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Ground Water Used for Agriculture in West Texas Research Paper

… Groundwater usage for Agriculture inTexas

Groundwater is found below the earth's surface in crevices of soil and rock Rubicon Real Estate

Services. The laws in Texas regarding groundwater use is based on the English common law of "absolute use" or the "Rule of Capture" Rubicon. This means the property owner has complete determination of the usage of the groundwater located beneath his property. The American rule of "reasonable use" regarding groundwater is not applied or recognized in Texas Rubicon. The result is that landowners can conceivably dry up adjoining wells by their own usage and there is no legal remedy for the landowner with a dry well Rubicon.

There are exceptions to this rule such as the malicious conduct in pumping water for the sole…. [read more]

Future Wars of the Middle East Will Result Over Water Shortages Term Paper

… Water in the Middle East

Governments around the world have a primary concern over water availability and the Middle East and North Africa are no exception. The thesis evaluates the possibility of future wars throughout the Middle East and North Africa due to water scarcity and limited water resources presently being experienced in that region.

The paper starts by revealing the gravity of the situation by showing the present statistics surrounding the problem of water scarcity throughout the world. Thereafter, the paper highlights the importance of water in the national economy. From then on, the paper briefly discusses the present situation of water scarcity in the Middle East by noting down the present available resources of water in the Middle East. Lastly, the paper briefly…. [read more]

Have We Underestimated the Importance of Water to Human Geography? Essay

… ¶ … Water

to human geography?

Human Geography is the study of features and phenomena on earth that are human-made features. Geographers monitor these features and record changes and do so through examining the spatial organization or how it is that land features, humans and human-made features are arranged upon the earth. The human being's use of space on the earth greatly affects the environment of the earth. For example the construction of dams, roadways, highways, and bridges, as well as construction of homes and business structures, have drastically changed the landscape of the earth.

Facts and Statistics on Water Use

The work of Singh (2007) entitled: "What is Human Geography" states that there are two primary issues concerning the world's water:

(1) Scarcity; and…. [read more]

Southern California Frederick Jackson Turner Term Paper

… Russia, Britain, and the U.S. all laid claim to parts of California and wanted to claim it for themselves. In the 1840s, Britain had the strongest claim "because of its sea powers and firm foothold in Oregon, and because British investors held huge financial claims against the Mexican government. Rumors that California would be used to pay off the debt provoked considerable alarm and anger in the U.S." (Fehrenbacher, p. 22).

While the shift would soon move to Southern California, at this time, American interest in California as a whole "centered upon the economic and strategic importance of San Francisco Bay" (Fehrenbacher, p. 22). Despite American attempts at gaining ownership, it was finally the Mexicans' fear that what had recently happened in Texas would happen…. [read more]

Women and the Home Front Term Paper

… From the beginning of the secession crisis President Abraham Lincoln viewed the supposedly loyalist mountain regions as an ideal base for military operations into vital Confederate territory, and a place to drive a wedge into Southern unity. Politically, not to mention logistically, the mountain regions turned out to be less hospitable, and certainly less cooperative, than Northerners hoped. The Southern Appalachians, however, proved equally troublesome to the Confederate command. After an initial burst of wartime fervor, many mountain residents grew increasingly resistant, and then violently hostile, to coercive Confederate mobilization policies. The mountain regions also provided havens for deserters and increasingly fertile ground for bushwhackers, bandits, and resistance movements. At the same time, the war was particularly cruel to the Southern Appalachians, and residents suffered…. [read more]

Environmental Hazards as a Consequence Term Paper

… Data gathering and Analysis

Overview of the issues of environmental protection

In recent times, the need to protect and save the environment is growing. Most scientists and climatologists working with data related to the climate and the weather believe that the earth's temperature is rising. This is often attributed to the depletion of the ozone layer and the increase in the greenhouse gases. Temperature-rises have resulted in rising sea levels. Many islands in the Pacific Ocean are in danger of being submerged. These changes will influence the lives of the average citizen. More money will have to be spent on healthcare and preventive medicine. Health Services will be burdened due to rising pollution levels, depletion of the ozone layer and contamination of fresh water, the…. [read more]

Finance and Financial Entrepreneurship Term Paper

… Pacific Lumber did not clear cut. It generally left standing 30 to 50% of the timber in a harvested area. This created a natural canopy break for new growth, while keeping much of the soil stable, thus increasing the forests growth potential. Like the trees, the company was also very generous to its employees. Pacific Lumber provided housing at below market rates to employees and did not layoff staff despite downturns in the timber market. The company also funded a very generous pension fund.

Pacific Lumber's strength was the cause of its weakness. The pension fund was over funded by $60 million due to its policies. Also, because of its sustainable cutting practices, the company held tremendous assets in the form of old- growth redwoods.…. [read more]

African-American History Sharecropping Was Not a Direct Term Paper

… African-American History


Sharecropping was not a direct effort by whites to keep blacks in a submissive position, but rather was a phenomenon that developed after the Civil War as the South tried to rebuild its economy (Riddle 1995). Southern white landowners did not like sharecropping, however they needed a means of labor to work their land, and ex-slaves had limited employment options as freedmen, thus sharecropping was essentially a necessary alternative, a compromise (Riddle 1995).

At the end of the War, freedmen owned no property, and most were illiterate, and the few skills they did possess related to agriculture production, thus the majority roamed the countryside seeking out family relations, while others congregated in shantytowns around Southern cities and towns (Riddle 1995).

Only about…. [read more]

Workings of Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments Term Paper

… Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments

Forest Fire Management Systems

New Technologies

Urban Fire Department

New Technologies

Descriptive Statistics

Suppression Costs for Federal Agencies. Source: National Interagency Fire

Appendix II Figure 2. The tactical priorities of structural firefighting operations

Appendix III Figure 3. Fire Fighter Average Salaries for 2002 (Full Time)

Discussion and Study of Forest Fire Management Systems and Urban Fire Departments

Fire is a destructive force whether it takes place in a the forest or urban setting. A fire of any size causes costly damage to the environment, personal property and even human life. This paper acts as a discussion and study of fire management systems for both the forest and urban style of fire fighting. By studying fire management systems,…. [read more]

Scientific Revolution and Management of Western Civilization Literature Review

… ¶ … Scientific Method, Scientific Revolution and Scientific Management of Western Civilization

The quest for knowledge for knowledge's sake is an inherent part of mankind, and with this knowledge we are able to progress as a race through scientific advancements, in the form of medicine and technology to name but two. One of the most famous figures who pushed knowledge for knowledge's sake was Galileo, who discovered, to the horror of the Church, that the Earth is not the centre of the universe. So important was Galileo that he has been called the "father of modern observational astronomy" (Singer 217). The Scientific Revolution itself was a major turning point in human understanding of the world, but rather than being confined to a single area or…. [read more]

Environmental Themes in Grapes Term Paper

… The Everglades would be confined to one million acres within the levees and the shallow marsh of Everglades National Park (Douglas, 1997).

This federal act called for the control of water levels though a network of pumps and roughly 1,400 miles of canals and levees. "Within the Everglades, the project created five enormous impoundments, the water conservation areas, running through western sections of Palm Beach, Broward and Dad counties, and ending at the northern edge of Everglades National Park" (Douglas, 422). Water would be stored to carry to the cities during winter months, then dumped to make room for the summer hurricane rains. The cost would run well over half a billion dollars. The Central and Southern Florida Flood Control District was created to buy…. [read more]

Cultural and Construction History of the Romanesque Period Essay

… Cultural and Construction History Of Romanesque Period

Cultural Environment

The term Romanesque is an architectural category that refers to the art and architecture of the Mid -- Late Medieval Period in Europe (1000 to 1240 AD). It was coined in the nineteenth century to delineate features of the post-Roman Empire style. The Romanesque period saw the decline and downfall of the Roman Empire, a vacuum that was filled by the Roman Catholic Church. During this time, cathedrals and castles connected with the church and the Crusades sprang up in stone. Their Romanesque elements comprise round-headed arches, barrel vaults, apses, and decorations, and in southern Europe are often blended with Byzantine elements (Atrisgerinko). Additionally, the Romanesque style developed to reflect a rebirth of art, science, and…. [read more]

Peace Freedom Is the Foundation Term Paper

… Borno ruled without the benefit of a legislature, which had been dissolved in 1917 under Dartiguenave, until elections were again permitted in 1930. The legislature, after several ballots, elected mulatto Stenio Vincent to the presidency.

The occupation of Haiti continued after World War I, despite the embarrassment that it caused Woodrow Wilson at the Paris peace conference in 1919, and the scrutiny of a congressional inquiry in 1922. By 1930, President Herbert Hoover had become concerned about the effects of the occupation, particularly after a December 1929 incident in Les Cayes in which marines killed at least ten Haitian peasants during a march to protest local economic conditions. Hoover appointed two commissions to study the situation. A former governor general of the Philippines, W. Cameron…. [read more]

Chernobyl Nuclear Incident During the Cold War Thesis

… Chernobyl Nuclear Incident

During the Cold War, it was understood by the citizens of the world that the United States and the Soviet Union were competitors economically, politically, and militarily. Part of the economic health of both super powers was their nuclear energy programs. Nuclear energy was perhaps even more vital to the frozen stretches of the Soviet Union, which, during the Cold War years, had yet to realize its own wealth in oil production. It is safe to say that most of the world's citizens, while they did not like the idea of nuclear power, because they associated it with dangers like fallout, and the memories of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were still fresh reminders of the horrors of the misuse of the energy; nonetheless…. [read more]

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