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Nursing Personal Statement Choosing Admission Essay

… I worked on numerous units such as the medical, surgical, and mental health units. I also worked with an organization called PARTY (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth) which focuses on youth between the ages of fourteen and eighteen at various high schools within the greater Toronto area (GTA) in bring awareness to the consequences of the use of drugs.

I finished at the top of my nursing program and graduated with a Cum Laude distinction as a result of my dedication, determination, hard work, discipline, and perseverance. As a registered nurse, currently working in the community, I care for various clients with different health issues. My job as a community nurse relies on making sound judgments, trusting one's gut feelings as well as…. [read more]

Statement of Purpose Biological Science Phd Program Admission Essay

… ¶ … higher education at the University of Michigan, I found myself in the same position as the vast majority of my peers -- I didn't really know what I wanted to study, let alone what I wanted to spend the rest of my life devoted to. The many interests I held and hold certainly served to make the world an interesting place, but they also made choices of selection (and thus necessarily exclusion) quite difficult. Fortune intervened in the form of a yearlong full-time research assistant position, however, and this experience made the pursuit of science a clear preference for me. More specifically, it was during this time that I resolved to pursue a doctorate in a specific are of genetic investigation, and when…. [read more]

Discipleship Counseling, Dr. Neil T Essay

… This ignores the fact that, particularly for Christians, it is impossible to separate the individual from his relationship with God. "Because of his high calling in Christ, the believer must live differently. He must live a life consistent with that to which he has been called and that life is a life that reflects Christ's life" (Adams, 1973). To ignore the impact that Christ has on someone's life, particularly a Christian in need of help, could even be a form of negligence for a secular practitioner. Without understanding the high standards to which a true Christian must aspire, how can a psychologist begin to integrate those standards into a treatment regime for a Christian? Therefore, while Anderson's rejection of the utility of secular psychology may…. [read more]

DVD Rental Improving Customer Service Case Study

… As Lyman (2004) reports, "family ownership plays a role in the creation of positive customer service interactions." (Lyman, 303) In this case, that should be facilitated by expanding the number of payment methods accepted to include credit cards and should be driven by highly individualized attention. This should especially be true where customer registration and refund issues are concerned. Because the company lacks the formal structures of a larger corporation, the owner has the freedom to treat customers according to their needs. As Blodgett et al. (1995) note in their research, the results indicate that the major factor that determines why some dissatisfied consumers seek redress and give the seller a chance to remedy the problem, while others exit and engage in negative word-of-mouth behavior,…. [read more]

Patient With Terminal Lung Cancer Case Study

… ¶ … Patient with Terminal Lung Cancer

The purpose of this study is to conduct a case study on a patient with terminal lung cancer and to determine the best practices in providing palliative care for this patient.

Learner Objectives for the Case Study

(1) Upon completion of this study the learner will be able to identify the best practices in providing palliative care for a patient with terminal lung cancer.

(2) the learner will, upon completion of this study, be well-informed of the needs of the patient with terminal lung cancer in terms of their needs of daily living with terminal lung cancer.

(3) the learner will become informed concerning treatment options available for terminal stage lung cancer patients.

Introduction to the case Study…. [read more]

Management Effectiveness and the End Research Proposal

… The style of management that is used by Verizon can give a great deal of insight into how managers treat employees, how they perceive customers, and how customers perceive the end user service that they receive. Verizon is a good choice for this because of its size and its large customer base.

Chapter Three: Research Design and Methodology

3.1 Introduction

All studies need to have a clear methodology. There are many different kinds of methodologies that can be used, but not all of them work well for specific types of studies. In other words, some studies lend themselves to statistical types of analyses, and other studies are more interested in what people think about an issue. This is one of the latter types of studies.…. [read more]

Racism in the Arizona Community Research Paper

… Most of the slaves consisted of different racial minorities. Most of the laws designed in those days were based around the idea of controlling and subjugating the minorities, their choices, behavioral inclinations and social activities. The post-antebellum South has especially been known in American history to formulate laws against the minorities and their acts of vagrancy and loitering. In my opinion, the media nowadays realizes how far discrimination against minorities has comes and focuses on it, but on the other hand seems to forget that there is still a very long way to go.

What are some similarities and differences between you and the people who are in leadership positions in the community? Do you think minority group interests are represented within the community?

One…. [read more]

Living System the Organization Essay

… What is asserted in this article is essentially that the military functions both as a living system on its own, responding to changes in its environment by adjusting its own economic activities, and as a part of the larger living system that is the entire national economy by providing a source of protection for continued economic growth and thus increasing the value of social labor in the economy at large (Federov 2001). There are conscious decisions being made in the defense industry, but there are also automatic fluctuations and adjustments other part of the military as a whole and individual military personnel when economic shifts in the nation as a whole are observed and recognized (Federov 2001).

The Symphony Orchestra

Fancy uniforms aside, symphony orchestras…. [read more]

Logo I Created a Fictional Essay

… Volker Boehme-Nessler argues that the communication of messages with the aid of pictures is beneficial as it appeals to the attitude of the individual. Specifically, while elements such as charts and statistics stimulate the brain and the logics behind a decision -- such as a purchase decision -- the images stimulate the "behavioral attitudes behind that [direct behavior]. So images work on the underlying attitudes and intensions to act."

Ultimately, the photographic presentation of the campaign would be constructed on the initial collection of information and its integration into pictures which would send the message to the viewer. This approach is extremely useful as it creates a medium in which the parties in the communication interact in the same terms and are better able to…. [read more]

E-Learning vs. Traditional Research Paper

… E-Learning vs. Traditional Learning

Despite the amount of information that already exists on the topic of online education vs. traditional educational settings, there are still several areas in the research that are highly inconclusive, and with only a general knowledge of certain factors. These three different research designs (action research, quantitative, and qualitative) will attempt to show how issues with online learning can be discovered and addressed through different methods.

Action Research.

This action research study will basically attempt to turn a group of 10 online students into researchers. The study's goal is to show how online learning can be improved so that it is on more equal footing as traditional learning when it comes to the amount that students learn. The students will come…. [read more]

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