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Health Policy Economics Class Essay

… The National Association of Community Health Centers argues that over 18 billion dollars are wasted each year for visits to emergency rooms that are avoidable as a result of being treatable in non-urgent or primary care settings. This figure is calculated on the assumption that 35% of all visits to emergency rooms are avoidable, by far a conservative estimate. Furthermore, overutilization of emergency rooms drives health care costs high and also decreases the quality of care significantly. As the overcrowding of emergency rooms causes increase in health care costs for the providers, many are switching off their emergency departments since they are becoming too expensive to run. Moreover, as waiting times in emergency rooms are increasing, the patient perceptions of emergency room health care quality…. [read more]

Health Information Exchange Boon Term Paper

… At the same time, they support the multiple benefits of HIE to payers, providers, patients, and the general public. The first strategy is to adopt an improved business model and eliminate those focusing on incremental cost savings to providers. The second strategy is not to separate the public health benefits from healthcare benefits. Instead, private medicine transaction-based IT benefits and public good-based IT health benefits should be melded to support legislation, regulation, funding, and promotion. The third is to carefully monitor and assess implications that new technology and private solutions may have for quality care and public health security. And the fourth strategy is to encourage States to become the fundamental geographical unit for HIE initiatives and activities. This places the State's authority behind the…. [read more]

Wellness Program at Work Term Paper

… (Healey & Walker, 2009).

Should healthy people have to pay Medicare and other health services costs for the health problems of unhealthy people?

If organizations charge an equal premium and deductibles for health services from all their employees including both healthy and unhealthy workers, it will be an unfair thing for all the healthy employees (Hitt, Ireland, & Hoskisson, 2007). Reason being, healthy employees can not be made liable for the expenses that organizations incur on awareness programs related to negative effects of smoking, drinking, and unhealthy foods (Krueger, 2007).

Moreover, organizations do not basically arrange health care awareness programs for healthy employees; the target audience or the main cause of arranging such awareness programs is the unhealthy employees who do not leave their habits…. [read more]

Health and Wellness Programs Term Paper

… Health and Wellness Programs

Research Proposes

More than Absence

Healthy Habits

Final Diagnosis

Health and Wellness Program examines the hypothesis: Although employees' health and productivity in public agencies in the southwest Georgia region are reported to be regularly enhanced by the impact of Health and Wellness Programs, limitations and delimitations are frequently overlooked or intentionally ignored. Consequently, this presents unanticipated problems as employers and employees may obtain unrealistic expectations and ensuing Health and Wellness Programs may be "set up" to fail.

Positive and negative program components, along with counters to potential failures of Health and Wellness programs are examined and presented in this paper.


Research Proposes

More Than the Absence

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being,…. [read more]

Health Care Costs Ways A2 Coursework

… In order to address the ongoing wellness of its employees, Kaiser: engages in a Labor Management Partnership with employee unions to promote and provide healthy lifestyle resources, such as a "Total Health Assessment" questionnaire so an employee can determine the correct wellness plan for himself/herself and a series of 10 online "Healthy Lifestyle Programs" to address insomnia, stress, smoking cessation and weight loss (Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions, 2012); Kaiser also maintains a Healthy Workforce Gateway that provides "good health resources and tools" to employees according to the regions in which they work (Kaiser Permanente, 2008). Finally, Kaiser proactively addresses possible patient infections in hospitals by developing "clear and concise protocols" based on the ideal of "unrelenting focus" and "patient-focused standardization of practice" for a…. [read more]

Wellness/Prevention Programs and Therapeutic Exercise Term Paper

… Even mild therapeutic exercise has been shown to benefit participants (Heath, 2002). Most people are deterred from therapeutic exercise programs because they feel regimens must be long or painful to produce results. Studies indicate just the opposite however. For therapeutic exercise to be most beneficial, exercise programs need "focus on long-term sustainability and enjoyment to achieve an optimal overall outcome" (King, 1991 & Heath 2002). Enjoyment does not necessarily involve a lengthy program. Participants who enjoy the exercise program they engage in are also more likely to stay with the program over a longer period of time, resulting in even greater health benefits. In one controlled study of 225 mostly sedentary adults, participants responded to even a brief "physician-delivered exercise program and walking" (Heath, 2002…. [read more]

Health Care Marketing in Practice Research Paper

… Healthcare Marketing -- Market Opportunity

Market Opportunity Analysis: Good Samaritan Hospital (Los Angeles, CA)

In understanding Market Opportunity analysis in the context of healthcare marketing, I have chosen the Good Samaritan Hospital website as the case for my analysis. I was struck by the hospital's website because of two reasons: (1) it has a clear and interesting branding as a healthcare institution, not to mention that the hospital was able to develop a catchy tagline, "Good Sam. Good Doctors" and (2) the hospital's website is well-organized, very informative, and has diverse yet organized content within.

Good Samaritan Hospital has a clear and effective branding, reflected in its usage of the name "Good Sam," a shortened version of the hospital's name and at the same time,…. [read more]

Health Healing Hospital: A Daring Essay

… ... Each person carries the community intention to healing for all members of the community.

This means that the hospital becomes directly involved not only in immediate aspects of illness and accident but also in the wider health concerns of the community. As hospital CEO Gavin Hino emphasizes, a community that is healthy and that is integrated with a well run hospital is less in need of expensive healthcare ( Mendocino Coast District Hospital Becomes One of Nation's First 'Healing Hospitals).


There is little doubt that a caring and healing hospital that is integrated with the community can result in greater patient satisfaction and an increase in the healing potential of the healthcare system. This kind of hospital is seen by some to be…. [read more]

Healthcare Management Health Care Essay

… However, insurance companies feel exploited because much of their premiums, 85% is used in enhancing quality care (OECD, 2011). This provision can garner support because it promotes a healthier nation through provision of quality care, but it can as well be rejected by those in support of insurance companies.


The proposed health care reforms taking effect in 2011 addresses post -- acute and long-term care, and the insufficiency of financing, lack of care coordination, lack of community and home-based services and poor quality care. The reforms taking effect in 2011 function to enhance provision of affordable and accessible care for the seniors, disabled and children covered under Children Health Insurance Program. These reforms also provide preventive care for those enrolled under Medicare. However, the…. [read more]

Health Care Management the CDC ) Essay

… Health Care Management

The CDC (2012) defines bioterrorism as "the deliberate release of viruses, bacteria or other germs (agents) used to cause illness or death in people, animals or plants. In addition to each local health care system, there are national bodies responsible for preparedness in the event of a bioterrorist attack. These agencies include Homeland Security, the Center for Disease Control, Health & Human Services, the Red Cross, the Food & Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. The latter two agencies are responsible for planning for specific types of bioterrorism, while the first three groups each have plans of action to address bioterrorism in general.

The Department of Homeland Security's role is to be alert to potential attacks, and take steps to prevent…. [read more]

Strategic Marketing and Health Care Research Paper

… Healthcare Strategic Marketing

Marketing in the healthcare sector is an interesting endeavor to engage in, given that healthcare is considered an integral part of an individual's daily maintenance of his/her well-being. Because healthcare is imperative and needed, it could be assumed that it does not require the same level of effort and creativity when it comes to developing marketing strategies that would increase preference and loyalty of the clients/patients to the healthcare organization.

Healthcare strategic marketing can be likened to a telecommunications company's marketing strategy: from the moment a product or service is bought up to providing after-service care to consumers/clients, telecommunications companies are involved ('high touch' involvement) with them. This same strategy must be adopted by the healthcare sector. In a healthcare organization, such…. [read more]

Health Policy Analysis: Nursing and Medicaid Term Paper


Medicaid Policy Analysis

The Plight of the Poor and Medicaid Policy Framework

Visible and Vocal Advocate

Inherent Inequality in American Democracy

Eligibility, Physician Behavior and Low-Income Population Access to Care

Questions Addressed in this Study

Analysis & Evaluation


The objective of the following work in writing is to examine Medicaid policy and to answer questions including those of: (1) What necessitated or facilitated the creation of the policy? (2) What was the policy attempting to accomplish? (3) Who had input into the development of the policy? (4) Was public comment solicited prior to the finalization of the policy? (5) for Whom Does the Policy Advocate? (6) What Purpose Does the Policy Serve in…. [read more]

Community Health Assessment for Los Essay

… Most residents are unaware of the plans. Sufficient emergency communications, medications, transport and assistance programs.

Community Diagnosis

Los Angeles county is one of the largest in the United States, according to population figures, and it has many areas of wellness and preparedness that are exemplary. The county has worked for many decades to clean up the air quality in the region, and although it remains above the national average, the rates are lower than they have been in many decades. This means that the people of the county are safer and less prone to lung ailments than previously. This can be seen in the reduced number of lung cancer deaths and the lowered incidence of lung problems from residents. The area has a large number…. [read more]

Wellness Programs Research Proposal

… Wellness Programs

In recent years a great deal of attention has been given to the idea of promoting wellness in our society. Throughout the country many people are overweight and suffering from diseases that are caused by obesity. Obesity and illness are two factors that reduce productivity in the workplace and in society as a whole. In addition these issues also cost companies a great deal of money (Harding, 2009). In fact,

"Healthcare costs comprise approximately 1.4 trillion dollars or 15% of the Gross Domestic Product (Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2005). In 2002, businesses paid an average of $6,300 per employee or an amount in excess of 42% of payroll expenses for medical benefits (United States Chamber of Commerce, 2004). Lack of employee…. [read more]

Wellness the Personal Health Assessment Tool Revealed Term Paper

… Wellness

The Personal Health Assessment tool revealed weak and strong areas of my physical and psychological health, pointing out lifestyle changes that might optimize my sense of well-being. Results of the assessment indicated borderline health issues related to my assertiveness skills and my eating habits. I may, according to the results, be prone to being overly assertive in my communication style, possibly bordering on aggressiveness. However, the results were not extreme and show that while I am assertive I do not necessarily hurt other people's feelings.

Dietary changes were one of the key areas that the Personal Health Assessment singled out as needing special attention. Because my family has a long history of diabetes, changing my dietary habits would likely prevent further health complications and…. [read more]

Health and Wellness Definitions Term Paper

… Health Beliefs and Professional Life

Culture influences an individual's health beliefs, behaviors, activities and medical treatment conclusion. Because of the important influence of culture upon health and related outcomes, health care professionals should be culturally competent in order to provide best possible health care to patients.

Cultural competency in the context of health care provision consists of:

Awareness and acceptance of cultural divergence

Awareness of one's own cultural values

Recognition that people of different cultures have different ways of communicating, behaving, deducing, and problem-solving

Recognition that cultural beliefs influence patient's health beliefs, help-seeking activities, interactions with health care professionals, health care practices, and health care outcomes, including adherence to prescribed regimens.

An ability and willingness to acclimatize the way one works to fit the patient's…. [read more]

Consultant of Healthcare Industry Research Paper

… Consultant Evaluation/Healthcare Industry

You are in the role of a consultant with ten years experience in the health care insurance industry. A group of 20 doctors are considering forming a new medical group and have asked you to prepare a report on whether they should build a facility in an area within 30 miles of the downtown center of your 500,000 population city for $100 million dollars. Prepare a report for the management team of the doctor's group on your proposed $100 million expenditure plan reflecting on the key course objectives including the financial, legal, alternative health care models, reinforced by your knowledge of strategic planning and capital budgeting.

The benefits of this proposal are truly overwhelming. One of the most major benefits of the…. [read more]

Health Service Marketing Essay

… However successful integration of services is essential. Both the health service provider and health sales force through operations must come to terms in order to develop technical solutions to payment processing for example.

Value Proposition

It is important to communicate a value to the health service stakeholders. Whether they be professional practitioners being recruited to join the team, investors, customers using the services, or employers considering your services for their employees. The value proposition lays out the reasons why stakeholders should consider the health service provider's offer. Understanding value is most important in improving the marketing and sales success says Nugent of the Medical Marketing Service (2007). It is important to understand what the needs and even preferences of the stakeholders in order to show…. [read more]

Health Reform Act Research Paper

… " (Flanagan, Miller, Pagano, and Wood, 2010) Starting in 2010, a small employer[footnoteRef:9] is reported to be eligible to "apply for a tax credit if they offer health insurance and subsidize, on a uniform basis, at least 50%[footnoteRef:10] of the cost of coverage." (Flanagan, Miller, Pagano, and Wood, 2010) The tax credit is to be paid in full for employers with less than 10 full-time employees and whose average wages total $25,000 or more. This phases out as employer size and average wage increases and the credit will be available on a reduced basis between 2010 to 2013 prior to the establishments of the Exchanges. (Flanagan, Miller, Pagano, and Wood, 2010, paraphrased) [9: An employer with 25 or fewer employees with average full-time wages totaling…. [read more]

Terrace Hospital Marketing Plan Marketing Plan

… Higher level of QC set from industry benchmarks (e.g. reduction of errors from 1.5% industry standard to .5% overall).

Process Reengineering -- Annual review of processes and reevaluation of purpose and objectives based on service volume, error ratio and customer feedback. Strive for community presence; become known as the "place for quality healthcare."

Competition- Smaller clinics and 24-Hour Emergency Walk Ins, Large Urban Hospitals. However, noting that the larger hospitals tend to be less personal while also having the fiscal resources to offer more specialized care, Terrace Hospital embraces relationships with other clinics and hospitals that help with the overall message to provide high-quality and accessible care to 100% of the population. A potential competitive plan could also include personalized services for the shut-ins or…. [read more]

Healthcare Spending Term Paper

… From the villages in which information can be found, in excess of 90% spend all their employees' premiums.

Curiously, White Plains, which happens to be just about comparable to Albany in spending budget size as well as quantity of workers, is currently a downstate exemption, needing benefits from nonunionized workers starting July 1, 2010 (Westchester County Board of Legislators, 2010). With regards to the unique situation of approximately 550,000 public school workers throughout the state, the information happens to be much less specific. Many understand that the biggest region - the City of New York - accumulates 100% of the price for the majority of workers (NYOLR, 2010). A number of researchers calculate, based on their study of agreements symbolizing 50% of all school district…. [read more]

Health Policy Discussion Responses Post Essay

… E.) programs, and other targeted initiatives -- while providing a well-substantiated, objective analysis of childhood obesity and its various causes and symptoms. This segment of the discussion post was especially interesting from a reader's perspective, because the school cafeteria is a nearly universal signifier of American youth, as is P.E. class, so these references compel the reader to engage more deeply with the facts being presented. One such fact that was especially interesting to consider was the stunning revelation that only 3% of American high schools currently offer a traditionally developed P.E. program, a radical change motivated largely by public policy agendas (Seo & Lee, 2012). When the implications of this societal transition away from P.E. As a core component of education are pondered, it…. [read more]

Healthcare Administration Essay

… Healthcare Administration

Functions of healthcare administration: Executive, legislative, and judicial functions


A healthcare organization's administrative body makes day-to-day executive decisions regarding the running of the facility. Such decisions can encompass areas pertaining to general management, human resources, marketing and budgeting functions. It must allocate scarce resources amongst competing priorities of different departments, such as requests for funding of new equipment, proposed hikes in employee salaries, and new types of advertising. The board may act as a general liaison with the community in developing programs to serve the greater population, such as overseeing education and wellness efforts in the schools. It may also engage in dialogue with local universities regarding the future of higher-level healthcare education.

Either the entire board or different parts of the…. [read more]

Higher Health Care Costs Term Paper

… Buffett Taylor & Associates say that the software tracks, analyses and generates reports quantitatively and qualitatively. It also reveals return on investment as well as organizational trends in areas such as absenteeism, productivity, disability/benefit costs, company morale, employee attitudes, program participation. Other features of the Buffett Taylor Employee Wellness Cost Benefit Software are:

The flexibity to accommodate a multitude of user requirements - e.g, multiple sites, multiple users, a variety of program initiatives with different measurement requirements, or other customized needs. The company cites, as an example, the ability to measure the effectiveness of an organization's its cardiovascular wellness program by tracking health progress, absenteeism, medication usage, knowledge level and participant satisfaction - and provide reports in an aggregate manner. Additionally, it will calculate the…. [read more]

Stakeholders in Home Health Essay

… The American Association of Health-care Administrative Management (AAHAM) is the earliest and biggest company of hygienics specialists worldwide, standing for even more than 50,000 participants from over 50 lines of works of hygienics. AAHAM combines analysts, wellness service companies, administrators and various other wellness employees in a special, multidisciplinary environment of expert exchange, research, and activity.

AAHAM is interested in a broad set of concerns having an effect on individual and ecological wellness, consisting of federal and state financing for wellness programs, contamination control, programs and policies connected to persistent and contagious illness, a smoke-free society, and expert education and learning in hygienics.

C. Different Healthcare Professionals.

From the viewpoint of the healthcare organizations, care synchronization is a core task. With proactive care groups, main…. [read more]

Smoking Cessation Health Belief Model Thesis

… The second stage, contemplation, involves the openness to consider that a problem exists and there may be a need to change behavior in order to correct the problem. At this point a commitment to change has yet to be made. The third stage, determination (sometimes referred to as preparation) occurs when a decision has been made to change behavior and an individual begins planning a course of action. The fourth stage, action, is the result of recognizing that a problem exists, developing a plan to make changes, and involves modifying behaviors relationships, environments, and experiences to overcome the problem. The fifth stage, maintenance, relapse, and recycling, occurs when change has been made and the individual recognizes the benefits, however, there is still a risk of…. [read more]

Healthcare Policy Issues and Implications Essay

… ¶ … Healthcare Policy Issues and Implications

The Impact of Healthcare Financial Policy Reform

The current precarious and unsustainable economic state of the American healthcare system is substantially attributable to the fact that for-profit health insurance companies dominate the industry (Kennedy, 2006). In that respect, it is incredibly ironic so many individuals (particularly in public office) blame the public programs (i.e. Medicare and Medicaid) for being "bankrupt" when they manage to administrate healthcare for approximately one-tenth the cost extracted (as profit) by the private healthcare industry. While administration of those public programs costs only approximately two or three percent of their total revenue, the private health insurance industry extracts more than thirty percent of the $2.2 trillion spent annually on healthcare in the United States…. [read more]

Fictional Hospital Create Imaginary Health Essay

… Non-monetary compensation includes benefits such as time off, insurance to protect income (health disability, social security, etc.), incentives, and others" (Compensation as a Function of Retention of Nurses, 2003, Maryland Statewide Commission on the crisis in nursing).

Given the intense competition for highly-qualified nurses in the area and the fact that nurses are assuming a wider range of duties than ever before, compensating nurses fairly throughout their careers is essential. The Hospital must ensure it pays nurses a competitive salary and benefits, commensurate with the nurse's level of experience. Although all efforts must be made to ensure that nurses are not overworked and that undesirable shifts are accorded fairly, when this is not possible, nurses should receive additional pay. New nurses are also paired with…. [read more]

Consumer Driven Health Movement Impacted Health Care Essay

… ¶ … consumer driven health movement impacted health care service delivery?

The concept of 'consumer driven health care' emphasizes on allowing the health care consumers the authority to chose, regulate and be informed on the health care services. Regulation of the consumers will fetch the insurers to innovate for creating the higher quality, and lower cost services for demand. In this manner the consumer driven health movement is taken to be a revolution and visualized as a drastic change of the technocratic, authoritative policies not acceptable to consumers and providers. This enables the people to receive the health care they desire at a cost they are desirous of offering. The market driven solution in respect of health care depends entirely upon the influences on demand…. [read more]

Health Disparities: Problem of the Uninsured Term Paper

… A physician compromises this principle by treating a patient negatively because of their choice of not taking coverage; but all the same, the physician has a duty to inform the patient of the probable consequences of their choices (Macklin, 2003).

Justice: a healthcare practitioner ought to treat all their patients in a fair manner (Macklin, 2003). This principle requires a practitioner to treat uninsured patients in the same way they would treat an insured one with a similar condition. The ANA supports the ongoing health reforms because of the current system's inability to accord the same standard of care to all patients. The principle that "all persons are entitled to ready access to affordable, high-quality health services" is a perfect representation of the justice principle…. [read more]

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