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Self-Assessment in a Group Term Paper

… However, they also affect employee morale. When we interview the employees of the company, we can ascertain whether or not the employees are satisfied with their salary, benefit packages, and bonus offerings. When we interview the CEOs, we can determine whether or not their assessment of the financial state of the company is reasonable. We can also ask if their rates of pay and their offerings of benefits and bonuses is conducive to a harmonious work environment.

Also important in our research and evaluation of this company is the relationships between employees at all levels of the corporate hierarchy. We will determine whether or not employees interact outside the office, and if they do, what the quality of this interaction is. We will also investigate…. [read more]

Individual Reflection on Team Experience Essay

… The quality of the ideas does not matter much as the quantity of the ideas. The more the pool of ideas, the better the decision making process and the final decision arrived. It helps to minimize critical evaluations that may hinder creativity.

As a member of an active group discussion at the college, brainstorming has helped us to generate enough and relevant key points to questions which are rather a dilemma when being addressed by a single individual.

Brainstorming in the college group has helped to save and minimize the time spent in private study hours since the topics discussed becomes more lighter and comprehending them becomes more easier. One also becomes more knowledgeable than before.

On the other hand, consensus decision making involves listening…. [read more]

Autobiography of My Work Experiences Research Proposal

… ¶ … autobiography of my work experiences at a number of Chinese firms. I present a thorough analysis of several Chinese firms wherein I have worked. These companies will be analyzed using concepts from the book "Concept of the Corporation" written by Drucker.

Discussion of the author (s) concepts that one is using.

With regards to managing the workforce, Drucker stresses that all kinds of businesses eventually relate to people, not capital. Therefore, leading and administering people so that they are able to maximize their output and consequently improve corporate productivity. He emphasizes that rewards, compensations and promotions ought to be based on the performance and productivity of the workforce. The top management should lead from the front by including on-the-job training facilities and constantly…. [read more]

Prescription, Nonprescription and Herbal Medicines Term Paper

… The effect of certain drugs on the enzymes in the liver must also be taken into consideration. Different sorts of drugs have a range of affects of the Cytochrome enzymes that exist in the liver. The drugs either induct or inhibit their performance these enzymes in the process of catalyzing other drugs. The effects of such activities are of particular importance in those patients that have been prescribed an assortment of drugs. The effect of a drug on the performance of an enzyme must be calculated in order to prescribe the proper dosage of the drug, so that it can be sufficiently be administered to the individual, who can receive it without having most of its quantity being reduced by reactions with enzymes in the…. [read more]

Alcoholism Group Conflict Situation Book Report

… Alcoholism is unique in its abuse. Unlike, many other substances, alcohol have the unique ability to manifest both the best and worst abilities within an individual. A brief look at history proves this point. Edgar Allen Poe wrote "The Raven" one of his most influential literary pieces under the influence of liquor. James Whitcomb Riley has written his best literary works while drinking alcohol. Even the great author wrote best when he was intoxicated. For ever great work however, there have been thousands of destroyed lives due to alcoholism. Many men have destroyed themselves due to this substance, with many more yet to succumb to its influence. It is therefore prudent to understand the nature of alcoholism as it relates to conflict. During my conversations…. [read more]

Relationship of Research and Experience Concerning Curricular Term Paper

… ¶ … Relationship of Research and Experience Concerning Curricular Change

Regarding the process of changing the existing curriculum there is certainly the requirement for first studying the existing system. This can vary for the entire education process in different subjects and levels. It is simpler if we study at a low enough level so that every individual can understand the requirements for changing the curriculum. This may involve not only changing the subjects of study and the hours to be devoted to each subject, but also in changing the entire process of education. To conduct the entire process it is essential that enough persons connected with teaching of the subject at the levels that are being considered are interviewed. After all the objectives is to…. [read more]

Groups and Teams Essay

… Leadership Teams

Some of the same travails that face a corporation when creating or using a team management approach to any particular situation are oftentimes the same type of travails that face a virtual team attempting to address the same problem. In the case of ComCorp, the virtual team was widely dispersed throughout the globe and very little, if any, personal or face-to-face contact would be available. This is true of many virtual teams, which is why developing team cohesiveness can be so difficult, and it is certainly true that developing a team's cohesiveness is one factor that will often time determine the amount of success, or lack thereof, that a team experiences. Success is often driven by how a leadership team works together.

As…. [read more]

Impact of Group Processes on the Communication That Takes Place in Groups Essay

… Sociology -- Family Issues

Group Cohesion and Maintenance Roles in Families:

The study of group dynamics reveals the tremendous importance of individual social roles of group members. In general, group leaders fulfill essential roles of establishing overall group goals and define the values of the group, while other members fulfill corresponding roles as facilitators, mediators, and antagonists through myriad specific behavior patterns. Furthermore, those patterns include both overt conscious roles as well as completely unconscious roles, many of which are typically expressed through communication patterns that remain stable over time (Myers & Spencer, 2004).

Among different types of social groups, families exhibit some of the most stable and well defined roles among members, particularly in the realm of the types of communication patterns and relationship…. [read more]

Schopenhauer Cure Group Therapy Book Report

… Schopenhauer Cure

Group Therapy in the Face of Death

The notion of one's impending death is rightly seen as one of the most terrifying and universal of human experiences. Whether contemplation is the mere split second in an accident or the horror of a child considering growing old for the first time. So certainly, the knowledge that one has a defined expiration date, until which, he must spend his time learning to cope with that inevitability, is unthinkable. Nonetheless, there is a clear air of hopefulness and dignity which permeates Dr. Julius Herzfeld's final year, in which he leads of a group of distinctly divergent personality complexes in regular sessions where they team together to work out life solutions for one another. This proves, in…. [read more]

How Do Various Ethnic Cultures Experience Art Therapy? Term Paper

… ¶ … Ethnic Cultures' Experience of Art Therapy

The psychological needs of the ethnic child, teen, adult, and senior - from prelinguistic to senescent - have been historically underestimated and under treated. While there are many reasons for the limited offering, access, or availability, therapists are one of the intrinsic factors.

Not knowing how to best work with cultural differences - particularly when the culture is outside the understanding or empathetic realm of experience - the therapist must turn to approaches which meet the broad spectrum of cross-cultural and racial needs. A relatively new psychological tool, art therapy can - without a single word - establish trust, rebuild decimated boundaries, and minimize the prejudices and myths of cultural variations.

Racial perceptions fall on both sides…. [read more]

Colonial America African-Americans Essay

… There was a very small opportunity for moving up in class, as indentured servants, for example, were sometimes given land at the end of their servitude and could vote because they were landowners. Women in this class also worked, for example as slaves, to maintain at least a subsistence level of existence. The slave portion of this lowest class is well-represented by Mammy in "Gone with the Wind," who was in the lowest class and simply owned for her entire life. As descriptions of these three groups illustrate, it was possible for all three social classes -- high, middle and low -- to reside on one plantation and still retain their distinct class status.

3. Conclusion

African-Americans in Colonial America experienced the United States differently,…. [read more]

Colonial America the Experiences in Early Essay

… Colonial America

The experiences in early Colonial America are best described as violent, contentious, and socially fragmented. However, this is not a mutually exclusive point-of-view. While we can surely believe that not every day was bad and every experience negative, we can understand that relations with the colonists and the Native Americans was tense at best. Certainly, ideas were exchanged and each group of people contributed to the other in areas of education and survival but overall, the experience was more dreadful than anything else. As expansion took place, the Native Americans grew increasingly territorial and resorted to whatever means they felt justified to maintain control of their communities, even if that meant murder. As stated in the article about the Chesapeake colonies, we know…. [read more]

Questionnaire and Focused Group Term Paper

… ¶ … focus groups, and explains their advantages and disadvantages. Further, it provides real-world applications of the methods in the tourism industry to prove that both are helpful to explore industry-specific economic, social and environmental dynamics, provided the research methods are applied appropriately.

Questionnaires questionnaire is a set of questions sent to the representatives of the target audience which they fill in and return (Purho, 2001). Format can be paper or electronic. Purho states that questionnaires are typically used in getting information that can be statistically analyzed such as satisfaction rates and demographic data. Therefore, questions are mostly closed questions that produce quantitative data based on yes/no answers or scale rankings. Some use is also made of open-ended questions that don't provide the respondent a…. [read more]

Group Intervention Using Mediation Term Paper

… Skills to bring about such a resolution are taught in this session.

All of the above skills are also important for support staff, but of especial interest to the support staff is the last topic covered in this session is personal development. Of course, this too is an issue of concern for all workers, but is of especial concern in general to support staff, whose relatively lower status and pay will often be less of a concern for them if they believe that they are continually upgrading their skills and will have a reasonable chance, if they like, of moving up.


ABA Task Force Agrees Mediation Not Practice of LawADR World. Available:

Alternative dispute resolution may avoid health care litigation. Cancer Weekly, p.…. [read more]

Bad Experience With a Priest Term Paper

… Apparently, the rules that the common people have to follow regarding sins such as gluttony, do not apply to priests. Nothing about the Prior appears to be spiritual, and his zest and zeal for life apparently revolves around the things that a spiritual man should not concern himself with. The Knight Templar is not any better of a person, but Scott does not complain about him as bitterly, possibly because he is not as strongly associated with the church as the Prior is.

Being a Knight Templar, he does have some duties to the Church, as this sacred order of nights chooses to remain celibate as part of their duty. This is one of these restrictions placed upon them by the Church. It seems that,…. [read more]

Teamwork One of My Experiences Term Paper

… Teamwork

One of my experiences where teamwork had been an important factor to achieve success was when my teammates and I, all of us hailed as representatives from different law schools, have to plan a conference, called Bay Area APALSA Conference participated by 9 law schools in the bay area. I held the responsibility of being an external VP which technically gave me greater responsibility, as compared to others, to lead the team and to ensure the success of the conference. We had 9 months to plan and prepare the conference and during that time, I was confident that having coordination and teamwork among ourselves can help us prepare in even just a few months time a conference that would be a success.

Before the…. [read more]

Team Is a Small Collaborated Term Paper

… The team leader was able to counsel a member who was trying to dominate the group that all the views of the other should be evaluated to achieve the team goals. With the intervention of the team leader, the team was able to arrive at a successful solution revealing that the influence of a leader is very important.

Influence of a Leader

Influence of leadership is very important within the team. A leader should have ability to intervene if there is a problem within the group. One of the functions of a leader is to prevent dominance of a member of the group, and a leader should ensure that everyone within the group contributes constructively. 5 Quick 1992). Within our team, the leader exhibited democratic…. [read more]

Education Group Cohesion Cohesiveness Is a Gauge Research Paper

… Education

Group Cohesion

Cohesiveness is a gauge of the appeal of the group to its members and the opposition to leaving it, the sense of team spirit, and the readiness of its members to synchronize their efforts. In relation to members of a low-cohesive group, those in a high-cohesive group will, consequently, be eager to attend meetings, be contented with the group, be helpful and friendly with each other, and be more successful in achieving the goals they set for themselves. The low-cohesive group will have a lot of absenteeism, the expansion of cliques and factions, and a sense of irritation at the lack of achievement (Characteristics of a group, 2011).

There are four components of group cohesiveness. These include:

People who like each other…. [read more]

Race: Personal Educational Experiences Thesis

… Finally, I must note that when I was in high school, I can recall hearing students accuse other students of having an 'easy time' getting into college because of their race. In the future, I think adults need to broach this topic and allow for debate on the subject of affirmative action, so this subject can be discussed in a reasoned and non-inflammatory manner. If I were a teacher and overheard such negative comments, I would use it as a 'teachable moment' to help students more critically evaluate their lives and the history of America, and look outside of the narrow world of the self.

No single teacher, however ambitious, can heal the types of inequalities as detailed by authors such as Jonathan Kozol in…. [read more]

Immigration Experience From the Dominican Essay

… The solid Dominican culture, though good in many ways, creates a type of a ghetto which keeps this population isolated and slows assimilation into American culture, which would then afford this community with a wider range of opportunity. The attitude of separation is perpetuated from within the culture. AU.S. born Dominican, for example, would typically not refer to himself as a "Dominican-American," in the way a Cuban living in the United States would call himself a Cuban-American. The later reflects a joint identity with both cultures, whereas the first is indicative of strong nationalism. Many Dominicans believe that they will return to the Dominican Republic, where they ultimately have their cultural roots.

The difficulties, however, did not stem solely from within the Dominican culture. Americans,…. [read more]

Small Group Counseling Sessions Essay

… ¶ … Age Group

School bullying -- session one

IV Cyber-bullying -- session two

Random Acts of Kindness -- session three

Volunteering -- session four

VII Piaget and Cognitive Theory

Counseling as a Preventive Measure

School counseling in the past has been considered an ancillary part of education; nice to have, but not really necessary (Scarborough & Luke, 2008). It has been one of the first things cut in a school budget if trimming was needed. Today, school counselors are expected to promote the academic, career, and personal/social development of the children (Van Velsor, 2009). Although many do see the connection between academic/career and personal/social change, school counselors are left to promote the basis of academic achievement due to the improvement of personal and social…. [read more]

What Group Work Models Seem to Work Best for Substance Dependent Veterans Thesis

… Group Therapy for Veterans

Group Work for Substance Dependent Veterans

Substance abuse is problematic in both combat and non-combat veterans. A number of studies confirm that the trauma does not end when the soldier comes home. The trauma associated with combat can linger for many years after the battle ends. Various veterans' mental health issues can lead to substance abuse. Combat veterans are 63% more likely to report heavy drinking than those who had not been deployed to combat zones (Gordon, 2008). Often substance abuse is a symptom, not a primary diagnosis in veterans (Gordon, 2008). Therefore, treating the underlying condition is essential in the eventual treatment of the substance abuse. Group therapy is often used part of the treatment program for combat veterans. However,…. [read more]

Art Therapy With Children Experiencing Grief Research Proposal

… Art Therapy With Children Experiencing Grief

This work seeks to answer the question of: "What is the effectiveness of art therapy with children that are experiencing grief?

Art therapy is a form of therapy that was first utilized by the mental health profession in the decade of the 1930s. Presently, art therapy is practiced in various hospitals, public and community agencies, clinics, wellness centers, educational institutions, business and private practices alike and involves the "application of a variety of art modalities including drawing, painting and clay sculpture."(Natural Standard, 2008) This work will explore Art therapy for used with children who are experiencing grief and will examine the effectiveness of this type of therapy for children dealing with grief.

According to the work of Busch and…. [read more]

Training Program Designed Research Proposal

… The timing agenda proposed at this meeting will be influential in ensuring that the formulated checklists meet demands on aggregate. Before the commencement of the training program, the needs of the training will be communicated a month earlier before the actual training days. This will be imperative since it enables employees to focus on the agenda deeply. In addition, employees will be research vital considerations that will be examined on the training. This proposes the dates of the training program to be on Monday, March 3, 2014, Monday, March 17, 2014, Friday, April 4, 2014, and Saturday April 5, 2014. The following table is a replica of the agenda meeting that will be expected on that date (See Appendix, Two).


This proposal has established…. [read more]

Evidence-Based Medicine Working Group. ) Peer Reviewed Journal

… More interaction among researchers, policymakers, and clinicians, so studies can be aimed at answering questions of interest to policymakers and clinicians.

Policymakers should commission RTs of policy-relevant questions

Authors of reviews should provide more contextual information or refer readers to easy-to-find articles

Authors of reviews should develop user-friendly formats: this article suggests 3 formats: a 20-second version of 1-paragraph to 1-page bottom-line summary; a 2-minute version of 2- to 3-page summary focusing on validity and applicability; a 2-hour complete version.

Waldman, M.H. (2006). Evidence-based medicine. How to translate research into patient care. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association 96(4), 374-377.

Evidence-based medicine (EBM) consists of integrating clinical experience with the best evidence from systematic research to improve patient care

Must learn how to critically…. [read more]

Oceana Group Limited Essay

… The last dimension is the governance pillar. This pillar is highly critical for any organization that is aimed at surviving and posing good results. In South Africa matters of corporate governance have been given high gravity. Oceana has ensured that the directors are those persons who have the necessary skills and knowledge on management. The company has further ensured that the shareholders remain in position of decision making when they attend and ratify decisions during the general meetings. In this regard the company's decisions are made by the majority shareholders.

Deficiencies in compliance

The GRI Sustainability Model® has been successfully employed in the assessment of the giants of the Food and Beverages industry all over the world (GRI,2010b). Oceana fall under the Food and Beverages…. [read more]

First Time Expatriates Experience Term Paper

… ¶ … Expatriate's Experience in a Joint Venture in China begins with the image of American manager James Randolf flying from China to the United States. His initial contract had been signed for a period of three years, but after 13 months, he was being sent back to the U.S. The company he was working for was an American-based one, with a joint venture in China, developed in hope for further expansion and success through the easy penetration of the Chinese market.

Filtration Inc., and through generalization most of the American companies, place a rather strong emphasis on their human resource. For instance, prior to their departure in China, both James and his wife participated to numerous courses that would help them reintegrate in the…. [read more]

Individual Analysis Group Behavior Term Paper

… Individual Analysis-Group Behavior

Wilfred Bion's Psychoanalytical Group Theories Analyzed

Through analysis and interpretation of Wilfred Bion's various writings on the psychology of groups and how that psychology affects the individuals within that group I have made several associations of his theories to my everyday life. His theories on Work give insight on how groups can be successful in various tasks by inspiring individuals to support each other in completion of certain tasks. With this knowledge, one can see how to use elements of this theory to organize groups with successful results. His Work Avoidance theories also show how many people put off taking charge to complete a goal and instead substitute their ambition for things such as religion, as well as being tainted by the…. [read more]

Customer Experience and Employee Satisfaction and Its Relation to Customer Centricity Approach at the Organizations Term Paper

… Customer Experience and Employee Satisfaction and Its Relation to Customer Centricity Approach at the Organizations

In the last decade the world has experienced dramatic shift in the business culture and business practices, mainly, from product oriented to purely customer oriented approach to operating in either profit or non-profit organizations. As suggested by Ranjit Bose, business orientation has changed from purely production growth focused in 1900's, to sales growth focus until 1950's, to marketing driven by 2000's, and has evolved into customer centric currently in the medium term future. This has triggered a new era in the marketing theory and the company which were able to shift to the new practices managed to become more profitably and has gained a competitive advantage over companies practicing old…. [read more]

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