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Helping People Help Themselves an Interdisciplinary Approach Research Proposal

… ¶ … People Help Themselves: An Interdisciplinary Approach

In order to help people help themselves, an interdisciplinary approach is necessary. This means that more than just one physical or mental health doctor must be involved in the treatment of a person. Instead, it becomes very important for there to be an interdisciplinary approach to helping someone, whether they are coming into the hospital for some type of surgery or other problem or whether they are being rehabilitated because they have suffered an amputation or some type of serious injury or event.

In this study, there are several cases that are looked at in the context of literature regarding the interdisciplinary approach and psychological issues. In order to do this, the Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Humanitarian City…. [read more]

Multiple Intelligence Approach to the Study of People of Colonial America Term Paper

… Multiple Intelligence Approach to the Study of People of Colonial America

Many elementary schoolchildren in the United States lack a fundamental understanding of how this nation was created, and what forces were at play during its founding (Davies, 2001). Furthermore, the increasingly diverse nature of the sociocultural composition of the nation's schools, together with additional focus on other cultures, has largely been at the expense of classwork concerning the cultural origins of the United States. Complicating the picture even further is the need to identify effective classroom instruction styles that can meet the requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act while also addressing these key challenges. The multiple intelligence theory provided by Gardner (1983) suggests that children employ a variety of intelligences in learning…. [read more]

Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity Term Paper

… ¶ … integrative approach to psychology and Christianity

Entwistle, David N. An Integrative Approach to Psychology and Christianity. Wipf & Stock Publishers, 2004.

Faith and science, in contemporary culture, have been constructed as polarized hermeneutical frameworks. Psychology, an analytic discipline that sprang from science, is similarly seen as incompatible with faith and Christianity. This puts pastoral counselors in something of a bind, according to David Entwistle in his text an Integrative Approach to Psychology and Christianity. How to reconcile "Athens and Jerusalem" or faith and the practice of psychological analysis and interpretation? (Entwistle 2004: 9) This sense that an individual must 'choose' between faith and reason can be traced back to Galileo, who was condemned by the Catholic Church for questioning its view of the…. [read more]

Hisory of Palliatve Care Palliative Ghost Writing

… Development of instrument that can be used in improvement of palliative care

There are legal standards that are being used in the United States to help sustain the lives of young children. Creation of machines to help in the program to sustain lives especially of those children suffering from long life diseases like cancer is the current project. This is an initiative taken by the pediatric palliative care department. The program will play a significant role in prolonging lives especially to those children with serious illness. Two instruments in the suggestion for use and reviews made to see the effectiveness. Parents and palliative care employees from various institutions gave opinions to act as a guideline on the effectiveness and progress. The instruments are essential in…. [read more]

Delphi Study: Influence of Environmental Literature Review

… Green IT and energy costs

Although IT devices consume energy, you can use them to control energy, particularly electricity consumption.

You can use IT systems to take care of building management. For example, using movement sensors, thermostats can be adjusted, lights switched on and off, and computers switched off out of hours and reawakened for software upgrades.

One of the biggest challenges in reducing electricity consumption is ensuring that electricity users can monitor their own consumption. What gets measured gets managed -- once people are aware of their consumption, they can go about reducing it. This isn't yet common practice, even in data centers. But, with new smart metering technologies, organizations could monitor the electricity usage of individual departments. Departments could be charged for usage,…. [read more]

Person Within the Christian Worldview Term Paper

… I do believe that medical treatments can help people keep from suffering from terrible diseases, too, and that they are necessary for the well-being of everyone.

I do not believe, however, that all types of medical intervention are acceptable. I do not believe in genetic intervention, because I believe that is taking medicine too far, and doctors and researchers are trying to play "God." I also do not believe in the way they are obtaining many of their genetic materials (from stem cells and umbilical cord blood, for example), and I do not think we should be funding this type of research. I understand that the goals of genetic intervention are to end suffering from some terrible diseases and save lives, but I do not…. [read more]

Women and Gender Bias Thesis

… Women and Gender Bias

The purpose of the present paper is to discuss the implications of gender bias and the consequences of Affirmative Action. To be more specific, we will describe the effects which Affirmative action has on women and the principles for moving towards the equality of men.

Right from the beginning we could ask ourselves, taking into consideration the implications of Affirmative Action, the main principle under analysis, whether there is a clear understanding of it, as far as the roles and goals of women are concerned. Trying to answer this question will represent an important part of the paper.

Next, the Affirmative Action programs will be taken into consideration- with both their strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. The third part of…. [read more]

HRM Outline Human Resource Management an Analysis Thesis

… HRM Outline

Human Resource Management

An analysis of how to utilize Human Resources to create or maintain a competitive advantage within the modern business environment.

Synthesis Review

Leadership Background

Organizational Leadership Models

Leadership Development

Employee Selection


Learning Culture

Cultural Dimension

Every modern organization has a human resources department to manage its employees and can range from a single person to an entire human resources department with hundreds of HR employees. Furthermore, human resources can be considered more of a support function or administrative function in some organizations, while in others it is considered the backbone that can drive an organization to innovation and build a learning culture and create a competitive advantage in the industry. The problem in many modern organizations is that they…. [read more]

Domestic Violence a Real Issue or Overly Exaggerated Thesis

… Domestic Violence, a Real Issue or Overly Exaggerated

Domestic violence refers to the physical abuse or violence directed to a domestic partner or a spouse; it is the behavior pattern in a close relationship employed to uphold or gain control and power over an intimate partner. Domestic violence holds several severe impacts to the society. The establishment of social service agencies and domestic violence courts has trigged increased awareness of domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence, more than ever before increasingly report cases of domestic violence in a bid to get social services and support from agencies dealing with this type of social problem. The increased number of reported domestic violence cases has made it appear as though the statistics are overly exaggerated, but they…. [read more]

Literacy in Secondary Education Term Paper

… Literacy in Secondary Education

Adolescent literacy has started to be reconsidered by teachers and researchers. The focus on adolescent literacy may be explained in two ways:

First, both teachers and researchers in adolescent literacy have acknowledged the impact of culturally and linguistically diverse students on literacy. An example of this current trend is given by Alvermannn and her colleagues, in Reconceptualizing the Literacies in Adolescents' Lives, in which they point to a broader view of adolescent literacies that encompasses gender, race, ethnicity, and social class (Alvermannn, Hinchman, Moore, Phelps, & Waff, 1998).

Second, as we entered the 21st century, media and technology have begun to impact greatly on literacy and on the academic curriculum for Arts and Language disciplines.

Reinking (1998) stated that as "we…. [read more]

How Forgiveness Effects Human Health Thesis

… S. structuring an eighteen-step procedure of forgiveness. It listed the following development.

  • Assessment of psychological defenses.

  • The resistance of annoyance; the point is to liberate, not dock, the annoyance.

  • Acceptance of disgrace, when this is suitable.

  • Consciousness of harm.

  • Consciousness of cognitive practice (rerunning the scene frequently in one's brain) of the wrongdoing

  • Consciousness that the offended group might be contrasting self with the injurer.

  • Consciousness into a probably distorted 'righteous world' vision. [Issue of justice]

  • Transformations of heart/adaptation/original insights that old declaration plans are not functioning.

  • A readiness to discover forgiveness as an alternative.

  • Assurance to forgive the wrongdoer.

  • Restructuring, during role taking, who the offender is by screening him or her in background.

  • Compassion in the direction of the wrongdoer.

  • Consciousness of…. [read more]

Teaching Children Dance Term Paper

… Teaching Children Dance can't dance." How many times have you heard an adult say this, at a party or even at a family function like a wedding? Probably many times. How many times have you heard a child say this? Probably never. How do we lose this fluidity of motion and love of our own physical capabilities? Some might say that it is lost because school forces children to sit all day in their seats in an unnatural posture, and hems in their natural, human love of movement. One solution to this dancing dilemma is provided by the engaging, practical and informative text Teaching Children Dance.

The text specifically targets teachers of children from kindergarten to fifth grade, to help teachers help children keep an…. [read more]

Domestic Violence and Hispanic Women Research Paper

… Evidence-Based Practice Protocol: Domestic Violence and Hispanic Women

Evidence-based Practice

Domestic violence (DV) accounts for about 30% of all acute injuries to women treated in emergency departments, as it currently constitutes a critical public health concern, not only in the United States (U.S.), but worldwide. Some studies indicate that Hispanic women are more likely to be injured during intimate partner violence incidents than non-Hispanic women, with scholars agreeing that DV among Latinos must be addressed as it constitutes a serious problem among the Latino growing population.

Research reveals that utilizing emergency room protocols to identify and treat victims of domestic violence increases the identification of victims by medical practitioners. Although a high percentage of female victims of domestic violence visit emergency rooms for treatment, low…. [read more]

Genetics Case Study

… Whereas genetic testing performed in a clinical diagnostic laboratory is subject to strict quality control criteria including results that are available in a timely fashion, this often is different for research gene testing, and reports of results may be obtained after months to years or even never. Details of these differences need to be thoroughly explained to the patient before any testing is requested.

Any research protocol on new diagnostic or therapeutic strategies involving human subjects needs approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) to assess the benefits and risks associated with the study. These reviews address the ethical principles of human research.


The principle of justice relates to whether an individual is treated fairly and equitably in the context of society.

Discrimination. The…. [read more]

Organizational Values Organizational Foundations Visiting Nurse Service Discussion Chapter

… Organizational Values

Organizational Foundations

Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY): Organizational values

The stated vision of VNSNY is to "become the most significant, best-in-class, nonprofit, community-based integrated delivery system providing superior care coordination and care management services to vulnerable populations across a broad regional footprint" (Mission and vision, 2013, VNSNY). The VNSNY provides assistance to patients and their families who need health-related assistance necessary to thrive and function at home, enabling many patients to remain in the comfort of familiar surroundings while they are provided with care. The stated mission is "to promote the health and well-being of patients and families by providing high-quality, cost-effective health care in the home and community; to be a leader in the development of innovative services that enable…. [read more]

Domestic Violence Has Been Around for Centuries Term Paper

… Domestic Violence has been around for centuries. At one time, it was more accepted, and used as a form of 'correction' when men believed a wife was not acting the way she should or showing them the proper respect. Now, domestic violence is not tolerated by law enforcement officers, and it does not affect just women anymore. Men can be victims of domestic violence, too.

Domestic violence is a very prevalent problem for law enforcement officers in all areas of the country, and in all age and income brackets. It does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, income, or social status, and law enforcement agencies are trying to aggressively combat it. The public wants to see it stopped, law officers want to…. [read more]

Joseph Tainter, Sustainability Essay

… As Tainter notes, "a society or other institution can be destroyed by the cost of sustaining itself" (Tainter 99).

Tainter's most persuasive point is his insistence that sustainability itself must proceed from a sense of history: after all, many societies have collapsed before now, and we have at least the advantage of their examples to understand how societies can fail to meet problems. Indeed, the commitment to sustainability over resiliency may be one reason for such prior societal collapses, although Tainter is keen also to emphasize that complexity as the basic technique of problem-solving may, in many cases, have added to the collapse. This is where a sense of historical awareness becomes all-important: the same strategy that can sustain a society can also play a…. [read more]

Human Ecology Essay

… Greer's area of focus is on the sustainablility of current energy strategies, and he makes it clear that our current mode of living will not survive the exhaustion of fossil fuel resources, and that the consequences of this change are likely to be drastic, but without the relief accorded by a sudden apocalyptic ending. This is also the point of Heinberg's article "Temporary Recession or the End of Growth?" -- Heinberg states outright that we are in transition to a post-fossil-fuel society already, and the only question is how intelligently we are able to manage such a transition with the large-scale "economic contraction" (as he terms it) that is its necessary consequence.

With so much chastening reading, however, certain factors stand out. Present modes of…. [read more]

Marketing Plan for Opening a Doggie Day Care Term Paper

… Marketing Plan for Opening a Doggie Day Care

City Paws: The Daycare with a Heart

Profile of Other Doggie Daycare Facilities in Boston Area.

In spite of, or perhaps because of, its highly urbanized setting, Boston is home to the nation's first doggie daycare facility (Pet Companions Bed & Biscuit, discussed further below) and the market currently supports a number of other players as well. There are some common features that distinguish the top runners in the industry, such as specialized services and an emphasis on making the animals "feel at home." Some of the services reviewed, though, may be overdoing it to some extent as these services clearly impact their pricing levels, but given the target market, this may not be a major factor…. [read more]

Fashion Management Programs in London Essay

… Graduate Diploma Fashion Management in London.

Why did you choose this program? What will be the benefits?

While I have a solid grounding in design and management from my studies at Parsons and my experience in several international businesses, I am seeking an opportunity to deepen my understanding of fashion management. A number of attributes of the Graduate Diploma Fashion Management program are unique and address the critical components I need to further my understanding of and connections with the fashion industry: practical and project-based interdisciplinary coursework, a network of university partners from the UK fashion and merchandising industry, and international underpinnings. The London College of Fashion has a peerless reputation for staying well ahead of the curve -- indeed, LCF is known globally as…. [read more]

Developing a Computer Training Program to Enhance Technology Integration by School Administrators Term Paper

… ¶ … Computer Training Program to Enhance Technology Integration by School Administrators

In recent years, globalization has sparked a revolution in information and communication technology, resulting in the emergence of a new era of educational instruction. As technology becomes more common it is imperative that leaders update their skills and begin to integrate technology into their leadership techniques. Using technology produces a more productive and professional leader. Technology reduces the hassle of administrative responsibilities while also providing ongoing opportunities for growth and learning for leaders and employees. This literature review examines the current state of research and reviews the resolutions for the reality of the use of technology for the development of a computer-training program to enhance technology integration by school administrators.

The revolution in…. [read more]

Preventing Dropouts Among Minority Middle Term Paper

… Apparent changes in self-esteem developed over the eight-week period.

Daisey & Jose-Kampfner (2002) report that the dropout rate is currently increasing for Latinos. This results from students feeling discouragement, which they attribute to teacher stereotyping, low expectations, and tracking. Latinos face special social and cultural pressures that prompt many students, especially girls, to leave school during the middle school years. Confusion also comes from mixed messages from home and school, with often competing values about career, marriage, and motherhood (Canedy, 2001). Studies (Banfield, Johnson, Thomas, & Thieroff, 2002) have also identified the following reasons for Latino dropouts: stereotyping of new students and a lack of self-confidence.

Martin, Tobin, and Sugai (2002) found research that identified the top ten reasons that students dropped out of schools…. [read more]

Ethics Surrounding Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Research Paper

… Ethics Surrounding Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Since their discovery in the early 1990's, Stem Cells have brought with them the promise of evolutionary and significant scientific and medical research and opportunities that possessed the possibility of radically improving treatments for a host of diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, various cancers and other diseases that currently render patients and scientists helpless to combat. Stem Cells have been at the center of the scientific research paradigm in terms of developing innovative treatments that could revolutionize the current course of medical care (Bellomo, 2006)

With the advent of medical and scientific research comes the inevitable emergence of the controversy that has accompanied every major scientific and medical advancement. The use of Stem Cells is no different. Those…. [read more]

Information System on Ethical and Moral Issues Research Paper

… ¶ … Information System on Ethical and Moral issues in an E-Society within the Banking Sector in South Africa

Phishing is the practice of obtaining someone else's personal information for the purpose of committing a crime, either at that time or sometime in the future. Protecting one's personal information from theft has become a key issue in the online banking community. Banks in South Africa have been hit hard recently by an unprecedented rash of cyber crime. Experts in the field struggle to find solutions to this rising trend. The customer is a key component in the fight against cyber crime. The proposed research study will explore issues related to the knowledge level of the customer regarding cyber crime and how to stop it. It…. [read more]

Immigrants Serving in the U.S. Military Research Paper

… Except for the indigenous Native American population, the United States is truly a country of immigrants. Indeed, most modern Americans can trace their ancestry to the nations of Europe, Asia and Africa and it is reasonable to suggest that the vast majority of U.S. citizens today have ancestors who were immigrants at some point. It is not surprising, then, that the United States has historically turned to this immigrant population in times of war. Because immigrants have by definition intended to permanent relocate from one country to another, it was in the best interests of immigrants seeking permanent residence in the United States to serve in the armed forces because such service represented a fast track to citizenship. It has also been in the best…. [read more]

Teaching Math Concepts to Improve Test Scores Term Paper

… Elementary Measurement: Area, Perimeter, Volume

In an era of increased demands for teacher and student accountability, identifying better ways of delivering educational services represents a timely and worthwhile endeavor. There are some significant constraints involved in teaching young learners about mathematics concepts, though, that must be taken into account in devising such approaches. Nevertheless, the mandate is clear and state-level high-stakes testing regimens across the country currently require that all students achieve minimum performance standards on reading and mathematics tests in order to be promoted to the next grade. In this environment, identifying what works best and what does not is an important first step, and these issues are discussed further below.

Problem Statement and Needs Analysis

read more--> [read more]

Adultery and Its Causes Term Paper

… "Family therapist and psychiatrist Frank Pittman believes "There may be as many acts of infidelity in our society as there are traffic accidents." He further argues that the fact that adultery has become commonplace has altered society's perception of it. He says, "We won't go back to the times when adulterers were put in the stocks and publicly humiliated, or become one of those societies and there are many in which adultery is punishable by death. Society in any case is unable to enforce a rule that the majority of people break, and infidelity is so common it is no longer deviant (Adultery Kirby Anderson"

When a family's children grow up and move out and an affair occurs it does not have to mean…. [read more]

Freud Was Right, Peter Muris Research Paper

… In addition, through modeling, children may repeat their parents' behavior, specifically abnormal behavior. Learning experiences, particularly aversive life events, can play a role in psychopathology, including simply the acquisition of negative information. Societal-level influences can include things such as the impact of racism leading to higher levels of anxiety in black South African children than in white South African children, which is linked to the socioeconomic differences between the two groups.

Muris discusses the impact that early intervention during youth can decrease adult psychopathology in impacted youth. These interventions can include parental training and various forms of cognitive behavioral therapy. However, interventions have not necessarily been specifically tailored to those working with problem youths. Moreover, many children may lack access to help because of the…. [read more]

Life Term Paper

… Life Span Development

Life-Span Development: From Birth to Death

One's personal, physical and emotional development is cumulative. The nature of experiences and development during each state of the life-span will have an impact on how subsequent stages are experienced for better or for worse. The following is a concise overview of the changes and normative patterns relating to the life-span. Thus, the discussion will provide a brief examination of each phase, including the prenatal, infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, middle adulthood and late adulthood stages. This will contribute to a general understanding of the way that experiences, exposures and environments will impact one throughout one's life.


The process of human development is assessed according to multiple phases, each of which carries…. [read more]

Organizational Assessment as Impetus Term Paper

… S. To reference public assistance grudgingly provided those considered the unworthy poor" (Gerber, 2003, p. 899). Notwithstanding the need to provide such healthcare services for all people, then, Vet Centers in particular stand on the front lines of providing healthcare services to that segment of the population that is perhaps most in need of such specialized medical care.

Furthermore, while the Vet Center approach has experienced mixed results in treating post-traumatic stress disorder cases, many veterans are more willing to actively participate in medical care at Vet Centers by virtue of their "laid-back" atmosphere and less intimidating facilities than their mainstream VA counterparts (Hansen, Madden & Owen, 1992). According to one veteran, "A lot of us don't trust, and I'm one of them. But I…. [read more]

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