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Heard a Fly Buzz Essay

… The grammatical completion of the sentence coincides with a logical anomaly: We're being spoken to by a dead person" (Dickinson line 1, Ryan 15). Thus, while the treatment of the corpse and body deals only with the senses, for instance hearing the buzz of the fly and "the stillness in the room," feeling that "the Breaths were gathering firm," and finally seeing the fly, "interposed […] with Blue," the post-mortal status of the speaker suggests that these sensory perceptions bear extra meaning (Dickinson lines 1-2, 6, 13). In fact, as mentioned before, they bear an ultimate meaning, because they are the final sense-perceptions of the speaker's life. In a way, the speaker is a ghost, but a ghost forever trapped in the final moments just…. [read more]

Hear a Fly Buzz Term Paper

… ¶ … Hear a Fly Buzz - When I Died by Emily Dickinson. Specifically, it will explain the meaning of fly in the poem. The fly in this poem literally represents death and dying in the poem, and the ultimate disappointment and permanence of death.

This poem is disturbing and yet interesting. The poem is written as if an already dead person is still able to see what is happening around her after she dies. She sees the mourners, and realizes that her will has divvied up her belongings among them because they are no longer of any use to her. The people were sad at her death, but now they have stopped crying and are ready to see a miracle in the room. They…. [read more]

Poetry Explications of Emily Dickinson's Poem I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died Essay

… ¶ … Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died

Life meets death in Emily Dickinson's poem, "I Heard a Fly Buzz When I Died." This poem explores the notion of what happens after death, a topic for endless conversation. Dickinson's poem explores death and remains in doubt that there is an afterlife for to we can look forward. This poem is striking because it does not bring us the typical ideas associated with death. Instead, the poet brings us face-to-face with the worst-case scenario of death, which is that nothing happens, nothing awaits us, and all is black and still. This poem forces us to think about death from a darker perspective that does not bring solace. This perspective is disturbing and that is what…. [read more]

Emily Dickinson's Poem, "I Heard Term Paper

… The narrator sees more than he or she hears.

Dickinson uses colorful imagery and characterization, with special emphasis on light, color, and sound to describe what it's like to die. She creates musical effect with the "buzzing" or sounds of the fly, describing the sound as "blue" (With Blue -- uncertain stumbling Buzz -- Between the light -- and me --). (Eberwein, 156).

Some objects in the poem appear to be symbols, such as the fly itself. The fly seems to be a symbol for mundane aspects of life that get in the way of what we imagine life should be. The description of the fly is both literal and symbolic. There is literally a fly in the room, but it takes on symbolic meaning.…. [read more]

Life and Death Through the Eyes Reaction Paper

… Life and Death Through the Eyes of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson had a strange curiosity with life and death. Recognizing she had a preoccupation with death is only seeing part of the poet. Dickinson had an obsession with death but she also took that obsession to another level by anticipating strange aspects of death and dying. Her poetry spans a wide perspective when it comes to death but that is not all she wrote about in her lifetime. However, it is safe to assume that her thoughts and preoccupation with death forced to look at many things, such as the light of spring, with different perspective. "Because I Could Not Stop for Death," "I Heard a Fly Buzz in my Head," "I Like the Look…. [read more]

Expectation of Death Largely Contribute Research Paper

… ¶ … expectation of death largely contribute to Emily Dickinson's style of writings?

The aesthetics of surprise:

The diction of three 'death' poems of Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson is celebrated today as a great, minimalist poet yet she was not widely recognized during her lifetime as a great artist. Dickenson's idiosyncratic diction and her use of irregular capitalization and frequent dashes conflicted with the prevailing sentiments of her era as to what constituted the 'correct' way to write poetry. Her unflinching perspective of death, as expressed using these techniques, is illustrated starkly in three of her poems: "I felt a funeral in my brain," "I heard a Fly buzz when I died," and "Because I could not stop for Death." All three poems are ambiguous…. [read more]

Symbolism in a Very Old Man With Enormous Wings Research Paper

… Marquez Literary Analysis

Fending Off Crabs and Angels:

Religious Symbolism in "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings"

In Gabriel Garcia Marquez's short story "A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings: A Tale for Children," a small Latin American community is initially mystified, briefly enthralled, and ultimately unimpressed by the sudden appearance of a decrepit winged man in their midst. The literal and straightforward treatment of such a supernatural phenomenon is characteristic of Marquez's work, and can make the interpretation of symbolism in his stories difficult. However, the religious symbolism of the winged man in this story is hard to miss, and reveals a subtle commentary about the simultaneously sublime and mundane role of spiritual faith in the common man.

Marquez is famous for the…. [read more]

Social Networking Sites Began in 1997 Term Paper

… ¶ … Social networking sites began in 1997 with a now-defunct site called As of 2007, two sites dominated the industry. Myspace, owned by News Corp, is the industry leader with around $800m in revenue. Facebook was #2, with over $400m in revenue. A host of other competitors exist, but do not at present hold significant market share. Myspace has a similar array of features but is often seen as less user friendly.

Facebook was started in 2004, and by the end of the year had registered 200,000 users. Growth has continued to the point where in 2007 Facebook held a market share of 16% and over 70 million users, making it the 6th most-trafficked website. Founder Mark Zuckerberg was offered $1billion by Yahoo…. [read more]

Dickinson Emily Term Paper

… ¶ … senses meet the spirit when Emily Dickinson's poetry is examined. The most profound subject other than life - death - is a topic in which Dickinson walks our senses and our spirit through in order to provide some insight to or, at least, impart her own opinion. Dickinson's most extraordinary poems examine death. The poet's method is haunting and straightforward - a style which allows the reader to "step into" the subject with her. Death, an obsession, allows Dickinson to create some of the most commanding poetry that attempts to crack one of life's greatest mysteries. While Dickinson never does carck that mystery, her views and poems remain remarkably unique to this day. The fact that she tackles suh a tough and tender…. [read more]

Three Centuries of American Poetry Term Paper

… ¶ … Death in Two Poems by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson (1830-1886) wrote often about death, especially the moments before death (as in Dickinson's poem "465," or "I heard a Fly buzz -- when I died") or the period after death (as in Dickinson's poem "712," or "Because I could not stop for Death -- "). Such poems may have reflected Dickinson's lack of religious faith. Dickinson's family was deeply religious (McQuade, p. 175). Yet Emily Dickinson rejected religion and became agnostic. I will analyze, compare, and contrast the theme of death in two of Dickinson's poems, "465" and "712."

In "465," or "I heard a Fly buzz -- when I died," the speaker lies dying, surrounded by family and friends, awaiting the speaker's death:…. [read more]

Life and Death Explored in Emily Dickinson Thesis

… Life and Death Explored in Emily Dickinson's Poetry

Emily Dickinson is a woman that knew her own mind. In a world that is constantly changing, it is refreshing to look at a poet that lived over a century ago and see strength in character and self-confidence. Dickinson was also not afraid to express herself. Even with a Puritan upbringing, she managed to find her voice and use it to create poetry that is touching people today. One reason that her poetry succeeds is because she thought and wrote about aspects of life that are important to us. Dickinson wrote about the big mysteries in life and her poetry reveals her thoughts and opinions regarding everything from being single to being dead. Because she paints such…. [read more]

Puritan Life Was Heavily Contaminated Research Paper

… The funeral is used as a metaphor for this loss and due to its association with death. She is present for the funeral, signifying her ability to watch herself slip in to this new state of existence. She is the subject of the funeral, as well as a participant. She "feels" the service rather than experiencing it. The death mentioned in this poem marks a psychological change of mental state and although it may appear unorthodox, it continues to follow the puritan belief that nothing can be done to change one's destiny. According to puritan theology, a person's life is pre-determined, denying them the ability to change the path they are on, which can be seen in the poem. As the narrator states, "and when…. [read more]

Homerian Epic Term Paper

… ¶ … dusty waves of San Francisco Bay

Spread along the shores

The day my father rode away,

His Harley spinning grass behind him

And my mother's tears flowing down the driveway.

He'll be alright, Nikki said, cheerful cute and charming

As usual, her hair wrapped up in a messy bun atop her small head

Attached at the nape of her neck with a butterfly clip

The color yellow, like her necklace, like her skirt,

Which made me always wonder why she wasn't named Sunshine instead.

Mother turned to me after dad's bike could no longer be heard in the wind's tired whispers

And said, you're in charge of dinner, your father won't be back for a while stared at my feet for a moment…. [read more]

Blessed Are the Peacemakers in Tennessee Essay

… Blessed Are the Peacemakers in Tennessee

The burdensome July heat dominated everyone and every thing in the Woolworth's store. Ceiling fans churned but all they did was move the hot air around. It was late afternoon. Sonny got in the checkout line with the box of Kotex his mom sent him to fetch.

"Get the Hell out of my way black boy!" The fat man with a cigar barked.

"Why? I am in line," Sonny replied.

"Don't you dare sass back to me. I'll kick your black ass when we get outside."

Sonny turned and faced the man for a brief second. The tension in the air was thick.

"I'll beat your hide so hard you won't sit down for a week, nigger."

Sonny said…. [read more]

Animal Cruelty Term Paper

… "There's one!"

"Where? Where?"

"Right there, mate! Right there, you see it? It's gray and ugly, see, just like the King said it was."

"Oh yeah! It is ugly, innit?"

"Grab the net, quickly! It'll tear off any minute!"

The two princesses exchanged curious glances. Without a word, Princess Lisle made her way to the opening of the cave to spy on the strangers outside. Her sister followed, peering over her older sister's shoulder. They remained silent, listening and watching.

Suddenly Princess Felina gasped in horror.

"What is it?" Princess Lisle whispered loudly. "What?"

"Look!" Princess Felina pointed to the man on the left, who had just captured a Roaming Rompped, an admittedly ugly creature but one which Princess Felina had taken a particular liking…. [read more]

Mrs. Dalloway the Mental Illness Essay

… All three men exhibited symptoms of reduced visual fields, loss of smell and taste, and some loss of memory. After documenting in detail the symptoms of each Myers concluded that they appeared to constitute a definite class among others arising from the effects of shell-shock.

Early medical opinion took the common-sense view that the damage was commotional, or related to the severe concussive motion of the shaken brain in the soldier's skull. Shell shock was initially deemed to be a physical injury. However, by 1916, military and medical authorities were convinced that many soldiers exhibiting the characteristic symptoms trembling, headache, tinnitus, dizziness, poor concentration, confusion, loss of memory, and sleep disorders, had been nowhere near exploding shells. Their condition was one of neurasthenia, or weakness…. [read more]

Emily Dickinson Thematic, Stylistic and Other Characteristics Term Paper

… Emily Dickinson

Thematic, Stylistic and other Characteristics Unique to Emily Dickinson's Poetry

Emily Dickinson is perhaps the best of two or three examples of a completely unique voice within 19th century American poetry [another is Walt Whitman]. In her lifetime Dickinson wrote over 2000 poems (most were discovered and subsequently published only after Dickinson's death). The poet characteristically snares particularly ephemeral subject matter (e.g., "a certain slant of light") and then to go about metaphorically examining its deeper content and essence on which an entire experience or impression then pivots. Especially from a structural perspective, then, that is a frequent way of the author's beginning to proceed through the rest of her (in the vast majority of cases, anyway) wholly metaphorical design, within these and…. [read more]

1980 United States Mens Hockey Team Term Paper

… United States Gold-Medal-Winning Hockey Team in 1980

They called it the "Miracle on Ice" because in sporting language, it was a miracle. How else does one describe the fact that a bunch of college students - having been well trained in the matters of playing ice hockey but not having skated together for that long - taking on and beating a hard-core team of professional Soviets? And all of this took place on the high-visibility stage of the Winter Olympics, for the world to see and for non-believers to rub their eyes in disbelief. ABC sportscaster Al Michaels was so excited when the clock ran out on the last game, which lifted Team USA into the "Gold" stratosphere, he yelled, "Do you believe in miracles?"…. [read more]

Generation-Based Perspectives in 3 Of the Poems Term Paper

… ¶ … Generation-Based Perspectives in 3 of the Poems Are Similar

Dylan Thomas, Linda Pastan, and Elizabeth Bishop all include one common generational-based perspective within each of their poems. They all focus on relationships between members of the older and younger generations and all deal with the reality of death. The one major similarity shared by all three poems is that they all portray how younger individuals, unlike the older ones, have little to no understanding about the experience of death and its consequences.

The poem "Go gentle" by Linda Pastan is similar in certain ways to Dylan Thomas' "Do not go gentle into that good night." Both poems touch upon the relationship between two individuals of different generations. The individuals from the older generation…. [read more]

Death in the Poetry Essay

… " One may interpret this to be safe from the pain that comes with being alive. It is curious that the speaker proclaims the "meek" sleep in their coffins. This could be interpreted to mean the dead have not risen to heaven, thus no resurrection. The last stanza of this poem alludes to the fact that humanity is indifferent to the dead, the dead have no effect on or relationship with the living.

Finally, poem XXXIII which begins "I died for beauty, but was scarce / Adjusted in the tomb / When one who died for truth was lain / In an adjoining room" (Dickinson, p.151, Lines 1-4) is a dialog between two who have "failed" one for beauty and one for truth. The reality…. [read more]

Dickinson in the Chapter Introduction Term Paper

… Dickinson

In the chapter introduction to Dickinson: The Poet's Voice (pp. 321- 327), the author focuses on three key areas distinct to Emily Dickinson's work: her personal voice, the poet as a person, and Dickinson's commitment, or that which she was mainly trying to accomplish or communicate within her poetry. The author also makes the point at the beginning of this chapter, that contrary to suggestions by New Critics, no poem ever stands completely on its own, independent of its author; its author's style, or other poems by that author. Readers of poetry, like readers of books or appreciators of art or music, have their preferences of poet and style, based on their past memories and preferences.

The work of Emily Dickinson is one of…. [read more]

Post, Questions How Categorize Point Essay


"The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" tells the story of a man who lives a life of fantasy. While engaged in routine tasks, Walter Mitty imagines himself undergoing various adventures. Even though his wife doesn't like him to drive above 40, when he is on the highway he likes to fancy himself the commander of a navy ship. The story is a series of symbolic contrasts between the reality of Mitty's existence and the world he lives in his mind. For example, symbolically Mitty is told to go shopping for a dull pair of overshoes by his wife because he is 'no longer a young man,' and he tries to resist by taking off his pair of winter gloves, only to be…. [read more]

Thomas/Dickinson Comparison the Theme of Death Essay

… Thomas/Dickinson Comparison

The theme of death has often been explored in poetry and provides insight into poets' personal belief systems, exposing their anxieties, fears, or acceptance of the phenomena. Two poems that explore the theme of death are Emily Dickinson's "Because I could not stop for Death" and Dylan Thomas's "Do not go gentle into that good night." Each of these authors provides a distinct perspective into death and are able to express their thoughts and beliefs through their poems.

Emily Dickinson accepts death as a natural part of her life and is not fearful or anxious about death or dying. In "Because I could not stop for Death," Dickinson personifies death in order to make the concept more familiar, and gives him gentlemanly qualities…. [read more]

Dracula the Development of Renfield in Bram Term Paper



As perhaps the greatest and most suspenseful Gothic novel of all time, Bram Stoker's Dracula, first published in May of 1897 and originally entitled the Undead, continues to thrill readers all over the world and is responsible for introducing one of the most enduring Gothic/horror characters ever created -- the infamous and bloodthirsty vampire known as Count Dracula, the King of the Undead and the Prince of Darkness. Compared to Count Dracula, most of the other characters in Stoker's novel are rather ordinary and proper Englishmen and women brought up under the strict tenets of Victorian England and possessing a number of qualities which Stoker used to his great advantage in crafting a true masterpiece of…. [read more]

Element of Literature Theme or Conflict Essay

… ¶ … Conflict

The Theme of Freedom in Three Works

What is freedom and how does it arrive? This challenging question has been answered in various ways through literature as well as philosophy. It remains a stable concern for every new generation of thinkers and for each new situation tackled in literary works. Narratives and poems have suggested alternative arrangements of this theme and have drawn attention to different conflicts involved in its resolution. Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour" views freedom as liberation for self-assertion against social bondage that comes through chance outside circumstances. Robert Frost's poem "The Road Not Taken" positions freedom as an internal choice one makes every moment that is based on rising fateful encounters. Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" takes the…. [read more]

Environmental Issue Energy Research Proposal

… Wind Energy

Proposal for research project

First Segment

I first became interested in the energy of the wind as a young girl flying kites. At that time I didn't think about wind as an practical source in the sense of turning turbines to generate electricity. I was just fascinated with the flight of the kite, the way a nice heavy tail helped steady the kite in a really strong, gusty wind. I also became interested in wind because I enjoyed going out in sailboat and being pushed by the wind across the water. Listening to the sound of the wind through the sails was intriguing. Being transported strictly by the wind and not having to hear an outboard motor, I remember, was very pleasant. When…. [read more]

Friends and Family Term Paper

… Friends and Family

Dealing with the Grief Caused by Losing a Loved One

My mother is not in the box. My mother does not smell like that. My mother is a fish," (Faulkner 196), there are many strange tales of grief ridden characters internalizing their misery in strange ways. Reviewing the work of William Faulkner's as I Lay Dying, Emily Dickinson's 184th poem, and William Shakespeare's classic a Winter's Tale, one can see examples of the strange behavior of characters dealing with the loss of a loved one. Faulkner explores the question of existing in the aftermath a mother's death; Dickson becomes obsessed with the vision of her own death as a response to a trauma in her real life, and Shakespeare portrays a king…. [read more]

Marketing Aerospace Industry Term Paper

… Marketing - Aerospace Industry

An Analysis of Commercial Space Travel Marketing in the Aerospace Industry Today

I've heard], 'If God wanted us to fly into space, he would have given us more money.' Hopefully, the technology demonstrated here today will lead to designs that are cheaper and easier. - Test Pilot Mike Melvill following his historic flight into space aboard SpaceShipOne

The first private astronaut, Dennis Tito, had to pay the Russians $20 million for his brief visit to their space station just a few years ago, but by his accounts, the hefty price tag was well worth it. Likewise, the first private spaceship has already traveled into the lower limits of outer space to international acclaim and enthusiasm from private citizens who are now…. [read more]

Marketing Plan of the Business of Web Media Contents Monetization Software B2b Business Plan

… Business Plan

Section V. The Marketing Plan

Overall Marketing Strategy

The proposed new venture's Web content monetization system has the ability to quickly transform idle digital assets and content into cash. Differentiated from its competitors by the ability to personalize searches and define bundling of content on the fly with a personalization engine, which is a state-of-the-art technology developed recently (Ruokonen, Nummela, Puumalainen, Saarenketo, 2008) the proposed system will be able to determine pricing levels as well by visitor (Shapiro, 2009). The unique value proposition for the proposed venture is as follows: Turning digital assets and content into cash using state-of-the-art Web content monetization systems, our company seeks to be the leading provider of monetization solutions globally. At the center of any excellent organization is…. [read more]

Walt Whitman: Death and Immortality Essay

… Walt Whitman: Death and Immortality in Whitman's Verse

Walt Whitman has long been celebrated as one of America's most optimistic poets. However, like all 19th century authors, the omnipresence of war, death, and sickness in his society forced him to confront death on a regular basis and naturally this affected his poetic development and approach to his subjects. Whitman frequently contrasted the impermanent nature of the material world with the immortality of verse: although all living beings would die as part of the ebb and flows of the natural world, through his poetic gift he could convey immortality to the most ordinary creatures and people by showing how they all represented things larger than what they appeared.

In his poem "Out of the Cradle Endlessly…. [read more]

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