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Belonging International Students and Web Research Proposal


This work reports a study in which 24 international students were interviewed in a research initiative that seeks to understand how international students adjust to the host culture and specifically how use of the Internet or Web assist them with this integration process. This work conducts an extensive review of literature in this area of study and examines the theoretical framework of what it means to 'belong' to a country or location. Research questions asked in this study are those of: (1) What role does Internet technology (Web 2.0) play in the international student's development and maintenance of a sense of belonging in a new home country? (2) What role does length of residence play in the international student's…. [read more]

Organic Agriculture, Gardening and Retail Term Paper

… Bioengineered products also are known to cause the naturally grown products to become sterile upon contact with the bioengineered imposter crops.

5. Support of local food is support of local farmers and their families: It is important that the farmers who are farming as their main occupation are supported in the community through patronization of the produce stand of the farmer.

6. Building Community: There exists a time-honored bond between the farmer or grower and the eater, the customer purchasing the produce as well as the other priceless benefits derived from speaking with a local farmer about his home grown produce.

7. Local food preserves open space: The increase in value of homegrown food lessens the chance of the farmland in the area being sold…. [read more]

Bamboo Industry Research Proposal

… Bamboo Industry

In India, bamboo is considered "the poor man's timber." Over the past 20 years, bamboo has become a significant, sometimes superior substitute for wood. Currently, in some way or another in, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan reports, approximately 1.5 billion people depend on bamboo products. In light of the significances of the bamboo industry, this thesis relates relevant research regarding the bamboo industry and asserts that a number of bamboo products, particularly those processed and manufactured for use in constructing houses and household items, primarily qualify as being eco-friendly.

From the literature reviewed for this study, the researcher completes a PEST Analysis, as well as a SWOT analysis to investigate factors contributing to the bamboo industry. Ultimately, the researcher finds that…. [read more]

New Developments Importance Essay

… If the project of the developer creates an additional demand, off-site exactions are charged. This additional demand may include water sewage treatment. The demand of water sewage treatment can be fulfilled only by increasing the investment of the city in equipment or plant.

Usually cities have unused capacity the developers are willing to have that capacity. In this case, a fee is charged. Considering the Texas law; it requires some consistency so that each builder or developer pays an equal amount of the impact fee. The cities of Texas have separate districts as required by the Texas law. Each district has a different fee schedule. The districts are consistent and defined according to the development pan of the state of Texas. Larger cities of U.S.…. [read more]

Honorable Diane Feinstein United States Senate Thesis

… ¶ … Honorable Diane Feinstein

United States Senate (or U.S. House of Representatives)

Dear Senator Feinstein:

I am writing to express my tentative support for the Extend Act (S.822), recently signed by the President. The bill was introduced by you and Senator Snowe and according to your Web site "provides an estimated $1.779 billion in incentives for energy efficient buildings." You rightly called the passing of the bill a "major milestone in America's much-needed shift towards energy efficiency and renewable energy."

While I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of the importance of the bill, I want to express a few reservations. As a student in the great State of California, I have witnessed first hand how far we Americans have to go in creating clean…. [read more]

Great Recession Term Paper

… ¶ … Policy Choices of the Future Path of the Economy

I left school in 2006 to begin service in South Korea's military. In 2007, many South Koreans were taken by surprise by the news that the U.S. economy was in recession. Moreover, we were taken aback by the collapse of financial institutions like the Lehman Brothers in September 2008, which led to serious financial instability and unemployment. This is because the U.S. is the World's super power with the leading economy that directly influences the global economy. Therefore, this implies that the recession not only caused negative effects to the American economy but also to South Korea's economy. This ripple effect translated to negative consequences like high unemployment rates, stunted economic growth, and volatile…. [read more]

Delphi Study: Influence of Environmental Literature Review

… Green IT and energy costs

Although IT devices consume energy, you can use them to control energy, particularly electricity consumption.

You can use IT systems to take care of building management. For example, using movement sensors, thermostats can be adjusted, lights switched on and off, and computers switched off out of hours and reawakened for software upgrades.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing electricity consumption is ensuring that electricity users can monitor their own consumption. What gets measured gets managed -- once people are aware of their consumption, they can go about reducing it. This isn't yet common practice, even in data centers. But, with new smart metering technologies, organizations could monitor the electricity usage of individual departments. Departments could be charged for usage,…. [read more]

Economic Stimulus Research Proposal

… ¶ … Economic Stimulus, Banking Firms, and Their Performances:

The Current U.S. Financial Environment and What Comes Next

The banking industry in the U.S. has been strongly and negatively impacted by the current financial situation of the country, particularly with regard to the subprime mortgage crisis. This crisis became very obvious in 2007 and, since then, there have been a lot of related problems. Banks have been bailed out, and so have homeowners, all as part of the Obama Administration's economic stimulus package. This package was designed to create jobs, help people keep their homes, and let the country move forward, but there have been many people who have complained about the stimulus, as well. These people do not feel that the stimulus package has…. [read more]

Poverty Prevention Strategy Term Paper

… Poverty

Prevention Strategy

As it relates to the aforementioned issue of Children's poverty in Louisiana, there must be a concerted effort to meet the needs of the populace. These needs are inclusive of but not limited to living-wage compensation, safe and affordable housing, and education. It is evident that one of the primary problems associated with attempting to meet these needs is bureaucracy and the slow pace at which society changes. The state of Louisiana can no longer afford to allow children to live in such deplorable conditions.

The prevention strategy proposed will first examine the issue of living wage compensation.

Many of the poor children in Louisiana are from families of the working poor. This means that the head of household actually works full…. [read more]

Real Estate in Greece Research Proposal

… Real Estate in Greece

The work of Costa Siomopoulos entitled: "Fast Growth for Greek Real Estate" state that over the past few years that there has been integration of real estate management, development and exploitation in Greece as social security funds, property and construction companies. Leasing firms, portfolio investment firms, foreign institutional investors, realtors, property valuers and others. (nd, paraphrased) Historically in Greece, property market growth is stated to have been "almost exclusively linked with self-financing and antiparochi ( a quid pro quo transaction, in which the owner of land exchanges it for space in the apartment or commercial block constructed on it." (Siomopoulos, nd)

It is stated to have been these practices that resulted in "chaotic construction and Athens and other Green cities during…. [read more]

Fossil Ridge High School Leed Certified Green Building Case Study

… The project discussed in this paper is a three-story school building
for the community of Fort Collins, Colorado. It was designed to house
1,800 high school students in three separate components. The building was
finished in 2004 and completed square footage was 296,000. It is also the
first school project in Colorado to achieve a LEED's certification. A
LEED designed building seeks to address five key areas of human and
environmental health. Those five areas include; "sustainable site
development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and
indoor environmental quality" (Leeds, 2008).
The project is owned, operated and maintained by the Poudre School
District and encompasses a number of indoor and outdoor spaces. The indoor
spaces include a cafeteria, classrooms, gymnasium, laboratory, office
spaces and restrooms.…. [read more]

Exploring Design and Social Innovation in the Urban Environment Research Paper

… Bedford Ave.

All the World's a Very Small Stage

In this age when we are can all connect instantly to all other corners of the world with the click of a mouse or a few keystrokes on our phones, it is hard to remember that in most respects we all live in a very small neighborhood. Each of us primarily inhabits a few blocks around where we live, around our workplaces, perhaps a few other loci such as our gym. Each of these microenvironments is defined by a very specific set of details, from the kinds of stores that it hosts to how safe the street feels, to how long it has been configured in more or less the current state. This paper examines one…. [read more]

Sustainable Construction Issues Waste Reduction Literature Review

… 1). This movement provides for healthy working and living environment for those that followed its views and objectives. Wide individual involvement with the movement fabricates most of the services that contractors generally offer in construction. Despite this, the movement highlights a number of risks. Threats posed by uncertified design methods and experimental methods frequently go unrecognized by the contractors. Such threats constitute the professional liabilities forming the better part of the set of risks that the movement expects. Some of the risks provided by the movement include intrusion, and exposure of organic (traditional) building material to water causing moisture problems. Mold and bacteria are the greatest resulting issues from exposure to water (Slivka, 2011, pg. 1).

Traditional construction products are over the time being developed…. [read more]

Architecture and Behavior Essay

… Critics in particular focus on how New Urbanism tends to be used in new developments as opposed to in revitalized downtown areas that are suffering from blight and economic struggles -- which is yet another sense of advocacy for what it has to offer.


Commercial and residential developments are each feeling these movements in different ways. Often times commercial sites are seen as extensions of efforts geared toward encouraging the flow of people into a site (such as a mall or an amusement park, for example) or perhaps to reduce crime and privacy. Studies done on controlling prison populations have had direct implications for this and have been complimented by the ways in which natural lighting, clear visible see-through, public gathering…. [read more]

Environmental Systems Capstone Project

… ¶ … environmental systems in the past five years. Summarize the techniques used, the assumptions and limitations faced, the potential for error and how it was minimized, and the lessons learned.

Scope/Direction of the Research

The scope of the study extended to a review of relevant studies published within the last 5 years to provide an overview and recapitulation of the techniques that have been used in recent years to study the development of environmental systems, the assumptions and limitations that have been encountered along the way, the potential for error and how it was minimized, and the lessons learned from these efforts. The development of environmental systems includes various geospatial technologies, alternative energy systems, and other technological solutions that are designed to interact with…. [read more]

Importance of a College Degree in Construction Management Essay

… ¶ … college degree in Construction Management.

The construction industry: The usefulness of seeking an academic degree

The construction industry was severely impacted by the recent recession. Most housing markets are over-saturated with homes for sale. However, one segment of the construction industry is expanding, that of energy efficient, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified or 'green' buildings. A 2011 study by the Fredonia Group found that "demand for green building products -- buoyed by increased availability, environmental concerns, stricter building codes, and a rebounding construction industry -- is expected to increase by 13% annually to create a $71 billion market in 2015" (Rimetz 2011).The skyrocketing costs of fossil fuels require a new way of looking at how commercial and residential structures are built.…. [read more]

Family Business in Real Estate Term Paper

… ¶ … East Coast Real Estate Families

The Rudin Family:

What family member started the Rudin business and when?

The English Rudin Family originally came from Leicestershire, where they were seated as the Lords of the Manor. (Rudin family crest and family history) the Rudin family business, which has been redited with the disticntion, in later eyars of spearheading the development of Manhattan's dot-com district was established in the year 1925 by Samuel Rudin, an eminent builder-philanthropist, whose beginnings cuold be stated to be extremely modest indeed; this man rose from New York City's famous 'Lower East Side', and achieved something that the average man could only ever dream of. It must be remembered, nevertheless, that Lewis Rudin's grandfather named Louis Rudinsky had come down…. [read more]

Global Gadgets We're Going Essay

… There is room in low cost and if we can deliver innovative products we can differentiate ourselves from the larger firms in this business.

Slide Twelve: The breakdown of the home furnishings market, which is similar to housewares, has Wal-Mart the industry leader, followed by Sears, Target, Home Depot, Lowe's, Bed Bath and Beyond, and others. This shows that specialists are only one part of the market, and within that market we see Bed Bath and Beyond as number one, Williams-Sonoma/Pottery Barn as #2, and the TJX companies as #3 (HomeSense, Marshalls, HomeGoods). While we are not expected to compete for national market share, we need to be aware that we face a large number of competitors and there is significant diversity even among direct…. [read more]

Healthcare for Mentally Impaired Patients Term Paper

… He says, "That's not what these buildings are. Patients receive a large number of services in such facilities, including skilled nursing and physician care that may not be replicated in a smaller setting." (Seidenberg, B.)

Albeit, while some nursing homes may lack sufficient staff to take proper care of residents, there is no excuse for the alarming statistics stating that -- according to a congressional report - many institutions have in the past been found guilty of violating abuse prevention standards. While the report identified nearly 5,300 nursing homes between January 1999 and January 2001, it also states that the percentage of nursing homes cited for abuse has doubled since 1996. In some cases the violations were "serious enough to cause actual harm to residents…. [read more]

Sustainable Energy for Low Carbon Term Paper

… It is a Government owned national standard intended to encourage continuous improvement in sustainable home building. It has a rating scale of one to six stars (Code Level 6 is the government target for 2016) and contains some mandatory levels in key areas like energy and water.BRE Global act as advisors on issues related to maintenance and development of the technical contents of the CSH standard and manage implementation of the scheme under contract to the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG)." (BREEAM, 2012) The report states that the Code for Sustainable Homes is much like BREEAM "in that the Green Guide to Specification is the mechanism Code Assessors use to measure the environmental impact of specifications for key building elements. Manufacturers choose to…. [read more]

New York Real Estate Research Paper

… In addition, more parents are leasing apartments for their children, and some retirees are choosing Manhattan over traditional cities such as Miami (Toy, 2012).

Tourism continues to grow, and the development of new hotels in Downtown New York, including the W. And the Four Seasons, added 3,152 rooms in 2011 pushing hotel occupancy rate higher (Gregor, 2011). The robust development of Lower Manhattan's business and residential communities also created a greater need for places to eat and shop. Thus, an influx of new retailers and restaurateurs is now present to accommodate a range of budgets and enhance the ambiance of the neighborhood. Retailers such as Tiffany & Co., Hermes, BMW, Whole Foods, and Bed, Bath and Beyond now all operate in Downtown New York, as…. [read more]

Application of Solar Thermal Systems in the UK Dissertation

… ¶ … economic and environmental benefits of using a solar water heating system for hot water applications in a typical British commercial building. Of particular interest was to initially estimate the energy use for heating of water. The most relevant variables were the horizontal solar irradiance, the sky clearness index, the solar declination angle and the ambient air temperature. Since the incident energy is a function of the solar collector tilt angle, an optimum angle which fortunately is equal to the average UK household roof pitch was determined. The Solar Savings calculation was used to calculate the amount of the total conventional hot water heating load (delivered energy and tank standby losses) provided by solar energy less any associated parasitic energy use. These figures were…. [read more]

Hollyhock House and Site Integration the Ability Term Paper

… Hollyhock House and Site Integration

The ability to blend architecture into the natural surroundings is a hallmark of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs. Hollyhock House was designed for Aline Barnsdall, an oil heiress from Bradford, Pennsylvania. The design of the house reflected the preferences of an unconventional, independent woman. Barnsdall had a passion for the arts and could be considered an eccentric, even by today's standards. Frank Lloyd Wright had a flair for the unconventional in design as well. Together they created the most unusual home design of their era. Hollyhock House was the result of their collaboration.

History of Hollyhock House

Hollyhock House was built between 1919 and 1923 in Los Angeles. One of the key challenges that Wright faced was that he wanted to…. [read more]

Facility Research Red Rock Country Club Term Paper

… Facility Research Red Rock Country Club

Red Rock Country Club Facilities Analysis:

The Red Rock Country Club is a private country club/resort that offers the finest in amenities, including a variety of recreation offerings with a strong focus around golf, other outdoor offerings as well as a variety of social events and opportunities. The Red Rock Country Club Website located at www.redrockcountryclub.comstresses several major offerings of the Club:

Energy, Sport, Relaxation

The most prestigious social calendar in the community, Red Rock Country Club offers an exclusive, truly private setting where Members enjoy an incomparable level of personal attention.


From natural beauty, to world-class amenities, and a wide array of year-round events for Members, Red Rock Country Club offers a privileged few a lifestyle unparalleled…. [read more]

Neck Sits on the North Term Paper

… ) Cape cods and ranches predominate, but the single-family housing mix also includes colonials, Tudors and Mediterranean styles.

Some older houses date back to the 1880's, with a large number of Victorians along Arrandale Avenue and scattered around the village. However, these houses are priced particularly low and many have taken to buying them, knocking them down, and building bigger, more expensive homes. While many contend that the older homes were falling to pieces, many see developers as robbing the city of its heritage. Luckily for the conservationists, the village's landmarks preservation commission is in the process of creating a landmark district along Arrandale Avenue. 2,474 of Great Neck's 3,347 houses are owner-occupied, with 1,067 of these residences built before 1940 and another 1,435 built…. [read more]

Tampa's Strategic Action Plan for the Redevelopment of the Channelside District Research Paper


The objective of this work is the conduction of a critical analysis of Tampa's strategic action plan for the redevelopment of the Channelside District. The status of this plan will be analyzed as well as the issues faced such as funding and brining in new business and in attracting people to reside in the Channelside District.. The issues that are stalling this plan and the actions required by the government to make the Channelside District project come to life.

Tampa is a city on the west coast of Florida "...anchoring a major metropolitan region that includes diverse and economically vibrant communities. Tampa is one of Florida's leading cities, offering a wide range…. [read more]

Billboard Advertising: Litter Term Paper

… That certainly supports the group's contention that the HBA is the only act that would require the victims of the 'crime' to pay for its remediation. (Scenic America Web site, Fact 1 page) brief look at the legislation

The first attempt to regulate outdoor advertising was the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1958. It offered states that would voluntarily agree to control outdoor advertising adjacent to interstate highways a bonus of one-half of one percent of the highway's cost of construction. That would seem to have been a pretty good inducement, even in 1958 dollars.

Twenty-three states participated, including:

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia…. [read more]

Project Management and the Federal Research Paper

… The argument presented in the UN report that sustainable growth can actually be implemented through cost-effective means is another indictment of the administration's project management aptitude. When the unfortunate course of America's newly launched sustainability project is analyzed from the perspective of project cost management, it becomes readily apparent that a significant portion of the government's project management team likely consisted of individuals with a background in information technology. It is widely known among the project management community that "many information technology professionals often react casually to cost overrun information (because) they know that many of the original cost estimates for information technology projects are low to begin with or based on very unclear project requirements" (Schwalbe, 2011). The fact that so many of the…. [read more]

Starbucks Corporation Competing in a Global Market Term Paper

… Starbuck's Case Study

Briefly describe the history and evolution of Starbucks.

Seattle entrepreneurs Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl, Gordon Bowker founded Starbucks in 1971, locating their coffee importing business in Seattle's Pike Place market. The founders were content to grow the coffee importer to five stores in the metro Seattle area, and were gradually becoming known in the coffee industry, and as a result of these associations met Howard Schultz, who would eventually buy the chain and transform its business model. Mr. Schultz was passionate about introducing retailing concepts he had originally discovered during a trip to Milan, Italy and immediately after coming back from Italy, launched what would become the prototypical Starbucks stores, combining meetings places with good ambience for friends catching up with each…. [read more]

Real Estate Law Case Study

… Real Estate Law: Expanding the Notion of the Implied Warranty of Habitability

When a landlord rents a dwelling to a tenant, regardless of the terms of the contract itself, there is an implied warranty of habitability. This means that the property is assumed to be, and must be a "safe dwelling for human beings" ("What is an Implied Warranty of Habitability," All Business, 2009). A tenant does not have to make special stipulations within his or her contract, for example, that he or she deserves decent water, functional appliances, and reasonably sanitary conditions within the structure he or she is renting. The hallways of the building should not be crawling with rats nor should the screens be full of holes.

In fact, when a landlord…. [read more]

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