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Healthcare Reform "Simkins v. Moses Essay

… A patient in a critical health condition faces a critical health risks if not admitted into the hospital.

Issues Hospital and Physician confront when Discharging a Patient

Issue a physician and hospital may confront when discharging a patient is to fully understand whether the sickness will not return after a patient has been discharged. A hospital might also consider whether the medications prescribed for patients have side effects. To prevent this occurrence, a physician and hospital should advice a patient to visit the hospital regularly for a medical follow-up.

Conducting illegal or Unethical Practices

A physician has an obligation to report an unethical practice. Unethical practice that violates a state license provision should be reported to the state licensing board.

"It is appropriate to report…. [read more]

Occupational Safety and Health in Healthcare Research Paper

… Healthcare

Occupational Safety and Health in Healthcare

Healthcare is the quickest growing segment of the U.S. economy, employing over eighteen million workers. Women make up almost 80% of the healthcare workforce. Health care workers face a wide assortment of dangers while on the job, comprising needle stick wounds, back injuries, latex allergy, aggression, and anxiety. Even though it is likely to avert or decrease healthcare worker contact to these risks, healthcare workers persist to experience injuries and illnesses in the workplace. "Cases of nonfatal occupational injury and illness among to healthcare workers are among the highest of any industry sector" (Healthcare workers, 2012).

In 2011, the U.S. Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) proclaimed a new National Emphasis Program (NEP) designed to help…. [read more]

Health Care Financing Term Paper

… Health Care Financing ISSUE ANALYSIS

In the past decade, the increasing financial crisis faced by the medical profession has emerged as a significant concern among medical professionals, student residents, patients, and health care researchers. In recent years hospitals have faced doctor shortages, the result of the combination of a lack of medical residency funding and the poor financial state of Medicare, which is the primary health care provider of seniors, as well as the primary agency that controls the supply of doctors. Congress controls the supply of physicians by how much federal funding it provides for medical residencies. To become a physician, students spend four years in medical school, and graduates then spend three to seven years training as residents, usually treating patients under supervision…. [read more]

Health Care Workers Research Paper

… Interventions to Deal with Depression

Employer Interventions

The development of programs to reduce work load, monitor hours, and give employees the perception of greater personal control and reduce stress can help minimize depression in the workplace. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) programs have been used to reduce stress. MBSR is based on the concept of becoming mindful and present in the moment without judgment and utilize contemplation, meditation, and practical applications to daily issues at work. These programs have decreased the stress level at work and have reduced burnout and depression in health care workers (Mackenzie, Poulin, and Seidman-Carlson, 107).

Programs which offer a conflict-management training to decrease potential stress for employees can be useful in decreasing depression in health care organizations. Such programs can decrease…. [read more]

Stakeholders in Home Health Essay

… The American Association of Health-care Administrative Management (AAHAM) is the earliest and biggest company of hygienics specialists worldwide, standing for even more than 50,000 participants from over 50 lines of works of hygienics. AAHAM combines analysts, wellness service companies, administrators and various other wellness employees in a special, multidisciplinary environment of expert exchange, research, and activity.

AAHAM is interested in a broad set of concerns having an effect on individual and ecological wellness, consisting of federal and state financing for wellness programs, contamination control, programs and policies connected to persistent and contagious illness, a smoke-free society, and expert education and learning in hygienics.

C. Different Healthcare Professionals.

From the viewpoint of the healthcare organizations, care synchronization is a core task. With proactive care groups, main…. [read more]

Healthcare Issues Country. How Solve Essay

… Creating partnerships between the private and the public healthcare institutions

2. Making the insurance more flexible and allowing the employees to select their own packages

3. The creation of individualized offers for medical insurance

4. Focus on the quality of the medical services offered

5. Reduction of fraud and abuse of medical coverage packages

6. Reshaping the role of the government.

1. Public-private partnerships

One major problem of the healthcare system is that it is being provided by either state or private institution, due to the nature of the insurance possessed by the individuals. At this stage however, it is proposed that the private and the public institutions join forces and combine the services they offer in order to improve their quality and the population's…. [read more]

Diversity in the Healthcare Industry Term Paper

… Diversity in Healthcare: A Synopsis of Current Trends

Diversity in Healthcare

Minorities and Health Care

Diversity and Women

Ecosystems Approach to Diversity

Managing Diversity: Best Practices

Progress in Reform

Diversity in Healthcare

Human Resource Management is a diverse and wide encompassing field that embraces a number of topics, not the least of which is diversity management. As the world becomes increasingly multi-dimensional and diverse, the issue and importance of diversity initiatives has permeated almost every industry, including the health care industry. Diversity within the health care industry is a growing problem, and one that administrators and HR representatives are working to identify and address. The following synopsis examines the current state of diversity within the health care industry and suggests approaches to alleviating diversity issues…. [read more]

Is Diversity Important in Healthcare Organizations? Thesis

… ¶ … Diversity Important in Health Care?


Is Diversity Important in Healthcare Organizations?

One out of four persons living in the U.S. has a different racial or ethnic origin. There are 75 million of them today and increasing every year. The American workforce and its health needs are consequently turning more and more culturally diverse in character. Two of the goals of the Healthy People 2010 equate health and well-being within a cultural context and challenge healthcare professionals to promote culturally responsive care. Healthcare disparities continue to exist among culturally diverse groups but the direction appears irreversible to enforce this new value.


Recent statistics reveal that 30% of the American population has culturally diverse origins and the trend has…. [read more]

Ethics of Good Business Research Paper

… They are also more probable to visit physicians, to get consistent checkups, to take remedy drugs and to have definite chronic illnesses. Nonetheless Marcia D. Greenberger, who is the president of the National Women's Law Center, made the point that the defense was "extremely questionable" since the differences varied significantly from one underwriter to another.

Cost of Procedures

When introduced about 20 years ago, the user fees at the time were anticipated to progress effectiveness, competence, and equity. However, a considerable body of literature has been displaying that when it comes down to different medical procedures, women's cost are far more than the men's are. Waivers and exceptions for the poor also did not help because, along with other reasons, they were difficult to administer.…. [read more]

Hong Kong Healthcare Essay

… The government should promote the establishment of low income outreach facilities that can be of value in reducing medical costs.

In conclusion, these broad proposals in relation to gender inequality and poverty are ways to stop a downslide in the Hong Kong health system in the decade ahead. But more important than these particular steps is the imperative to see our problems clearly and to shape our political and economic arguments around them in the coming years. If Hong Kong wants to maintain its global edge it cannot afford to neglect its less fortunate citizens. Strong families -- and the commitments and habits they teach -- are essential to both a market economy and a working democracy. More than ever before, the health of Hong…. [read more]

Obamacare Good for the Economy? Research Paper

… (Farazmand, 2001)

However social policies have been reflected in a number of areas including education, poverty and Medicare. There has been great progress post globalization where there was a revision of this trend where government moves the welfare services to the private sector to help it continue the services is unique to the United States, while in other countries the duality exists with the states bearing the burden of not only providing but also maintaining and innovating such services. (Farazmand, 2001)

There have been success previously in the medical policies and there is no reason why in the case of the Obamacare also it would not be a success. For example the medical policy like accountable care organizations -- ACO has solved the issues like…. [read more]

Communication in the Health Care Essay

… In the health care sector, effective communication is crucial in the delivery of care since these processes involve the transmission of millions of messages among various practitioners. Consequently, communication skills have become essential in every sector to an extent that they important elements of every training and education process.

An example of a good communicator in my personal life is a friend who works as a bereavement counselor for men and women grieving the loss of their loved ones. The bereavement counselor deals with various issues since grieving people go through various stages like anger, depression, and disbelief. In addition to these stages, grieving individuals experience tremendous difficulties in accepting the loss of their individuals. The bereavement counselor is an example of an effective communicator…. [read more]

How the Effect of Age Gender and Income on Support of Health Research Paper

… ¶ … Health

Factors Influencing Support of Health




Today, health support system has become a significant aspect in our society. With the growth and advancement in technology, nations have evolved their heath support system and it has become a significant aspect of the life of every individual. The welfares of a perfect health care system are plentiful. Numerous aspects can affect the health of individuals like the area where one resides, the condition of the government, income of the person and the level of education that one has acquired, genetics, the condition of the surrounding environment, while the more normally measured effects such as access and use of health care services often have less of an influence. Apart from all these measures…. [read more]

Rural vs. Urban Health Care Disparities Dissertation

… Health Care Disparity in Maryland

Context of the Problem

Unsettling Disparities Occur

Approximately 1,600,000 individuals who live in Maryland either do not have access to healthcare as they cannot afford insurance and/or are underinsured.

In "Health care reform: a vital issue for Maryland's nurses," Anne S. Kasper and Leni Preston (2008) stress this unsettling fact, as they point out that Maryland ranks number 24 in the United States in the number of uninsured residents. Fifteen percent of Maryland's population, almost 800,000 people, in fact, is not insured. The significance of the fact relating to those who do not have access to healthcare, Kasper, and Preston (2008) assert, increases as this magnificent number of individuals without access to healthcare does…. [read more]

Woman in Need of Professional Nursing Care Term Paper

… ¶ … woman in need of professional nursing care was discharged from the hospital, but both her husband and the patient herself refused to allow the home health care worker to enter the home to administer the necessary treatment.

The patient's (Mrs. B's) most serious wounds were those of two stage four decubital injuries (commonly known as bedsores) to her sacral (coccyx) area. The patient was paralyzed from the waist down; hence she was confined to a bed at home. At the hospital, the patient's required stitches. The patient, Mrs. B was discharged to her home in the care of her husband. Home health care visits were scheduled for the B's household, to continue the administration of IV antibiotics to treat her infected wounds. However,…. [read more]

Affordable Health Care Act Impact Thesis

… By law, persons who for religious or other reasons are unable to join these schemes are exempted. According to Scott (2013)

, it is this duty of individuals that makes universal coverage possible. Without this legal mandate, a large number of persons who are healthy would not see value in risk pooling and thus would not enroll for insurance coverage. Similarly, private health insurance would not eliminate discriminatory pricing that favor the healthy individuals. Private insurance providers cannot protect themselves from adverse selections since they have a duty to provide insurance to all individuals.

As suggested by Genevieve et al. (2012)

, the ACA is basically a three-legged stool that connects the broken ties between employers, private health insurers and individuals. The first stool leg…. [read more]

Impact of Rising Health Care Costs Everyone Pays Term Paper

… ¶ … Rising Health Care Costs - Everyone Pays

Usually, when rising health care costs are discussed, it is the employees or the end users that are the ones caught up in the price. However, from an employer's point-of-view these costs can also be very problematic. For this reason, it is important to look at the issue from a labor economics standpoint. Some of the information regarding this issue will be presented in table form throughout the paper in order to show as much information as possible in a small amount of space and allow for a thorough discussion of the issue at hand.

Within the field of labor economics it is important to note that unions have a generally positive influence on both the…. [read more]

Virginia Public Health Care Research Paper

… Economics

Virginia Public Health Care

All full-time, part-time, salaried and classified state employees including regular, full-time or part-time, salaried faculty members are eligible for Virginia's health benefits program. Certain family members may also be covered, comprising legally married spouses and dependents children. State employees have a number of plan alternatives depending upon where they live and in some instances where they work. Full-time employees pay the employee piece of the total monthly premium, with the state paying the rest of the cost. These premiums are subtracted from workers paychecks before taxes are paid. Part-time classified employees who work a minimum of twenty hours, but less than thirty two hours, per week or salaried employees in comparable positions in legislative, judicial and independent agencies pay the…. [read more]

Healthcare -- Women in the Workplace Case Study

… Healthcare -- Women in the Workplace

What are the fundamental problems facing women wishing to improve on their employment within the workplace?

At its most fundamental level, the Australian industrial relations system has been evolved to support and reward the highest levels of employability and education, creating incentives for workers to gain these high-value skills. In so doing, the employees in the lower levels, the majority of which are women working part-time, are caught in a cycle of low wages, lack of support for educational progression of their careers, and little if any recourse in their labor and wage negotiations with their employers (Jefferson, Preston, 2010). The evolution of the Australian industrial relations system has been along a trajectory of favoring those jobs that bring…. [read more]

Health and Wellness Programs Term Paper

… Health and Wellness Programs

Research Proposes

More than Absence

Healthy Habits

Final Diagnosis

Health and Wellness Program examines the hypothesis: Although employees' health and productivity in public agencies in the southwest Georgia region are reported to be regularly enhanced by the impact of Health and Wellness Programs, limitations and delimitations are frequently overlooked or intentionally ignored. Consequently, this presents unanticipated problems as employers and employees may obtain unrealistic expectations and ensuing Health and Wellness Programs may be "set up" to fail.

Positive and negative program components, along with counters to potential failures of Health and Wellness programs are examined and presented in this paper.


Research Proposes

More Than the Absence

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being,…. [read more]

Standards of Cultural Competent Care Essay

… There are several reasons why physicians should play a role in this procedure. There is a requirement to accentuate and develop the leadership capabilities of physicians so that they can provide their very best and a part of this can be made possible by letting them play a role in deciding the future strategies of a healthcare organization. Furthermore, when a healthcare entity is going through the mode of triggering a decrement in cost and increment in growth, physicians, like all parties, should have a say in what may end up affecting them to a considerable degree (McLaughlin & Kaluzny, 2006, p. 203).

They are centrally based and their opinion can prove itself to be intrinsically valuable. Physicians are also aware of the requirements of…. [read more]

Personal Digital Assistants Research Paper

… In sum, this author suggests that, "When combined with results from other kinds of studies, such as written surveys and direct observations, the PDA study could demonstrate how health care teams interact to do their jobs, how the physical spaces might be changed to improve the quality of medical care, and how to give team members a place to learn and to feel satisfaction in the jobs they do" (Segelken, 2006, p. 7).

While it is vitally important to assess job satisfaction in any workplace setting, it is also important to provide clinicians with the tools they will need to accomplish their mission in the first place and the U.S. military has sat up and taken notice of the potential offered by PDAs for this…. [read more]

Insurance for Nurses Term Paper

… After cutbacks and restructuring in response to managed care, nurses are routinely asked to work 12 to 16 hours a day, often with no advance warning, says Patricia Franklin, head of the workplace advocacy program for the American Nurses Association. If nurses don't agree to work the extra hours, they're threatened with charges of patient abandonment and actions against their licenses, she says.

It's one of the most central issues facing nurses," Franklin says, adding that 16 states are considering bills to ensure adequate nurse staffing levels. "If we can't provide a safe and healthy work environment, we are not only jeopardizing the future of nursing but the safety and well-being of all patients."

In the particular case of the Maryland nurses, we can see…. [read more]

Canada Health Act the Implementation Thesis

… Canada Health Act

The Implementation of the Canada Health Act an Medicare System

Canada's healthcare system is in many ways a great example to other economically successfully, free market nations, the United States high among them. Its ambition to ensure that all Canadians have access to some form of healthcare, whether through publicly funded assistance or through self-pay or employer-pay insurance coverage, marks it as a leading exemplar for a nationalized healthcare system. And as the research conducted here below will demonstrate, this reflects a cultural and political will to ensure that equality and fairness are governing forces ensuring the rights of all Canadians to some form of healthcare access or, where needed, assistance. Therefore, the research conducted tends to suggest that there is a…. [read more]

Agrees That Ethics Research Paper

… This principle is particularly problematic in today's society as evidenced by the debate over health insurance that is presently plaguing the country.

IV. Ethical Theories

Each of these principles is important and should be honored as much as possible. Unfortunately in the real world there are situations where one principle may have to be compromised in order to real the best result. For example, there may be a situation where the principle of justice might need to be sacrificed for the sake of beneficence or vice versa. This is to be expected in the health care arena as difficult decisions are often presented. In this regard, as a practicing Roman Catholic I can expect such circumstances to appear often. My responsibility is to establish a…. [read more]

Roles and Functions in Healthcare Management Essay

… Leaders interact with their subordinates at personal levels, holding calls with nurses if need be, holding meetings with service personnel, hospital representatives and employees, and are, hence, constantly aware of the issues facing the organization. [7: 7 Brent James, "Quality Management for Healthcare Delivery," Inter-Mountain Healthcare, 18, (accessed March 3, 2014)] [8: 8 Brent James, "Quality Management for Healthcare Delivery," Inter-Mountain Healthcare, 18, (accessed March 3, 2014)]

Controlling: involves assessing the performance of members vis-a-vis the expected standards, in an attempt to ensure that they maintain appropriate standards of conduct, and always give the best service of care to patients[footnoteRef:9]. With people's lives at stake, healthcare facilities cannot afford to compromise on quality control. Substandard performance ought to be punished appropriately because its…. [read more]

Green Provides Some Clear Guidelines Term Paper

… e. via telephone, email, marketing, direct face-to-face communication, focus groups, interviews, etc. (Perko, Module 4).

Step 6/7: Create messages/Develop promotion programs

- The messages and development programs are created and implemented with the help of professional marketing or advertising companies (Perko, Module 4)

Step 8: Implement communication strategies

- This is done primarily following the internal organizational structure of the hospital (discussed late in question 6 under health communication) (Perko, Module 4)

Step 9/10: Assess Effects/Feedback

- This is a long-term monitoring process of the management whereby statistical, qualitative and quantitative data and facts are collected to ensure the success or failure of a promotion strategy employed (Perko, Module 4)

3. Discuss three examples of health promotion techniques that can effectively achieve environmental change.

Ethical…. [read more]

Health Disparities in Louisville Research Paper

… As one study notes; "…approximately 4,110 people are diagnosed every day with diabetes. In 2005, 1.5 million new cases of diabetes were diagnosed in people age 20 years or older" (Galvin, 2006, p. 157).

Diabetes in Louisville is of particular concern in terms of the disparities in access and treatment opportunities. The statistics in this regard for Louisville as well as in other area of the country are alarming. " Compared with white adults, American Indians and Alaska Natives are 2.3 times, African-Americans are 1.6 times, and Hispanics are 1.5 times more likely to have diagnosed diabetes" (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health (REACH). Addressing Disparities in Health).

In Kentucky the statistics in terms of the disparity in diabetes is as follows: 6.3% White,…. [read more]

Health Cost of Being Uninsured Research Paper

… Uninsured

According to the Institute of Medicine in January 2000 there were 40 million uninsured Americans. By 2004 the number had grown to 43 million and this increase took place during a prosperous economy. On September 17, 2010, USA Today jounralist Richard Wolf quoted a U.S. Census Bureau report saying there are now more than 50 million U.S. residents, which is about 17% of the total population. This jump can be attributed to the loss of approximately 1 million jobs in the American economy since 2008.

In addition to the growth of uninsured individuals and families, there has been a growth in the number of underinsure people. Underinsurance can be described in a couple of ways, the most prevalent is people who are covered by…. [read more]

Application and Integration of Aacn Research Paper

… The goal of a nurse is to restore patient's optimal level of wellness as being defined by patient. Although, death could be an acceptable outcome for a patient, however, the goal of patient is to move a patient towards a peaceful death. According to ACCN model, there are eight characteristics of patient measured as high, medium, and low-acute characteristics. The model discusses nurse's competencies. The eight patient characteristics and eight nurse competencies should be linked to bring out better outcome for patients. (AACN, 2012).

ACCN model describes health as synergy contributing to patient outcome. Combination of patient's need and nurse competencies could bring wellness in patient. Typically, patient's health will be observed by functional change, behavioral change, comfort, quality of life, ratings, trust and satisfaction.…. [read more]

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