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Hip Hop Speaking Truth to Power Essay


Speaking truth to power in a different voice: Hip-hop and Black lesbianism

The urban musical style known as hip-hop has long presented itself as an 'outsider' movement. Particularly during its early incarnations in the form of Public Enemy, rap and hip-hop was committed to speaking 'truth to power' and countering common cultural, hegemonic assumptions in the Caucasian mainstream that defined normalcy as being white and law-abiding. Hip-hop used music to give a voice to the concerns of Black Americas, and used harsh rhythms, language, and sounds to express long-simmering angers within the Black community. So why have hip-hop artists had such a negative relationship with what are often erroneously called 'other minority groups,' specifically gays and women? Despite the obvious existence of 'real'…. [read more]

Pop Culture and Black Feminism Essay

… [footnoteRef:3] [1: George Chauncey, "Building a Collective Identity: Drag Balls and Gay Culture," in Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture, and the Making of the Gay Male World 1890-1940, (New York, 1994), 299.] [2: Nicole Fleetwood, '"I am King": Hip-hop Culture, Fashion Advertising, and the Black Male Body,' in Troubling Vision: Performance, Visuality, and Blackness, (Chicago, 2011), pp. 147] [3: Rosalind Gill, 'Postfeminist media culture: Elements of a sensibility,' European Journal of Cultural Studies 10/2, 2007, pp. 147.]


My contribution as a Design and Management student at Parsons was to help create the image, just like a product -- so I produced the image with Olivia in order to sell it to the public: the idea was to convey the ideals of authenticity, feminism,…. [read more]

Hip Hop Feminism Term Paper

… Hypocrisies in Contemporary Hip-Hop Culture

Prevalent Themes in Hip-Hop Culture and Art

Certain images have been hallmarks of Hip-Hop culture even before its inception, dating back to the earlier rap genre of the 1980s and early 1990s (Price, 2006). Specifically, the accumulation of wealth, the ostentatious display of high-profile vehicles, clothing, and jewelry have been (and continue to be) featured prominently in the themes expressed in the art form. The extreme sexualization and exploitation of women and the depiction of their roles as subordinate figures or even as acquisitions associated with the success of male artists are other elements of Hip-Hop art and culture (Price, 2006).

To the extent education is referenced at all in Hip-Hop art, it is almost always portrayed negatively as a…. [read more]

Feminist Issues and Motherhood Concepts in Hip Essay

… Feminist Issues and Motherhood Concepts in Hip Hop Culture

Female Imagery in the Hip Hop Entertainment Genre:

Hip Hop culture and artistic expression relies heavily on female imagery, although there are valid reasons to suggest that much of it is negative, portraying women in a manner that is disrespectful and even misogynistic. On one hand, song lyrics, music videos and other visual representations of the genre seem focused on the allure of femininity and female sexuality; on the other hand, it has been suggested that many of those same vehicles perpetuate negative attitudes, stereotypes, and expectations of women.

In general, Hip Hop culture emphasizes female beauty and sexual attractiveness, as well as representing women as one of the primary motivations for male achievement. However, the…. [read more]

Feminist Scholars Such as Cixous, Foss Term Paper

… ¶ … feminist scholars such as Cixous, Foss and Griffin, Fraser, Anzaldua, and the authors of the essays in the hip hop feminism anthology, rethought rhetorical concepts?

Feminism is a concept that makes even those persons thought to be practicing it to feel uncomfortable. However, when it goes beyond academics, feminists are mistaken to Feminazis and defenders of political correctness. The truth of the matter is that even though one may refute with several of the political feminist theorists supporters, if you experienced a similar politicization of rhetoric with theorists such as, Cixous, Foss and Griffin, Fraser, Anzaldua among others, then you perhaps experience a similar thing that scholars and feminists rhetoricians encounter. Most of the scholars and theorists discussed on class have a broader…. [read more]

Hip Hop Feminism Essay


Types of Female Characterizations:

While the 1991 film Boyz 'N the Hood is not about relations between the sexes or perceptions about the role of women in the American urban community, it does reflect several predominant themes that permeate Hip-Hop culture with respect to females. Specifically, even as ancillary characters, the film portrays women in three distinct ways, corresponding to commonly accepted delineations in the Hip-Hop community about women.

As is the case within the rest of the same genre of films and other mass media (i.e. music and videos), women are portrayed in the movie in one of three stereotypical ways: (1) "baby mamas," (2) "chicken heads," and (3) professional women. Those in the first category…. [read more]

Shirley Chisholm an Analysis Essay

… Community building, the term, is the effort that some make, and that all should make, to build a continuity between all people of African origin who live in the United States. Shirley Chisholm tried to do this by working for many black community organizations such as the NAACP, but she realized that there was more that could be done for her community (Chisholm, 1970, 53). She ran for, and won, a seat on the New York Assembly in 1963 (she was seated in 1964), and then when she realized that it was possible to have even greater influence, she ran for her local seat on the U.S. House of Representatives (Hill, 1993). It was a mystery to many of the political leaders in the city…. [read more]

Gender and Sexuality Term Paper

… Gender and Sexuality

Prior to 1942, which five countries in Latin America had granted female suffrage?

Ecuador in 1929

Brazil in 1932

Uruguay in 1932

Cuba 1934

El Salvador in 1939

From one of your readings, what three aspects of democratic governance were analyzed with respect to their implications for gender equity?

First, democracy was viewed as only existing if those that are governing were there because those who were being governed agreed with their being there. Second, democracy was seen as a system where everyone was able to express their ideas as well as their concerns in order to dictate their own individual likings. Third, democracy entails giving different individuals the chance to govern over the people.

Name and describe the single-most important piece…. [read more]

American Studies Final Research Proposal

… ¶ … racism, feminism, and celebrity culture in America, including their background, current situation, and outlook for the future. American culture is a melting pot of ideas, beliefs, immigrants, and values, that all combine to make us a unique and divergent society. Racism, feminism, and celebrity culture are all facets of that culture, and they have significance for a number of reasons. They indicate how we deal with minorities and people of color, and they indicate who we emulate and admire, all aspects of our culture that make us who we are and who we will be in the future.


Racism is one of the most pervasive problems in America, and it seems as if it has always existed in some form or another.…. [read more]

Feminist Rhetorical Theory. Women Term Paper

… By communicating the similarities between real live women but at the same time denouncing the stereotypes of what society says a woman should be, the females of the world may yet achieve equality. In the present historical moment, women have achieved a level of equality which had been unknown to members of the sex in the past. There are women presidents in certain countries, women in charge of large corporations, women in every industry and field. However, some feminist rhetorical theorists state that women have still not achieved a position of social equality with their male counterparts and this is evident by examining the artifacts of our culture (Foss 3-4). The focus should now be upon the means which are necessary to achieve equality and…. [read more]

Barbie as a Male, I've Never Played Essay

… Barbie

As a male, I've never played with Barbies or really understood their appeal. However, I have given Barbies as gifts to younger female relatives on many occasions, upon their request. I had been told by my feminist friends that Barbie was supposed to be 'bad' because she projected an unhealthy and unrealistic image of female sexuality. However, while Barbie has her detractors, she also seems to spawn equally devoted female followers. It was not until I saw the 'Black Barbie' Vogue parody featured in Jezebel magazine that I began to question other aspects of Barbie's appeal, including her 'whiteness.' One of the striking features of the Jezebel photographs is their similarity. 'Black' Barbies all have the same features and look exactly like white Barbies,…. [read more]

Sociology and Feminist Theories Term Paper

… Of particular interest to the casual observer are the differences in relational dynamics and social interaction and perception between African-Americans and white Americans. African-American societies are by far one of the most dominant societies in the U.S., and have also been subject to different stereotypes and stigmas that have been existing for many years.

In fact, racial and gender differences are the most common forms of stratification that society tends to look in an individual. In the case of the American experience, African-American males are perceived differently by society as compared to white American males and females, as well as African-American females. In Myra and David Sadker's article entitled, "The Miseducation of Boys: Changing the Script," the authors discuss the significance of race and gender…. [read more]

Functions of Theory and Its Relationship to Methodology Essay

… ¶ … mastered the goal of theoretical/critical perspectives because I applied theoretical/critical communication perspectives to an aspect of everyday modern life, namely the hip hop music culture and gender misogyny. In my quest, I wrote a proposal for a paper and a full research paper complete with original research conducted at the writer's house. As with any good research project, it included research in scholarly articles and was supplemented by the important original research. This balance of theory and practice is an imperative to bring about the best quality in research. I wrote the proposal and paper series as an assignment in the winter quarter of 2009 for my Communications 400, Communication Research methods to add to my senior portfolio to show that I completed…. [read more]

Female Rappers Talking Sexually Explicitly Essay

… Society likes to promote the belief that men are actually responsible for the fact that women are discriminated. Female rappers are typically considered to be among the least who could actually do something to damage the way women are seen, given that many people in truth of fact believe that they should be praised for serving as examples, showing that women can also reach positions previously believed to be available only to men (Morgan, 87). However, one should not be respected for the position that he or she holds, but for the activities he or she performs from that respective position.

What most people consider to be inoffensive lyrics is actually pornography adapted to people's needs and transformed so that it can be accessible to…. [read more]

Marxist Eye on the Contemporary Term Paper

… Rather than receiving higher wages or advancement, individuals are given employee discounts to add to the corporation's profits, so an individual can dress in corporate attire, and bring more manufactured, standardized commercial goods into their homes, even after work.

Commercialism has become so rampant in America that even the ideology of race has been manufactured -- a white owned and white dominated business can sell a new product through the use of the hip-hop style of music. What began out of a material necessity, such as criminals wearing jeans around their hips because belts are not allowed in jails, becomes an urban trend, and finally something marketable by the very individuals who might have arrested the poor individuals in jail for shop lifting in their…. [read more]

Dynamics Between Art and Technology Essay

… There are buildings in Japan that withstand earthquakes while sustaining minimal damage compared to buildings which are not constructed by the same methods. That is an example of advancement in architecture. Sculptors have a greater range of materials to choose from because of the kinds of tools that exist now as well as the materials that they may not have had access to before commercial airlines, the Internet, and other technologies.

Art and technology of the 20th century were additionally influenced by increased contact and communication among the international communities and the rising strength of feminism in the latter part of the 20th century. Many of the most celebrated art forms of the 20th century came from within specific cultural groups such as Jazz, Rock…. [read more]

Fannie Lou Harner and Others Term Paper

… ¶ … Fannie Lou Harner and others who were active in the African-American Freedom Movement between the 1950's and the 1970's. The writer illustrates the differences that occurred in those time frames with regards to society and the needs that the women in the freedom movement worked to fulfill during those times.

There were four sources used to complete this paper.

The relatively modern women's rights movement captured worldwide attention when women began to demand equal pay for equal work and other equal treatments. While that movement was the center of media attention for many years, it was not the first "human rights movement" that women had been involved with in modern history. The African-American Freedom Movement, also referred to as the Black Freedom Movement…. [read more]

Why Have There Been No Great Women Artist Term Paper

… ¶ … women artists?

Feminists must not blindly and unquestionably accept the terms of any debate about the differences between the genders when the terms of such a debate defined in the language of patriarchy and oppression. To illustrate this truth, the author of the article asks her reader to consider the question: "Why have there been no great women artists?" Unfortunately, the author states that the feminist art historian's first reaction is often to swallow the rhetorical bait of the attacker, hook, line and sinker, and to attempt to answer the question by simply saying 'well, but there are great women artists, I'll show you.' The end result is a rather pathetic attempt upon the defender's part to "dig up examples of worthy or…. [read more]

Morgan, Why Is Misogyny Expressed Essay

… Morgan's argument, although couched in black feminist language has an element of the defense of hip-hop frequently articulated by male artists: that they are 'keeping' it real,' in other words, they are telling the truth, in all of its ugliness, namely that their neighborhoods are ridden with violence and this violence also manifests itself in misogyny. But by creating an attractive and somewhat empowered (if only in words) vision of violent, black youth, do not the artists perpetuate the very violence they claim that they do not support, merely chronicle? "At what point do stories that emanate from an overly violent day-to-day life begin to encourage and support that aspect of everyday life and undercut the communities' antiviolent efforts?" (Wilson 2).

Furthermore, Morgan paints rap…. [read more]

Scarface Latin American Culture Term Paper

… Scarface- Latin American Culture

Scarface (1932) film is an American gangster movie, written by Ben Hecht, directed by Richard Rosson and Howard Hawks, and produced by Howard Hughes. The film is founded on the 1929 novel written by Armitage Trail (White 30). The film stars Paul Muni as Antonio, Tony' Camonte. Brian de Palma remakes the film in 1983 in different setting in the Latin American and Miami drug cartel, with Al Pacino, Tony Montana, as the star (Myers 335). The Al Pacino Scarface film retells the story of an immigrant into the United States who attain wealth and power because of his indulgency in drug trafficking.

Al Pacino, acting as Montana, is a Cuban refugee who traffics drug from Colombia to Miami in the…. [read more]

Counseling Addiction Essay

… ¶ … Addiction

Requiem for a Dream: A Case Study

Darren Aronofsky's second film, Requiem for a Dream, repeats in many ways the frenzied, tragic trajectory of Pi. Where Pi's Max Cohen followed his mathematical obsession into insanity and self-destruction, Requiem now shows us the decline and fall of four individuals, Sara (Ellen Burstyn), Harry (Jared Leto), Marion (Jennifer Connelly), and Tyrone (Marlon Wayans). Sara gets hooked on diet pills, and her son, Harry, his girlfriend, Marion, and his buddy Tyrone are all junkies. Whereas the end of Pi leaves Max Cohen outside, smiling, looking up at the trees, the protagonists of Requiem all collapse in a gory heap: Tyrone ends up in prison; Harry is stuck in a hospital, his arm amputated; Marion maintains…. [read more]

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