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Psychological Services for the Non-English Speaker in Our Community Term Paper

… ¶ … non-English speaking peoples in the Central Valley

In the multi-cultural area of Central Valley, California, there are many issues when dealing with the health care system, and one of the more problematic matters is that of the variety of populations served. For many citizens, English is a second language, which can cause problems in attempting to find health care or psychological services. While there are certainly services available for non-English speaking people in the area, more effort must be placed on providing services to a more diverse population.

This paper discusses the psychological services available in the Central Valley area for the diverse population of non-English speaking residents. Additionally, this paper will examine the positive aspects of these services. Finally, it will address…. [read more]

Computer Viruses: A Quantitative Analysis of User Term Paper

… Computer Viruses: A Quantitative Analysis of User Profiles and Risk Factors for Contracting Computer Viruses

The purpose of this study is a quantitative descriptive analysis of computer viruses. Specifically the researcher plans to identify what key factors identify users at risk for contracting computer viruses and what methods or techniques are best suited for combating increasingly insidious computer viruses in the future. The researcher proposes a pilot study that will facilitate further studies in this field much larger and much more comprehensives that will potentially have global implications for preventing computer virus damage to private and corporate users in the future.

In today's society, research suggests that computer viruses are perhaps one of the most prevalent security threats facing individuals, corporations and network computer users.…. [read more]

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