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People-Oriented Leadership in 1911 Term Paper

… ).

As noted previously, employees also have to know that their efforts are part of a larger whole made up of a community with other employees who are just as committed. People in the organization who have the same leader share a similar vision and the same outcomes. Leaders need to ensure their separate constituents within the organizations are aligned toward these end goals (Gottschalg & Zollo, 2007). By organizing people toward a shared vision, firms can establish specific management practices toward the attainment of strategic objectives. In addition, people-oriented leaders are not only interested in employees who have healthy working conditions, but whose lifestyle outside of work is just as positive. Csikszentmihalyi (2003) explains that the businesses that affect the quality of people's lives…. [read more]

Strategic and Business Goal, Economic and Labor Research Paper

… ¶ … strategic and business goal, economic and labor market conditions, and explanation of specific HR-related situations facing the organization and to perform an analysis of the organization and recommednd appropriate practices for alleviating the HR situations and for facilitation the achievement of the business goals.

The Wal-Mart Stores -- Company Description

Wal-Mart is without any doubt the largest retailer within the United States. And aside from being this retail monolith, it is also an American icon. Sam Walton's vision changed the face of shopping for ever, and not only within the United States, but throughout the world.

Wal-Mart was established in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas by Sam Walton, who had a vision of creating a store to sell all commodities necessary to the general…. [read more]

Portfolio Project Operation Management Thesis

… Business


When Sam Walton was franchising a Ben Franklin's variety store in Newport, Ark., in the late 1940's, he had a simple but significant idea. Walton, like most retailers, was always looking for a deal from his suppliers. Normally when a retailer managed to get a bargain from a wholesaler they would leave their store prices unchanged and pocket the extra money. Walton on the other hand realized he could do better by passing on the savings to his customers and earning his profits through large volume. This approach would be the foundation of Walton's business strategy when he opened Wal-Mart in 1962 (Frank, 2006).

His hunt for low prices came naturally to Walton as he was known for being extremely cheap. Cost-cutting was…. [read more]

Character Profile Jazmin Biltmore, the Character MO'Nique Essay

… Character Profile

Jazmin Biltmore, the character Mo'Nique plays in the 2006 film Phat Girlz, has many different stereotypes that she is working against in the movie. The main way in which she identifies herself in the movie is indicative of this fact; she sees herself as -- and is convinced that others see her as -- a fat black woman. There are many misperceptions that she faces as a result of this identity, which would make it difficult for her to receive full and equal treatment from receiving any of the human services that she may require. Women have been marginalized by many -- if not most -- cultures throughout history, which is why it makes up such a major part of her identity and…. [read more]

Art Therapy With Children Experiencing Grief Research Proposal

… Art Therapy With Children Experiencing Grief

This work seeks to answer the question of: "What is the effectiveness of art therapy with children that are experiencing grief?

Art therapy is a form of therapy that was first utilized by the mental health profession in the decade of the 1930s. Presently, art therapy is practiced in various hospitals, public and community agencies, clinics, wellness centers, educational institutions, business and private practices alike and involves the "application of a variety of art modalities including drawing, painting and clay sculpture."(Natural Standard, 2008) This work will explore Art therapy for used with children who are experiencing grief and will examine the effectiveness of this type of therapy for children dealing with grief.

According to the work of Busch and…. [read more]

Higher Education in Creating a Sustainable Future Term Paper

… Higher Education

The Critical Role of Higher Education in Creating a Sustainable Future

6/6 MLA Higher Education in Creating a Sustainable Future

Working thesis statement, Description of Audience,

Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of this paper is to argue for a specific action the college community must undertake to enable higher education to participate in the creation of a sustainable future. For a sustainable future to exist, people must first learn how to "govern society, and to achieve the health, peace, security, social equity and stability" needed to survive. To achieve this, a change must be made at the High School level, so students have an opportunity to learn what actions are necessary to sustain society, and gather what skills they must to participate in the…. [read more]

Music Therapy Term Paper

… Music Therapy

It has long been said that "music soothes the soul." Since humans first walked on the earth, they have used music as a way of gaining inner peace, solitude and pleasure. With voice alone or musical instruments, with friends and family and small groups and large, music has been an important part of human societies throughout the world. Music connects with the inner self. It provokes emotional response, or it reduces it. Hearing a certain melody can bring back a personal feeling or memory. It can even cause a physical reaction, such as a shiver or warmth. It is not surprising, then, that modern-day therapists use music as part of their treatment for social or emotional problems for the youngest child to older…. [read more]

Entrepreneurship Engine for Job Creation and Growth in Qatar Grant Proposal

… Finally, research outcomes are anticipate to reflect the nation's innovation and entrepreneurial climate. Interview data will likely reveal issues restricting the two sectors and the many potential national or institutional approaches for promoting them. Monetary assistance and policy are two potential strategies.
f. Impact and Project KPIs
1. Time Schedule
It is a tricky task to run the project and predict its date of completion owing to the many factors impacting its timetable. Hours spent against estimated hours against no. of hours left is a KPI capable of ascertaining whether the project is on track, whether any delays will arise, and whether it will be able to meet the established deadline (Parmenter 2015).
ii. Productivity Performance
Productivity constitutes a key element for the proposed project.…. [read more]

Hiring New Employees Is Generally an Exciting Case Study

… Hiring new employees is generally an exciting time for any company or manager. It gives a company a possibility for growth and expansion and it allows fresh energy to enter a firm -- something which can be inspiring and invigorating. It also opens the door to the possibility of the work being spread around; a fact which is truly something that can incite improved morale. If employees at a given company are feelings overworked, better delegating the work to new employees can help to alleviate this. This simple fact alone can make employees feel more like team members and help revive their enthusiasm for their jobs and lives, ultimately making them more productive.

However, new employees need to feel welcome and prepared. New employees need…. [read more]

Bath and Body Works Marketing Essay

… Therefore the marketing mix is also directly related to identifying the target market. In many cases selecting a target market and developing a marketing mix are interrelated and can be developed simultaneously. When the comprehensive marketing strategy is based off of complimentary marketing decisions then the marketing message will be the most effective.

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is an American retail outlet which is owned by Limited Brands which also owns the Victoria Secrets brand and many others. The company was founded in Ohio in 1990 and has quickly grown through the United States and Canada. While the retail store's main focus remains in the personal care industry it has started to change the main theme for it's products from a…. [read more]

Organization Behavior Competitive Advantage Essay

… b. Control Costs in the Long Run:

Although organizations have to expend a significant amount of budget on the training and skills development of their existing and newly recruited staff, these expenditures can eventually control the heavy costs which they have to incur in the long run. That is, if organizations continue to provide training to their employees on periodical basis, these employees are basically trained to fill the higher management positions in the future. In this way, organizations can save the money which is expended on the training of new employees at the Top Management positions by promoting their existing employees to those positions. The huge expenditures which organizations incur on the training of their higher level officials put heavy financial burden on their…. [read more]

Diversity in the Workplace Literature Review

… (DuPont, 1999, p.11) Dealing with the spaniel personality requires that one "be entertaining" and that one "pay them direct compliments." (DuPont, 1999, p.12) As well when dealing with the spaniel personality one must allow them "plenty of time to state their case and support their dreams and opinions." (DuPont, 1999, p.12) When dealing with the collie personality it is recommended that one "show them personal interest before getting to the subject" and that one provide this personality type with a mentor and "actively listen and discuss alternatives slowly." (DuPont, 1999, p.12) DuPont notes that an important consideration in development of workplace diversity is that of 'prejudice'. Prejudice is reported as a "preconceived feeling or bias and it's a normal human reaction." (DuPont, 1999, p.13) Prejudices…. [read more]

AVON Calls on Foreign Markets Essay

… As is evident in the first sections of the case, Avon lacks a galvanizing strategy that can unify the entire organization to a common strategic marketing plan. Fragmentation of the new product development process, market planning, market strategy, sales and distribution are evident in the first sections of the case. It is also clearly a chaotic situation and one, if left unchecked, will proliferate and lead to a complete lack of governance. With no governance in place, Avon will find creating even the most simplistic process a challenge.

The warning signs of what Avon will be like in an increasingly deteriorating level of governance are evident in the case. The core areas of new product development, procurement, supply chain management are out of synchronization with…. [read more]

Budget Concepts the Alice Hyde Essay

… This concept could easily be applied to the maintenance department. The maintenance department services all the departments and service units, which would be an expense to the units and facilities, creating its own revenue that pays its expenses. This concept could also be applied to the Information System Department. All the computer equipment and systems are maintained by the IS Department, which is an expense to the other units and creates its own revenues to pay expenses.

"The basic process of zero-based budgeting is to justify budget requests every budgeting cycle, regardless of prior periods" (Droege). Managers make up decision packages that consist of analysis of costs, purpose, alternative courses of action, measures of performance, consequences of not performing the activity, and the benefits. The…. [read more]

Coca Cola Company Overview Coca-Cola Enterprises Business Plan

… ¶ … Coca Cola

Company Overview

Coca-Cola Enterprises is a multinational company with headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Coca Cola produces non-alcoholic beverages and operates in several countries such as Great Britain, Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Sweden and Norway. Coca Cola markets world top 5 soft drinks brands and produces more than 500 beverages brands. Among the top Coca Cola, brands include Fanta, Fanta Verdia, Krest, Calypso, Schweppes, and Coke. Despite the company international operations, 72% of its operating profits are generated from the United States. Outside the United States, Coca Cola maintains ownership interests with many canning and bottling companies. (Lagos, & Smith 2001). Employed nearly 139,600 people, Coca-Cola recorded revenues of $46 billions in the 2011 fiscal year with quarterly revenue growth of…. [read more]

Filter Bubble a Review Book Review

… Neutrality Not Swiss

What is happening essentially, or the moral of the story one might say, is that what was once an open and free system that promoted a greater exchange of information, is something that is now becoming a walled system. Pariser points out that the Internet actually hides information. Hiding, secrecy and censoring is more like socialism than it is a democratic system. As the Economist points out in many of its pieces, and as in one article quoted, "The Web is Dead" as Wired magazine quoted recently' although this goes a bit further than many expect the case will go. Although, this may not be such a bad thing, as some customers favor using some products over others. Apple for example, delights…. [read more] Website Analysis Effective New Essay

… d.). The site's graphic design and structure make it appear as though Publix is a small, independently owned business instead of one that operates in five separate states. In addition, the images and graphics that are used on the site do not successfully promote the products and services that are offered by Publix. The last pitfall that the Publix website encounters is its inability to promote itself. While Publix is easily accessed through a simple online search, there are no additional banners or advertisements that help direct a user to the site. It does not offer special promotions, aside from coupons, through its website, nor does it invite customers to interact with the stores through the website. If the store were to offer an enticing…. [read more]

Societal Changes in Work Structure Affected Research Paper

… ¶ … Societal Changes in Work Structure Affected the Family Structure in the Last 20 Years?

Twenty years ago, the first effects of innovations in telecommunications began to be felt in the workplace, with a few Fortune 500 companies experimenting with telework and telecommuting alternatives for their employees. In the intervening years, more and more companies of all types and sizes have implemented these and other types of initiatives in an effort to improve employee performance and efficiency while reducing costs. During this same time period, the structure of the American family continued to undergo significant changes as more and more people divorced and remarried, creating so-called "blended families" or, in many other cases, opting for single-parent family structures. A concomitant of these two trends…. [read more]

HR Topics in Major Business Magazines Quote Term Paper

… ¶ … HR topics in Major Business Magazines

Quote #1: Dave Kieffer, leader of Mercer Human Resource Consulting: "These are not surveys or perceptual data. These are measures of how people actually behave, how they respond to the rules and rewards of their companies, and whether they flourish, languish, or leave." The underlying idea of this quote is that, while the statistics and the numerical evidence is useful in the assessment of the staff members and in the development and implementation of human resource strategies, it is even more important to understand the people first, rather than the statistics. In a more professional formulation, qualitative analyses are just as important as quantitative analyses in the management of the human resource.

Quote #2: Susan Adams, Forbes…. [read more]

Mind Body Connection With Learning Thesis

… Mind Body Connection w/Learning

This is a template and guideline. Please do not use as a final, turn-in paper.

One only needs to feel the knots in the stomach prior to an important speech, or test, or recital, or just before participating in a crucial sporting event to know that there is indeed a mind-body connection (Woolston, 2009).

What is This Mind-Body Connection?

"The human brain and body work together. Neuro-pathways from your brain are communicating all the time with your cells and muscles. Messages travel back and forth at blistering speeds. This merging of the mind and body creates a holistic connection that is critical for health and wellness... there is significant evidence to suggest that coordinating the interaction between our minds and bodies…. [read more]

Leptin Is a Protein Whose Expressions Thesis

… Leptin is a protein whose expressions have significant implications in the current trends towards weight loss. Leptin is a relatively small molecule. It is a hormone, which like all hormomes is part of the ductless gland system -- recognized as the eleventh system of a mammalian body. The other systems are circulatory, digestive, immune, lymphatic, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal, and urinary. Its molecular weight is 16 kilo Daltons. The leptin gene is called Ob-Lep. The Ob stands for obesty; the lep stands for leptin. Leptin is found in adipose tissue, both the white and brown adipose tissue. Studies have shown that with weight loss from dieting and other factors, leptin amounts are reduced. Interestingly enough, the opposite effect is not observed when the behavior…. [read more]

Rhetorical Analysis of the Ideologies of Gore's an Inconvenient Truth Term Paper

… ¶ … Inconvenient Truth

Former Vice President Al Gore, who, in his documentary film on global warming, by director Davis Guggenheim, an Inconvenient Truth (2006), introduces himself, "I am Al Gore, I used to be the next president of the United States," won an Academy Award for the documentary. It is not the first time that a controversial documentary film has won an Academy Award, nor is it the first time that a politician has harnessed the Hollywood public relations mechanism as represented by the film stars like those stars backing Al Gore's documentary, to promote both their ideology and themselves as politicians. Hillary Clinton did it with her book, it Takes a Village (1996), which won a Golden Globe Award, and was the first…. [read more]

E-Communities' Impact the Impact of E-Communities Table Term Paper

… E-communities' Impact

The Impact of E-communities

Table of Contents ( 35 ref - 45 p, -- MLA)

E-community Characteristics

"Being a Member" Benefits

Etiquette Examples.

Danger and miscommunication from E-communities.

Summary of evidence supporting the Hypothesis

Explanation of methodological approach of investigation.

i? Conclusion: further thinking or the term, egoboo.

The Impact of E-communities

E-community Characteristics

The "sayings" of a community, its proverbs, are its characteristic comment upon life; they imply its history, suggest its attitude toward the world and its way of accepting life.


Egoboo and Other "Everyday" Terms


Online Bully"

Virtual Communities?

Cather (1925) obviously never referred to these contemporary "sayings" or terms, related to online communities, when commenting on community characteristics. Today, albeit, terms such as these, along with a…. [read more]

Asylums in the 19th Century Term Paper

… Asylums in the 19th Century

Asylums came into existence in response to a growing social problem -- what to do with people who were mentally ill. Of course, they were not called mentally ill in those days but were referred to as victims of lunacy or madness. The perception of madness as an illness came with the rise of psychiatry, and the development of psychiatry as a profession occurred concurrently with the development of asylums. This essay will consider conditions that led to the building of asylums, how asylums were meant to function, and the shift of function that occurred late in the 19th century.

Historians disagree about the efficacy of asylums for the treatment of those who were mentally ill, but all agree that…. [read more]

Pilates and Rehabilitation Term Paper

… Pilates Helps Rehab Work

Pilates has skyrocketed in popularity, especially in the last decade, when compared to its humble beginnings in a studio apartment.

What is the reason behind this immediate rise in the popularity of the findings of Joseph Pilates? "The Ball" plays a huge role, without a doubt. For decades, Pilates trainers have known the stability ball is an effective complement to their techniques of body training. "Balance on the Ball. Exercises Inspired by the Teachings of Joseph Pilates," by Elisabeth Crawford is a new text, for instance, that combines the principles of Pilates with core training on the stability ball. (Crawford, 2002)

This text, among many others, demonstrates the core principles of Pilates. Many of the exercises are based on Pilates Mat…. [read more]

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