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Healthcare Delivery System Challenges Research Paper

… This will help the government reduce health care spending since most of the federal government's savings will come from large-scale savings due to preventive care offered by the health sector. As an example, a cancer patient can be prevented from incurring huge medical expenses by diagnosing them at stage one which is preventive scanning (Blumberg & Holahan, 2009). Such initiatives reduce chances of medications once the disease is at the full-blown stage therefore, there will be little constraints on the existing healthcare costs thus helping medics focus on other medical activities.

The next reform is overhauling doctor's incentives. Currently doctors are paid for services provided as opposed to having a fixed monthly salary a factor that has constantly driven up the cost of getting quality…. [read more]

Healthcare Policy Reform Literature Review

… Healthcare Reform

Review of Literature: Healthcare Reform Debate

Review of Literature; Health Care Reform Debate

The debate regarding the reformation of health care in the U.S. has been heated for decades, with real change plans being proposed by several sitting presidential administrations beginning near the close of WWII. All of these administrations' proposals were the source of near endless debate and ranged in nature from full universal state sponsored health coverage to massive overhauls of the current fee for service private pay option, usually including a sizable public funding option. (Helms, 2006, pp. 5-6) According to Helms and many other experts on the subject of health care reform this dichotomy is the basic outline of the debate regarding health care reform, as some believe that…. [read more]

Healthcare Spending the United States Essay

… The Medicare and Medicaid programs are also reformed and designing Insurance-like setups that would help people getting direct access; thus, cutting down the expenses on healthcare programs.

Moreover, insurers and healthcare providers are directly dealing with each other and making new payment models thus sharing the risk of healthcare coverage. This has also increased the level of employers' interest in workers' healthcare. These shifts are improving the healthcare system but the economic downturn has increased. However, these changes will make significant improvements in healthcare till 2014. (Matthews, 2011)


Currently, the condition of U.S. Health Care System is worse than any other industrial countries. Expenditures are high and health outcomes are quite poor. But since the Healthcare Reform Law 2010, the future of healthcare in…. [read more]

Health Care Changes and Trends Essay

… The same is true of aging, which must be treated with greater care and attentiveness as individuals live longer.


As noted above, system-wide changes such as the advance EHRs are valuable but require an evaluation of new technology. (Elmore, p. 1) This evaluation should include a cost-benefit analysis in which we assess the risks to privacy as compared to the benefits to system efficiency.

Other areas of technological advance include the introduction of new medicines such as "an intelligent pill that can be programmed to deliver targeted doses of medication to patients with digestive disorders such as Crohn's disease, colitis, and colon cancer." (CSC, p. 1) New devices such as advanced imaging machinery and surgical robotics are also leading to incredible advances in treatment…. [read more]

Insurance Healthcare Research Paper

… Health Care System

United States Health Care System

An increase in the concentration of the health care costs and quality assurances within the context of the health reforms continue to shift the attention of the federal and state governments towards the potential health information technology. This project seeks to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the health care programs as well as reduction of the health care costs (Lucas Jr. et al., 2013). The states and federal governments also focus on the improvement of quality and safety of the medical provision programs. This research exercise focuses on the examination of the concept of health information technology. This is through evaluation of the major issues or problems related to the program within the health care sector.…. [read more]

Health Care Changes Essay

… From a public health perspective, there are now thousands of new diagnostic tools available to the medical profession allowing one to access more information in a timely manner. Data may be collected to help society; data analysis helps determine areas of high concern for specific pandemics or other healthcare needs, and how reform might impact costs and incent providers to build clinics or hosptials. Advanced analysis of disease vectors, trends in pandemics and certain illnesses endemic to modern life (diabetes, obesity, cornonary and renal issues) as well as healthcare concerns surrounding nutrition, lifestyle, lack of exercise and alchohol and now impacting even the most basic GP office. Epidemologically, medial data can help scientiests understand and hopefully prevent massive disease outbreaks globally; certainly this data can…. [read more]

Health Care Reform Essay

… The Republicans also argue that incremental progress can be achieved by increased dependence on the market instead of the government. Therefore, employers would not be mandated to provide insurance and the expansion of Medicaid would be inefficient since it will load states with enormous long-term liabilities.

According to the Republicans, cross-state purchasing of healthcare insurance will not only loosen consumer power but it will also prevent regulations from increasing insurance costs (Cohn, 2011). Currently, several states have regulations on what insurance plans must include and the behavior of these insurers. While these rules vary across states, they tend to increase the costs of health insurance. This is largely because consumers are forced to pay more depending on what the insurers cater for. Through cross-state purchasing,…. [read more]

Stakeholders in Healthcare Industry Term Paper

… However, the strategy has not gone well with them recently when they commissioned deceitful study in order to scare voters to believe that reforms in health care could break their banks. This shows how they have lost their powers in the health care reforms.


Since the elderly do not believe much on the reforms, the republican took advantage of this like was evidenced during the summer when it was full of false warning concerning the death panels and cuts to Medicare. The elderly as well vote and their early and continued support of their main lobby is very important. There is likely for administration return to Medicare whenever attention is turned to pressing fiscal challenges where AARP will likely to play a greater role.…. [read more]

Healthcare Information Technology (IT) Research Paper

… Telemedicine

Healthcare it

Telemedicine is the exchange of medical information via electronic communication in order to improve a patient's health status. Telemedicine use various applications like email, video, wireless tools, smart phones, and other telecommunication technologies. This has been a rapidly growing application technology, which is aimed at providing remote medical examinations and procedures. When two medical professionals share a case via telephone, it can also be referred to as telemedicine. This is quite simple, but telemedicine also incorporates the use of satellite technology or video conferencing for conducting real-time patient consultation. In short telemedicine can be defined as the use of information technology and communications in the delivery of clinical care. Telemedicine started over forty years ago when hospitals used to extend care to…. [read more]

Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors With Mandatory Reporting Systems and Computer Technology Term Paper

… Healthcare: Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors


Addressing the Issue of Medical Errors with Mandatory

Reporting Systems and Computer Technology

To combat the current crisis of deaths due to preventable medical errors the health care industry and lawmakers have taken two approaches. The first is the implementation of a system of mandatory reporting systems. The solution is to crate an atmosphere in hospitals that fosters less blame, not more, according to the IOM report. A blue-ribbon pane appointed by the IOM argues that the failure to acknowledge and analyze mistakes deprives hospitals of important information that could help prevent similar mistakes in the future. However, many in the healthcare industry argue that mandatory reporting of errors will foster an atmosphere of lawsuits and backlash…. [read more]

Evolution of Health Care Information Essay

… " (Southern California Evidence-Based Practice Center.

Implementation of Health Information Technology Systems has resulted in higher efficiency for physicians, hospitals and other health care providers. As well, Electronic Health Records have enabled more safety in prescribing medication to patients since physicians can view what the patient is presently being prescribed by other physicians and avoid prescribing medications that will interfere and interact badly with medications that the patient is already taking.

Other advantages of Electronic Health Records is the immediate access to patient health information so that the individual who has a history of heart attacks, strokes, or the patient who is allergic to specific medications or allergic to bee stings can receive the most appropriate treatment possible in emergency situations that are life-threatening. There…. [read more]

Technology and Healthcare Demographics Essay

… " For instance, almost all research points to the positive nature of a relationship between the caregiver and patient to aid in trust and healing. Telemedicine is meant to enhance care, not to diminish a relationship. Additionally, guidelines for privacy, ethics, and legal aspects must remain the same, only taking in to account a remote system and use of telemonitoring as a tool.

Part 4- Key resources in the adapting of telemonitoring would include the healthcare organization (a fiscal hard goods asset), physicians and nurses who would regularly use the system, patient buy-in, community buy in, and insurance reimbursement or coverage acceptance. This would be particularly necessary for overcoming the view that telemonitoring equals impersonal care. TM can also be associated with a personal and…. [read more]

Healthcare Reform and Electronic Medical Essay

… "Planes and tanks and guns are a cost of war. So is taking care of the men and women who fight our battles (AP, 2014)."

What are your constituents most concerned about regarding health care reform?

The constituents in Vermont are definitely appalled at the lack of healthcare that has been given to our Veterans. Not providing this population with adequate healthcare after they return home to their families is both morally wrong as well as an ineffective policy. If many of these soldiers were provided adequate care, then they could return to the workforce as civilians and led relatively normal lives. Instead they are ignored and neglected by the ill equipped Veterans Administration (VA). The VA has been the subject of many scandals in…. [read more]

Obama Care Plan Health Term Paper

… According to Congressional Budget Office the plan will help reduce deficit by a startling $138 million over ten years (Health Care Reform, 2012). Although the statistics are subject to debate but the new plan ensures that costs are not distributed evenly but the plan actually helps in curbing the overspending crisis currently present in this particular industry. By cutting on the deficit our modern citizens can use money from bank at lower prices and bridging the deficit will help in improving the economic and employment status in the country.

Another extension of this argument is that Obama's plan helps curtail overpayment to insurers. In Bush's administration overpayment was of such nature that insurers were being subsidized for which the economy got nil benefits in return.…. [read more]

Healthcare Lobbyists Research Paper

… Healthcare Lobbyists

Drugmakers, hospitals and insurers poured millions of dollars into lobbying during 2009 hoping to limit the damage to their bottom line as lawmakers and the Obama administration wrangled over landmark health-care legislation. Disclosure reports that were given to Congress have shown familiar players at the top of the health-care influence heap, including $6.2 million in lobbying by the leading Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and $4 million by the American Medical Association (Eggen, 2009).

Many health companies and associations have increased their lobbying expenditures over the last year. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association increased its lobbying expenditures by a full million, to 2.8 million dollars during the second quarter of 2009; GlaxoSmithKline's spending jumped from $1.8 million to $2.3…. [read more]

Health Care System Evolution Organizational Analysis and Continuum Essay

… Health Care System Evolution, Organizational Analysis and Continuum of Care

The objective of this work is to examine the evolution of the health care system and how health care delivery systems have influenced the current health care system in regards to Medicare/Medicaid. This work will conduct an organizational analysis for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention including the stakeholders impacted by this component and how they are affected. Finally, this work will examine the continuum of care for Diabetes care program in the United States including the services provided and how these fit in the continuum of care. This work will examine how the equity contributes or fails to contribute to the overall management of healthcare resources and will examine the future trends of…. [read more]

Health Care Financing Term Paper

… Health Care Financing ISSUE ANALYSIS

In the past decade, the increasing financial crisis faced by the medical profession has emerged as a significant concern among medical professionals, student residents, patients, and health care researchers. In recent years hospitals have faced doctor shortages, the result of the combination of a lack of medical residency funding and the poor financial state of Medicare, which is the primary health care provider of seniors, as well as the primary agency that controls the supply of doctors. Congress controls the supply of physicians by how much federal funding it provides for medical residencies. To become a physician, students spend four years in medical school, and graduates then spend three to seven years training as residents, usually treating patients under supervision…. [read more]

Healthcare Management Like All Other Areas Term Paper

… Healthcare Management

Like all other areas of human life, the health care system is continuing to evolve. The National Center for Health Care Leadership identifies several important factors in this regard. Under the main paradigm of a focus on wellness and preventive rather than reactive care, one of the elements is that the human genome continues to be better understood as worldwide researchers continue to investigate the issue. As a result, treatment will eventually become primarily preventive. Concomitantly, the issue of healthcare costs, resources and priorities will become increasingly problematic as the world's population increases. Furthermore, chronic diseases will become the focus of specialized medical centers, while the trend is increasingly towards integrating electronic technology in healthcare monitoring and data collection. I believe these trends…. [read more]

Future of Health Care Delivery in the United States Case Study

… ¶ … Future of Health Care Delivery in the United States

What are your three most important recommendations?

My three most important recommendations for the future of health care delivery in the United States would be that there needs to be an increase in the quality of care, a decrease in the cost of care and an increase in the use of technology in order to facilitate the first two recommendations happening. It is important to leverage the technology that is available in order to facilitate improvement.

A high-quality health care delivery system must focus on improving health outcomes in the population it serves, supplementing episodic care and production of services with an epidemiological perspective and disease prevention strategies. In order to do this, information…. [read more]

Healthcare Industry Term Paper

… "ObamaCare's Secret History." Wall Street Journal. 11 June 2012. Web.

Examines the alleged collusion that took place under the auspices of pursuing a cost containment strategy within the Affordable Care Act. Article details the secret, quid pro quo interactions and agreements between the White House, Congress, and Big Pharma that eventually led to the creation and passage of the Affordable Care Act. Highlights the interconnectedness of policy decisions and big business.

"For Hospital CIOs, Mergers Complicate Move to Electronic Records." Wall Street Journal. 13 June 2012. Web.

Details the challenges facing hospitals moving from paper to electronic health records. This move to electronic medical records, justified on the grounds of improved efficiency, is complicated by the escalation of merger activity, in itself a…. [read more]

Healthcare Policy Issues and Implications Essay

… ¶ … Healthcare Policy Issues and Implications

The Impact of Healthcare Financial Policy Reform

The current precarious and unsustainable economic state of the American healthcare system is substantially attributable to the fact that for-profit health insurance companies dominate the industry (Kennedy, 2006). In that respect, it is incredibly ironic so many individuals (particularly in public office) blame the public programs (i.e. Medicare and Medicaid) for being "bankrupt" when they manage to administrate healthcare for approximately one-tenth the cost extracted (as profit) by the private healthcare industry. While administration of those public programs costs only approximately two or three percent of their total revenue, the private health insurance industry extracts more than thirty percent of the $2.2 trillion spent annually on healthcare in the United States…. [read more]

Healthcare in the United States Research Paper

… What can the United States learn from the case of India? The two nations seem to represent opposing extremes in healthcare. The United States needs to rein in costs on its existing healthcare infrastructure while India suffers from a lack of funding and poor infrastructure. The United States has extensive regulations governing private insurance and medical practice while India's consumers still pay direct fee for service payments to their loosely regulated physicians. The United States is overdeveloped, India is underdeveloped. Both, however, adopt free market principles for determining the price of medical services. The cost and complexity of U.S. healthcare has created a demand for affordable services that India meets through medical tourism at the expense of its own citizens. While medical tourism can be…. [read more]

Healthcare System Change M Essay

… The president of the organization testified before the Massachusetts Division of Health Care Finance and Policy, on health care cost trends and summarized several of the organization's reports and findings. Ginsburg stressed the overall success of the Massachusetts healthcare program in its efforts to provide universal insurance and promising efforts in Maryland to keep costs down through a requirement for consistent pricing of services. Ginsburg argued for the need to require that citizens buy insurance to increase the risk pool and greater government intervention in regulating costs and designing benefits (Ginsburg 2011).

Future plans

The Center for Studying Health Care System Change will continue to be a source of objective information for government organizations, and study the effects of the economy upon healthcare within the…. [read more]

Health Care Issues Term Paper

… ¶ … healthcare concerns, they most normally first consider chronic illnesses that will cause a much lower quality of life if not an earlier death than normal. However, there a number of other healthcare issues that people should be aware of that need to be addressed in the United States.

One of these areas is the quality of hospital care. Technically, of course, healthcare is making significant advances. There is equipment today that can miraculously help people get better or prolong their lives. However, there is another side of hospitals, which due to their budgetary concerns is increasingly becoming a major issue.

For example, adverse drug events (ADE) in hospitals, or injuries or harm due to the wrong medicine or quantity of medicine are a…. [read more]

Coffee Regional Medical Center, Inc SWOT

… However, if the organization does not uphold high quality standards then they could see some of their clientele traveling for services. Therefore, even without direct competition, the organization must still strive for competitive excellence.


Medicare/Medicaid, Federal Government, and private insurance companies will represent the biggest regulatory challenges to the organization. It is expected that these factors will undergo major transitions consistent with the changes amongst the other factors.


There overall social climate is one in which more individuals have become aware of their health needs and have actively sought to improve the overall state of their health. Many people have stopped smoking, made dietary changes, began exercising, and make more frequent and more informed trips to their healthcare organizations. CRMC has the opportunity…. [read more]

Health Policies Medicare Research Paper

… In conclusion, the United States is not the only Western nation that is going through this challenge; however we are very probable in the worst location in handling the situation, because of our traditional unusual medical ethos and the high public prospects it has shaped. Somewhat than despair, nevertheless, we need to really start viewing the issues being brought here in medicare as a challenge. It is important that we are using the same inventiveness that has provided us the New Deal and style an essentially more reasonable and maintainable health-care organization-one that talks to the moral needs at all heights. If America fails to accept a widened vision along these positions, the viewpoint for health care in America's long-term upcoming is threatening certainly.

Work…. [read more]

Electronic Health Records EHR Essay

… Electronic Health Records


Electronic health records are a realization that has been common across the information technology and personal computer markets over the last twenty years or so. The technology capabilities that have become visible over that time frame have greatly increased what people can do with computers but it has also made it a lot harder to get people trained and up to speed on the technology and it has also made it a lot easier to screw things up immensely all at the same time. This reply will cover all of this as it pertains to electronic health records the barriers that exist to getting them used in wide rotation in the hospital and broader healthcare industry.

Challenges in EHR

As noted…. [read more]

Movement Toward Electronic Medical Records Chapter

… ¶ … Movement toward Electronic Medical Records

In the recent years, the United States of America's healthcare system has been riddled with criticisms. According to Fung (2012), the healthcare system is complex, expensive, and riddled with inefficiencies in quality of care. Poor quality of healthcare is closely associated with professional practice, health care products, procedures, and systems, including prescribing; order communication; product labeling, packaging, and nomenclature; compounding; dispensing; distribution; administration; education; monitoring; and use." Improved quality of care can reduce mortality rate in the healthcare sector. According to Gabriel (2008), EMRs are instrumental in enhancing quality of heathcare. Gill (2009), explains that the United States has well received the EMR in outpatient settings. The government has slated over $20 billion of the federal economic stimulus…. [read more]

Future Reform Predict the Form Essay

… Physician executives are the key to providing leadership energy in using built in tools to help guide healthcare organizations away from a knowledge information crisis. The best solution to reduce alerts so they are used effectively is by implementing alerts slowly over time rather than all at once and ensuring that those alerts are as meaningful and specific as possible.


Glandon G.L., Smaltz DH, & Slovensky D.J. (2008). Information systems for healthcare management (7th ed.). Chicago: Health Administration Press/AUPHA.

Blumenthal, D. (2010). Advancing the future of health care with electronic health records.

Retrieved from June 10, 2012

Christ, S. (2011). Health care technology and future trends. Retrieved from June 10, 2012

Clare, M.K. & Pierce, M.A. (2006). Knowledge care: using technology to…. [read more]

President Obama's Health Care Plan Research Paper

… President Obama's health care plan basically follows the Democratic pattern which emphasizes on the remarkable and rapid increase of the number of people with health insurance through the significant spending of money upfront. This proposed health care reform plan will cost approximately $65 billion annually when fully adopted with the assumption that it will be paid from the system's savings. Given that America's health care system has long been considered as a disease care system, the health care reforms plan will ensure that patient chooses their doctors and receive health care without interference from the government. Additionally, the plan will enhance accountability of insurance companies and fortify employer-based health coverage.

According to the health care plan, nothing much will change for people who like their…. [read more]

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