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Halliburton Management Analysis in Analyzing the Strategic Thesis

… Halliburton Management Analysis

In analyzing the strategic planning processes within Halliburton the company's global reach is taken into account in addition to legal, ethical, and corporate social responsibility (CSR) factors that influence the planning process. Halliburton is considered one of the world's leading oilfield services, oilfield recovery and oil industry services firms globally. Halliburton's core businesses force the company into situations that invite conflict of interest, and as a result, they continue to be investigated by U.S. Justice Department, be the subject of U.S. Congressional hearings, and often face probes into their efforts to reconstruct Iraq (Waxman, Dingell, 2004). This paper evaluates the planning function of Halliburton management in addition to analyzing the impact of legal issues, ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR) within the…. [read more]

Knowledge Management Succession Plan Strategy Essay

… According to Bagorogoza & Waal (2010), an effective KM strategy is realized when an organization is able to make use of its knowledge resources ad intellectual capital to achieve high performance. Therefore, since technical forms the basis of KBR's engineering and construction business section, it should be a major transferable competent or knowledge in the KM strategy. The succession strategy for technical knowledge can entail training workshops for recruits, supervisory programs for new and upcoming leaders, consultants and engineers by outgoing senior staff. The KM and succession strategy must also involve the management and development of the intellectual capital of the firm, which entails a comprehensive development of its human capital's expertise, skills and knowledge levels Bagorogoza & Waal (2010). Adding these dynamics to its…. [read more]

Market Capitalization of 23.011 Term Paper

… As is, the company has a favorable Price to Sales ratio of.47 compared to.79 for the industry,.96 for the sector, and 3.14 for the S&P. The company's price to book ratio is higher than that of the industry or sector, indicating wide-scale brand recognition. However, the S&P faired considerably better. The Price to cash flow analysis revealed that the industry was performing slightly better than Boeing. One method of comparing prices is to multiply Boeing's earnings by a competitor's P/E ratio. Unfortunately, this does not provide much insight as EADS, the company that owns 80% of Airbus, is reporting negative earnings. However, when compared to other Aerospace industry equities, Boeing is a good buy in light of its low beta.

All of these indicators reflect…. [read more]

Enron Leadership Enron Collapsed Research Paper

… Since the bill passed with bipartisan support in both houses of Congress, and was overwhelmingly favorable to the oil, coal and nuclear industries, the Democrats and their allies were only able to obtain some concessions for they allies and interest groups (Sherman, 2009, p. 36).

Under a Republican administration and Congress, any type of energy policy bill is going to be overwhelmingly favorable to the oil, gas, nuclear and goal industries, which direct most of the campaign donations and lobbying efforts to that party. This is simply a matter of public record and not in dispute, although Democrats Senators from oil and coal states like Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia and Mary Landrieu of Louisiana will also fall in line behind the traditional energy industries.…. [read more]

BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill April 2010 Research Proposal

… BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill-April 2010

Oil Spill Report

Marketing and advertising strategies are used in various fields, not just in promoting products and services. Such techniques are developed and implemented in order to communicate political messages, to influence the election process, to create or to conceal scandals, and others. Advertising is used in attracting attention on something, or on distracting it from something else. This tool is thought to be so efficient, that even bad publicity is considered good publicity. The art and science of marketing have been perfected in time, and have become able to significantly influence the success of most companies.

An example in this direction is represented by the BP oil spill that impacted a series of stakeholders. The importance and…. [read more]

Organizations Promoting Business Ethics Article Review

… Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac played a key role in the housing market plunder, as they provided mortgage loans that failed to be in conformity with established standards (Hume, 2004).

The executive officers of Fannie Mae were unethical in regard to providing false information to the state regarding subprime loans. Consequently, both major investors and the general public had trust and conviction that it was less risky as compared to other prospective investment choices. The adverse effect of these unethical practices is that there was an unrelenting increase in housing credit, which facilitated the sustained expansion of the mortgage housing market up until its unexpected and precocious collapse. This adversely impacted numerous citizens. This is largely for the reason that in the course of…. [read more]

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