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Hospital That Offers Adult and Pediatric Care Essay

… ¶ … hospital that offers adult and pediatric care. The unit to be discussed is the Emergency and Acute Care unit (Intensive Care Unit). The Intensive Care Unit. The ICU is a highly specialized section of the hospital which deals with the provision of a comprehensive and yet continuous health care for critically ill individuals.

The main purpose of the ICU is noted to be simple, the practice is however complex. The healthcare practitioners who engage patients in the ICU as well as interns who make rounds through it are involved in the revision of a round-the-clock monitoring as well as treatment of the patients. The admission of patients in the unit depends on whether they would benefit from the admission. The unit has generally…. [read more]

Nurse Comp Nursing Perspectives Essay

… 2011). MEDENT was perceived as having better training and support services, which could enhance the data security and confidentiality of this system compared to Amazing Charts due to reduced likelihood of user error and greater compliance with the standard procedures for storing and transmitting data via the system (Edsall & Adler 2009). This increased confidentiality means that the system can also be used with greater confidence, and thus greater effectiveness, by nurses and physicians.


Impacts on costs will be similar for either system selected; initial costs of technology adoption will be high, but with significant reduction in paper-based record keeping systems and other redundancies cost savings can ultimately be achieved (Blackwell & Blackwell 2008). The cost of adopting either management system will also be…. [read more]

Ahead it Curve Essay

… A top level design for SOA is stated at Exhibit -- I. (Glaser; Halvorson; Ford; Heffner; Kastor, 2007)

The topmost layer provides the web services interfaces. The bottom layer is for healthcare services. The services coordination within the middle layer is responsible for message flow in the system from the web services interfaces to the healthcare services to and fro. The present e-Healthcare system looks at relationship between patients, doctors, nurses and pharmacists. The system has in-built modularity to upscale it to cover other healthcare facilities and professionals like laboratory techniques are responsible for performing and reporting tests and detailed analysis statements ordered by doctors. Active exploration is on to examine whether clinic and pharmacy module are able to be interfaced to applications given by…. [read more]

Organizational Change Management Plan Essay

… Both Six Sigma and SERVQUAL

are essential for measuring patient outcomes and also defining the overall level of patient satisfaction achieved. The defining of performance benchmarks for these systems must be a shared task or responsibility throughout the company if these two approaches to elevating performance are to succeed (Beaubien, 2013). Finally the integration of Six Sigma and SERVQUAL results to evaluate both the overall performance of the treatment programs and IT systems performance areas must also be included in the change management program to reflect the information needs of the employees and healthcare professionals using them as well (Lam, 1997).


Beaubien, L. (2013). Technology, change, and management control: A temporal perspective. Accounting, Auditing & Accountability Journal, 26(1), 48-74.

Benamati, J., & Lederer, A.L.…. [read more]

Nursing Change Project the Organization Creative Writing

… " (p.6)

V. Key Stakeholders

Key stakeholders in the present study include the school staff, nursing staff, students, and parents of those in school.

VI. Impact of Changes

The impact of the changes of the present project include those similar to the ones reported in the work of Lazarus and Lipper as well as the ability of the nursing staff to provide health care and health care consultations to more patients and more effectively.

VII. Weaknesses in Implementation

Noted as weaknesses in implementation included the need for nursing staff to have more technological know-how and previous training on the use of technology.

VIII. Rationale for the Project

The rationale for the present project was enabling the nursing staff with the capacity to provide healthcare and…. [read more]

Diabetes Mellitus Research Paper

… However, how ethical is it to offer financial compensation to individuals to take care of their own health? Ethical issues such as this regarding maintaining patient involvement in their own healthcare and well-being need to be further explored and addressed in the public health context.

Effective diabetes prevention programs in primary care will need to be widely accessible to the general population and be highly visible. The use of technology and new media may be effective in allowing people to easily access and navigate diabetes prevention and treatment programs conveniently from their homes. Chorbev et al. (2011) investigated the efficacy of virtual communities for the promotion of education, self-help, discussion, and support regarding chronic diabetes. The authors of this study purported that this type of…. [read more]

Adoption of New Technology Systems Essay

… Adoption Of New Technology Systems

In planning for the implementation of an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system, it is critically important to have a solid change management strategy in place well before the technology is introduced. In preparing for a meeting with the nurses one week prior to the training, the following framework has been created to guide the change management strategies for this healthcare facility.

Creating a Change Management Foundation of Trust

One of the most prevalent factors that leads to resistance to change is lack of trust. The five foundational elements of relative advantage, compatibility with existing values and practices, simplicity, trialability and observable results all must be based on a solid foundation of mutual respect and trust (Rogers, 2003). To attain this…. [read more]

Managing Business Operations Business Proposal

… Swedish Medical Center Case Study

Background- Swedish Medical Center is a large medical center located in the Seattle and surrounding suburbs in Washington State. It was founded in 1910 and has merged and acquired other properties, most recently Stevens Hospital in Edmonds, Washington, in 2010. The hospital continually ranks in the top for a number of specialties, including cancer, geriatrics, and orthopedics. Swedish continually outperforms other Puget Sound Institutions in degree of customer satisfaction, and ranks 10 points above the national average in terms of patient satisfaction (U.S.News, 2011). Swedish has nine campuses and several clinics in the Puget Sound area. It has over 1,200 licensed beds, almost 7,000 employees, and 2,300 licensed physicians in every medical and surgical specialty. In 2009 there were almost…. [read more]

Erm There Have Been a Great Thesis

… ¶ … ERM

There have been a great many changes in the healthcare industry in the past two decades, largely due to the globalization of the workforce and changing demographic patterns, and technological advances. It was interesting to think about the vast changes occuring in and to look at the ways in which technology, privacy laws, and stakeholder expectations have changed. The industry changed in terms of a reliance on hospital-based care to more emergency clinics, outpatient and nursing home services, and managed care. More hosptitals merged, and many doctor's have banded together to form larger, more cost-effective, speciality groups. One of the largest and most obvious changes has been in cost of healthcare. In 1990 the avereage cost of care per person was $2,800,…. [read more]

Technology for Rural Care Providers Essay

… Likewise, monitoring via telemedicine and electronic consulting technology help patients to overcome the distance-related issues that keep them from receiving quality care under traditional circumstances.

Employing telehealth strategies can also reduce the costs associated with providing quality care to patients (Kvedar, Coye, Everett, 2014). As time and space issues that confront patients and providers in rural areas also include variables such as cost to provide care, telehealth strategies can be even more impactful on increasing quality care when this factor is considered.

In summation, the issues facing rural healthcare providers are distance, time and cost as areas are spread out rather than condensed and overcoming these obstacles can be quite difficult. Thus, telehealth and virtual care can be adequate techniques that providers use to meet…. [read more]

This Is a Paper Term Paper

… Sources:

Bigelow, J.H., Cretin, S., Soloman, M., Wu, S.Y., Cherry, J., Cobb, H., and O'Connell, M. (2000). Patient Compliance With and Attitudes Towards Health Buddy™, RAND Health, Santa Monica, California

Cardoza, C.L., Mello Glaskell, S. (2002). "Determining the value of home telemonitoring for CHF patients," The Remington Report 10 (5); 16;17-20.

For Cost Effective Management of Congestive Heart Failure. 2003.

Johnson, A., Gorman, M., Lewis, C., Baker, F., Coulehan, N., Rader, J. Interactive videoconferencing improves nutrition intervention in a rural populations. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 2001; 101 (2): 173-174

Lewis, P. (2002). "Telehealth technology: empowering staff buy-in." The Remington Report 10 (2): 14-16.

Manley K. (2000) Organizational culture and consultant nurse outcomes: part 2 nurse outcomes. [Journal Article. Research] Nursing Standard,…. [read more]

Nursing Informatics Career Viability Analysis Essay

… A properly planned and implemented health care informatics system separates the various departments within a hospital which utilize health care records information, dividing them in terms of their relevance to the final delivery of critical medical services. Physicians and nurses are the most fundamental components on this informational chain, and they are assisted by the efforts of administrators, support services, and occasionally external users such as hospice centers and pharmacies. The EHR services provided to the BCHHS by Georgia Telemedicine Program have improved the connectivity and communicative ability of the entire health care delivery system, because diagnostic data and other crucial pieces of patient information are stored in a standardized language which is applicable throughout the entire statewide network. By enabling rural Georgians to access…. [read more]

Effective Use of Dashboards in Healthcare Essay

… Solutions for Improvement
The data pulled from the other systems for use in decision making should be filtered and only the required data should be incorporated into the decision support system. Queries made from the decision support system should be checked and any sensitive patient or employee information should not be returned or displayed. This will ensure that even if the system is accessed by unauthorized individuals, there will be no information breach and no patient data would be leaked or stolen. Access to the system needs to be upgraded and only those authorized should have access to the dashboards. This will ensure that there is no abuse of the system and there is a proper method for tracking and monitoring access to the system.…. [read more]

Importance of the Initiation Phase in Project Management Essay

… , 2014). Importantly, it was found that a common approach within initiation phase was use of collaboration, with comprehensive collaboration and strong analysis of the results of the collaboration being positively associated with a greater potential for the project to be completed successfully ((LeRouge et al., 2014). This also supported earlier research on general healthcare IT projects, where not only was initiation a critical phase, collaboration was associated with success (Fleurant et al., 2011; Schwalbe, 2010).

The application of these finding to other projects indicates the need to undertake the initiation phase carefully, as it is the foundation of the project and a solid foundation will minimize the potential for unexpected issues to arise. The use of stakeholder inputs at the definition phase provides key…. [read more]

How PDA's and Pocket PC's Are Influencing Medical Practices Term Paper

… ¶ … PDA's and Pocket PC's Influence Medical Practices

The era of the has come to an end. Customers are no longer enamored of new and snazzy technical gadgets. So too is their reluctance with snapping up the newer versions of software that are flooding the markets. There are reports that there has been a full stop to the purchasing of products and services all around without the comprehension of the exact benefits that they would derive and the impact of these products and services on the bottom line and whether this would be in keeping with the overall business objectives. This has caused a reversal of fortunes for the computer companies and there has been a realization that a lot of effort is…. [read more]

Radiology and Cyberspace the Creation Term Paper

… Raymond Damadian continued this work until he produced the first full body MRI scanner in 1977. David Kuhl first developed emission reconstruction tomography in 1962, which resulted in the imaging techniques called PET and SPECT (Thomas).

Imaging of Today

Today's Radiology, while still concerned with producing an internal image of the human body using minimally invasive techniques, has grown and diversified by using the more advanced technology available today. Modern images provide higher quality while keeping patient exposure to harmful energy levels low.

Film quality has advanced greatly with the development of automated processing, eliminating the risk of human error in manual processing. Most radiology departments now possess an automatic processor which greatly enhances the time to development and diagnosis.

Digital imaging using computers and…. [read more]

Telemental Health the Dilemma Over Adoption Research Paper

… Telemental Health

The Dilemma Over Adoption Telemental Health Services

Technology innovation can have a transformative effect on our shared way of life. Though we typically reserve our enthusiasm for those technologies which improve our recreation, which stimulate our imagination and which provide us with happy distraction, it is also true that technology in the best of hands can be used to improve the quality of human life altogether. So is this the case in such fields as healthcare and mental health support. Fundamental to the functionality of modern society and yet both plagued by critical needs and problematic realities, these are areas in which emerging technologies already coming into market readiness may be pushed into practice by virtue of their paired economic viability and social…. [read more]

Advanced Practice Nursing Framework Essay

… Table 1

Job description for advanced practice nurses as expert clinicians, educators, researchers, and consultants

Area of practice

Job Description

Expert clinician

Advanced practice nurses in many states must follow evidence-based, expert clinical protocols as the basic foundation for their practice (Levin & Feldman, 2006). In many settings, the scope of the primary care services provided by APNs in this capacity frequently includes the following:

Health promotion in all age groups ranging from children to elderly, including family planning for women and in every stage of health.


Prevention and control of illness, accident, poisoning, and domestic or community violence;


Promotion of healthy environment;

Management of outbreak disease;

Comprehensive health assessment of individual, family and community.

Early detection and management of illness and risk…. [read more]

Role of Nursing in Child Growth Essay

… Role and Responsibilities of a Pediatric and a Child Health Nurse

In 1986, nursing competency campaigns were initiated in Australia with regards to institution of the Australian Nurse Registering Authorities Conference. The 1990 agenda of the National Training Board ensured development of country-wide plans for different professions' competency. Pediatric and child-health nurses refer to registered nurses with superior clinical knowledge and abilities necessary for providing specialist care. Ten nursing criteria have been defined by Australia's National Nursing Organizations; the criteria were derived from a 1992 convention of the International Council of Nurses, Geneva. Some criteria are as follows: nursing specialty advocates overall ethical purposes and functions; specialty is included in the Australian nurse registration requirement, and specialty denotes a nursing practice area which includes knowledge…. [read more]

Teleradiography Computer Technology and Medicine Revolutionary Combination Term Paper

… Teleradiography


Revolutionary Combination

The recent fusion of state-of-the-art computer technology and medicine, called teleradiography, has excited radiologists for its capabilities. The 2002 Akmerican Heritage Stedman's Medical Dictionary describes teleradiography or teleroentgenography as a procedure, which is performed with the tube held approximately 6 feet from the body and then sent to a distant site.

The choice of hardware depends on size and speed of the image and licensure if it will be sent from one State to another. On the other hand, the major criteria for the choice of a printer are cost, output resolution, paper requirements, and gray scale. For accurate output resolution, a 600 dos per inch printer should produce an image at approximately 12 1p/mm. For the purpose,…. [read more]

Break Out of War Annotated Bibliography

… Reflection

The above study will add another profound comparative depth to this proposed study as it will allow the study to have different form of comparative analysis. This differentiation of comparisons will help the researcher better understand the extent of PTSD as well as understand the various ways that it can impact women as well. The approach towards understanding PTSD amongst the female combatants is a rare investigation as most PTSD studies have concentrated on the impact on male combatants, which is why this is a very important study to consider.

Article 4: 'Personal, Family, and Multiple Barriers of Long-Term Welfare Recipients' by Taylor and Barusch (2004)


This piece of writing reports the outcome of an in detail, descriptive investigation of long-term welfare beneficiaries.…. [read more]

Adoption as Well as Diffusion of Enum Term Paper

… ¶ … adoption as well as diffusion of ENUM technology, a technological innovation at the center stage of the "one number for all." This is done via a comparative study of ENUM trials in various countries. The rate of adoption of the technology by end users is done using both the theory of reasoned action and diffusion of innovation (Kautz and Pries-Heje, 1995).In this paper; we present a strategic approach for the adoption process as well as the diffusion of the ENUM technology. In this paper, we discuss the concept of diffusion of innovation in relation to the concept of "one number for all," a technological innovation that is a global scheme to simplify communication by giving everyone a single contact number, through which they…. [read more]

Veterans Affairs Mission Act Essay

… This is more so the case given the Act’s ambitious move to cater to the medical needs of veterans whose providers are out-of-network. It is important to note that at present, the law has sufficient provisions to make it possible for rural-setting veterans to gain access to care. These are inclusive of electronic payments streamlining as well as investments in the relevant technology. As a consequence, veterans have access to telemedicine care. In its attempt to account for the relevant political and legal factors, the VA system has been subjected to sweeping reforms. This effectively results in further enhancement of coordination. There are, however, some concerns over how the law ought to be financed (Fulton and Brooks, 2018). This could be a source of conflict…. [read more]

Internet-Based Conferencing Term Paper

… Internet-Based Conferencing

Information technology has revolutionised every aspect of our day-to-day living. The Internet, in particular, has brought about such a tremendous change to the business world bringing about an entirely new dimension of business methodology. Internet-based conference has now become the much preferred, cost effective and time saving alternative to traditional meetings. This is a huge shift from a few years ago when web conferencing used to be a privilege of the fortune 500 companies. Technology has made it possible for multinational companies to hold joint discussions and group meetings of executives from all their companies in different geographical locations, without ever having to assemble in one place. For top executives, frequent flying is no longer an indispensable aspect of their jobs, as Internet-based…. [read more]

United Therapeutics Is an American Biotechnology Company Research Paper

… United Therapeutics is an American biotechnology company specializing in solutions for "chronic life-threatening cardiovascular and infectious diseases and cancer" (2008 United Therapeutics Annual Report). The company currently has four main products -- Remodulin (to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension), Tadalafil and Tyvaso (also for pulmonary arterial hypertension) and Telemedicine (for heart monitoring). The company has an array of other drugs in the pipeline. Of the three closest to commercialization, two are for pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) and the other is for the treatment of neuroblastoma. Products in the earlier stages of development evidence some degree of diversification on the part of United Therapeutics away from its core product line.

United is on a strong growth track. Over the past five years, revenues have increased fourfold. This…. [read more]

Translational Medicine Is a New Term Paper

… BI's ability should be managed towards exploring information on human medicine as its ultimate pursuit. Bioinformatics methods are meant to identify molecular and cellular areas or aspects for specific clinical interventions and better insights into the profile of the disease. Imaging informatics are designed to understand pathogenesis and identification of treatment from the molecular, cellular, tissue or organ level. Innovations are aimed at improving patient care by providing relevant information at the bedside. And public health informatics solutions address population-based needs. These needs may be the tracking of emergent infectious diseases, the development of resources as response; and the evaluation of the latest clinical interventions affecting the population (Sarkar).

Information Needs and Principles of Information Retrieval

Lancaster and Warner (1993 as qtd in Mendonca et…. [read more]

World Wide Web Search Optimization for Physician Term Paper

… ¶ … Wide Web is available around the world today, and consists of billions of pages of information and several pages are being added every second. As a result, billions of users are increasingly turning to the Web for answers, as well as recreation, shopping and even education. In addition, the healthcare community is increasingly turning to the World Wide Web to obtain information and to provide it to their peers and patients as well. One of the unfortunate consequences of the enormity of the amount of information that is available on the Web is the inability of many search engines to identify the precise information desired by the user. Indeed, a simple search might result in hundreds or even thousands (or tens of thousands)…. [read more]

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