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Connecting Boyz in the Hood With Strain Theory Research Paper

… Boyz in the Hood is a movie set in a black neighbourhood in South Central Los Angeles, California. It depicts the reality that young black men face, which is the possibility of death from murder and that from the hands of another black man. In this black neighbourhood, it is normal to witness a drive-by-shooting and violence is nothing new (Frederic & Brussat, n.d.).

A black mother Reva Styles (Angela Basset) has trouble disciplining her son Tre Styles (Desi Hines II). She knows that he can have a bright future, but he doesn't have the ability to focus on it. At her wits end, she chooses to send him to her ex-husband Furious (Lawrence Fishbourne) who she charges to make a man out of him…. [read more]

Change Leadership Essay

… " His reference is to the fact that Yoast sacrificed his own inauguration into the coach's hall of fame in order to help the Titans win the championship. Yoast, like Boone, has the potential to be a change leader who understood the principles of social justice that were transcendent to the smaller victory of winning at sports. Yet Yoast needed Boone more than vice-versa. Boone would have become a change leader on his own and without Yoast's assistance, whereas Yoast had been unable to lead the Titans to the winning season they had without Boone.

Change leadership is a complex concept that involves direct experience and knowledge, as well as insight, intelligence, and personality traits like confidence and humility. An active and engaging form of…. [read more]

Australia Have a Bill Essay

… The very smallness of the Australian dream is an important part of our particular value-system: there is no vision of creating a society that can be a model for the rest of the world, as in the U.S.A., nor of upholding revolutionary ideals, as in France, nor even of traditional community, as in Great Britain. This lack of an idealist tradition, as reflected in the prosaic language of Australian politicians, is a particular disadvantage for those who would bring about change (Patapan, 1997).

To sum up: Australia is, indeed, a conservative country if by this is meant that there is a highly developed consensus on basic values, but these values seem more accurately described as liberal. (Louis Hartz has characterized them as radical, (Hartz, 1964)…. [read more]

War Hero? Term Paper

… His stuffed remains were place on display in the Smithsonian Institute in The Price of Freedom: Americans at War exhibit. Stubby was also honored by having a brick placed with his name on it in the Walk of Honor at the United States World War I monument in Kansas City. Today, Stubby appears as part of a web page on the Connecticut Military Department website.

The exploits of regular members of our armed services are well documented. Their accomplishments deserve recognition but the accomplishments of Sergeant Stubby are also remarkable and deserving of recognition. Stubby's efforts have led the armed services to decide to use dogs for a variety of other purposes that have led to increased safety for military members and as morale boosts…. [read more]

Transformational Women's Leadership the Website Essay

… Of course, from her point-of-view, the revolutionaries and rebels were traitors to the king who deserved to be put to death. On the other land, some of the remarks attributed to her such as "Let them eat cake" she almost certainly never made, although she did become a symbol of the corruption, extravagance and insensitivity of the Old Regime. In her defense, the bankruptcy of the country was not due to her spending on gowns, balls, gambling and diamonds but the result of debts from past wars that could not be repaid. She was hardly responsible for those since the queens of France did not have the political power in these matters. She should be considered a traditional feudal ruler rather than a transformative or…. [read more]

Perseverance Courage Compassion Term Paper

… ¶ … Ethics

Value: Perseverance is a way of acting that, in spite of difficulties, allows a forward purpose or progression.

Another way of looking at the term perseverance in the workplace is to think of it as empowerment -- of the ability to strive forward through adversity, and, when the process is no longer easy, continue forward towards success. One of the more important and critical aspects of this is our ability to actually prepare students to work in that sort of environment.

Many students will have participated in sports, music or other activities in high school in which they will see that they must work together, work hard, and not stop when the least event happens that requires more effort. As those students…. [read more]

Ted Bundy Term Paper


The man who violently stole the lives of more than forty women, Ted Bundy does not easily fit into any compartment of criminal theory. An outwardly intelligent, responsible and gregarious person, Bundy's killing spree went unchecked over a period of years, because his personality and lifestyle did not fit with any previously established profile of a serial killer. Bundy's life story could have provided a fascinating and valuable resource for criminal and psychological studies today. His death by electrocution is regrettable, and makes a profound statement for the elimination of capital punishment. Since his death in 1989, the fields of science, medicine and psychology have made astonishing progress in our understanding of criminal behavior, as well as in methodologies of…. [read more]

Marketing Mix the Marketers to Bring Out Term Paper

… Marketing Mix

The marketers to bring out desired responses from their target markets use a number of tools that form a marketing mix. Marketing mix is defined as the set of marketing tools that an organization uses to follow its marketing objectives in the target market. McCarthy has classified these tools as the 4Ps of marketing which are product, price, place and promotion. (Kotler, 1999) The 4Ps are the ideas to take into account while marketing a product. They constitute the root of the marketing mix. In order to efficiently market a product, it is therefore imperative to get an optimally correct mix of the 4Ps. In an ideal situation, if a company is able to plan a promotion for the right product, at the…. [read more]

Food Nation Term Paper

… It is this coziness that Schlosser blames for the worst aspects of the industry. Yet, I find it difficult to believe that the Democrats would make matters much better. This type of big business seems to be engrained in our communities.

A number of laws are being considered regarding the food system. These include food safety law regulations; fast-food obesity litigation and product liability in the food industry; bioterrorism concerns for food safety since 9/11; and the food safety concerns in the global food market and how these translate into legal issues effecting international trade, labeling, and the development of international food safety standards. Whether these regulations will get anywhere regardless of who is elected in November is unknown. Changes take time in the United…. [read more]

Individual Right Term Paper

… Their concentration seemed to be on the colored people, gays and youngsters. The question was whether it was constitutional to permit video and audio surveillance of legal activity, movement and association. These certainly are troubling questions. In Louisiana, there is an explicit right to privacy in the constitution. The question will always be the criteria for placing of the cameras, monitoring of the equipment and analysis of the video. (Tilley, 1999)

The technology for recognition has also to be chosen. The safeguards against the abuse of these records have also to be decided. The storage of the records in the database has also to be analyzed. The parameters for scanning, magnification and recording of sound up to the level of a whisper also has to…. [read more]

Dysfunctional Behavior That Strikes Term Paper

… She was earlier admitted to the College of Costa Mesa Hospital for stabilization of mental illness, medical management and relapse prevention, but she said that she was not coping and that she continued to be severely depressed and lack energy. So she was discharged from the Costa Mesa Hospital and, consequently, admitted to this College Hospital of Cerritos. The patient was anxious, mildly confused, disheveled and crying when her history was taken from her verbal and voluntary report and account.

B. Development History

The patient was the eldest child of a Japanese father and an American mother and the first to be subjected to distinct cultures in upbringing - Eastern and Western. Japanese culture, specifically, emphasizes efficiency and endurance in both sexes and an intolerance…. [read more]

Dominant Models of Human Behavior Term Paper

… The classic examples include learning to stand in the presence of being introduced to a new person or learning to shake hands at an introduction.

Bandura also realized that the effects of modeled behavior can occur when models are not live humans, but instead are depicted symbolically. Bandura, Ross, and Ross (1963b) found that live models, actors in film, and even cartoon characters were equivalent in eliciting modeled behaviors from children. However, just the mere act of observation was not enough to allow the observer to learn and imitate a response. There are several important factors of both the model and the observer that facilitate observational learning.

An important factor in social learning theory is attention; the observer must attend to the model in order…. [read more]

Perceived Effect of Culture on Event Leadership Research Proposal

… ¶ … perceived effect of culture on event leadership style at the Jet Metropolitan Night Club Thailand?

Event managers all over the world fear that they may end up loosing their jobs. Research shows that nearly 25% managers loose their jobs when companies streamline their business processes and rely more on teamwork to do the job. Versteeg (1990) outlined two typical aspects of managerial jobs that lure managers into looking away from adopting business structures which depend on high performing teams from different cultural and social backgrounds: they are accustomed to be in control; and they are inclined to having perks and privileges. Some of the most common perks and privileges include: reserved parking; executive bathrooms; and time cards.

These along with other perks that…. [read more]

Sales Persuading the Next Generation of Workers Thesis

… Sales

Persuading the next generation of workers to persuade: Why a sales job is an ideal first job for a recent graduate

"Sell, sell, sell." From the moment a student leaves his or her university, a young graduate is faced with the need to constantly sell him or herself -- like it or not! He or she is selling his or her credentials to prospective employers, trying to make the most persuasive case for the uniqueness of his or her talents, education, experience, and potential. For a job seeker in the corporate world, he or she should "start by gathering as much information" as possible about the company, "its management, and most importantly, its product line -- not just the products in the current marketplace,…. [read more]

Teach Like Your Hair Term Paper

… He also believes that in being a role model, a teacher should guide children, and help them make the right choices on their own. He believes this is another foundation that will continue to help them grow throughout their lives.

The book's chapters follow the basic curriculum of elementary school, discussing reading, writing, and math, and then discusses standardized testing, history, science, art, sports, classroom jobs, and problem solving. The third section of the book discusses managing the classroom, including how to choose films that are appropriate for students, organizing class field trips, classroom music, community projects, and special projects. Esquith expects a higher level of performance out of his children, and he gets it, but that is because he is dedicated and requires more…. [read more]

Ethics and Business Decision-Making Thesis

… Ethics and Decision Making

With many organizations, the way to ensure ethical decision making has been to introduce a new code of conduct that reflects the present world and its business challenges. Other companies and scholars, however, are taking a different route and have decided it is better to return to the basics, basics that have been part of ethical considerations for thousands of years since the beginning of Western philosophy and thought. These business "philosophers" stipulate that "moral insight has more to do with the types of questioning and soul searching that Socrates conducted in Ancient Greece." In other words, there is not a need to reinvent the wheel and establish new codes of ethics, but rather to guide behavior "not by issuing directions,…. [read more]

Leadership Within a Fire Department Term Paper

… Leadership Within a Fire Department

There is a wealth of information on leadership, but not all of it relates specifically to the unique leadership role within a Fire Department. The book First In, Last Out by John Salka begins to address this issue. Salka recalls one of the most frightening experiences of his life as a fireman. Though not the first fire he had ever battled, it was the most fearsome:

While I can't say exactly what the other guys were thinking or feeling, I know what hit me as I stared at that snarling orange whirlwind. It was fear, but not like any I'd experienced before. It was a cold, coiling fear that took my breath away. By some unspoken consensus, we had slowed…. [read more]

Dell Inc. The Head Office Term Paper

… To me, it is the unified approach of the distribution system employed, the total absence of middlemen, and the efficient use of the Internet, which makes Dell such a revolutionary in the "sunrise industry." The achievement of Dell's business model has been an example for others to follow the path of growth, aiming to emulate the booming revenues by Dell. The company Gateway endeavored to tread Dell's path, with a novelty. Dell has totally metamorphosed the concept of selling computers in a big way. (Brief Description of the Product/Service)

The company takes online orders that is sent to a central warehouse and delivered to the buyer through the logistics support of Federal Express or simply through the mail. The main benefits are that a single…. [read more]

Billboard Advertising: Litter Term Paper

… That certainly supports the group's contention that the HBA is the only act that would require the victims of the 'crime' to pay for its remediation. (Scenic America Web site, Fact 1 page) brief look at the legislation

The first attempt to regulate outdoor advertising was the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1958. It offered states that would voluntarily agree to control outdoor advertising adjacent to interstate highways a bonus of one-half of one percent of the highway's cost of construction. That would seem to have been a pretty good inducement, even in 1958 dollars.

Twenty-three states participated, including:

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia…. [read more]

Crime Doesn't Pay Essay

… Lavish Lifestyle

Richard M. Scrushy had a lavish and sophisticated lifestyle with a good number of people. Jennings (2009) stated that his personal properties which includes a mansion situated at Birmingham were worth $3 million which was 14,000 square feet lakefront home located at lake Martin, Alabama, he had a ninety two foot yacht and thirty-four cars including two Rolls-Royces and one Lamborghini. At same time he was also having and access to the 11 company jets which he was using to move his own rock band (Jennings, 2009, p. 371).

Jennings (2004) recognized some popular red flags that would point to corporate counsel that certain inquiry which touch on the accounting of the company might be in order. She pointed out that in HealthSouth's…. [read more]

Ancient Art Essay

… Using only gravity to move the water, the aqueducts were a tremendous feat of engineering that helped keep the city in fresh supply of clean water.

Much of the information scholars now have of the Roman water supply comes from the extensive research done by Julius Frontinus, the water commissioner of the first century AD. As commissioner, it was his job to check on all the aqueducts of the city and to keep them functioning. Often he would have to clear away illegal pipes that had been hooked up to the aqueducts to divert water to other destinations. After all, as Roger Hansen (n.d.) observes, "Most of Rome's dwellings were ill-supplied with heat, light, and water. The sanitary arrangements, if judged by modern standards, were…. [read more]

Training Needs Analysis Practices Thesis

… The key achievement of this chapter is that it introduces the training needs analysis in Saudi Arabia and explain why the need to measure effectiveness of TNA. Then it indicates the research gap and the purpose of the research. In addition, the chapter also looks into the overview of the research questions and issues. Finally, the chapter looks into the justification of the research and the overview of the methodology. Next, the review of the research is being looked at.

Chapter Two: Review of Related Literature

2.1 Introduction

The review of related literature begins with a discussion of human resource management and its model. The discussion then progresses to the topic of strategic human resource management which provides a springboard for a presentation of training…. [read more]

Self-Talk Experiences We Attraction Term Paper

… ¶ … Self-Talk

The idea of a connection between how we think and the state of our metal and physical health is not new. What is new is the increasing interest in and willingness of the professional medical community in testing various proposed methodologies for improving human health by engaging human thought and emotion. As Williams (2007) states: "The close links between the body and emotion mean that our bodies function as highly sensitive emotion detectors. They are giving us moment-to-moment readouts of our emotional state." Many people ignore what their bodies tell them about their mental state. As time goes by their minds and bodies become more and more off balance, blocked or contracted. They become less and less able to function normally, leading…. [read more]

Charlie Parker Music Term Paper

… These houses also normally employed a solo piano player who was called "Professor" by the girls. Jelly Roll Morton had also taken up employment as a professor and that had resulted in his being kicked out from his family. The importance of New Orleans as the center for Jazz ended when Storyville was closed down by the Navy. But, by then the spread of Jazz had started and gradually it became America's Classical Music, and finally made the long trip to Carnegie Hall. (The origins of Jazz)

While the title of creator of Jazz was claimed by Jerry Roll Morton, the different forms have their own claimants of creators. Jazz in its orchestrated form has three creator claimants - Art Hickman, Ferde Grofe and Paul…. [read more]

Crime Prevention and Control Term Paper

… Crime Prevention and Control - U.S. Justice System and Proactive Policing

The prevention and control of crime have hounded American society despite the expanse of its economic and political power in the world. Stanford Professor Friedman traces the failure of the efforts of the U.S. criminal justice system in curbing or preventing crime to the Americans' well-entrenched cultural taboos of their Manifest Destiny as a superior people and their demand for individual freedom and rights. From these taboos grew out prison buildings, the police, the courts, more severe court sentences and the celebrity culture. With the persistently increasing crime rates, preventive measures, like preventive detention, were tried. But preventive detention did not work. President Johnson believed that the root causes of crime were racism, poverty…. [read more]

South Korean & German Trade Show Industry Dissertation

… Trade Show Industry in Germany and South Korea

Trade as Marketing and Communication

Area of Study

Study Components

The History of Trade

History of Trade Shows

Patterns of Trade Shows

Marketing Theories

Trade Shows and Market Entry

Development of the Trade Show Industry

Contributions of the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Processes in the Trade Show Industry

Marketing Planning and Tactical Considerations in the Trade Show Industry

Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research

Data Analysis Plan


Branding in Service Markets Dissertation

… Consequently, the message starts to stimulate customers starting to consider making a purchase.

The brand also serves as a substantial financial and political power in the macro-level focus of culture; particularly as it relates to issues and discussion regarding globalization concerns. As noted in the first chapter of the AMP, just as the growing impact of marketing touches most aspects of the consumer's lives, brands and branding have likewise become "an increasingly dominant market economic and commercial ideoscape" (Heding, Knudtzen, & Bjerre, 2009, p. 210).

With organizations like WTO implementing branding in its marketing and management practices, branding will likely remain central to structuring commercial and economic activities -- in large as well as in small countries globally.

Branding Evolution

The process of branding reportedly…. [read more]

Integrated Corporate Communication Dissertation

… Integrated Corporate Communication and Corporate Communication

Reflective Analysis Report

Integrated Corporate Communication (ICC) and Corporate Communication (CC) are the major communications and business developments of recent time, could be described as a millennial approach to business. While both have their history in marketing, they are more than simply communications or marketing approaches, but describe a synergistic management approach, in which communication is paramount. The idea that all of a corporation's public interactions helped shape its brand and its reputation led to the development of CC, which required approaching every potential interaction as an advertising opportunity, and reinforcing the brand at each of those opportunities. When the internet exploded, and it was no longer feasible for corporations to keep their internal communications from becoming external communications,…. [read more]

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