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Benefits of Resistance in Group Counseling Term Paper

… ¶ … resistance in Group Counseling

Group Therapy, harmful or beneficial:

The first question that has to be asked is whether the person needs any treatment. If the person is alone and the person has specific screens for suicide, homicide or serious disability, and there are new incidences of starting of abnormal behavior which was not happening earlier, lack of medicine, carrying of weapons for dangerous behavior and nutritional status which is poor to render a health risk, then the person needs treatment. (Management of persons with psychoses, 2004) The conditions are psychological and group therapy is a technique used in psychological treatment. Benefits or harms vary from patient to patient and there is no way of being certain that any treatment will help a…. [read more]

Population Groups Served This Services Grant Proposal

… H. Personnel Manager -- This position cost $21,000 $, but only 16,000 will be paid for by this Grant plus $4,000 in fringe benefits, this will be paid by the Grant.

I. Housekeeping -- The Four housekeeping positions cost $10,000 each plus $2,500 in fringe benefits, this will be paid by the Grant.

J. Maintenance- The Two positions cost $10,000 each plus fringe benefits of $2,500, this will be paid by the Grant.

K. The Fringe benefits are estimated at 25% these include: FICA, ESC, workers compensation Insurance, Health Insurance and 401(K)


$1,900 will be paid from the Primary Grant award

A. The Director will attend the annual Regional Conference hosted by DHSS. Air travel will cost $350, meals will cost $120 and $180…. [read more]

Individual and Group Skills Essay

… Communication

Individual and Group Skills

Nonverbal communication involves those nonverbal things that are in a communication setting that are generated by both the source- the speaker and his or her use of the environment and that have potential message value for the source or receiver -the listener. Basically it consists of sending and receiving messages in a variety of ways without the use of verbal words. It can be both intentional and unintentional (Non-Verbal Communication Modes n.d).

Two aspects that are included in nonverbal communication are eye contact and posture. In the U.S.A., eye contact indicates: a degree of attention or interest, influences attitude change or persuasion, regulates interaction, communicates emotion, defines power and status, and has a central role in managing impressions of others.…. [read more]

Harrison-Keyes Inc. Is Experiencing Extreme Difficulties Term Paper

… Harrison-Keyes Inc. is experiencing extreme difficulties in their change in vision from a traditional publishing company to placing more emphasis on e-publishing. The issues which have been plaguing the success of this vision largely have to do with lack of detailed strategy. To develop a more sound strategy Harrison-Keyes could benefit greatly from the best practices of Motorola Inc. Motorola is credited with the development of Six Sigma, which is used across many industries for the purpose of measuring quality. Motorola has evolved the Six Sigma methodology into an overall business improvement methodology. This next generation of Six Sigma involves four steps which include mobilizing improvement teams and accelerating results both of which utilize Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) (Barney, 2002). The WBS involved in Motorola's…. [read more]

Observing Preschool Children in a Group Setting Term Paper

… ¶ … Preschool Children in a Group Setting

Psychology - Miscellaneous

Paper I.D.: 47083

Observation of Preschool Children in a Group Setting

Observation Report

Observation of Preschool Children in a Group Setting

Observation Report

The purpose of this evaluation is to report the observation of a classroom of preschoolers and in the reporting of the observation to state how the theorists Eriksson, Piaget, Kohlberg and Vogotsky relate to the emotional, cognitive, as well as physical development of the children observed.

This report will include the information concerning the school, demographics of the school and the class as well as the description of the social emotional cognitive and physical characteristics of the children in the observed classroom.


Pleasant View School is a private Parochial school…. [read more]

Concert Experience Creative Writing

… One of his more famous songs is called "Marina del Ray." It is a romantic song, but not a good romance. The song begins with the man talking about saying goodbye and walking away from the woman after their vacation in Marina del Ray. Whether they went there together as a couple or met there on vacation is never explained. The song is one full of heartbreak and longing, and a little twinge of sadness. The audience hushed during the performance, people singing along with Strait, but in a quiet, almost reverent manner. At the conclusion of the song, when he talked about saying goodbye to her, it was almost as if the audience could feel themselves walking away from an old love.

In fact,…. [read more]

Clay County the Field Experience Term Paper

… I also had a chance to talk and interview some of the students. These interviews were informal but very informative. Many of the classes that I had a chance to sit in on were very informative and revealed how much has changed since I was last in that position. I was always treated with much respect and kindness during my time spent at Clay County High School and found the experience to be both enlightening and entertaining.

Cultural Analysis

Some literature has been written about culture and schooling. It has been expressed that "a school's culture has far more influence on life and learning in the schoolhouse than the president of the country, the state department of education, the superintendent, the school board, or even…. [read more]

Country Experienced European-American Imperialism Essay

… These people formed the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) and managed to gain independence through the Commonwealth of Bahamas on July 10, 1973 (Stuart Olson & Shadle 1991, 40).

4. Colonization had both positive and negative on the Bahamas. When considering that the native population on the island virtually came to be extinct consequent to its contact with European nations, one can consider that colonization was detrimental for the Bahamas. However, the fact that Europeans invested large amounts of money and efforts in making the islands a hospitable place improved living conditions in the Bahamas and generally set the basis for a thriving country. The islands came to be one of the most developed countries in the Western World as they became more populous, "provided opportunities…. [read more]

Counselors in Group Homes Term Paper

… Counselors in Group Homes

Analysis of Work Environment

Social and Cultural Composition of Population

Theoretical Links

Informed Consent and Acknowledgement of Patient Rights

Theoretical Links

Strategies to Ensure Confidentiality

Theoretical Links

Analysis of Ethical Dilemma

Racial Disparity

What Mental Healthcare Workers Are Doing

What Patients belonging to Minorities are Doing

Issues with Information Sharing

Required Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process

The main aim of the paper is to analyze the work environment of chosen mental clinic. How the patients are treated in the clinics, what practices are being observed, what behaviors are being observed in the clinic in dealing with the patients, what cultural practices are being observed in the clinics and what kind of ethical dilemmas are being seen in the chosen work…. [read more]

Personal Experience Essay

… Personal Experience Reflection

The informal learning experience is a particularly useful experience. The major aspect of informal learning is learning in a very unstructured and pleasurable manner. These two elements were very important to me as I learnt about building computers and other aspects of digital technology. The learning process was unhurried and felt very natural. I would easily learn other things in the same manner. I learnt much of the things I did through working on solving problems with my computer and assisting friends with their problems.

As I reflect on my learning approach I recognize that I utilized multiple sources as points of learning. The first source was the informal knowledge of persons who I knew as enthusiasts. Some of my friends tinkered…. [read more]

ANOVA: Interaction Effects Essay

… ¶ … Interactions in ANOVA

Joseph Stevens (n.d.) of the University of Oregon succinctly defined interaction effects in analysis of variance (ANOVA) as ". . . The combined effects of factors on the dependent measure" (p. 1). What this implies is that multiple independent variables (IVs) will interact to produce the main effect, such that the magnitude of the effect of each IV on the dependent variable (DV) will to some extent depend on the magnitude of at least one other independent variable.

ANOVA is used to test for significant differences between independent groups in relation to the effects on a DV (Boslaugh & Watters, 2008, p. 232-233). In contrast to the t-test, ANOVA compares the distributions of the IVs and DV to determine whether…. [read more]

Observations and Analysis of Group Influence Term Paper

… Members developed these new attitudes and behaviors following the support they received from the meetings.

This process of personal change that was brought by interpersonal influence was mainly fueled by communication that generated support and resulted in conformity to the group's social norms and objectives. As an operational team, the marketing team meeting utilized communication in order to facilitate the accomplishment of its objectives. Generally, the influence of group dynamic had significant effects on individual attitudes and behaviors. The consideration of sprint marketing as an important and potentially beneficial initiative was influenced by the impact of interpersonal influence on the individual.


TYPO3 marketing team is an example of a group that demonstrates the various aspects of norm formation, group norms, conformity, and/or social influence.…. [read more]

Experience Concerning Curricular Change Term Paper

… ¶ … Curriculum Change

Some aspects of changes in curricula can be determined only through experience. This requires the combined experience of the staff to ultimately come to a decision, and even new teachers who have joined the organization can always claim to have had years of experience in teaching at other educational institutions. The experience of teachers permits the organization to test new theories and units and still be absolutely safe due to the experience of the teachers and those will find out what is important and what will work in the classroom and what will not work. The combined experience can be viewed as the base for the evaluation of new strategies. The second important factor is the sharing of stories between the…. [read more]

Group Meets Downstairs Essay

… Interestingly, many people from the first meeting I attended were there as well. Several of them acknowledge me. The group has a different chairperson than the other group, but the procedure is similar. The composition of this group is very similar to the first group I attended, and about half of the members were not at the previous meeting. This group also has a first-timer and after the formalities she is led into a different room with several members for a "first step" meeting. I almost followed them, but then thought better of it thinking that I would be required to share my story with the group, and since I would have to make up some details and perhaps offer advice I decided it was…. [read more]

Faith Baptist Church in Manchester Research Proposal

… The perception of the employees about the same will be assessed from the replies to the questionnaires from which it would be possible to derive the level of feeling among the employees about the fairness of the systems and procedures. The views of the employees regarding the impact of the systems and procedures on their motivation will also be assessed through the questionnaires. It is then possible to estimate the impact of organizational justice on the motivation of the employees.

Protection of Human Subjects

Voluntary Participation

Before administering the questionnaire, the person selected for administering the questionnaire will be informed of our choice and asked whether he is willing to participate in the process of the survey through the questionnaire. Only after the person agrees,…. [read more]

Group and Family Interventions Psychiatric Nursing Assessment

… ¶ … dominant leadership styles exist. The first is the autocratic type, in which the leader makes use of a highly controlling style and seeks minimal input or participation from other group members. This would not be an appropriate leadership style to use for an interactive support group of any kind. A democratic style in contrast, is highly participatory. A great deal of input is actively solicited from the group members. This would be the most appropriate style of leadership for the breast cancer support group. The group structure is supposed to be tailored to the needs of the individual group members. A laissez-faire approach, or a 'hands off' style might be insufficiently directive, especially during the early stages of group formation, when members are…. [read more]

Value of Group Coaching Research Paper

… It is beyond doubt that the success of my efforts will need supportive interventions from the other experts' in-group coaching. Among the support I will seek, include ways of expanding my group coaching program, marketing strategies, and incorporation of other services that will enhance the experiences of the participants.

Significant analysis of the reading has also shown me that not all the certifications for the group coaching programs produce similar outcomes for the program as compared to others. As such, seeking professional assistance from individuals who have run the group coaching programs successfully will be imperative. Choosing focus of my group coaching will be imperative. One of the focuses I will use to ensure success of my coaching programs includes shared passion and strategies aiming…. [read more]

Promoting Breastfeeding: Centering Pregnancy Model Essay

… Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshop: Teaching and Learning Package

All credible health authorities, with even a remote interest in maternal and child health outcomes, spend a great deal of effort promoting the benefits of breastfeeding (AAP n.d.). The official policy statement issued and recently updated by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP 2014) encourages family physicians to incorporate breastfeeding education into preconception, prenatal, and postnatal care visits. The AAFP (2014) also recommended that providers encourage family members, especially the father and maternal grandmother, to participate in supporting the mother's intention and commitment to breastfeeding. Although an individualized education approach can be beneficial, the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM 2011) recommends a group prenatal care format. The advantages of this model, aside from preserving clinic resources, include…. [read more]

Group Work Multiple Chapters

… If a student makes a pronunciation error, it is better to correct the error at that time, this way the student can make themselves aware and change their word form.

5. What are effective reading strategies that intermediate and advanced ESL students use and how can teachers encourage them? (Chap 20. Teaching Reading)

Learners of all levels know that practice helps them to achieve their goals of mastering their second language. Many students will also attempt to understand the context of their reading material, before resulting to other sources for reference. This strategy will help them master the language much faster, as well as learn other things they may not have known before. Teachers can encourage more self-learning and discovery, by assigning outside class work…. [read more]

Evolution of Social Interactions: Social Media and Technology Essay

… The subject matter is of a rather personal nature, and the researcher reckons that participants would be more comfortable sharing some of the information with a trusted party than with a stranger. In this regard, provision will be made and the participants' reactions to the analysis taken into consideration. The study intends to be fair, accurate, and valid to itself, as well as to the participants, and all questions will, therefore, be related to the research questions.

Interview question number one: How would you describe your i) online relationships and ii) real-life relationships? This question seeks to obtain the view of the participant on the nature of either relationship. It aims at analyzing the nature of CMC-based relationships vis-a-vis face-to-face interactions.

Question two: What techniques…. [read more]

Sociology Which Is More Important Essay

… Included in this are: 1) that behavior depends upon a termed or categorized world and also that these labels hold meaning by means of shared reactions as well as behavioral anticipations that outgrow social interaction. 2) That one of the groups or classes is symbols which have been accustomed to designate positions within the social structure. 3) That individuals who act within the backdrop of social structure name each other in the sense of acknowledging each other as habitants of positions as well as come to have anticipations for all those other people. 4) That individuals behaving in the backdrop of social structure additionally name themselves and build internalized meanings as well as anticipations regarding their personal behavior. 5) That these kinds of anticipations as…. [read more]

America, for Every 10.000 People Research Paper

… Since we are referring to a past time event, we will illustrate the process of our interactions with the two residents as happened. Also, we will be referring to the two residents as M. And K.

One of the interesting things when spending time in an emergency shelter is that, not only do you get to know about people's life stories, but you also become aware of the person's habits and longings, feelings and thoughts over certain situations, personally related or generally speaking. Mark was a man little over thirty, with nice physical features and having nothing to betray his homelessness. This was something of which he was not very proud either. He came from a distinguished and financially stable family, with his father having…. [read more]

Business Organizational Studies Benefits Essay

… Part 2

One of the research questions I came up with in Module 3 regarding the piece written by DeLorme et al. is "How do rates of exposure to OTC advertisements contribute to behavioral changes in consumer?" I located four articles that ask a modified version of this question or investigate a different though relevant topic that overlaps in intention, goal, or otherwise.

One article by Dennis et al., "Media, Tasks, and Communication Processes: A Theory of Media Synchronicity," makes several interesting points related to my proposed research question. The authors provide a theory of media synchronicity. Media synchronicity, as they imagine and explain it, are synchronous behaviors shared among those exposed to the same media with the same relative frequency and duration. People are…. [read more]

Salesperson Prospect Interaction Dyadic Term Paper

… Salesperson - Customer Interaction

Taxonomy of Salesperson -Customer Interaction

The intent of this analysis of current research on salesperson and customer interactions includes the dynamics of buyer-supplier relationships, an overview selling model definitions and research efforts used to validate them, and a comprehensive review of key findings from research into these areas. Specifically defining a taxonomy of knowledge in this area through the use of primary research, the intent of this paper is to show specifically how salesperson to customer and buyer to supplier relationships are being clarified and made more effective through the research efforts of the theorists, educators, and practitioners mentioned in this paper.

Selling Approach in Buyer-Seller Relationships

Personal selling can be defined as the process by which a salesperson attempts to…. [read more]

Approaches to Second Language Classroom Interaction Term Paper

… SLA Second Language Aquisition

As the world has become increasingly more global, interests in second language acquisition has also increased. More specifically second language acquisition as it pertains to the second language classroom has become a focal point. The following research will examine three methods that are utilized in Second Language research including conversation analysis, stimulated recall and the Think Aloud Method. For the purposes of this discussion, we will explore the relationship of each approach to theory and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each system. Illustrate your argument through the use of transcribed extracts from second language classroom interaction. Let us begin the discussion with some background information about second language acquisition and second language classrooms.

Second language acquisition and second language classrooms…. [read more]

Behavioral Finance and Human Interaction Term Paper

… Retail sales can serve as a measure of the economy's strength. Low retails sales often mean that the economy is weak, which could cause a drop in the Federal Reserve interest rates.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) measures the average change in the prices that consumers pay for a fixed amount of goods and services. The Federal Reserve monitors this data and uses it as a key measure if inflationary pressure on the economy. As a general rule, if the CPI's value increases, the money supply will tighten.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures economic activity. It is the output of all goods and services created by labor and property in the United States. GDP provides important information on the current economic climate.

Characteristics of…. [read more]

Skilss in Interpersonal, Group Essay

… Communication in the workplace is affected by the individual's level of self-management and their use of technology. Technological forms of communication in the workplace are of vital important including the ability to use email, PowerPoint presentations when conveying information or ideas and the use of other such types of technological assistive communication.

Summary and Conclusion

This study has examined interpersonal communication skills including interpersonal communication through use of spoken word, listening skills, body language, facial expressions and the manner in which the listener responds to the individual speaking. In addition, this study has examined four communication theories and how these communication theories view the communicative interactions between individuals in group communications. Finally, this study has examined interpersonal communication between members of families and the manner…. [read more]

Human Computer Interaction Essay

… This is particularly true for users who simply must have the software package working right. HCI studies show that almost 85% of those surveyed believe that they must have a way to understand the system layout and ask questions if relevant. This is so relevant to HCI that standards have been developed that will typify the context and questions asked to "learn" to anticipate the user on a more robust basis (Knapp, 2009).

Social Computing- Regardless of the machine -- computing can make it smarter. Phones, buildings, roads, cars, entertainment devices, even animal feeding bowls and aquarium filters. In this way, we mean "smart" to denote things that are digitally functioning, that can hold data, make some decisions, and can track, manage and focus on…. [read more]

Cyberbullying the Effects Research Paper

… And knowing that the typical high school demographic is much more homogenous than that of a typical large university, High School students have much more to lose socially as a result of bullying .

And even while this study will be primarily aimed at the two aforementioned demographics, there is significant statistical data indicating that this trend is creeping its way into our younger generations as well. The figure below illustrates the ultimate effects of this practice on younger groups of children and teens:

This data is certainly striking and elucidates the mounting nature of this trend and its numerous harmful future potentialities.

Ultimately, cyberbullying is a growing problem that has already exhibited several tragic results. Though due to the newness of this forum for…. [read more]

Adults Who Were Bullied Research Paper

… Are sensitive, cry easily, and may be shy and lacking in self-esteem.

Are usually chosen last or left out, but do not encourage the attack.

Are often anxious and easily upset, have few or no friends.

Are bullied repeatedly, but sometimes use money or toys as bribes for protection.

Children who are provocative victims:

Are quick tempered and prone to fight back, but are often pesky and repeatedly irritate others.

Provoke bullies -- egg them on, and, in some cases look like they are bullies themselves, but always lose in the end.

Are clumsy, restless, with little locus of control (The Bully/Victim Characteristics Chart, 2001; (Frisen, Jonsson and Persson, 2007).

It is interesting to note that academically, the results of bully characteristics often indicate contrary…. [read more]

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