of the situation that is depicted. One of the most engaging aspects of most of her work is the engrossing realism. The realism is so intense that if the reader could close his or her eyes, while still reading they would see the images invoked in the work. This is true of Eliot's beloved novels as well as her prolific, but frequently unpublished works of poetry. Eliot demonstrates a sense of the age, naturalism and realism dominate the ideals of the Victorian era. Eliot has a way of making even the most mundane of scenes picturesque.

A the distinctiveness of the form of the…. [read more]

Nostalgia Term Paper

… The figures are dressed in generalized medieval or classical draperies; the buildings behind them have the appearance of ancient Roman or early medieval structures; the whole has the impression of another time and another place, without being specific, but a time and place characterized by peace, innocence, lapping water, evening sunshine, and the unpressured pursuit of beauty and happiness. Everyone can feel nostalgia for such a scene, for it is a dream transformed into paint. It is an image intended to evoke the longing for a time of contentment that is not only forever lost, but which almost certainly never existed.

Question 6: Urbanization and Industrialization

In 1801 the French artist Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg (1740-1812), who was working in England, painted 'Coalbrookdale by Night' (Science…. [read more]

Viability of Coconut Production and Trade Dissertation

… Viability of Coconut Production and Trade in the Philippines


Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations

Many decades past, the Philippine economy was largely dependent on agriculture

(Albert 2013). It gradually became less and less dependent from a third at 29.7% in 1946 to only 11.1% in 2012. The 2011 Gross Regional Domestic Product reported that Central Luzon or Region 3 and IVA or CALABARZON are the top contributors to the sector at 13.8% and 9.5%, respectively. Of the regions, agriculture has the largest share in the economy of the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao or ARMM. This region also has one of the highest poverty levels at 45.9% as of 2009 (Albert).

The Philippine Coconut Authority (2014), the sole government agency responsible…. [read more]

Windows -- Bernice Morgan Thesis

… Leah has hardly become fully awake when she hears the "screams of her grandchildren" and the "peevish voice" of Ruth. Readers can surmise that the grandchildren's noises aren't really "screams" per se, but their youthful sounds annoy the elderly Leah, because her youth is long, long gone and she aches all over so she is easily irritated. She is startled awake by "A noise, like a cannon ripping a city apart," came from outside as the demolition team removes the warehouse next door. The noise "filled her head, the room, the house, the world," and Leah wondered if this loud racket was death coming to take her away (this is an indication of her apparent senility). Even the radio "sputtered" and the "barrage of sound"…. [read more]

Emile Zola and Honere Thesis

… Prices were cited -- the five days' sale produced more than six hundred thousand francs." (Zola, and Ripoll 302) To see the extent of spending that Nana did and the constant attentioned she garnered from men, helped paint a portrait of the coquettes of Zola's time as well as the way people interacted with the starlets of France. Zola continues Nana's escapades that lead to men committing suicide and writing scathing articles.

As were in many of his novels, Zola uses time in a way that changes from scene to scene. Minutes may seem like days in some scenes and days may seem like seconds in others. A good example of this is on page 136: "The very armchairs, which were as wide as bed,…. [read more]

Alternate Energy in Daily Life Research Paper

… Students and others living in apartments or other rentals, especially those living in old rental units, would probably not have enough power for an entire day and would likely be part of the class of have-not Americans who had to suffer by having unreliable electricity in their daily life.

Back in the mid-20th century, science fiction commonly envisioned a future where everyone went faster and farther. Star Trek proposed that people might someday go anywhere with transporters, while even catoons like The Jetsons showed a future where every family had personal, flying cars. Star Trek actor Avery Brooks brought up the lack of flying cars in an IBM commercial that played as the 21st century opened, saying:

"It's the year 2000, but where are the…. [read more]

How Bosnians Assimilated into St. Louis Society Dissertation

… [15: Krogstad & Radford (2017), p. 3.]

Figure 3. Percentages of Americans supporting refugee acceptance: 1958-1999

Source: Pew Research Center, 2017

It is reasonable to posit that the American general public’s acceptance levels for refugees, even from Islamic countries, would be far higher if more people knew about the significant successes that have been experienced by the Bosnian refugee community in St. Louis. For instance, Bhaba and Mirga emphasize that:

Although the U.S. reaction to developments in the Czech Republic provides an interesting case study regarding the evolution of U.S. policy and the relationship between U.S. and European approaches, the Balkans would provide multiple additional and equally illuminating chapters. The U.S. role in Dayton or…. [read more]

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