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Health Care Services for the Homeless Research Paper

… Health Care Services for the Homeless

An Analysis of Health Care for the Homeless, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Today, one of the most significant problems facing underserved populations is an inability to obtain health care services in the marketplace. In fact, there is a strong relationship between homelessness and health; homeless people typically experience higher rates of physical illnesses than the general public, and in cases where access is severely limited, people will tend to use fewer health services and will typically experience worse health outcomes (Helvie & Kunstmann, 1999). Furthermore, the constraints to access of medically underserved and vulnerable populations is reflected in their higher mortality rates and increased rates of cancer, heart disease, strokes, and dental disease (Barrett, Epstein, Gaston & Johnson, 1998). Community health…. [read more]

Governmental Healthcare Centers Concentrate Introduction Chapter

… A concomitant consequence of this law was to "entrenched the hospital and physician-centered model of Medicare by limiting insured health services covered by the five governing principles of the Act -- public administration, universality, accessibility, portability, and comprehensiveness -to medically necessary hospital and physician services" (Romanow & Marchildon, 2003, p. 284). With respect to accessibility in particular, Romanow and Marchildon emphasize that the vagaries of the CHA with respect to the delivery of health care services has created a privileged system in some territories and provinces. In this regard, these researchers report that, "Although the CHA has never blocked the provinces from providing a broader range of services under their respective health plans, it has meant that both hospital services and primary care physician services…. [read more]

Health Policy Economics Class Essay

… The National Association of Community Health Centers argues that over 18 billion dollars are wasted each year for visits to emergency rooms that are avoidable as a result of being treatable in non-urgent or primary care settings. This figure is calculated on the assumption that 35% of all visits to emergency rooms are avoidable, by far a conservative estimate. Furthermore, overutilization of emergency rooms drives health care costs high and also decreases the quality of care significantly. As the overcrowding of emergency rooms causes increase in health care costs for the providers, many are switching off their emergency departments since they are becoming too expensive to run. Moreover, as waiting times in emergency rooms are increasing, the patient perceptions of emergency room health care quality…. [read more]

Care for Populations Term Paper

… While it can be understood in many cases, there are times when it seems to be exactly the wrong thing to do, yet it occurs anyway. Because public health is also underfunded, those who want to push the bureaucracy aside and help the community members who are most in need are not able to do so (Turnock, 2009). It becomes a struggle to get the funds needed to provide the services that the population requires, and so many people in the community give up on getting help. They know they will not get it quickly, and they often suspect they will be denied, even though they really do need the help and, in many cases, deserve that help. There is also limited funding, so some…. [read more]

Health Service Marketing Essay

… However successful integration of services is essential. Both the health service provider and health sales force through operations must come to terms in order to develop technical solutions to payment processing for example.

Value Proposition

It is important to communicate a value to the health service stakeholders. Whether they be professional practitioners being recruited to join the team, investors, customers using the services, or employers considering your services for their employees. The value proposition lays out the reasons why stakeholders should consider the health service provider's offer. Understanding value is most important in improving the marketing and sales success says Nugent of the Medical Marketing Service (2007). It is important to understand what the needs and even preferences of the stakeholders in order to show…. [read more]

California Assembly Bill AB Essay

… Homeless Rights

Assembly Member Mike Gatto

Chair, Appropriations Committee

P.O. Box 942849, Rm. 2114


Dear Assembly Member Gatto:

I was distressed to learn that the Homeless Person's Bill of Rights and Fairness bill (AB5) failed to make it through the Appropriations Committee.[footnoteRef:2] Based on my understanding the state would have incurred a substantial financial burden by requiring the construction of local hygiene centers across the state and their continued support from year to year. Provision 53.4 was estimated to cost the state close to $216 million to build the hygiene centers and another $81 to maintain annually. The minimum services that would have been offered were 24-hour access to bathroom and shower facilities. [2: Melody Gutierrez. "California Homeless Rights Bill Fails in Assembly…. [read more]

Long-Term Care Thesis

… Long-Term Care - Hospice

Hospice is an approach to end-of-life care and a kind of support facility for terminally ill patients (Wexler & Frey, 2004). It provides palliative care, patient-centered care and related services. Palliative care relieves discomfort without improving the patient's condition or curing his illness. Hospice is extended in a healthcare facility or at home. Its objective is to provide humane and compassionate medical, emotional, and spiritual care for the dying patient (Wexler & Frey).

The term hospice derives from a Latin word, which means the guesthouse of a convent or monastery (Wexler & Frey, 2004). The first hospices were run by members of religious orders in the Middle Ages who cared for them until their death. Hospices were built for ailing pilgrims…. [read more]

Community Health Assessment for Los Essay

… Most residents are unaware of the plans. Sufficient emergency communications, medications, transport and assistance programs.

Community Diagnosis

Los Angeles county is one of the largest in the United States, according to population figures, and it has many areas of wellness and preparedness that are exemplary. The county has worked for many decades to clean up the air quality in the region, and although it remains above the national average, the rates are lower than they have been in many decades. This means that the people of the county are safer and less prone to lung ailments than previously. This can be seen in the reduced number of lung cancer deaths and the lowered incidence of lung problems from residents. The area has a large number…. [read more]

Federal, State, County Public Health Essay

… Without considering setting or location, nurses in community health offer comprehensive health programs for patients, communities, groups, and families. While operating in different settings, these nurses focus on the provision of services that emphasize dignity, respect, compassion and caring (Health, 2010).

Previously, nurses in public health acknowledged the importance of community-based programs such that individual patients who were suffering from health risks were linked to community health. Public health has fostered many reforms in public health policy. Public health continues to make significant contributions to the health of community members. The practice of public health entails provision of protection and provision of healthcare to patients. Unlike community health, which focuses on individuals within a specified area, the practice focuses on the general population. This focus…. [read more]

Quality Improvement in Health Care Term Paper

… Quality Improvement in Health Care

In the past few years, the criteria for evaluating the structure of rehabilitation services and related programs offered by hospitals have undergone a stricter type of scrutiny. As a result, many hospitals' core services structure, quality model and performance metrics have been carefully examined to determine whether the rehabilitation service is fulfilling its current mission and vision.

One division of health care services that frequently offers a variety of rehabilitation services is the Department of Veteran's Affairs (VA), which is a health care delivery system that provides primary care, specialized care, and related medical and social support services to veterans. Unfortunately, the present state of the VA rehabilitation system has raised concerns among health care providers, veterans, and policy makers…. [read more]

Determinant of Health Term Paper

… Determinant of Health of Income and Social Status

Definition of Determinants of Health

Since the 1990's, a very important body of research (Wilkinson and Marmot, 2001) has emerged about the determinants of health. Evidence has been systematically collected about how path- ways through societal, political, environmental and economic determinants become translated into illness and disease, and how social conditions and settings in which people live their lives not only influence how they behave, but also have a direct impact on their health. The social determinants approach seeks to address the social dimensions of health and illness that arise at the level of populations. Thus it is a population health approach, concerned with improving the health of whole populations or specific sub-groups of the population. It…. [read more]

Health Care Reform Term Paper

… This is indicative of a broader conception of healing and health care, but one that still puts the health outcome and the needs of the patient at the forefront. It is the difference between a philosophy of care that aims for a minimal provision of care vs. A more expansive understanding of the medical professional's ability and obligation to cause no harm while treating and preventing illness.

The legal and ethical frames of health care also call to mind the relationships between medical professionals and professional association. One relationship that seems important to strengthen is that between clinicians and public health / social service professionals for the aforementioned purpose of being able to provide a more expansive definition of care to patients in an era…. [read more]

US Health Care System Letter to the Senate Essay

… Healthcare Reform Letter

To Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid;

First, allow me to offer my most sincere and respectful gratitude for your service to the country. As a public office holder on one of the highest and most visible stages in the world, your job and its attendant responsibilities are considerable and quite challenging. Certainly, we have all seen the firsthand evidence of this over the battle involving the Affordable Care Act (ACA). That this landmark piece of legislation was both passed into legislation and defended by the United States Supreme Court represents a tremendous and exciting step forward in the quest to secure health coverage for all Americans.

Indeed, the facts and figures giving prelude to this legislation provide ample demonstration that the need…. [read more]

Sufficient Health Care for Runaway Term Paper

… They are also responsible for the distribution of information to the patient, ensuring they are aware of their options (California Board of Registered Nurses, 2003). To a runaway teen faced with so many difficult choices and barriers, this role is vital.

Although California and other states have done much to improve the health care options for runaway teenagers, the situation is still appalling. Faced with no shelter, no support, no money, and no insurance, and combined with a lack of available parental consent and a nursing shortage, runaway teens are often forced into choices not fitting with their best interest.

In order to provide true health care to this population, a number of changes must be made. First, more funding needs to be redirected into…. [read more]

Health Maintenance Organization Impact on the Minorities Thesis


The focus of this research study is the health maintenance organization impact on the minorities' community and specifically the communities of Hispanics, African-American and Latinos in the locations of New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut and Chicago. In recent years it has become increasingly clear that the U.S. .healthcare system is failing in making the same quality of care provision for ethnic minority populations as are made for the majority white population and the racial and ethnic disparities in accessing quality healthcare have been documented in research studies. It is reported that African-Americans experience the highest rates of mortality from heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease and HIV / AIDS than any other U.S.…. [read more]

Community Analysis: Columbus, Ohio Research Paper

… They promise to bring a higher standard of living, attract residents with higher incomes, and lead to the establishment of more services for all of the residents.

Community Resources

An assessment of community resources for help and family's to achieve the optical level of wellness focus is on Mount Carmel Health System. Their won the largest hospitals in Central Ohio and there are few services, either general or specialty that cannot be found on the campus. Residents who have Health Insurance or who receive assistance by way of Medicare or Medicaid have easy access to the services at this facility and will not be the focus of the study. The study will address resources that are available for those who do not have access to…. [read more]

Universal Health Care System Term Paper

… Due to the fact of limitations of administrative data being used as the benchmark it is essential that the estimation of the size of the Medicaid undercount is to be made with caution. Irrespective of the fact of the correctness of the estimates they are not capable of indicating a corresponding error in the count of the uninsured due to the fact that the Medicaid enrollees not reporting about the Medicaid coverage may report on another type of coverage. (Nelson, 2003) study depicting similar conclusions that of the Medicaid administrative records in Minnesota reveals that a vast majority of Medicaid enrollees who did not report being covered under Medicaid reveals their coverage under another source of insurance. It has been estimated that about 2.9 million…. [read more]

Nationalized Health Care Do Men and Women Thesis

… Nationalized Health Care

Do Men and Women working in the Healthcare Industry Differ in their Views Regarding Government Subsidized Health Care?

Economic pressures have many issues on the minds of American citizens. Making ends meet can be difficult enough. However, just one trip to the emergency room can put an entirely new meaning on one's financial woes. With rising healthcare costs, many cannot afford to obtain the medical care that they need. Private insurance costs have risen disproportionately to wages, creating a financial strain that everyone can feel.

One of the most recently proposed solutions to the healthcare crisis in America is to institute some form of government subsidized healthcare program, similar to what Canada and other countries already have in place. There are proponents…. [read more]

Nationalized Health Care Term Paper

… The patients feel that the treatment outside is of better quality. There have been reports released of the waiting times for patients in different states of Canada -- the shortest time is in Ontario for a patient to see a general practitioner and that is 14 weeks and in Saskatchewan, the waiting period is 30 weeks. This has led to attempts to get more nurses so that they can replace the doctors. (Munyon, 2005) Thus even when there is a right for the citizens to meet the doctors free and take problems of all their difficulties to them, in practice, the treatment is very slow and often not satisfactory.


Considering the expenditure in the medical industry, it is clear that different segments have different…. [read more]

Urban Health Issue in the UK Essay

… Typically, the resident of Newham is currently experience high level of deprivation making Newham recording highest rates of tuberculosis in England. Moreover, the life expectancy is lower in Newham compared to national average. Deprivation is higher in Newham than the national average. Typically, 86% of Newham's "residents live in areas classified" (Mayho, 2003 p 2) as the most fifth deprived areas in England. Moreover, Newhman receive the highest notification of TB in England with 15% increase in population since 1981, however, the rest of the cities and towns in the UK record a slower rate of population increase of only 4.3%. The increase in the Newham population is attributed to the increase in the number of ethnic minority groups settling at the place. Overview of…. [read more]

Rural Healthcare Term Paper

… ¶ … Rural Healthcare Facilities

Context of the Problem

Twenty-five percent of the total population in the United States are living in rural areas and compared with urban Americans and healthcare facilities in rural areas generally serve low-income, the elderly, and individuals who are less informed and armed with less knowledge concerning health care prevention measures. Moreover, rural individuals accessing healthcare in rural facilities face barriers to healthcare such as fewer doctors, hospitals and health resources in generation and face difficulty in accessing health services.

Hospital closures and other market changes have adversely affected rural areas, leaving State and Federal policymakers, and others concerned about access to health care in rural America. Considerable changes in the health care delivery system over the past decade have…. [read more]

Community Assessment Demographic Data Research Paper

… II. Analysis of Data

Health problems perceived by the nurse include poor nutrition, diabetes, obesity, cancer, tuberculosis and heart disease. The local residents often do not recognize the extent and severity of the health problems, especially tuberculosis, heart disease, poor nutrition, and obesity. Community leaders and leading health professionals do recognize the severity of the problems affecting the residents of Georgetown, Delaware.

Poverty in the community prevents adequate access to health care services in Georgetown. Especially among non-whites in Georgetown, poverty impacts when the individual seeks care. This means that many health problems develop further than they would if preventative measures were taken. Therefore, health prevention is the most important feature of a proactive community health program in Sussex County.

Currently, there are some actions…. [read more]

French Health System Essay

… To make matters worse, the system is losing billions of Euros every single year from not raising prices to cover the costs of treating patients. This means that the government must make up for the shortfalls and it opens the door for potential abuses to occur. These disparities have led to many people going overseas to seek out the treatment they need. ("The Awesome French Healthcare System," 2013) (Torsoli, 2013)

Country's Healthcare Financing Mechanisms (e.g., Fee for Service, Free or Supported by Taxation)

The French healthcare system is funded mainly through a government program called Social Security. The way it works is those who are employed will pay a tax into the program. For a visit to their physician, they will be responsible for a…. [read more]

Community Assessment of Kent County Essay

… Initial Impressions Regarding Kent County:

As a registered nurse, my initial impression regarding Kent County is that the area contains a fairly poor health care system and ever-growing health related problems. The impressions were not informed by personal bias but by information I have heard about the area and its geographical location.

Issues that May Affect Kent County's Health:

The below par access to health food, violent crime, and recreational facilities as required by national benchmarks.

Lack of health insurance to a huge portion of the population and dissatisfaction with life.

The existing disparities in access to health care services and barriers to health care access.

The poor environmental conditions related to health.

The problem of flooding, which poses significant risks to some well water…. [read more]

Community Health Groups at Risk Essay

… This can be for example through nurses who serve on local coalition for people who are not insured and working towards a plan that will see sharing provision of low-cost healthcare organizations as well as providers. However, this comes with various risks to the community nurses, these risks include loosing ones job since one will be viewed as inclining towards groups of people who do not have financial abilities. Another risk is lack of support by other health personal and thus their actions might fail to bear fruits.

Cultural competence

Cultural competent nurses need to understand their own world views of the patients and at the same time avoiding stereotypes and misapplications of scientific knowledge. Cultural competence is the obtaining information that pertains to culture…. [read more]

American Healthcare Term Paper

… American Health Care

Health Care Crisis or Unfounded Fears?"

What impact did the media play in bringing the health care issue onto the federal government/political agendas?

It is a common phrase, "Health care crisis" spoken almost daily by the media as well as the general public, defended against by health care interest and providers as well as many politicians, since it began to come to the forefront of the American mind during the Clinton administration. Though the questions are enduring and have been around far longer, as people began to notice on a daily basis that there was a population, rather large not being served adequately by health care. Yet, it really took the media pointing out the scope of the problem to create the…. [read more]

Low Health Literacy Term Paper

… Low Health Literacy: How it Impacts the Pharmacy Patients

Many years ago, the medical field was founded in a few basic rules. One took medications three or four times a day for 10 days and if they did not feel better they returned to the doctor. There were few choices in the medications that were available and for each illness or physical complaint the same drugs were used. Today, however, that has changed and there are literally thousands of medications available to use for many different purposes. With each passing decade it becomes more important than ever to be health literate when it comes to medications being prescribed. There are now many medications that interact with each other in negative manners. In addition, whereas certain…. [read more]

Caring Is Important to Human Essay

… The vulnerable populations are those people with greater risks of developing health problems. According to the centre for disease control and prevention, the homeless youth face various health risks from the environment they live. They do not have a proper diet; they involve themselves in risky sexual behaviors and drug abuse. The environment also exposes them to harsh conditions of weather and violence among themselves. By using the tools of analysis, nurses and medical practitioners can help the vulnerable population out of their problem. Tools of analysis can help to develop a sense of self-awareness to the vulnerable homeless youth. Beck depression inventory tool can enable the homeless youth determine the risks of depression they face. Daily hassle and Calgary family model can help homeless…. [read more]

Healthcare Disparity in Georgia HIV Research Paper

… As the teenagers enter the room, pupils are arbitrarily decided to finish a questionnaire to identify exactly what dangerous behaviors they may be associated with. The questionnaire is random and is likewise evaluating for an understanding of the HIV ailment procedure and views related to the disease (Hamilton, 2011).

In the spectrum of healthcare system services, the nursing care that this intervention program will offer this populace would be primary prevention. Upon admission, clients are asked if they have actually ever before been checked for HIV and when. Clients are likewise examined for any behaviors that put them at threat for contracting HIV. Registered nurses will address any questions their client could have and then the client will be seen by the MD. If clients…. [read more]

Shifts in Health Service Utilization Essay

… The anticipated shifts in service utilization because of consumer health information seeking are likely to differ among the population targeted by this organization. For the poor population, access to digital health information resources will be limited because of their socioeconomic factors. For the illiterate, these shifts would generate negative health outcomes and affect their ability to function well because of lack of healthcare literacy to make knowledgeable health decisions when utilizing health services outside the healthcare environment. The underserved populations in DC such as the homeless and disabled are also likely to suffer from lack of access to digital health information resources in light of these anticipated shifts in service utilization.

'Annual Report 2014-2015.' (2015, July). District of Columbia Primary Care Association. Retrieved June…. [read more]

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