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Canada Healthcare Essay

… In spite of the available risk, a research on the costs and quality of contracted-out elective services, in part due to the fact monitoring systems tend to be seldom in place. It becomes of significance to keep in mind that contracting with private providers will not always be synonymous with bringing the free market into health care.

The Canada government can find it possible to introduce market forces, especially competition among providers, while not having any form of private ownership. The government can also intervene in turning the private capacity into reduced wait times. Private companies will not likely to brave high the markets of healthcare entry and exit costs not until they are offered a guaranteed revenue stream, which always is supposed to come…. [read more]

Security in Healthcare Essay

… Also, while wireless systems (WiFi) are a wonderful technological tool, Glaser reminds readers that these systems provide yet another way for hackers to invade private medical files. Yet another concern Glaser mentions (41) is the fact that physicians are now communicating with other physicians through Internet-based systems and while "improved care" may result from these devices, they may also become "a means for inadvertent and inappropriate release of patient identifiable health information."

Virginia Sharpe writes in The Hastings Center Report that among the virtues of electronic records is the ready access to personal healthcare by doctors and other medical professionals during emergencies such as Hurricane Katrina. For example, the Veterans Health Administration (where she is an employee, or was at the time of her article)…. [read more]

Healthcare Coordinator Professional Trends Article Critique

… Health Care Coordinator Professional Trends

Identify the article. What is important here is that you provide the reader with enough information about your article so that he or she will be able to locate the article.

The article can be located by conducting a search under the name of the author, title and date using Google Scholar. Another option is to find it in the library and carefully examine the main points. If any one of these choices is selected, the individual will locate the article. This is when they can corroborate and examine the main ideas. It is at this point, that these insights can offer a better understanding of the different trends and challenges that a health unit coordinator will face. (Wilkinson, 2008)…. [read more]

Hisory of Palliatve Care Palliative Ghost Writing

… Development of instrument that can be used in improvement of palliative care

There are legal standards that are being used in the United States to help sustain the lives of young children. Creation of machines to help in the program to sustain lives especially of those children suffering from long life diseases like cancer is the current project. This is an initiative taken by the pediatric palliative care department. The program will play a significant role in prolonging lives especially to those children with serious illness. Two instruments in the suggestion for use and reviews made to see the effectiveness. Parents and palliative care employees from various institutions gave opinions to act as a guideline on the effectiveness and progress. The instruments are essential in…. [read more]

Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors With Mandatory Reporting Systems and Computer Technology Term Paper

… Healthcare: Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors


Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors with Mandatory

Reporting Systems and Computer Technology

To combat the current crisis of deaths due to preventable medical errors the health care industry and lawmakers have taken two approaches. The first is the implementation of a system of mandatory reporting systems. The solution is to crate an atmosphere in hospitals that fosters less blame, not more, according to the IOM report. A blue-ribbon pane appointed by the IOM argues that the failure to acknowledge and analyze mistakes deprives hospitals of important information that could help prevent similar mistakes in the future. However, many in the healthcare industry argue that mandatory reporting of errors will foster an atmosphere of lawsuits and backlash…. [read more]

Electronic Health Records EHR Essay

… Electronic Health Records


Electronic health records are a realization that has been common across the information technology and personal computer markets over the last twenty years or so. The technology capabilities that have become visible over that time frame have greatly increased what people can do with computers but it has also made it a lot harder to get people trained and up to speed on the technology and it has also made it a lot easier to screw things up immensely all at the same time. This reply will cover all of this as it pertains to electronic health records the barriers that exist to getting them used in wide rotation in the hospital and broader healthcare industry.

Challenges in EHR

As noted…. [read more]

Green Provides Some Clear Guidelines Term Paper

… e. via telephone, email, marketing, direct face-to-face communication, focus groups, interviews, etc. (Perko, Module 4).

Step 6/7: Create messages/Develop promotion programs

- The messages and development programs are created and implemented with the help of professional marketing or advertising companies (Perko, Module 4)

Step 8: Implement communication strategies

- This is done primarily following the internal organizational structure of the hospital (discussed late in question 6 under health communication) (Perko, Module 4)

Step 9/10: Assess Effects/Feedback

- This is a long-term monitoring process of the management whereby statistical, qualitative and quantitative data and facts are collected to ensure the success or failure of a promotion strategy employed (Perko, Module 4)

3. Discuss three examples of health promotion techniques that can effectively achieve environmental change.

Ethical…. [read more]

Market Orientation of Medical Diagnostic Term Paper

… Services at the HHS, MDU's are not planning to be eliminated, but to be more efficient through improved discharge planning, more efficient ways to canalize patient, increase training and skills and more effective clinical and technological test taking of patients. The MDU used as a sample for this research project has an acceptance of approximately 3588 patients a year in the Echocardiography laboratory, 37856 patient for Electrocardiography, 1633 for Holter Monitoring, 2839 for Stress Test, and a 16,102 per year for diversity of cardiac and related non-cardiac diagnostic technologic tests. Having a total of 62018 tests at this particular Unit.

The four units at the corporation have approximately 167,489 invasive and non- invasive cardiovascular tests (including a small number of neurology test) done a year.…. [read more]

Community Service This Study Analyzes the Activities Essay

… Community Service

This study analyzes the activities which I participated during my home-based care program. It further state challenges which came by and how they were addressed. I also emphasize how various activities were sub-divided among the team. The study also states the process through the team used to implement various activities according the schedule given the USAID. It finally states the monitoring and evaluation method which was used by the team, to determine the effect of the activities.

(i) Introduction -(1)

(iii) Planning -(3)

(iv) Coordination (Resource and Personnel -(4)

(v) Implementation-(5)

(vi) Activities -(6)

(vii) Monitoring and Evaluations-(8)

The developing countries especially from Africa region face a major challenge from increase health care cost. Therefore, accessing better health services is major issues which…. [read more]

Core Competencies of Institute of Medicine Research Paper

… Cognitive skills, psychomotor skills and psychosocial skills also enable nurses to think critically and reflectively and make good decisions at the right time. By so doing, there is the presence of quality healthcare services that in turn contributes to saving more lives. Research is helpful as it ensures nurses have up-to-date information on health matters, hence ensuring quality healthcare services to the public (Pistoria et al., 2010).

These competencies have a number of implications for the healthcare profession. In most hospitals and health care facilities today, the services offered are of good quality. Healthcare givers have up-to-date information on medical matters, putting them in a situation where they can handle any medical condition efficiently. With their healthy lifestyles, nurses act as role models for patients…. [read more]

Current Information and Communication Technologies Essay

… Healthcare Technology

The Bar Code Medication Administration System is a point of care software system for validating the correct medication is given to a patient in the correct manner (Weckman, 2009, May). It is designed to help prevent medication errors related to patient identification, correct medication, route, dosage, and timing. It contains user specified codes and electronic signatures that link to usernames.

A valid provider order is entered into the system, verified by a pharmacist, and made active. A nurse accesses the system using a specific code. The patient identification wrist band is then scanned with a handheld scanner. The nurse compares the scanner information to the wrist band, and then confirms the information is correct. A Virtual Due List appears, displaying allergies and medications…. [read more]

Assisted Living Term Paper

… Assisted Living

An Analysis of Current and Future Trends in Assisted Living Facilities in the United States

A substantial numbers of older adults will experience a decline in independence and an increased reliance on caregivers; in fact, today, of those people aged 80 or older, fully 25% will eventually become institutionalized because of needing assistance with day-to-day activities (Westburg, 2003). Assisted-living facilities offer a relatively new way to care for seniors who can't manage on their own. A cross between an apartment building with services and a nursing home, these facilities offer residential units, which sometimes include a kitchen, housekeeping services, meals, transportation to doctors and activities, and various levels of personal assistance -- all for a monthly rental fee. The promotional literature for assisted-living…. [read more]

PICOT Population/Patient Adults With Congestive Research Paper

… 53).




1 -- Assess the need for change in practice

Is there evidence to support the need to change the manner in which cardio patients are cared for post-intervention?

Are we doing enough for older patients (over 50) in rehabilitative care, follow-up, and post-procedure counseling?

2 -- Link the problem

Link problem to potential findings about readmissions and/or efficacy of post-procedural care.

What is the readmission rate for these patients? What is their overall prognosis?

3 -- Synthesize evidence

Use literature review to find evidence-based practice guidelines.

Examination of data from scholarly reviewed studies.

4 -- Design Practice Change

Based on results, design a program to change practice procedures to correct problem.

First step of practice change is to find baseline by…. [read more]

Family in Health Term Paper

… This requires more collaboration not only among patients and healthcare providers but also among nurses and family members.

It is a helpful concept and vital to the well being of patients, particularly as I am responsible for classes and training for all nurses and nursing assistants. It is vital as part of my job function that I train nurses to recognize the importance of family and understand their role in relation to a patient's family and care.

For purposes of initiating family care the concept that works best is the idea that family's are systems, and nurses can promote health and "congruence" throughout families by assessing "processes, planning changes, implementing interventions and evaluating outcomes" for the entire family (Denham, 2003: 147). This notion suggests that…. [read more]

Thrombolysis in Critical Care Term Paper

… Thrombolysis in Critical Care

How do you diagnose acute myocardial infarction in the patient with chest pain? A rule-out diagnosis should be considered in any patient presenting to the accident and emergency department with complaint of chest pain. High risk findings include chest pain, known history of coronary artery disease, radiation of the pain to left arm or neck, pain which lasts more than one hour, and diaphoresis. Lower risk findings include a sharp pain, lasting longer than 48 hours and pain which can be fully reproduced with palpation over the area (American College of Cardiology, 2000). It is also important to remember that 23% of patients presenting to accident and emergency with gastro-intestinal symptoms such as indigestion or burning substernal pain are found to…. [read more]

Fall-Related Injuries in Elderly Environments Essay

There is a need to empower the nurses to modify the surroundings as they decide what's fit for purposes of the safety of patients. The use of restraints and slippery floors in healthcare facilities are the main hazards that contribute to falling. It has been found that nearly 50% of falls in hospitals are bed related. The use of bed rails is commonly mentioned (Fletcher, Fankhauser, Lee, & Westley, 2004). In the place of restraints, the nurse should be given the liberty to place the high-risk patient's beds close to the floor. Bed alarms are yet another option. Such alarms alert the nurse when the patient has left their bed. With regard to slippery floors, nurses should be encouraged to promote…. [read more]

Nursing Leader's Perceived Role in Nurse Recruitment Research Proposal

… LR Explor/The nurse leader role in recruit.

Nurse Leaders as Recruiters

Nurse leaders serve an integral role in the field to demonstrate skill in recruitment of future nurses. To do this they must work within existing systems as well as advocate for the expansion of other recruitment essential systems and system change need awareness. Nurse leaders must work collaboratively with human resource departments as well as becoming fundamental community recruiters in and outside of the work setting. (Anson, 2000, p. 21) This review of literature will then address general and specific issues of the role of nurse leaders as recruiters by thematically addressing certain trends and change needs in the health care industry in general and in nursing care that have specific and general implications…. [read more]

Analyzing Canadian S Choice for Walk in Clinic Visits or Continuity of Care by Family Doctors Research Paper

… ¶ … healthcare services in Canada i.e. continuity of care by family physicians and walk-in clinics. The paper explores the existing situation in the context and seeks to find a solution in the best possible manner to address existing and projected issues concerning seamless, effective, and economic service.

Key Message

According to Jones (2002), walk-in clinics are stand-alone (not part of any hospital system) health care facilities that accept clients without referrals or appointments. Walk-in clinics are especially popular in the United States, Canada and Australia. They started in the early 1970s in the U.S. as independent emergency facilities that helped to release the pressure from overwhelmed emergency departments and family doctors through the provision of non-referral / non-appointment care services. By the end of…. [read more]

Nursing Ethics Essay

… , 2009).

A Code of Ethics is in place so that professionals have a clear and unambiguous way to help make decisions. With the six fundamental principles of ethics combined with the principles of informatics ethics, we find that there is a duty that is expected of the nurse to provide privacy, openness, security, and support the patient's wishes. In this sense, ethics and legality do not mesh. In the case of euthanasia, for instance, a patient may have the appropriate documentation legally signed (no intrusive measures, etc.), and the nurse must be responsible for maintaining those wishes and keeping the records private. They also have the moral duty of allowing the individual the moral right to choose what is best for them as an…. [read more]

Nursing Shortage the Foundation Term Paper

… Valerie Gibbons, in her No Easy Remedy for Solving the Nursing Shortage, indicates that the financial problem of educational institutions is the seed of the nursing shortage problem. According to Gibbons, because nursing programs are expensive, many colleges hesitate about expanding their departments (Gibbons, 2003). This results to the very limited capacity of schools in admitting nursing students. From a study conducted by Vanderbilt University, almost 5,000 students do not make it to enter nursing schools every year (Gibbons, 2003).

Part of the problem that exists in colleges and universities is the lack of nursing faculty. This is according to Betty Dickson, executive director of Mississippi Nurses Association (Jeter, 2003). As in the case of the state of Mississippi, where nursing instructors' average age is…. [read more]

Nursing Profession: Nursing Education Research Paper

… The implication is that besides having minimal chances of developing inter-professional collaboration with person, the 'few' available nurse educators have to serve larger student populations, and work longer hours, all of which translate to falling job satisfaction levels.

Questions Arising

The stated problem led me to develop a set of questions;

Wouldn't it be better to just stop preparing advanced practice nurses or clinical specialists in masters programs?

Do nurse educators really have to be competent clinicians?

Why can't the research requirements governing academic tenure, promotion, and even appointment be abolished to give room for more educators?

In the light of this crisis, wouldn't it be appropriate to reduce the significance placed on the development of a scientific basis for the practice?

I approached one…. [read more]

Theatre Nurses Equipped Term Paper

… Communicate approximate length of operation, any requirement and essential resources to the waiting list office, bed management, operating theatre department and/.or theatre scheduler.

Contact all patients failing to attend pre-operative assessment to identify the reason. Act on the reason, following local protocols for the management of DNAs in pre-operative assessment." (NHS, 2005)

Role of Nursing Team in Pre-operative Assessment

Further needed in comprehension is the role of the nursing team. The nursing team performs clinical examination and emergency assessments of all patients in the ER before surgery takes place for the purpose of ensuring that the fitness of patients is provided for to the greatest possible extent. Strategies include, "redistributing cases from emergency to elective theatre schedules, day case emergency surgery, and booking parts of…. [read more]

Planning for Data Collection Essay

… Data Collection Method & Plan

The most popular method of research for the scenario is the survey because of the flexibility it provides (Keough V.A. & Tanabe, 2011 Jan). The questionnaire is appropriate because it asks questions that are clear and concise, are measurable, and take the variables into consideration. The questions presented define the expected outcomes and drives the project design.

The variables used for the survey include patient wait time, staff friendliness, treatment delivery, and if the participant would recommend the service to others. A comment section was added at the end of the questionnaire to provide the participant opportunity for more input and suggestions as well as ensure the seriousness of wanting their input. For the first three variables, three specific questions…. [read more]

Adult Day Care Term Paper

… Adult Daycare

Proposal "Golden Years Adult Daycare"

The proposed program will demonstrate a significant goal of reducing the number of adults, needing daily medical and social supervision who must receive such care from non-formal caregivers. The problems of aging and some disease processes that occur in aging are a significant social need that needs to be effectively answered by structured programs that reduce the care giving burden on family and allow them the ability to have normal lives, that include working and perusing social and other essential activities without the concern of their aging loved one to ensure their ability to continue to be primary caregivers.

As the population of the United States ages demographic changes are evident and potentially troublesome, if changes are not…. [read more]

Concept of Influence in Nursing Term Paper

… Rethinking the Concept of Influence in Relation to Nursing Pracitce

The objective of this study is to examine the concept of influence in relation to the nursing practice. Towards this end. This study will review material that is academic and peer-reviewed in nature as well a professionally published documents in this area of inquiry.

Nursing practice has the power to influence the concept of healthcare and the outcomes for patients in this realm. This study intends to show this capacity in the field of professional nursing. The work of Roussell (nd) states that safety of patients as well as quality initiatives contain six objective for improvement that includes the following: (1) Safety lf health care; (2) effectiveness of health care; (3) timely healthcare; (4) waste…. [read more]

Domestic Violence and Hispanic Women Research Paper

… Evidence-Based Practice Protocol: Domestic Violence and Hispanic Women

Evidence-based Practice

Domestic violence (DV) accounts for about 30% of all acute injuries to women treated in emergency departments, as it currently constitutes a critical public health concern, not only in the United States (U.S.), but worldwide. Some studies indicate that Hispanic women are more likely to be injured during intimate partner violence incidents than non-Hispanic women, with scholars agreeing that DV among Latinos must be addressed as it constitutes a serious problem among the Latino growing population.

Research reveals that utilizing emergency room protocols to identify and treat victims of domestic violence increases the identification of victims by medical practitioners. Although a high percentage of female victims of domestic violence visit emergency rooms for treatment, low…. [read more]

Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Capstone Project

… Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Upon Completion of Preceptorship Experience

Saudi Nurse Edit

Saudi Nursing Interns' Perceptions of Clinical Competence Upon Completion of Preceptorship Experience

The purpose of this quantitative cross-sectional descriptive/correlational design research study is to test Benner's (1982) theory "From Novice to Expert" in relation to the impact of preceptorship on the competency of undergraduate nursing interns at King Fahad Medical City (KFMC). This study seeks to determine if preceptors provide the support recommended by Benner (1982) to the undergraduate nurse during their preceptorship program and if these have an impact on undergraduate competency levels. The study will use two reliable validated clinical competence questionnaires based on Benner's (1982) competencies (Shwu & Ching, 2014) and Knowles Adult Learning theory and nursing…. [read more]

Nursing Research Benefits Term Paper

… While the principal investigator is ultimately responsible for the health and welfare of the study participants, the research nurse manages the logistical and clinical details of the study (Sauers, & Grofsik, 2000). There are three major areas that the research nurse is typically responsible for when assigned to managing a study; clinical practice, financial and administrative. Although, some research nurses will become involved early, when the protocol concept is being created, and will be ask by the principal investigator to provide input from a nursing perspective during the writing process. While other research nurses will become involved later, once the study has been approved and is ready to accrue patients. Overall, the primary focus and responsibility of the research nurse is to conduct and manage…. [read more]

Willingness of Nurse to Report Medication Administration Errors in Southern Taiwan a Cross Sectional Survey Article Critique

… authors, Y.H. Lin and S.M. Ma (2009), selected the title, "Willingness of nurses to report medication administration errors in southern Taiwan. A cross-Sectional survey," which was considered to be a concise and descriptive title for this study.

The authors also present a solid and concise description of their study following traditional guidelines for this purpose, including a description of the study sample, the research purpose and a summary of their findings. For instance, the authors preface their abstract by providing a background of the problem. In this regard, Lin and Ma (2009) report that medication administering errors (MAEs) represent an ongoing threat to the quality of delivered nursing services, but the causes of such errors are multifaceted and differ from individual to individual as well…. [read more]

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