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General Electric Company (GE) SWOT

… The buyers have ability to switch from one company to the other. The company is facing competition within the industry. Thus, buyers have the power to switch to alternative company.

Threat of New Entrant: There are barriers to enter the industry. These barriers are economic of scale and huge financial resources to set up a new firm. GE is enjoying high market advantages with the threat of new entrants making the company to record huge profits over the years.

Threat of Substitutes: There are close substitute within the industry giving the buyers power to switch to other products within the industry. There are several substitutes in the U.S. And the Europe.

Competitive Rivalry: GE is facing stiff competition within the industry leading the company to…. [read more]

General Electric Jack Watson Term Paper

… GE not only engages in broadcasting but has shown significant innovation in technology and delivery methods for broadcast transmissions. The jet propulsion work being done by GE is helping to redefine how travel takes place and what resources are required to make various journeys possible. But perhaps the most significant technology the company is responsible for relates to the generation of power. The world is facing a fossil fuel famine and GE's efforts may be the lynch-pin in bridging the way to the new method of power generation.

GE SWOT Analysis


General Electric is replete with strengths. From market share domination to innovation to global relationships, GE has a significant repository of strengths which promise to help keep the company viable. Company leadership is…. [read more]

General Electric Short-Term and Long Term Paper

… GE's service centers focus on end users to become experts at organizing the front end by learning how to appeal to customers and understand their requirements, to price retail merchandize and services, and to sell products (using point-of-purchase displays, for case in point) -- all customary practice for retail companies. Additionally, for the reason that consumers already utilize the products of the corporations behind these service centers, they have been well positioned to sell accessories and attachments. Therefore, the qualified retail managers at GE are a benefit (Walter, Blacconiere and Patrick, 2002).

Locality converging on distributors, in comparison, excels at organizing the back end: forecasting and sustaining suitable catalog levels, giving speedy and low-cost shipping, as well as providing some services (for case in point,…. [read more]

General Electric Constant Transformation Term Paper

… In the same way, well-known leadership specialist Warren Bennis argues, "nothing serves an organization better - especially during these times of agonizing doubts and paralyzing ambiguities - than leadership that knows what it wants, communicates those intentions accurately, empowers others and knows how to stay the course and when to change" (Bennis, 1997).

Welch had diminutive use for those managers who adhered strongly to the company's old conduct and opposed essential transformations. In line with Welch, "The only people who get into trouble in our company are those who carry around the anchor of the past" (Crosby, 1997). At the "regenerated" GE, steady transformation would be the standard and performance would be the novel principle for developing market share with novel innovative products.

Innovation and…. [read more]

General Electric Company Case Essay

… " Instead of working only with whole systems involved in industries, GE could return to focusing on certain aspects of systems for development. This would help to simplify operations, reducing organizational complexity, and possibly increasing potential profits and internal growth.

Euro Disney Case - There are three key issues present in the Euro Disney case study. The first key issue is that in the year 1994, The Euro Disney theme park demonstrated a substantial loss totaling 1.8 billion French Francs. This sparked efforts to increase profits and decrease expenses in order to avoid closure. Marketers aimed to raise attendance numbers to the park by launching an advertisement campaign, introducing a new ride and by presenting the park with a new name -- Disneyland Paris.

The…. [read more]

Growth of GE General Electric Case Study

… GE does not have much control over the current global economic crisis and must have patience at is pertains to waiting for the economy to recover.

Corporate Level Strategy

The company's corporate level strategy is known as the multi-factoral model or the GE matrix. The picture below is a depiction of the matrix used by GE. This particular model or matrix is unique because it "cross-references market attractiveness and business position using three criteria for each -- high, medium and low. The market attractiveness considers variables relating to the market itself, including the rate of market growth, market size, potential barriers to entering the market, the number and size of competitors, the actual profit margins currently enjoyed, and the technological implications of involvement in the…. [read more]

Making of a CEO at General Electric Essay

… This leads to the heightening of the visibility of the company and reduction of the staff turnover due to employee satisfaction. In addition, it has led to the provision of quality services by the employees leading to consumer satisfaction and increased loyalty.

Successful realization of training and development provided by the company to the employees relies on taking into consideration their individual factors that may affect the process and its results. One of the considerations when determining employee training and development is the ability of the employees. This ensures that the training goals and objectives match with the abilities of the employees in terms of knowledge, skills, and application of the acquired knowledge. Motivational areas of the employees influence the outcomes of training and developmental…. [read more]

General Electric: Analysis of Strategy Essay

… As the company tries to regain stronger footing, it is finding a much different market than what was the case before the recession. Here, the research suggests that "since the financial collapse, investors are far more risk averse and naturally so […] looking at GE with all of its subsidiaries and a balance sheet that includes a very large financial component ($322 billion in receivables for GE capitol alone), its easy to see why investors have said 'why bother' over the past decade" (Barron, 2011). The current financial state of the company is too much of a mess for many investors to risk their worrisome investments. Many of the company's subsidiaries are in their own financial trouble as well, which causes risk to the entire…. [read more]

General Electric's Ecomagination Initiative in May, 2005 Essay

… General Electric's Ecomagination Initiative

In May, 2005 Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric (GE), launched the eco-imagination global initiative that sought to invent new products and services that preserved and in some cases strengthened natural resources while increasing profitability (Guerrera, 2007). The initiative has since generated over 80,000 new jobs in GE and its suppliers fueled by a $1.2B investment annual in Research & Development (R&D) by the company through 2011 (Mitra, 2010). The core technologies that GE is concentrating on in this initiative include wind and solar, energy production and conversation, transportation and logistics technologies including electric trains and RFID (Railway Age, 2010) and water purification (Mitra, 2010).

Analysis of the Ecoimagination Initiative

Initially started as a means for GE to attain its own…. [read more]

How Did Jack Welch Overcome the Impossible and Transform General Electric GE? Essay

… GE Jack Welch

Jack Welch used a number of techniques to overcome the impossible and reshape General Electric's culture. The company had been a management innovator for much of its existence, and Welch was given a mandate in the fact that he was selected over safer candidates for the CEO role. This allowed Welch the opportunity and the time to envision a strategy for GE and take the steps required to implement it.

Welch's first step was to set out a vision for GE. He could see that the management style when he took over was not going to be successful for much longer, and that he needed to change. He was able to identify the key elements of that change process -- the organizational…. [read more]

International Visit General Electric's Corporate Website: Essay

… International

Visit General Electric's corporate website: In the company's citizenship section, research a GE produced report on one of its global initiatives. Summarize in detail the project's initiative. Discuss the potential positive and negative effects of the GE project on both GE and on the country in which it is located.

One of GE's global initiatives is that of Developing Health Globally. This program began in 2004 with a twenty million dollar investment in rural African communities. Since then it has grown to a five-year, thirty million dollar commitment that reaches eleven countries in Africa and Latin America. The program reaches out to hundreds of thousands of people who are in need (Citizenship, 2011).

This program is an example of the company's sustainable approach…. [read more]

GE Aviation Division, Aircraft Engines Essay

… A GE J35 engine was behind a Douglas Skystreak's 1947 speed record of 650 miles per hour (GE Aviation, 2011).

After 1947, GEA experienced several years of competition from other manufacturers due to the desire of the U.S. Air Corps for a more diverse supply base for turbosupercharger-based aircraft engines. GEA responded to the challenge with the subsequent release of its J47 model, which effectively took over the American military aircraft engine market. The J47 engine generated sufficient demand for GEA to open a second manufacturing plant in Ohio in 1949. The second J47 plant was named Evendale, which eventually expanded to become GEA's central worldwide headquarters. The GE J47 served the needs of the Korean War, with over 35,000 units placed into service before…. [read more]

General Electric and Philips Health Essay

… This has been through the adoption of excellent corporate strategies that have are cost effective while ensuring that quality, innovation, and safety variables are optimized.GE health for instance is a market leader in quality control. This is evident with their Quilibria Quality management Solution offering (GE,2012b).They also engage in quality control workshops on various aspects of healthcare such as mammography (GE,2012c).Phillips Healthcare on the other hand has a firm grip over its quality control issues. This is despite being warned by the FDA over its imaging center at Cleveland (MedCity News,2011).The company ahs continued to invest in bleeding edge healthcare quality control technology and innovations aimed at raising the standards of quality of care. High-tech infrastructure spending, Low manufacturing capital

Investment, Low protectionism and globally…. [read more]

GE Global Initiatives General Electric Term Paper

… Based on the nature of our business engagement, appropriate levels of due diligence will be undertaken to assure that our actions in Myanmar respect human rights. We believe that our healthcare and energy products- to be produced in a way that is respectful to human rights- can make a positive difference in the lives of the citizens of Myanmar (GE, 2012).

In accordance with this stated position, GE has changed its business relationship with Myanmar and has opened up business opportunities for all GE units in Myanmar. Theoretically, by providing employment opportunities and access to some GE innovation, this would be beneficial for the citizens of Myanmar. However, the helpfulness of GE's action is largely predicated on the notion that the government has or will…. [read more]

GE and Strategy "Indeed Essay

… He sold underperforming businesses and invested in more productive ones. Competition between GE businesses was eliminated and divisions were required to work together to share and learn from each other to create a family atmosphere throughout the organization. Performance goals were set to unachievable standards with no repercussions for not achieving them to create higher standards and drive higher vision throughout the organization.

Welch introduced corporate mandates (Walker). Bureaucratic behavior was reduced. Markets were defined globally. Managers were developed as leaders. Sharing was promoted across business units. Goals were set aggressively. Service businesses were built. Six Sigma quality programs were implemented. Identified and removed underperforming managers. Force of all business units to implement e-commerce strategies.

Strategic planning has been a crucial part of General Electric's…. [read more]

GE Capital Strategic Planning Essay

… The knowledge databases regarding current projects, the previous projects, and upcoming projects is shared through the web-based portal called GM Access. The knowledge and expertise of senior level employees is available that may help guide the new members to learn quickly regarding proposal drafting, follow through, and effective marketing service to their respective clients. Since the management failure, the company has learned much and has managed its risk well in the financial and consumer markets. Currently the company is on the path of consolidating the operation and decreasing the assets of the company from $600 billion to $300 billion. The main divisions of GE Capital that the company has dissolved or abandoned are GE Money Japan, Consumer RV Marine, Consumer Singapore and Australian Home Lending…. [read more]

General Electric Strategy Research Paper

… GE Industrial Solutions is a producer, primarily, of power and electrical systems and is part of the General Electric conglomerate. Major competitors are Emerson (USA), Siemens (Germany), ABB (Switzerland) and Toshiba (Japan). The industry conditions are favorable, which is born out in the financials for GE, which indicate stable revenue growth and strong profitability. The company competes as either a differentiated player on a best cost player, depending on the product. Firms are all strong, and they compete for customers by offering a comprehensive slate of product and service solutions -- many customer use two or more competitors to encourage competition among the industry players.

GE has tremendous resources, but in general so do the company's competitors. As an American company, GE has the best…. [read more]

GE- Analysis Case Study

… Cost leadership strategy focuses on offering products at low cost whereas the differentiation focuses on offering products on premium price with unique product features.

However, some organizations use strategy that encompasses both the low cost, low price with differentiation. This strategy of combining all these factors is known as Hybrid strategy. It is effective to offer low cost with differentiation in order to imply the hybrid strategy. Usually hybrid strategy is used when the market is price sensitive rather than focus on quality. I the case of GE hybrid strategy would result in success for the company. The company can focus on keeping the cost low and price low while offering price differentiation due to excessive amount of research that the company focuses on.

The…. [read more]

GE-McKinsey Matrix Essay

… The difference between the GE matrix and the Boston Consulting Group matrix is in the level of complexity (Ward,2005). The GE/McKinsey Matrix is a special model that is built to help in the assessment of Strategic Business Units (SBU). It is built on account of two main variables; market attractiveness and the competitive strength of a given organization in order to provide a satellite view. The main differences however are;

The Market Attractiveness is replaced with the Market Growth variable in BCG matrix. This is regarded as an improvement since it includes additional factors for determining the level of market attractiveness. The Competitive Strength dimension also replaces Market Share and this is also considered to include more factors necessary for determining the strengths of a…. [read more]

Retaining Customer Loyalty Thesis

… Retaining Customer Loyalty

General Electric is one of the largest companies in the United States, and indeed around the world. In order to achieve and maintain this status, it is necessary for the company not only to maintain its strategies in terms of the competition, but also in terms of its existing and future customers. GE then has various strategies by means of which it maintains its loyal customer base both locally and abroad. The company's Web site, along with other sources, provides insight into what has been done to maintain loyalty in customers and to ensure an influx of new customers.

Customer Loyalty: United States

Most of the transitions towards ensuring a better customer experience in the United States have occurred over the last…. [read more]

Immelt Et Al. ). Becht ) Term Paper

… ¶ … Immelt et al. (2009). Becht (2010) discusses how RB (Reckitt Benckiser) has developed the global entrepreneurship skills of its top managers using global mobility strategy. The global mobility strategy is that the company does not allow its top manager to assume a managerial position in his country origin, the company only allows managers to assume managerial positions in other countries. The company has used this strategy to increase the overall revenue. The downside of this strategy is that it could to the relocation problem for a spouse and consequently leading to a divorce.

On the other hand, Immelt et al. (2009) reveal how General Electric (GE) has used reverse innovation to develop low cost products for the emerging economies and later bring them…. [read more]

Strategic Recommendations Started in 1973 Essay

… To its credit, the company has succeeded in this area in recent years. In this regard, Beinhocker and Kaplan (2009) report that, "GE Capital has consistently proved quicker to react and better able to value acquisition opportunities than have its competitors. Part of this success is due to a strategy process ensuring that GE Capital's executives have a strong grasp of the strategic context they operate in" (p. 119).

Evaluation of how recommendations regarding creative organization definition and diversification build a competitive advantage for the organization

In sum, GE must reorganize part of its strategy in order to demonstrate a sense of related diversification that promotes greater synergy within the company. Part of reaching this level of related diversification is exercising the company's strategic relationships…. [read more]

Ukraine and Philippines Research Paper

… Ukraine and Philippines

Over the last several years, a variety of firms have been focusing on diversifying their energy consumption and usage needs. This is because high prices are leading to a change in the focus of corporations. As they want to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels and decrease costs. This helps these organizations to increase their productivity and profit margins.

(Hunt, 2009)

In the case of General Electric, the firm has been aggressively concentrating on addressing these needs through a division called GE Energy. They are focusing on providing companies with a number of solutions in meeting these objectives to include: energy management, oil / gas and power / water solutions. The combination of these factors is helping customers to decrease their costs…. [read more]

Career of Jack Welch Term Paper

… Jack Welch was not always popular, and he did face critics. Some people say that he was really not personally responsible for GE's growth, that it was managers, like Don Ohlmeyer, that helped turn the company around. The company was profitable before he took over, and it remained profitable after he left. Many laid-off employees, who thought they had a job with GE for life, where extremely bitter about losing their jobs, and they were the ones that called him "Neutron Jack" after a neutron bomb decimating an area. There are some critics that said he was largely responsible for many of the ethics violations at GE, because he created an atmosphere of competition and anything goes that managers misunderstood.

While Welch has come under…. [read more]

Business Transformation Strategy GE Capital Term Paper

… They could potentially attract a significant proportion of market volume and hence reduce the potential sales volume for existing players.

Competitive Rivalry between Existing Players

This force describes the intensity of competition between existing players

Companies) in an industry. High competitive pressure results in pressure on prices, margins, and hence, on profitability for every single company in the industry. The two factors exerting the largest pressure on GECW and enlivening their competitors are:

Players are building business on similar strategies

There is not much differentiation between players and their products; hence, there is much price competition.

Low market growth rates (growth of a particular company is possible only at the expense of a competitor).

Because of the limits Irish auto market, these players are going…. [read more]

Pricing Products Pricing Strategies Essay

… Pricing Strategies

Watch the GE video. Which of the product mix pricing strategies discussed in the book most closely describes GE's approach?

General Electric relies on a portfolio-based product mix pricing strategy, which relies on the use of the Boston Consulting Group growth/share matrix. The growth/share matrix gives GE insights into the profitability vs. potential profit potential of products, in addition to the relative market growth of each product category. As of today GE has mentioned to the financial newspapers that they are considering spinning off their consumer goods division due to increasing consolidation of these markets. This is a direct result of their use of the growth/share matrix showing relative levels of profitability by product line.

How did the new positioning statements for the…. [read more]

International Business and Politics Research Paper

… International Business and Politics

In the last several years, outsourcing has become an integral part for helping a firm to decrease their costs and improve productivity. However, depending upon the region, this could have an adverse effect on their bottom line results. In the case of the GE plant, there is intense competition between the Philippines and the Ukraine. To fully understand the benefits that the Ukraine has to offer requires focusing on: the business environment and actual firms that are located in the country. Together, these different elements will highlight the strengths of the Ukraine for foreign direct investors.

The Ukraine's Business Environment

The Ukraine is focused on energy imports to meet the demand of businesses and households. In 2009, a dispute over the…. [read more]

Elearning in Corporate Environments Organizations Essay

… Organizations can create collaborative online work groups, use online chats, threaded discussions, and live collaborative learning events via phone to help facilitate eLearning and create a feeling of community (Sloman & Reynolds, 2003). It is also worth noting that studies show that eLearning can often mean more access to experts and trainers through email, webcasts and other features (Capdeferro & Romero, 2012). Communicating these benefits can garner support and build confidence in learners, further supporting adaptation of eLearning across the organization.

Experts contend that a well-designed eLearning program demands interaction, critical thinking, and synthesis (Skillsoft, 2004). Positioning eLearning as an extension of job responsibilities can help reduce resistance to taking on personal responsibility for learning. Learning accountability can also be worked into performance appraisals (Chieh-Peng…. [read more]

Banking Industry Bank of America Essay

… The organization could set a total of $27 Million for asset acquisition every year, depending on the consumer demand for products and services.


The Bank of America Corporation has much strength including a strong market position, which it must use to take advantage of the current competitive market. The management of the firm is also obligated to ensure that the strengths of the organization are used to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities, and also eliminate any environmental threats and weaknesses which may bar the success of the company.


Bank of America, (2012). United States Commercial Banking. Company Profiles, 1, 36-51.

Goldsmith, M. & Carter, L. (2009). Best Practices in Talent Management: How the World's Leading Corporations Manage, Develop and Retain Top Talent.…. [read more]

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