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Gun Possession Research Paper

… Gun possession refers to the act of private ownership of the gun by the citizens of any nation across the globe. The act of gun possession might be legal or illegal in accordance with demonstration or illustration of the laws within the legal system. There are various reasons as to why individuals own guns in their residential homes. One of the alleged reasons for the private ownership of the guns by the citizens is the need for protection. Despite this aspect, gun ownership results to intended and unintended results thus affecting the development and growth of the society. Gun possession is an important aspect of the study based on the relevant statistics and facts within the context of the United States. Based on a research…. [read more]

Gun Control Laws and Regulations Research Paper

… However the NRA is of the contrary view. The advocates of NRA do not accept any relationship with the gun violence, massacre, and crime in relation to loose controls on guns in the country. The country is also facing multiple security and criminal issues instigated by the usage of guns. However most of the influential advocates of gun possession do not accept the linkages of guns and crime rates.

Sandy Hook and Colorado:

The massacre of Sandy Hook is one of the events causing loss of lives. It is also seen in relation to the gun controls. The relatives of the event victims claims that there are multiple events involving the usage of automatic and semi-automatic fire arms in killings while the government and society…. [read more]

Guns Control Gun Essay

… Lastly, gun control has the benefit of reduction in assault and domestic violence cases. These are common in family setups that experience frequent disagreements. In U.S., assaults and domestic violence are common and result in separation and divorce between couples. Extreme cases do result in death of one or both parties to the disagreement. Many a times, there is use of a gun or firearm in assault cases with the intent to threaten the victim. Gun control leads to reduction in assault and domestic violence cases where there is use of gun or firearms.

Negative effects of gun control

Gun control does have vices. However, there are no proven cases where gun control is disadvantageous to people and the society at large. The text above…. [read more]

Gun Control: Restricting Rights Article Review

… Guns are still a big problem in the United States. The events of December 2012, where a gunman entered an Elementary School and killed 27 people, 20 being school going children reignited the debate on gun control ("Guns and Gun Control," 2013). This unfortunate event caused the supporters of pro-gun laws e.g. The NRA come up with proposals that would see school guards being armed to prevent a recurrence of the same.

In January of 2013, President Obama called for tougher Congress-backed gun laws that would confront the escalating cases of gun violence and mass murders. In his submission, the president proposed a plan that would see the adoption of stringent background checks, prohibit the sale of assault rifles and tighten the noose on gun…. [read more]

Gun Control Laws Research Paper

… " (Liptak, 2008, p.1) According to Professor Kleck, the "period it studied was too short and the suburbs were a poor point of reference. The place most like D.C. is Baltimore…It's a virtual twin city." (Liptak, 2008, p.1)


The work of William J. Krouse (2012), a specialist in Domestic Security and Crime Policy, entitled "Gun Control Legislation" reports Congress has debated the efficacy and constitutionality of federal regulation of firearms and ammunition, with strong advocates arguing for and against greater gun control. In the wake of the July 20, 2012, Aurora, CO, theater mass shooting, in which 12 people were shot to death and 58 wounded (7 of them critically) by a lone gunman, it is likely that there will be calls in the…. [read more]

Gun Control in NY State Term Paper

… ¶ … Gun Control in New York State:

The New York State law about gun registration before 1996 required an individual to apply for a handgun permit depending on various factors. This included residence or business permit, hunting and targeting shooting, unrestricted concealed carry, and employment concealed carry. As a result of these requirements, people with any kind of carry permit for gun registration could carry the permit for life until 1997. For several years, there were no reasons to consider changing the laws regarding concealed carry since there were few problems linked with permit holders. However, the need to change these laws and adopt gun control regulations started in earnest during the nineties following the murder of two police officers. This need was characterized…. [read more]

Gun Control Legislation Essay

… Consider what would happen if suddenly private citizens in America were no longer permitted to obtain or possess firearms legally. There would be social upheaval. There would be political upheaval. The country would be discontent. Consider the example of the illegalization of alcohol during the early 20th century in America. When prohibition was in effect, there was still alcohol consumption in America. Illegal alcohol production and distribution became widespread, prevalent, a huge capitalist endeavor albeit in the black market, and there was a lot of violence to enforce it. Alcohol is just as much a part of the American tradition as guns.

Practically, severely limiting the possession of guns takes more than legislation, though the legislation is necessary and should be in place because to…. [read more]

Gun Control vs. Crime Capstone Project

… In order to be able to get a better understanding of firearms and the degree to which they are available to the masses one needs to focus on types of firearms and the attitudes that the authorities put across them. Machine guns, for example, are considered to be extreme firearms and it is required that every machine gun in Virginia to be registered within twenty-four hours from the moment when it is bought. "A Certificate of Registration, valid as long as the registrant remains the same, shall be issued upon receipt of a completed Machine Gun Registration Application" (Machine Gun Registration). While machine guns are registered and this makes it very difficult for criminals to get their hands on a machine gun, other types of…. [read more]

Gun Violence in America Term Paper

… Therefore, it is liberal and enlightened to label American gun owners as deranged and barbaric, as well as anti-citizens engaged in beastly behaviors. Evaluations have accurately described opponents of gun ownership as bloodthirsty demented psychopaths with the primary concept of raining death on innocent citizens of America. These groups of people regard the issue as egregious stereotypes when others blame gay advocates for lobbying against close bath ordinances. Activists of gun ownership have been described as death merchants and murderers dismissing welfare of the community and homeless people as drug barons, retarded or alcoholic. Because opponents of gun ownership are considerably eager to raise opposition against racism, other evils such as gay bashing are also stereotypes. On the other hand, it constitutes to myopia stereotypes…. [read more]

Gun Control: Restricting Rights Research Paper

… The measures of procuring a gun are also equally to blame for the cases of gun violations. There are no clear guidelines as to who should own a gun (Spitzer, 2009). Moreover, when the person is buying a gun, the background checks on the buyer are not effective. Additionally, the period of waiting after ordering an arm is short to facilitate scrutiny of the gun buyer. In addition, the federal law is ambiguous since it does not set a minimum age for one to own a firearm. Therefore, these weaknesses in the constitution cause the call for the strict gun control by the liberals who are on the lookout for protecting the larger interests of the society.

However, the opposition of the gun control measures…. [read more]

Gun Controls "Studies Have Shown Term Paper

… Contrarily, such revelations findings recommend that high saturations of guns in places or something associated with that condition, have impediments to the illegal hostility. Gurr has revealed that handgun ban would criminalize much of the citizenry however, have little influence on criminals, while overemphasis on such proposals dissuade attention from the kinds of settings that are liable for much of our crime, like perpetuating poverty for the black underclass and some whites and Hispanics. Gurr supplements that guns can be a successful safeguard; referencing that UCLA historian Roger McGrath's evidence from the 19th Century American West shows that extensive gun ownership discouraged acquisitive crimes. He pointed out that modern analysis reveal that extensive gun ownership combats crime. The convicted robbers and burglars reveal that they…. [read more]

Gun Violence in Schools Research Paper

… Gun purchase in many gun shops was reported to be on the rise immediate after the occurrence of 911 incidences. According to research by the FBI, six months after the 911 incidence saw an overhauled increase in the number of gun sales in the market. According to studies done by the FBI on one hundred and thirty thousand checks on gun sales six months before the 911 incident, the results showed that there was a rise of almost fifty percent of the guns sales after the 911 incident. Further research on the occurrence of violence and criminal activities after the 911 incident indicated that there was a rise in criminal activities involving gun violence after the 911 incident. For instance, gun violence involving young children…. [read more]

Gun Control Problems Term Paper

… 2.The federal government should aid and maintain state efforts to raise the standard and encourage consistency of state gun laws, along with intensification of achievement and enforcement.

3.At least, all state gun laws should be in harmony with the federal law. At present, this would mean a minimum age limit of 18 for ownership of any gun, and 21 for purchase of a handgun from a dealer.

4.All states should move in the direction of dependable rigid frameworks based on licensing of firearm owners and registration of guns. States should execute basic anti-trafficking measures, in particular one-gun-a-month laws.

5.States should close the ambiguity between the regulation of primary and secondary sales, by necessitating the same age limits and background assessments for new and used guns.…. [read more]

Gun Control Bringing the United Kingdom Essay

… Gun Control

Bringing the United Kingdom's gun laws to the United States: A policy case study

When President Barak Obama was a state senator in Illinois, and also during his years as a senator in the U.S. Congress, he supported mainstream efforts to limit access to firearms, such as "better enforcement of existing gun laws, tighter background checks on gun buyers and a permanent assault-weapons ban" (McCormick 2009). Despite Obama's advocacy of relatively moderate gun control policies that would enable more stringent control of illegal gun trafficking yet still allow unfettered access to handguns (provided the citizen pass a background check for mental illness and a criminal record), gun sales and sales of ammunition soared when the President was elected in 2008. In the United…. [read more]

Gun Control in the American Term Paper

… Kip was reported to have received from his father, Bill, a 9 mm Glock semi-automatic pistol, one of the guns he had in possession when he went on his 'killing spree' in Thurston High. Clearly, Kip's father's toleration of his son owning a weapon contributed to his easy manipulation and accomplishment of a violent and deadly act (that is, killing innocent people, including his own parents). Also, mass media and the businesses who benefit from manufacturing and producing weapons, specifically guns, are also responsible for the proliferation of young Americans having easy access to weapons. Because mass media promotes violence and desensitizes the youth by advocating violence on TV, and businesses staunch supporters of the "youth gun culture," strict gun control sanctions and the dangers…. [read more]

Gun Control in the U.S Term Paper

… ¶ … Gun Control in the U.S.

One of the controversial topics in the United States today is the issue of gun control. The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms for self-defense. There is no doubt that the founding fathers of this nation had good reasons to pass the Second Amendment bill, but the circumstances have changed and the American realities today are different. The rate of homicides, including those involving guns, in the United States has reached frightening proportions. The right to carry guns should be allowed for law-abiding citizens but the regulation of gun possession must be stronger, otherwise the use of guns by deranged people who manage to kill human beings with guns will unfortunately…. [read more]

Gun Control in the US Research Paper

… Our country obtained its independence with guns, kept its independence with guns, and weapons will perform an important move in maintaining our independence. Why would some incident in Chicago, Illinois warrant the banning of all guns that we have the right of using to safeguard ourselves? Lawfully they cannot. The attractiveness of the constitution is that it can be modified. The ancestors realized they could not anticipate the future, thus made the constitution a pliable document (Goss 70). The simple remedy is to change the constitution in order to curb the incidences that have occurred in recent times. Nevertheless, modern times still seem to be very suitable with weapons. There is no questioning that this discussion is very sensitive. Ultimately, people have to consider gun…. [read more]

Public Problem Why Gun Laws Should Be Changed Term Paper

… Gun Laws

To begin, gun laws of late have become a very contentious issue for politicians and society at large. In one instance policy makes must appease their natural funding constituency in regards to their basic rights to bare arms. However, they also must consider the broader implications of their policy actions on society at large. When juxtaposed against one another, a very contentious and often emotional debate arises. Many agree however, that gun laws must be altered to reflect the changing operating environment our world functions in. With the advent of globalization and e-commerce, new threats to society and the general public have become very profound. Immigration laws have allowed millions of undocumented individuals into the nation. These individuals have the ability to obtain…. [read more]

Gun Control in the 21st Century Term Paper

… Gun Control

In the 21st century, the legislature should make the ability to bear arms a privilege instead of a right.

Whether American citizens should have the unfettered right to bear arms and own guns, has been one of the most hotly debated and contentious issues ever since the Second Amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution as part of the Bill of Rights. Opponents of government restrictions on possession of guns are adamant that such laws are a direct infringement on the right to bear arms guaranteed in the Constitution and also contrary to the hunting / sporting ethos imbedded in the gun culture, which is an essential part of the American heritage. Supporters of gun control, on the other hand, firmly believe that…. [read more]

Gun Control Gun Availability Term Paper

… Gun Control

Gun availability has become a very much discussed and very intensely debated item of discussion in the United States. According to statistics there are over 230 million guns privately owned, about half of households in the United States are the owner of at least one gun and according to a Kleck and Gertz, 1995 there are 2.5 million self-defense uses of guns each year. The New England Journal of Medicine published a report that states that gun possession increases the likelihood of becoming a homicide victim by a factor of 2.9.

There exists a long-running debate concerning the question of whether owning a gun increases the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime, committing a crime that one would not otherwise have committed,…. [read more]

Guns on Campus Should Students Thesis

… Debra A. Miller. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2009. Retrieved April 17, 201, from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale. Apollo Library database.

Deakins, J. (2008). Guns, truth, medicine, and the constitution. Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, 13(2), 58.

Durston, B. (2007). Gun Violence in the United States Is an Epidemic. Current Controversies: Guns and Violence. Debra A. Miller. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2009. Retrieved April 17, 2011, from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale. Apollo Library database.

Gun Control Krouse, W. (2002)

Join Together Online (1998). The Second Amendment Does Not Guarantee the Right to Own a Gun. Current Controversies: Guns and Violence. Ed. Henny H. Kim. San Diego: Greenhaven Press, 1998. Retrieved April 17, 2011, from Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Gale. Apollo Library database.

Long, Robert.…. [read more]

We Should Increasing Gun Control to Increase Safety Term Paper

… ¶ … Gun Control to Increase Safety

We Should Increase Gun Control to Increase Safety

The aim of this paper is to tackle the sensible topic of gun control and the individual approach to recur to violence in desperate times. Without any doubt, if the individual is not guided in the right direction, he is not capable to make the right decisions. This is where the law should intervene. The paper includes a presentation of the current status of the national society in terms of violence, a proposal for solving this violence and implementation methods in this case.

From one year to the other, we can notice the increasing number of incidents involving gun misuse, leading to more and more victims. Unfortunately, among the developed…. [read more]

Gun Control Debate Aside Term Paper

… Gun Control Debate

Aside from a very few other problems of contemporary import in American society, gun control ranks as one of the most hotly contested issues. From semantic arguments over the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution to statistical analyses of crime rates to philosophical debates about individual vs. collective rights, there seems to be little room for moderate and rational discussion of whether or not gun control is a reasonable social reaction to the existence of guns.

As Amar aptly explains in "Second Thought":

In one corner, gun controllers embrace a narrow, statist reading, insisting that the amendment merely confers a right on state governments to establish professional state militias like the National Guard or local SWAT teams. No ordinary citizen is covered…. [read more]

Gun Control Essay

… Congress first passed laws controlling firearms in the early 20th century. Throughout the past century, the issue has been debated frequently by opponents and proponents. Each side has used a different interpretation of the Second Amendment of the Constitution, a provision giving citizens the right to bear arms, to boost its arguments for or against gun control. Background checks and purchasing limitations, trigger locks, and the use of assault weapons have been among the hotly debated issues."

The Gun Control Act 1968 was definitely a commendable step in the right direction but the problem arises due to a conflict between the federal and state laws which often let many slip through the loopholes. For example Washing Gun Control Laws make it easier for a person…. [read more]

Gun Control 2nd Amendment Research Paper

… They are taught that the firearm is a weapon of last resort and to use deadly force only if they feel they or others they might be able to protect are in imminent lethal danger. Individuals citizens who own guns apply for a gun in most states, wait a few days to get a criminal background check and go pick up the gun. With few exceptions, one being most states have gun training requirements for individuals under the age of 18, but not usually to get a gun but to get a hunting license.

Individual proponents of the uninfringeable rights of citizens to own guns are not entirely wrong, there is merit to believing in the constitution as a document of weighty force, yet there…. [read more]

Guns Legislation and Information Term Paper

… Gun control has become a growingly controversial topic within national politics. Both gun control and gun rights advocacies have utilized and applied different rhetoric in explaining their platform. Gun control legislation has evolved during the past two decades, in some states restrictions have increased while in others restrictions have been decreased. In either case, gun legislation has been challenged by special interest groups in an attempt to justify their various positions. The following analysis will go into detail and analyze the specific strengths and weaknesses of gun policy and their impact upon society. After a close scrutiny on the impacts of guns on society in both their use and actual impact upon society, it is evident that information on the dangers of gun abuse are…. [read more]

Gun Control and Laws Regulating This Issue Term Paper

… Gun Control and laws regulating this issue in the United States have been a controversial topic of debate for more than a decade. Since the inception of extreme gun control laws during the end of the 1980's, the debate of how much crime is really prevented by gun control laws has raged on. It appears that the government and other anti-gun extremists have sided together against others in society who feel that public possession of guns should not be subjected to such extreme laws. Below then is an exploration of these varied opinions, including that of the Bush Administration, some of its opponents, the NRA and issues sparked by the Brady Law.

The Bush Administration

The 1994 assault weapons law entails that the manufacture and…. [read more]

Gun Control the Politics Essay

… Lawerence Rosenththal and Joyce Lee Malcolm look at the issues that surround gun control laws with respect to the Second Amendment of the Constitution. The NRA contends the Constitution guarantees individuals the "right to bear arms" and that any restrictions on that right are inherently unconstitutional. In 2008 the Supreme Court ruled that though the Constitution does establish an individual's right to bear arms it does not rule out the prohibitions on the possession of firearms by felons and the mentally ill, laws forbidding the carrying of firearms in sensitive places, or laws imposing conditions and qualifications on the commercial sale of arms. In 2010 the Supreme Court struck down Chicago's restrictive gun control laws stating that citizens have a Constitutional right to possess firearms…. [read more]

Gun Control and the Regulation Term Paper

… '" Subsequently he concluded that "I see no compelling reason to think that owning a gun is a fundamental interest."

The philosopher saw no major reason to argue in favor of gun-possession and felt that since it was not a serious-citizenship-rights matter, it ought to be discussed on moral grounds. And morally, he assumed, gun-possession didn't serve any social or public interest. Another good aspect of the discussion was reference to empirical data. The author has used less anecdotal evidence and has referred to empirical data from Department of Justice to support his arguments against gun-control.

The weaknesses of the article are numerous. For one, the author never mentions his stance on the issue clearly. It can only be extracted from various points raised by…. [read more]

Gun Trafficking Term Paper

… ¶ … Gun Control and Gun Trafficking

The objective of this work is the research the relationship between gun control and gun trafficking in an argumentative style of work with the goal of persuading a college-educated audience of the consequences of tighter gun control. Used will be a supply and demand argument such as in the case of alcohol and prohibition and the current issue of illegal drugs vs. legal drugs. This work will conclude with a call to action.

Gun control in the United States is a much-debated issue. According to a debate published by 'Reason Magazine': "Guns and the gun culture are so intertwined with American culture that many Americans perceive guns as utterly, unremarkably normal." (Kohn, Kaminer, Kates and Krauss, 2005) the…. [read more]

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